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No. 104837 ID: 8f35bf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  post spooky incidents of idiots with guns. And gunshop stories are always nice.

>be innawoods shotgunin'
>bubba passes me his maverick 88 12ga
>oh neat I never handled a maverick 88 before
>notice the barrel nutcap is loose
>empty chamber and tighten it
>inform him of the potentially deadly outcome if the barrel was shot off

his excuse was that he wanted to fit an extra shell in the mag.. by unscrewing the barrel nut.. an 1/8"
never underestimate bubba's stupidity & always inspect the gun he hands you.

and another person with a mossberg500, his barrel nut was loose. so I tightend it up..
silly maverick/Mossberg bubba owners. If you want to know someones firearms knowledge or experience, hand them a unloaded shotgun and watch how they work it.
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>> No. 104970 ID: 7d1c98

>not pairing the Garand with a bruised thumb
>> No. 104971 ID: edd03a

My father used to do construction work for IAH so they hooked him up with an office. I remember hanging out there when I was ~13. Went through airport "security", which was a lone lady with a metal detector. Forked over my Buck knife, she measured it, shot me a "what the fuck kid" glance while handing it back, and I continued to the office.

Pre-9/11 ruled.
>> No. 104972 ID: 79b400
How could I miss that?
>> No. 104973 ID: 9dc901
Just a whole bunch of times where people muzzle swipe everyone.

>Relax, it's unloaded.

>> No. 104974 ID: 82a3e8
There was a bunch of really nice garands at saxet as well. Also a sweeeeet m1 carbine.

Still mad about a situation I had years ago. Driving back to visit fam, stop at gun store in between like I always do. They have a no shit legit 100% original m1 carbine paratrooper variant for like 450 bucks. Functioned flawlessly. Didnt have the cash, so called parents to beg them for the cash. They wouldnt. :(

File 145994301325.jpg - (649.01KB , 1920x2560 , Fail-Safe (1963) by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Whee.jpg )
104858 No. 104858 ID: 83d63c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Atomic Fiction!
Any you recommend?
Back in high school, I had to make a book report, so I chose Fail-Safe, a bestselling novel by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler. The story was initially serialized in three installments in the Saturday Evening Post, on October 13, 20, and 27, 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The popular and critically acclaimed novel, released in late October 1962, was then adapted into a 1964 film of the same name directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Henry Fonda, Dan O'Herlihy, and Walter Matthau.
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>> No. 104874 ID: 83d63c
File 146000062645.jpg - (666.83KB , 1230x2075 , Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank 1959 apocalyptic novel .jpg )
At first, things are chaotic: tourists are trapped in their hotels, communication lines fail to work, the use of the CONELRAD radio system exposes its weaknesses, convicts escape from prisons and a run on the banks results in all of the banks closing. Randy organizes his neighbors to provide housing, food, and water for themselves.

As the months wear on, news trickles in by radio. Most of the government, on both sides, has been eliminated. The current American president, Josephine Vanbruuker-Brown, formerly the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, addresses the surviving United States, noting she is one of the most junior cabinet officials, as everyone above her is dead. Since Randy was an officer the Army Reserve before the Soviet attack, he organizes a community self-defense team against bandits and tries to rid the community of radioactive jewelry smuggled into Fort Repose from the radioactive ruins of Miami.

The following year, Air Force helicopters arrive at Fort Repose. When they offer to evacuate the residents from Florida, which is considered a "contaminated zone", the residents choose to stay. It is revealed that the United States won the war, but at a tremendous cost. It is now receiving aid from third-world countries, such as Brazil and Venezuela.
>> No. 104875 ID: 83d63c
  Book Review: Alas, Babylon & The Passage https://youtu.be/eeLLcZeadgc
Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank and The Passage by Justin Cronin
2:50 for The Passage Review
>> No. 104877 ID: 83d63c
  The Hole (1962) https://youtu.be/PGB3eudJwOU
The Hole is a 15-minute animated film by John Hubley and Faith Hubley that won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1962.

The film uses improvised dialogue from Dizzy Gillespie and George Mathews as two construction workers at work in the bottom of a hole on a construction site discussing the possibility of an accidental nuclear weapons attack.
>> No. 104878 ID: 52ed6e
File 146002917555.jpg - (27.37KB , 326x500 , 6575556.jpg )
This one is perhaps a bit different but still a very good read.
>> No. 104941 ID: b96bc5
File 146030248844.jpg - (121.96KB , 577x864 , Shute_Beach_1.jpg )
Pic related is a good deal "softer" and sappier than most of what's been posted so far, but I found it very affecting nonetheless. Also, there's one bit about the last Australian Grand Prix (before fallout kills everyone) that a) is absolutely tremendous and b) was clearly an inspiration for Mad Max.

File 145943952066.jpg - (1.24MB , 2250x3000 , vegetable-oils-IR-data.jpg )
104680 No. 104680 ID: fb3bdd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, a while back Vuurwapenblog published a few articles about Fireclean basically being Crisco/Canola/Rapeseed oil.




Fireclean is now suing Andrew for defamation, claiming that they're loosing something like $25,000 a month from this.



What the shit? Like, how does Fireclean win doing this? The only thing they'll get is bad press. IDK, I guess they're just thinking with their hurt feelings.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 104724 ID: ae87b5
So Fireclean is a company sort of local to me, and thus they have lavished instructors and trainers with shit tons of free samples, or at least they used to, the supply seems to have dried up.

