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No. 2397 ID: 7188a3
  Is there a particular reason pasting the entire URL of a youtube vid is now required to embed rather than just the ID? It seems to be giving people trouble lately.
>> No. 2405 ID: e2d914
It's been that way for a long time. This is a question for clip_rage as I don't want to mess with the embed nonsense more than I have to. We may need to refresh it since YouTube did change their embed system around.
>> No. 2472 ID: 8be205
bumping this. is there any way to add soundcloud to the embed list for embeded video/music?
>> No. 2473 ID: f49edb

Yes. I had it set up on the old /mu/ but no one liked that board. I will consider turning it on for /m/

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