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File 135784898832.jpg - (32.34KB , 486x197 , getfile.jpg )
1461 No. 1461 ID: de2e16
So, theres 15 pages allocated to each board, labelled 0-14. The bottom of /t/ has links for pages 0-15. The last link just 404s, since that refers to the 16th page, which doesnt exist. Pretty basic and out of the way off-by-one error, I think it should be a simple fix, but I dont reckon its bothering anyone if it persists. Just thought to point that out.

Pic unrelated
>> No. 1467 ID: c574bd
All pages 0 - 15 work fine for me.
>> No. 1502 ID: de2e16
Just tested it, it works fine for me now. Weird.

Polite sage for no content.

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