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File 136006411125.png - (14.66KB , 300x100 , 1360063918667.png )
1549 No. 1549 ID: 811b3a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
there has been a massive influx of newgers on this site over the past few months and it has really detracted from the former value of operatorchan
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>> No. 1554 ID: 3a9c19
Yeah I've noticed the full article posts, which is (i think) mandatory on /new/?

Someone from /new/, it's a term from 4chon which is an even worse place ironically

Threat level
1. 4chan /pol/
2. 4chon
3. 4chan /new/
>> No. 1594 ID: 6b29aa
How can you really tell? I mean I haven't seen "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER JEWS JEWS JEWS" more than the past few months.
>> No. 1595 ID: c574bd

noticed a bit of it in the past few days, likely just one or two posters being idiots.

Rest assured I'm keeping my eyes out now.
>> No. 1695 ID: 7e5f23
we warned you about newggers
we told you they were fucking with your site
>> No. 1696 ID: c574bd

Yea you did, thanks for that. Hopefully they'll get bored after all their shit gets deleted and they have to reset their router for the umpteenth time.

Talked it over with 4chons admin/mods and they'll hold up their end and keep an eye on things.

File 136379786616.jpg - (26.82KB , 400x294 , FEINSTEIN.jpg )
1686 No. 1686 ID: 5b9651 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Thread related. I didn't see anything stickied.
>> No. 1689 ID: 2b8013
http://operatorchan.org/news.php#8 was stickied in /t/ for two weeks or something. The relevant bit:

>Recent rule changes in /n/ have caused some discomfort across other boards, and we had hoped the situation would normalize. It however hasn't and /t/ has become an overrun of /n/. To remedy the situation the new rule in /t/ will be that news stories are only allowed if they are clearly set up by the OP to generate a discussion. Simply copypasting a story and providing a link will no longer be allowed, and such threads will be deleted without warning or notice. The OP will need to put in some effort in setting up the thread to enable discussion. Repeat offenders who treat /t/ as as an overrun of /n/ will be warned and/or banned.

The official rules ( http://www.operatorchan.org/news.php?p=rules ) have also been amended accordingly.

The link/article you posted was already posted in /dmz/ (where it belongs, since it's not news-worthy or relevant) a few days ago.
>> No. 1691 ID: c574bd
Did you not read the state of the chan address? It's still up on the home page and in the Archive. It contains caveats about /n/ content in /t/.
>> No. 1692 ID: 3a9c19
I think the point Acid Man is making is that the thread in question was set up to generate a discussion
>> No. 1693 ID: 2b8013

Yeah, nah. There's fuckall to discuss relating to that article beyond variations of "lol" and "they derping hard". You saw how the /dmz/ thread went.
>> No. 1694 ID: 5b9651

Clearly I need to spend more time in /dmz/, but yeah, it was a combination ragethread and newspost.

Point noted however.

File 136242151315.jpg - (25.12KB , 500x500 , 134695849998.jpg )
1605 No. 1605 ID: cb9131 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
In light of a certain poster's frequent stories that would indicate, to most, that xe is looking for the very first opportunity to shoot someone and have even a remote chance of getting away with it, I would like to suggest a particular SOP be implemented.

As background, see the SoL case. When he was arrested and appeared in the news, the story was posted and he was identified by his trip. That information then ended up in the google index and was discovered by Scooby-Do Online, who searched out posts made by SoL and forwarded those they found damning to the detectives running the case.

Now, whether or not that has hurt SoL and his defense is so far unknown. It certainly hasn't helped him. And I would imagine we would all prefer to limit Opchan's exposure to such scutiny.

Therefore I would suggest that it become standard procedure to maintain absolute PERSEC when it comes to any Opchan users, tripfags, namefags, and anonymous alike, who are the subject of a criminal investigation of any sort. Specifically we do nothing to link their real name with their trip, name, or postID.

Of course I don't advocate non cooperation with law enforcement operating within the scope of a proper and legitimate investigation, I just suggest we not do their job for them, nor give any bored housewives cause to utter our name.
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1622 ID: e28a05
I think we should let idiots dig their own holes by posting stupid incriminating shit on this site. If people can't keep their dumb mouths shut, they deserve everything bad that happens to them as a result.
>> No. 1634 ID: e76043
Basically this. If you post PII online you're an idiot.
>> No. 1636 ID: 301716
Kain does have a point here. Frankengun might have inadvertantly started this by posting the article and saying, "Oh hey, SoL got arrested on the charge of murder." I even remember that thread and asking Franky if he was absolutely sure. And since that thread was archived like all other threads back then, a simple Google search reveled the results. Anyone that searched for SoL's real name and details of the case would have eventually gotten OPERATORchan links.

