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File 147596184715.jpg - (170.78KB , 453x500 , tmp_11530-1475961127161728581605.jpg )
2515 No. 2515 ID: bbb5b6
Can we change the name of /t/ to /t/ - Discussion & Talk ?
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>> No. 2516 ID: c5ecc5
Discussion is the act of talking with other people. We may as well rename it /t/ - Talk and Talk.
>> No. 2517 ID: 477907
waiting on an official position before I tell you how wrong you are.

I think >>2515 is a good idea.
>> No. 2518 ID: 9930ba
Discussion & Talk is redundant.

Can you elaborate on why you think this would be a positive change?
>> No. 2520 ID: f8a63f
File 147659998834.jpg - (16.91KB , 291x455 , tmp_12518-_20161016_013746-2072028999.jpg )
No problemo.

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