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File 142247564786.jpg - (681.49KB , 960x1280 , 1421892634297.jpg )
2348 No. 2348 ID: 9e2974 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Would you consider allowing Grannies in Hoboken again in /n/? If it gets out of hand could you just make a sticky for it. I understand if you are against the idea.
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>> No. 2359 ID: 097fc9
To be honest when even I see threads in /n/ I see it as a pre-sorted news source I go read stuff that might interests me. But some people turn it into comment section on YouTube video.
>> No. 2360 ID: a6b004
It's devolved from actual shilling to accusations of being a shill.

Because God forbid anyone actually supports Russia for reasons other than being paid for it, must be a shill. That triangle graphic that shows up regularly, talks about tiers of types of arguments?

Yeah, /n/ is the bottom half of that triangle, 80% of the time or more. Especially on Ukraine thread 3: Not My Problem, Comrades edition.
>> No. 2361 ID: d25e17
Might as well lighten up on news. This board doesn't see near the traffic it used to. In my years here, I've rarely seen things get out of hand aside from intentional trolling or attacks.

Grannies in Hoboken usually don't last too long anyways. News has a different meaning to different people. I wouldn't mind a little more diversity so long as it doesn't turn into celebrity gossip and red carpet fashion reports.
>> No. 2384 ID: b8874b
Is it feasible to implement /pol/-style country flags in /n/?

I just want to show off my rare flag.
>> No. 2386 ID: e7f332

Possible yes, feasible prolly not for a while. We have some other things on our development plate first.

File 140401582851.jpg - (34.29KB , 454x486 , 1402814524054.jpg )
2210 No. 2210 ID: ef6ae2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Any chance we can get webm support?
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>> No. 2266 ID: d006d4
No need to thank me. I only changed a couple things to do this.

Really, I should be apologizing because I've been keeping to myself a lot of information. About my work situation and consequently my free time to work on this project.

If you want to know more, then feel free to ask.

Working on it. I passed out when I got home from work today, so not as much has gotten done as I'd like.

But just so you all are more in the loop, I am hammering the player into our test server as I type this (html page regen takes a shitload of time). It works... sort of. Some stuff isn't loading, which means back to scanning the templates again. Upgrades should be more smooth as I get used to this hamfisted shit and generally doing web dev again.

The preview image and click to load works fine. I have to say, this player is pretty neat the more I look at the features. Gawking aside, I think this will suit our needs, except I have yet to test it with mobile. So that still needs to be done.

Also, I'm going to be doing tests so that I don't see fucked up offsets, odd behaviors with referencing (hover links), and stuff.
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>> No. 2285 ID: d006d4
File 141206194319.jpg - (1.20MB , 1636x900 , 1410834984408.jpg )
Okay, shit works. Still need to fix a quick formatting issue, but it works.

Sorry for the delays for such a simple project. This isn't just another case of me being a lazy shit... which is a reasonable assessment. I'm not saying for you guys to stop hassling me. Hold me accountable for when I'm dragging my ass on something.

Personal projects have piling up and I've only started to get to them this past weekend. Sorry. I am working on it and I am getting better at managing my time and keeping people up to date.

Anyways, I'll toss the code on the main site for dimethylzinc once I sign everything in triplicates, wait in a line longer than the DMV gets, request approval from the other admins over the color of the bicycle shed we plan to use, and finally hold a congratulatory party for ourselves with a beef jerky flavored cake and protein shakes to wash it all down... then reject the code and write it from scratch, because NIH.

Bean Sirius:
It's working and I just want the other admins and mods to take a look before I hand it off to the main site.

Here, have a nice image.
>> No. 2317 ID: 030c8f
File 141478545940.png - (9.35KB , 646x191 , cf29c3088b8bc0da01e03ab4070496de.png )
I hail from 8chan, and we have pic related.

Perhaps do something like it to appease both people who want webm with sound and people who don't.
>> No. 2318 ID: 7ebf68
I fugged the preview image setup somehow, but I fixed the floating and underhanging text issue.

I'm tempted to just deploy it and patch it later. :/
>> No. 2336 ID: 6d6cb1
Image sampling works. I just need to put it all together like with the youtube image sampler.

So, do we want to have webms silenced on start or what?

