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File 149100420530.jpg - (2.87MB , 3036x4048 , IMG_20170331_194224.jpg )
109248 No. 109248 ID: 13f512 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are we drinking tonight, OPERATORs?

pic related, I detect notes of crayon and jalapeno cheese.
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>> No. 112074 ID: 39b75e
File 152330267174.jpg - (7.67KB , 304x240 , Otis.jpg )

You're not supposed to drink it every day, you functioning alcoholic mongs. It's a dessert treat for once in a blue moon.
>> No. 112075 ID: fa383f
It's not the alcohol content we're horrified about. It's the thought of drinking two thirds of a pint glass of fucking half & half mixed with chocolate syrup.
>> No. 112076 ID: a7343e
That sounds pretty great, actually. Not sure about the chocolate syrup though.
Try everything once, though, eh?

yo acid shoot me an email if you would please.
>> No. 112077 ID: 1519ac
If you actually enjoy drinking that much fat and sugar in one sitting, I can't imagine it's your only unhealthy eating habit.
>> No. 112080 ID: 22ba7a
File 152367556353.png - (281.63KB , 978x635 , 1520483430749.png )
Trying out this Glenfarclas 12 year stuff, I have to say it's more flavorful than the Glenfiddich 15 yo.

tbh I don't know what I'm talking about, I drink like a bottle per year or less

File 152275438697.jpg - (90.94KB , 1133x800 , 111417jeffsessions023.jpg )
112054 No. 112054 ID: ed570b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
VD warts on face
>> No. 112058 ID: 61c5ef
wow do you think that a there might be compromising material out there on a guy who used to pal around with dennis hastert and has and outbreak hpv warts on his face?

File 151198467859.jpg - (49.54KB , 928x523 , gettyimages-822840404_-_h_2017.jpg )
111357 No. 111357 ID: 7326e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Opchan is global warming real or fake?

also check it out, al gore is chinese now
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>> No. 112029 ID: 8f40fa
One last thing. I re-read what I wrote and I think I may have made it sound like C3 PS is the original pathway. It isn't...ish. I don't want to lecture everyone on PS evolution but just know that C3 is technically a carbon-concentration pathway and that there are much simpler pathways utilized by early plants and still utilized by cyanobacteria.
>> No. 112032 ID: 0e1e77
  The benefit to plants of increasing CO2 is limited by nitrogen, the food becomes less nutritious, and is outweighed by the destructive effects of climate change, such as drought, increasing storms, ocean acidification, etc. So the idea of the wonderful benefits of increasing fossil fuel pollution is ridiculous corporate propaganda.

If you isolate a leaf in a laboratory and you increase the level of CO2, photosynthesis will increase, but the results scientists produce in labs are generally not what happens in the vastly more complex world outside; many other factors are involved in plant growth in untended forests, fields and other ecosystems. For example, nitrogen is often in short enough supply that it’s the primary controller of how much biomass is produced in an ecosystem. If nitrogen is limited, the benefit of the CO2 increase is limited. You can’t just look at CO2, because the overall context really matters.
Plants get some benefits early on from higher CO2, but that benefit starts to saturate after the gas reaches a certain level. The more CO2 you have, the less and less benefit you get. And while rising carbon dioxide might seem like a boon for agriculture, any potential positive effects cannot be considered in isolation, and will likely be outweighed by many drawbacks. Even with the benefit of CO2 fertilization, when you start getting up to 1 to 2 degrees of warming, you see negative effects. There are a lot of different pathways by which temperature can negatively affect crop yield: soil moisture deficit or heat directly damaging the plants and interfering with their reproductive process. Climate change's negative consequences—such as drought and heat stress—would likely overwhelm any direct benefits that rising CO2 might offer plant life.
Rising CO2’s effect on crops could also harm human health. When you grow food at elevated CO2 levels in fields, it becomes less nutritious. Food crops lose significant amounts of iron and zinc—and grains also lose protein.
Ask the Experts: Does Rising CO2 Benefit Plants? Climate change’s negative effects on plants will likely outweigh any gains from elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels
By Annie Sneed on January 23, 2018 https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/ask-the-experts-does-rising-co2-benefit-plants1/
Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic https://youtu.be/EtW2rrLHs08
>> No. 112033 ID: 94171b
Not trying to be a dick here but I think they are cherry picking a little.

