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No. 80117 ID: 5b9651 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Just saw this a minute ago. Topkek.

Makes an excellent point too.
>> No. 80136 ID: 39d4a6
Wait, so there worse than NY now?
>> No. 80146 ID: 6a1cb6
There is no worse than this state, Jew York brother.
>> No. 80230 ID: 0c4ec2
  Thank God for Texas

File 139028585039.jpg - (44.27KB , 435x502 , terrible.jpg )
79219 No. 79219 ID: 05ccd3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So people, I might be a panel member for a discussion on a conspiracy theory themed radio show, the topic will be 9/11.

What would your stance on the issue be? If someone asked you "what actually happened that day? what were the motives, who were the planners, etc.." What would you say?

I'm not just going to opchan for ideas, I have my own theories.
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>> No. 80028 ID: a70a23
I'm admitting that, while being a conspiracy theorist, I don't take my own shit that seriously.

Once the weather warms up I'll be heading back out into the woods/hills. Far away from cops, bureaucrats, and lawyers.
>> No. 80029 ID: ae6315
>Once the weather warms up I'll be heading back out into the woods/hills. Far away from cops, bureaucrats, and lawyers.

And hopefully any kind of an internet connection.
>> No. 80030 ID: a70a23
Yeah, lol wouldn't want to spoil your precious "internet".
>> No. 80032 ID: 46fbb4

You're alright, thin woodsman. Bring back interesting pictures when you go.
>> No. 80037 ID: a70a23
Will do.

Ive got a mountain biking related project in the works, should have some things to post.

File 139131571779.jpg - (627.18KB , 1600x1200 , LocalSportsCollective.jpg )
79912 No. 79912 ID: ea10ef hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Fuck the Leastern establishment and their low capacity magazines!!!
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>> No. 79978 ID: e9341d
File 139141895244.jpg - (112.31KB , 640x373 , super-bowl-2014-media-day-with-seattle-seahawks-6b.jpg )
Man, you guys were talking so much shit this last week.

Now look;
>> No. 79982 ID: 2efd5f
File 139146462697.jpg - (30.06KB , 403x537 , WLupEiE.jpg )
>> No. 79983 ID: ee1c7f
File 139146553183.jpg - (318.18KB , 960x542 , Pete Carroll is this it.jpg )
This is what Pete Carroll must have been thinking last night.
>> No. 79991 ID: 1f64a0
I didn't watch the game because I don't really care for the feetsball or the super bowel, but from what I've read in the thread and heard at work, the Puddle Pigeons went and turned a rape into a murder.
>> No. 79992 ID: f40101
Yep it was a giant Mandingo party on the Broncos

File 139129835071.jpg - (25.91KB , 320x320 , 1016072-codpiece_14.jpg )
79898 No. 79898 ID: bc05e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a maps?
Specifically for the NYC drainage, sewer, railway, gaslines, also including the disused tunnels?
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>> No. 79910 ID: a87030
File 139130966616.png - (221.19KB , 1596x859 , existing_utilities.png )
I've often wondered what it would be like to do engineering design work in Manhattan, what with all the layers upon layers of infrastructure underground, all the various easements and rights of way dating back 200 years. Then I start to get a headache and become glad that I don't have to.
>> No. 79923 ID: 45a52f
If you can't find maps, make your own. Get down there with some gps and start mapping. It's an adventure. Who knows, you might find some treasure. But watch out for the homeless street urchin/cave trolls.

I've heard that there is a hobo city in one of the old railway tunnels.
>> No. 79924 ID: 71527a
>working in heavy tree cover, let alone Tunnels.

GPS relies on line of sight to satellites.

Also, yea, the maps are certainly out there and readily accessible, your best bet is getting ingratiated with one of the many NYC UrbEx groups.
>> No. 79935 ID: ea10ef
Many public works departments sell maps of public works.
>> No. 79979 ID: bc05e1
File 139142140279.jpg - (7.08KB , 191x200 , 13599230654s.jpg )
I'd probably get into the system from the subway. From what I've read those are connected to service tunnels which indirectly connect to most of the major lines. Security beneath the subway system is for lack of a better word, completely unsecured. There are several layers below those as well, which I need to read up on but it all looks interesting.

File 139104250677.png - (203.85KB , 543x382 , lindarichman.png )
79792 No. 79792 ID: 13dbd1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I started out writing a reply to a portion of a post(greentext below) in another thread, but decided it would be better off in a thread of its own. This is a short rant regarding why the employment situation in the US is not likely to ever get better. This isn't ALL of the reasons, just a couple that I see as primary causes.

