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File 135689290650.jpg - (26.89KB , 410x500 , faq.jpg )
1423 No. 1423 ID: 42ca4f Locked Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
In this sticky, we will try to create a mini-FAQ of sorts to answer commonly asked questions. The post/topic order may change as we delete/update posts.

The OPERATORchan Global Rules

These rules apply on all boards. Some boards may have additional rules, or allow more discretion when posting.


This FAQ goes more in-depth than what we'll cover here. Go here for information on the basics of *chans such as tripcodes or other features.
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>> No. 1425 ID: 42ca4f
There are four main methods of getting in touch with a staff member.

If you want to bring a post to a staff member's attention, use the Report field. Mark a post with the checkbox, and then scroll to the bottom-right of the page. Enter a reason in the Report field and then click "Report". Use this function for reporting rule violations, spam, improperly placed threads, archive-worthy posts, etc. Don't bitch about a post if you haven't reported it.

/sug/ - Suggestions
If you have an improvement idea for the board, or want to discuss something together with other users regarding the site, post a thread in /sug/. We will do our best to respond in timely fashion.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat
We consider #/k/ on Rizon our home. You will almost always find a staff member or two there, so if you have a question, ban appeal, rule clarification or other gripe, feel free to contact us there. You can use Mibbit, a web-based IRC client, to access the channel:

If you need to contact an administrator with a personal/private/sensitive matter, you can also email us. Try seraph@operatorchan.org or godverdomme@operatorchan.org.
>> No. 1426 ID: 42ca4f
Here's the deal with the embeds. At first, we used KusabaX's standard video embedding code. However, this sometimes slowed boards to a crawl because of the loading times. We therefore implemented a solution that only loads videos if you click on individual thumbnails.

I Can't Watch Videos, The Thumbnails Go White and Restart If I Click
Now, a few people are having issues with the embedded videos/thumbnails. These folks are predominantly using Google Chrome, which uses a built-in Flash player called PepperFlash. This is what's causing the issues for the vast majority of people. To fix the issue on Chrome, navigate to "chrome://plugins/". There, Ctrl+F for any entries containing "PepperFlash", "PepFlash" or similar. Then, deactivate those plugins. Restart your browser, and go to Adobe's website and download their standalone Flash player. Install it, and restart your browser again. You should now be able to watch embedded videos.

I Can't Post/Embed Videos
This may have been miscommunicated at some point. Under KusabaX's standard embedding code, you only had to paste a YouTube video's unique video code into the embed field to post it (e.g. "L6UhFkUo9xI"). Now, you will have to paste the entire URL into the embed field (e.g. "http://youtu.be/L6UhFkUo9xI").

File 13971835162.jpg - (47.18KB , 1205x1223 , email-icon.jpg )
2143 No. 2143 ID: eaa9b2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sorry if I'm late to the game, but did the site administrators change the @operatorchan.org e-mail accounts to be redirect-only, or is there still some way we can get to our inbox?
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>> No. 2146 ID: eaa9b2

Was there some sort of e-mail server wipe a couple of years ago? I converted my @operatorchan.org e-mail to the @gmail.com like Google wanted and it's like I have a new inbox. Were all the e-mail files lost? I'm trying to dig up an old job resume, lol.

>> No. 2147 ID: 40b5d3
>Was there some sort of e-mail server wipe a couple of years ago?

Not during the time I've been in charge at least. Prior to that, I don't know.
>> No. 2532 ID: b33ad0
File 149572763719.jpg - (35.68KB , 480x480 , meat iron.jpg )
ancient bump but do these email accounts even still work? i can't log in to mine anymore and i've tried literally every single password i've ever used to get in; google keeps telling me get in touch with whoever runs the opchan email group but i don't even know who that is lol
>> No. 2533 ID: 47f7e4
Mine works fine. I'll give JD a shout, see if he can do anything.
>> No. 2534 ID: 13f512
Yes, they work fine. I can reset your password, email me.

File 148429385891.jpg - (31.19KB , 643x661 , newfags top me bottom.jpg )
2526 No. 2526 ID: 70e1d7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
/n/ should be closed, it attracts too many newfags and they're they wrong type.
gun law news threads will help /k/ be more productive, on /n/ they just get buried under a mountain of "heroic putin" threads.
back in the day /n/ threads were supposed to be exclusively about weapons news, going back to that would also be an improvement.
>> No. 2528 ID: b70387
Closing /n/ would just force news talk onto other parts of the site.
>> No. 2542 ID: 8a4a7a
Randomly autoban around 25% of posts on /n/ with funny messages, for a 48 hr period.

It'll put enough pressure on them that life won't seem like honey to them, but it won't be hard enough to actually make them leave /n/.

