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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 149650314242.jpg - (4.92MB , 4048x3036 , yBwAvsI.jpg )
109922 No. 109922 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Errybody loves patches.

Would there be interest in a run of Opchan boltface logo patches?

What sizes and colors?

Any text or just the logo?
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>> No. 112002 ID: a083c4
File 152163668137.jpg - (361.17KB , 1797x2162 , IMG_9202.jpg )
>> No. 112003 ID: a083c4
File 152163670621.jpg - (545.23KB , 1955x2670 , IMG_9197.jpg )
I'm not sure about the background color on this one.

File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
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>> No. 111971 ID: 8323be

So... How's that new site coming guys?
>> No. 111975 ID: a083c4

The sticking point is migrating the existing threads onto the new site. If we wanted to start over fresh, it would have been done months ago.

File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 111972 ID: 1d521e

I volunteer to babysit your collection in such an instance
>> No. 111973 ID: 22ba7a
I'm afraid the logistics would make that pretty difficult, we're probably two thousand miles apart now.

File 152152687626.png - (142.63KB , 437x282 , qFU2q8K.png )
111993 No. 111993 ID: ad6cdc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 111994 ID: 41441c
Everything I've heard about it sounds more like a "person darts from bushes into traffic" thing.
>> No. 111999 ID: c9008f
File 15215816547.jpg - (147.99KB , 1279x851 , Terminator Genisys T-800 Kyle's remote contro.jpg )
You rolled the dice when you stepped out on the road, monkey-boy.
>> No. 112001 ID: 8ad3fb
>walking outside of a crosswalk
>moving at a speed of 40 mph
looks like a 4 lane highway
Yep I'd guess it probably wasn't the car's fault. It was bound to happen at some point, happens every day with human drivers.

File 152131106870.jpg - (51.73KB , 500x765 , total.jpg )
111974 No. 111974 ID: 1f065c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking at Paladin Press' books on irregular warfare, and it seems like virtually everything is about guerrilla war. However, I'm looking for a quality book about militia-based warfare and/or militia organization. Anyone know of anything good?
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>> No. 111990 ID: 650fdd
>And what is the fucking reason to that, you dimwit? If there's no local communist party members and "people with education" then who organized legislation for independence of these republics at the point of dissolution of USSR?

To eliminate local communist politicians and thinkers who would oppose Soviet rule, they were replaced by pliant bootlickers and toadies who would say "how high?" when Moscow said "jump."

The same thing happened in Vietnam after the South fell. A good number of Viet Cong were sent to reeducation camps alongside their former enemies, or were relocated to the North or the hill country where they couldn't cause trouble, simply because they weren't the right kind of communist.
>> No. 111991 ID: 278cbe
>pliant bootlickers
>right kind of communist
Oh, of course, CIA knows better what the kind of communist is the right one.

You did not answer the important question, though, so fuck off.
>> No. 111996 ID: f5c8db
pretty interesting how the CIA traveled back in time before it existed and made eastern European communists not want to have Russia loot their countries.
>> No. 111998 ID: 278cbe
>loot their countries
You forgot about "rape their women" part, shill. No bonus for you.
>> No. 112000 ID: 6d1852
File 152158183024.jpg - (295.39KB , 1280x904 , 1515416476061.jpg )

File 151198467859.jpg - (49.54KB , 928x523 , gettyimages-822840404_-_h_2017.jpg )
111357 No. 111357 ID: 7326e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Opchan is global warming real or fake?

also check it out, al gore is chinese now
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>> No. 111754 ID: f19f5c
If you support the U.S. financially,
by paying taxes, for example,
you are voting for global warming
directly, with your wallet.
>> No. 111755 ID: 6ed282

>no guys! global warming is fake jew lies! keep buying Russian oil to fund imperialism!
>> No. 111992 ID: 9315da
>.Opchan is global warming real or fake?

probably yes, real. even if not, no reason to not work towards more efficient engines, power, etc.

