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File 136132501543.jpg - (101.53KB , 799x518 , My380s.jpg )
1576 No. 1576 ID: 7d6970
I'm having issues with posts submitting, and refreshing the page and seeing them at the bottom of the thread, think going to check another thread and when I return to the main board, my post is gone.

Maybe it's all on my end, but it seems that posts are being deleted by someone, or my browser is deleting them on me.

picture very unrelated. one is required for posting.
>> No. 1578 ID: 175f45
Happens to me on occasion as well, but if I switch browsers, the post will show up.
>> No. 1580 ID: 73a434
My gut tells me your posts are not disappearing, but simply that when you return to the board you're seeing the old cached version instead of the updated one.

Are you using the side menu? Seems like some browsers are ignoring the no-cache directives, especially when using the side menu.

Try going directly to the boards like http://www.operatorchan.org/k/ and when it happens again & you think your posts disappeared after posting confirmation had been given, press alt+F5 to refresh.

And if you have a specific example of a thread where you lost a post, give me the board + thread id. I'll look in our logs if anything funny is going on in that thread.
>> No. 1581 ID: 7d6970
Not using the side menu. I am using Opera which does like to cache webpages though.

A few threads where I encountered such issues are:
Instead of post # 26575, I had wirtten something linking to an earlier post by romanov and another post, and had a bit more text written.

Once in this thread:
General vitriol for the wackjobs, can't remember what I posted.
>> No. 1582 ID: 73a434

Neither threads have had any posts deleted. I'll look into it further when I get home, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell you anything more though.
Each time you post, please make 100% sure the page reloaded & displayed your post before browsing away. If you encounter another renegade post thing, let us know asap after it happened.

As for Opera, I tend to use that when I'm browsing OPchan from work (which doesn't happen all that often, really) & I don't recall ever having any issues with that. Chrome is the browser that tends to play dirtiest because it takes a lot of shortcuts.
>> No. 1583 ID: 7d6970
Yeah, it's not a big issue. Those are really the only to times I've noticed it, and then only hours later.

I'll be sure to police shit on my end. Thanks for looking into it.

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