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File 142742452581.jpg - (27.41KB , 625x351 , _81704039_91111397.jpg )
96009 No. 96009 ID: 5bb72d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Heritage groups say one of the countryside's most famous monuments is "under attack" from illegal metal detectorists hunting for buried treasure. But what is "nighthawking" - and is it robbing us of our past?

"See a penny, pick it up and all that day you'll have good luck" - it's something we've all told ourselves on those harmless occasions we've spotted small change on the ground.

But there are times when pocketing the odd silver or gold coin truly breaks the law.

Illegal metal detecting - or "nighthawking" as it is more commonly known - is sweeping the spine of the east of England, heritage groups say, robbing us of our chance to examine the past and causing damage and strife to landowners.

England's earliest settlements - areas such as Lincolnshire, Sussex, East Anglia and Kent - are some of those suffering the most at the hands of criminals churning up the land in the hope of finding valuable relics left by our ancestors.

Hadrian's Wall in the Northumberland National Park is one of the most recent places to come under attack, with unlawful excavations being carried out at Steel Rigg and Peel Crags.

Though it is only the second time it has been targeted in five years, the site is listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument - an archaeologically and nationally important location where it is a criminal offence to use metal detecting equipment without permission from English Heritage.

Eric Wilton, National Trust countryside manager for the Hadrian's Wall Country Group - which looks after a six-mile stretch of the Roman structure - says: "We spend a lot of money preserving the site so it's devastating when [nighthawking] happens.
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>> No. 96023 ID: 4e70cc
I've got a coworker that does this shit on old battlefields. Dunkirk is his preferred hunting ground, since the allied forces dumped soooo much into the sea when retreating.

From memory, he has found Vickers guns, Lewis guns, a metric fuckton of SMLEs, quite a bit of Mausers, buckles, medals, a lot of bandoleers, the occasional Webley, a Boys antitank rifle and so on.

He has also found minie balls, black powder cannons, 1700's & 1800's rings, and so on.

Nearly all of his finds were monetized. Most legally, but the Vickers for instance was rebuild before it was sold and is actually capable of shooting (which is highly illegal, I guess). When shit ends up in clay ground or bogs, it's often preserved quite well.

You also find lots of modern rings and money, from what he tells me. Stupid people lose a lot of shit at the beach.
The French have started more heavily cracking down on these kind of things though. Stuff like shipwrecks are now off limits. Probably for the best, since the rust creates razor sharp cutting edges on those wrecks.

Last weekend it was the lowest tide in 25 years (at 4 in the morning), so preferred time for going hunting for stuff. He didn't find much interesting stuff. Just bandoleers and SMLEs.
>> No. 96029 ID: e8f72b
  How do you guys feel about the people in this video?
>> No. 96030 ID: cdc549
Not like England's woggy citizenry in the modern day cares much for white people history anyway.

>> No. 96073 ID: cdc549
  Think I found a clue as to a potential suspect, gumshoes. Question is, where in the world is she now?
>> No. 96076 ID: 5bb72d
San Diego?

File 142766278927.jpg - (90.58KB , 542x963 , BARREL.jpg )
96052 No. 96052 ID: 911366 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What can I do to fix this thing up a bit? Some of the bindings are loose and will come off when you move it around. It'll basically be a table so function isn't the goal. I know i could just glue them somehow but that seems meh.
>> No. 96056 ID: 385f49
  Don't think it is a good idea to try to "glue" anything in the barrel, it is made without one. Moving(hammering) the bindings closer to the middle might help a bit if the wood itself is in good condition - in fact, it seems somebody have already done this at least once. But how you are going to check the insides?
>> No. 96057 ID: 911366
there's a plugged hole and the insides just seem a little dirty. I was just pressing the bindings with my hands but I definitely need to hammer them to see if they'll stay tight. The 2nd binding in from either direction get pretty loose.
>> No. 96059 ID: cd49aa
I've always wanted to buy a nice aged whiskey barrel and build a distillery. Then change my name and slowly build a whiskey/bourbon empire known as "Pickle Liquors." Soon, Jack Daniels will shudder at the sight of Pickle Liquors.
>> No. 96060 ID: 45f540
do a barrel roll
>> No. 96063 ID: 1f8284
Dry wood contracts. Wet wood expands. Moisten it back up a little bit.

