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File 141441362714.jpg - (805.42KB , 1868x2672 , 1402897138571.jpg )
2313 No. 2313 ID: cd4a7e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can I be a mod? Just to delete the pronz spamming as I always seem to be on when it happens?
>> No. 2319 ID: 8845cf
Sorry to keep you waiting for a reply.
There'll be some changes to the admin & mod team at the end of the year.

Send me your email so we can contact you when needed.
>> No. 2320 ID: cd4a7e
>> No. 2321 ID: 7d8bca
Dang, am I fired?
>> No. 2322 ID: 299bcf
>Dang, am I fired?

Sooner or later, time will tell.

No. 2247 ID: d5e5a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>request mlp sticky in dmz
>mod deletes it
>try again
>mod deletes it
>dozens of anime threads in dmz

is mlp so fucking taboo that we can't have a single containment thread?
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>> No. 2290 ID: 3cafac
File 141218173395.jpg - (103.73KB , 403x498 , 1386083276259.jpg )

We are not going to make special rules to enable bronies and furfags on a board that is meant as a pressure release valve. Both subjects are absolutely irrelevant to this chan and warrant no special rules.

A ceasefire has been brokered for now with the mods involved. If you make a single thread now, it shouldn't be deleted. But again, no promises.
>> No. 2293 ID: 7188a3
File 141224032189.jpg - (34.94KB , 354x304 , Guns_and_dope.jpg )
I'm actually very surprised you're putting as much effort as you are into this non-issue, so thanks for that. It's true that the demilled board wasn't really meant to be cancer quarantine so much as a place where we didn't need to be so damn civil all the time. In my mind, the people that need it the most would be the staff, especially when dealing with report floods from /n/ or whatever it is yall do. While I would like our threads to simply be locked at the very least instead of deleted, I can see the therapeutic effect of completely wiping out stuff with impunity for no reason but the fact you don't like it. Still, I'd suggest a better course would be for those mods to simply step down from their high-stress-low-dinero responsibilities and let more evenhanded and cooler headed folks deal with it FOR FREE.

But that won't happen for the same reason there are career politicians: power is fun. And hoers threads won't stay up for the same reason ethnic purges occur: we're "those subhumans".
>> No. 2301 ID: 823a67
File 141242715326.png - (26.44KB , 307x156 , bronies, this is your mindset.png )
Don't bitch and moan just because the mods have taste and don't want to see you talk about Barney.
>> No. 2303 ID: 9e61f9
>That said, maybe it's time to change some rules (and the admins). Maybe you should run for office, air conditioner 223 & battle scheme crimson?

Although I am fine with being a janitor/mod of sorts, I don't think I have the time. During the week, I'm away from any internet connection for 14 hours per day, on average. Fucking boonies man.
>> No. 2316 ID: 168528
Sometimes you just feel like destroying something beautiful. Other times you feel like wiping the board clean of furry filth. More seldom you feel like a nut. Other times you don't.

File 141368506392.png - (285.48KB , 1050x1050 , 1412458034348.png )
2308 No. 2308 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Is there anything you could take from 8chan, like the inline quote links?
>> No. 2309 ID: 7188a3
Considering you couldn't be assed to look beyond the first page, perhaps a catalog would be higher priority.
>> No. 2310 ID: f3e2a5
Nope. This is about seeing if anything could be taken from 8chans' code.
>> No. 2311 ID: 68aa6b
considering it's specifically coded for scraping though the 8chan page which runs a different software, I'm gonna lean on no.

If you wanna learn javascript and have a crack at it go ahead. maybe learn some kills. I'd put money on no one here giving a second shit about it.
>> No. 2314 ID: 8e2378
but this is the entire software of 8chan. nothing about page 1
>> No. 2315 ID: 5b9651
I gotta admit, 5 images per post and the inline links are super nice. I haven't set foot in Halfchan in 2 months now. Even without GG, 8ch's functionality is just light years better.

When it's not struggling under constant DDoS and hack attacks, anyway.

