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File 137896379345.jpg - (1.76MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
1906 No. 1906 ID: de2a13 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
With the upswing of frequency of appearance, would a help and social board be a good idea?
>> No. 1907 ID: f3095e
We actually talked about this earlier on staff... We're considering changes but have a bit more talking to do in the interim
>> No. 1908 ID: 73a434
We have been talking over many different options, from simply banning help threads unless approved by admins first, to simply creating a (hidden?) personal/help board to dump all help, fecesbook & personal blog bullshit posts.

All options are still open at the moment, so if you have a particular idea in mind, please share & we'll take it under advisement.
>> No. 1909 ID: ef6ae2
File 13790349449.gif - (1.43MB , 325x244 , SXmIqf0.gif )
/t/ has way too much Facebook tier garbage and "help me I'm an idiot with money" threads. They either need to be banned, forced to /dmz/ or put on a new board.
>> No. 1923 ID: 3a9c19
Why? It's not like /t/ moves so fast the advice threads disappear of the first page

That was always /t/
>> No. 1927 ID: 8ffb83
Alternately, just rename /t/ - Talk to /t/ - Mendication

File 137541211532.png - (260.43KB , 384x342 , XBa0QLa.png )
1864 No. 1864 ID: e76043 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is it possible to make the thread titles still show up on hidden threads?

I hide pretty much every thread I'm not interested in and it's kind of annoying going back and unhiding and then rehiding threads if there's one I mistakenly hid or whatever.
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>> No. 1877 ID: 73a434
Well, hiding a thread pretty much signifies you don't want to be remembered of it's existence. Yet you wanting to see the title means you do want to be reminded.

I'm sure that if we would implement this feature, we'd immediately get whines from people that do not want to see the titles, because they don't want to be reminded of bronies in /dmz/ etc?
>> No. 1914 ID: 604f11
What if we were to add the threads title to the mouse over /alt text of the unhide icon?
>> No. 1917 ID: ef6ae2
Is it just me or is thread hiding not working properly? There's been multiple threads that I've hidden on /v/, /n/, and all of /t/ and they seem to be unhiding themselves at random.
>> No. 1920 ID: 894961
You have to allow session cookies.
>> No. 1922 ID: ef6ae2
It worked fine up til about a week ago and then it quit working. I didn't change any settings on my browser (Chrome/Win 7)

File 137875063839.gif - (362.81KB , 208x160 , Moreselfpwnagepls.gif )
1901 No. 1901 ID: 11322a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>locking a funny thread on an already too slow board
and you wonder why so many of the old posters don't bother to use opchan anymore
>> No. 1902 ID: c3b8cf
/n/ is one of the faster boards here
>> No. 1904 ID: 106bae
File 13788366821.jpg - (386.40KB , 1230x960 , 135056605515.jpg )
Some people whine about us not strictly enforcing the rules, others whine cuz no fun allowed.

Always the same damn story.

File 137545754878.jpg - (189.34KB , 960x895 , 1375438243481.jpg )
1865 No. 1865 ID: 5b9651 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
or has Opchan become REAAAAAAAALY shitty in the last three weeks or so?

Topic and post quality feel like they've both taken a nosedive and nothing interesting has happened in a while. /k/, /vg/, /n/, and /t/ all seem slow or same/same post rehashes. Is it summer stagnation, or am I just seeing something that isn't there?
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>> No. 1884 ID: c17aca
File 137606333915.jpg - (81.69KB , 568x824 , 1306436989919.jpg )
>I've seen plenty of bans for ban evasion on /n/ and /t/ that were left up with a ban message on them.

When contained to the original thread? It's about 50/50, I'd guess.
When starting new threads to shitpost? About a 99% chance of getting deleted, I'd say.
>> No. 1889 ID: d444df
It really would help if the mods would ACTUALLY CHECK THE REPORT LIST once in a while.