We'll have coffee, we'll talk. Discuss among yourselves.


>Hell, in America we've been waiting almost 7 years for a recovery to our pre-recession figures and we haven't seen them nor do I think we'll see them anytime soon.

In reality we will most likely never see them. The reasoning behind this is simple:

There are too many people and not enough jobs. So many of the jobs lost between '08 and now were "dead weight" jobs, legacy positions that were remains from another era, a great deal of the work the individuals laid off during this period did is shit that really and truly can be automated now. Even the millions of blue collar skilled labor jobs sitting open aren't enough to eat the giant pile of unemployed warm bodies in the US right now. All those jobs are lost forever...like tears in the rain. Short of there being some sort of massive new scientific advancement or some sort of economic explosion in the developing world that results in a massive demand for American goods, we are most likely looking at a future where 20% of the labor force is unemployed at any given time. This is the future, and there is nothing any Utopian philosophy (Communism, anarcho-capitalism, etc) can do to fix it, let alone any of our current policies.

This is the fruit of progress, and the idea of the two earner household...and it is some bitter bitter fruit.
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>> No. 79921 ID: 78e7e3
File 139133723525.jpg - (18.19KB , 512x384 , 1441484_632212996836937_2063263959_n.jpg )
Reason is simple, not many wants to wash their hands off machine oil or mud anymore.Everyone wants to be an engineer, doctor or lawyer.Or accountant, in case your family is jewish.

Education used to mean refinement, enrichment.Now it became entitlement. It means because you have memorized all kinds of useless bullshit and garbage tier doctrine.

Ive been staying and working in the hotel for the past one and half month. No off day for 3 months now.Why? because every applicant we talked wants to be a manager because he / she finished a 4 year degree. Ink on their diplomas are so fresh I can smell it.

I worked in many jobs, from farm hand to washing corpses for burial to truck driving to general all around fix it guy. Id rather carry 200 pounds of flour sack on my back than be a snotty cunt waiting for perfect employment.

That glossy fancy A4 paper doesnt mean shit if you are not willing to break a sweat for honest work.
>> No. 79929 ID: 53fad5
I know I've said it before, Torpido, but I like your talk and you really ought to be a US citizen.
>> No. 79931 ID: 13e96a
People like you, make this world a better place. We honestly need an archive of everyone of your posts to show future generations how people should act. Torpido you are a shinning light for future generations. If there could only be one tripfag on this chan I would elect you to be it. You deserve American citizenship for your actions abroad, but sadly America doesnt work that way.

Torpido how are the protests in Turkey going? It seems the media has ignored them and instead is now only focusing on Ukraine.
>> No. 79975 ID: 78e7e3
File 139140800081.jpg - (139.19KB , 960x839 , Torpido's daily routine.jpg )

I just do what it feels right thats all. Most people say I am a menace to society can be trusted with newborns.Even law enforcement loves me for my antics.

Protests lost support once pkk members infiltrated the ranks, We beat them back every time but police started supporting them(like not tear gassing the streets . Plus Mass media loved to portray us as terrorists as well.

Nowadays all the rage is bribery and embezzlement scandal of AKP.it goes all the way to Erdogan himself.Not surprising since he was notorious for his time as mayor of Istanbul (not constantinople). His most trusted allies , Gulen's jamaat attacking him on all fronts.

I am enjoying those developments. "Let them eat eachother and not pay meat, let them fuck eachother and not pay for ass"
>> No. 79976 ID: 78e7e3
*not tear gassing streets we cornered them*

File 139044149969.jpg - (7.31KB , 80x204 , image.jpg )
79401 No. 79401 ID: 5949dd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sup everyone. I'm alive, I'm working, I'm saving Detroit. Hope you guys are all doing well.
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>> No. 79762 ID: b338a2
>> No. 79767 ID: 59d90f
It played 90% like that. The fault is mine. I tough that people who really wanted to be there would be motivated to try their best and not go there "where the fence is at the lowest". More interested in drinking rather than their future life. Should have monitored the progress more vigilantly.

The project teams were picked by random. There are lot of talented guys who are lazy, talented guys who work hard, lazy&stupid and my personal favorite: guys who lack the knowledge but compensate with hard work.

