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File 135691559112.jpg - (122.11KB , 533x385 , niggerbike.jpg )
1431 No. 1431 ID: bea9fb
with respect to the new sticky in /n/, does that mean i can continue to call people i don't like "nigger" for the reset of this year?
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>> No. 1433 ID: cee99d
File 135697426821.jpg - (66.45KB , 440x540 , Thumbs Up.jpg )
nigger, no.
/n/igger, yes, for a few more hours.
>> No. 1442 ID: 59f028
The thing with /n/ is that it attracts a group of people who are only on it to shitpost and troll.
>> No. 1443 ID: ffba8d
>> No. 1445 ID: a0650a
I have a question about the sticky, it says all titles must be

This is the first time in my life I've ever heard this word, can I have some clarification?
>> No. 1446 ID: c574bd

(esp. of something written or spoken) Briefly and clearly expressed

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