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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 144081117327.jpg - (14.44KB , 216x503 , FLIRI50.jpg )
7325 No. 7325 ID: c561cd
As some of you know, I work on gas turbine engines. As such, I get to play with some cool toys every now and then. Unfortunately I can't post pictures of work stuff, because on the list of things that'll get me fired, posting pictures on social media is right between shooting up the place and using the company credit card to buy hookers and blow. (That's "customer entertainment" only.)

So anyhow, I was using the FLIR to troubleshoot some stuff, and in the process learned a lot about thermography and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Here's a link to the FLIR brand FLIR I was using. Short story: Older model, $6k, 140x140 resolution. Two temp ranges, -4°F to 302°F and 32°F to 662°F.

Expand all images
>> No. 7326 ID: c561cd
File 144081126283.jpg - (58.89KB , 480x240 , cooking 1.jpg )
Well, time to cook with Avgas!

(Probably not healthy... depends on how much you like TEL.)

Here's the pan with some chicken in it!
>> No. 7328 ID: c561cd
File 144081138955.jpg - (52.10KB , 240x240 , cooking 2a.jpg )
Throw in some frozen veggies.

Wow, they're at -12.3'F... that's really cold, and probably incorrect. We'll come back to that.
>> No. 7329 ID: c561cd
File 144081140147.jpg - (64.19KB , 480x240 , cooking 2.jpg )
Mix it up.
>> No. 7330 ID: c561cd
File 144081152910.jpg - (44.80KB , 240x240 , cooking 3 pip.jpg )
The FLIR i50 has a digital camera too, with the option for picture in picture, which is pretty useless.

Newer "Visual Thermometers" from FLUKE and FLIR will actually overlay the visual and thermal images, not to mention, shoot both at the same time. I've got to switch mine between vis / IR, and the 3 color palettes.
>> No. 7331 ID: c561cd
File 144081159151.jpg - (59.93KB , 480x240 , cooking 4.jpg )
Jerk sauce on the right, was in the fridge.

Frozen veggies in the middle.

Peanuts on the left.
>> No. 7332 ID: c561cd
File 144081162248.jpg - (53.51KB , 480x240 , cooking 5.jpg )
My tanker cup with ice water + some gatorade mix.
>> No. 7333 ID: c561cd
File 144081163948.jpg - (64.06KB , 240x240 , cooking 6.jpg )
Almost done!
>> No. 7334 ID: c561cd
File 144081177455.jpg - (110.61KB , 480x480 , cooking 7.jpg )
And complete! This image shows the steaming pile of rice I dumped on there. Because presentation is important!

The color palettes are Iron, Gray, and Rainbow. Vis image included too.
>> No. 7335 ID: c561cd
File 144081224777.gif - (9.03KB , 317x147 , visible.gif )
I've learned some interesting things about thermography fucking around with the FLIR, reading the manuals, watching some vidya, and actually performing work with it.

So we've all see the chart of the electromagnetic spectrum, right?

NASA science for kids page:
>> No. 7336 ID: c561cd
File 144081249697.jpg - (65.30KB , 720x240 , shiny 1.jpg )
What the FLIR is seeing, is not heat, but infrared radiation. Like light is visible radiation. It's heat-light. And like light, it bounces off shiny stuff, and is absorbed by other things.

Here's a picture of my electric stove. I was just cooking with the coil and it's still hot. But look at the back of the stove, and the bottle to the back left? They're reflecting the IR "light".
>> No. 7337 ID: c561cd
File 144081254528.jpg - (30.41KB , 240x240 , shiny 2.jpg )
Here's my completed food. See the reflection of the rice cooker off the counter?

Also see the water on the sink? Cold!
>> No. 7338 ID: d2e752
If you want some good ass FLIR shit on the cheap (relatively) you should check out local firehouses and see if they're transitioning to newer stuff, they might be willing to sell off their old stock.

That is the only good advice I've ever received from "paranormal investigators."

This thread is awesome, though. I love seeing the temperature differences while cooking.
>> No. 7339 ID: c561cd
File 144081292478.jpg - (64.02KB , 720x240 , shiny 3.jpg )
Really good demonstration of reflection.