For future we will decide our own teams. Made some awesome new friend who felt the pain and I predict future projects will go more than fine.
>> No. 79771 ID: 7ca308
File 139101637753.jpg - (52.39KB , 332x564 , 1331643324932.jpg )

Being lazy is great. You need to find the sweet spot where you perform well, but put in as little work as possible. Don't forget to enjoy what little youth remains (while obviously not putting your future in jeopardy)

Unless you're a hardcharging gogetter, of course. Then toil away, my friend.
>> No. 79775 ID: 07d2a7
Because most people these days need their hands held.

At least long enough until you A)Give up on them, because you can't save everyone, or B)Teach them how to walk on their own.
>> No. 79884 ID: 5afac2
Another week down, and hey, a weekend off. Yesterday's shift kicked my ass. It wasn't that it was extremely busy, or the calls were extremely difficult. It's just that it felt like we really couldn't catch a break at times. I did get a free Chipotle burrito, though. Those guys always hook us up with big burritos for cheap, but I've never gotten a free one before. That little act of kindness kind of kept me going for the rest of the day.

Pay it forward, motherfuckers.

File 139119676426.jpg - (149.65KB , 560x375 , a_560x375.jpg )
79867 No. 79867 ID: 53fad5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Obammers is on the Youtubes this very instant if you want to see him talk live with people on the internet.

>> No. 79869 ID: 53fad5
I wasn't really listening to the guy from Texas all that much, but the President did cite stuff about SCOTUS and the Citizens decision, closing corporate tax loopholes, and whatnot.

Some office lady who had a specific and technical gripe regarding losing her healthplan was assured that she would have someone call her directly, and then he went on to say things in general, acknowledging that the website was dildoes but to contact the call centers. He mentioned Kentucky was pretty good about it. Her response, which was drowned out as they went on the next question, was that she'd already called the hotlines.

A brown woman in a hijab and too much makeup named Rian?--didn't catch it--had a question about surveillance and NY's corrupted take on Terry stops, and asked what was being done by him to regain the trust of the people.

He pretty much just told her to Google his speech on NSA that he gave before State of Union address. Assurance was based on that it's okay because everything takes a court order. "That's always been true that continues to be true."
Was cognizant that one of the biggest concerns raised was with the collection of metadata in a single database. But he said it was only happening to a minority of people if there was evidence of reasonable suspicion that there was a single number out of many on anyone's phone number contact list that was associated with a terrorist network.

Said another concern was that if it's all held in one place, isn't that potentially suspect to abuse down the road? Promised reform so that the US government wasn't holding data.

"In next 60 days we are going to get a report back" from NSA and FBI "about how we do that"
Said in the meantime that database will not be able to be queried without judicial approval.

On the subject of surveillance broadly around people throughout the country and in others, claimed that he cared about protecting privacy rights not just here but everywhere.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13910155244.jpg - (63.08KB , 550x300 , eccles1-550x300.jpg )
79770 No. 79770 ID: 13a71c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
On 8 December 2013, social upheaval in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv resulted in a symbolic gesture by a group of protesters who pulled down and ‘beheaded’ the statue of Lenin.

The statue was built in 1946, immediately following the end of World War II. While not as old, nor as architecturally significant, as the Pyramids this destruction of a historical monument by Ukrainian citizens angry at their government’s decision to not finalize a trade agreement with the EU is the latest in a long string of politically-motivated attacks on heritage.

The battle to preserve cultural heritage from looters and vandals is long fought. Aside from natural disasters, cultural heritage has also fallen prey to conflict and social unrest. For example, Mayan temples were torn down with new ones built in their stead often at the behest of the new leader.

Fast forwarding to the 21st century and impact of Arab Spring, in May 2012 UNESCO assistant director general Francesco Bandarin said while Arab Spring had been good for democracy, it had not been kind to cultural heritage. Civil war and unrest is not the only threat to our heritage, however. Street art, graffiti, or just plain gang tagging–whether to mark territory or as a sign of political revolution–is just as destructive and can be equally permanent.

During a recent visit to Budapest, I found evidence of vandalism, street, art, and political statements scattered on monuments, sacred ground, and throughout the historic landscape. This discovery sparked several questions: with all the political upheaval in the world, is it ever appropriate for segments of society to deface, desecrate, or otherwise destroy symbols that represent a nation, culture, or period of time, or as a reminder of sacrifices made or of events best not repeated. Who owns heritage? Is ownership found within national boundaries, cultural traditions, or political affiliations? Or does it belong to all, regardless of nationality or ethnic ties?

