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File 137410713458.png - (80.00KB , 1600x752 , irc channels.png )
1814 No. 1814 ID: 824045 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Silly, quibbling, little thing. Still, I think both #/k/ and #operatorchan should be listed in both locations. Seems like some guys have gone to #operatorchan, only to find it dead, without knowing that #/k/ has more OPchan people and occasional relevant discussion.

Also just noticed that #/k/ is the only channel mentioned in the Mini-FAQ directly above this.
>> No. 1815 ID: c574bd
Noted, we'll update.

Also, we made #operatorchan after a large hue and cry that people wanted it... and then literally no-one uses it. There is usually staff and a few people logged in, but all the talk goes in #/k/.

So, if you're looking for staff, go to #operatorchan and ping a staff member, if they do not answer, check #/k/ and ping a staff member, if they do no answer, send an e-mail or post it on here.
>> No. 1816 ID: 6efaef
there are actually a few people who chat in #operatorchan and NOT #/k/, I think it will slowly develop a life of its own.
>> No. 1817 ID: e76043
File 137411014076.jpg - (315.53KB , 530x533 , 1347639293350.jpg )
Have you guys tried inviting a few of the quality people from #/k/? All 5 of them

As long as the handful of retards that completely shit that channel up 24/7 aren't in it then there shouldn't be any problems.
>> No. 1818 ID: 824045
Like I said, I worry that those people simply don't know that #/k/ exists.

File 137303586837.jpg - (63.97KB , 594x403 , image.jpg )
1797 No. 1797 ID: 604fc1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
4chan has recently introduced the catalog function in order to make finding threads much easier. I think that this would make a valid addition to opchan. Especially for slow boards such as /v/. What do you guys think?
>> No. 1798 ID: 2e672b
File 137304220172.jpg - (566.31KB , 1202x1600 , k122832_2056772292_9bca44c439_o.jpg )
Catalog was enabled for months when we moved to Kusaba X. No one ever used it, so we disabled it again to save resources.
>> No. 1799 ID: 894961
"search term" host:operatorchan.org/{board letter}

That's what I do.
>> No. 1805 ID: d444df
I kinda like it, though
>> No. 1813 ID: 824045
I used it too. Heck of a lot faster than clicking through fifteen pages, which I've done more than once.

File 137306981864.jpg - (636.63KB , 1935x2591 , Y5LoJLN.jpg )
1800 No. 1800 ID: e76043 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
4chan automatically
>quotes text
if you have it highlighted and click on the post number to reply to it. Is it possible to do that on opchan?
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1803 ID: 2e672b
4chan does it automatically now, yes. They've been doing it since the upgrade a few months back.
>> No. 1804 ID: 29a738
File 137312877141.jpg - (209.62KB , 625x466 , 3DF1M.jpg )
Ah, so I tried using another person's browser and it worked. I even tried starting FF without addons enabled and it didn't work. Fucking weird.

Anyways, I get what you mean. And to answer your question: Yes. It seems possible.

It's a matter of doing a little JS magic. If I understand correctly, the principle way this works is by using getSelection. Shouldn't be too hard, but don't count on it. I tend to be rather lazy, TBH. However, the opportunity to learn and play with JS should give you a modicum of hope. ;)
>> No. 1806 ID: c3b8cf
A nifty feature on another chan I browse (can't mention cause of Rule 6 van) has image pop-up on mouseover. Also works for spoilered images (which we obviously don't have here), but it's nice nonetheless.
>> No. 1807 ID: 2e672b
>A nifty feature on another chan I browse (can't mention cause of Rule 6 van) has image pop-up on mouseover. Also works for spoilered images (which we obviously don't have here), but it's nice nonetheless.

Click the "new" file name, and it expands.

Personally, pop-up on mouse over would drive me insane.
>> No. 1808 ID: c3b8cf

>Click the "new" file name, and it expands.
I am aware of this.
Just a personal preference. On the other chan, it's an optional setting.

