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File 144060260395.jpg - (84.99KB , 1000x667 , 2927001-pokemon.jpg )
99584 No. 99584 ID: cfe73e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gotta shoot 'em all! - Two Armed Men Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Pokemon Event - Police find a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15, "several hundred" rounds of ammo, and a hunting knife in the suspects' car.
August 23, 2015 http://www.gamespot.com/articles/two-armed-men-arrested-after-allegedly-threatening/1100-6429980/?ftag=YHRe6a6b70
Two men have been arrested after allegedly making threats on social media against the Pokemon World Championships this weekend in Boston, the Boston Police Department announced in a new release today. Authorities tracked the men down and found in their car a 12-gauge shotgun, one DPM5 AR-15 rifle, "several hundred" rounds of ammunition, and a hunting knife.

Eighteen-year-old Kevin Norton and 27-year-old James Stumbo, both of Iowa, were arrested at a Saugus, Mass. hotel and were charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and other firearm-related charges. They will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court at a later date.

The exact nature of their threats is not immediately clear, though the Boston Police Department said they were "threats of violence made over social media to attendees." Two men named Kevin Norton and James Stumbo are listed as official invitees on the Pokemon World Championships website. They were apparently in the "Masters Division" of the tournament for the Pokemon Trading Card game.

From the Boston Police Department's report, here's how the events transpired.

"On Thursday, August 20, 2015, members of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) received information from private sector public safety personnel at the Hynes Convention Center at 900 Boylston Street in District D-4 (South End) regarding threats of violence made over social media to attendees of the Pokemon World Championships," a line from the release says.

"Security officers at the Hynes, officers in District D-4, and the BRIC immediately began investigation into these threats, and hours later, the two male suspects were stopped attempting to enter the event. BRIC and D-4 Detectives responded to further investigate," the report goes on. "Detectives were informed that the suspects had driven to the event from Iowa and were in possession of several firearms in their vehicle. The suspects could not produce a License to Carry. Officers seized the vehicle, and the suspects were released pending a search warrant."
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>> No. 99589 ID: cfe73e
These Iowa clowns made threats over social media to get violent with attendees at a Pokemon card game event in Boston, detained by the hotel's private security, handed over to the cops and released pending a search warrant of their car. When the car was searched, the guns and ammo were found and police looked for the suspects, finding them at another hotel in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Look, when released pending a search warrant that will reveal guns in connection with threats, you should... turn yourself in to the cops and beg clemency of the court. Or flee away to parts unknown (innawoods, Costa Rica, etc.).

Boston Police Prevent Possible Shooting at Pokémon World Championship - IGN News https://youtu.be/xMbWlVWvALo
>> No. 99590 ID: cfe73e
  Let's hear what Alpha Omega Sin has to say about this.
Mass Shooting Avoided at Pokemon World Championship 2015
Published on Aug 23, 2015 https://youtu.be/fs4avfA7NCM
AlphaOmegaSin talks about 2 Men arrested with several guns near Pokemon World Championship 2015 recently. Kevin Norton & James Stumbo both brought tons of guns & ammo to Pokemon World Championship 2015 in Boston all the while bragging on Facebook about it. They were stopped at the door before they could enter, their car searched as well as them, then arrested after the weapons were found. Luckily no one got hurt. http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/29860467/2-men-arrested-with-several-guns-near-pokemon-world-championship
>> No. 99596 ID: 5bb72d
File 144063124269.jpg - (119.00KB , 960x540 , 082415pokemoncs01.jpg )
At least post the pictures of the culprits, OP they make the story that much better. They look like typical /vp/ posters.
>> No. 99601 ID: cfe73e
File 144064108431.jpg - (721.28KB , 2000x1224 , rawImage.jpg )
Well, the videos had pictures of these stupid bastards.
>> No. 99605 ID: 2404e6
Serv and Broseph at it again!

No. 99477 ID: df12a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  > A teenager was arrested after he was caught on camera shining a laser into the cockpit of a police helicopter in Ontario, Canada.

>Officers found the laser and arrested 19-year-old armed forces reservist Nicholas Caranci, who faces three charges, including mischief endangering life.