Democratically free societies may not have the power to alter the course of a civil war in a land far from their own nation’s borders, and those enduring the chaos are rightly focusing on their survival and that of their family. Where possible, however, individual citizens do have a responsibility to respect and protect the heritage under their stewardship.

Consider cultural heritage as a roadmap: one way to check if you are on course with your destination is to look back across the route you took. Without cultural heritage landmarks to remind us the path we have taken, we risk taking that wrong turn and ending up back in the Dark Ages.

Despite international laws protecting cultural heritage, there are no straightforward answers to my questions. I believe that protection of heritage should not relegated solely to academic institutions, museums, governments, or even a handful of philanthropist
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 79772 ID: 9850fd
File 139101729278.jpg - (258.97KB , 960x1280 , tMo1If2.jpg )
Tear it down and build it better. The worst of us should fall away.
>> No. 79860 ID: 94b552
Said the chan dude, using an image of a historic statue and failing to recognize the irony.

File 139070737119.jpg - (32.24KB , 354x327 , 131813300664.jpg )
79570 No. 79570 ID: 5d922e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
But I need a bit more immediate help. Mea culpa for this...

My 75 Ford F150 is having a pretty major problem. After repairing the leaky radiator from my last thread, a wonderful new development has occurred trying to leave the restaurant parking lot after eating on the way home.

My shifter on the column no longer works. The lever feels loose and just sort of glides over the gear positions without any feedback.

I can still shift the tranny


by crawling under it and actually moving the shifter lever on the side of the transmission housing by hand. Also tranny fluid seems to be leaking everywhere under the chassis. There was a steady drip coming off one corner in particular. So to get out of the lot I had to crawl under, push the lever all the way forward (reverse position), move the shifter on the steering column to Park to activate the ignition safety, start the engine, back out, shut the engine off, chock the wheels, crawl back under, click the tranny lever to the drive position (4th position from the front), unchock the wheels, start the engine, slide the shifter lever to Drive, and then made it home.

This may have been caused by an emergency maneuver from earlier in the day. I found out I have air in the brake lines when she started crawling forward at a stoplight with the pedal to the floor and nearly rear ended a car. I slammed the shifter into Park to stop it.

Both the fluid leak and the loose shifter are pretty serious problems. I think I might have broken the linkage in the column with my little forced stop maneuver, but could that have caused the leak as well? Advice from our automotively inclined OPERATORs would be very appreciated. Going to the shop is a last ditch option - I'm already about broke and the bills are due. I have the mechanical wherewithal to fix shit generally, but I know very little about vehicles.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
44 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79758 ID: 492e2b
Now Drake is a commodity.
>> No. 79759 ID: 5b9651
Good to see you, Meplat.

>The actual "stops" for the drive selection is that toothed segment in the trans.

Those are still there. When I turn the firewall linkage by hand I get a positive "click.....click....click" from the tranny itself as she goes into each gear position.
>> No. 79768 ID: f9a97c
File 139101236789.jpg - (193.90KB , 1024x1359 , 2WDsteering-column.jpg )
If you look at the lower right of this diagram, I think you'll figure out what you broke.
>> No. 79776 ID: 5b9651

That 7302 assembly looks like the connection to the tranny linkage that I've been flipping back and forth.

I see potential at 7379, but what exactly is 7B097?
>> No. 79777 ID: f9a97c
A switch actuator for the park/neutral safety switch.

File 139061603565.jpg - (32.88KB , 533x400 , 24519312_BG1.jpg )
79527 No. 79527 ID: 258c8f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

This little guy awoke 6 of his relatives, saving their lives, and then died trying to save a 7th (his grandfather), when their trailer caught fire.

After reading this story, I'm left thinking two things:
1- This kid deserves a hero's burial.
2- where the fuck were the 4 surviving adults in all of this.
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 79709 ID: b338a2
File 139093294252.jpg - (99.29KB , 706x480 , burningman.jpg )
>I don't mean to be a dick, but from what you've led on in previous posts, I think that's an order that didn't need to be given.
sick burn
>> No. 79712 ID: fdf717
File 139093551759.jpg - (28.25KB , 799x270 , ChrisHansen-1.jpg )
>> No. 79717 ID: b5332d
Please, call me Original-chan, Chris-kun. <3
>> No. 79738 ID: ba2636
....i-is that you Fleece?
>> No. 79754 ID: 038051
We can do this two ways. The kawaii way, or the hard way. The choice is yours.

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