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Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 14780002935.jpg - (40.09KB , 547x290 , caudron_dual.jpg )
107415 No. 107415 ID: 8fd99b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Currently at airport waiting for my flight to Phoenix.

Holy shit, it's happening fast. I'll finally be out of Florida today.
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>> No. 107589 ID: 1cff54
Phoenix doesn't have an underground (unfortunately). All we have is a bus system and the fucking light rail.
>> No. 107592 ID: d02344
File 147909551899.jpg - (236.50KB , 1366x768 , 1477078409102.jpg )

I'm not going to go that crazy with it. I'm kind of liking the Russian idea because of pic related. And the Rangers were my favorite group of the game.

Any other symbols come to mind? I was originally going to do the Deagle or AR bolt face. Maybe a STALKER bandits skull? Simple radioactive symbol?
>> No. 107593 ID: d02344
File 147909564516.png - (97.86KB , 298x366 , SCS_Bandits.png )
>STALKER Bandits wiki
>"They are one of the most poorly-equipped factions of the Zone, usually relying on low-grade weaponry and light armors."

Sounds like me!
>> No. 107594 ID: 90a126
File 14790981535.jpg - (46.52KB , 680x451 , 722.jpg )
Having a map ain't crazy dude, thats smart forward thinking. never need to have a map when its painted on your vehicle.

Really though, I wasn't being really serious about the map or really even using the cars name for a theme. I'll admit thats what I've wanted to do since like forever is to get a Isuzu Trooper and kit its out Stormtrooper style but thats me.

As for your vehicle, well what do you like?

Video games? Certain factions in games like the Brohood of Steal in Fallout or N7 in Ass Effect? If you go for the Mass Effect look you can repaint the whole car red green and blue, ME will either love it or hate it.

Comics, movies, tv shows. Plenty to choose from.

I like the idea of the Bandits. Bandits are dicks but dicks I atleast appreciate. They got the worst equipment, hoodies and shitty handguns, but are willing to go against dudes in exoskeletons with the latest and greatest slavshit and natoshit. That takes some balls. Its stupid but ballsy. Reminds me of bandits and raiders in other series like Skyrim or Fallout. Dudes trying to attack the Dragonborn, the guy who saved or destroyed an Empire, who can kill with a shout, clad completely in armor from dead dragons and carrying weapons embed with the powers of the gods and they are armed with some shitty iron sword and fur armor but still think its a good idea. Same with raiders in Fallout, dudes armed with pipe weapons or crappy 32 revolvers attacking guys in power armor armed with plasma weapons or man portable nukes.

I mean you gotta admire the suicidal insanity of it. I mean I still kill them but I don't completely destroy them with furious intensity like I do with Freedom, slavers, Caesars Legion, or the fucking Aldemeri and their Stormcloak lackeys. Fuck the Stormcloaks, fuck Ulfric, and fuck the fact I can't plow his victims wife and become High King of Skyrim. Yes I am aware of the fact that in one game I'm all like "Legion4Lyfe" while in other I'm all "death to the Legion, death to everything that is wearing crimson".

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>> No. 107598 ID: b70387
File 147913487665.jpg - (97.70KB , 679x337 , phoenix-lightrail2.jpg )
I'm sorry.

File 147891063970.jpg - (95.50KB , 1024x682 , AmericanFlagCake.jpg )
107537 No. 107537 ID: d094dd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I may loathe the military-industrial complex, but I'll always hate the game and not the players. Thanks to everyone who served in the armed forces. Even you, sneaks.

Here's to hoping WWIII is still a long ways off, and a better future for everyone in the meantime.
>> No. 107541 ID: 9dcda2
File 147891304945.gif - (1.00MB , 320x240 , 136889920164.gif )

Thank you to all who served.
>> No. 107542 ID: 9dcda2
File 147891310578.gif - (2.92MB , 400x244 , 136889977443.gif )
>> No. 107543 ID: 9dcda2
File 147891319381.gif - (1.29MB , 260x173 , 136890035887.gif )
And to those who defend us from the cyprinidae threat.
>> No. 107544 ID: 9dcda2
File 147891324036.gif - (1.74MB , 504x364 , 136890144546.gif )
>> No. 107545 ID: 9dcda2
File 147891326972.gif - (1.43MB , 400x225 , 136891577881.gif )

File 147588594174.jpg - (1.89MB , 4000x2992 , IMG_20161007_171306.jpg )
107163 No. 107163 ID: 22504e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Getting ready to make some night sights for my new P99. Hopefully it will end up looking nicer than the holsters and mag pouch I made for the P99. (its functional, but the stitching looks bad. Real bad). Just waiting for my steel to arrive.

