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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 14899633434.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x534 , 1489839606113.jpg )
109071 No. 109071 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Tell me what features you want to see on a new, improved Opchan.

I already have a big ol' list, and the platforms we're considering already do some things, but I want to hear your wildest imageboard fantasies.

I'm not really going to be addressing whether or not they're feasible here, but I am reading everything.
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>> No. 112971 ID: 132e8e
File 156234498412.jpg - (37.61KB , 405x720 , 1528838382207.jpg )

Oh, for fuck's sake, now I feel dumb for not thinking to try that.
>> No. 112972 ID: 132e8e
File 156234600311.jpg - (11.24KB , 320x240 , 1517176940354.jpg )
Oh, and also, better mobile support. Or, ya know, mobile support of any sort.

File 149650314242.jpg - (4.92MB , 4048x3036 , yBwAvsI.jpg )
109922 No. 109922 ID: 13f512 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Errybody loves patches.

Would there be interest in a run of Opchan boltface logo patches?

What sizes and colors?

Any text or just the logo?
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>> No. 112950 ID: 336324
File 155982004451.jpg - (391.87KB , 1288x966 , IMG_20190605_202643.jpg )
new things!
>> No. 112964 ID: 336324
File 156168945763.jpg - (252.18KB , 724x966 , IMG_20190627_200811.jpg )

File 14929854695.png - (41.29KB , 1629x182 , 13456566885.png )
109518 No. 109518 ID: 19518e Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Been a while since we had us a good roll call. I'm sure some old trips lurk here, would be nice to hear if they're still alive.

to keep things interesting, it would be great to have a thread for all the old copypasta. Like shooting girl scouts delivering cookies, Peter Cottontail "get your fucking weapon if you don't want to die" Easter pasta, any of the old Opie stuff whatever it includes.

I got a couple I'll be posting, feel free to join in.
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>> No. 112909 ID: 336324
File 155572214195.jpg - (236.08KB , 1288x966 , IMG_20190419_173743.jpg )

get thee to the discord machine
>> No. 112957 ID: 51b0a9
Discord annoys me.

File 156338947756.jpg - (202.41KB , 1067x1285 , P3ygpfT.jpg )
112979 No. 112979 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looks like we hit the bump limit on the old thread. Time to start a one.
>> No. 112980 ID: 9dcda2
  > RaceMixer!!t4BTRmATV2 19/07/16(Tue)22:48

> How many people could that have killed?

Well probably the 3 of us who were down in the basement. Me, the operator, and some rando that worked there. The main issue I was concerned with was asphyxiation. You can't breathe steam. It essentially displaces air so a lack of oxygen could be fatal, which is why I didn't run out into the turbine room. At least in the control room we had a room full of air. The first thing they taught us about hazardous atmospheres and first-aid in general was to survey the situation. If your buddy is in a tank or pit, and suddenly drops, there could be something toxic or displacing the air. If you jump in, now there's two dead guys in the tank.

One interesting thing is that when you get steam hot enough it becomes "superheated steam", which you can't see. Should it leak from a pipe it turns into a jet and cuts like a laser. The standard way of finding superheated steam leaks is to talk around waving a straw broom in front of you. When the steam jet hits the broom, the broom explodes.

But the other thing, if a room is filled with superheated steam, you can't see it, or breathe.
>> No. 112981 ID: 9dcda2
  More superheated steam.
>> No. 112982 ID: 9dcda2
  Then there's steam explosions:

> Another consideration is safety. High pressure, superheated steam can be extremely dangerous if it unintentionally escapes. To give the reader some perspective, the steam plants used in many U.S. Navy destroyers built during World War II operated at 600 psi (4,100 kPa; 41 bar) pressure and 850 degrees Fahrenheit (454 degrees Celsius) superheat. In the event of a major rupture of the system, an ever-present hazard in a warship during combat, the enormous energy release of escaping superheated steam, expanding to more than 1600 times its confined volume, would be equivalent to a cataclysmic explosion, whose effects would be exacerbated by the steam release occurring in a confined space, such as a ship's engine room. Also, small leaks that are not visible at the point of leakage could be lethal if an individual were to step into the escaping steam's path.