And that's exactly what happened. Bored housewives have a lot of time to do that shit and thus Webdicks. I'm not sure I entirely support Kain's suggestion, but perhaps if someone made a thread in /t/ tomorrow the mods/admins could either delete it and issue a gag order of some sort or keep it in /dmz/. No one is talking about denying police the ability to get information via a warrant. But it'd be nice to keep Webdick-esque parties the fuck off of OPERATORchan from simple Google searches.
>> No. 1640 ID: 6a1864
Finally someone with some reading & comprehension ability.

>it'd be nice to keep Webdick-esque parties the fuck off of OPERATORchan from simple Google searches.
This is exactly what I'm after. And I'm not even asking for bans or even censoring. Its more of a "guys, this would be bad for opchan and/or members who are in potential trouble. Can we agree not to do it?" type idea.
>> No. 1670 ID: 3a9c19

File 136315374243.png - (399.58KB , 815x777 , 1329583230346.png )
1641 No. 1641 ID: b4ad5e Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
why did CC lock the thread on the brisbane shooting? we were having a nice discussion and he had to come along and ruin it

also, to CC:

>comparing american firearm laws and culture to australian

doesnt work that way and you know it

unlock the thread, pretty stupid of you to lock it mid discussion. wasnt turning bad, no abuse was being said, dont see why it should be locked.
18 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1664 ID: ffba8d
>> No. 1665 ID: e70a2a
>claiming the staff is somehow "forcing" this meme in an attempt to ridicule your entire country just screams of tinfoil and persecution complex. It's also simply not true and absurd.

talking bullshit now, it has been forced so hard its not even funny


no need, i can just stay here, the mods/admin act like this is /b/. take jedi douchehound and the FTF saga. that is no way for a mod to act.


>> No. 1666 ID: 6efaef

J. Grant detected.

mods are people too, bro.
>> No. 1667 ID: c574bd
Shitposting in muh /sug/? dats a bannu. Also, locking thread, because we've made our position clear.
>> No. 1668 ID: c574bd
Locked. Protip everyone, if you want to get your way, don't start off by insulting the staff.

File 13620832776.gif - (494.60KB , 222x142 , 13620386253.gif )
1596 No. 1596 ID: e5016c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>shitty thread in /dmz/
>post this
>get banned for 5 days
>Vydunas banned for innocent reply
>also mfw

Good job, good effort, mods. To make this more /sug/, I suggest we just ban everyone in a thread when there's a post that violates the rules. It's far too much work for the mods to read other posts.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1598 ID: c574bd
Oh, look everyone, someone who didn't read the sticky.
>> No. 1602 ID: 63d5a1
File 136211910229.jpg - (156.74KB , 1024x797 , GhostNuke.jpg )
>>shitty thread in /dmz/
We're already off to a good start.

>>get banned for 5 days
Checked the log. You were banned for 1 day. It should say that because your ban was so short, you cannot petition it. Standard petition time is 5 days. I'm guessing that's where you got that number.

>Good job, good effort, mods.
No problem, bro.

>To make this more /sug/, I suggest we just ban everyone in a thread when there's a post that violates the rules.
Nah. I mean, punishment through others is too bootcampy, if you know what I mean. Does punishing others for one person's mistake have a specific term? Seriously, I'd like to know this.

>It's far too much work for the mods to read other posts.
And it's far too much work for people to read the sticky in /dmz/, apparently. Allow me to post it here so that all can see and shut the fuck up:
>/dmz/ has LOLNORULES beyond Rule 1 (illegal content). This also means it has LOLNORULES for Moderation. This is no-man's land, so post at your own risk! If a Mod decides to ban you, don't come crying to me about it. Bans because of /dmz/ that are not for illegal content will only be bans from /dmz/.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1603 ID: 95c305
The term is collective punishment.

Where do you live that you've never heard it?
>> No. 1604 ID: 63d5a1
Commiefornia. I should be all too familiar with the term.

But seriously, I just didn't know the actual name.

Thanks, broski.
>> No. 1637 ID: 59f028
I think it's pretty dumb mods have free reign to be petty dicks on /dmz/ with their mod powers.

If anything, there should be a system where we know who banned who, and the ability for us commoners to ban moderators from /dmz/ outside of seeing the report queue.

File 136267281882.jpg - (39.69KB , 500x355 , why!.jpg )
1617 No. 1617 ID: 3a9c19 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Seraph y u loc surrogate thread?

