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File 148429385891.jpg - (31.19KB , 643x661 , newfags top me bottom.jpg )
2526 No. 2526 ID: 70e1d7
/n/ should be closed, it attracts too many newfags and they're they wrong type.
gun law news threads will help /k/ be more productive, on /n/ they just get buried under a mountain of "heroic putin" threads.
back in the day /n/ threads were supposed to be exclusively about weapons news, going back to that would also be an improvement.
>> No. 2528 ID: b70387
Closing /n/ would just force news talk onto other parts of the site.
>> No. 2542 ID: 8a4a7a
Randomly autoban around 25% of posts on /n/ with funny messages, for a 48 hr period.

It'll put enough pressure on them that life won't seem like honey to them, but it won't be hard enough to actually make them leave /n/.

Just the right amount of punishment to create just the right conditions.
>> No. 2543 ID: 8f6300
Alternately, how about this, a slightly saner response: Completely disable use of "subject" box in /n/, so nobody can make misleading or sensationalist headlines anymore.
>> No. 2544 ID: a083c4

That'd be nice, but I don't think we can do it

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