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File 143100308145.jpg - (198.73KB , 1200x674 , slugs.jpg )
96857 No. 96857 ID: ad4e27 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
When I learned that the common garden snail in California was an invasive escapee from French chefs who had brought it over for culinary purposes, I immediately went out and harvested a few for lunch. I admit, it was a vengeful act—they were destroying my garden. But rather than engage in such barbarism, there are other, more tactical approaches to dealing with these slimy garden pests.
First, a bit of anatomy. Slugs are essentially snails without the shells. Different species trouble farmers and gardeners in different parts of the country, but they are all closely related and, from a pest control perspective, are dealt with using the same methods. They have a single, slimy foot that leaves a signature trail, letting you know that molluscs have been chewing on your plants, rather than beetles or some other pest. Other than that, the main body part of concern to gardeners is the radula, what has been called ‘a tongue of a thousand tiny teeth’—that’s the part that shreds up your plants.

Snails and slugs are cousins of shellfish and require a semi-moist environment at all times to survive. They are most active in spring when the weather is cool and wet and plants are tender. Completely nocturnal, they hide out in crevices in the soil or in moist, shady places aboveground during the day, and inch out to feed on nearby vegetation at night. Controlling slug and snail damage in the garden starts with reducing their preferred habitat.

Hideouts and Habits
Slugs and snails are slow-moving creatures and never travel far from their daytime hideouts to their night time feasting grounds. Loose mulch, sticks, thick vegetation and clumps of dead plant matter are typical slug and snail habitat, so maintaining a buffer of dry, bare soil around the most susceptible plants —like lettuce seedlings and strawberries—is one sure-fire tactic to help eliminate them. ­

If you want to mulch your garden paths and beds, it’s best to wait until early summer when slug and snail activity has died down and seedlings have grown big enough to withstand being munched on. Water the garden only where it is truly needed—right at the base of the plants with a soaker tube or drip irrigation, for example—to reduce the overall moisture level. If you must water with a sprinkler, do it in the morning so the terrain dries out before the slimy ones become active again at night.

Also, avoid storing overturned pots, wooden boards or pieces of lumber near the garden, as these easily become slug and snail condos. On the other hand, some gardeners intentionally create prime slug and snail real estate, so they will all congregate in one place during the day and can easily be rounded up and disposed of (drowning in soapy water works well).

Baits, Traps and Poisons
Besides catching individual slugs and snails and drowning them, there are several other strategies to consider if their population gets
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>> No. 96896 ID: 285294
The output barely manages to power the LEDs within it, for that matter you can't even see LEDs that well when they're in direct sunlight. At night, where are we going to get all of the energy to power them? Since tempered glass can and will be scratched and damaged by the simple abrasive action of rocks and other debris being run over, how will you deal with the massively decreased output? Would you just throw out or refurbish each one, how many people would you have to hire just to monitor each tiny road segment?

Or you could not be a major fag and just build conventional solar power plants.
>> No. 96897 ID: 06f96c
That is what I use.
>> No. 96898 ID: 06f96c
File 143112972385.jpg - (39.79KB , 304x240 , duck-a-ponics3wlogo_jpeg.jpg )
Pretty much this, it is best used for the more expensive crops. like the basil in the picture.

Portage Bay Grange in the U district did invent a pretty neat system called Duck Ponics, where duck water is recirculated providing for both eggs and vegetables

>> No. 96900 ID: f200fa
File 143114141451.png - (737.33KB , 1077x775 , mapofwhereelectricityistooexpensive.png )

tl:dr solar panels only pay themselves off during their expected lifespan where electricity is already super-expensive. Get some deregulation, bitches.
>> No. 96943 ID: de0bec
File 143125916948.jpg - (94.17KB , 563x960 , yankee candle for men.jpg )
Solar panels are a nifty and adequately affordable way to minimize your immediate dependence on local infrastructure.

Some co-workers of mine have a solar panel setup, because they lift out in the middle of nowhere in foothills, and have actually been without power for a few months due to winter weather. Every several years they can basically expect to get cutoff from the rest of the world for a week to a few months.

I intend to have a setup myself, eventually.