File 14268843476.jpg - (66.30KB , 496x500 , page14_1.jpg )
95911 No. 95911 ID: f7abb0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

do we have any Airborne School graduates here with us today? I soon might be coming to Ft. Benning for the Basic Airborne Course and I would really appreciate some intel. Entry level APFT requirements aren't particularly high but how physically demanding is the course?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 95997 ID: c1c101
Try asking over in /w/, that board is best suited for a thread like this.
>> No. 95999 ID: 885afe
He has a thread there too. I replied to that one.
>> No. 96000 ID: ec6668
It's a term for when the Cadre basically purposely fail you on the PT test.

Sometimes if the class is to large to cut down numbers the cadre will intentionally fail people on push ups. Basically they'll count normally up to 41 then just keep you at the number saying you didn't preform the exercise right- or whatever number they decide to stop counting on. 41 is the most commonly referred to number though as 42 push ups are required to pass the PT test. I've never personally seen it happen, but it's a pretty common rumor.

When you go up try to get in the middle of the line so you're not going first or last. Other then that just look confident and do good push ups. So long as you look confident and in shape they generally won't fuck with you.
>> No. 96001 ID: ec6668
Okay, I just saw your post on /w/, if you're coming in as a foreign student you won't have to worry about them intentionally failing you on the PT test. That's something they really only due to brand new privates who nobody really cares about.
>> No. 96048 ID: 420f72

thank you for all your input and answers to my questions in threads here on t/ and on w/ I really appreciate it because I don't want to fail taking military education abroad. Excause me doubling the threads!

I hope everything will go well and I will also be able to attend Air-Assault and Pathfinder Schools.

Take care.

File 142741338318.jpg - (263.24KB , 690x441 , Jiayang-General-Tso-690.jpg )
96002 No. 96002 ID: 5bb72d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
tl;dr - Eating faux-Chinese food doesn't make you less Chinese, and neither does purposefully 'mispronouncing' Chinese words. Navigating immigrant identity is more complex than that.

I’m one of those people who don’t correctly pronounce the “mapo” in mapo tofu or the “Tso” in General Tso’s chicken. When The New Yorker office was still in midtown, where a favorite lunch spot was the restaurant Szechuan Gourmet, I avoided calling the place by name and insisted on inviting colleagues to the “spicy Chinese joint.” This is weird for a host of reasons, not least because I am Sichuanese (Pinyin standardized spelling: “Si,” not “Sze”)—born, bred, and brined. I have eaten mapo tofu for as long as I’ve been on a solid-food diet, though it’s not my standard order at Szechuan Gourmet, where I sometimes choose the General, which a friend once described as “the best kind of Chinese food because it’s Chinese food without the weird stuff.” Perhaps the only thing stranger than my circuitous locution in English is my sheepishness in ordering General Tso’s in Chinese in front of other Chinese people, uttering a name that is simultaneously so evidently Chinese and not-Chinese that its very pronunciation presents, at least to this neurotic immigrant, a paralyzing problem of cultural fidelity and perfidy.

“The Search for General Tso,” a jovial feature-length documentary that probes the origins of this iconic poultry dish, seems to share my interest in this dilemma (if not my overgrown anxiety). Ten years ago, Ian Cheney was driving across the United States on his way to make another film (about corn) when he stopped for the night, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and ordered his old standby at the only restaurant open: a Chinese one. “Something about this time and place and town made me wonder: who is this General Tso?” Cheney said in an interview with the Web site FERNTV. To explore that question, he teamed up with Jennifer 8. Lee, who wrote about the dish in her 2008 book, “The Fortune Cookie Chronicle.” The pair embarked on a bi-continental investigation, flitting between the East and the West in pursuit of the recipe’s provenance.

