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File 140034176714.gif - (15.17KB , 394x415 , 18842.gif )
85467 No. 85467 ID: cfae21 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I've never felt this shitty in a long time. If ever.

I ate some lipton sidekicks that were a few months past their due date. I feel it.

I'm pissing out my ass, my bowels feel like someone is using them to play skip rope and my neck around my brain stem and my kidneys feel like they're 10 times the size. I'm also having a hard time staying awake. Salmonella, heavy. This sucks.
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>> No. 85517 ID: d3252a
I get the awful shits from time to time. I only vom once every few years, and I came precariously close to resetting my vom clock today.

Seriously, Shits + Voms = some seriously muscle building workouts.

Any time fellow good sir.
>> No. 85518 ID: f15682
Vomiting, for sure. I absolute HATE the feeling of vomiting. It's so foreign feeling to me and there's just no way to stop it.
>> No. 85552 ID: 3c3ef9
Vomiting is good for ya boy. Good for your abbs. Now go puke until you have a coregasm!
>> No. 85558 ID: ec8f98
Hey man it worked and seemed to be the only thing to work to stop my GI tract from forcing me to at all times attempt to squirt something out. Here is a good example of how bad I had it. I sit on toilet all morning convince bro I need to go to the hospital. Get to car 10 mins later half way to hospital I have to force my bro to pull over so I can stop somewhere to shit. Get to hospital first thing I have to do is shit some more blood. At hospital make me give them stool sample its pretty much 99% blood. Take morphine in the arm, instant loss of any feeling of needing to shit. Never came back, started too when I tried not taking a vico every three hours but once I realized this the only way, finished the bottle and here I am now.
Wasnt too bad a lil constipation but after running out of things to shit out and only shitting blood for 4 days straight anything that wasn't blood related stool was awesome.
>> No. 85615 ID: cbad35
I had some possibly off frozen pizza today.
When it was taken out of the freezer it was slightly thawed, not frozen all the way.

After eating it I had cramps and terrible gas.

Just 10 minutes ago I had a massive and dry shit that tore my asshole.

File 140040358113.jpg - (14.52KB , 579x245 , NVE00015.jpg )
85484 No. 85484 ID: 3ca206 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Cliff notes version: 5 tour army man gets sent into the shit to help tribesmen defeat the Taliban. He actually won but instead of praise, he got screwed by his own superiors for generally disregarding regulations while hooked on massive quantities of booze, pills and porn.

>There is a revealing moment in Tyson’s account of the aftermath of the events in the Konar. She quotes an Army prosecutor asking a Board of Inquiry, “How can we retain such officers when we are trying to teach them [the Afghans] the rule of law?” The smugness and self-satisfaction and borderline delusion of this question sum up a great deal of the military’s difficulties in securing alliances among the tribes in Afghanistan—tribes that do not care one bit about the “rule of law”—and serve as a fine illustration of the military bureaucracy’s failure to appreciate the costs, personal and otherwise, of winning the sort of war being fought there. One suspects that this is because many of these officers do not really care about winning. The promotions come either way.
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>> No. 85514 ID: 3ca206
Microsoft struck gold with office and windows back in the day. They've since managed to continue collecting rent on those two products while failing at 90 percent of everything else that they try:

-xbox- success (but trending to failure I think)
-pdas running windows CE- horrible failure
-mp3 players- horrible failure
-phones running windows- horrible failure
-tablets- horrible failure (how do you make an ipad clone that weighs as much as a fucking garand?)
-browser- success followed by failure
-web server- failure
-anything on the web, generally- failure
-development environment- success, followed by failure
-relational database system- success or failure depending upon who you ask
-broadcast company
>> No. 85535 ID: 0ac1d3

One might argue Stockholm Syndrome is winning hearts & minds too. ;)
>> No. 85537 ID: 7d9fe3
They've actually proven to be very reliable for...
Providing vidya servers. Titanfall actually left me with a lot of faith in them in that area. I for one would LOVE to see "servers provided by mincroshit" on the box of a game I was contemplating buying.
>> No. 85546 ID: f15682
>One might argue Stockholm Syndrome is winning hearts & minds too.