While most people know that bean plants have a relationship with soil bacteria to fix nitrogen so do a lot of other plants. Alders, most betulaceae, most fabaceae, most of ulmaceae, etc. For them nitrogen really isn't a limiting factor since the bacteria that infects their roots (it isn't true symbiosis but that is another thread all together). For, trees at least, the ones that don't typically don't grow on nutrient poor sites until a nitrogen fixing pioneer species alters the soil chemistry. That isn't a hard fast rule (for instance I know table mountain pine and tulip poplar will grow, happy as clams, on pure sand and neither of them nitrogen fix).

Now they are talking mostly about food crops but none of the issues that they present aren't currently being tackled by laboratories making next generation GM crops. Also I'll be honest I don't know much about the food crop world; I'm going to school for trees.

My take away here is that it isn't all doom and gloom. More CO2 can be leveraged in our favor. Higher temps can be leveraged in our favor.
People will have to move. Lives will be destroyed. People will starve while others get fat. But at the end of the day it will rain somewhere and there will be life. We are advanced enough that we can manipulate the end result and we should.
>> No. 112055 ID: 278cbe
Was looking around for some openly published works of modern sci-fi, and stumbled upon new post in Charles Stross blog. Written by some other guy, apparently a professional in "modern ecology" and author of some books. Well..



Right now I'm reviewing the article and some more article connected to that one. While I preserve my usual calm composure like any normal human does, I can not ignore that some muscles deep inside me twitch in a mix of disgust and amusement. Ants fucking with each other in an ant hill, that's what I see. There words in here that I do not recognize, like "urban forestry crowd" and "enviros" which to me seem to be some sort of cartel things (which I never interacted with and hope I'm never going to), and most likely they are the cause of these contractions.

I imagine, these people are doing business. They probably think they are going to organize some sort of business that will solve their (supposedly) environmental problems for them. They, apparently, think it is the bureaucracy that is keeping them from fixing this planet in some observable amount of time. Solutions and aesthetics. Positive and happy future. People are talking about soil and how it could be made to absorb their precious carbon as if there's nothing and no one is living on that soil. Talking about solar panels as if they've been spawning out of thin air recently.

Solar? Solar what? What the actual fuck is that, I ask myself. How you are going to do your "environmentalism" when every odd year you imagine a new brilliant idea and try to organize another "environmentalist" club with your own aesthetics and your own business models. How is it going to save anyone if the meaning for your "business" is just going to be a redistribution of money from one pockets to others all over again. Everybody should be involved in protecting the environment, aren't they? No, that's not what you are hearing right now exactly - when I say "everyone", I do not mean that all corporations and conglomerates with money and resources this guy was listing above. I mean that every person is responsible, it should be an altogether separate civic duty to protect the environment you are residing in.

And that is obviously a government thing, a thing for the masses, and these people hate government and bureaucracy. Well, I'm going to tell you what is worse to the environment than government regulation - you. You and your own personal bureaucracy, which is hundred t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 112056 ID: acc7e7
>gazprom shill gets triggered by solar panels

File 152250318512.jpg - (723.50KB , 2400x1761 , motorcycle Henderson 1934 KJ Streamline art-deco s.jpg )
112034 No. 112034 ID: 0e1e77 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Found some sort of Art Deco vacuum cleaner...
1934 Henderson KJ Streamliner. The two-wheeled counterpart to the Phantom Corsair.
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>> No. 112048 ID: da39fa
File 152260258979.jpg - (540.68KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_1036.jpg )
I saw this at a traveling exhibition of Art Deco cars. There was a lot of super cool, super rare stuff there.
>> No. 112049 ID: da39fa
File 152260263021.jpg - (489.48KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_1037.jpg )
Obvious amateur photography.
>> No. 112051 ID: da39fa
File 152263197821.jpg - (558.08KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_0996.jpg )
There was a lot of cool stuff in this exhibit.
>> No. 112052 ID: da39fa
File 152263199868.jpg - (521.55KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_1031.jpg )
>> No. 112053 ID: 336722
File 152264491123.jpg - (50.85KB , 800x538 , still running.jpg )
cube on top of a rectangle was here
art deco is a fag

File 152046551451.jpg - (22.01KB , 554x127 , broken.jpg )
111932 No. 111932 ID: 876b95 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey FYI the capcha is broken in /sug/.

Also please add a rule to /n/ about intentionally derailing threads.

Even better suggestion: remove the rule against calling out shills and actually ban them to promote discourse without it being constantly shitted up by paid trolls.
14 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111949 ID: a083c4
yah I'm aware of the captcha problem. We're still working on migrating to a new site software which would address that.

