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File 13620832776.gif - (494.60KB , 222x142 , 13620386253.gif )
1596 No. 1596 ID: e5016c
>shitty thread in /dmz/
>post this
>get banned for 5 days
>Vydunas banned for innocent reply
>also mfw

Good job, good effort, mods. To make this more /sug/, I suggest we just ban everyone in a thread when there's a post that violates the rules. It's far too much work for the mods to read other posts.
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>> No. 1597 ID: 722f54
>taking bans seriously on /dmz/

seeing as there are no rules on /dmz/, i suggest you evade that ban and continue to post.
>> No. 1598 ID: c574bd
Oh, look everyone, someone who didn't read the sticky.
>> No. 1602 ID: 63d5a1
File 136211910229.jpg - (156.74KB , 1024x797 , GhostNuke.jpg )
>>shitty thread in /dmz/
We're already off to a good start.

>>get banned for 5 days
Checked the log. You were banned for 1 day. It should say that because your ban was so short, you cannot petition it. Standard petition time is 5 days. I'm guessing that's where you got that number.

>Good job, good effort, mods.
No problem, bro.

>To make this more /sug/, I suggest we just ban everyone in a thread when there's a post that violates the rules.
Nah. I mean, punishment through others is too bootcampy, if you know what I mean. Does punishing others for one person's mistake have a specific term? Seriously, I'd like to know this.

>It's far too much work for the mods to read other posts.
And it's far too much work for people to read the sticky in /dmz/, apparently. Allow me to post it here so that all can see and shut the fuck up:
>/dmz/ has LOLNORULES beyond Rule 1 (illegal content). This also means it has LOLNORULES for Moderation. This is no-man's land, so post at your own risk! If a Mod decides to ban you, don't come crying to me about it. Bans because of /dmz/ that are not for illegal content will only be bans from /dmz/.

Hmmmm, how long has that sticky been there? Not including the previous incarnations? For over half a year you say? Yep, that's easy to miss.

Seriously, your complaint is null and void. Even more so, if possible, because you didn't read the damn sticky. If your ban is somehow extending longer than it states, then I can fix that and I am more than willing to discuss it with you. Otherwise, that fucking sticky is there for a reason.

Not trying to be an ass, but it is quite irritating when someone doesn't read the rules, the sticky, or other critical information.
>> No. 1603 ID: 95c305
The term is collective punishment.

Where do you live that you've never heard it?
>> No. 1604 ID: 63d5a1
Commiefornia. I should be all too familiar with the term.

But seriously, I just didn't know the actual name.

Thanks, broski.
>> No. 1637 ID: 59f028
I think it's pretty dumb mods have free reign to be petty dicks on /dmz/ with their mod powers.

If anything, there should be a system where we know who banned who, and the ability for us commoners to ban moderators from /dmz/ outside of seeing the report queue.

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