But hippies who thinks it's environmentally friendly have not really looked into what producing those panels actually involves. There are lots of great reasons to use solar, "Going green" is not one of them. At least not yet.

File 143102336550.jpg - (29.21KB , 300x430 , cover-front300w.jpg )
96863 No. 96863 ID: 1701f6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I would be curious to hear your opinions on this book.

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>> No. 96910 ID: e6eb4d
I'm currently in the middle of The Spiritual Life by St. Theophan the Recluse.

It's really good so far.
>> No. 96914 ID: f013be
>cultures change
Not by being forced, that always backfires and creates a contrarian split
>> No. 96921 ID: 69eef6
>Not by being forced, that always backfires and creates a contrarian split

How do you think change happens? I don't think what's going on is being "forced," dude. Someone has to have the ideas before government gets on board, and at least in the US culture seems to go before government on most social issues.

I mean unless you think shit like gay marriage is "forced" after an entire twentieth century of increased visibility of gay people most directly counter to government narratives until the late nineties got people used to dudes kissing and living together.
>> No. 96928 ID: 381ee6
File 143120922495.jpg - (287.47KB , 718x1005 , government mafia.jpg )
>How do you think change happens?
When a thing that was isn't anymore, it becomes something else
This also happens in reverse if you own a delorean

>I don't think what's going on is being "forced," dude.
Bet you would think drugging someone and forcibly shoving a pinecone in their ass is consensual as well
"Yes" means "yes" and I never said yes to all these lame attempts at forcing everyone to think like you Ms. SJW

>mfw she thinks cultural change is enforced by government
>mfw she thinks its strange that american culture outpaces government
>> No. 96937 ID: 69eef6
>"Yes" means "yes" and I never said yes to all these lame attempts at forcing everyone to think like you Ms. SJW

>OMG all these people disagree with me
>Sometimes they try to get me to agree with them!
>It must be a conspiracy there is no way on earth lots of people could disagree with me of their own free will let alone want to legislate for people I don't like that's like unheard of

File 143026252240.jpg - (148.73KB , 507x427 , Baltimore.jpg )
96718 No. 96718 ID: e8f72b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
File host.
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>> No. 96856 ID: 392726


Also, as a white male, I've gotten a ticket every time I was ever pulled over or anything. And I had a perfect driving record until I was 26. When I went and contested it, the attorney or whatever in the back room said I was lucky to have made it that long without a ticket, made some retarded false analogy to drunk driving that made no sense, said they'd reduce the points but "shut up and pay the fine kid."

The other day I was out with my mother, in her 60s, in her Mini Cooper, and we were pulled over for "looking suspicious". The officer followed us out of the grocery store parking lot, and suddenly pulled us over. He demanded to know who I was, where we were coming from, and where we were going, etc. Finally, he had some excuse about the window tint being too dark, and we had to fix it immediately. We pointed out the vehicle was used, and had been registered 2x with "tinted windows", and that if he wanted to force her to do so, it would need to be in writing. This is in her rural town of <5000 people.
>> No. 96878 ID: 68aa6b
File 143106171816.png - (30.44KB , 971x526 , -n- - News_1312583176617.png )
I usually get off scot-free when pulled over. The trick is not just in appearance but in how you interact with police.
>> No. 96879 ID: 65c27c

Bob Dole sure turned around pretty quick. Seems that he can't form his own opinions and must just adopt those around him, that he reads on the internet.
>> No. 96886 ID: e8f72b
Edginess is part of life when one is 18, smoked weed hardcore daily and used psychedelics and ecstasy on a semi regular basis (never more then twice in a month and not every month).

Also a lot of enlightenment can come in 4 years time.

But these are two different subjects. That fair was just swarms of people fucking up anyone of a different skin tone of theirs. They are not doing it for a cause other then lets fuck shit up because we will get away with it.

Baltimore has that but there is a concerted effort for change and not just everyone being under the idea of lets fuck shit up because we will get away with it.

I still feel that when mob actions occur like that state fair incident, one good guy with a gun would have sent that pack of children running. Whether or not if said good guy shot into the crowd or just shot into the ground.