Just the right amount of punishment to create just the right conditions.
>> No. 2543 ID: 8f6300
Alternately, how about this, a slightly saner response: Completely disable use of "subject" box in /n/, so nobody can make misleading or sensationalist headlines anymore.
>> No. 2544 ID: a083c4

That'd be nice, but I don't think we can do it

File 145845547770.jpg - (438.87KB , 787x662 , slavs.jpg )
2466 No. 2466 ID: fdde33 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
what do the white people here think about a slav containment board?
>> No. 2469 ID: 7188a3
you mean /n/?
>> No. 2530 ID: 2e2521
i warned you about slavs bro

File 147873344413.jpg - (33.96KB , 500x322 , 95b447843bb131883322afc871c49ae5.jpg )
2521 No. 2521 ID: 2fbe6d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey its been ages since I visited um.. What happened to the airsoft board? I used to find it helpful when I had issues and not having to deal with the mongtards on Zeroin was always nice.
>> No. 2522 ID: b430d1
The OPchan you knew no longer exists. This site is just for newfags from /pol/ to talk about how much they love russia, nobody discusses weapons anymore.
>> No. 2523 ID: d094dd
File 147903294115.png - (31.19KB , 871x522 , 145534396284.png )

File 147596184715.jpg - (170.78KB , 453x500 , tmp_11530-1475961127161728581605.jpg )
2515 No. 2515 ID: bbb5b6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can we change the name of /t/ to /t/ - Discussion & Talk ?
>> No. 2516 ID: c5ecc5
Discussion is the act of talking with other people. We may as well rename it /t/ - Talk and Talk.
>> No. 2517 ID: 477907
waiting on an official position before I tell you how wrong you are.

I think >>2515 is a good idea.
>> No. 2518 ID: 9930ba
Discussion & Talk is redundant.

Can you elaborate on why you think this would be a positive change?
>> No. 2520 ID: f8a63f
File 147659998834.jpg - (16.91KB , 291x455 , tmp_12518-_20161016_013746-2072028999.jpg )
No problemo.

File 147245181843.jpg - (39.75KB , 440x294 , 20121006-104413.jpg )
2500 No. 2500 ID: 2e3b80 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Could we get a /fit/ board, I know it sounds unnecessary on opchan, but a lot of operators do not realize how much being fit affects being operator.
>> No. 2502 ID: c5ecc5
I'm counting seven new posts on /k/, /n/, /t/, /g/, /m/, and /dmz/, combined, since the last time I checked any of them, at least twelve hours ago, and one of those posts is mine. We did the lots of specialized boards thing for a long time and it didn't work. There literally was a /pt/ board before the board purge early this year. Post it in /t/.
>> No. 2503 ID: f49edb
we had /pt/ and it was dead as fuck. Post fitness questions in /t/

File 147000806415.jpg - (140.12KB , 480x800 , tmp_4397-1470007697282-762426007.jpg )
2488 No. 2488 ID: 780f00 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
404 MAN NOT FOUND DOG at least page 6 and older.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2491 ID: 4449cc
>> No. 2492 ID: 735512
>> No. 2493 ID: 86d09e
File 147047145945.gif - (505.94KB , 499x374 , 53a5509d06d7c11f.gif )
Ze files have been restored.
Didn't bother with the thumbnails though. There's not a whole lot of those.
>> No. 2495 ID: 76c9eb
Same thing is happening on /v/
>> No. 2499 ID: 86d09e
File 147188721836.jpg - (197.72KB , 1300x697 , 1327136160029.jpg )
>Same thing is happening on /v/


I guess that means it's crappy KusabaX coding that's causing it & not the clean up we had. Bummer...

File 145679317870.jpg - (50.29KB , 490x746 , uncivilised maxim.jpg )
2456 No. 2456 ID: a19011 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Could we have a auto ban thread again somewhere please?

giving a 2/4 hour auto ban to help me stop my chronic procrastination?
>> No. 2458 ID: 490e84
yisss. ban thread was great. but make it 6 or 12 hours
>> No. 2468 ID: ae87b5
Go to /mu/
>> No. 2487 ID: 08f745


No. 2474 ID: ec4f82 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Why had the "Warfare" board been deleted along with all the good stuff like "Counter armour" thread? Not only my disk containing 300gb worth of info and training materials collected along the past 6 years has been stolen by them sandniggers from my ruck on the airport, it's also you against me and you had to delete the best board on this chan?

Shame on you! You've got no soul!
>> No. 2475 ID: f49edb
>best board on this chan

Yeaaahh about that.

Any good threads were retained in /arch/, so check there.
>> No. 2484 ID: 069d9e
It hasn't been deleted, it's just hidden.

I really wouldn't mind having it as a hidden board, alongside /dmz/ and /x/.

Please open it up for posting again.
I want to talk about integrated air defense systems, Kesselschlacht, and what career fields people should go into.
>> No. 2485 ID: 7188a3
Then talk about it on /k/. Unless, of course, you don't actually want traffic and discussion but just to ramble to yourself.
>> No. 2486 ID: 95c372
Weapons in /k/, talk in /t/.

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