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File 141373437043.jpg - (2.90MB , 4000x3627 , 1408865565052.jpg )
91020 No. 91020 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
You are a senior officer of a fictional army in the near future. Your govt has approved the production of a new APC that can carry up to 16 infantrymen, and you're expected to fill as many slots as you can. How do you reorganize your infantry squads/sections? Get sixteen slots filled up and you get that promotion you've been waiting for.
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>> No. 91031 ID: 5c95de
File 14137611007.jpg - (48.71KB , 320x240 , 14064225513.jpg )
>Get sixteen slots filled up

15 bronies in suicide vests, with HM in the driver's seat.

>vendimus mortem

Now where's my promotion?
>> No. 91060 ID: 35b196
Two squads of 8, two fireteams in a squad. (if excluding APC crew).

1st fireteam has squad leader, radiodude, LMG and grenadier
2nd fireteam has second-in-command, sharpshooter, AT and demolitions.
>> No. 91061 ID: 9b140a
Driver, pleb with suitcase nuke on a deadman's switch, hookers and beer.

war = over.
>> No. 91065 ID: 885afe
Knowing you, these would be problems with your plan:

>Driver wouldnt actually know how to drive
>Suitcase would actually be empty
>Deadman switch would trigger constantly with an audible click, but it wouldnt do anything as the case is empty
>Hookers would actually be not even close to passable cross dressers
>Beer would have been not purchased because you sent some underage pleb to buy it.
>> No. 91066 ID: e9341d
File 141392936829.jpg - (132.39KB , 640x480 , 13583146434.jpg )
Dump all the infantrymen, replace with robotic bees.

File 141359179048.jpg - (2.38MB , 4212x2671 , lc-80le632u_ho.jpg )
90936 No. 90936 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are some good TV shows made in the past 15 years? No shows with laugh tracks.
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>> No. 91003 ID: 885afe
Spartacus is pretty good.

Ill write up a list of the shows I can think of that I personally like. In a few that is.
>> No. 91014 ID: 034a6e
legend of galactic heroes
>> No. 91032 ID: 697c94
The new doctor who series on the BBC is great, currently in its 8th season first 7 are on netflix.
>> No. 91039 ID: 68aa6b
  >No shows with laugh tracks.
fuck you elitest

In addition:
bad education
danger 5
still game
parks and rec
top gear
the tick
>> No. 91057 ID: f18153
Sleepy Hollow.

I know, from the outside it looks like a silly mess. But when you watch it you realize... well, it's still silly as hell, but knows it and sells it. It has one of the best ensemble casts on television right now.

For something entirely different, watch True Detective.

Do you really fucking like trains? Or cowboys? Try Hell on Wheels. I swear it's not Shining Time Station With Guns

File 141218186598.png - (509.19KB , 960x720 , stats Medicare & Social Security Deficits Char.png )
90633 No. 90633 ID: 1e7cc7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Fixing Social Security?
In the USA, people are living longer and the birth rate is decreasing. These facts are problematic for continued funding of Social Security, funded through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax (FICA), a flat 12.4% payroll tax where employers and employees contribute equally. This tax is levied on the first $117,000 of income for employment; amounts earned above that are not taxed (this is the tax cap). Historically, tax receipts and interest income have exceeded benefit payments and other expenditures, but without further legislation, or change in benefits, this annual surplus will change to a deficit around 2021, when payments begin to exceed receipts and interest thereafter because the number of workers paying into the program continues declining relative to those receiving benefits. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Security_debate_in_the_United_States

An estimated 161 million people paid into the program and 57 million received benefits in 2012, roughly 2.82 workers per beneficiary. The number of workers paying into the program was 5.1 per retiree in 1960; this declined to 3.3 in 2007 and is projected to decline to 2.1 by 2035. And life expectancy continues to increase, meaning retirees collect benefits longer. Proposed fixes are to raising the payroll tax rate to 15.0% (from the current 12.4%) or cutting benefits by 16.2% or eliminating the income cap of $117,000 would address the program's budgetary concerns. Or the program could be privatized, but corporate theft or an economic catastrophe could ruin this social safety net.

As for the previous accumulated surpluses deposited in the Social Security Trust Fund, they were borrowed, spent and added to the US National Debt, so forget that shit. http://www.slate.com/articles/briefing/articles/1996/12/social_security_from_ponzi_scheme_to_shell_game.html

What would you suggest to fix Social Security?