File 141329558367.jpg - (136.29KB , 1200x800 , General-Motors-Reacalls.jpg )
2305 No. 2305 ID: db7b1c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
requesting sticky of gamergate thread in /vg/

its got too much info in it to be lost now, it's too big to fail!
>> No. 2306 ID: db7b1c
At least archive it plz?
>> No. 2307 ID: db7b1c

File 141213983970.png - (92.63KB , 1362x734 , BIG.png )
2287 No. 2287 ID: 09e6cc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Maybe my pictures are just too big for OPchan's narrow vagina but I get this a lot, can we increase the maximum image size plox?
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2297 ID: 9ebbb1
File 141235937736.jpg - (292.75KB , 2048x1365 , 2crKrDF.jpg )
>Why are the other admins awol?

Life gets in the way.

>What mods are still active?

Most of them still are. Just not as active as before.

>I'd say its dangerous to have one man running the site, last time that happened we had to create a whole other chan because of the immense faggotry.

You don't have much to fear except a status quo, really. I always held the keys to the fort. Nothing much has changed. SG was PR, Seraph was policy/sanity.
But yes, something needs to be done. The problem is, how would we select our successors fairly? I've yet to find a way to resolve this in a fashion that I'm comfortable with.

>I thought BTDT was coming on as admin?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2298 ID: 09e6cc
>The problem is, how would we select our successors fairly?
Ask for volunteers and have the community vote? There are a couple around I'd trust, and we only need like two.
>> No. 2299 ID: f079b0

And vote how? This board has anonymous people. Or you'd want only tripfriends to vote? If we have open elections, it's trivial to exploit.
>> No. 2300 ID: 894961
Donate to vote.
One good thread gives one vote.
Give out x amount votes that are claimed.
A committee of the best users to decide.
>> No. 2302 ID: 09e6cc
Basically this, plenty of ways to go about it I think. We have enough people that care about the site and if things are in bad shape lets fix it.

I'm sure we can find a couple more admins, just ask for volunteers.

File 141181887833.jpg - (89.91KB , 500x642 , 1264964283032.jpg )
2273 No. 2273 ID: 09e6cc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>Thread about a cop shooting a guy who he thought was going for a gun
>New thread but getting a decent amount of replies
>people are interested in it
>discussion is beginning to flow and multiple people have already replied to it, not the same old /n/ crowd you usually see

Welp, looks like its time to delete it!

The fuck, did you mods do this?
>> No. 2280 ID: 7781d0
File 141200933193.jpg - (37.29KB , 443x510 , assholesincharge.jpg )
Mods tend to act on complaints, especially in /n/ which is a cesspool. The thread had been reported 3 separate times last I checked, potentially more by the time a mod actually took action.

Since it's not (inter)nationally relevant, he's within his rights to do so.

I'm inclined to allow all news as long as it doesn't devolve into stormfaggotry and namecalling. However, the previously established consensus were the rules posted on /n/'s sticky. Until a change of rules is instituted, that's what mods will use.
>> No. 2284 ID: 09e6cc
Well the discussion was going just fine, we were discussing, no one was shit-posting, no one was name calling, and then boom its deleted like 15 replies in.

Its time for a rule change and I think most people here would agree, add an acception so that if a topic is firearms/weapons/shootings related it should be allowed on /n/ cause I'm pretty sure thats what most of us are interested in, seeing as we are a bunch of gun owners after all.

As I have always said, if no one wants to talk about it then it will be bumped off the front page within a day or two, if people are posting in it then why stop them? It isn't affecting the other threads and its obviously something we want to talk about.
>> No. 2296 ID: 09e6cc
I understand why you locked my most recent thread, I'd abandoned it long ago because it had turned to a discussion I wasn't interested in but I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you locked it.

This isn't a HURR DURR QUIT LOCKIN MUH THREADS post, more of just asking for insight as to what criteria the thread met to be locked, it looked as though people were having a decently civil discussion, albeit way off topic.

I guess I just don't understand what we are aiming to cultivate here, are we trying to keep threads on-track? Cause OPchan is ADD like a motherfucker and thats a battle you'll never win. The tyrannical single devoted admin has asked me to be nicer so lets have a nice discussion about discussions and what we actually want here.

