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File 143800132120.jpg - (460.00KB , 2000x1500 , Samsung-Gear-VR-Galaxy-S6-3.jpg )
7243 No. 7243 ID: f44962
Due to a spot of bad luck with a pier an open pocket and my cellphone I'm now an owner of a brand new Galaxy S6. Also purchased pic related as well. I'm just now setting the thing up and will post a mini-review once I get a bit of experience in. Any questions that you might want to ask can go in this thread, You can also talk about VR in General. My intention is to update my rig and pre-order the HTC Vive on the desktop side.
>> No. 7250 ID: f44962
Initial observations:

-I don't know if it's me but the screen door effect is real and somewhat distracting I would liken it to looking at the world through a very fine mosquito net, it can be ignored and you can forget it but it never really goes away.

-Chromatic aberration at the edges of vision due to the lenses, not really distracting and the "sweet spot" is large enough to make this a very minor issue.

-I did experience some very mild nausea with a stereoscopic 360 degree video, this was probably due to using the Gear VR for an extended time the first time I tried it. subsequently I used the Gear VR for about an hour and a half and did not suffer from nausea again.

General impression

-The 360 degree videos and pictures are awesome though the resolution is tad too low still.

-Watching movies in the Oculus cinema is rad, no distracting audience, the Gear blocks out all external sources of light and a good pair of headphones takes care of the rest. The only downside is the that the resolution of the virtual screen is not quite high enough to get a truly authentic movie experience but it's damn close.


VR is awesome and it will only keep getting more awesome as the tech gets better. Currently I would not recommend this for casual buyers but if you're interested in VR and happen to have some extra dosh around it's a very fun toy.
>> No. 7253 ID: 72eee7
How does the lack of head tracking feel on the Gear VR?

I'm looking forward to the HTC Vive, currently I have a DK2, the screen door effect is minimal, but the resolution is still poor.
>> No. 7254 ID: f44962
Cant really comment on the lack of head tracking since I have no experience with system that has head tracking. I've only done basic stuff like 360 videos, Oculus cinema and bluVR. I certainly think it would enhance the experience. Nausea has not been a problem but I've not tried the more "rough" VR experiences like Dreadfall. I'll post something up when I do.
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