- Medicare & Social Security Deficits Chart, September 2008
Payroll tax revenues dedicated to these programs are not sufficient to cover their costs. Medicare HI refers to Hospital Insurance (Part A). Other parts of Medicare also are costly. Note that the Social Security surplus tax receipts reduce the "total" deficit figure often reported in the media. If we go from a $200 billion Social Security surplus today to a $200 billion deficit in the future, this is a $400 billion increase to the deficit often reported in the media.
• Today, Social Security taxes exceed Social Security benefits—the Social Security surplus is invested in Treasuries and it offsets the deficit in the rest of government
• BUT that surplus shrinks in 2009 and disappears in 2017, so
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 90785 ID: 1e7cc7
  Star Trek TOS: A Taste of Armageddon
Spanish surtitles, unfortunately.
>> No. 90899 ID: f3e2a5
That or making sure Social Security (as is) didn't get passed. Or making sure people in our country kept having babies outside of the lowest rungs of society.
>> No. 90901 ID: b89631
Remove SS and replace it with a program that requires the employer to automatically deposit the money that would have gone into SS into an employee's 401k account, which cannot be withdrawn from until the retirement age, with the singular exemption allowed for loans from the account to cover down payment/mortgages on buying a primary residence. The account may be changed in type by the owner, or transferred to a different banking institution, but cannot be withdrawn from. At 65, you can start cashing out at 5% of the total per year.

As far as people who have currently paid into the current SS system? Continue to fund it through standard means alongside this plan until the final survivors die, then drop the tax entirely.

It saves the whole concept of why we have SS--people are too stupid to save. But, now we don't have a government (mis)managed Ponzi scheme, more user control over money, and significantly less government bureaucracy.
>> No. 90902 ID: b5332d
Sounds a lot like Superannuation in Australia.
>> No. 90963 ID: b89631
I'm usually not a fan of australia, but I read about superannuation, and it seems like a much better approach than socsec in the us. Thanks for the reference

File 141351811362.jpg - (302.19KB , 1133x713 , iskbfsrn8bneqqnlegj2.jpg )
90923 No. 90923 ID: e8f72b hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>> No. 90960 ID: c565c4
>linking to gizmodo
>implying this isn't fucking awesome

File 141335841390.jpg - (90.97KB , 1024x768 , win 8.jpg )
90906 No. 90906 ID: e9341d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
svchost.exe is a piece of shit and I wish it would just go away, but everytime I kill this process, I also lose my audio output.
>> No. 90908 ID: 097fc9
Run HitmanPro

Run System File Checker
open command prompt as Admin and type in "sfc /scannow" it should scan your Windows for any missing important file and repair it.

Run this all-in-one repair
>> No. 90909 ID: 68aa6b
File 141337881718.jpg - (285.51KB , 1247x835 , d06_91594899.jpg )
svchost is literally what it says. a service manager for the windows system. It's not a single program.

Hit windows key -> run -> 'services.msc'
go though there and check for extraneous shit that you might not need.

I'm a big fan of mbam and ccleaner. The free versions will do what you need.
>> No. 90934 ID: d87b8d

alot of windows "services" (daemons to *nixfags) are implemented as DLLs. svchost.exe "service host" is the application that's called to take these service DLLs, load them up and actually run as an application.

When you start killing random svchost instances, you're hard-killing windows services. This could be your audio manager (in your case), WPA key manager, wifi AP auto-enumeration service...countless things.

using services.msc is a good idea for cutting down on use. also, msconfig is a good tool for disabling what services and programs load at startup. finally, look up what a bare-bones windows install should have as it's running processes, and individually google any remaining processes you have active to discover their nature (certain machines need stuff like mouse driver managers, etc, to function properly even though they're not part of a bare bones windows process list)
>> No. 90953 ID: ef6ae2
File 14136059719.jpg - (140.53KB , 647x522 , 1396244323396.jpg )
svchost, at least on my computer, usually runs when windows is downloading an update.

If you want to get rid of it, download ubuntu :V

No. 90944 ID: 329f54 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Really interesting discussion. I've been on a Cody Wilson kick since Ghost Gunner dropped.

File 141350094874.jpg - (24.30KB , 492x365 , super_pooper_logo.jpg )
90915 No. 90915 ID: 697c94 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Are you under 50 years old, willing to make daily trips to Medford, and have regular bowel movements? You, my friend, could be earning $40 a day—just for pooping.

All you have to do is visit OpenBiome, launched in 2012 as the only independent nonprofit stool bank in the country. The brainchild of MIT postdoctoral associate Mark Smith, OpenBiome collects, tests, and provides fecal samples to 122 hospitals in 33 states for one of the most interesting medical treatment innovations today: fecal microbiota transplantation.

“Think of us as a blood bank, but for poop,” said Smith, who developed OpenBiome when he saw the gap in the medical structure to provide many patients with the life-saving fecal samples. “You shouldn’t have to fly across the country to get poop.”

Smith works with a team of full-time and part-time researchers, graduate students, gastroenterologists, and business minds to ensure that fecal samples are in every city and town and within a two-hour radius for every person who needs them. Smith said that they’ve hit the four-hour radius so far.