And also, I need to get my lathe off the floor of my garage and on a stand.
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>> No. 107213 ID: 22504e
All right. All my metal arrived today. Though instead of giving me a 6" long length, I got 6 x 1" sections. I must have filled that form out wrong or something. Oh well, it will work still.

Finally got my lathe off the ground too and shit.
>> No. 107214 ID: 1b9ff7
Give pics, what set up you going to use for milling?
>> No. 107538 ID: 22504e
Forgot about this thread. Lol.

Haven't been able to work on this very much until today.

Need to wait on a tiny tap. Should have just checked before I started to see if my school even had one.

As you can see, the rear sight just needs to be fitted and some chamfers cut so its not so pokey. The front sight needs the hole for the glowy stuff drilled, the hole for the little screw tapped, and then the remnant cut off. Material is 4140. The chink drills I got survived, surprisingly, and cut well.
>> No. 107539 ID: 22504e
I'm using the apprentice shop at work. Can't take pics anywhere on site at work though. So no progress shots. Not much to see though. Just normal milling.
>> No. 107540 ID: 22504e
File 147891132446.jpg - (1.98MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20161111_163423.jpg )
fuck, forgot pic...

File 147851226544.jpg - (729.39KB , 1024x768 , 1468263784182.jpg )
107461 No. 107461 ID: 1a6acd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm posting here to remind you all that this once vibrant interesting and unique webiste is now a very slow moving poltard echo chamber indistinguishable from dozens just like it.
All of this thanks to the wonderful people who stole this website from it's original creator for reasons which boiled down to "because he's a jew".
Yes OPchan sure has taken off since the change over, good going moderation team (^_^) you showed us all how superior your pure white website is.
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>> No. 107485 ID: 9723b1
>white privileges
>> No. 107488 ID: 9dcda2
File 147865502612.jpg - (699.37KB , 1329x2194 , akr47.jpg )
That's not an Assault Rock, is it?

>> No. 107489 ID: 0ca4e6
File 147865805889.jpg - (108.19KB , 600x333 , Snake-Quote-Liquid.jpg )
>All of us are old fucks
Why do you have to remind me?
>> No. 107516 ID: f87148

>> No. 107520 ID: 1b9ff7
Does anyone else feel her photos dicking around with friends were way more striking and interesting than anything she did on America's Next Top Model.
We should have a creepy-chan thread but that's the best thing

File 147806157433.jpg - (79.18KB , 1600x898 , ruined for marriage by slavic cancer.jpg )
107425 No. 107425 ID: 3d753b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
sup slavchan
>> No. 107474 ID: ca477e
File 147857809624.jpg - (140.90KB , 1600x898 , brazzers.jpg )

File 147425251982.png - (45.36KB , 2000x770 , amd-logo.png )
106953 No. 106953 ID: 444beb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Been A LONG time since I last built a PC. Like 754pin era when AMD was kicking Intel in the balls for a year or two and the chances of getting an ATI card working on Linux was a pipe dream.

My current computer is an old ideapad that has literally broken in half. Holding it together with Popsicle sticks and jbweld. Old laptop has been to ITX three times and Afghaniland...lived a good life...

Since I no longer need a laptop I wanted to build a nice mini-itx desktop. How far off-base am I?
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>> No. 107459 ID: 90a126
File 14784633334.jpg - (143.62KB , 610x606 , 1584881915977.jpg )
On purpose. You did nazi that coming did you?
>> No. 107460 ID: 649f2c
Then why the fuck isn't it a issue with other fields? Apparently engineers, chemists, mathematicians, etc, are capable of behaving like humans, but there's a immediate chimpout if somebody tells this specific group of nerds they have to behave.
>> No. 107467 ID: 58b5fb
>'hey guys be civil' != 'learn the rules straight white man'

That is really what the problem is about.
>> No. 107468 ID: 649f2c
>telling nerds they have to behave is anti-white racism!

dear mr.sleepy_eyes, the russian chatbots have stolen your tripcode and are using it to post stupid shit.
>> No. 107471 ID: 9723b1
Who are you to tell people how to act?

Did you literally squeeze these individuals out of your vagina?


You're not their mom?


File 147746162112.png - (92.66KB , 1580x834 , Meme1.png )
107361 No. 107361 ID: a28495 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For those of you familiar with the page Counter-Signal Memes for Fashy Goys, I made a spin-off that's exclusively about gun control and gun-related tropes. All shitposting is done with MS Paint.