As for shills, who wants to be an /n/ only mod?
>> No. 111952 ID: 278cbe
Recently.. it does seem like /n/ could use some moderation. If anybody really cares for this (half-)dead site.
>> No. 111953 ID: cd1182
see even the guy who would be banned supports it.
>> No. 112030 ID: 81bedb
>"no guys operatorchan is too small for russian shills so we don't need to do anything about them!"
>FSB outed as running furry porn tumblrs to spread propaganda
>> No. 112031 ID: 09c7e0
shills can only effectively take advantage of people who are so weak minded that they don't know what their opinions are or why they have them. those people are going to be pushed around and tricked into acting against their own interests by some smooth operator, if its not slavs then it will be democrats or republicans or some crazy preacher. its not russians thats the problem, what they are able to do is just a symptom of our own domestic idiocy epidemic.

>"you can fool some of the people all of the time"
>~"Honest" Abe Lincoln

File 15219741049.jpg - (96.02KB , 768x432 , 2s1.jpg )
112016 No. 112016 ID: 0b865f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
OPchan, do you know of any active PMCs or non-government forces (accepting volunteers) with their organic arty except the obvious russian Vagner? Muslim-only factions are out of the question.

Also, if you were a merc, contractor or volunteer in a foreign country, was it worth?
>> No. 112018 ID: 738b31
you think way to highly of the anon base here

File 152131106870.jpg - (51.73KB , 500x765 , total.jpg )
111974 No. 111974 ID: 1f065c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm looking at Paladin Press' books on irregular warfare, and it seems like virtually everything is about guerrilla war. However, I'm looking for a quality book about militia-based warfare and/or militia organization. Anyone know of anything good?
15 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111998 ID: 278cbe
>loot their countries
You forgot about "rape their women" part, shill. No bonus for you.
>> No. 112000 ID: 6d1852
File 152158183024.jpg - (295.39KB , 1280x904 , 1515416476061.jpg )
>> No. 112006 ID: 562164
Forget the term "Militia." It undermines your legitimacy and orients your organization toward uselessness. There needs to be an actual purpose to get people together.

You can have an infromal social club.
You can have a political organization that happens to have a security branch. (Although you'll need the money, and a reason for existence beyond "having a militia")
You can also have other things.
But a plain old militia is a non-starter.
>> No. 112009 ID: 136a5b
IMO the thing to do is start a monthly two gun competition like Karl from InRange.
We are all the militia, we just need to train more.

If you want to encourage people to do group training as well then do a team based thing occasionally where you practice something specific.

Obviously safety is more difficult to enforce with more than one person so you'll need to work that out, tiger valley rules seem pretty good.
>> No. 112014 ID: 82be3e
File 152177992578.jpg - (18.75KB , 400x299 , 44d5b288d83c3c43355fd3389fb7f342.jpg )
Sounds too hard, instead lets dress up like airsofters, pretend we're in the military and we're all 5 star generals, grow beards to blend in with the Muj' in middle America, and not exercise while posting on Facebook about how we're ready to water the tree of liberty.

File 152152687626.png - (142.63KB , 437x282 , qFU2q8K.png )
111993 No. 111993 ID: ad6cdc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 111994 ID: 41441c
Everything I've heard about it sounds more like a "person darts from bushes into traffic" thing.
>> No. 111999 ID: c9008f
File 15215816547.jpg - (147.99KB , 1279x851 , Terminator Genisys T-800 Kyle's remote contro.jpg )
You rolled the dice when you stepped out on the road, monkey-boy.
>> No. 112001 ID: 8ad3fb
>walking outside of a crosswalk
>moving at a speed of 40 mph
looks like a 4 lane highway
Yep I'd guess it probably wasn't the car's fault. It was bound to happen at some point, happens every day with human drivers.

File 151841833015.jpg - (17.66KB , 500x375 , 41j678dW0iL.jpg )
111762 No. 111762 ID: 738b31 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey operators what do you think of the possibility of AI being able to distort any information on the web to a point where even basic facts and communications between individuals was suspect?
Shit like the #releasethememo and FCC getting millions of 'individuals' calling for the end of net nutrality is one thing, but what happens when coordinated effort hits to rewrite sections of history or fabricate current events.

pic not related, just a book I can't find fucking anywhere
35 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 111960 ID: 9315da
File 152102045169.jpg - (34.06KB , 333x499 , constantlyrefer.jpg )
automation and connectedness are allowing for greater attempts at control.

