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File 144223884764.jpg - (68.13KB , 500x468 , 1439102161061.jpg )
7367 No. 7367 ID: a1deac
So my friend's brother is convinced that there will be a portal to another dimension opened this month. Anyone have any good videos about it that aren't Alex Jones tier?
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>> No. 7368 ID: 2b949e
CERN has already been doing high(er) output testing for months.


Please relay to your friend's brother that "AboveTopSecret" is not a verified news or science site.
>> No. 7369 ID: cd4a7e
File 144233141585.jpg - (764.88KB , 1680x1050 , 647009-c1a0e0013.jpg )
>Please relay to your friend's brother that "AboveTopSecret" is not a verified news or science site.

>tfw there won't be another portal opened full of crazy ass monsters

oh, ok.

But! What about the warning from Stephen Hawking?

>> No. 7372 ID: 2b949e
>Although he wasn't involved in the discovery, Hawking has some history with the Higgs boson. He lost a $100 bet with physicist Gordon Kane at the University of Michigan when the news of the Higgs boson's discovery was announced. He had bet against the particle being found, telling the BBC, "it is a pity in a way because the great advances in physics have come from experiments that gave results we didn't expect."

I'm utterly puzzled that such a renown physicist/scientist would have that outlook. Isn't that the entire point of science? "We don't know. Let's test it! Oh, shit, that testing lead to even more questions! Let's test if what we think happens actually does. OH SHIT! We were wrong, but now we know why it does that thing!"

Personally, I think that's fucking awesome. One of the reasons that the EM Drive has me excited is, because if it is legit, it works against current scientific models that say it shouldn't be able to work. And, you know what? Anytime your current understanding of physics doesn't explain something that is happening... you're learning something new.

Why Hawking views that as a "pity" is beyond me. Especially considering who he is and what level he's working on in his field.
>> No. 7373 ID: d8ca93
>go to Google maps
>search 'open abyss'
>see location

I'm scared now.
>> No. 7374 ID: d8ab9d
Hawking is saying the exact same thing you are, though
>> No. 7375 ID: 2b949e
No... No he's not, actually. Hawking said it "was a pity" that advances we've made came about from unexpected results in experiments. I suggest that's the very point of doing science, to further your own understanding. I fail to see why Hawking would view this as a negative in any context.
>> No. 7377 ID: d8ab9d
>reading comprehension

>It is a pity in a way [that the particle has been found] because the great advances in physics have come from experiments that gave results we didn't expect [that the particle wouldn't have been found].
>> No. 7378 ID: 2b949e
File 144268023924.jpg - (29.17KB , 500x333 , CN3VxPDWUAA14XX_jpg large.jpg )
>reading comprehension

>then goes on to edit what he actually said, and put words into his mouth until he matches the argument you wish to use
>> No. 7384 ID: 3254ec

So it's a pity to mr hawking because:
A: They expected to find the particle
B: They found it
Instead of say stumbling upon it or discovering something entirely new.

So mr hawking is saying is unintended consequences and discoveries via experimentation is what makes science exciting
>> No. 7387 ID: d8ab9d
What are you doing in /stem/ if you refuse to acknowledge that you misunderstood what Hawking said even after I explained it to you? That's the entire point of science you're missing here.
>> No. 7389 ID: 2b949e

You putting words in his mouth is not explanation. It's disingenuous horseshit.

Also, let us consult Peter Higgs, the man whom Hawking had the bet with:
>Because of this Professor Higgs, 79, who first postulated the existence of the particle 44 years ago, is not pleased. "I have to confess I haven’t read the paper in which Stephen Hawking makes this claim," he said at a press conference yesterday. "But I have read one he wrote, which I think is the basis for the kind of calculation he does. And frankly I don’t think the way he does it is good enough.

>"My understanding is he puts together theories in particle physics with gravity . . . in a way which no theoretical particle physicist would believe is the correct theory. From a particle physics, quantum theory point of view, you have to put a lot more than just gravity into the theory to have a consistent theory and I don’t think Stephen has done that. I am very doubtful about his calculations."

>And while some of the assembled scientists attempted to placate Higgs by saying that perhaps Hawking's remarks had been taken out of context – "Calm down, professor, it’s just a particle" – others said there were deeper motivations behind Hawking's remarks.

Gee, the guy that is his scientific "rival" is even unsure if Hawking genuinely feels that LHC wouldn't provide existence of the Higgs-boson, Hawking being contrarian (which has has a habit of doing), or what.

...Yet you claim to do. After you edit his statements to reflect what you want him to say. And you don't even comprehend how ridiculous and intellectually dishonest that is.
>> No. 7399 ID: d8ab9d
What you just said has absolutely nothing to do with the proper interpretation of his words.

Jesus, how long did it take you to find all that unrelated anecdote just to make yourself look less stupid?
>> No. 7400 ID: 2b949e
>had nothing to do with

The man he had said bet with talking about the vagueness and contrarian nature of Hawking's bet and statement regarding the loss of that bet has nothing to do with your dumbass re-interpretation despite this is what we've been discussing? That's some impressive mental gymnastics on your behalf.

>proper interpretation

Oh wow... The last time I heard that unironically, it was from a Christian fundamentalist that was saying the Bible provided justification for "killing faggots." Interesting that you and him seem cut from the same cloth.

>Jesus, how long did it take you to find all that unrelated anecdote just to make yourself look less stupid?

About 5 minutes.

How long did it take you to figure out a reply for Peter Higgs' quote on the bet you've been re-interpretating without having to admit you've been talking out of your ass?
>> No. 7401 ID: 7feea4
File 144318764431.jpg - (49.06KB , 576x432 , unhappy joker.jpg )
>dimensional portal
Lol, let's give this a read.
>immediately devolves into bitching about one another's interpretation of something Stephen Hawking said.

Great job guys.
>> No. 7402 ID: d8ab9d
I cant let someone be WRONG on the INTERNET, now can I?
>> No. 7482 ID: c7fc1a
File 145050511562.jpg - (78.33KB , 720x720 , 1440270283373.jpg )
What if the portal just goes somewhere really shitty. Like it opens up a portal to detroit or florida? Or what if it just teleports you down the hall or a couple of feet away?

What if it actually teleports you somewhere cool, but it removes your genitals and replaces them, atom by atom, onto your forehead?

Why is no one asking the important questions here but me?
>> No. 7484 ID: 6372b6
I don't know but if I was fucking Margaery and she made that little smirk at me I'd cum instantly. Goddamn.
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