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File 143371463236.jpg - (112.96KB , 450x300 , kirtland-mmrp-uxo-b4.jpg )
7197 No. 7197 ID: 0c08f2
I posted this in /t/ as well, wasn't sure where it would be better served for relevant responses. Sorry if that's a problem mods, feel free to delete it from /t/ if it isn't wanted over there.

Is anyone familiar with civilian unexploded ordnance work? Any personal experience or does anyone know friends who did it? I've been reading a bit about it and I've been considering a new line of work for a while now, but the time and money involved in going back to college for four years is a lot for me to consider.

I stumbled upon some word-of-mouth info about civilian UXO work and learned just about anyone (provided in half decent shape and not a moron) can get UXO Tech level 1 training in like 4-6 weeks for only about 5 to 8 thousand dollars, then immediately be job ready for field work in a lot of different areas like construction site contracting or working as a civilian contractor with the Army Corp of Engineers.

Notable upside is entry level techs average 60k a year based on about a month of training, you can become tech 2 after 3 years of work and tech 3 after 5 years...with tech 3 guys averaging 120k a year apparently. Downsides seem to be a lot of travel, with some jobs lasting only a week and some lasting half a year.

Still, it is something I am currently considering. I've read Texas A&M's TEEX program is the best in the country to attend for this training, but there are some other notable programs as well. I know it is also potentially dangerous work, but right now it is only a consideration and I'm trying to learn more about it from people that know more than me. I figure at least one or two people here on OPchan are familiar with it or know friends/relatives in the field.

Is it worth pursuing? On paper it sounds pretty fucking fun and I can't think of many other lines of work that can net you a 60k/year starting income based on less than two months of training. Downside(s) that might hold me back are that I have no military/LEO background, no engineering background and none of my current skills really translate to this line of work. Is the tech level 1 training enough for someone like me or does this line of work show favoritism to former mil guys only?
>> No. 7235 ID: c2d7da
Let me know if you find out more about this. Sounds kinda rad.
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