Mobbing for mobs sake is never acceptable.

Rioting for a cause to make change has benefits if it is controlled and funneled towards making that change.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 96930 ID: 06f96c
File 143120968287.gif - (34.42KB , 712x415 , jew-back-large.gif )
Yea but you just happen to hand over you your jew card along with your drivers licence.

No. 96892 ID: 8afcdb hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Camping plans fell through, all my KY peeps are busy or off on vacation this weekend.

The only girl I really want to talk to is out of cell service until Sunday. Not much data left this month so I can't go nuts on the interbutts and I'm making a big down payment on a car next week so I can't even drown my sorrows in cheap consumer goods like I usually do.

Vid related :(
>> No. 96894 ID: 4930b8
>> No. 96895 ID: 5036fc
File 143112703365.jpg - (13.69KB , 258x200 , 1365958717388.jpg )

tumblr soon fellow stalkers

File 143044700542.jpg - (2.35MB , 3264x1836 , 20150430_222103.jpg )
96717 No. 96717 ID: 1e667a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Infrared lasers, even if civilian legal, can still damage night vision options.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96848 ID: cd4a7e
I had a beam reflect off a metallic object and it left a small blemish in my NOD. Granted its an already blemished tube but it still happened.

Um, THAT'S NOT COOL!! Military IR lasers are far more powerful than civilian legal ones. Granted they are able to be turned down in power to what would be considered an "eye safe" level because your blink reflex would be faster than the amount of time required to cause any permanent damage, but odds are they were turned up beyond that level. And also it would violate muzzle discipline if attached to a rifle so theres always that too.

Vid related, looks like a fun time until you atleast have some temporary retinal damage.
>> No. 96850 ID: 885afe
I know its not cool, just some major shitbags did it nearly every time.
>> No. 96851 ID: cd4a7e
I wasn't ridiculing you I was surprised that anyone would do that intentionally.
>> No. 96852 ID: 885afe
My experience there are two types of people in infantry. Smart guys who are a little crazy, and dumb fuck man children.

Can you guess which ones would intentionally laser your eyeglobes?
>> No. 96853 ID: 626b5e


File 143077421846.jpg - (12.32KB , 432x247 , image.jpg )
96829 No. 96829 ID: c7d626 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Dear mr. Guy,
I need some help finding a place to go camping in western West Virginia with some bros and some qt3.14s. Ability to target shoot and proximity to climbable things are huge pluses. I'm looking at manongahela national forest since forests are way chiller than parks but it's a huge place so I'm not sure where to start. Any ideas?

With love,
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96836 ID: e7f332

Widely regarded as one of the most interesting areas in WV.
>> No. 96838 ID: 90a126
File 143078272185.jpg - (420.58KB , 1600x1200 , img012.jpg )
Monongahela is in the eastern part of the state.

If you are in the West of the state probably Kanawha State Forest is your best bet.

If you are going to Monongahela my personal recommendation is checking out some of the canyons in the area. I last time I was there, though to be honest its been a long while since I've been, was hiking thorough Blackwater Canyon. You probably won't be shot by overzealous rent-a-cops despite its name.

Smoke Hole Canyon was bretty cool too, its got canoes and shit, rock climbing, and I never saw any during my time there but there is apparently some caves if you are into caving.

I unfortunately don't recall there being a shooting range at Monongahela but again, its been a long while since last I was there and I was a bit of a wee one so gun ranges (atleast official ones) weren't exactly something I was all that familiar with at the time.

If you go to Kanawha, there are some pretty decent hiking and biking trails. Nothing for climbing except maybe some trees. There is a gun range but its kinda sucks, atleast it did when I was still going (same range I spoke about during the range horror story thread).