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>> No. 99539 ID: d2e752
...I'm moving to Russia...
>> No. 99551 ID: e6fbee
So I didn't find out until I got back but apparently in Afghanistan shining a laser on an Aircraft was how the Afghan National Army would say "Hello Mr.53! We love you!" and not Taliban trying to blind us or paint us as a target.
Due to the ROE returning fire in most cases was not allowed so people would shine their IZLID back at them (infrared) if they had one mounted on their GAU-21 (I personally never did). I actually wonder how many ANA were blinded by 53 crews
over the years because of that misunderstanding...

Actually Terfing (terrain flight, as low as 50' and fast) at night is one of my favorite things. I know it unsettles pilots but I feel like the biggest badass in the world when we do it. Multiply that feeling by 10x if we have guns and ammo.
I wouldn't say it is disorienting more than disconcerting that there are things that can/will kill you that you just can't see under NVGs. I still don't get why everyone insists on illuminating towers with colors that can't be seen with NVGs.
>> No. 99556 ID: 6d6cb1
I read that as:

>Actually a Tiefling (terrain flight, as low as 50' and fast) at night is one of my favorite things.

The rest of that sentence only made me even more confused as I imagined a sorcerer Tiefling with vestigial wings, darkvision, and shadow magic, fighting helicopters with spells while flying from building to building.

Perhaps I should stop drinking for tonight.
>> No. 99557 ID: 2404e6


Im still pissed that I found out after the fact that I could have used my voc rehab to go to flight school. Shit I would have done that in a heart beat over some random college degree.
>> No. 99577 ID: a2d819
File 144054459718.png - (42.58KB , 520x400 , Laser-Infographic-night-2014-multicolor.png )
The FAA has received over 17,000 reports of lasers pointed at aircraft. Probably thousands more have gone unreported. Is there a single incident in which an aircraft has actually crashed due to a laser? I didn't find a single incident that was definitely caused by a laser.

While I understand the concern for safety. The hypothesis being that a laser could cause a pilot to crash. The real world condition has been documented thousands of times without the expected result. A logical person would conclude that the condition isn't likely to lead to the expected result.

I'm not saying the issue should be completely ignored, rather a less panicked knee jerk reaction should be considered. Perhaps a window coating that diminishes the possible effect of lasers. After all the real concern shouldn't be to stop stupid kids from doing this, but to prevent it from being used to take down a an aircraft in an intentional attack. From what I can find, you have much better odds of downing a plane with a .338 than a laser pointer.

File 144012635674.jpg - (213.11KB , 620x387 , _m_3411466b.jpg )
99504 No. 99504 ID: 5bb72d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Millionaire tycoon Kim Davies used children's gravestones to decorate the historic mansion which inspired the British hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful, a court has heard.

The 60-year-old property developer brought in tombstones from a derelict chapel and cemented them to the walls of the Grade II listed house, which was built in the late 16th century and given its special status more than 60 years ago because of its national importance.

The Georgian-style manor in the picturesque Usk Valley, in Monmouthshire, is where Irish composer Cecil Alexander is thought to have written the lyrics to the famous hymn.

However planners were horrified to find Davies had cut up 150-year-old gravestones with children's names and ages on them to make "decorative stone plaques" and flagstones for a patio at the house.

One gravestone had the names of three two brothers and a sister who all died under the age of four.

Davies appeared at Newport Crown Court on five counts relating to carrying out unauthorised work under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 on Llanwenarth House in Abergavenny, South Wales.

The father-of-three was fined £60,000 and ordered to pay court costs of £240,000.

He was given a month to pay the fine or he will be jailed for 20 months.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 99550 ID: e6fbee
File 144030633587.jpg - (59.37KB , 400x541 , Beholder_-_Scott_M__Fischer.jpg )
Art is in the eye of the beholder.

I think you actually get what I was trying to say there.
>> No. 99552 ID: 963c4b
File 144030919318.jpg - (109.03KB , 2081x1235 , skeleton art Catacombs of Paris underground ossuar.jpg )
Catacombs of Paris or Catacombes de Paris are underground ossuaries in Paris made to deposit the bones of people (in a rather macabre way) moved out of cemeteries that were taken over and used for more beneficial purposes.
>> No. 99553 ID: 963c4b
File 144030920515.jpg - (1.24MB , 3456x2304 , skeleton art Catacombs of Paris underground ossuar.jpg )
>> No. 99554 ID: 963c4b
File 144030922592.jpg - (3.99MB , 3648x2432 , skeleton art Catacombs of Paris underground ossuar.jpg )
>> No. 99555 ID: 963c4b
File 144030923888.jpg - (915.32KB , 3264x2448 , skeleton art Catacombs of Paris underground ossuar.jpg )

File 143958401036.jpg - (174.58KB , 620x465 , bear_love_corridor.jpg )
99383 No. 99383 ID: 70daea hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Authorities want to talk to a man who donned a fairly realistic bear costume — head and all — and wore it when harassing a bear and two cubs trying to feed on pink salmon in an Alaska river.

