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File 143338719435.jpg - (39.66KB , 729x370 , web-magic.jpg )
7184 No. 7184 ID: c2ff00
I've come to the end of my rope in the shitty job market. The job I had in law enforcement has killed my knees. I have to find something else to do, and I've thought about going back to school for web development, among other things.

A friend of mine is a engineer for a major web company, and he told me I don't really need to get a degree in computer science to get a web job. Asking him what I should look into learning he suggested HTML, CSS, & Java. These I already figured I would have to know, so that's not so bad. He said I could find a lot of free code online, but I'm not really finding any that doesn't look like it came out of Yahoo Geocities.

He suggested that I start building websites, so I bought a web domain, and I'll have to get a FTP client to upload stuff, but I have no idea where to start. I've got a book on HTML5, and Javascript. Reading the HTML book is about to make my head explode. It's all like "this is what's different from 4.01" when I'm starting from 0. Sure I know what HTML looks like, but I don't know where I need to be writing it before I send it to wherever it needs to go.

He did suggest I look to some podcasts, and I've found one that I like even though I don't really know what they're talking about right now. At least they sound like they know what they are talking about.

I've thought about doing some courses online, but I don't want to get a "certificate" from an online "university" that's not accredited. I don't know if that's something that an employer would look at, or not, and I don't want to learn crap that's not going to do me any good.

I've done hardware stuff with PCs, and laptops, but never any software since I did:
>10 print boobs
>20 go to 10
Any hints, tips, or suggestions for someone starting web design?
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>> No. 7185 ID: 72eee7
I'm not sure what to suggest, I'm not a web designer, I'm a programmer.

I've done javascript stuff at various times, I like it as a scripting language, it's a little strange if you are unfamiliar with some of the concepts. If you have any questions about that specifically I can answer those.
>> No. 7186 ID: 6d6cb1
File 14334008097.gif - (1.95MB , 400x300 , css-is-awesome.gif )
>Any hints, tips, or suggestions for someone starting web design?

Now for the silly part where you ignore my advice and continue to make the internet a more shitty place to be:

Fuck around on codecademy or whatever it's called. w3c schools a shit. Learn from Mozilla docs instead.

To give you some ideas of some shit, consider the following and think about what you want to do...

CSS, HTML : The shit that your browser interprets to make stuff on the pages be in certain positions with certain colors and shit. It also handles forms for sending doota. Don't worry about the versions other than Macroshit Internet Exploder ignores standards, eats dicks, and hates HTML5.

e.g. The styles on this site are CSS. Go look at them and despair. In fact, just look at the page source for this site and play with your built in web developer plugin/extension/addon/whatever.

Javascript : The cancer that is killing the internet. It is a language for running in your browser and makes interaction with the server and your local storage happen. It can be used to make websites nice, track you, mine buttcoins from visitors, or cause your browser to crash.

e.g. The code that adds links to your text field when you click on the post number and the code that adds backlinks.

Apache/httpd/nginx/IIS (fuck off if you seriously want to use this shit)/lighttpd/whofuckingcareswebserverd : A buggy fetus that interprets commands and serves files over the porn tubes. Learn how to configure it and then never look at it again.

e.g. This site uses Apache.

PHP/Python/Perl/PCP/Assembly : This is the horse glue that makes your site actually dynamic.

e.g. This site uses PHP to handle a post to check if an image was already posted, to check the database, to run various moderator/administrator functions, make my life hell, generate thumbnail images, and introduce as many vulnerabilities as humanly possible to any and all servers.

MySQL (my sequel, mai ess kyoo ell, my squirrel)/PostgresSQL/dicks in your ass : This holds the other sets of doota that your website might want to hold on to.

e.g. opchan uses mysql and kusaba is so shit that it doesn't preen invalid entries after certain operations automatically, so they had to make a clean up script to clean the mysql entries that are invalid.

As for frameworks, that's on you. Go learn them and stuff.

Lastly, shortcuts. Consider prebuilt packages of shit. Often called a CMS, some of these AIDS bombs might sound familiar:
drupal, django, joomla, wordpress, et cetera.