Both parks have rentable cabins and normal campgrounds and other then the occasional black bear and some really fucking psycho turkeys (I fear them more then bears and mountain lions) most of the quadruped animals are pretty chill. The bipedal ones are usually okay but you will get some cunts, drunk ass rednecks who like to start fights about whatever especially if you are on what they consider "their land" which is just whatever part of the park they are currently inhabiting.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 96839 ID: e7f332
File 143078697755.jpg - (4.10MB , 4000x3000 , Spw0g7J.jpg )
>> No. 96840 ID: e7f332
File 143078707862.jpg - (4.56MB , 4000x3000 , oSrhD5A.jpg )
I've only hiked in the eastern portion which is pretty easy for me to drive to.
>> No. 96841 ID: e7f332
File 143078712613.jpg - (4.14MB , 3000x4000 , Yv3sbNM.jpg )
lots of cool shit in the woods

File 142983431581.jpg - (2.67MB , 4523x3016 , maplesyrup_lkp_048.jpg )
96586 No. 96586 ID: 5bb72d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
On an April morning, Angèle Grenier tramps on snowshoes through her sugar maple forest. Her vest pockets bulge with plastic spouts, tube connectors, clamps, wire ties, a tool for twisting the ties, surveyor’s tape, tube-cutters, and a snack: a molasses cookie in a Ziploc bag.

At each maple Grenier stops and taps a spout with her mallet, securing it in a hole. Maple sap flows from these spouts through pipes, down the hill to a reservoir in her sugar shack. The tap of her mallet and a crow’s call are all that disturb the stillness of the sugar bush.

This diminutive, twinkle-eyed grandmother hardly looks the part of a guerilla. Yet in recent years Grenier and other maple syrup producers in Quebec have sent the Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec — the provincial syrup producers’ union — into paroxysms of rage. There is a maple syrup insurgency afoot, and the union is doing everything it can to thwart the subversive activity of Grenier and her fellow insurrectionist syrup producers.

Backed by the Quebec justice system and the provincial police, sheriffs have raided sugar shacks down country roads and seized barrels of maple syrup, using trucks and front-end loaders. The federation’s goal: enforcing a supply management system that controls the sale and proceeds of maple syrup in Quebec.

“They have more power than police,” says Daniel Gaudreau, a syrup producer in Scotstown, Que. “They can come into my house anytime they want.”

Quebec is the Saudi Arabia of maple syrup. This food fight has shattered the bucolic image of sugaring-off season here. Producers whisk away their sweet liquid by night, trade in “black market syrup” and rage against what they call the “mafia” of the producers’ union.

In a bizarre twist that made headlines across Quebec, the federation this month stationed security guards in several sugar shacks, to stand over the farmers and watch that they don’t sell a drop of maple syrup outside the iron confines of its cartel.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
29 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96669 ID: f200fa
I'd argue molasses is just as complex a flavor as treesap. It's a mixture of sugar and woody plant material solubles with some byproducts of fermentation, oxidation, caramelization and pyrolysis. The process for making all-glucose corn syrup is the same as what occurs within the sugar maple, though: starch is enzymatically cleaved back into its original sugar state, but one happens in the roots and the other happens in a stainless steel tank.

It's possible that the nitrates in maple are what's souring an otherwise good product, but I loves me some nitrates and nitrites in meat so I'm not sure.

I understand your point of view. You grew up with nearly-free maple syrup is large quantities. My family couldn't afford it and I didn't bother to even try it until 24 hours ago. The whole thing smacks of another Sriracha vs. Tapatio vs. Tabasco, or Ketchup- vs. Mustard-based BBQ sauce dumbass bullshit rivalry.
>> No. 96670 ID: de0bec
File 143018687326.jpg - (460.21KB , 2000x1000 , o-SORGHUM-SYRUP-facebook.jpg )
I'm a fan of sorghum molasses myself.

Didn't realize it was a thing until I walked grain sorghum and noticed that it got super sticky when aphids and greenbugs were about, and wondered if it couldn't be used as a source of sugar. Learned that there are dedicated sweet varieties of sorghum. Got some, tried it, and liked it.
>> No. 96676 ID: 457a14
Here's something else you may appreciate.

sage for tangent.
>> No. 96683 ID: de0bec
File 143027425258.jpg - (67.73KB , 600x399 , n143230_Maple_Syrup_Workers_JUMP_R_jpg_600x1000_q8.jpg )
This may be high heresy around these parts, but I don't drink. My family history leads me to believe it's probably not a good idea, so I've just never bothered.