>> No. 1890 ID: 6efaef

Just because something is reported, doesn't mean anything is going to happen with it.
>> No. 1891 ID: 49cc83
mods only enforce rules when they feel like it.
>> No. 1893 ID: bdfad1
File 137655437354.jpg - (53.67KB , 628x418 , 136894124070.jpg )
>mods only enforce rules when they feel like it.

If you've got a problem with a mod's decision to clear a report, talk to an admin to evaluate if it was the right decision or not.
Doing so, might actually achieve results, unlike moaning about how unjust the system is.

File 137636047478.jpg - (59.20KB , 1038x393 , What the fuck.jpg )
1885 No. 1885 ID: dadf33 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What the fuck is this shit?
>> No. 1886 ID: d444df
File 137636279418.png - (552.69KB , 1900x436 , ror.png )

How's the virus scan going?
>> No. 1888 ID: dadf33
Fine now. Little bastard "webcake" hung on till the bitter end.

File 13757687868.jpg - (31.70KB , 259x194 , 1375764020504.jpg )
1876 No. 1876 ID: 58f4ea hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Food and cooking board
>> No. 1878 ID: 73a434
Food goes in /s/.

This has been discussed fairly extensively before. The boards are slow enough as is without splitting them up further. We don't need a board sprawl.

File 137096840916.jpg - (39.01KB , 476x441 , 382095_10151263555026940_179402816_n.jpg )
1777 No. 1777 ID: b0e76b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What is the deal with the unchecked summer faggotry being allowed to run rampant? We have random OPERATORS (some straight up saying they are visiting or here because they were banned from /k/inder)proceeding to make troll posts and shit posts all over the place, and then these posts are allowed to remain with no comment, no ban, no anything despite being reported.

I am just curious as to why nothing (at least not visibly) is being done to address this.

I do appreciate the hard work of the admins mods, but I feel that this is a growing issue.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1782 ID: c3b8cf
>unchecked summer faggotry
>> No. 1783 ID: d444df
I don't really mind the "I'm here from 4chan" as long as they're not total faglords. Zed comes to mind.

Most of the user base here came from there (Hell it's the whole reason this place exists) and from what I've seen, the "I'm here from 4chan" threads have gone like this

>Just banned from 4chan figured I'd check this out
>Cool welcome to opchan
>Enjoy your stay
>et cetera

I dunno, maybe I'm reading the OP wrong need to go to bed.
>> No. 1796 ID: 816315
Here's the thing about shitposting. A lot of people who first come here aren't trolling, they're just not used to the quality of thread required for Opchan. I remember when I was first an OPERATOR here, an immigrant from 4chan's /k/, I went to the weapons board and made my first thread on Opchan. It was a picture of an AR-10. The post read in its entirety, "AR-10 here. AR-15 is for faggots!" I was promptly banned for shitposting. At first, I thought maybe all the mods were AR-15 fanboys, but with plenty of lurking, I came to realize that what qualified as a thread in 4chan's /k/ doesn't cut it here. If I had posted a thread extolling the virtues of the AR-10 as superior to AR-15 pattern rifles in certain roles, it would've prompted productive discussion instead of a ban.
My point is, shitposting works itself out. New users become acclimated to the OPchan community. Those that don't like it eventually GTFO and make a thread bitching about it on 4chan. Boards survive on new users. If we become closed off, we doom ourselves to a gradual, inevitable death.
>> No. 1861 ID: 1dcf23
why are you bitching about /k/?
/k/ has much, much better weapons discussion than this site ever does.
opchan/k/ is a fucking ghost town.
the only slightly active boards on this site are /n/ and /Da aniMe & ponies Zone/.

the opchan that you miss died when the current faggots took over from serv
>> No. 1862 ID: c574bd

Even if we're doing, in your estimation, a poor job. The fact is that the site still exists, and without us taking over, the site would not exist. We took it over because Serv was trying to sell it off or shut it down. It was riddled with posting errors to the degree that it took 4-5 tries at a post before it would go through, was plagued with downtime, and hemorrhaging money. We don't even have to go into the community schism, the flight of users, the ineffective adminning and moderation, etc. etc.

