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File 142247564786.jpg - (681.49KB , 960x1280 , 1421892634297.jpg )
2348 No. 2348 ID: 9e2974
Would you consider allowing Grannies in Hoboken again in /n/? If it gets out of hand could you just make a sticky for it. I understand if you are against the idea.
>> No. 2349 ID: 695009
That sounds like a pretty good idea. Containment threads have worked, especially on this site.
>> No. 2350 ID: cb5ffa
Second this, lessening the restriction of /n/ would allow it to be back a bit less serious. Worse comes to worse we can always sticky, as like IHC said they've worked well as containment threads. I miss my florida and grannie threads in /n/.
>> No. 2351 ID: c3e6b2
Is that all those crazy/misc/lulz worth news type? Like man try to steal snake instead got shot with his own gun fired by the snake.
>> No. 2353 ID: 9e2974
Yes including just plain weird or dumb criminal stories i.e. Florida news.
>> No. 2354 ID: a6b004
Allowing Grannies in Hoboken would help keep /n/ from always reading like Drudge Report, with the usual suspects making the usual arguments.

Because seriously, there's nothing worthwhile in reading a thread about Russia when half or more of it seems to be accusations of shilling. It's different with different threads, but /n/ has kinda the same flavor as the comments dection of any regular news website, that's bad.
>> No. 2356 ID: e760f8

I think we're all coming to that same conclusion.
>> No. 2358 ID: db81c7
The shilling is real though, I mean it was funny for the first month to watch the shills go at each other while everyone else just gently trolled but now its repetitive, biased sources, biased pictures, I mean I know we have a bit of an echo chamber here but its not like all of our sources come from Alex Jones or something, we at least use non biased news sources and argue mostly facts.

I don't even think we need to keep it all in one sticky, let threads survive on their own merit, don't artificially keep them alive. If a thread is interesting people will post in it and it will stay on the front page, if it isn't then it will fall, the community will sort out the shit threads if we let them.
>> No. 2359 ID: 097fc9
To be honest when even I see threads in /n/ I see it as a pre-sorted news source I go read stuff that might interests me. But some people turn it into comment section on YouTube video.
>> No. 2360 ID: a6b004
It's devolved from actual shilling to accusations of being a shill.

Because God forbid anyone actually supports Russia for reasons other than being paid for it, must be a shill. That triangle graphic that shows up regularly, talks about tiers of types of arguments?

Yeah, /n/ is the bottom half of that triangle, 80% of the time or more. Especially on Ukraine thread 3: Not My Problem, Comrades edition.
>> No. 2361 ID: d25e17
Might as well lighten up on news. This board doesn't see near the traffic it used to. In my years here, I've rarely seen things get out of hand aside from intentional trolling or attacks.

Grannies in Hoboken usually don't last too long anyways. News has a different meaning to different people. I wouldn't mind a little more diversity so long as it doesn't turn into celebrity gossip and red carpet fashion reports.
>> No. 2384 ID: b8874b
Is it feasible to implement /pol/-style country flags in /n/?

I just want to show off my rare flag.
>> No. 2386 ID: e7f332

Possible yes, feasible prolly not for a while. We have some other things on our development plate first.

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