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File 13605854818.jpg - (139.25KB , 709x1063 , 1333071155302.jpg )
1560 No. 1560 ID: 59f028
Similarly, I'd like all 'gun control rage' threads (like opinion articles, not actual news) quarantined to a single thread in /dmz/ like ponyfags are. Kinda irritating seeing the same shit pop up.
>> No. 1572 ID: 59f028
So...will anything be done about this?

/t/ is currently 'gun control, news and blogging'
>> No. 1573 ID: c574bd
What would you like to talk about in /t/? Cause that is what they seem to want to talk about right now.

If you would like to discuss something else, start a thread and go for it!
>> No. 1575 ID: 59f028
That logic applies to /n/, no? Those same threads now on /t/ received traffic on /n/.

Yet those threads aren't allowed on /n/ specifically they weren't 'news-worthy' despite being news and despite the fact people posted in them.

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