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File 144537416897.png - (42.67KB , 579x656 , xChan 3_1 directory dumper OpChan settings.png )
2426 No. 2426 ID: cfe73e
I just found out that my go-to image dumping program, xChan 3.1, has malware in it and my AVG anti-spyware deleted it.
Are there any automated image dumpers you folks suggest? I found no apps in Chrome or Firefox that do this. The old xChan seems to be the only game in town and I can no longer use it. There apparently are other dumpers like ST4 Image Dumper, 4chan x and Pony Dumper, but are there ones you recommend?
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>> No. 2429 ID: cfe73e
File 14465622123.jpg - (138.92KB , 1024x768 , 4chan -b- US M2 _50 BMG (12_7x99mm) remote-control.jpg )
Pony Dumper works, but sometimes just stops.

ST4 Image Dumper does not work on OpChan. At all.

4chan X is an application (actually two different apps) in the Chrome store, but apparently both only activate when you go to 4chan and no other chan image board:
>> No. 2431 ID: cfe73e
File 144675072378.jpg - (132.08KB , 1008x673 , 4chan -B-tards are going to free the shit out of y.jpg )
Strangely, Pony Dumper often just stops posting on image 12.
I have to close it and start over where it left off.
A hassle. xChan was much better.
Operatorchan needs to make their own directory dumper for the users.
>> No. 2432 ID: c4277d
It's probably just a false positive. It happens from time to time. Remember 1gooey's escapades with IOsys?

I'd just keep using xChan.
>> No. 2570 ID: 0d3451
Any update on this?

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