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No. 2474 ID: ec4f82
  Why had the "Warfare" board been deleted along with all the good stuff like "Counter armour" thread? Not only my disk containing 300gb worth of info and training materials collected along the past 6 years has been stolen by them sandniggers from my ruck on the airport, it's also you against me and you had to delete the best board on this chan?

Shame on you! You've got no soul!
>> No. 2475 ID: f49edb
>best board on this chan

Yeaaahh about that.

Any good threads were retained in /arch/, so check there.
>> No. 2484 ID: 069d9e
It hasn't been deleted, it's just hidden.

I really wouldn't mind having it as a hidden board, alongside /dmz/ and /x/.

Please open it up for posting again.
I want to talk about integrated air defense systems, Kesselschlacht, and what career fields people should go into.
>> No. 2485 ID: 7188a3
Then talk about it on /k/. Unless, of course, you don't actually want traffic and discussion but just to ramble to yourself.
>> No. 2486 ID: 95c372
Weapons in /k/, talk in /t/.

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