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File 136068604393.jpg - (29.62KB , 375x500 , sign.jpg )
1563 No. 1563 ID: 175f45

I hate to keep bringing it up, but what are the standards to how is Rule 6 enforced?
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>> No. 1566 ID: acba1a
File 13607817706.jpg - (51.21KB , 310x436 , 13604408098.jpg )
Justice has been served.

Though I thought it was funny enough to let it slip for once.
>> No. 1568 ID: 175f45

>> No. 1611 ID: badaf5
bamp, is Armored Core considered banime if it is outside of /vg/?
>> No. 1612 ID: 2b8013

Can you provide a link?
>> No. 1613 ID: 175f45

>> No. 1614 ID: d818c4

Not quite sure where you're going with your question. Whether an image is "banime" or not is more dependent on the visual style rather than the fact that it's something animated in Japan. Does that answer your query?
>> No. 1615 ID: 175f45

Functionally your statement makes sense, but the pic in question is still of mecha and IMO the visual style in this case is still ban worthy.

Oh well, I guess it's the mod staff's call.

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