Which probably would have been bad for everyone in the building if basement 2 had exploded. Natural gas lines and all.

But the biggest danger is letting the boiler run dry, then adding water while it's hot. That's the explosions you see.

I got a couple of emails regarding it. One from our safety manager thanking me for helping the site personnel shut down the unit and asking if it was normal to have pressure relief valves mounted where they can rain on everyone. (It is, actually, though they should dump safely.) And one from our business unit VP giving a +1, and thanking me for being a safe employee.
>> No. 112983 ID: 646d0c
>Also, small leaks that are not visible at the point of leakage could be lethal if an individual were to step into the escaping steam's path.
I don't even want to know what that injury looks like.
>> No. 112984 ID: bbee29
It's probably not as as bad as high pressure oil injection wounds.

File 151729012238.jpg - (497.33KB , 800x1132 , 6f7edf92-da4a-430a-beeb-73a6504869c8.jpg )
111704 No. 111704 ID: 1dec8f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well, it's been like 3 or 4 years.

What are you guys up to?

I'm just gonna go ahead and say life is fucking weird.

You get to do weird shit
And sometimes people dig that, more often than not actually.

All the bullshit I've ever learned to try to be this weird high speed death machine panned out in the weirdest ways.

There's a comic floating around Facebook about a dude about to grape himself, before someone comes in behind him crying about doing the same thing.

So dude sets his shit down and tries to help the other guy out.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 112954 ID: 5ce414
I got out of FL and into AZ 2 years ago. Completely away from my family and I've been working on myself.

Life is indeed strange. My best friend is a mother of 2, but cares for 4. I celebrated mother's day for the first time and did something for her because she doesn't realize how much it means to me to see a good mother, even if it's as a bystander. I've taken on an uncle role.

You're right about being selfishly selfless. Doing meaningful shit for people that mean something to me makes me feel better than anything I could do for myself. Feeling valued is something I didn't expect.

Also I might have a girlfriend or something now, I don't know. Not my BFF, someone else.

Life is weird, but good.
>> No. 112955 ID: 9dcda2
File 156063429289.jpg - (18.58KB , 320x320 , 60831088_346221412702720_5418231100980309985_n.jpg )
I'm glad to hear you're doing well / weird.
>> No. 112956 ID: 3cba74
Thanks. It's been a bit chaotic and busy, but I have been trying to figure shit out and work on my issues.

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster, but it's starting to level out to the point where I can actually say I love my life for the first time. There's people that care about me, I don't have any past stressors clinging and I think I'm finally starting to understand work/life balance.
>> No. 112958 ID: 24b039
Sup dudes,
Been around the block in the past year but a short history after probably my last post. Started working for an 02/07 front counter shit and general help about 3 years ago. Shits been fun but finally going back to school to figure life out especially with a 3 year old daughter and a divorce. I dont get all the time I used to in the shop but I get to see my daughter more since I am not working to avoid the old lady. Got a few neat guns and a few more coming up. Nobody ever warns you how awesome having a kid and how mind blowingly hard it is post divorce. Anyways, yall stay cool and I will be in here every once in a while. Whatever happened to Swissy and HM?
>> No. 112974 ID: 132e8e
File 156304366514.jpg - (4.04MB , 4700x3600 , Pacific_typhoon_tracks_1980-2005.jpg )

Swissie was tending bar on the Gulf when I mehquit faecesbook three years ago. Others seem to have more recent information on Hotaru (and very well might on our Alpine Adonis as well, for that matter).

Image entirely unrelated; I got bored wading through folders full of shit that would get me b& and settled on something which might provoke some mild technical interest.