The General’s chicken may be ubiquitous, but the ability to say his name certainly is not. “I feel like no matter what restaurant you go to there’s always a different spelling of General Tso,” a woman from Queens quips in the documentary. “Up in Chico, we just call it General’s Chicken,” a San Francisco native says, shrugging. My favorite response comes from a man who makes no pretense of hiding his ignorance: “Do you even pronounce the ‘t’ or just the ‘so’? I kind of just blur it a bit, that way nobody knows if I’m saying it right or not.” I have adopted this same blurring tactic for Chinese words—or rather, for bastardized Chinese words—for as long as I can remember. Some people associate lingui
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 96005 ID: 1e7cc7
  Chinese-Inspired Recipes - How to Make General Tso's Chicken https://youtu.be/isfXzB3AZ8M
Get the 5-star recipe for General Tso's Chicken II at http://allrecipes.com/recipe/general-tsaos-chicken-ii/detail.aspx
In this video, we'll show you how to make your favorite Chinese take-out dish right in your own kitchen. The secret in this recipe is the sauce. Heavily seasoned and flavored with green onion, garlic, chilies, orange zest, ginger, sesame oil, and soy, the sauce coats fried pieces of chicken and makes it truly irresistible. We love this chicken on a bed of rice and steamed broccoli.
>> No. 96006 ID: 1e7cc7
  The Search for General Tso Movie CLIP - Nixon in China (2015) - Documentary HD
This mouthwateringly entertaining film travels the globe to unravel a captivating culinary mystery. General Tso’s chicken is a staple of Chinese-American cooking, and a ubiquitous presence on restaurant menus across the country. But just who was General Tso? And how did his chicken become emblematic of an entire national cuisine? Director Ian Cheney (King Corn) journeys from Shanghai to New York to the American Midwest and beyond to uncover the origins of this iconic dish, turning up surprising revelations and a host of humorous characters along the way. Told with the verve of a good detective story,The Search for General Tso is as much about food as it is a tale of the American immigrant experience.
>> No. 96019 ID: bdc075
I'm kinda hungry and tipsy. Fuck, it's too late to start cooking like a mofo.
>> No. 96020 ID: 1e7cc7
File 142750972356.jpg - (190.70KB , 1280x960 , Chinese General Tso's chicken with broccoli 1.jpg )
There's always take-out or delivery.
>> No. 96040 ID: bdc075
no one in town has good chink fod, aside from tams Asian cafe, but they're now closed. Maybe tomorrow.

File 142674666449.png - (115.22KB , 469x359 , blyat cyka.png )
95891 No. 95891 ID: 5f2bf8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>four niggers assault this kid
>they call him a fag
>turns out he is
>they throw shoe, he gets six stitches

Fuck this gay city.

10 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 95917 ID: 45f540
Mods deleting Japanese cartoons, but letting jewish cartoons stay is a hate crime.
>> No. 95919 ID: 7b177d
>> No. 95926 ID: 9bee81
File 142692012936.jpg - (49.78KB , 640x480 , 1356708555001.jpg )
For once niggers did something right, they're the solution to the problem that gave birth to them.
>> No. 96007 ID: 06f96c

I am surprised that The Stranger printed that they were African American. Though most of the recent spats of gay bashing have been un-assimilated Somali mudslimes.

Sawant is grandstanding saying that the problem is linked to "inequality" and "international capitalism"

Shoot me a text brah, we got some plans for next election.
>> No. 96008 ID: 06f96c

I am surprised that The Stranger printed that they were African American. Though most of the recent spats of gay bashing have been un-assimilated Somali mudslimes.

Sawant is grandstanding saying that the problem is linked to "inequality" and "international capitalism"

Shoot me a text brah, we got some plans for next election.