>also check it out, al gore is chinese now

bad face lift?
>> No. 111995 ID: 322a66
File 152156162358.jpg - (15.43KB , 543x212 , 22552656_1411113405673154_1195153415854148202_n.jpg )
Google Bookchin.
>Unfazed, Bookchin went on in his next book to wrestle with an even larger problem. Crisis in Our Cities, published in 1965 (also under the Lewis Herber pseudonym), was mostly a study of urban ills. But in the closing chapter, he explained that “man’s increased burning of coal and oil is annually adding 600 million tons of carbon dioxide to the air. […] This blanket of carbon dioxide tends to raise the earth’s atmosphere by intercepting heat waves going from the earth into outer space.” Now, Bookchin wasn’t a climate scientist—his information source was a brief article in a scientific journal. But the consequences were clear: rising temperatures that would disrupt the climate: “Meteorologists believe that the immediate effect of increased heat leads to violent air circulation and increasingly destructive storms.” Bookchin took a daring leap to suggest that “theoretically, after several centuries of fossil-fuel combustion, the increased heat of the atmosphere could even melt the polar ice caps of the earth and lead to the inundation of the continents with sea water.”
>> No. 111997 ID: 09c7e0
I guess that must be it. I wonder if thats why he dropped out of the public sphere, he got bad plastic surgery and was too sissy to show his face in public anymore. Anyway a million lols at chinese Al Gore. Putins facelift turned him chinky too, but I figured that was a calculated move to make him look more like his population because Putin is a Karellian fennoswede from the far NE corner of the empire and looks out of place amongst the half-mongols of northwestern asia.

File 151841833015.jpg - (17.66KB , 500x375 , 41j678dW0iL.jpg )
111762 No. 111762 ID: 738b31 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey operators what do you think of the possibility of AI being able to distort any information on the web to a point where even basic facts and communications between individuals was suspect?
Shit like the #releasethememo and FCC getting millions of 'individuals' calling for the end of net nutrality is one thing, but what happens when coordinated effort hits to rewrite sections of history or fabricate current events.

pic not related, just a book I can't find fucking anywhere
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>> No. 111960 ID: 9315da
File 152102045169.jpg - (34.06KB , 333x499 , constantlyrefer.jpg )
automation and connectedness are allowing for greater attempts at control.

I am frequently tempted to sell everything and go build a shack in the woods and wait for the coming technocratic dystopian nightmare that we are hurtling towards.

book related. people have been manipulated into voting one way or another for the last 2000 years.
>> No. 111965 ID: 09c7e0
people from the top down are constantly trying to get across the point of just how important they are so you will respect them and do their bidding. one of the ways they do it is by getting you to vote for them.
the most gullible 110 million people in the country vote and the most gullible fraction of them decides the outcome.
if no was an option rather than just left or right voter turnout would be a lot higher.
>> No. 111966 ID: 62e901
Many years ago there was a sailor who had traveled to many different countries and seen many different sights. One day as he was sailing across the seas he came upon an island and decided to rest there for a while. He moored his boat on the shore and began to look around. All around the island was a beautiful white beach and behind the beach was a dense tropical jungle. All was quiet until...

He thought he could hear a faint noise in the distance and tilted his head to listen. He sensed it came from within the jungle and walked closer. Sure enough, once again he heard this faint noise in the background. He started to hack his way through the foliage in order to make a pathway. The more he moved inland the louder the noise became. He continued to cut his way through until eventually he reached a clearing and there in the middle of the clearing he saw an old man sitting cross-legged on the ground.

The old man has his eyes closed and was chanting "Mo, Mo, Mo" in long, soft tones. The sailor approached the old man and tapped him on the shoulder. The old man turned slowly around and smiled.

"Excuse me," said the sailor, "I think you have made a mistake. I think you should be saying 'Om, Om, Om.'"

"Oh," said the old man, smiling. "Thank you so much," and began to chant, "Om, Om, Om."

The sailor felt pleased with himself and made his way back to the boat. He began to sail away, and when he had sailed for a while he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, surprised to see the old man, who said, "Forgive me for interrupting your journey. Could you please remind me what the chant should be?"

The sailor, in a state of shock, said, "Om, Om, Om."

"Thank you so much," said the old man and walked back across the water to the island.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111967 ID: 62e901
Didn't mean to post that-- Forget it.
>> No. 111970 ID: 658e45
Fabrication of events is nothing new. The Jews, for example, have been doing it since day one.