File 155910698543.png - (308.66KB , 444x312 , Screenshot 2019-05-06 at 10_36_16 AM.png )
112936 No. 112936 ID: 98d697 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Why this website is so dead
>> No. 112937 ID: 9dcda2
It's only as dead as you make it.
>> No. 112951 ID: f5c3ed
File 155988052191.png - (3.23MB , 1920x1080 , 3a6823bc16103e3c03a0b65e6d74fc1e7091d7ef12d2016d5e.png )
Slow, yes. Dead, no.
>> No. 112969 ID: 132e8e
File 156223892838.jpg - (109.60KB , 1279x720 , 1528744045894.jpg )

>> No. 112973 ID: b73e1b
File 156249375817.gif - (7.55KB , 280x280 , running axe man.gif )
reported for anime

File 15613200304.jpg - (83.05KB , 1228x458 , kill myself.jpg )
112960 No. 112960 ID: 09c7e0 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
pretty good guess
>> No. 112968 ID: bc89ed
Lol I don't even remember typing that.

File 155937247062.gif - (2.15MB , 219x150 , 1343776554143.gif )
112938 No. 112938 ID: bbee29 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Libtards in Canada have passed more gun control aimed directly at the already ridiculously and humiliatingly gagged and muzzled legal owners. I vehemently disagree with all forms of gun control so just the concept of the licensing system in Canada is repulsive, but it looks like my dream of eventually moving to the States might not be a dream anymore, but a necessity. Canada has been very hostile to gun owners for a long time, but now it really looks like it's gonna go full UK. Main issue beyond normally H1B Visa shenanigans is the bunches of guns that I don't really want to give up. You'd think it would be simple like sell them up here and buy new ones in the states, and normally that would be fine. The problem is that I literally have 3 firearms that don't exist in the USA. I do not want to part with these unicorns. There are quite a few more that are pretty damn hard to find in the States so re-buying them would be difficult and very expensive.

What do? Any of you lads know of ways to work something out with dealer samples or wizardry like that?

Thankfully, I do have some time. Right now, we aren't yet being rounded up and shot behind the horse cop shed. I just want to see what I need to sacrifice and what I can save, and how. There is an election coming up, so it's hard to tell how fast shit will go south for us. If the conservatives win, we might be ok for another few years, still, I'd rather explore these subjects sooner rather than later.

P.S. Thanks Frost for your ongoing help with this, just wanted to see if more heads would be better.
P.P.S. I can post my qualifications and experience if anyone might have contact with companies that might be interested in H1B'ing my maple butt.
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>> No. 112948 ID: 162432
That's comforting to learn.
>> No. 112949 ID: 09c7e0
hahahahaha oh wow, Americans are poor and immigration and global trade is the solution? just like in 1992? look at all the problems immigration and free trade have solved in the past 27 years. The Aristocrats! XD
>> No. 112959 ID: 419c96
Maybe an immigration attorney could help you. Finding a good one of those to get in touch with (ideally one in a gun-friendly state and who is gun-friendly themselves) won't necessarily get you easy answers or instructions, but I'm sure guns aren't the only thing people worry about bringing with them when they immigrate. Other legally controlled items or property are probably pretty common. A good immigration attorney would at least knows what statutes and whatnot to research for you. But their advice could get spendy.
>> No. 112961 ID: bbee29
>immigration attorney
I hadn't even considered that, this is definitely relevant to my situation. I'm prepared for these kinds of various costs as I've been saving up for a while because I know immigration is expensive. Geographically, I'm very close to Montana and Idaho. As far as I know, both those states are pretty friendly to guns and I would be pretty happy to live there.

Legalese, sadly, is obviously not exactly my strength. I think I'll make a list of questions to as an immigration attorney so I can make the most of his expensive time. Seeing how I don't know much about this, I highly appreciate suggestions here.

As for "controlled goods", I don't think I have that much to worry about. Are there items that are hard to import aside from the obvious "14.5x114mm PTRD and ammo"? I own a car, some metalworking tools, a computer, clothes, a DSLR camera, and other regular household items. I don't have stuff like fireworks or "chemistry supplies" or "biological agents". I don't think I own anything that can bother a geiger counter, including scopes and stuff as I haven't purchased optics with tritium.
>> No. 112962 ID: 5c87e8
File 156135469886.jpg - (233.07KB , 580x432 , Guns.jpg )

File 155895645987.jpg - (23.73KB , 216x255 , 1488904164696.jpg )
112934 No. 112934 ID: f09799 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 112952 ID: 5df813
I've seen things, things you would not believe... but mostly on a screen.