That's how you make it easy and not Angelfire-tier.

Oh, and if you dare to work with ruby/ruby on rails, I will find you and remove you from this world.
>> No. 7187 ID: c2ff00
File 143343486023.jpg - (806.68KB , 1200x870 , 1428377384982.jpg )
>Macroshit Internet Exploder
people actually still use this?

I've actually started on codecademy, but it's asking me to download something called bootstrap now. I'm stuck because it's asking me to choose which one to download: Bootstrap/b] (Compiled and minified CSS, JavaScript, and fonts. No docs or original source files are included.), [b]Source Code (Source Less, JavaScript, and font files, along with our docs. Requires a Less compiler and some setup.), or [b]SASS/b] (Bootstrap ported from Less to Sass for easy inclusion in Rails, Compass, or Sass-only projects.).

>Apache/httpd/nginx/IIS (fuck off if you seriously want to use this shit)
Not exactly sure what that is, so I have no idea.

>Lastly, shortcuts. Consider prebuilt packages of shit. Often called a CMS, some of these AIDS bombs might sound familiar:
drupal, django, joomla, wordpress, et cetera.
I'm all for shortcuts. I've heard of wordpress, but, once again, am clueless as to what it is.

Perhaps I should go with Networking instead. I'm still interested in building my own stock photography site for shits and giggles, though.
>> No. 7192 ID: 360825
File 143349308963.png - (276.07KB , 580x471 , 1414458761434.png )
>people actually still use this?
People will clutch to the last anus hairs from M$ to keep that pile of vomit alive.

>I'm stuck because it's asking me to choose which one to download

That must be new. I'll have to look at that.

>Not exactly sure what that is, so I have no idea.
IIS is the Microshaft web server.

> I've heard of wordpress, but, once again, am clueless as to what it is.
Content management system, hence CMS.

It's just a bundled package for hosting content in a structured format so you don't have myspace looking pages and dead links everywhere.

>Perhaps I should go with Networking instead.
What part of it interests you?
>> No. 7195 ID: c561cd
File 143355603210.png - (4.74KB , 202x202 , css_is_awesome2.png )
>> No. 7196 ID: fb3bdd
>What part of it interests you?
Probably the part where he doesn't have to code websites. Man, I'd rather fuck a blender.
>> No. 7200 ID: b89631
This is probably your best and most flexible bet to start off with. Though the tools for Java have aged poorly (RIP eclipse) and java went downhill since oracle bought it.

From my experience, web is a bag of dicks, as you can see itt. I can't really give much advice, beyond dont do the mainstream, its what everyone does and it becomes harder to compete. A friend of mine got a job running SQL queries all day, now he makes pretty good bank and is constantly being poached because he knows how to use IBM Unica and not too many other people do.
>> No. 7201 ID: f2400b

Don't use Eclipse for anything Java related if you have any choice at all. Netbeans is a much better option, since it actually works and is relatively user friendly.

And besides... Eclipse descends from IBM's code. That alone should make you steer clear of it.
>> No. 7203 ID: b89631
>Eclipse descends from IBM's code
Man, I remember back in the day when IBM was considered a legit and respected brand. Funny how things go.

I'm not sure if this (or another) Visual Studio extension would be functional enough to code java in:

After using .NET/VS, I'd hate to go back to C with gcc/nano or Java with Eclipse Europa, its just too handy.
>> No. 7204 ID: f2400b

Visual Studio might be fine, but I did not care for it so much personally. Certainly better than Eclipse though.

Also, my hatred of IBM stems from the fact that I have to work with their products on a daily basis. That would be enough to warp anyone's opinion, given how many bugs and limitations are in the IBM BPM.
>> No. 7205 ID: 72eee7
I have a few friends at IBM and even they hate IBM.
>> No. 7206 ID: 4d1742

If you want to learn Android Google released Android Studio to replace eclipse not too long ago, so unless you wanna avoid a (possible) botnet I'd use that. If you do wanna avoid Google then you can use Visual Studio.

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