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File 135449151775.jpg - (193.14KB , 721x503 , img2585smalldz0.jpg )
1352 No. 1352 ID: 4c8264 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can we post mag restrictions by state in /trade/?

Like in CA, no mag with more than 10 round capacity, except when sold as a rebuild kit.
>> No. 1353 ID: c574bd
Why? Can you not easily find this information in about eleventy million other places?
>> No. 1354 ID: 4c8264

Absolutely, I just don't want to keep seeing conversations like this over and over...


granted it has been awhile since a post in that thread, but I know I have seen conversations like this dozens of times here over the years...

It would also keep the site's liability to a minimum by not providing a conduit for violations of state laws. Simply by stickying a notification of mag capacities, and stating that this website does not condone said behavior, blah blah blah etc.
>> No. 1355 ID: c574bd

We already cover that with rule one, and the statement at the end of the rules that all comments are owned by the poster, we hold no liability whatsoever.

We're not going to go and make a list of what is legal where and why, it is up to the poster, and seller, to understand their local laws and make their transaction accordingly, or not.

Caveat Emptor and all that.

If you see what you believe is an illegal transaction, of course report it, but otherwise, we're not going to put effort into compiling and updating a list of what items are legal where, when that information is available easily elsewhere.

File 135347230330.jpg - (72.61KB , 500x666 , fuck-facebook-um1a0uw5-244237-505-673_large.jpg )
1315 No. 1315 ID: 44741f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can we make it against the rules to post about your facebook, especially with screencaps?

This is opchan and is for opchan shit people already have facebook for facebook shit.
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>> No. 1324 ID: b6144f

Calling it that is the only pro, otherwise only cons.

With a finite userbase, each board that gets separated out means less conversation is happening among the entire community. Sometimes this is alright, but most times it's divisive. The end result of trying to specialize boards infinitely is reddit, and fuck that.

Except for r/subaru
>> No. 1327 ID: ffba8d
I think /t/ is fine for just general talking and bullshitting.

/dmz/ should be for posting shit you can't post anywhere else and dealing with dramabombs or talking about shit you don't want someone to stroll by and see immediately.

I'm more likely to talk about shit going on because the people I know IRL who lurk Opchan don't check /dmz/.
>> No. 1328 ID: ffba8d
Also, I agree with this, posting screencaps should be limited to /dmz/ before someone makes a massive shitfit out of it similar to Dox'ing people.
>> No. 1330 ID: 7c5539
I am up for this. We all need to vent our issues, and /t/ is not really suitable for that.
>> No. 1349 ID: 1f8daf
> Can we make it against the rules to post about your facebook, especially with screencaps?

I second this motion.

If I wanted facebook drama... well the solution is obvious.

File 13508084433.jpg - (132.15KB , 475x356 , 1350597640339.jpg )
1190 No. 1190 ID: c52779 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I would like to ask the moderation staff to resist using the "delete all posts by user" option except in extreme cases of spamming.

Heavy handed moderation is dangerous, and we've seen it ruin sites before. While I am not in favor of overly lenient moderation, of course, it seems that there has been an ignorance that there is, in fact, a SEMI switch between SAFE and AUTO.

Consistency should be the Word of the Year, All Years, for all moderation. It should be consistent throughout the entire moderation staff. Despite the user, despite the mod, despite the offense. Consistency.

Particular situations will not be supplied. It's out there, and I simply post this as a concerned 'citizen' of this site. I really want this place to keep going, but I am not without worry for the future.
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>> No. 1311 ID: fd389b
File 135306131987.jpg - (966.53KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_6527.jpg )
Cute bonesaw
>> No. 1342 ID: 22fd4d
Bumping this cause I think it's still relevant. I find it more effective to just plain issue bans and lock threads than to delete posts. That way people can get a better feel for what the site's moderation is.
>> No. 1343 ID: c574bd

the major issue with this approach is that we'd have to lock a lot of good threads often, stifling discussion. Deleting allows people to not even feel the temptation to respond to shitposting and trolling, and continue with the thread as if the shitfit that derailed it into shitland didnt happen.

And a ban is only as long as their IP stays the same, which is to say, usually not freaking long. Deleting is our only real tool for effective moderation in most circumstances, deletes are usually coupled with a ban of course. We have, to my knowledge, only used the NUKE EVERYTHING button twice, and both times were because of consistent, willful, and flagrant repeated shitposting, ban evasion, and whatnot, and at that point our only weapon is to take away all the attention they are seeking by eliminating their presence totally. This is a last resort option and as i said, is exceedingly rare and, as far as I know, both times have been by me.