File 148779961827.jpg - (746.86KB , 3264x2448 , 20170205_162642.jpg )
108836 No. 108836 ID: 4fbdeb hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
>Be me a couple weeks ago
>Boss wants me to take a look at his wife's car
>Yeah OK.
>It's a 2010 Dodge Caliber
>Water pump is weeping
>Radiator cap is puking all over the place
>Oh and he wants an oil change too
>Look it over
>Engine has a timing chain, not a belt
>Water pump is run by the serpentine belt
>It's way better than '90s Chryslers
>The Germans actually improved Chrysler

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 112966 ID: 70f5c2
Tab ate my long ass whiny rant because I'm phone posting. With less swear words, here is my situation: I have been inadequately trained and outfitted for this job. The client company now knows me because I showed up asking for a fish key; my lacking one was crippling my productivity. It became very clear to the employee that met me that I don't know shit, and things snowballed from there. They are now auditing my work at my boss's expense. With that on my mind, I've been driving around some of the roughest terrain in the state in a 2wd Dodge S"""U"""V. It is now stuck in a saddle on a ridge line with the slopes fore and aft of it too steep to pass. I mean stuck. When I say I hit those hills, I was their pimp, and they owed me money. A lovely older couple in a side-by-side sat me on their spare tire where I clung to the roll bars for dear life while they drove me out of their. The ranger was impressed, nay, in awe at the determination and stupidity it took to get my car where I did. If the company can't extract it, the forestry service is going to drag it out with a bulldozer. I've been assured it's not a bill we want.
>> No. 112967 ID: efcfb2
A colleague and I attempted to get to it with his bucket truck. A big badass dodge 5500. It is now high centered ass to snout in a ditch. We lost breaks or something when we bottomed out. I am leaning against an oak tree swatting flies as I type.
>> No. 112976 ID: 9dcda2
  Y'know how some military vets are triggered by fireworks? Well it's pressure cookers for me.

I was at a site with a gas turbine in the basement with the exhaust feeding a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). They also have a couple of other boilers and a steam turbine hooked up to a generator. The turbine was shut down when I arrived so I do my inspection while the operator is off messing with something over by the steam turbine. I complete my visual inspection and the operator says he's ready to start the gas turbine. Cool, I can check for leaks and get some running data.

The usual procedure is to start the gas turbine and just run it at idle for a little while to let the HRSG heat up. The HRSG is a boiler that uses the turbine exhaust as the heat source. Sometimes they will also have a "duct burner" which is like an afterburner on a jet, but its job is to make more heat (and steam) not thrust.

The operator starts it up, idles for a while, looking good, then commands the turbine to load up. Once you start putting on load the turbine, that's when the exhaust temperature and volume really starts. After a few minutes the steam pressure is starting to rise, and rise, and rise. The operator was off messing with the steam turbine and taking boilers offline, ok cool he's running the show.

I'm in the control room looking over some stuff on my computer when I hear "POP HIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS" coming from the plant. After a couple of seconds the building fire alarm goes off telling everyone to evacuate. I look out of the control room window expecting to see a burnt and scalded man appearing from a cloud of steam, but there was no visible steam and the operator was fine.

> pressure cooker venting sound, loud as fuck

The operator hauls ass back to the control room and tells me he wants to shut down the turbine. I initiate a normal stop from the control computer then go out to the turbine and hit the e-stop. For the next 20 minutes the fire alarm is going off, people are calling the control room phone asking what the fuck, and the operator going in every direction. The facility fire and safety people show up, wearing no protective gear at all, and look around a bit. Supervisors and managers start to appear.

After the steam whistling stopped, I went over to the steam turbine to find the offending pressure relief valve puking water everywhere. I figured this was a good of a time as any to get the oil sample from the gas turbine, so that's what I did, then packed my shit and left.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 112977 ID: 9dcda2

>> No. 112978 ID: 77808c
We got the fucking vehicles out. A regional tow service does off road work. I have since traded in that dodge for a Nissan Frontier 4wd.

How many people could that have killed?

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