I am frequently tempted to sell everything and go build a shack in the woods and wait for the coming technocratic dystopian nightmare that we are hurtling towards.

book related. people have been manipulated into voting one way or another for the last 2000 years.
>> No. 111965 ID: 09c7e0
people from the top down are constantly trying to get across the point of just how important they are so you will respect them and do their bidding. one of the ways they do it is by getting you to vote for them.
the most gullible 110 million people in the country vote and the most gullible fraction of them decides the outcome.
if no was an option rather than just left or right voter turnout would be a lot higher.
>> No. 111966 ID: 62e901
Many years ago there was a sailor who had traveled to many different countries and seen many different sights. One day as he was sailing across the seas he came upon an island and decided to rest there for a while. He moored his boat on the shore and began to look around. All around the island was a beautiful white beach and behind the beach was a dense tropical jungle. All was quiet until...

He thought he could hear a faint noise in the distance and tilted his head to listen. He sensed it came from within the jungle and walked closer. Sure enough, once again he heard this faint noise in the background. He started to hack his way through the foliage in order to make a pathway. The more he moved inland the louder the noise became. He continued to cut his way through until eventually he reached a clearing and there in the middle of the clearing he saw an old man sitting cross-legged on the ground.

The old man has his eyes closed and was chanting "Mo, Mo, Mo" in long, soft tones. The sailor approached the old man and tapped him on the shoulder. The old man turned slowly around and smiled.

"Excuse me," said the sailor, "I think you have made a mistake. I think you should be saying 'Om, Om, Om.'"

"Oh," said the old man, smiling. "Thank you so much," and began to chant, "Om, Om, Om."

The sailor felt pleased with himself and made his way back to the boat. He began to sail away, and when he had sailed for a while he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around, surprised to see the old man, who said, "Forgive me for interrupting your journey. Could you please remind me what the chant should be?"

The sailor, in a state of shock, said, "Om, Om, Om."

"Thank you so much," said the old man and walked back across the water to the island.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 111967 ID: 62e901
Didn't mean to post that-- Forget it.
>> No. 111970 ID: 658e45
Fabrication of events is nothing new. The Jews, for example, have been doing it since day one.

But as long as our maps are still accurate and we can accurately know where things are, it's all good. Nobody can manipulate that, right?

Since Russians have been brought up, the way I see it is thta their problem is that the Soviet period has caused the criminal/prison culture and mindset to permeate very deeply throughout society as a whole. It's a way of thinking themleaves them with no respect for themselves or others, only a cynical desire to humiliate people. It's not really their fault, just the way they turned out. Really a sad sight.

File 152105751248.jpg - (54.07KB , 720x360 , tactical-facepalm-720x360.jpg )
111961 No. 111961 ID: f91983 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
MPUSD is reporting no one was injured when a teacher accidentally discharged a firearm in class today. A letter has been sent to Seaside High School parents and I've included a screenshot of that letter below. The teacher, who is not being identified, was placed on leave.

>> No. 111963 ID: 54a2a4
  When Trump and other politicians suggested arming teachers to combat school shooters, I consistently replied that I would not trust most the teachers I knew to throw together a ham sandwich without screwing it up, much less use a firearm and hope they do not kill everyone else except for the target.

Reminds me of the imbecilic DEA cop who brandished an "unloaded" pistol (and had a teacher check to see if it was unloaded, which they failed in doing) in a classroom and said, "Fifty Cent, Too Short; all of 'em talk about a Glock 40 [there is no such model, it's a Glock 22]. Okay, I'm the only one in this room, that I know of, professional enough to carry this Glock 40. I'm the only one." He went to holster it and shot himself in the leg.
>> No. 111964 ID: 54a2a4
  Student Injured By Instructor's Gun After Trump Endorses Arming Teachers https://youtu.be/LR28IFIbL70
Just days after President Donald Trump proposed giving teachers guns to better protect their classrooms from school shootings, a California teacher fired a bullet from his semi-automatic handgun in class, injuring one of his students.
Local TV station KSBW reported that the incident happened Tuesday at Seaside High School, where reserve police officer Dennis Alexander was teaching a class about gun safety.
A parent told KSBW that Alexander had just finished explaining to the class that he wanted to check and make sure his gun wasn't loaded when it went off.
The bullet ricocheted off the ceiling, and one 17-year-old student was injured in the neck. Although his injuries were minor, the student went home with blood on his shirt. Alexander has been placed on administrative leave while the case is investigated.
Elsewhere around the US, students are calling for new measures on gun control. On Wednesday, during National Walkout Day, students across the country took a knee, laid on the ground, and walked out of their schools in a synchronized protest against deadly gun violence.
The day of action came exactly a month after the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17 people.

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