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No. 7647 ID: 1701f6
  For hypothetical sake let's talk about small distilling equipment for making sanitizing and recreational alcohol for barter and consumption. Methods, materials etc.

First up we have electric water distillers. This looks to be the expensive and easy solution to get up and running. Powered like a coffee pot it looks straight forward but I'm unsure about temperature controls.

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>> No. 7648 ID: 1701f6
File 142517338538.png - (75.01KB , 250x188 , distillingequip250r.png )
Next we have the standard pressure cooker design. Most people seem to run them on stoves though I'm a bit skeptical of running it indoors with exposed flames. The fine control of a hot plate or gas flame would make temperature control easier.

>> No. 7649 ID: 1701f6
Here's a pretty good step by step that uses mostly electric stills but covers the process.

>> No. 7650 ID: 0a2b37
File 142524106575.jpg - (75.35KB , 720x960 , 3774_461061997287242_698697536_n.jpg )
Reflux column stills are where it's at yo. You can mount one to a water heater if you're feeling lazy or you can use a milk tank or stainless 55 gallon drum and set those on a propane burner or install electric heating elements and insulate the things.

>> No. 7651 ID: 1701f6
File 142526646276.png - (42.18KB , 1213x703 , iGhndJw.png )
Damn fine setup you have there. Have you ever use lab-grade condensers? Maybe something like this?
>> No. 7652 ID: 0a2b37
File 142531589127.jpg - (218.86KB , 960x720 , 1373337941988.jpg )

I've thought about ordering United Nuclear's distillation set but is rather small and don't really need it.

Also that was just the early setup, here is what we are running now:
>> No. 7653 ID: 0a2b37
Also, I recommend this book:

>> No. 7654 ID: ca04cd
not who you're asking but I personally use a graham condenser like what you linked, works like a dream. my whole setup is a 2L flat bottom boiling flask on a magnetic stirring hotplate, vigreux fractionating column, joint with thermometer, graham condenser run by an aquarium pump in a bucket and refreshed with dripping water, and a flask to catch the runoff.

it doesn't make much alcohol per run but whatever you do make with it is as clean tasting as vodka because of all the fractioning. makes the most wonderful wine brandy.
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