>> No. 107362 ID: a28495
I'm trying to grow this page as I think it has a lot of potential to poke fun at a treasure trove of tropes found in the gun community. I'm open to suggestions and submissions for original content if you're willing to contribute.
>> No. 107363 ID: a28495
I'm trying to grow this page as I think it has a lot of potential to poke fun at a treasure trove of tropes found in the gun community. I'm open to suggestions and submissions for original content if you're willing to contribute.
>> No. 107401 ID: 22c903
you done good son
>> No. 107403 ID: 0664f5
>> No. 107430 ID: 7212e0
I'll plug you through the pbe fb page

File 147726314635.jpg - (44.41KB , 780x438 , 150708130239-03-illegal-immigration-file-exlarge-1.jpg )
107339 No. 107339 ID: 791f24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
the mexican border wall is a very large and expensive monument to the fact that any average ignorant mexican wetback can probably do your job just as well as you can and they're willing to do it for a lot less money.
its like a 1500 mile long union contract.

33 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107397 ID: f41511
yup because the military is a bunch of mindless automatons...

>> No. 107400 ID: 7014c6
File 147781305324.gif - (10.87KB , 600x450 , story23b.gif )
>tfw people can't tell when you're joking around
>> No. 107402 ID: 22c903
File 14778590527.png - (402.45KB , 498x504 , FACTS.png )
But they are.

They do what they are told.
React to the information given to them.
Dress how they are told to dress.
Most are uneducated.


As long as the press or whoever controls the information going to the military they will commit whatever atrocities the people in power desire.

its happened relatively recently in history.
>> No. 107427 ID: 396316
File 147810410577.jpg - (147.94KB , 500x417 , graduating-sucks-kickout1.jpg )
>the fact that any average ignorant mexican wetback can probably do your job just as well as you can and they're willing to do it for a lot less money
The problem is that they're doing this guys job.
>> No. 107428 ID: 396316
File 147810413183.jpg - (14.90KB , 240x240 , mexican_lawn_mower.jpg )
Um... nuke mexico?

File 14778517545.jpg - (95.16KB , 750x375 , Cretaceous earth continents.jpg )
107404 No. 107404 ID: feb036 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The south pole is such a huge an beautiful continent.

So much wasted clay ;_;
6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107411 ID: 43f860
File 147796194289.jpg - (192.78KB , 1200x1221 , money Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen.jpg )
Norwegian Antarctic 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen (2007).
>> No. 107412 ID: 43f860
File 147796200039.jpg - (188.76KB , 1200x1204 , money Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen.jpg )
Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen featuring King Haakon VII of Norway (2007).
>> No. 107413 ID: 43f860
File 147796232247.jpg - (310.39KB , 1200x1480 , Antarctica map.jpg )
>> No. 107414 ID: 454a4b

It always struck me as weird that Marie Byrd Land went unclaimed and now the the treaty is in effect it can't be claimed by anyone afaik.

So it's probably the only truly free piece of land left on earth.
>> No. 107422 ID: b86cd3
Probably because of the sea ice. The Ross Sea and Palmer Land both look to offer easier landing spots.

No. 107399 ID: 33cb6b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Schizos and Satan
Russia's Defense Ministry-run Zvezda TV network announced last week: "Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow." Amid growing international tensions, the Russian government has launched a nationwide civil defense training exercise to ensure the country is properly prepared in the event of a nuclear, chemical and biological attack from the West. Lasting three days, the exercise being run by the Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) will involve 200,000 emergency personnel and the co-operation of 40 million civilians. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-nuclear-weapon-training-attack-radiation-moscow-vladimir-putin-a7345461.html

And on top of this, Russian media is touting their new RS-28 Sarmat super-heavy nuclear missile nicknamed the Satan 2. A Russian missile design company has unveiled the first image of a new weapon in Russia's arsenal: the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed "Satan 2." https://youtu.be/kqd2emeVuPQ

The Satan name is the NATO reporting name of the weapon (the name NATO countries give to Soviet and Russian weapons). The 1974 SS-18 (R-36M) ICBM was designated the Satan by NATO and this new RS-28 Sarmat has the NATO reporting name of SS-X-30 Satan 2. The Satan-2's maximum reported throw-weight is up to 10,000 kg (10 metric tons) and the missile could deliver a 50 megaton charge with 10 to 15 MIRV warheads carried giving it the ability to wipe out a country like France or a large state like Texas with one missile. Contemporary U.S. missiles, such as the Minuteman III, carried up to three warheads at most. The larger US LGM-118 Peacekeeper ICBM carried ten 300 to 475 kiloton MIRV warheads.

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