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No. 7144 ID: 68aa6b
  Why hasn't anyone ever combined these techs? The current tech level supports it?
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>> No. 7145 ID: 68aa6b
  Virtual window uses 4K footage and a kinect to simulate parallax for immersion.
>> No. 7146 ID: 68aa6b
  Personal AI assistants cortana, siri, google now, and amazon echo can utilize natural pattern speech to display relevant information an preform functions like home automation aand shit though apis
>> No. 7147 ID: 68aa6b
  Home automation is not just hvac and lights. can integrate with security system to show feeds, route audio, act as a phone system though bluetooth phone pairing, set audio moods, ect.
>> No. 7158 ID: 68aa6b
  And this
>> No. 7159 ID: 68aa6b
File 143179784327.jpg - (432.97KB , 1280x1707 , tumblr_n4oop9y0981sha68ro2_1280.jpg )
with this
>> No. 7160 ID: 381ee6
File 143181586979.jpg - (35.36KB , 600x704 , Narcissus.jpg )
>> No. 7161 ID: de0bec
That's perfect
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