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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
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>> No. 113791 ID: 303a81
True and in the end, who would you end up sharing a foxhole with? If the breakdown of the Spanish Civil War were a guide, considering the multiple factions in each, I already know whose side I'd be on.
>> No. 113941 ID: c69fc8
File 164930476486.gif - (0.97MB , 960x540 , 4d72d481aba0332fa3fd91943adc718f.gif )
>not the main course

File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 113896 ID: a7ed57
toastin in dead chan
love you guys
>> No. 113903 ID: 882de6
still lurkan on occasion
f/a FNC and S&W76 in transfer

File 149650314242.jpg - (4.92MB , 4048x3036 , yBwAvsI.jpg )
109922 No. 109922 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Errybody loves patches.

Would there be interest in a run of Opchan boltface logo patches?

What sizes and colors?

Any text or just the logo?
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>> No. 113645 ID: 336324
Black Friday sale is live: https://badgerhoundsupply.com/blackfriday/

It’s that time of year. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… the biggest shopping days of the year where retailers offer you outstanding deals in the hopes that you’ll clear out our inventory to get presents for yourself, your friends, your families, and all the secret santas you signed up for. So this year I’ve got a whole host of different ways to save some money on patches and stickers. I’ll list them here, and if you have any questions feel free to drop into the Discord server and ask. As always, thanks for your patronage and enjoy your patches!

1. Free shipping on US orders over $10 – I’ve had this in effect as long as COVID has been a thing and will keep it going. Make sure to select it in your cart. The value of your order before shipping and after discounts has to be above $10 for it to appear.

2. Many patches and stickers have been added to the Bargain Bin – these items have had their price reduced or are just inexpensive to begin with.

3. BUNDLES ARE BACK – I finally got bundles working properly again and put up a few that save you some money on getting multiple patches and stickers! You can also find these in the Bargain Bin

4. 30% off orders over $30 – Use the code “3030” to get 30% off patches and stickers on orders over $30!

5. 40% off orders over $120 – Use the code “BIGBLACKFRIDAY” to get 40% off patches and stickers on orders orders over $120!

6. FREE Tank Rampage Patch with the first 100 orders
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>> No. 113696 ID: 336324
File 161609117625.jpg - (264.65KB , 724x966 , PXL_20210318_172849132.jpg )
Got more of the deagle patches in! also available as a bundle with the stickers.


No. 113945 ID: e24838 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Bro pulls off period fit like nobody's business bruh. How hard you think it's finna get?

File 156338947756.jpg - (202.41KB , 1067x1285 , P3ygpfT.jpg )
112979 No. 112979 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Looks like we hit the bump limit on the old thread. Time to start a one.
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>> No. 113917 ID: 3efc75
Oh man, sorry to hear about this. I think you're right for wanting to stay with the Army. Sounds like you like the structured and clear-cut nature suits you. Keep working it through the victim advocate.

As for the wife, it sounds like she's having a hard time with you being gone and this is just a trigger for it.

Hang in there bro.
>> No. 113919 ID: 0a7a64
File 164775406477.jpg - (51.36KB , 420x325 , westboro1.jpg )
>I have no plans to hurt him
just gonna let him keep on pulling that act on other folks? why do you think you ended up stuck with a faggot like that to begin with? everyone else down the line before you was also too cowardly to confront the faggot. faggots and fag enablers larping as soldiers.
>> No. 113920 ID: 9dc901
Lol, tell your wife to chill out. It's your problem to handle, not hers.
Also now you're gay whether yo like it or not.
>> No. 113925 ID: b953a6
All soldiers are gay.
>> No. 113944 ID: 9ea7e8
It's not gay if it's in combat boots.

File 16414307947.jpg - (381.17KB , 1024x768 , gettyimages-1207130679-1024x1024.jpg )
113861 No. 113861 ID: bebb2b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I hope that all of you are well. I have been occupied with therapy and attempting to be a better person. I am sorry for degrading the quality of the discord by being a being a terrible person and for abruptly leaving. I do not have access to the internet, I am using my brothers computer so I do not believe that I will be able to respond to any replies.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season.
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>> No. 113911 ID: 49369d
File 164600231158.jpg - (632.82KB , 1920x1080 , peaceful old man.jpg )
Hey, I hope you're feeling well. I wish you a blessed start to the Lenten season and simply want to remind you of my unceasing prayer for you.
>> No. 113914 ID: ddbbfc
File 164647142072.jpg - (11.76KB , 386x105 , Capture.jpg )
>> No. 113924 ID: efd1bb
File 164836357076.jpg - (211.42KB , 1072x858 , 9dc23c36-35ff-4911-96d4-9e594f9a4f75.jpg )
Thank you for the concern and well wishes. I have been on a spiritual journey and have come to recognize my many faults and personal failings. I have come to understand my situation and how I am to blame for it. I have been an imperfect and impure person and my own personal hell has been tailored for me, having to face my own sins over and over. The greatest of these are murder of the self, both physically and spiritually, and murder through deceit. It is said that those that kill through lies have their jaws nailed shut after their tongues are cut out so the only thing that comes out of their mouths is blood.

It has come to me that if I am not in hell, then I must be in a close approximation and undergoing this is either a test or a punishment given to me from god. I have had difficulty maintaining equanimity when dealing with the therapist appointed to me and the thoughtless perverse words that spew from her mouth. My brother is worse as he has violated his promise of secrecy and trust. Sharing my fears and sins, colluding with her to trap me. Telling her of what was done to me and what I did to myself, I hate both of them though I must pretend not to. I endure therapy that hardens my heart, I endure my brother preaching to me about how I must forgive rapists and myself even though I wish nothing more than to spit in his self serving face.