The incident happened Monday on the Chilkoot River near Haines, said Alaska Fish and Game Assistant Area Management Biologist Mark Sogge.

It wasn’t immediately known what the man was trying to accomplish.

A crowd had gathered at a weir, used to count fish, because the mother and two cubs have frequently been showing up there to feed during the salmon run.
The crowd, which is kept at a safe distance from the weir, became startled when a man decked out in a bear outfit ran through the area Monday evening.
The man began to jump up and down, and then got close to the cubs, within five to 10 feet, Sogge said.

Alaska Fish and Game technician Lou Cenicola moved the sow out the way for the man’s safety and then tried to talk to the man, which Sogge said is a little outside Cenicola’s normal duties.

“Our job is to count fish,” Sogge said.

The man refused to identify himself, Cenicola said.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 99384 ID: 70daea
File 143958413248.jpg - (40.03KB , 600x338 , 600x338xrichard-luthmann-600x338_jpg_pagespeed_ic_.jpg )
In a real-life story that seems taken out of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, a New York lawyer accused of fraud is actually asking for a trial by combat to settle a legal dispute.

Richard Luthmann says his bizarre request may sound ludicrous to most people, but it certainly isn’t against the law. He pointed out that the right to Trial by Combat was technically never outlawed in the state of New York, or anywhere else in America. “The common law of Britain was in effect in New York in 1776,” he told reporters “And the Ninth Amendment of the Constitution recognises the penumbra of those rights. It’s still on the books.” Historically, trial by combat was indeed a little-used but accepted aspect of English common law.

Luthmann, 35, feels that his request for a combat trial is fair, given that the legal dispute itself is silly and “baseless”. It started in 2013, when Luthmann represented the losing side in a lawsuit between two investment firms. His client, David Parker, was supposed to pay $550,000 to the opposition, but he disappeared without a trace. So the opponents decided to sue him instead, alleging the lawyer helped his client hide his assets in order to avoid payment.

After spending the past two years filing motions and countermotions against the other lawyer, Luthmann was at his wits’ end. “This is not a lawsuit anymore; this is an absurdity,” he told the New York Post. “So I will give them absurdity in kind.” That’s when he decided to make use of a loophole in the law and challenge them to a medieval-style duel to settle the matter.

In his brief, Luthmann asks “that the court permit the undersigned (Luthmann) to dispatch plaintiffs to the Divine Providence of the Maker for Him to exact His divine judgment once the undersigned has released the souls of the plaintiffs and their counsel from their corporeal bodies, personally and or by way of a champion.” Alternatively, he’s willing to settle for just having the case dismissed.

It sounds like a joke, but Luthmann is actually pretty serious about testing the power of the Ninth Amendment. “The judge may look askance at it, but I’m prepared to take it to the highest level,” he said. “I’d love to have a court determine whether we have those rights under the Constitution. This is a matter of honor.”

It’s highly unlikely that the judge will accept Luthmann’s request, but in any case, he’s prepared to go to combat dressed as Game of Thrones character Robert Baratheon. His weapon of choice – a warhammer.

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Richard Chusid, feels differently about the issue. “It should be clear that we do not find the brief amusing and, we believe, neither will the court, both from a legal and ethical perspective,” he said.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 99391 ID: 0daa26
File 143959312831.jpg - (94.17KB , 540x445 , UF3uPXl.jpg )

Ok, I have to admit. At the top of that post I was rolling my eyes and thinking "What kind of faggotry is this...?", but by the end of it, I kind of like this guy and I want to see it happen. Or at least be there to see him try to make it happen.

I mean, I don't know the specifics of the case, so for all I know, he be in the wrong on the original issue. But the idea of using legal proceedings to troll litigious douche bags holds a certain appeal.
>> No. 99449 ID: aeaa6a
PPV that fight. I'd like to see what happens.