I appreciate the tip nonetheless!
>> No. 96825 ID: 9a322f
Maple syrup may help fight disease-causing bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains that often grow in health-care settings, says a study published online in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Concentrated extracts of maple syrup combined with antibiotics significantly reduced the growth of four common bacterial strains and bacterial communities called biofilms, the study found.

Bacterial biofilms accumulate on medical surfaces and devices, such as catheters and artificial joints, and are responsible for many antibiotic-resistant hospital infections, research has shown.

The maple-syrup extracts appeared to damage the outer membrane of bacterial cells, increasing their susceptibility to antibiotics, and to disable cellular mechanisms called efflux pumps associated with antibiotic resistance, the researchers said. The extracts also reduced the activity of genes in the bacteria linked to antibiotic resistance.

Maple syrup contains plant-based compounds called phenols that have exhibited antioxidant and anti-cancer properties in previous studies, according to researchers. Maple syrup may reduce the dose of antibiotics needed to kill biofilms, they said.

The study, at McGill University in Montreal, used concentrated maple-syrup extracts developed from syrup purchased at local markets in August 2013. The extracts and four phenols isolated from maple syrup were tested separately and in various combinations, with and without the antibiotic ciprofloaxin, against Escherichia coli, or E.coli; Proteus mirabilis, a common cause of urinary-tract infections; and two strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, associated with hospital-acquired infections.

Maple-syrup extract alone suppressed the growth of biofilms for all four strains. But pairing the extract with ciprofloaxin reduced E. coli and P. mirabilis biofilm formation by about 70% and the two P. aeruginosa strains by 83% and 54%, compared with control cultures treated with just ciprofloaxin.

Of the phenols tested, only catechol, when combined with ciprofloaxin, significantly reduced the growth of all four bacterial strains. Catechol may be responsible for maple syrup’s antimicrobial properties, the study suggests.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 142285831372.jpg - (61.70KB , 526x380 , DET_A.jpg )
94284 No. 94284 ID: 8dc97d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Bob Charest, Contributor February 1, 2015

Team 1, Scout Swimmer cadre of Detachment A undergo training in 1974 in Grossenbröde, Germany. They are, back row: Kevin Monahan, Bob Charest, Richard Lahue, Ralph Ormes, Willie Headon and Ron Bruce; front row: John Silk, Ernie Kirk, Frank Midill, Lee Dickerson, Paul Piuisz and Sparky Airhart. (Photo courtesy of Bob Charest)

Berlin was a dangerous place during the Cold War. A preserved piece of the Wall containing a mural memorializing 146 Germans killed trying to escape communism stands in stark testament.

As the grand central station of East-West espionage, the city was a playground for all sorts of secret agents. And its place in the history of the 20th century far outweighs its size. Indeed, 37 percent of Americans viewed the fall of the Berlin Wall as the single most important event of the 1980s.

That Wall came down after 28 years because Americans in uniform stood as a barrier to Soviet aggression. The vast majority of those GIs were clearly visible. But a small contingent operated behind the scenes, not even acknowledged until long after the Cold War ended. Only this year were they fully and publicly recognized.


Though the Status-of-Forces Agreement signed by all four powers occupying Berlin prohibited elite forces, each country had its own prowling the city. It was 10 years after WWII ended, however, before the U.S. had such a unit formally in place there.

In August 1956, the elite 10th Special Forces Group, based in Bad Tolz, Germany, stationed the secretive 7781 Army Unit (also known as the 39th Special Forces Operational Detachment) in West Berlin. It consisted of six modified detachments that became part of the Headquarters Company of the 6th Infantry Regiment. Each team had six members.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 96803 ID: cb5ffa
>They'd also burn their valuables, which was lol. The mongols had no idea what to make of this, aside from being enraged.

That's pretty funny actually. I'd be pissed too, just rode my horse from bum fuck no where to get some booty and white boy just burnt it all.

Another funny thing is how Ghengis Khan began his invasion of the Arab world. From what I remember reading of it long time ago, Ghengis was by then in his fifties and had already united the Mongols and conquered China. He sent emissaries to some province in the Middle East along with wagons filled with treasure and asked for open trade. The king who ran the province sent back the wagons devoid of treasure and the emissaries minus their heads. Or just their heads I forget. So Genghis sent another emissary to demand the treasure back and justice for the men slain. Same shit happened. So thats when he decided to just invade them and the rest is history.