File 13725568324.jpg - (58.13KB , 385x663 , 1333077602966.jpg )
1792 No. 1792 ID: 59f028 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can we please remove these from /t/? Gun politics/news threads pop up so much they may as well warrant their own mega sticky or board. It's been months since the election but the threads still keep popping up. Facebook "rage" and other facebook threads should really be courted to /dmz/. Same goes with the un-news worthy threads in /t/, which may as well go in /dmz/ too.
>> No. 1793 ID: c574bd
Everything can theoretically go in /dmz/, and while I would like to see facebook threads migrate there, FB threads do not break the rules and thus my preference is a suggestion and not a rule.

Gun control and politics threads that are not news do in fact belong in /t/ and not on /n/.

And as always, if you are not happy with the content on any given board, the best thing you can do is put some effort in to create the content you want to see! Start some threads about topics you want to discuss.

We'll discuss /t/ on staff to see what the rest of them think about the current situation, thanks for letting us know what you see going on.
>> No. 1795 ID: 59f028
Alright. It's just that right now, there's...around 5 gun control/politics threads on the first two pages.

File 137246041731.jpg - (52.27KB , 408x900 , babbypj.jpg )
1789 No. 1789 ID: 894961 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Speelchec stoped workig on Opchin. Witout it I cn't spel riht.
srs now

Firefox spellcheck works in the text fields of other websites. When I come to Opchan however spellcheck does not work. Is anyone else having this problem?
>> No. 1790 ID: d3d56c
File 13724628618.png - (8.19KB , 634x228 , uguu.png )
It's probably on your side.

We haven't changed any message field code.
>> No. 1794 ID: 894961
Spell check is working for me now. Don't know why. The only change I made is installing the Certificate Patrol extension.

File 137136899492.jpg - (22.70KB , 960x960 , 485597_467935759958576_744354806_n.jpg )
1784 No. 1784 ID: b0e76b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Who is the Russian chick in the "Operating with love, since 1942." pic she doesn't look like Roza, who is it?
>> No. 1785 ID: 29caff
Post which pic you're talking about.

If it's the pic of the women hugging her moist nugget, it's a fake. She's a re-enactor.
>> No. 1786 ID: 6ece7a
File 137160249880.png - (122.64KB , 530x175 , operatingsince42.png )
I'm thinking he means this one.
>> No. 1787 ID: be8dd3
Then yes, it's not a historic pic.
>> No. 1788 ID: b0e76b
Thank you gentlemen

File 13338448646.jpg - (76.55KB , 958x512 , Aurora borealis over Vee Lake near Yellowknife, Ca.jpg )
533 No. 533 ID: 2b9b73 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looks like the file names of the uploaded images are back to a random number. Last time I suggested you should keep the uploaded file name you guys did it, might as well try again.

So if I for example upload "gun.jpg" and someone else downloads it it should download to "gun.jpg" and not "8765298761.jpg". Alternativly you could have it download to "8765298761_gun.jpg", I think that was how you made it work before (to avoid duplicate file name issues).
>> No. 535 ID: 9d8008
Been discussed before.

My conclusion was that "truncated original filename" + _ + "board abbreviation" + "unix time stamp" would be best, but to allow this, you need to filter out a whole lot of dangerous crap... Allowing the original name to remain opens you up to some abuses & hacking attempts if done improperly.

We'll look into it, but it won't be tomorrow.
>> No. 538 ID: bab7a0
File 133391532652.gif - (97.05KB , 700x663 , cuckoo_23473_lg.gif )
There's really no good way to do this, which is why it isn't done. Kusaba's default DB schema is as follows:

| file | varchar(50) | NO | | NULL | |
| file_md5 | char(32) | NO | MUL | NULL | |
| file_type | varchar(20) | NO | | NULL | |
| file_original | varchar(255) | NO | | NULL | |

So you have a 255 character limit on the original filename, the default linux FS which is ext2, 3, or 4 has the same limit which is good, and the URI limit is larger than that. Great, however the file, not file_original is the stored and referenced field in the DB with a limit of 50. That can easily be changed in the DB, or you can change the variable used to the file_original. To do this you need to sanitize user input, being the file name. Thinks you don't want in it:

. .. / ? * ) ; ' " & && | -- and so on. This could allow for a user to maliciously or unknowingly inject PHP code, overwrite files like board.php in the specific directory like /k/ as kusaba has RW permissions to it, or inject SQL, which is where the ' ) ; and -- come in. -- is a comment in SQL, which can be exploited in some cases where PHP ignores it but SQL executes the query. In all it should be fairly trivial to escape these characters or remove them.