As for the extreme furry guy, that doesn't sound real. Think about it, harrassing a grizzly sow??? My experience (as a bystander, not in furry costume ;-) is that momma-griz will go crazier than my wife when I tell her she's a worse lay than her sister as I take her from behind. Dunno... doesn't sound right to me.
>> No. 99531 ID: e8f530
How do they know it wasn't actually a bear? They can drive sometimes.

File 143908021842.gif - (2.00MB , 400x194 , 1439075370667.gif )
99212 No. 99212 ID: e56e86 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 99495 ID: 70d38f
File 144011318596.jpg - (246.63KB , 800x550 , rmb-93.jpg )
>Would the KS-23 have been the closest thing to a standard issue shotgun between said SXS and the post soviet Saiga/vepr series?
No, not really, there's also the thing called RMB-93, but hardly you can see it in action, just as KS-23. They aren't regular service weapons, so I believe that you can only meet them in Special Forces for police or army.

As you can see, the topmost tube in the gun isn't a barrel but a magasine, so the whole barrel is located below in front of the trigger and it's moving as whole during pump-action.
>> No. 99496 ID: 23ad48
is that a topfolding stock? because it looks a bit long.?
>> No. 99501 ID: cfe73e
File 144012004935.jpg - (466.01KB , 2250x1425 , shotgun Russian RMb-93 forward pump-action 7-shot .jpg )
That shotgun is weird. Magazine tube above barrel, pumps forward than back to lock, barrel moves with pump.

The RMb-93 is a pump-action shotgun designed and manufactured by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula, Russia. It is the baseline model of the Rys ("Lynx") series of shotguns, taking the modelname of Rys-K. The RMb-93 has been conceived as a combat weapon for Special Forces and Police units that might face Close Quarters Battle situations. The weapon is thus engineered to reduce size and encumbrance as much as possible. The working system of the RMb-93 is itself an odd slide-action operation called "Inverted Cycle", similar in concept to the one used in the South-African Truvelo Armoury Neostead shotgun (the only other mass-produced firearm to be based upon this system). The feeding tube is placed over the barrel rather than under it, and tilts upwards for loading. Once the weapon is loaded, a shell is chambered by pushing the slide forward-then-backward, instead of the standard backward-then-forward motion of the forend found on most pump-action weapons. Having the RMb-93 a fixed breech face and movable barrel, the operation moves the entire barrel assembly. Once a round is fired and another is chambered, the empty shell falls downwards to the ground, pushed by its own weight. The design of the RMb-93 "Rys-K" carries several advantages: the ejection system makes the gun fully ambidextrous, and the magazine located over the barrel gives the shotgun a low center of mass and reduces upward recoil. The main drawback of the overall design stands in the fact that the weapon has a pistol grip with upfolding metal stock, which when folded finds itself right up the feeding tube. The RMb-93 thus can not be reloaded without extending or removing the stock, a disadvantage if it is being used tactically with a folded stock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMB-93
>> No. 99502 ID: cfe73e
File 144012007349.jpg - (399.02KB , 2250x1450 , shotgun Russian RMb-93 forward pump-action 7-shot .jpg )
>> No. 99503 ID: cfe73e
File 144012019360.jpg - (258.76KB , 1600x1067 , shotgun Russian RMb-93 12 gauge forward moving pum.jpg )

File 143995735522.jpg - (15.76KB , 420x279 , 1297738347632_ORIGINAL.jpg )
99463 No. 99463 ID: 5bb72d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A Russian social media community is encouraging members to post selfies with dead people. It's even offering cash prizes for the best shots.

Selfies with the Deceased is run on the popular social media site VK.

Administrators offer between 1,000 and 5,000 rubles ($20-$100) for the best photos. The photographer should be smiling, the admins say, because the deceased has gone to a better place.

The contest started after the site's founder requested photos from a car crash that killed a 13-year-old girl.

Most of the selfies on the site feature young people posing at relatives' funerals.

A teen girl wrote, "Rest in peace granny -- Honestly couldn't have asked for a better gran," with a photo of her pouting into the camera next to her deceased grandmother on what appears to be a hospital bed.

Russian police are reportedly investigating whether they can shut down the group.