Whereas we, by my estimation, have succeeded in fixing all the technical flaws of the old OPchan, run a well managed and transparent fiscal setup, have largely closed the community schism, and manage to grow the site.

I have said this time and time again, I would love for our /k/ to be having higher post-rates in comparison to our /n/, but we don't run the website to have a shiny personal masturbatorium where we dictate things like STOP POSTING WHERE I DON'T WANT YOU TO POST.

If you would like more /k/ content, post some, spark some discussion, hell, make it a goal to post one thread a day in /k/!

File 137407614633.jpg - (30.64KB , 485x363 , Rhodesia1.jpg )
1811 No. 1811 ID: c6755d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, could we maybe crack down on the use of the word nigger outside of /dmz/?

With all of this Zimmerman stuff going on people seem to be using the word extraneously.

It's just that this isn't /pol/ or any other internet butthole and it's constant use in /t/ and /n/ lately have been kind of extreme. Probably also is stemming a bit from any summer crowd we might have around right now.

inb4 get out of here with your butthurt, NIGGER
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1831 ID: 73a434
Nigger has been word filtered multiple times before, to annoying results.
Word filtering isn't really a solution to any problem. Report the posts that are personal attacks. But try not to be overly sensitive to the word.
>> No. 1835 ID: d444df
It's not a solution, but it sure can make things funny.

Basketball-Americans, bruv.
>> No. 1836 ID: d444df
Or "Obama-voter"

That would work.
>> No. 1837 ID: c574bd
Talked it over with another Admin, we concur that the best course of action is a case by case basis of the content of the post. Free speech must be balanced with community health (hence we tend to not like total utter stormfaggotry), but we generally err on the side of free speech.

Wordfilters tend to piss people off, because lets be frank, wordfiltering "nigger" to "obama voter" or "basketball american" is about as offensive as just saying nigger.

So, the Admin position is we encourage you to report content, but we will not make a firm directive or add a wordfilter because we believe the word being good or bad is dependent in the context in which it is used.
>> No. 1838 ID: 68f978
I propose the filter to replace the word nigger with "no good piece of shit". Since that is what most people on this site use that word to mean.

File 136885246321.jpg - (25.46KB , 700x335 , 72414_10151466369784861_1129344793_n.jpg )
1766 No. 1766 ID: 2e023e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone else having issues with images being turned on their sides when clicked to expand?

For example, >>>/t/52657 is flipped upside down when in full size.
>> No. 1768 ID: c574bd
I've noticed this happen on 4chan too, was told it had something to do with uploading images from an iphone, but I don't know the specifics.

I haven't seen it happen on here though, but if anyone else has seen it, let us know.
>> No. 1771 ID: 71901d
Pictures are storing orientation data in multiple ways. Not everything is handled the same way, by different operating systems, different browsers, pictures taken by different cameras, etc.
>> No. 1833 ID: 3a9c19
It's an issue with iphone 4

File 137446607257.jpg - (1.72MB , 4096x2731 , 137071187921.jpg )
1827 No. 1827 ID: f4ecd9 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
you've let the stormfags of 4chon.net and /pol/ take over this site.
operatorchan is no long about weapons.
you were warned his was going on, people complained, but you all did nothing.
before the postcounts were reset /k/ was - by far - the most popular board her
, it has twice as many posts as the next most popular board, which was /t/ and about 4x as much as /n/.
look at where the site is at now.
/n/ is the site's flagship board and pretty much nobody gives a shit about gunz anymore, unless they have some political angle

go suck a cock
>> No. 1828 ID: c574bd
Thank you for your feedback, if you dislike this website, we invite you to go to a site that meets your needs better than we do here.

Also old /n/ and /DMZ/ had roughly the same ratio of posts that we currently have in relation to /k/, I appreciate your opinion, but your facts are wrong.
>> No. 1829 ID: c574bd
Also, locked.

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