Appending a unix timestamp, seconds since epoch, in combination with the board name should obviate any concerns over duplicate filenames, but since you're disallowing Kusaba to use an auto incrementing value, you'll also need to ensure it doesn't exist first. Not a large hurdle but more IO operations.

The reason Kusaba stores it as a numerical string is filesystem abstraction much like linux has VFS as an integral part of the kernel, users have indirect means of accessing the FS and many of the FS specific concerns are left to the kernel, this is generally thought to be a good thing.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1188 ID: bc7b81
That's a good idea, cousin.
>> No. 1776 ID: 824045
How much better/worse would it be to save each file in it's own folder, with the folder labelled as the UNIX timestamp, and the file itself still labelled as the original filename?

So, rather than being saved as " http://www.operatorchan.org/sug/src/133391532652.gif ," your picture could be saved as " http://www.operatorchan.org/sug/src/133391532652/cuckoo_23473_lg.gif ".

In this setup, the folder itself could be used as "the stored and referenced field in the DB." No idea how this would affect "filesystem abstraction."

File 134008896353.jpg - (125.52KB , 1222x914 , 1339176673882.jpg )
659 No. 659 ID: b0e602 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
how do I into spoiler text?
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 665 ID: 5bc6a7
I think there was an Underline, too
Now what about strikethrough
>> No. 1486 ID: f7befd
>> No. 1772 ID: 6b1618
>> No. 1774 ID: d444df
>> No. 1775 ID: 72cf58
test of <s>
[st]test of <st>[/st]

File 136763105591.jpg - (153.59KB , 531x1421 , 136064002236.jpg )
1747 No. 1747 ID: 4b3f09 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
When are you guys going to fix the video imbeds? In the same Chrome window I can have WizChan running youtube imbeds perfectly in one tab, but shit is still nonfunctional in the Opchan tab, which contrary to what the sticky suggests is only a Chrome problem.
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1759 ID: d444df
File 136852144433.png - (162.31KB , 1088x336 , Screenie3.png )
Ummm, OK?
I have zero problems. Even on my Windows computer.

And I have Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202

This is, what, the 4th thread about this on /sug/ not counting the FAQ?
>> No. 1760 ID: 14c4ca
Must mean quite a few people are having the problem, and not just with Google Botnet
>> No. 1769 ID: 0b26a5
What's the proper way to embed dailymotion videos? It appears I didn't do it right.

Here is the video I attempted to embed. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xproo5_megas-xlr-all-the-missiles_fun#.UZha5fpN-zk
>> No. 1770 ID: 8d7696
It's not your fault. Embeds have been a bitchy and glitchy subject on kusaba.

I will be looking at this shit tomorrow. Hopefully, I can make a solution to resolve all the embed shit for good.
>> No. 1773 ID: 8d7696
Sorry, I've been a lazy ass about this. I finally got around to fixing part of the issue. I'll update the FAQs and other stuff tomorrow.

File 136883946645.jpg - (1.37MB , 1257x1994 , b56b014afb83a53db5d167c98980d2b2.jpg )
1764 No. 1764 ID: 1bddb7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey so would talking about Skullgirls in /vg/ run afoul of the no anime rule?

Just wanted to make sure.
>> No. 1765 ID: 671c60
Swissguy has previously stated that jap-style anime games are ok on /vg/, but it'd be best for him to weigh in on it.

I personally think banime should be banime everywhere outside /dmz/
>> No. 1767 ID: c574bd
Anime-type imagery is allowed in /vg/ provided it is either a screenshot directly from the game, or cover art of said game. You are allowed to discuss anime-style games and post images from said games, but are not allowed to post fan-art, or any other derivative image if it does not meet the above criteria. I thought this was a good compromise that upholds the spirit of rule 2 while allowing legitimate discussion of things that may be in a rule 6 gray area.

Note, this exemption only applies to /vg/.

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