No, not really.
>> No. 85547 ID: 10ace8
just bought the book and going to read his "one tribe at a time"
should be fun

File 139991372173.jpg - (251.06KB , 1000x571 , 5_01_11.jpg )
85197 No. 85197 ID: e68bea hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm a little late, but here's to all the vets of Iraq and Afghanistan; May 1st marked the third anniversary of Operation Neptune's Spear, and Bin Laden's death.
>> No. 85532 ID: 13dbd1
Maybe I should turn it into a pseudo-holiday, sort of like how I watch Blackhawk Down on either the 3rd or 4th of October every year.
>> No. 85536 ID: 485ab1
File 140052873316.jpg - (60.07KB , 431x594 , Nada+Bakos+Manhunt+BmxmJS-i_x8l.jpg )
Interestingly enough I just met Nada Bakos as she was speaking at an emergency management conference. She is a nice lady but perhaps the worst public speaker I have ever seen. It was 30 minutes of every cliche you have ever heard strung together.

"The hunt for Bin Laden truly taught us there there is no 'I' in TEAM, because if you fail to plan you plan to fail." Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Though I do give her credit for telling us absolutely nothing in true CIA fashion. BTW she now dose data analysis for Starbucks.

File 14001192352.jpg - (34.04KB , 750x408 , ATF Ares raid.jpg )
85365 No. 85365 ID: 424850 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Didn't think this was /n/ worthy but I wanted to post it anyways.


Basically the ATF may have just fucked their own mouths by trying to play around with their wording regarding individuals and trusts in regards to getting background checks, which may have opened up the door for newly registered machineguns. I'm sure the ATF being the ATF will change their wording tomorrow, but it's still funny. My firearms attorney (the guy who wrote up this post) just submitted a Form 1 to build an M134 because of this.
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>> No. 85461 ID: 3f3fb8
That's actually a good reason to start playing the lotto. Almost, but it would be fun if I won.
>> No. 85463 ID: 5b9651

The transfer would have to go on a Form 5, and would be denied since the recipient is an individual, sadly.
>> No. 85519 ID: 5fe39b
Whatever even happened to that guy?
>> No. 85520 ID: e68bea
lurks, posts anonymously from time to time.
>> No. 85522 ID: d3252a
I might have won the estranged rich uncle lotto. So who knows.

File 139951013989.jpg - (26.00KB , 200x250 , 200px-York-Peppermint-Pattie-Small.jpg )
84919 No. 84919 ID: 76b9e4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Esteemed Operators,

Sorry to keep asking about this shit, I know nothing about the east coast. I just started my new job on the east coast and am currently in the office in Pittsburgh.

It looks like I'll be assigned to the Baltimore area, which sucks because Maryland hates freedom. It seems just as bad or worse than CA and I've had enough of that shit.

I'll be heading east to check out some areas. I'm looking at York PA, Lancaster PA, and Baltimore. I could use some suggestions or advice.

1. Fast internet
2. Being in proximity of jobs (Baltimore)
3. Guns

So if anyone wants to hang out, shoot me an email. I'll be driving from Pittsburgh east on the 70 and 76 Thursday afternoon or night. Probably.
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>> No. 85449 ID: d5e5a4

you look like you're handling it pretty well.

The Thompson's fixed stock pretty much forces you to blade almost 90 degrees, unless you're firing from the hip.
>> No. 85454 ID: 697a8d
>I kind of felt like an asshole, whenever we'd start talking about another gun I'd start off with "Oh I've got/had one of those..."
You're not an asshole, you're just living the OPERATOR dream.

>Twas a good time.
Damn right. We need to get TIGL back to the area, grab Blackjack and have an Opchan range day.
>> No. 85478 ID: 3542e8
Hey man, your AOL mail is broken or something. I keep getting mail delivery failure messages.
>> No. 85500 ID: 697a8d
Alternate email. Lets see if that works
>> No. 85501 ID: a2f04a
I'd be 300% down for some full auto opchan fun

File 140017393814.jpg - (144.35KB , 1600x900 , Clipboard01.jpg )
85406 No. 85406 ID: d5e5a4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
not really /n/ worthy, whatevs.

USDA soliciting for purchase of SMGs

>The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, located in Washington, DC, pursuant to the authority of FAR Part 13, has a requirement for the commerical acquisition of submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot burts trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsilbe or folding, magazine - 30 rd. capacity, sling, light weight, and oversized trigger guard for gloved operation.

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>> No. 85462 ID: 49c924
Doug's been posting here for years man.
>> No. 85466 ID: 823a67
>They have a need for it somewhere
Yeah, they do. A need to spend all of their budget so they get all that money back in the next fiscal year.

