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File 140010884912.jpg - (71.24KB , 800x600 , P357.jpg )
85349 No. 85349 ID: c917c9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Picture for scale.

I've carried a Kel-Tec on-and-off for about a decade. I added the side-clip and carry the weapon naked against my flesh. This mean I have rust stains on me and it has rust stains on it. Right after I purchased the side-arm, I upgraded to the .357 Sig kit, which is just a 40 S&W slide & mag with a .357 Sig barrel. It is that mouse what roars.

But, I need to refinish it. The bluing is getting rusty, and the barrel is oxidizing black. Also, I dress better, now, and having rust stains on $40 dress shirts is laaaaaaaaaaaame.

Should I tumble or sandblast it myself and do my own rebluing? Pay for nitride? Chrome?

Frankly, if I can't find a good solution from you boys, I'm slipping it to a cop buddy of mine and buying a Para-Ord NightHawg. Thanks,

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>> No. 88656 ID: d5e5a4
>buying a Para-Ord NightHawg

Based on my limited experience with the Para Warthog, I wouldn't. Multiple stoppages in 2 mags trying out federal hydrashoks.
>> No. 88660 ID: e68bea
Production of the .40 and .357s ended several years ago, before the turn of the decade. They've been out of production since at least 2009, probably 2008 or 2007.

Apparently limp wristing and various operating issues due to the low weight of the pistols caused them to be discontinued.
>> No. 88661 ID: 823a67
File 140668753559.png - (106.54KB , 841x797 , feelbonacci.png )
>"the turn of the decade" and "the turn of the century" are no longer synonymous
Feels old man.
>> No. 88670 ID: 89ab69
File 140673643688.jpg - (192.25KB , 1200x1600 , stack+left.jpg )
Walther PPS? S&W Shield? Not quite as small, but probably what I'd personally think about.

How does a Beretta Nano do? You don't hear much about them nowadays.
>> No. 88674 ID: d5e5a4
The stock trigger on the Shield and PPS are both better than the Nano's DAO trigger.

Otherwise, the Nano isn't bad, but a tiny bit snappy.

File 140587927329.jpg - (56.91KB , 461x650 , IMG_13014682440713.jpg )
88238 No. 88238 ID: 17dc00 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Maybe this is a waste of a thread, but you guys helped me get into the Army and gave me advice on basic. Now I'm at Ft. Lee for AIT, just got here 2 days ago and had a pass for the weekend because my family followed the bus here. This is pretty much for advice, opinions, and anyone else who browses this site and is at Ft. Lee. I'm in the 16th Ordnance BN.
It's very chill so far, my PSG is cool but doesn't take any shit obviously. Tobacco is allowed though I don't use any, just thought it was neat. There's a gym and a PX 50ft from my barracks. Phones allowed after the duty day. I'm a 91c by the way.
>> No. 88242 ID: 559ef9
Thank you for your decision, committing to it, and updating us on your progress thus far. It might be peacetime and a budget crunch, but I've never met any decent individual who didn't believe that joining the military didn't do them some form of good in their lives, so keep that as a feather in your pocket.

I know AIT is a bit more relaxed for MOSes with longer cycles, so I don't know what to say other than save your money (don't blow your cash on a laptop, DVD player, and brand-new cell phone or any other stuff the kiosks sell), and do some extra PT on your own time on Saturdays if you can. You'll feel the difference a bit of light jogging and sprints can make come Monday.
>> No. 88541 ID: c290db
Yea my pt here is so Damn soft our AGR is barely 2mi and only once a week. I'm worried about it. Have to find time to do some on my own but I have a test roughly every 2 days.
>> No. 88598 ID: 7fcde8
15 sec sprint @ 80% of what your all out feels like
15 sec jog
30 sec sprint
30 sec jog
45 sec sprint
45 jog

continue bumping up in 15 sec increments to 2 minutes.
When you do your 2 minute sprint you get 1:45 rest
1:45 pushing it sprinting
1:30 rest
continue with 15 sec decreased rest periods, once you hit 1 minute you should be sprinting all out on each sprint down to 15 sec, at which point you're done

Do it 3 times a week once released from the duty day. Your run time will improve.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 88433 ID: a0b44e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Going on an all expense paid vacation to a desert oasis to give aid and spread the word of freedoms to disadvantaged people of color from the left window of a helicopter.

