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No. 1763 ID: d444df hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Hey, could we have a stickied musics thread in /m/

Since it's 85% music anyways, and all the great threads die from being overlooked

File 136271193741.jpg - (305.73KB , 1715x1277 , White Zombie - Bela Legosi 1.jpg )
1621 No. 1621 ID: 263d6c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Necro-bumping bumps old threads to front page?
When threads fill up with a lot of posts (such as the /dmz/ porn threads), there comes a point when adding more does not bump the thread to the front page. At what point does this happen? 600 posts? Would you rather have many smaller threads over one big thread?
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>> No. 1729 ID: 263d6c
File 136565079016.jpg - (402.55KB , 1500x999 , zombie Nazis.jpg )
Look, just lose the auto-sage. It's LAME.

Such as posting new material in an old thread. It does not bump anything off the back page and can keep a good thread going.

Such as this muscular women thread in /fit/:
It has gone beyond 200 posts and posting new stuff will not move it to the front --as it should!
>> No. 1731 ID: 999113
>Look, just lose the auto-sage. It's LAME.

If you'd ask nicely, we might consider raising the default for all boards.

But removing it altogether is not even technically possible. And raising it too high would make the chan software choke.

Deleting something from a dump thread already tends to freeze the server for 30 seconds. Technically, there's absolutely no reason for that to happen, but the Kusaba-X software is just total trash. :)
>> No. 1732 ID: 8338c2
File 136582135245.jpg - (222.52KB , 800x485 , 1364162900976.jpg )
Pretty much this, except that you actually can technically have it never sage. Line 361 in board.php. Why you would want to is highly illogical to me. Technical constraints make it such that it's a really fucking bad idea.

But I'm half tempted to implement something akin to the Touhou thread on 7chan's /h/.
NSFW: https://7chan.org/read.php?b=h&t=34961&p=p1-100
Tagging of images and then pulling a list is something to be considered seeing as the robutt is displeased.

I'd be more in favor of upping the limit to 500 posts as dumping is rather popular as opposed to making more threads. Also, we don't have a shitton of traffic to IO rape the server in comparison to larger chans. Lastly, we're only using about 15GB of space total right now. The only thing that sucks is loading the threads that have more than 200 images.

Or we can sticky the muscular women thread on /pt/. I wouldn't mind. Fit fetish is best fetish.
>> No. 1733 ID: 8338c2
File 13658214328.jpg - (350.98KB , 1598x1200 , meetyouathakuraishrine.jpg )
Oops, wrong link.

Here be it:
>> No. 1761 ID: 14c4ca
File 136860507370.gif - (285.26KB , 318x238 , 1367040387427.gif )
mods pleaes ban this poster for posting anime related images and linkign to anime relate thread.

(I think it's the shoulder thing that goes up.)

File 136813547797.jpg - (35.43KB , 628x588 , 5th-af-x.jpg )
1752 No. 1752 ID: 8adb5a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why is /stem/>>3847 "cleared as not needing removal"?

It's a damn spam ad. Get your shit together mods.
>> No. 1754 ID: 8d7696
Banned and deleted. Thank you for posting.

I'll look more into this.

Once again, thank you.

File 136667253689.jpg - (0.99MB , 1600x1200 , 132995077120.jpg )
1742 No. 1742 ID: 8c1454 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
On that subject though....

Look, I don't think anything that goes on in the I/P conflict should be allowed to reflect on any of our board members personally. I mean hell, I use the term "Juden" all the time, and I bitch frequently about Israeli shenanigans at every opportunity. But I never use it to deliberately slap armor or AKR in the face as some did in this thread.

Yes, armor is IDF. But you know what the fuck else? He's also an OPERATOR and that shit just ain't right. Don't come in and shit his threads up and be a dickhead just because his bosses are cunts and his military has done some fucked up things at their behest. Its war - there ain't a clean hand in the whole goddamned basket.

Complaining about Israel and the IDF is muy okay, but I think using those complaints to take a swipe at one of our members should be out of bounds as trolling. My two cents.

I felt bad for armor man. If we made a thread for Vietnam Vets on Memorial Day and some hippy faggots came in and started dissing the OP with stuff from Mai Lay and shitting everything up and calling Vets babykillers and such they'd be evicted posthaste. Can we get a rules clarification that would stop that crap from happening? Just because armor is IDF doesn't mean he should have to take that crap.

Can we draw a line there? Israel criticism okay, but not when used to attack one of our members?
>> No. 1744 ID: c574bd
did you report it for "personal attacks", cause if you didn't, go back and report whatever it is has upset you and then we can see about the complaint.

but off the top of my head it seems like this such a thing would fall under the "personal attacks" rule and thus be verboten provided it gets reported.