It's really that simple.
>> No. 85474 ID: 309e50
but, but, muh tinfoil...
>> No. 85475 ID: 9d1df4
File 140036940654.gif - (43.33KB , 300x300 , DoEd-logo.gif )
Reminds me of a few years back when the Department of Education put out an RFP for short barrel shotguns. Apparently their Office of Inspector General investigates fraud and such, but it certainly looks sketchy at first blush.

The State Department, however, is buying explosives.
I don't think it's a big stretch that those ordinance will find its way into the hands of people we have do our business at arms length, be they armed combatants or the PMF's we hired to take over in Iraq.
>> No. 85479 ID: 6aff32
File 140038434963.jpg - (194.69KB , 1224x1200 , OIG%20seal.jpg )
And remember, every single federal department and many independent federal organizations have them. NASA has one, The Tennessee Valley Authority has one, hell! Even the Library of Congress has a team of armed investigators dedicated to fighting fraud, waste, and abuse. So, it doesn't surprise me when ANY subdivision of the US federal government purchases arms and ammunition.

File 140017839553.jpg - (163.29KB , 800x549 , 128673133_uxxdiyDD.jpg )
85408 No. 85408 ID: 697c94 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
When Modern Farmer first saw a video of a mink catching fish, we couldn’t believe it. Then we talked to Joseph Carter, a Mormon financial planner in Utah, who claims to be the first to rescue and teach minks. Here, in his own words, is how he became an expert in training mink to hunt for him.

So, minkenry. I really don’t know what you’d call it. You could call it a hobby if you want to be friendly with the PETA people. If you want to be a hunter guy, you’d call it a sport. Basically you’re domesticating mink, then taking them out to hunt and fish.

I’m a financial planner for my day job, but I also get paid to hunt muskrats and brown rats with mink. I show up with my mink in my Lexus and people are like ‘What’s the deal with this guy?’ I think I’m the first person in the world to do this.

It all started in 2003 when I moved to Lehi (Utah), a little town with a lot of mink farms. Everybody told me mink are untameable — they’re the most vicious creatures alive. I’ve heard them compared to ferrets, but only people who don’t know mink would say that. Ferrets have no jaw power, no drive, they’ve been domesticated to be pets. A baby mink will kill things that scare most ferrets.

If you’re a zoologist, a naturalist, a mink farmer or a trapper, they all agree how nasty this beast is. I saw a personal challenge here. I was a falconer, I trained horses and I trained dogs; I’ve messed with animals since I was a kid. I just needed a mink to work with.

Here’s the thing: Mink escape from farms all the time. They’re super-clever and hard to keep penned in. If you live next to a mink farm, you’ve had one in your garage — sometimes once or twice a year. It didn’t take long to find one wandering around a field, a female Blue Iris. I trapped her and brought her to my house.

raining Day (Protect Your Face)
Mink farmers had showed me their scars. ‘Here’s where one almost tore my pinkie off,’ ‘Here’s where one grabbed my face,’ all this gruesome stuff. One mink jumped up and hung onto a guy’s nose, wouldn’t let go. I really didn’t know what to expect.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 85425 ID: 06f96c
At least I am not the only one who reads Modern Farmer
>> No. 85426 ID: 591338
Holy shit, this is awesome.

My brother has a Zorro scar from a ferret.
>> No. 85427 ID: b338a2
>consistently bites back of neck not front
What silly instincts
>> No. 85428 ID: 9cd16d
It's going for the neckbreak, not the arteries.
>> No. 85458 ID: c565c4
How new are you?

File 139993952115.png - (360.06KB , 600x343 , badconsumers.png )
85215 No. 85215 ID: 697c94 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone who has worked in just about any job knows that this idea that “The customer is always right” is a bit of an overstatement; more of an ethos than a statement of fact. Most of the time the customer is simply mistaken and it’s a matter of finding the best way to set the record straight. But sometimes the customer is just a bullheaded jerk, or an egotistical ignoramus, or a scammer, and it’s these bad consumers who make it harder for the rest of us to get good service.
With that in mind, here is our list of the usual shopping suspects…

1. The Blackmailer
Modus Operandi: Trots out the threat of a bad review on social media in order to receive preferential treatment.
How It Hurts The Rest Of Us: Social media can be a very powerful and effective tool for sharing opinions and for resolving complaints. Every jerk that dangles the sword of a bad Yelp review or a nasty writeup on TripAdvisor in order to be treated like a VIP taints the overwhelming majority of legitimate reviews, making it more difficult for consumers to find dependable information and giving business owners another reason to disregard crowdsourced opinions.