Well not just yet. Right now I'm just getting bills in order and getting the internet service shut off. I'll be back shit-posting again in 6ish months.

And just so you know every time I masturbate over there I'll be thinking of you Clio unless I'm thinking about fruity's wife.
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>> No. 88524 ID: 388296


>"Hey, we're fighting what looks like a losing battle against hostile E.T.s - let's hate on our highly decorated squad leader for 3/4 of the movie."
>> No. 88534 ID: b338a2
Ahh, the art of masturbating with the movement of your shorts while jogging
>> No. 88539 ID: 4ea7ad
File 14064213864.jpg - (6.47KB , 250x250 , hairy slug cat thing.jpg )
Is there some sort of slavic conscript kama sutra we should know about?
>> No. 88583 ID: b338a2
If there was, it would be secret, and I would deny its existence

But of course there isn't any such thing
>> No. 88594 ID: 22504e
Didn't even know we were still sending people out to Iraqistan.

Hell, how DID you end up here? It just seems too improbable for you to have actually STAYED upon reading our posts for ten seconds.

File 140618605132.jpg - (56.35KB , 520x369 , ron-paul-do-not-steal.jpg )
88427 No. 88427 ID: 316361 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
remember back in late 2011 when ron paul was gearing up for his republican primary failure and he and is army of internet paultards were telling everyone to buy gold?
>gold has lost 40% of it's value since them
>almost every other investment as gained large fractions of it's value during the same time period

btw ron paul took in $40million in donations in that campaign and only spent half of it and he pocketed the rest.
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>> No. 88520 ID: 52b35a
File 14063459235.jpg - (71.91KB , 640x480 , 10525853_689367631112263_800584431993384884_n.jpg )

>This is YOUR opportunity to list the major planks and policy maxims of the Libertarian Party platform and people can debate on what is good and what is dodgy.

I'm not really a Ron Paul Libertarian but-

It's pretty much just what I've been saying above. Check out the "Non-Agression Principle." The concept is essentially just that the initiation of force is always immoral.

That someone has fallen on hard times does not justify theft and coercion in order to assist them.

That doesn't mean that there wont or shouldn't be vehicles to assist those in need. People WANT to help! That's WHY they vote for foreign aid and disaster assistance and the welfare state, because they care about such things, and as far as they know that's the only way to git 'er done.

They're not going to stop caring or stop looking for ways to help just because they can no longer seize their funding at gunpoint.
>> No. 88526 ID: fd3911
  I don't hate Ayn Rand's writing or her philosophy, but she's not exactly balanced in her works. Ayn Rand should be understood as the fully-opposed end of the spectrum from Marxist-Leninism as instituted in the Soviet Union, where she spent her early years.

I've read and own four of her books, it seems to me that it's less that she hates personal acts of charity as that she hates legally- or socially-enforced charity. To her, there's nothing worse than saying "You're a bad person for not giving away your stuff/time/effort".

Let me put it this way: I spent two months in Africa, volunteering my time, money, and effort to help folks get medical care. That's me, acting out my own rational belief system, on behalf of others. That was a year ago (actually, I was in Haiti a year ago, but w/e), and I really hope I can get back overseas again. It was a very rewarding, if very difficult, lifestyle.

It would be the most heinous of crimes if I guilt-tripped/threatened/coerced anyone into doing anything similar with their lives. *I* think humanitarian work like I did in Haiti and Lesotho is a fantastic way to spend one's life, but if you don't want to, it would be utterly immoral for me to force you to do so. What Ayn Rand seems to have hated most was the people who told people to sacrifice themselves and live in servitude solely for the "greater good".