File 136609723913.png - (92.63KB , 173x260 , 136061379258.png )
1737 No. 1737 ID: 446161 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Feel free to ignore this, call me a prude, whatever

But can we have some sort of rule in /n/ about NSFW pics? I don't think a certain user headlining his posts with BAILEY JAY TRAP pics is conducive to making /n/ a high brow forum of serious discussion.
>> No. 1738 ID: 58f4ea
Seconded or at least give an option to spoiler images NSFW images should stay in the hidden board.
>> No. 1739 ID: e76043
NSFW pics are banned on all of the public boards according to the ban I got last week
>> No. 1740 ID: c574bd
Clothed pictures of Bailey Jay are not NSFW, therefor legal if in albeit poor taste. The pics have already been addressed by a mod in that thread.

This is correct, NSFW however is a bit looser here than in most places. Basically nudity and non-topical gore.
>> No. 1741 ID: eea88c
>/n/ - High Brow Forum of Serious Discussion
So fucking tempted to change the title of the page to that.
>> No. 1743 ID: 8c1454
The thread was already fucked up enough - you have to admit, the reactions lightened the mood.

>Oh god the horror
>oh god, gore....
>where's his fucking leg, my god!

If I were spamming itd be different naturally.

File 136586879550.jpg - (16.81KB , 250x250 , 1360044305893.jpg )
1734 No. 1734 ID: e76043 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why wasn't this locked/deleted when I suggested it to CC?

OpChan has proven dozens of times that threads about abortion or religion turn into shit fests. Lo and behold look what's going on now.
>> No. 1735 ID: 369cb3
Because it was a suggestion, I didn't see anyone reporting it, and I've continued to monitor the thread.

What's going on now is that the only noncontributory and detrimental post I've seen in that thread was yours, specifically the one after DougFir's 'do no harm' post, but other than that I'm not seeing much of anything in the way of a shitfest. It'll drop off the first page soon enough.
>> No. 1736 ID: e76043
>What's going on now is that the only noncontributory and detrimental post I've seen in that thread was yours

>"Abortion should be mandatory for niggers"
>"Slavs are subhuman niggers."
>"One less welfare recipient."
>like 6 posts about forest people that have no relation to the topic at all

Ok then

File 136377911475.jpg - (95.32KB , 500x666 , 1360538980750.jpg )
1682 No. 1682 ID: 446161 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can I get a list of approved things to say on /n/?

I'd like to avoid a wrongthink ban.
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1708 ID: d444df

>Ctrl+F "Jew"
>> No. 1711 ID: 107bdb

Laugh all you want, but at least you know you can speak about topics here that would get you instantly and permanently banned from most chans and forums.

Could you name a site that has as much or more traffic that OPchan has were you can discuss such things without the risk of being banned by some mod you never know/see/converse with?
>> No. 1712 ID: 5bea41
>Could you name a site that has as much or more traffic that OPchan has were you can discuss such things without the risk of being banned by some mod you never know/see/converse with?

yes, quite a few actually.
why do you ask?
>> No. 1713 ID: 107bdb
>why do you ask

Because I want to see what you consider having a higher degree of free speech and compare them for myself.
>> No. 1730 ID: e28d25
How bout them jews.

File 136359497138.jpg - (45.25KB , 296x296 , high capacity assault bow.jpg )
1677 No. 1677 ID: 74ed5d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
how do I do strikethrough text?


also, why is there no faq for formatting? if there is one, where is a link to it?
>> No. 1678 ID: 73a434
>> No. 1727 ID: 885d3b
#strike in the email field
>> No. 1728 ID: 560be4

great success!

File 136272427413.jpg - (175.53KB , 738x800 , 1357530121889.jpg )
1624 No. 1624 ID: 59f028 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
SwissGuy, for whatever reason, decides to give up ownership of the site to you.

What would you change on OPchan? What would you do with the site? Would you merge boards, add new ones? Change policies on moderation, or even rules?
30 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1720 ID: c574bd

Jesus man, learn to take a freaking joke.
>> No. 1721 ID: c574bd

Also, my "bias" against australians has been a joke since, well, forever.

Or was it Austrians, I forget now.

But basically: u better shut ur mouth u cheeky little cunt i swer on me mum ill hook u in the gabber m8
>> No. 1722 ID: b9bac7

i apologize, sometimes i cant tell if your being serious or joking due to the way you have handled banter in the past
>> No. 1723 ID: c574bd

It's all banter man, it's all banter. To clarify, I don't have anything against aussies at all, it's just kind of a thing that took on a life of its own after a few years. Now gb2 /pol/
>> No. 1726 ID: e28d25
I would suspend our diamond mining operations.

>replace Cameron with "opchan admins"

File 136541131686.jpg - (140.24KB , 960x720 , BS6vv3Q.jpg )
1724 No. 1724 ID: e76043 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
There's porn spam on /w/ that's apparently been cleared by a mod as not needing to be deleted
>> No. 1725 ID: 49857d
File 136541679170.jpg - (125.69KB , 800x591 , 1364789283084.jpg )
That's strange.

Baleeted and permabanned for chocolate pudding.

Thank you, kind sir.

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