2. The Borrower
Modus Operandi: Takes advantage of stores’ return policies in order to use a new TV, computer, camera, for a short period of time and then get a refund.
How It Hurts The Rest Of Us: Because of serial returners, more retailers are increasingly skeptical of all returns. In addition to restocking fees for people who return items, a growing number of stores are now scanning IDs of customers who return products and rejecting some returns if a remote computer’s algorithm determines a shopper has made too many returns.

3. The Faker
Modus Operandi: Fakes disabilities or illnesses to receive special treatment, like being able to board early on airplanes.
How It Hurts The Rest Of Us: This one is particularly nasty, as it takes advantage of the very fact that not all disabilities are visible. To most of us, the notion that you’d fake a disability just to save a few minutes at the airport, or just to scalp good concert tickets, is anathema. In the end, this repugnant form of line-jumping just slows the whole process down. Even worse, some people with legitimate disabilities may feel like they are being scrutinized because of the actions of others.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 85327 ID: 5b9651


A test not to be a shitty parent?

Great idea. Except who is going to be giving that test? The same people who gave birth to sissydad up there, that's who.

>> No. 85339 ID: f70034
There's unfortunately plenty of folks who think laying hands on your children in any form means you're automatically a failed parent. The last time this topic came up I remember the userbase was pretty damn well split.
>> No. 85340 ID: f640fe
That's because no one learns anymore how to cause pain without damage.

Punches and kicks are no no, stress positions are no no. Slaps done incorrectly you could hook an eye or do something stupid.

Spanking though? That's idiot proof, pretty much can't permanently hurt a kid, you're more likely to break your arm than to damage a kid through spanking.
>> No. 85350 ID: 58a76a
>state training and raising children 24/7 from birth
I have no idea what could possibly go wrong, ever, at all. Admittedly, it sounds like a great action movie premise. State raised "public servants" enforcing the law unquestioningly, until one day, one of them goes rogue. Would absolutely watch.
Yeah, thought so.
>> No. 85389 ID: 634497

>Admittedly, it sounds like a great action movie premise. State raised "public servants" enforcing the law unquestioningly, until one day, one of them goes rogue. Would absolutely watch.

Sounds reminiscent of Logan's Run to me, video slightly related.

No. 85277 ID: c620e9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Low-level supersonic bomber versus SAM thread go.

Your bets ladies and gentlemens.
17 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 85342 ID: 1bddb7
  B-1B best bomber.
>> No. 85343 ID: 1bddb7
F-111 acceptable too.
>> No. 85345 ID: 385f49
Not low enough.
>> No. 85353 ID: 2b9fe5
File 140011501796.jpg - (106.34KB , 1920x1200 , fanpop-mary-elizabeth-winstead-widescreen-wallpape.jpg )
I turned 28 last December it does not feel that bad to me. You need to learn to cheer up. Here, have wallpaper of Mary-Elizabeth Winstead to help ease your troubles.
>> No. 85356 ID: 329f54
File 140011709899.jpg - (96.49KB , 500x375 , 77744978_64197414e6.jpg )
God damn, this just reminded me two years or so ago I was spending the weekend at Sun Lakes. I was derping around in the lake when a FUCKING C141 STARLIFTER FLIES INTO THE CANYON, follows the terrain, and flies out and carries on his mission. That shit was bananas.

File 140010414684.jpg - (194.63KB , 1280x579 , oiazvw7t0knqmop6t8iu.jpg )
85346 No. 85346 ID: 06f96c hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Journalist and filmmaker Robert Young Pelton just visited the growing conflict in South Sudan, creating an entire Vice issue in the process. Here's how he came back alive.

58-year old Pelton is a former ad executive turned war correspondent who's made a career out of visiting the front lines of conflicts. Back then, he collaborated with Steve Jobs to promote the launch of the original Macintosh, but now he's been kidnapped by the United Self Defense Force of Colombia, survived an assassination attempt by Islamic terrorists in Uganda and rescued American Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh from Afghanistan's Northern Alliance.

For his latest project, he traveled to South Sudan with a former Lost Boy, coming back with a story so good, Vice Magazine decided to devote an entire issue to it; the first time a single issue of the magazine has been devoted to a single topic and written by a single person. We talked to him about surviving and working in remote war zones.
>> No. 85351 ID: 309e50
File 140011255717.jpg - (232.75KB , 960x1280 , 0114141144.jpg )
read his autobio a few months back. i recommend it.

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