No. 95937 ID: 5f630f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Up to 17,000 people are expected to avail of a free online Irish history class offered by Trinity College Dublin. In what has become one of the world’s biggest classes in Irish history, “Irish Lives in War and Revolution: Exploring Ireland’s History 1912-1923” is a six-week course taught online by Trinity lecturers.

The university’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which began last Tuesday, will look at Ireland’s turbulent history in this 11-year time period that included the Easter Rising, the First World War, the War of Independence, the partition of Ireland and the Civil War. Students will be asked to analyse the lives of men, women and children during this time and encouraged to explore the question of the contested nature of history by various opposing viewpoints.

Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Ciarán Brady, professor of early modern history and historiography, said “Our aim is to question that there is a single narrative or an easy explanation of the past. We want to challenge the silent assumption that there can be one authoritative voice claiming to have all the answers.”

The class attracted massive attention when it was first organized last year and the university hopes to repeat its enrollment of 17,000 people. The interest in the course was strongest in countries with a large Irish diaspora with over half of those expressing interest living outside of Ireland. Of these, one in four were from the US, 14% from the UK and 11% in countries such as Australia, Canada, France, and Spain.

The MOOC is available for anybody with an internet connection and five free hours a week. The course can be taken at the student’s own pace with video, assignment and online discussion with other students and will also offer the opportunity to purchase a Statement of Participation on completion of the course. Students can also use the hashtag #FLirishlives to interact with other learners.

Although students are not required to have any prior expertise or knowledge, a basic interest in Irish and modern European history is advised.

The course is available on the website Future Learn, owned by the Open University, that offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. Launched in September 2013, the company boasts over one million course sign-ups and over half a million learners.

More info about the class and registration is available here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/irish-history
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 95942 ID: 9093a8

Pretty interesting. I hope more courses open up in the future.

As always of course trinners for winners haha

File 142690859950.jpg - (31.95KB , 386x258 , thediplomat_2015-01-15_11-51-49-386x258.jpg )
95923 No. 95923 ID: 5bb72d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Last Friday, the United States released its updated Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower (CS-21). One of the biggest critiques of the first Cooperative Strategy concentrated on the difficulty of fitting China and Russia into the “cooperative” frame. China continues to expand its navy and has obviously undertaken a set of assertive actions in the East and South China Seas. Russia has, in recent years, invaded Georgia and Ukraine, effectively annexing parts of both countries. How does it make sense to include either of these countries under the tab “cooperation?”

The Cooperative Strategy is effectively a strategy for defending the liberal international economic order. The 2015 version (and its 2007 predecessor) is at its best when it envisions the operational employment of the U.S. maritime services in pursuit of basic oceanic maintenance. Most notably, this includes fighting against people best characterized as “enemies of all mankind” (including pirates, thieves, and terrorists), and dealing with humanitarian disasters.

The document is less effective at characterizing great power conflict in the maritime space. Even when two countries both allow the possibility of positive sum cooperation at sea, conflict can arise over the precise distribution of spoils, as well as concerns over vulnerability. And some countries do not place a high value on the reliability of maritime security.

Russia and China pose the greatest potential threats to the vision of liberal international order implicit in CS-21, a situation that has more or less held since 1949. Yet China is, for the first time in its history, deeply dependent on the sea. And there’s every indication that the Chinese fully understand this. The PLAN is not the Red Banner Northern Fleet, a force intended primarily for the protection of SSBN patrol areas and for the disruption of NATO control of the North Atlantic. The PLAN will, in the fullness of time, become a blue water navy, fully capable of protecting Chinese trade and projecting Chinese influence across Asia and beyond.

Russia is different. While we should generally view geographically determinist accounts with skepticism, there is no question that the maritime sphere is far less important to Russia than it is to the United States or China. Russia benefits less from a reliable set of interlocking regimes and procedures for managing the maritime sphere, and can take advantage of asymmetric opportunities to disrupt that system.

