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File 13578657433.png - (107.27KB , 333x310 , w7TOll.png )
1462 No. 1462 ID: adff93
Increase post limit in /dmz/ from 500 to 800 or 1000.
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>> No. 1470 ID: c574bd
After about 500 posts, threads get very unwieldy and we only really want to have threads longer in the case of stickied, persistent threads. I'll talk to Seraph and GVD about it, however.
>> No. 1475 ID: ec9467
Denied until applicant provides objective reasons and tangible benefits.
>> No. 1476 ID: adff93
File 135791150959.jpg - (375.13KB , 728x1092 , 135751566046.jpg )
More porn.
>> No. 1477 ID: a50f2c

/dmz/ isn't your old /s/, serv. opchan isn't a porn site. more porn is not a reason to change board settings.
>> No. 1478 ID: adff93
File 13579446242.jpg - (190.32KB , 1024x683 , 135243614049.jpg )
Could have fooled me what with all the porn threads and the stickied boob thread (exempting it from said post limit)
>> No. 1483 ID: a50f2c
File 135798546113.png - (523.90KB , 800x798 , 133309637033.png )

Yes, because one thread is so easy to confuse with 15 pages worth of porn.
>> No. 1484 ID: 42ca4f
Denied for lack of tangible benefits. Locking thread to prevent catfight.

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