Do not worry for me, I have preserved myself through contrite prayer and fasting. The one thing afforded to me in great quantities is the time to seek spiritual forgiveness.
>> No. 113933 ID: bef91f
It is good to hear from you. All I can do is reassure you of my constant prayers for you. I am currently on a Franciscan retreat. We are in the Catskills. It is very quiet, and the stars are so bright. I think you would love it here, and I honestly hope you get the opportunity some day. They are "hippy-dippy" in the best way possible. God will always be there for you.
>> No. 113942 ID: 7e0394
File 16496621592.png - (660.47KB , 807x456 , 07-01-18-Fat-raccoons-in-the-city.png )
I am assuming that this is K. I am glad that you are doing well and engaging in wholesome activities with your church group, I wish I was there with you sharing the glory of God, mayhaps showing you how to cook frogs they should be awake by now. I have made substantial progress towards what I deem my parole. I have been prescribed a new set of drugs, Clozapine and Zoloft. I have been told that if I show a marked improvement, follow the therapy program and do not show any poor interactions that would require medical assistance, that I would be granted a modicum of personal autonomy. It was harsh of me to blame my brother for what my stepfather did and for that I am sorry. It is unchristian of me to blame others for things out of their control.

I am excited at the prospect of being able to converse with all you freely. I have been thinking of you


File 164608572182.jpg - (123.16KB , 640x1138 , 7f1db09926dd6dd8.jpg )
113913 No. 113913 ID: 336324 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
As you may have heard, Google is ending the free gmail service we've been using to host operatorchan.org email addresses. I need to know NLT March 31st whether you are using your address, and if so, whether you're willing to pay to continue using it. A few of you have active patreon subscriptions, and if that's the case you're all good. I don't mind upgrading to the paid gsuite product but I can't do it for hundreds of users.

Lemme know. If you don't respond by March 31st it is likely your account will be deleted soon afterwards.
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>> No. 113934 ID: 31000c
Hey thanks buddy. Seriously, I had a good amount of stuff I used that account for...

I went ahead and joined the patreon. Would this mean it's good to keep now? Been using it for over a decade now, least I can do is pay for it.
>> No. 113937 ID: ff2323
Just saw this now after account was axed. Anything I can do?
>> No. 113938 ID: ff2323
Side note, let me know how much to keep email up and running, that would be preferable
>> No. 113939 ID: 336324
yeah should be good, I may need to adjust that patreon tier cost depending on what google actually ends up charging but it wouldn't be much more than it is now.

I'll restore it for you, just stay tuned for pricing - they aren't going to start charging just yet
>> No. 113940 ID: ff2323
Thanks a ton, Im back on. Yeah just let me know pricing, I usually check my email every few days, apparently I missed the warning 2 days ago there haha

File 164883410771.jpg - (127.92KB , 720x1280 , b98a5079.jpg )
113927 No. 113927 ID: 6cee36 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Bought a share of S&W for fun on Wednesday.
>> No. 113929 ID: 8e9259
I own $60 BTC.
>> No. 113930 ID: ec2cd8
2 Mosins bought for $100 each. Worth >$600 for both easily.
Saiga, unconverted for $600, could sell for more. NHM-91 bought for $600 in the 2000's, probably worth double. OG Russian SKS with the import mark on the barrel instead of the reciever, bought for $600, definitely worth at least $800.

File 164872289552.jpg - (246.53KB , 1600x1200 , marcraft_.jpg )
113926 No. 113926 ID: d80b93 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
four years of staying clean
>> No. 113928 ID: 8e9259

File 158315479340.jpg - (272.29KB , 1280x959 , tumblr_p2b6jhRKHb1qfdyy8o2_1280.jpg )
113251 No. 113251 ID: 101bb6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I wasn't sure this place still existed. /k/ on the other place is crazy. I haven't been into guns or cared for the opinions og others in a while. Its been what? 8 years? A while.

My old mail got trashed and I lost contact with everybody but it was for the best. I moved back to Germany for a couple years to get healthy (sounds crazy) and had to get sober. My drug use got out of control. Seriously out of control. I needed to be around what remains of my family and shake it.

I won't say not to ever do drugs. Just know you have to stop eventually.

But I'm back in US, paying child support, living the dream.

Just a minor update. I lost a LOT of guns moving (Except Walther P88. I had that with the Bank.) And my AK74. That one hurt because so hard to find now. I'm always going to be an AK Zapman. One day I guess.

Anyways, who is still here? Has anyone died?

Swissguy, Col. Guano, Maxillary, meplat, Hind Fangirl, Zeptorem, Yattuwort, Balci, GOTB?

I heard Gospel Man had some trouble. We did NOT get along but I did at least respect him. How is he?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 113890 ID: 5d274c
Hey, man. Good to hear from you - I always wondered how you've been. Not exactly the best news, but we all don't become younger, do we? Hell, even I start to feel the weight of my age at a bad day.

Stay strong, fam.

P.s. I finally bought my first firearms, thanks to Opchan in general and one belgian person in particular.
>> No. 113893 ID: b48b04
I'm sorry to hear about that. I remember reading your posts on 4chan /k/ a long time ago. I don't know what to tell you. I hope things get better.
>> No. 113895 ID: a7ed57
Love & respect to ya brother. God speed to you and bless you wherever your journey takes you. Cherish what time left you have on this miserable rock.
>> No. 113902 ID: d10fa8
File 164527063923.jpg - (170.29KB , 996x1452 , 1631307376948.jpg )
>I caught Covid
>> No. 113918 ID: 043e55
don't be a wanker.

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