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File 144036984530.jpg - (313.21KB , 3000x2003 , Firephoner.jpg )
7316 No. 7316 ID: c4277d
Okay, so I know that out of the box, its pretty gimmick-y, but Whats Opchan's opinion on the Amazon Fire Phone, if, say, you rooted it, or at least installed the google suite of apps? I've been looking to upgrade from my Moto G (1st gen 4G LTE), and While I was waiting and saving for an ASUS ZenFone 2, The Fire Phone just came up on Choxi for $111 shipped. That's a pretty astounding deal for a phone with its specs.

tell me why I shouldn't buy a Fire Phone for $111, over waiting another month to buy an ASUS ZenFone 2 for $200.
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>> No. 7317 ID: 6d6cb1
I'm not certain if it's supported/will be supported by Cyanogenmod, which is one of the few decent mods out there that even remotely gives a shit about security, privacy, and freedom.

Same with the Asus ZenPhone.

I'd suggest finding a different phone all together.
>> No. 7354 ID: 275bb3
>Cyanogenmod, which is one of the few decent mods out there that even remotely gives a shit about security, privacy, and freedom.
Are you for real?
>> No. 7358 ID: 360825
Well, unfortunately, Replicant barely runs even on the devices it does support. So I didn't bother listing it.
>> No. 7360 ID: 55f6dd
Just wait till Replicant moves to 4.4+.

Even now works pretty damn well.

(Webview is a piece of junk though: http://redmine.replicant.us/boards/39/topics/8007 )
>> No. 7362 ID: 87d294
Oh, so you were talking about ROMs available to the Fire phone only. Carry on then.
>> No. 7364 ID: 6d6cb1
Hmmm, the Fire Phone might be kill, which means vendor and telcom support for the software will also be die:


Unless Cyanogenmod supports it, I'd definitely stay away from it.
>> No. 7365 ID: c25a7a

stay the fuck away from the firephone
>> No. 7366 ID: fb3bdd
Can confirm, for ~$250 (probably less now) the Moto G is excellent.
>> No. 7370 ID: c4277d
Considering I currently have a Moto G, its REALLY not excellent. Maybe if you have the 2GB ram 64GB storage version of the newest release, maybe, but thats still a $250-300 phone, and I can get an ASUS Zenfone for that...
>> No. 7371 ID: 360825
File 144241521143.jpg - (468.49KB , 1920x1080 , tumblr_static_1364097695242.jpg )
Found some prices for about 140-150 USD for the GSM LTE version. Rootable and the latest Cyanogenmod version supports it.

>> No. 7380 ID: c4277d
Thats the one I have, it a shit. 2/10, wouldnt use again
>> No. 7385 ID: 360825
File 14428890788.jpg - (107.31KB , 298x403 , 56757189.jpg )
Well, there's always Project Ara ara~.
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