It's in my rational self-interest to pursue a meaningful and rewarding existence (as I define such a thing), and if that means helping people, so be it. It would be foolish, however, to pursue a lifestyle that was neither rewarding nor meaningful because some guy told me to.
>> No. 88529 ID: 52b35a

Pretty much all this
>> No. 88537 ID: 499506
File 140641198960.png - (578.46KB , 800x1433 , fatlas_shrugged_by_galago-d4eslvf.png )
>> No. 88586 ID: 011d43
File 140649195145.png - (341.60KB , 499x583 , 1357957324301.png )
yes, keep buying gold stupid goyims

File 140614236053.gif - (466.81KB , 200x171 , 1397039792211.gif )
88393 No. 88393 ID: af76b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Tell me about your father, operator.
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>> No. 88516 ID: b454f7
He's been to prison a couple times. Wasn't really around. He told me when I was in my preteens that the reason he ended up in jail (the second time) was because he helped some cartel guys kidnap someone who owed them a lot of money. He wouldn't tell me what happened to the guy afterwards.

Our relationship was...a bit strained, after that.

In my adult years, he drove up from California to help me bug out of a place I was living in, after the living situation went sideways. He was remarkably unphased when we came home to the door being wide open (we'd closed and locked it before we left), and I had to run into my own god damned house to clear it room by room. He did seem a bit uncomfortable that I was carrying a gun, but just because it was a felony for him to be around me with one whether I was licensed to carry or not.

He's kind of a weird guy. He's smart, but he's not all there anymore. He has some weird ideas about Jews and gays, and uncomfortably refers to any girlfriends I have as my "friends". He seems to resent me for not dropping everything and moving out to live with him after he got out of jail, but considering I was barely in my double digits and could nary distinguish him from any of my mom's other "boyfriends", it wasn't much of a decision at the time.
>> No. 88518 ID: b454f7
Dude, I know he's your dad and all, but fuck that. Tell the IRS and whatever equivalent state agency you have that you're being misclassified as a contractor. You shouldn't have to put up with that nonsense.
>> No. 88531 ID: 719b27
Spent most of my childhood watching TV. Never really taught me much except how to shoot and drive. Gave me a somewhat decent moral compass though, I guess. Never spent that much time as a kid when my folks split cause I decided to be the only one in my family to go with my mom. He's a good man, I love him a lot, but he does some really asinine shit some times. I fear I'm going to regret not spending enough time with him. Hopefully shit will change in the future.
>> No. 88535 ID: d7d2ad
File 140639463645.jpg - (204.79KB , 624x1047 , image.jpg )
He's a lawyer, has been for about fifteen years. Divorced my mom when my sister and I were little and took custody of us. We still saw our mom because my dad wanted us to see her positively. They're still friends to this day but my mom just wasn't fit to be a parent. Nice lady, though, albeit a nut job.

We lived with his parents for a while and then a small apartment when he was in law school. He got a job and put my sister and I through private schools. Es the most patient, gentle, caring person I know. He worked, went through law school, and still made it a point to read to my sister and I every single night when we were little kids.

Very liberal, has lots of tattoos, lifts lots of weights, and is awesome at woodworking and has a full wood shop in his basement. Has made some seriously beautiful stuff. Makes lots and lots of dad jokes.
>> No. 88543 ID: 7d8bca
File 14064301763.png - (25.84KB , 1071x428 , beat my kid.png )
He was born in a shit town in south Georgia. Got his water from an open well and had one light bulb in a house that the wind blew through. His parents were God awful to the point of almost tossing him and his sister in a river during the winter and collect the insurance money. He said fuck school and had his 18th birthday in Vietnam. Killed a bunch of the fuckers, got showered in agent orange and came back with a limp. Got into many bar fights and motorcycle accidents. Worked many shit jobs in factories for a little folding money. Said screw that and became a Mormon and became a missionary for the church for 2 years. Later met my mom, got married and went to school to become a machinist and a welder. Worked his ass off in a chalk mine to feed me and my mom. I remember him being a very abrasive and angry man when I was a kid. He would stare off into space for long periods of time without speaking. He had no fucking mercy on nothing and none. Beat my ass with regularity( I often had it coming). He later got a better job at an Airforce base and knocked my mom up with my sister. That subsequently led to him dumping me off on my uncle pooch and grandmother during the summers.
He got hurt on the job and had a knee replacement with several complications. The agent orange has been coming back with a vengeance on his aging body. All that took the fight out of him and left him as the weak and lonely man he is today. My sister and mother think he's an asshole and dont ever want to be around him and he talks my(and my friends)fucking head off whenever I happen to stop by.
I feel sorry for him these days. He has no close friends and his extended family are all pretty much dead. I knew he had gone soft when I cussed him out to the point of locking himself in his shop to cry in the dark, right before leaving for Afghanistan. I didn't call home or attempt any communication the whole time I was gone. That broke him down quite a bit.
My great granddaddy was right. That fucker had gone soft.

