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File 145438800069.png - (53.96KB , 547x421 , need help.png )
7538 No. 7538 ID: 4b268a
Built a new PC and everything is running fine except the USB ports on the front of the case.
I always have them trying to install when I boot and I have checked to make sure they're hooked up.
It just sits on the 'Searching preconfigured ...' and doesn't progress as all.
Any pointers or tips on how to fix this would be very appreciated.
>> No. 7539 ID: 15fc4c
You probably need to find drivers for "USB 2.0 MTT Hub" on the internet and manually install them yourself.
>> No. 7540 ID: 15fc4c
Also beware of fake drivers when downloading from unknown sources.
>> No. 7541 ID: 4d876f
Since is USB it's on the motherboard, check motherboard brand and model number and go straight to the source, if is brand name system it's easier just download the driver from their website.
>> No. 7542 ID: 5036fc
pretty much this.

I had a bank of my USB 3.0 ports that wouldnt work for some pain in the dick reason. I had to go in and manually install a separate asrock driver for them (or was it intel) to get them to work. Made no sense since I had installed every other type of chipset driver, etc.

Even more idiotic that windows will detect and install drivers for everything else but, nope, cant help you on what boils down to a generic USB hub driver.
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