And as i said above, we on staff cannot adress people "feeling" like things are inconsistent, in order to take action if it is needed, i need people to report to the admins via IRC or E-mail specific instances of questionable moderation if and when it occurs. We cannot take action based on feelings, that way leads to madness.

We're aware of the importance of the users trusting the staff, and by and large I feel like we manage to address most concerns quickly and rationally, but realize that as I've said, running an imageboard is an imperfect science, and we have to constantly modify what we are doing to respond to what is going on with the boards.
>> No. 1345 ID: d19e6a
Is it acceptable to report people for bad grammar, such as "that's why to fucking clean?"

I'm asking because making curt corrections only makes things shittier.
>> No. 1347 ID: c574bd

No, although bad grammar and spelling is annoying as hell (see: Pestilence), it's not an offense that needs mod attention, the best thing to do is just ignore it.

No. 1333 ID: 39229f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Hey, how about giving Romanov some [st]Fabulous Secret Powers[/st] er, some sort of janitor powers in /pbe/ so that he can sticky/unsticky threads and move stuff around?
>> No. 1334 ID: 39229f
Done goofed that strikethrough

Which is why I wanted it in the sticky in the Zone.

>> No. 1341 ID: 35e0f8
Romanov has previously stated he doesn't need them and will contact a staff member if he needs stickying or whatnot.
>> No. 1344 ID: 35e0f8
>Done goofed that strikethrough
>Which is why I wanted it in the sticky in the Zone.

Good suggestion, will implement.

File 135381415651.jpg - (103.03KB , 467x700 , 132932607054.jpg )
1325 No. 1325 ID: 8c1454 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Now about /OT/ - OperatorTube?

A board not to link videos, but actually upload them for viewing in .mpeg, .avi, .mp4, and .flv formats.

Make it a single page board, 10 topics, that doesn't archive content to keep the bandwidth usage under control. It'd be like our own personal Mogulus board for posting up movies and derping around without having fucking Youtube in the middle or a hosting service gettin all up in our collective grill over copyright bullshit.

The template is already there - just take what you did with /z/, use movie file formats, and give it big maximum filesizes. Each thread is for movie watchers to discuss the topic, and maybe have the board auto-purge every few days like /test/.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1331 ID: e326ef
File 135385588521.gif - (214.61KB , 500x375 , 133672598610.gif )
>A board not to link videos, but actually upload them for viewing in .mpeg, .avi, .mp4, and .flv formats.

First off, why?
Secondly, why?
Thirdly, why?

>The template is already there - just take what you did with /z/, use movie file formats, and give it big maximum filesizes.

You do realize that simple file hosting is extremely different from streaming, right? And that our file size restrictions are there not just to be assholes, right?
"Give it big maximum filesizes"? OK. As soon as you fund us with a server with 4 300Gb SAS disks in RAID10 (or better).
>> No. 1332 ID: b6144f

Seconding pointlessness and impracticality.

This would not add value to the site, there are so many streaming video solutions on the internet it's absurd.
>> No. 1336 ID: 8c1454
A: Twas a suggestion mah nigga. I didn't say RAWR do it or the puppy gets it!

B: I don't know the server stats or what sort of bandwidth premium we're under here, so I listed a couple ideas to mitigate huge bandwidth use.

C: I thought it would add value since we'd have a source for watching movie rips that was fully under Opchan's control, and not going through a third party service. Every time we've had a mogulus channel the shit gets DMCA'd, and youtube pulls down the good stuff half the time.

And I certainly DO know what rivering videos is. Its like saving them a little bit at a time instead of all at once, DUH! I wwebsite as on the internet for a long time. I got this shit!

[img]c:/my documents/my awesome pics/occupy/lulz/funnyreactionimage.bmp[/img]

Sage because rejected idea. They can't all be gold, dangit.
>> No. 1337 ID: b6144f

no worries dude suggestions are always appreciated, this one is just outside our scope at the moment.
>> No. 1338 ID: adff93
Dumb suggestion.

>C: I thought it would add value since we'd have a source for watching movie rips that was fully under Opchan's control, and not going through a third party service. Every time we've had a mogulus channel the shit gets DMCA'd, and youtube pulls down the good stuff half the time.