Wait, who wants someone else’s poop?

To keep your digestive and immune systems functioning properly, your body needs to maintain a natural balance of bacteria in your gut. But antibiotics taken to treat infections kill both “good” and “bad” bacteria indiscriminately. They kill it all, upsetting the balance and making the gastrointestinal tract susceptible to C. difficile, a “bad” bacteria. The resulting infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, affects more than 500,000 Americans per year, causing fever, nausea, abdominal pain, and serious diarrhea—and kills 14,000 Americans per year, especially in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

There are antibiotics that treat C. difficile, but as many as 20 percent of the infections return.

Our poop, it turns out, is a plentiful source of this good bacteria, and how do you get one person’s good-bacteria-filled poop into an ailing person? A fecal transplant.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 90919 ID: 885afe
$40 bucks a day? Damn.

Too bad living in MA is the closest a freedom loving American can get to literal hell.
>> No. 90920 ID: 697c94
Seconded, it is painful living here.
>> No. 90921 ID: 885afe

File 141350266056.jpg - (86.79KB , 495x262 , 2_pistols_high_standard_model_hd_military_pistol_1.jpg )
90916 No. 90916 ID: 8487e8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Tiggles, could you shoot me an email? I've got a small machining project and am hoping your services are for hire. I've got a spare slide for a High Standard HD Military that I would like have a picatinny rail machined that slides into the rear sight dovetail.
>> No. 90918 ID: 864c1d
Email sent

File 141316524420.jpg - (230.28KB , 940x705 , grizzly-bear.jpg )
90886 No. 90886 ID: 697c94 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A 56-year-old man is recovering in a Calgary hospital after getting mauled by a grizzly bear while hunting Sunday morning near the southern B.C. town of Fernie.

A spokesman for STARS air ambulance says a crew responded to an emergency call just before 9:30 a.m.

David Fairbanks says the man was not only attacked, but also shot by his hunting partner who was trying to neutralize the animal.

B.C.’s environment ministry says the hunting partner managed to kill the bear and was not injured in the incident.

Conservation officers and other first responders rushed to the scene. The victim was driven out of the forested area on an ATV, then flown by helicopter to a Calgary hospital.

The man was in stable condition when he was flown from the area and his injuries are described as non life-threatening.

Provincial conservation officers from Fernie and Cranbrook, B.C., are examining the scene.

Grizzly encounters near Fernie are common, particularly in the nearby Flathead Valley, where there are more than 150 of the bears – one per 15 square kilometres – according to the city’s tourism website.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 90892 ID: 1e7cc7
File 141317540968.jpg - (83.96KB , 800x597 , bear warning sign.jpg )
A bear warning sign in British Columbia.
>> No. 90897 ID: 2f7cd6
File 141321692443.jpg - (98.83KB , 750x600 , image.jpg )
Maybe the hunting partner was trying out for the Russian special forces?
>> No. 90910 ID: 06f96c
File 141342397697.jpg - (39.24KB , 500x500 , the-eh-team_med_jpeg.jpg )
>Shoots hunting partner

Surry aboot that eh.
>> No. 90911 ID: db7b1c
Anyone else imagining a guy seeing a bear on his friend and spraying them both with a uzi or something
>> No. 90912 ID: 0a2b37
File 141345600750.png - (72.40KB , 760x480 , SprayPray.png )

Fooking Yoa Guai!

File 141275171049.png - (63.56KB , 500x500 , Brain Problems.png )
90810 No. 90810 ID: 55c678 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>tfw you're such a chronic procrastinator it borders on the line of mental illnes
>tfw procrastinating right now

Anyone else know this feel?
13 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 90857 ID: ae5623
Imagine all the free time you'd have if you didn't shitpost.

Don't worry, I'll just shitpost twice as hard
>> No. 90861 ID: a36556
>used to procrastinate all the time
>played videogames 12+ hours a day as a NEET.
>go back to school and get into a fantastic program
>program has a mandatory curriculum and attendance requirements
>70 hours of lecture and homework combined every week
>enjoy myself

I actually just can't play videogames anymore. I have to set aside time to relax and decompress and usually that means going out for drinks with people.

It's probably not a healthy way to live but whatever.
>> No. 90863 ID: c565c4
File 141293905762.gif - (399.22KB , 300x275 , 139235555964.gif )
>routinely fuck up quizzes in class, do great on papers, mediocre on midterm
>need to do well on the final
>decide to put off studying until the day before because discipline is for faggots

>water main breaks
>they have to shut off the water to the campus
>final postponed 5 days
>will probably procrastinate again
>> No. 90890 ID: a1dd15
I'll just leave this here.
>> No. 90904 ID: a04c01
I want to check out that link, but I'll probably get around to it later.

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