And if I seem like a dick I'm just being my internet self, its all for fun, don't be upset.

File 141053383549.jpg - (9.28KB , 640x480 , Loctite_545_Thread_Sealant_0.jpg )
2240 No. 2240 ID: ef5ed7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Its a little obnoxious that a lot of good conversation is shut down prematurely. Let threads die naturally, rather than pruning branches needlessly.
>> No. 2242 ID: 97ccd6
Care to elaborate & provide an example?

File 140890983433.jpg - (482.55KB , 1162x850 , jew-gold.jpg )
2236 No. 2236 ID: ef8531 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Our own /biz/ board, where operators can collaborate or promote each others businesses.

We live in an age where business success is heavily based on who you know(it's always been that way, but now more than ever) So why don't we use the community to build on that?
>> No. 2237 ID: 9ebbb1
/clw/ & /pbe/ are based on that, and any sponsor can get his own board (nugget ent chose not to).
Tips for gear for in /g/, for maintenance stuff goes in /st/, for weapons goes in /k/.
Personal sales or trades go in /trade/.

A true /biz/ board is kinda iffy because selfpromotion is a total bitch on anonymous boards.
>> No. 2238 ID: cd4a7e
If anything it could start in /trade/ and then branch off.
>> No. 2239 ID: 451480
File 140953785259.jpg - (118.75KB , 720x537 , gB2oee5.jpg )
so you want a /net/working board?

I'd say start a thread in /t/ and see where that goes. I don't think the site gets enough traffic anymore to justify all the boards we have right now.

File 140657898155.jpg - (99.38KB , 1153x864 , 1406431264312.jpg )
2219 No. 2219 ID: f7248b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>going to /n/
>two threads regarding development of the situation are in bump limit
>starting a new thread, posting some news
>ridf go home
>massive conspiracy
>thread deleted
>reason: "obvious shilling"

Opchan, I am very much disappoint.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2221 ID: 497b97
I would understand if it was some kind of thread lock, due to massive amount of Rule 2 violation and non sequitur posts. It would perfectly fit into the idea of preventing the flame wars and all these high standards of posting blah-blah-blah .... r-r-right?

But no, if /n/ can't contain it's rage, whatever happens, it's not its fault. I'ts OP's fault. Let's blame him, let's ban him, let's delete his posts, let's forget he exists.

I'm asking politely - explain yourself.
>> No. 2222 ID: c032bd

Did you read rule 1 of /n/?

>1. Thread titles must be nonbiased and a succinct representation of what is in the article. Threads with titles that don't meet this criteria will be deleted. A link to the article is required where possible.

It's pretty black and white, you prefaced the article with ATTENTION! ACTION REQUIRED! UKRAINIAN TROOPS TRY TO DESTROY EVIDENCE AT CRASH SITE, and that would be fine if any article you posted had any inkling of that at all. As the rule says, titles must be non-biased and a succinct representation of what is in the article. The penalty, also played out in the rule, is the post will be deleted. You're allowed to argue as you will in threads, but do not start threads with already biased verbage or titleage, its against the rules, prevents actual discussion of the article or events posted, and makes our job harder.

Had you just posted those articles and then held the discussion in the thread, you would have been fine, but posting them with your own particular bias in bold letters before the article is a clear violation of rule one. Your ban stands.
>> No. 2223 ID: 497b97
The words weren't exactly the same you've posted, but you're pretty close, so I'll post the article instead.


>Troops Move on Crash Site in Ukraine, Foiling Deal

>The heavy fighting threatened to torpedo hopes of a breakthrough and cause yet more delays in collecting evidence and retrieving the remaining bodies from the crash. Ukrainian security officials said they needed control over the site to prevent the pro-Russia separatists from destroying clues to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

>Did you read rule 1 of /n/?

