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File 147245181843.jpg - (39.75KB , 440x294 , 20121006-104413.jpg )
2500 No. 2500 ID: 2e3b80
Could we get a /fit/ board, I know it sounds unnecessary on opchan, but a lot of operators do not realize how much being fit affects being operator.
>> No. 2502 ID: c5ecc5
I'm counting seven new posts on /k/, /n/, /t/, /g/, /m/, and /dmz/, combined, since the last time I checked any of them, at least twelve hours ago, and one of those posts is mine. We did the lots of specialized boards thing for a long time and it didn't work. There literally was a /pt/ board before the board purge early this year. Post it in /t/.
>> No. 2503 ID: f49edb
we had /pt/ and it was dead as fuck. Post fitness questions in /t/

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