In short, Russia has the luxury of playing the spoiler, because Moscow understands that everyone else needs the sea more than Russia does. Beijing, on the other hand, needs the system of order that the United States has constructed in the maritime sphere. While China may fight hard to ensure it gets an appropriate seat, it’s far less likely than Russia to try to upend the table.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 95931 ID: 385f49
File 142694461524.jpg - (48.80KB , 640x512 , atomic-armageddon-atomic-armageddon-the-future-nev.jpg )
>21st Century Seapower (CS-21)
>liberal international economic order
I was waiting more than 15 years for somebody to verbalize it because nobody used to believe this bullshit back in the days. Now that is on the headlines every week.

Just remember - we did not forget anything.

File 142693572472.jpg - (100.12KB , 501x585 , 1382849742275.jpg )
95929 No. 95929 ID: 9bee81 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]

(Then he turned into a reptilian and slithered back into the hollow earth to report back to mechahitler)

No. 95781 ID: 095a2b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 95837 ID: 885afe
File 142673764436.gif - (767.05KB , 298x298 , 139401731023.gif )
Wh... what? How?

Upload some cheese pizza or something?
>> No. 95840 ID: 3257d7
I would tell you, but the tranny in the pink and grey top in the front row is distracting me.
>> No. 95841 ID: d77740
>> No. 95843 ID: 9aea35
>> No. 95885 ID: 0dcdc8
File 142682539620.jpg - (22.92KB , 600x473 , Hey-there-Hello.jpg )
I got a good one for you.

Just don't tell anyone ok?

File 142616055280.jpg - (37.07KB , 500x313 , image.jpg )
95651 No. 95651 ID: 521da5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Damn, I just woke up from a dream where I found a pink stocked model 1894 clone in .308 with some kind of lupold optic for $350. I obviously bought it then got sucked I to a French crime novel with Victorian castles, secret doors, dead drops and buxom blondes teemoprarally clad in slinky red dresses.

Reality is a bummer sometimes.
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 95731 ID: 285294
I dreamed I was an ancient Egyptian painter, instead of using brushes I had a pen that gushed ink onto canvases. For some reason I was in albania
>> No. 95754 ID: 5b9651
Been having weird M.C. Escher / Salvadore Dali dreams all week.

Mostly about meeting people in pretty dreamscapes that get weird and warped, before tearful endings where my companions (or myself) are dead or dying from unspcified causes.

Its like a collage of tearjerker ending scenes from sad drama movies all banged together into a film, set in this weird fantasy world where I'm a protagonist. Not really nightmare stuff, but I keep waking up tired with some heavy feels and eyeball crusties.
>> No. 95838 ID: 097fc9
File 142673937614.jpg - (81.38KB , 960x720 , 422350_306053939450538_279959248726674_786912_1263.jpg )
> I was living in this NYC size/style apartment but it's decorated like a museum
> I hear some noise near the window and it was a little kitten
> I don't like cats but the cat looked helpless
> Pick up the kitten and notice it has no eyes with eye lids open it was just more fur under the eye lids
> Try to tend to the kitten because it's shaking
> then suddenly the cat talk to me via telepathic way
> "I am going to make a mess, I can't hold it anymore"
> The kitten roll over on her back and I understood it's going to pee
> I grab a blue dish washing sponge trying to soak up the pee
> but for a kitten that small it was making like a adult size pee which saturated the sponge and start making a puddle on the tiled floor
> I was getting upset because the kitten is making a mess
> the pee stopped and the kitten turned into a small girl
> I was like "What the fuck is going on"
> she has eyes now but still talk to me telepathically
> "Thank you for your kindness and saved me"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 95839 ID: cbf3af

Someone needs your help. Probably someone you know but don't talk to a WHOLE lot.

Keep your eyes and ears open and your phone on.
>> No. 95851 ID: 885afe
If I get really really bored in the near future ill have to analyze the dreams for you guys. Its one of my interests in psychology, mostly because my dreams are weird as hell.

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