I cut a bit more slack these days.... For now.

No. 88391 ID: a3af1c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  This is what happens when you don't beat your kids...



His twitter profile says he's a "social liberal-progressionist" and a brony
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 88407 ID: f9a97c
"Retarded kid does something retarded. Film at eleven".
>> No. 88411 ID: 013343
"This video is private."

Haha, success!
>> No. 88413 ID: 329f54
"...Would that (uhsult wepuns) be okay for anybody to own? I don't think so, I don't think we're like North Korea"

Oh god, my fucking sides. My fucking sides, you guys.
>> No. 88414 ID: 58a76a
Can't post a screen on /t/ because banime, but you guys should all do yourselves a favor and check the banner image on his youtube page.
>> No. 88468 ID: e9341d
Well, if it makes you feel any better, there is no shortage of purple hearts; We still haven't used all the ones they made for the invasion of Japan.

File 140599736277.jpg - (52.94KB , 540x519 , beer.jpg )
88276 No. 88276 ID: bb7c27 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Planning a wedding blows.

So many people care about the most menial shit.

It's like, people you haven't seen or heard from in 15 or more years all of a sudden just have to be a part of your life. In a very invasive and irritating way.

I should've just gone to the courthouse. I just want to marry this girl and be left alone.

For fuck's sake.
18 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 88333 ID: 2ae388
File 140607695581.jpg - (648.12KB , 1280x1896 , skeleton wedding.jpg )
How to Have an Unique, Cheap Wedding:

Or, listen to this simple tip: don't get married.
>> No. 88339 ID: 942f1c
It's funny. My fiance is the one in a hurry to get down to the courthouse. I'm the one that wants a wedding. I have a vast extended family that would never forgive me if I eloped.
>> No. 88343 ID: b338a2
1. Have engagement or pre-wedding party in a field, standing invitation to families from both sides etc, put two pigs and a ram and some other stuff on a fire
2. Collect gifts and donations for new life
4. Sign the prenups and the papers, just the two of you
5. If you believe in it, get married in a church, tie the knot, walk around the altar etc etc.... the only guests present here are parents
6. Rejoin party which continued without you in #3, everyone wishes you good will
7. Go sex her to seal it

At least that's the traditional order of things back in the old country
>> No. 88344 ID: b338a2
Oh also if there's a house to be raised the families help construct it over the next two years, then the groom is expected to put the finishing touches in
>> No. 88387 ID: c5db56
We went to the courthouse, invited some friends out to a nice dinner that weekend to celebrate. Done. Couple hundred bucks all told.

File 140589582188.jpg - (132.76KB , 580x482 , winterflatgreen09-580x482.jpg )
88244 No. 88244 ID: a0b44e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So my squadron has gone around 6 months without any kind of major liberty incident. Friday night some new PFC in ordnance decided that this was un-sat and took it upon himself to get drunk underage, drive without a license, hit and total someone's car (no one was actually hurt), drive away, and then try to drive back on base wasted with a fucked up truck (no idea who it belonged to).
I just can't wrap my head around it. I've done a lot of dumb shit while I drunk but still what the fuck was he thinking?
Especially towards the end...I could be black out wasted and not have the balls to think I could drive through the front gate without getting caught.
Hopefully I can live through the impending death by power point.
pic unrelated
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 88260 ID: fd3911
I think his point is that people on drugs are not the sort to think about if-then equations, especially whilst intoxicated.

