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File 135586342663.jpg - (128.00KB , 568x640 , 135518609484.jpg )
1377 No. 1377 ID: b13ceb
Did we lose operatorchan.org email or something? I have been trying to log into my opchan email through google for months now and it just tells me, "This email does not exist"
>> No. 1381 ID: ba36ad
it was run by Serv through Google
>> No. 1385 ID: 73a434
Status: Active
Last signed in: Oct 4
>> No. 1393 ID: adff93
>> No. 1394 ID: ab6588

You should be able to use the normal gmail login screen too. Works fine.
>> No. 1396 ID: b13ceb
It won't work for me for some reason through the regular google screen.

But thanks for that link serv.
>> No. 1444 ID: 851cae
Log out of any other Google accounts and try again. Since my University went with Gmail, I sometimes have issues if I try to log in to both my personal and university accounts.
>> No. 1447 ID: b13ceb
Worked. Thank you.

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