So, did anybody read the article before complaining the violation of rules, shilling, etc? What are the limits of "biasing", if not your first-glance impression? Well, I admit, that is clearly a rhetorical question, after all.
>> No. 2224 ID: c032bd
So you posted the exact opposite of what the article stated, your ban stands. I don't know what case you are making here, but whatever case it is, you broke rule one, I gave you a very light ban and deleted the post as per the rules.

If you have a problem with the rules, post elsewhere.
>> No. 2225 ID: 497b97
>If you have a problem with the rules, post elsewhere.
I already had enough of this discussion and I understand the reasons - after all, it is not my problem. Old threads sank to the bottom of second page, I took the initiative, I've got banned for that. But in the end, I have to tell you something.

>Ukrainian security officials said they needed control over the site to prevent the pro-Russia separatists from destroying clues to the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
As you can see, the article doesn't state the opposite opinion, it merely relies on what other people said. If, while reading this section, your eye didn't twitch for a second, I have pretty bad news for you.

1. If separatists would destroy the clues, they've had two weeks to do so, in absolutely exposed conditions - therefore no protection is possible.

2. If separatists would not destroy the clues, then no protection is needed. They've reached the agreement with Malaysian experts and Poroshenko promised the ceasefire.

3. The article states that Ukrainian military ignored all agreements and ceasefires altogether and proceeded with advance, which can only be interpreted as an attempt to take control over the clues and evidence. On top of that they've specifically pointed that they don't want separatists to destroy it.

So if that kind of assumptions is something of "biased title" that does not worth discussion, than I wonder if I have to appeal to State Department to post topic staring news here.

File 140247193948.png - (383.17KB , 1600x900 , Untitled.png )
2199 No. 2199 ID: a5dca8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can we stop having /t/ as shitty /n/ please? The top 5 or so threads are articles.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2206 ID: ffd9a5
File 140303420542.jpg - (49.10KB , 322x251 , a magical place.jpg )
I agree with this. Actually I kind of think all the rules in /n/ ended up being pretty terrible. I refuse to ban people for "personal attacks." I understand their original point was to try and make /n/ less of a shithole but I don't really think there has been any actual effect other than making people shit up /t/ too. And people need to suck it up and not get offended at internet banter. This is operatorchan, not a place where the internet is srs bzns.
>> No. 2207 ID: 09e6cc
File 140335542915.jpg - (100.93KB , 900x671 , YVQxtLI.jpg )
Thats my opinion exactly, we have gone from saying "you are a fucking retard on this subject" to writing pages of passive aggressive insults with just a toenail over the line so as not to be banned but to still show you are insulting someone. Its kind of pointless really.

/n/ has changed but I honestly don't think its for the better, it was an admirable attempt to unshit it but maybe /n/ being shitty is sort of alright? Would we rather be no fun aloud and have a few people posting a lot of no rules and having a lot of people posting a little and the loss of good threads from faggots derailing them in an argument?

Idk, I remember how shitty it was, all the fighting and derailment and that stuff sucked and I'd hate to see it come back. Maybe we can have a middle ground on /n/, relax just a little bit on the personal attacks thing and allow more content to be posted, maybe a new Florida thread because that shit was hilarious, the thread stayed on the front page without a sticky for weeks because people wanted to post in it.

If a janitor is needed for /n/ I volunteer.
>> No. 2208 ID: 09e6cc
The risk of that is /dmz/ is becoming less of an anything goes board and more of a post everything here board. /dmz/ is getting a lot of stuff that needs to be channeled back into the other boards, or else it just sort of defeats the purpose of those boards existing.
>> No. 2209 ID: f3e2a5
I see nothing wrong with 'not newsworthy' being added to the quarantine list that's /dmz/ - porn, anime, MLP etc.

>I refuse to ban people for "personal attacks."
You honestly think that rule (you refuse to enforce as a mod) is because people are thin-skinned? No. It's because shitflinging encourages threads to degenerate even faster.
>> No. 2214 ID: ef6ae2
File 140446615551.gif - (1.96MB , 400x225 , 4OQG3At.gif )
>This is operatorchan,
>not a place where the internet is srs bzns.

Kiwi pls

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