I'm always reminded that Al Capone went down for tax evasion because his books were found and the G-men proved he was making money.

If I ever decide to stop following laws, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure my car is licensed, properly registered, and I'll make sure to pay taxes. That way I don't get pulled over for a broken tail light or something similarly minor and end up with multiple life sentences because I had a crate of NFA weapons in the trunk.
>> No. 88269 ID: 408489
"keep it a mile under the limit and dont run any read lights"

Real life
"the vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic and had expired registration, when police pulled it over they found a mobile meth lab/30 pounds of drugs/dead body etc. etc."
>> No. 88273 ID: e97a2f
Essentially, this.

If you're gonna be ridin' dirty, for fuck's sake, try to drive like a goddamn normal person.

That's like people who're speeding, see a cop, and stomp on their brakes so the front of their car dips.

You done fucked up now, not only are you guilty, but you tried to cover it up, and managed to call attention to the fact that you're fucking up.

Instead of just trucking right along, maybe letting their foot off the accelerator so they coast down a bit, and the vast majority of the time (Unless they're doing 45 in a 20), the 5-0 doesn't give a fuck about it.

For people who make a living breaking the law, they sure aren't very good at it.
>> No. 88289 ID: 1e4596
That's why they're criminals in the first place. White collar crime not withstanding.
>> No. 88335 ID: df484d
>the 5-0 doesn't give a fuck about it.
Can confirm. drove an uninspected car for 3 years, got a total of three tickets. Cops don't care if you're not driving os fast as to be unable to control the vehicle, out at the end of the month, or an asshat on the rare occasion they do stop you.

File 140514611376.jpg - (73.58KB , 800x533 , yXT7C.jpg )
87849 No. 87849 ID: e28d25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
When the San Antonio Police Department’s Tactical Response Unit busted through his front door, 52-year-old Adrian Perryman says he opened fire because he believed a home invasion was underway. He wounded a police officer, but claims he tossed his firearm once he saw they were cops and not criminals.


It took a jury in San Antonio, Texas, nine hours of deliberation to find Perryman not guilty on four counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer earlier this week. The raid occurred at Perryman’s home back in October 26, 2010.

Police officers testified that they shouted, “Police! Police!” as they broke down the door and then again when they were inside the home, KSAT-TV reports.

>There is still justice, in Texas.
17 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 87946 ID: e28d25
>what if criminals start breaking into houses yelling 'POLICE!'

SOP almost for all criminal home invasions..
>> No. 87948 ID: 90a126
File 140528643352.png - (159.68KB , 400x474 , law-order-impersonating_a_police_officer-dismiss_t.png )
>what if criminals start breaking into houses yelling 'POLICE!'

I don't know about home invasions but its not exactly a new thing for criminals to impersonate the blue bacon boys.






Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 88275 ID: 408489
Criminals have been impersonating police doing warrant/drug raids for at least 15 years. One of the popular things was ripping off drug dealers, pocket the cash and resale the drugs, who are the dealers going to complain to? Home invasions using the technique as well. Funny thing is I don't remember any fake cops getting shot on bogus raids, they made so much noise everyone knew they were "suppose" to be the police no one thought to point a gun at them. Criminals scream "police" and walk away, cops act like criminals and get shot, go figure.
>> No. 88282 ID: 1e7925
File 14060110946.jpg - (77.22KB , 640x445 , jef3.jpg )

The guy in OP's pic. Just FYI.

>> No. 88288 ID: 7188a3
The only legal trouble wikipedia mentions was for tagging the Washington State Capitol. I guess he ran out of space on his body. But seriously, I love the Bubbles on his right shoulder blade.

No. 88279 ID: fc2644 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  anyone here ever work as a private investigator?
>> No. 88281 ID: c565c4
Yeah, I work for Websleuths. What do you want to know?

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