It's a pretty controversial subject (rights of surrogates to do what they want with the child) and there was a discussion going on
>> No. 1618 ID: 175f45

...and yet this thread doesn't get locked? The title is a violation of /n/ board rule 1.
>> No. 1619 ID: 263d6c
File 136270916237.jpg - (29.32KB , 635x357 , baby 6-day-old child already knows the human race .jpg )
I believe that might have been my fault.
Somebody asked if aborting the deformed fetus would be good since its soul goes to play with Jesus in Heaven (objection: assumes facts not in evidence), and then I mentioned the strict requirements of entry into the Christian Heaven (baptism, worshiping Jesus), the Vatican's repeal of their support of the concept of Limbo where unbaptized baby souls go, etc.

This goes to the policy of locking all religious discussion, even in /dmz/, which I think is a poor and restrictive policy.

Pic: 6-day-old child already knows the human race is abhorrent and beyond hope.
Newborn Loses Faith In Humanity After Record 6 Days
The Onion - NEWS • Our Annual Year 2012 • Local • ISSUE 48•38 • Sep 17, 2012
SCHAUMBURG, IL—In a turn of events that has stunned the worldwide medical community, local infant Nathan Jameson, born just six days ago, has become the youngest person ever to permanently and irrevocably lose all faith in humanity.

“This shatters all previous records,” University of Chicago psychologist Douglas McAllister said Monday. “In all of documented medical history, there is no case of a newborn taking less than four months to develop the mental faculties required to grasp the full extent of this existential nightmare we call life on earth.”

“Considering he already comprehends harsh realities that many people spend their entire fleeting, shallow existences attempting to deny, Baby Nathan is quite the little miracle!” he added.

Though he has not yet developed the capacity for speech, extensive cognitive testing has definitively shown that the shockingly perceptive 6-day-old fully understands and accepts that human beings cannot be trusted, that they remain far too ignorant for their opinions to be reliable, that a lack of self-awareness about their own destructive tendencies pervades the species as a whole, and that most are too ineffectual to successfully pursue even the shallow self-interested agendas that rule their lives.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1620 ID: 263d6c
File 136270919455.jpg - (1.40MB , 1200x1600 , Baby 1.jpg )
Local reports confirmed the baby’s disillusionment was only compounded by the fact that he spent his first days in the bleak and soulless suburban conformity of Schaumburg, IL, its empty consumerist non-culture allowing him to realize in record time that all human pursuits are cold, joyless, and devoid of any substantive purpose or integrity.

“For a baby, he sure is an insightful little guy,” Nathan’s mother, Melanie Jameson, told reporters. “My husband and I are a loveless, narcissistic couple whose weird, freaked-out neediness and anxieties—which we sublimate under a mask of facile self-regard—would normally be introjected into our child’s forming psyche over the course of years. But this talented fella just took it all in at once!”

“We’re awfully proud to have such a precocious son,” she added, her face displaying no genuine emotion.

According to household sources, Baby Nathan has already noticed that his father, Michael Jameson, resents the infant’s 3 a.m. crying, feels more trapped than ever in his sham-marriage now that he’s a father, and is inwardly building an ever-growing wall against the reality of his own life one mid-afternoon cocktail at a time.

“The kid’s not even a week old, and he has the thousand-yard stare of a middle-aged man,” said psychologist Helen James, one of the cognitive scientists who verified that by his third day of life, Nathan had already begun to sense the overwhelming air of desperation surrounding other people. “That look that says, ‘I’ve finally given up on the reassuring fictions that prop up humanity’s delusional self-image as dignified, intelligent, or decent in any way.’ He knows the truth.”

“At this point, he shouldn’t even be able to distinguish between himself and the rest of humanity, let alone have the capacity to lose faith in it,” James continued. “Evidently, the human condition has gotten even more depressing than it already was, and we’re going to need to reformulate our entire theory of childhood development.”

“My God, what a depressing development,” she added.

At press time, there were unconfirmed reports that Baby Nathan had used the wind-up mobile above his crib to hang himself.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1632 ID: 73a434
>...and yet this thread doesn't get locked? The title is a violation of /n/ board rule 1.

Well, it's gone now. Report it & mention which rule it breaks next time?
>> No. 1633 ID: 175f45

I reported it when it first showed up. When there was no lock or delete after a day, I reported it again, and a mod had already cleared it as 'not requiring deletion'.

File 136068604393.jpg - (29.62KB , 375x500 , sign.jpg )
1563 No. 1563 ID: 175f45 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I hate to keep bringing it up, but what are the standards to how is Rule 6 enforced?
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1611 ID: badaf5
bamp, is Armored Core considered banime if it is outside of /vg/?
>> No. 1612 ID: 2b8013

Can you provide a link?
>> No. 1613 ID: 175f45

>> No. 1614 ID: d818c4

Not quite sure where you're going with your question. Whether an image is "banime" or not is more dependent on the visual style rather than the fact that it's something animated in Japan. Does that answer your query?
>> No. 1615 ID: 175f45

Functionally your statement makes sense, but the pic in question is still of mecha and IMO the visual style in this case is still ban worthy.