Like I said though, I can't give anyone a perfect example of the ideal, only something the barely glimpses it. No example is going to be perfect and it is going to contradict itself no matter what. Its the kind of thing that can only really be explained in analogies.
>> No. 96809 ID: 963c4b
File 143072888920.jpg - (349.10KB , 1280x930 , CC Mongolian Dominions, 1300 - 1405.jpg )
The Mongols pretty much depopulated northern China and went on a wanton campaign of wild destruction across southern Russia and the Middle East. In North China, the population fell from 50 million to about 9 million. Persia was likewise hammered and ruined. If this is the moral way of fighting then nothing is immoral.
>> No. 96810 ID: 70d38f
File 143074090433.jpg - (62.66KB , 511x398 , All-Quiet-on-the-Western-Front.jpg )
>To wage war in a way that's not held down by the morals, by race, by religion, by any kind of -ism, because they are utterly useless in its environment.
Well that's pretty much tackles it down. The moral of the story is that there can be no morals in the war, just a slaughter until the end of it.
>> No. 96813 ID: cb5ffa
>nothing is immoral

In reality nothing is immoral, just as there is nothing that is truly moral either. You have to ask yourself, does that make the pursuit of morals a useless endeavor or does it simply increase the beauty of pursuing the morals?
>> No. 96823 ID: 0dcdc8
File 143076292627.jpg - (149.42KB , 400x528 , 7zaph1.jpg )
Good to see at least some here have their eyes open.

Careful though when contemplating deep thoughts here, it tends to scare the children.

No. 93054 ID: 39d4a6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  How are you celebrating new years? I was going to go out of state but due to lack of cash I spent new years with my family and just watched Office Space and Lady Killers with them.
14 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96582 ID: 06f96c
Sebas is someone.
>> No. 96799 ID: 869ccf
So far so good. Paid my house off. Planted over 20 fruit trees. My drinking has been reduced at least 95%. Going to college again full time. Haven't been laid in over a month(that's pretty good actually). Still need to go to church more often, pursue my art talent and sewing. New Year's resolutions are going pretty good so far I would say.

How are yall's?
>> No. 96805 ID: d14190
>lost my job
>crashed my car
>still living in shit apartment
I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm not dealing with crushing depression. But I'm not, and I'm gonna be arms-deep in a differential tomorrow, fixing problems one at a time.

Got a job interview Tuesday, at this point I don't have a way too get there, so I'm not sure what I'll do. I think there's a bus line that goes out that far, I need to track it down.
>> No. 96806 ID: fb3bdd
>I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm not dealing with crushing depression.
Really good drugs?
>> No. 96816 ID: d14190
I've walked or run 31 miles since last Sunday, so maybe I'm just hopped up on Endorphins. There is an upside to not living near the bus stop.

No. 94194 ID: 7188a3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  These voters decide our fate as a nation. Is it even possible to save America from Americans? And to everyone from them lesser countries, is this pervasiveness of puerile idiocy unique to Burgerstanis or is your homeland equally screwed?
65 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96751 ID: 87bfdc
He isn't wrong about Metallica, though.
>> No. 96763 ID: bd12e6
I can't tell what class you're playing. Are you a troll or a necromancer? You must be cross classing.
>> No. 96767 ID: b86710
Isn't my new pet troll cute?

I don't remember you, so I'll assume you're new here and searched for old threads.

As we haven't formally met, I'll start: my name is Soren. I'm the resident outspoken, debate-engaging Christian, although most of the 26 folks here who've met me will say that I'm generally chilled out in person.

You're going to have to troll a LOT harder than that little bit there.
>> No. 96774 ID: 818471
Speaking of, we need to hang out sometime. You hiked any of the Gorge waterfalls yet?
>> No. 96785 ID: b86710
Just Multnomah Falls. I live in Beaverton, so I've been running around the Tillamook forest on account of it being closer and much faster to get there.

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