So what if you wanted to measure the temperature of something shiny? Well that's where that funny looking E=0.60 comes in. The E is Emissivity.


> Emissivity is a measure of the efficiency in which a surface emits thermal energy. It is defined as the fraction of energy being emitted relative to that emitted by a thermally black surface (a black body). A black body is a material that is a perfect emitter of heat energy and has an emissivity value of 1. A material with an emissivity value of 0 would be considered a perfect thermal mirror.

0 = Shiny (All kinds of crazy reflections)
1 = Dull (What you see is what you get)

I'm sure some of the nerds on the site could explain this better than I. I had the Emiss set for stainless steel, because that's what I was using it for. That's also why my frozen veggies were reading super cold. The emissivity is how you go between IR and temperature.
>> No. 7341 ID: c561cd
File 144081428875.jpg - (60.75KB , 480x240 , flir truck.jpg )
> That is the only good advice I've ever received from "paranormal investigators."


I'll get some pictures of my truck engine next time I go for a drive.

Another interesting thing: Glass passes visible light, but reflects IR. I was going to try driving with the FLIR, but the damn windshield kept getting in the way. Same for houses, can't look in or out. So IR cameras use Germanium lenses instead of glass.

Here's a comparison of the two temp ranges. The narrower (and lower) temp range has more resolution.
>> No. 7342 ID: 70d38f
File 144081581326.jpg - (54.12KB , 695x470 , sr-71-temps.jpg )
I saw a thread on /dmz/...

>0 = Shiny (All kinds of crazy reflections)
>1 = Dull (What you see is what you get)
>I had the Emiss set for stainless steel, because that's what I was using it for.
Emmissivity = efficiency of thermal emission, which depends on it's closeness on the ideal model called "black body", and indeed would be quite black because it absorbs any light that can fall on it. On the other hand, said body emits specific radiation which can be detected by thermal imaging camera and thus measured to determine it's temperature - mostly by the amount of heat said body emits.

(I don't really know much about these equations so don't ask me anyhing).

In general, heat transfer is conducted through 3 major factors - it's either direct contact, or convection (with air), or emission with "thermal" rays. The last one really depends on the composition of the surface. So really, "shiny" would be below 0.1 emissivity and "dull" would be about 0.5+, with "black" really bordering 0.9, so you have to compensate this manually. In such way, the famous SR-71 was painted black not only as a camouflage, but as the measure to give away as much heat as possible.

I would really like to see this device in action in application to some of my specialty, but I believe it is way too expensive except for some projects on entirely different level.
>> No. 7344 ID: 51689e
File 144107235196.jpg - (267.53KB , 749x1000 , serveimage.jpg )
Cool thanks!!!
>> No. 7348 ID: e1463b
you can hack the e-4 to perform like the e-8. Ah, software limiting. http://hackaday.com/2013/11/04/manufacturer-crippled-flir-e4-thermal-camera-hacked-to-perform-as-high-end-model/

Also, they make one for your phone nowadays. http://www.flir.com/flirone/content/?id=69420#specs
>> No. 7350 ID: d2e752
I just creamed myself.

When I sort my life out, that will be my first frivolous purchase.
>> No. 7353 ID: e1463b
>I just creamed myself.

Sounds like that rape van will suit you perfectly.
>> No. 7355 ID: 605421
File 144144537083.jpg - (228.25KB , 832x624 , img_thermal_1439387323368.jpg )
Picked up one of these last xmas time ...


Cool toy at a fraction of the cost of the FLIR branded one.
Nothing will beat the real deal MB units of 640x480/30.

Those are export restricted though.

This thing can do video as well as pics, as it is connected to a device.
>> No. 7356 ID: 605421
File 144144560787.jpg - (177.81KB , 468x832 , Rotation of img_thermal1781273619.jpg )
Sabretts .. swimming ..
water is at a low boil
>> No. 7357 ID: 605421
File 144147300546.gif - (4.46MB , 320x240 , thermalVideo_1435971223503.gif )
Grrr .. gif converter insists on f'ing up the orientation
Webm too

Fuck it .. posting as it came out of the gif maker ...