Take >>/m/7708 This and put it here: http://synchtube.com/


File 135296436396.jpg - (158.30KB , 480x589 , splashing__by_cheshirecaterling-d55s0uq.jpg )
1307 No. 1307 ID: 7e61e5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So...stupid question, I made a thread in trade and forgot to put the price of the first item, so I deleted the second post so I could remake it and post the price, but I double clicked delete and it said post deleted twice and now I can't find my thread anymore on the board. Is the thread gone or what? I don't want to look like a tard and doublepost a thread.
pic unrelated
>> No. 1310 ID: b6144f
search site:operatorchan.org and some words or phrase you know was in the thread, if it's floating around it will show up.
>> No. 1312 ID: 7e61e5
I found the thread when I tried to make a new one and the duplicate file thing redirected me, but if I look for it by going into /trade/I can't find it. I'm confused now
>> No. 1313 ID: 3a9c19
Just make a new thread and ignore that one

If you want you can click the report button to have the mods delete it, when the same image redirects you there

File 135297050097.jpg - (32.68KB , 500x500 , 1_72crestcrc98e2nineballver.jpg )
1309 No. 1309 ID: 15012a hide watch quickreply [Reply]

There should be a form fillable version of this altered to OPERATORchan's specific culture as an option on the report button.
>> No. 1329 ID: ffba8d
People can already get on IRC and just bitch to mods/admins about what happened.

No reason to complicate shit.

If something happens and you get on IRC, chances are they already know about it.

File 135118879348.jpg - (62.11KB , 640x360 , vermin supreme.jpg )
1242 No. 1242 ID: 15012a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
You know, a place to discuss philosophical, political, and religious ideology, like /pol/, only populated by operators and with 100% less screaming of JIDF if someone disagrees with another poster, hopefully. So why not?
Marked for deletion (old)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1285 ID: f34fb1
I doubt it. I support it since /n/ has tons of non-news, political threads like /t/ has. It'd keep all the political shit in one nice place.
>> No. 1297 ID: 15012a
I feel it would be well suited to OPERATORchan's purpose on the simple basis that we have a large number of philosophically, politically, and religiously minded people here. Although our stated purpose is weapons, one cannot deny the strong ideological undercurrent of our population.
>> No. 1298 ID: f34fb1
The best thing is that'd it keep it all in one board, instead of infesting /n/ & /t/
>> No. 1304 ID: fd389b
Meh, but if it did happen it should be forced anon to relieve butthurt.
>> No. 1308 ID: 15012a
While I think it would be best if opinions could be evaluated entirely on their own merits, I feel it would result in something similar to /n/. People would make assumptions about who was posting what and before you know it, we'd see Clio being used as an insult again.

File 135260905714.jpg - (116.63KB , 400x300 , c8f587309cf7bd27c204f152bc7de157.jpg )
1299 No. 1299 ID: 47fb34 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The mods can just shitpost with ad homenims and lock any thread that gives them butt hurt?


Keep up the good work guys
Marked for deletion (old)
>> No. 1300 ID: c574bd
Feel free to fill out a butthurt report, which we will review at a later date.
>> No. 1301 ID: 63d5a1
File 135262711484.jpg - (222.76KB , 576x720 , butthurt_report_form.jpg )
I took a look into this. It reminded me of the same shit posted after the Ron Paul 2008 campaign when people were accusing him of profiteering off of the election. Thus, it garnered my interest. I was actually curious as to if running an election and losing as a minor/alternative candidate would allow for a net gain... obviously not for unscrupulous activities.


I then took a look at the comments in the original reddit thread. The post was confirmed trolling material and more misleading than a woman saying she's on birth control.

Here's just a sample of how much shit this guy is full of:
>More evidence that Gary Johnson was a scam: $1 million raised for TV ads, only $13k actually spent.
>$1 million raised for TV ads, only $13k actually spent.
>Now that the election is over, can we all agree that Gary Johnson is a scam? After raising $1 million on his website for the specific purpose of TV ads and after raising $2.3 million total, he ended up spending only $13,600 on ads, or 0.6% of his entire campaign budget, while somehow racking up $227,202 in debts.
>he ended up spending only $13,600 on ads, or 0.6% of his entire campaign budget
And now look at this...

>[–]AmKonSkunk 2 points 5 hours ago
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1302 ID: 8f37d4
OP is a faggot
>> No. 1305 ID: 63d5a1
It has been over 24 hours... and no butthurt report form. This saddens me. Whatever. Thread locked.

Oh, and remember this for next new character:
Get the short bow, buy a good amount of arrows, shoot at the drake's tail, get Drake Sword, rape everything's face.

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