But as long as our maps are still accurate and we can accurately know where things are, it's all good. Nobody can manipulate that, right?

Since Russians have been brought up, the way I see it is thta their problem is that the Soviet period has caused the criminal/prison culture and mindset to permeate very deeply throughout society as a whole. It's a way of thinking themleaves them with no respect for themselves or others, only a cynical desire to humiliate people. It's not really their fault, just the way they turned out. Really a sad sight.

File 152105751248.jpg - (54.07KB , 720x360 , tactical-facepalm-720x360.jpg )
111961 No. 111961 ID: f91983 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
MPUSD is reporting no one was injured when a teacher accidentally discharged a firearm in class today. A letter has been sent to Seaside High School parents and I've included a screenshot of that letter below. The teacher, who is not being identified, was placed on leave.

>> No. 111963 ID: 54a2a4
  When Trump and other politicians suggested arming teachers to combat school shooters, I consistently replied that I would not trust most the teachers I knew to throw together a ham sandwich without screwing it up, much less use a firearm and hope they do not kill everyone else except for the target.

Reminds me of the imbecilic DEA cop who brandished an "unloaded" pistol (and had a teacher check to see if it was unloaded, which they failed in doing) in a classroom and said, "Fifty Cent, Too Short; all of 'em talk about a Glock 40 [there is no such model, it's a Glock 22]. Okay, I'm the only one in this room, that I know of, professional enough to carry this Glock 40. I'm the only one." He went to holster it and shot himself in the leg.
>> No. 111964 ID: 54a2a4
  Student Injured By Instructor's Gun After Trump Endorses Arming Teachers https://youtu.be/LR28IFIbL70
Just days after President Donald Trump proposed giving teachers guns to better protect their classrooms from school shootings, a California teacher fired a bullet from his semi-automatic handgun in class, injuring one of his students.
Local TV station KSBW reported that the incident happened Tuesday at Seaside High School, where reserve police officer Dennis Alexander was teaching a class about gun safety.
A parent told KSBW that Alexander had just finished explaining to the class that he wanted to check and make sure his gun wasn't loaded when it went off.
The bullet ricocheted off the ceiling, and one 17-year-old student was injured in the neck. Although his injuries were minor, the student went home with blood on his shirt. Alexander has been placed on administrative leave while the case is investigated.
Elsewhere around the US, students are calling for new measures on gun control. On Wednesday, during National Walkout Day, students across the country took a knee, laid on the ground, and walked out of their schools in a synchronized protest against deadly gun violence.
The day of action came exactly a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.

File 152097003639.jpg - (188.38KB , 1662x1400 , i troll u with my skin.jpg )
111957 No. 111957 ID: be0d39 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i troll u with my skin
>> No. 111977 ID: 61e76a
no u dont fam.

File 152046551451.jpg - (22.01KB , 554x127 , broken.jpg )
111932 No. 111932 ID: 876b95 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey FYI the capcha is broken in /sug/.

Also please add a rule to /n/ about intentionally derailing threads.

Even better suggestion: remove the rule against calling out shills and actually ban them to promote discourse without it being constantly shitted up by paid trolls.
12 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111947 ID: 278cbe
File 152056510148.png - (931.72KB , 700x1008 , 15184678787450.png )
Not really. The beginning was around 2009-2010, though it took me some time to improve my language and get fed up with all the bullshit on MSM.
>> No. 111948 ID: 5c87e8
File 152057900770.jpg - (1.60MB , 2912x4030 , le copyrighted doughnut steal Macaca_nigra_self-po.jpg )
what really funny is that if you're going to pay shill to trick people who do you think you're likely to target? would you try to make fools of well informed people who would be difficult to deceive or would you rather go after the stupidest most ignorant chumps you could find?
>> No. 111949 ID: a083c4
yah I'm aware of the captcha problem. We're still working on migrating to a new site software which would address that.

As for shills, who wants to be an /n/ only mod?
>> No. 111952 ID: 278cbe
Recently.. it does seem like /n/ could use some moderation. If anybody really cares for this (half-)dead site.
>> No. 111953 ID: cd1182
see even the guy who would be banned supports it.

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