In the meantime, the site says wire service Agence France Presse paid for an interview with the founder, so there will be more prize money to give away.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 99467 ID: ae11c2
Why shut it down? It used to be common in the early days of photography. They'd dress up dead people in their best clothes and then pose them with the rest of the family as if still alive. Since photographs were expensive, these were often the only family pics they had.
>> No. 99476 ID: 4930b8
File 144004666668.jpg - (40.05KB , 640x480 , boyfriends-selfie-dead-girlfriend-gone-viral-inter.jpg )
It's seriously entertaining to think of the mental hoops you had to jump through to apply the justification for ye olde time formal necro-photography to stuff like this.
>> No. 99486 ID: ae11c2
File 144009009557.jpg - (63.68KB , 480x467 , YtwUtnH.jpg )
>It's seriously entertaining to think of the mental hoops you had to jump through to apply the justification for ye olde time formal necro-photography to stuff like this.

This is not harming anyone directly and it has an interesting historical precedent, so why regulate it through laws or have officials intervene?
If this is abusive or offensive (to be decided on case per case basis) than action should be taken by companies or individuals involved. If some coroner is posting dumbass pics, his boss should intervene. If an undertaker does it, his image will be tarnished and hopefully the market will take care of it once people have been made aware of it. If some random tard posts disrespectful pics with dead granny, then it's up to the family to intervene. Unless it's necrophelia ofc.

I'm not sure why you find this so astonishing. Most operators have libertarian leanings, we don't like kneejerk regulation.
>> No. 99487 ID: e7f332
It is well established that the dead have no right to privacy - a law banning selfies with corpses would be outright nonsense.

It could be banned by policy at funeral homes for sure, they are private establishments after all.
>> No. 99490 ID: 4930b8
This is in Russia, a place where they openly assassinate political rivals and bulldoze nasty imperialist NATO cheese that was conspiring to corrupt the youth.

No. 99473 ID: bee332 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Oh the lulz

No. 99472 ID: bee332 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Well, How the heck are y'all?

File 14393102427.jpg - (120.11KB , 640x480 , image.jpg )
99314 No. 99314 ID: 7e2aa6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Personally I think that it will drift further toward the religious right as it loses the next few national ellections and then fragment.
31 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 99450 ID: cfe73e
File 143991492619.jpg - (399.95KB , 1348x899 , college University of Little Rock, AR, Bowen Schoo.jpg )
If you look around, graduate schools can be reasonable (to insanely expensive). I went to the University of Little Rock, Bowen School of Law for $9000/year for 12-month (3 semester) years, back in 2003 to 2006. My brother spent more on bullshit child care at the time ($10,000/year for babysitting??). Worked full-time to pay the bills and attending full-time night school worked out fine. Wages in Arkansas were appallingly low, but the rent was just $250/month. Huckabee was the Gov. back then and he was (and still is) an imbecile; stupid pig-fucker would just talk about his diet and Jesus while his state more and more resembles Mississippi (wretchedness statistics like lowest average wages, college grads per 1000, etc.). Am exploiting every school debt reduction possible.
>> No. 99451 ID: cfe73e
  In the previous presidential election, questions like dealing with the insanely high cost of tuition and how college costs are soaring through the goddamn roof, Mitt Romney suggested borrowing the money from your parents. Now Mitt's parents were LOADED! Mitt Romney's Dad, George Wilcken Romney was chairman and president of American Motors Corporation from 1954 to 1962, the 43rd Governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969, and the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1969 to 1973. Yeah, easy to ask somebody like that for some college money or investment capital, but having such a Patrician Papa is the exception to the rule.

Mitt Romney: Start a Business, Kids...Just Borrow $20k From Your Parents! https://youtu.be/BpJqmLIDXUc
Romney: Borrow Money From Parents Instead of Student Loans
Published on Apr 30, 2012 https://youtu.be/Z1t6IkWPMRQ
--While President Obama indicates he just paid off his student loan's 8 years ago, Mitt Romney suggests that students "borrow money from their parents" for school or to start a business, showing how out of touch he really is.
>> No. 99452 ID: 798a48
Not really out of touch, though it's a position I still disagree with. When you compare it with the majority opinion of parents expecting to finance their childrens' education (which I also disagree with), it's a more constructive step than parents taking on loans themselves to do so. FAFSA's been overdue for some more drastic reform with the way it considers parent income even for independent students and depending on an EFC score.