File 138925152797.png - (95.65KB , 469x360 , smugdog.png )
2012 No. 2012 ID: a42194 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How about some backlinks on posts?
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>> No. 2049 ID: b338a2
no, plz no
>> No. 2229 ID: d7495e
File 140728675867.jpg - (233.33KB , 1323x554 , bck.jpg )
I'm not very good with JS, but took a shot at adapting an old Greasemonkey script to do backlinks in here.
>> No. 2230 ID: d7495e
derp, forgot the @include.
>> No. 2231 ID: cd4a7e
You the man!!!! Any way this can get implemented?
>> No. 2234 ID: bde969
File 140772326880.gif - (430.03KB , 600x338 , 2585354-8iub4.gif )
Any particular reason why not?

Yes. I'll be testing this and webm support throughout the week. Sorry I didn't get to testing it today. I was a sloth yesterday and stayed way the fuck up late playing P4A story mode.

File 141083871413.jpg - (55.07KB , 269x380 , 133874388262.jpg )
2243 No. 2243 ID: 5d922e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Feel free to call me a faggot, but if I were God-King of Opchan:

>Roll /pt/, /a/, and /vg/ into a /set/ - Sports and Entertainment board covering sports, fitness, and all forms of games both vidya and RL.

>Merge /st/ and /k/. I like the Strip Club board, but it and /k/ don't really seem like they get enough traffic (for a longass time now) to be two separate boards.

>Remove /pasta/ and relegate that to the Zone.

>Add a /diy/ board for do-it-yourself projects of all natures.

Thank you for reading.

pls respond
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>> No. 2334 ID: 36f650
File 141633630116.gif - (788.55KB , 444x272 , 1415530790771.gif )
>I'm inclined to open it up again (all news goes), including allowing minor personal insults (at the risk of still getting banned depending on the circumstances)
Based dictator please let it come true

I feel that it would help people get their anger out and actually clear the way for decent discussion, and if a thread becomes a shitfest then so be it.
>> No. 2335 ID: 72880a

/k/. And Im aware it isn't controlled by Opchan, but it was Opchanners who were OPs at the time. I had a friend who messaged me what was said later. Its not worth making a stink over, but it tells you who is an asshole and who isn't. I wouldn't have brought it up but to point out that I don't care about being banned from an area. Especially if it helps things, as in the case with /n/.
>> No. 2337 ID: 6d6cb1
>I personally do not know how to do this, but have brought up the same suggestion multiple times in the past.
There's the base one that's located under "Statistics". It just states post totals and post counts over the last segment of time. I can get better self-hosted stuff if you want.

>I'm inclined to open it up again (all news goes), including allowing minor personal insults (at the risk of still getting banned depending on the circumstances).
Does that mean the mods can have a happy little ban party on /n/? plzplzplz?
>> No. 2352 ID: f47c98
Side note: Back when SwissGuy and I wrote the roadmap for the re-launch during/after the Taclink split fiasco, we originally considered just making two boards: /k/ for guns, war, gear, vehicles etc, and /t/ for *all* the rest: talk, porn, suggestions, news, etc.

We eventually scrapped the idea because we eventually figured it'd just end up being a copy of 4chan's /k/ and /b/, and it seemed pointless to duplicate an already successful board, the whole point of OPchan being a somewhat larger space to discuss more detailed stuff on appropriately detailed boards.
>> No. 2371 ID: 81be18
A good way to combat slowness would be to make people feel more involved. Give them a pat on the back to thank them for their hard work. Also make sure everyone clearly understands what we're trying to do with this board and buys into it.

File 142445536086.jpg - (297.75KB , 800x600 , skulls warhammer 40k tau science fiction artwork 1.jpg )
2369 No. 2369 ID: 17e2ba hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For the love of God, would a mod archive the discussion where we talk about AKs and it morphs into a Warhammer pissing contest?

Thanks for consideration.


File 142314957587.jpg - (8.87KB , 318x225 , Adult-Swim-Logo_1-0x225.jpg )
2362 No. 2362 ID: bd62b6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Still waiting for feedback
>> No. 2363 ID: 894961

File 142204574364.gif - (1.29MB , 260x173 , 1b57ab9c7fb6d8509d6b4abfd7e57968_original.gif )
2346 No. 2346 ID: 79236a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Could we have actually usable catalog? Current one is basicly unusable.
>> No. 2347 ID: 1fb1a6
If we're going to have it as an option, it will work.

