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File 147873344413.jpg - (33.96KB , 500x322 , 95b447843bb131883322afc871c49ae5.jpg )
2521 No. 2521 ID: 2fbe6d
Hey its been ages since I visited um.. What happened to the airsoft board? I used to find it helpful when I had issues and not having to deal with the mongtards on Zeroin was always nice.
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>> No. 2522 ID: b430d1
The OPchan you knew no longer exists. This site is just for newfags from /pol/ to talk about how much they love russia, nobody discusses weapons anymore.
>> No. 2523 ID: d094dd
File 147903294115.png - (31.19KB , 871x522 , 145534396284.png )

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