The seek thermal (original non-xr) works pretty good for the price point

The vid is from Jul3 at a private show.
>> No. 7359 ID: 605421
File thermalVideo_1435971223503r.swf - (1.76MB , 320x240 )
MO' Better
>> No. 7363 ID: c3e6b2
  Torrey Pines Logic T10
>> No. 7376 ID: e43709
Bought one, getting it in next week. Will review it once I've played with it.
>> No. 7381 ID: 7d8bca
File 144284775484.jpg - (12.10KB , 480x336 , dicks.jpg )
Alright, so first impressions, damn thing is tiny. But you can see feetprints with it.
>> No. 7382 ID: 7d8bca
File 144284793481.jpg - (11.60KB , 480x336 , 12042085_10208004270647349_1468038334_n.jpg )
Gonna use it a bit more, but so far it's awesome when watching yourself pee. Gonna see if you can see poots with it.
>> No. 7383 ID: cd4a7e
What's the farthest you can see with it? I imagine with the resolution you couldn't see faces that well past a close distance, but could you detect a person's heat signature at 100 yards with it?
>> No. 7386 ID: 7d8bca
You get about 120 yards of sight distance before it becomes a blob.
>> No. 7388 ID: c550c6
Not too bad. I'd like to get one but [insert need money here].
>> No. 7391 ID: 7d8bca
File 144298398418.jpg - (176.58KB , 1277x718 , WP_20150923_00_48_16_Pro.jpg )
we predator now
>> No. 7392 ID: de0cbd
File 144298541049.jpg - (38.45KB , 630x341 , Anti-Predator.jpg )
Need to test this out for OPERATORScience - rock-scissor-paper to see who is going to get covered in mud.
>> No. 7393 ID: cd4a7e
YES! It still looks good with a 45 degree mount. The product sheet shows it mounted to shotguns and what I presume to be .308s too:

Any word on manufacturer recoil ratings?
>> No. 7394 ID: 7d8bca
Yeah I AM going to get one too. This would be a nice addition to my AR45. It ''can'' detect heat at about 200 yards but the operator wont detect it because it would appear very small and vague on the screen, like maybe 1 pixel. I stalked some goats with it in daylight just to see what it could do.

Realistically its good for 120 yards or 150 if they were big and sweaty. Anything closer, the better it gets of course. Not bad for less than 600 bucks and the size of an ice cube. This thing would make a great addition to a nigh vision scope, almost like a thermal doctor sight.

Gotta get me one now. Super jelly :(

I say we dip an animal in mud and hunt it down.
>> No. 7397 ID: 0b7429
  Be honest. Have you?
>> No. 7398 ID: 7d8bca
We tried, didn't pick anything up. Prolly need a bigger poot
>> No. 7407 ID: 0daa26
I really want one of those. For reasons.

Those reasons aren't currently enough for me to spend several thousand on one, but like any tool I want, I'm slowly compiling a list of things I would use it for. One day that list still be big enough to justify the expense...
>> No. 7408 ID: 605421
File 144329781332.png - (3.34MB , 2592x1944 , SeekThermal V1 std.png )
This is the back of the box for the Seek Thermal Original.
1st Gen Non-XR
>> No. 7409 ID: 2b949e
One of the things I've always wanted to see experimented with FLIR/thermal video and never had is porn/sex scenes. Might be boring. Might be interesting. Never know until you try.
>> No. 7415 ID: c561cd
> FLIR/thermal video ... porn/sex scenes.

I'd be hot. Measurably.
>> No. 7416 ID: 0b7429
I'm interested in seeing a large bukkake scene. I'm actually curious what it'd look like with the mix of cooling jizz and fresh jizz.

After a while, it'd probably look like abstract art.
>> No. 7417 ID: 2b949e
>After a while, it'd probably look like abstract art.

I'm guessing for Predators, it'd look something like tigerstripe pattern.
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