Oh well, I guess it's the mod staff's call.

File 136122549555.jpg - (612.71KB , 2266x1452 , vjxRFsz.jpg )
1571 No. 1571 ID: e76043 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is it just me or does this site seem to be dying? Over the past week or 2 it seems like theres been way less posts than 6 months or a year ago.
>> No. 1574 ID: 2b8013
Not as far as we can tell. But we're always happy about more new content, so if you have a thread idea, make it happen!
>> No. 1577 ID: e76043
What happened to the page with the post counts per board that we had when Benjamin Netenyahu was the admin?
>> No. 1579 ID: 73a434
>Is it just me or does this site seem to be dying? Over the past week or 2 it seems like theres been way less posts than 6 months or a year ago.

In the past year, we've never had more traffic than what we had on the final week of Jan.
Febr has been slightly slower than Dec, Nov, Oct of last year, but Febr has been higher than say throughout the entire summer of last year?

So dying? Slow? I dunno, your observations and/or expectations might be disconnected from reality.

>What happened to the page with the post counts per board that we had when Benjamin Netenyahu was the admin?

The server hosting the old OPchan was wiped clean due to non-payment issues almost a year ago. Serv did not have backups to restore.
We started anew from scratch and upgraded to Kusaba X. This means a lot of things specific to the old OPchan were lost.

We still have statistics though, obviously. For instance, last week 524 posts were made on /k/, 987 on /n/ and 928 on /t/. 2242 posts were made across all boards in the last 24 hours.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1584 ID: e76043
I dunno maybe it's a problem on my end then (I'm using chrome w/ sidebars so it could be the cache thing). I counted before I went to bed last night and I only see 3 new posts on /n/, 5 on /t/, and ~30 on /k/ (most of which is that bat guano thread)

File 136132501543.jpg - (101.53KB , 799x518 , My380s.jpg )
1576 No. 1576 ID: 7d6970 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm having issues with posts submitting, and refreshing the page and seeing them at the bottom of the thread, think going to check another thread and when I return to the main board, my post is gone.

Maybe it's all on my end, but it seems that posts are being deleted by someone, or my browser is deleting them on me.

picture very unrelated. one is required for posting.
>> No. 1578 ID: 175f45
Happens to me on occasion as well, but if I switch browsers, the post will show up.
>> No. 1580 ID: 73a434
My gut tells me your posts are not disappearing, but simply that when you return to the board you're seeing the old cached version instead of the updated one.

Are you using the side menu? Seems like some browsers are ignoring the no-cache directives, especially when using the side menu.

Try going directly to the boards like http://www.operatorchan.org/k/ and when it happens again & you think your posts disappeared after posting confirmation had been given, press alt+F5 to refresh.

And if you have a specific example of a thread where you lost a post, give me the board + thread id. I'll look in our logs if anything funny is going on in that thread.
>> No. 1581 ID: 7d6970
Not using the side menu. I am using Opera which does like to cache webpages though.

A few threads where I encountered such issues are:
Instead of post # 26575, I had wirtten something linking to an earlier post by romanov and another post, and had a bit more text written.

Once in this thread:
General vitriol for the wackjobs, can't remember what I posted.
>> No. 1582 ID: 73a434

Neither threads have had any posts deleted. I'll look into it further when I get home, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell you anything more though.
Each time you post, please make 100% sure the page reloaded & displayed your post before browsing away. If you encounter another renegade post thing, let us know asap after it happened.

As for Opera, I tend to use that when I'm browsing OPchan from work (which doesn't happen all that often, really) & I don't recall ever having any issues with that. Chrome is the browser that tends to play dirtiest because it takes a lot of shortcuts.
>> No. 1583 ID: 7d6970
Yeah, it's not a big issue. Those are really the only to times I've noticed it, and then only hours later.

I'll be sure to police shit on my end. Thanks for looking into it.

File 13605854818.jpg - (139.25KB , 709x1063 , 1333071155302.jpg )
1560 No. 1560 ID: 59f028 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Similarly, I'd like all 'gun control rage' threads (like opinion articles, not actual news) quarantined to a single thread in /dmz/ like ponyfags are. Kinda irritating seeing the same shit pop up.
>> No. 1572 ID: 59f028
So...will anything be done about this?

/t/ is currently 'gun control, news and blogging'
>> No. 1573 ID: c574bd
What would you like to talk about in /t/? Cause that is what they seem to want to talk about right now.

If you would like to discuss something else, start a thread and go for it!
>> No. 1575 ID: 59f028
That logic applies to /n/, no? Those same threads now on /t/ received traffic on /n/.

Yet those threads aren't allowed on /n/ specifically they weren't 'news-worthy' despite being news and despite the fact people posted in them.

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