>In fact, 15% of parents said they believe their children should pay for every cent of college on their own -- up from 12% in 2012. Another 32% said their children should pay for most costs, compared to 27% in 2012.
>> No. 99453 ID: 798a48
Might as well link the 'free community college' thread.
>> No. 99455 ID: cfe73e
File 143992919863.jpg - (102.24KB , 600x550 , Terminator Cyberdyne Coffee.jpg )
Yeah, I didn't get a dime from Daddy (my brother did, though) and that was fine with me.
And that's the difference between the night students from the day students. The dean of the law school came in and said the day students were complaining that some night student brought in a coffee machine with coffee, creamer, sugar and cups for the night students to freely use, but that stuff got locked away after night classes were done. The day students complained about not being able to use it and we should not have it if they cannot use it (?!?). I said, "Fuck the day students! Fuck 'em in the ass! Those privileged princesses can bring in their own coffee if they want. Nearly all of those assholes are going to school on Daddy's dime. The night students are working to put themselves through law school. Half the students here also have families to deal with as well. You make us give up the student-funded coffee to appease these puerile privileged pricks and you can FORGET all that alumni money that you'll try to shake down from us later. I'll get that call from you and I'll just tell you to get your money from the coffee fund. And you tell the worthless swine day students that had the unbelievable gall to complain what I said and that I desire to be nothing but at odds with them!"

The dean left the coffee issue alone.

File 143901658183.jpg - (121.58KB , 1160x629 , 150807_gop_debate_gty_1160.jpg )
99185 No. 99185 ID: aaff85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Why is there not a thread on the GOP debate?

I watched it earlier and I didn't think it was horrible. It was honestly pretty civil besides Rand the Man calling out Trump and Christie.

Trump was charismatic as ever, but I still wouldn't trust as far as I could throw him. Bush was as expected. Carson said some decent shit, but was largely ignored. Christie p much defended the patriot act and supported keeping phone records of all Americans, which pissed me off. Rand was pretty much completely ignored too, but he showed fire an i loved that he just wouldn't back down. Even Kasich said some p good stuff but repeated himself a lot. Everyone else is pretty much a blur for me, tbh.

Your opinions?
71 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 99341 ID: cb5ffa
Still not as bad as Windows 10 shills.
>> No. 99343 ID: cfe73e
File 143941112821.jpg - (0.96MB , 1189x1491 , US P Representative Ron Paul R-Texas in 2007.jpg )
Yeah, the establishment and his own party marginalized his views as insane, derided his fans as deluded fools, and then crushed him in the nomination process.

The same will probably be done against Bernie Sanders.
>> No. 99350 ID: 0faf0a
>Foreign tax shelters are problematic
>SJW codeword
>from guy who keeps pushing socialism despite it being proven wrong
Not surprised.

>having no deductions or exemptions pretty much eliminates the loopholes out of the tax laws
Then why aren't you addressing how the IRS would solve any of the tax shelter problems? Why aren't you addressing how the IRS could prevent businessowners from simply charging their customers more or paying their workers less to make up the difference they're being taxed with? Making corporations pay gross receipts and profits doesn't stop this from occurring, it only makes things worse for the customer and the worker.
Again: What's to stop a businessowner with a 10% profit tax from simply raising his prices to compensate for that amount? All other businessowners are paying the same goddamn tax, so market forces WOULD NOT force down his prices.

>One idea was counting the wages paid to the bottom 70% of the company's employees twice when determining adjusted profits but that wages and compensation paid to any person in the corporation that is in excess of more than 20 times the federal minimum wage
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 99356 ID: cfe73e
File 143946329727.jpg - (1.50MB , 2352x2380 , US P tax 1871 U_S_ Revenue stamp for 1-6 barrel of.jpg )
Yeah, go cry me a river.
You would prefer eliminating the deductions & exemptions but keep the corporate tax where it is at 35% instead?
The point of my proposal was to make the corporate taxes lower, but simplify it greatly and get rid of the loopholes so that they all pay the same lowered rate. The corporations would also not have to keep bribing Congress to extend their special tax deductions & exemptions every year, as they do currently.
And windfall profits taxes were enacted to prevent industries (mostly trusts and monopolies) from gouging the customers and population with high prices where typical competitive market forces cannot control. The corporations would typically choose to keep their prices below the level where the windfall profits taxes would kick in. If you are infuriated by anything obstructing a corporation from gouging its customers, then you have strange priorities.

- 1871 U.S. Revenue stamp for 1/6 barrel of beer Brewers would receive the stamps in sheets, cut them into individual stamps, cancel them, and paste them over the bung of the beer barrel so when the barrel was tapped it would destroy the stamp.
>> No. 99377 ID: e9c3ed
  Daryl 2016.

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