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File 136006411125.png - (14.66KB , 300x100 , 1360063918667.png )
1549 No. 1549 ID: 811b3a
there has been a massive influx of newgers on this site over the past few months and it has really detracted from the former value of operatorchan
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>> No. 1550 ID: c574bd

Praytell, what is a newger?
>> No. 1552 ID: 73a434
File 136006520412.jpg - (104.63KB , 927x516 , 541540_482715031786843_1723683243_n.jpg )
One side is whining about the fact controlled growth is too slow.
The other side is whining about newfags being new.

Live with it. Post some quality content to show the newfags how it's done.

-You- make OPchan what it is, don't forget that.

Now forward, my friends!

>Praytell, what is a newger?

newfag+niggers, would be my guess.
>> No. 1553 ID: c574bd

Figured it was something along those lines, also, thanks for the post, now I don't have to write all that out too.
>> No. 1554 ID: 3a9c19
Yeah I've noticed the full article posts, which is (i think) mandatory on /new/?

Someone from /new/, it's a term from 4chon which is an even worse place ironically

Threat level
1. 4chan /pol/
2. 4chon
3. 4chan /new/
>> No. 1594 ID: 6b29aa
How can you really tell? I mean I haven't seen "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER JEWS JEWS JEWS" more than the past few months.
>> No. 1595 ID: c574bd

noticed a bit of it in the past few days, likely just one or two posters being idiots.

Rest assured I'm keeping my eyes out now.
>> No. 1695 ID: 7e5f23
we warned you about newggers
we told you they were fucking with your site
>> No. 1696 ID: c574bd

Yea you did, thanks for that. Hopefully they'll get bored after all their shit gets deleted and they have to reset their router for the umpteenth time.

Talked it over with 4chons admin/mods and they'll hold up their end and keep an eye on things.

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