I can't give you a timeframe right now but it is on the list.
>> No. 2355 ID: 052639
Some kind of search function might be more useable than a catalog

This place moves too damn slow for a catalog to make sense
>> No. 2357 ID: e760f8

If you need to search opchan just google "site:operatorchan.org dicks" and it should work alright.

File 142136590843.jpg - (57.52KB , 360x323 , what%20the%20fuck%20is%20this%20shit%203.jpg )
2343 No. 2343 ID: ca7bc4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can this fucking stop please?

There's a clear procedure for deleting threads so this kind of abuse doesn't happen.
>> No. 2344 ID: cdc549
File 142139471448.jpg - (29.35KB , 478x355 , flying_green_mower.jpg )
Thanks for giving us a glance. I'm guessing you're relatively new, or you've been lurking here occasionally and spend most of your time on 8chan or 4chan /k/. Either way, please rest assured myself and the rest of the staff don't have a personal vendetta with anyone in the userbase, and that goes for the couple of regulars who don't namefag and stick to their unique postIDs too. That you were the one who posted both was indeed a factor in my decision, as we've had previous issues with guys like Broseph spamming junk pieces to the point where he needed to be contained in his own thread. On the other hand, there's been talk of bringing that sort of thing back as well, which might actually work since Broseph hasn't posted here anymore.

Usually I'm willing to overlook people starting new newsthreads by pasting links and article text without a serious attempt at initiating discussion, but on top of that, the two threads you started pertaining to some of Obama's executive orders and the buyback hijinks both came from blog posts rather than primary news sources. The buyback one wouldn't really have passed muster for national relevance, as usually it has to pertain to a recent event that goes beyond local. Not that it really matters, but if I'm not mistaken the buyback blogpost was really just someone on 4chan making those pipe guns and the police ended up refusing to pay for them anyway. Hardly a national trend.

When it comes to deleting threads, it's not on the basis of disagreeing with the subject matter. JonNathe and others who've had threads locked or deleted can attest to that, and there's been many frustrations voiced with how /n/ is run. I'd guess more people have spoken up about it than the rest of opchan. I'd say the procedure for outright deletion only in the case of spam or illegal content isn't really set in stone, either. That said, mod locking and admin relocating certainly would have been an option. Of course, being that it's after the fact you're welcome to go ahead repost your links in /t/ or /dmz/ too.

All of your grievances in this situation serves to highlight the point that they aren't inevitably going to translate to the future of moderation here. The opportunity for change is one of the driving points of the /t/ sticky that you felt the need to crosspost into. I suggest you take a break from here and come back when the new crew is in place and have shaken things up a bit.

But if you're already put off enough to permanently resolve your time to another website, that's also great, and I don't mean that in a derisive way. Quite a few people here split their time between multiple places. It's been emphasized in the past that we don't buy into interboard drama/rivalry.

File 134300371155.png - (69.71KB , 316x140 , Screenshot_3.png )
780 No. 780 ID: 11cfe2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
shouldn't this banner have the boltface instead of the chan leaves?
49 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1974 ID: 604f11
File 138411035027.jpg - (12.29KB , 600x400 , 138406762866.jpg )
>> No. 1975 ID: 604f11
File 13841103593.jpg - (17.80KB , 600x400 , 138406765357.jpg )
>> No. 2127 ID: 527497
There should be a banner on the subject of shooting owls. I can't art, else I would do it.
>> No. 2341 ID: 6d6cb1
File 141862777213.jpg - (181.76KB , 800x485 , UoN2ZgL.jpg )
Please make something out of these.
>> No. 2342 ID: 6d6cb1
File 141862778611.jpg - (77.45KB , 500x354 , Tudals0.jpg )

File 141693427369.jpg - (27.15KB , 350x248 , 74473_after.jpg )
2338 No. 2338 ID: 526837 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Is there a mobile version of the site? Or any app where you can select the *chans?
>> No. 2339 ID: c023cc
I think there used to be an app for it (since OPchan uses Kusaba X), but I don't remember the name. Maybe someone else does?
>> No. 2340 ID: 0bb897

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