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File 136379786616.jpg - (26.82KB , 400x294 , FEINSTEIN.jpg )
1686 No. 1686 ID: 5b9651

Thread related. I didn't see anything stickied.
>> No. 1689 ID: 2b8013
http://operatorchan.org/news.php#8 was stickied in /t/ for two weeks or something. The relevant bit:

>Recent rule changes in /n/ have caused some discomfort across other boards, and we had hoped the situation would normalize. It however hasn't and /t/ has become an overrun of /n/. To remedy the situation the new rule in /t/ will be that news stories are only allowed if they are clearly set up by the OP to generate a discussion. Simply copypasting a story and providing a link will no longer be allowed, and such threads will be deleted without warning or notice. The OP will need to put in some effort in setting up the thread to enable discussion. Repeat offenders who treat /t/ as as an overrun of /n/ will be warned and/or banned.

The official rules ( http://www.operatorchan.org/news.php?p=rules ) have also been amended accordingly.

The link/article you posted was already posted in /dmz/ (where it belongs, since it's not news-worthy or relevant) a few days ago.
>> No. 1691 ID: c574bd
Did you not read the state of the chan address? It's still up on the home page and in the Archive. It contains caveats about /n/ content in /t/.
>> No. 1692 ID: 3a9c19
I think the point Acid Man is making is that the thread in question was set up to generate a discussion
>> No. 1693 ID: 2b8013

Yeah, nah. There's fuckall to discuss relating to that article beyond variations of "lol" and "they derping hard". You saw how the /dmz/ thread went.
>> No. 1694 ID: 5b9651

Clearly I need to spend more time in /dmz/, but yeah, it was a combination ragethread and newspost.

Point noted however.

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