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File 135835064980.jpg - (128.26KB , 908x1024 , guns262.jpg )
1496 No. 1496 ID: 437a35
I have a suggestion. How about a /n2/ where the rules of /n/ are less strict?

And after >>/t/46512

I think it would be cool to have a /OPER/ (or what ever would be better) section for 'Operator of the week/day', but not pertaining to just military, how about news stories private citizens defending themselves? If you say no I won't be disappointed at all, it was just a thought that popped in my head.
>> No. 1503 ID: a468a6
Just stopping in to support an "operator of the week" stickied thread or section or whatever.
>> No. 1504 ID: e5fb94
yeah, I don't think it warrants its own board, but a sticky would be cool
>> No. 1505 ID: 437a35
A sticky would be good.

What about a /n2/ then? With the current rules of /n/ there is a lot of news stories in /t/ when they used to be all in /n/ and I feel that this takes away from the true purpose of /t/ of just a 'general talk' thread instead of talk and news in the same thread.
>> No. 1510 ID: 42ca4f
We're trying to prevent board sprawl. We already have a lot of boards, some of which don't get a lot of traffic. Adding boards isn't really something we want to do at random (consider the time it took to re-introduce /stem/), and adding /n2/ would not only circumvent what we tried to achieve with the new rules in /n/, but also essentially create a second /dmz/ (which gets too much traffic as it is, this is another point we certainly have an eye on).

tl;dr "no" to the /n2/ suggestion, but thank you for bringing it up.

Can you tell me more about the "Operator of the week thread" idea? I'm not quite following it. Is it something like http://www.badassoftheweek.com/ ?
>> No. 1512 ID: 3e4848
OK thanks, basically its like 'badass of the week' but our own version with not just military or paramilitary OPERATORs, but also private citizens who defend themselves from what could be considered and OPFOR.

So if there is an article that says 'store owner stops 3 basketball Americans in robbery and leads police to arrest' it would go in there. But if it says 'armed thug scared away because of dumb reason' it might not be eligible. I'm sure a good system for eligible articles can be devised.

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