I tried it when it was new and was singularly unimpressed. It reminds me of Remoil in terms of its usefulness as a lubricant. note to fireclean, I'm not saying it IS remoil, please don't sue

A lot of other people said the same thing, that they were just underwhelmed with it for the price. Fireclean responded by basically giving free bottles of lube to anyone who would shill for them in their classes. I am not above shilling for companies, I just signed up to get a discount on Freedom Munitions in exchange for giving marketing materials to my students. That's not a big deal to me because freedom munitions work as advertised and are usually one of the more inexpensive options. Not the case for fireclean.

I read the entirety of the complaint and I think it's a toss up whether or not they can win. It will depend on the jury and how well the lawyers argue it.

The problem is their sales aren't just tanking because people think it's crisco, they're tanking because of how fireclean responded to the fiasco. Vuurwapen was like lol it's vegetable oil. Fireclean could have responded by saying haha dumbass it's not one vegetable oil, it's a mixture of three of them! and then explained how vegetable oils have a long history of being excellent industrial lubricants. Instead they were like omg how dare you don't you know fireclean is used by elite operators all over the world to defend muh freedumbs? You pleb fucks wouldn't know good lubricant if it fucked you in the ass. etc.

In short, they blew it. They looked like whiny children and they phrased their response in such a way that it seemed to confirm what vuurwapen said. They could have saved the entire fiasco by instead of posting their long operator rant just saying haha it's not crisco you dumbass and explaining their product better. PR 101.

The lawsuit makes that marketing/PR gaffe even worse. Now they look like butthurt assholes who can't succeed on the merits of their product so they need to sue a blogger. Were vuurwapen's actions tortious interference? Maybe. Is the best solution to act like buttmad preschoolers about it? Hell no.

tl;dr Fireclean deserves whatever happens.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 104734 ID: 6a0fc5
>> No. 104795 ID: 9dcda2
> Vuurwapen was like lol it's vegetable oil. Fireclean could have responded by saying haha dumbass it's not one vegetable oil, it's a mixture of three of them! and then explained how vegetable oils have a long history of being excellent industrial lubricants.


It sounds like there's a lot of ego behind fireclean. They got butthurt and have gone full retard.

This is like the Derek Smart, Battlecruiser 3000 disaster of old.
>> No. 104800 ID: 06a0fb
>This is like the Derek Smart, Battlecruiser 3000 disaster of old.

I feel that's unfair to Fireclean, because at least they deliver a complete product.
>> No. 104866 ID: c90c18
>The problem is their sales aren't just tanking because people think it's crisco, they're tanking because of how fireclean responded to the fiasco. Vuurwapen was like lol it's vegetable oil. Fireclean could have responded by saying haha dumbass it's not one vegetable oil, it's a mixture of three of them! and then explained how vegetable oils have a long history of being excellent industrial lubricants. Instead they were like omg how dare you don't you know fireclean is used by elite operators all over the world to defend muh freedumbs? You pleb fucks wouldn't know good lubricant if it fucked you in the ass. etc.

It's like H&K had its own lube sub-company...

File 145905988088.jpg - (1.78MB , 2688x1520 , 1459059757292-410870065.jpg )
104637 No. 104637 ID: 9d2e32 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Where were you........
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>> No. 104657 ID: d57b03
What? Don't tell me you aren't secure enough in your heterosexuality to fuck a dude every now and then.
>> No. 104659 ID: 3bce16
Choo choo!
>> No. 104739 ID: 6a0fc5
>> No. 104848 ID: 798a48
File 145974674882.png - (70.28KB , 250x250 , 250px-Seal_of_Scottsdale_%28Arizona%29_svg.png )
Glad you got to see my part of Metro-Phoenix and enjoy some Thai food with a hint of anime. Hope you can stay a little bit longer to get some trigger time at Scottsdale Gun Club but either way thanks for stoppin' by.
>> No. 104857 ID: 09ed0e
Good times were had in this region of the US. I roll through here, we'll have to do another get-together. Pleasure meeting all of you miscreants! I hope I didn't hurt your arm, IHC :D

File 145970871862.jpg - (98.91KB , 1600x826 , cessna-172.jpg )
104824 No. 104824 ID: 5ceb73 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Guys, I had an impulsive thought whiz by me today, and its stuck. Its dumb, but hear me out.

Starting from zero, with no piloting experience at all,
what would I have to do to become a bush pilot in Alaska

Ive always wanted to pilot a Cessna or similar prop craft as a job, but I never had the chance to do it. Whats the scope for a 25 year old hospital worker to completely change direction like that?
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>> No. 104834 ID: a93774
  I made that transformation, I went from a Microsoft cubicle to the cockpit of a Maule on straight floats.
The thing about Alaska though is that its only a seasonal job. The established people can get work early enough in the season and late enough in the season to make it a career, but the new folks really can't find work outside June-August. Thats all after you have your CPL/SE/L&S at the bare minimum, instrument isn't as valuable as you might think in Alaska because for the most part the people who own the bush services DO NOT want you flying in actual instrument conditions for any reason, if you do ever do it you'll likely have to keep it secret or risk the end of your career.
Good way to shit bricks, flying on instruments with no air traffic control or flight plan (cause you don't want the boss finding out) in an airplane with a 15,000' in clouds you know have a lot of big rocks inside them.
Unless you were born rich you can probably only afford this with Uncle Sugar paying your bills, but the cheapest way to go would probably be to buy a cheap plane on credit after you get your PP and use it to build time & practice for the CPL (you might even turn a profit this way when you sell it afterwards). You can get some good STOL single engine stuff on the cheap sometimes. A C150 with a decent paint job and no passenger can get in anywhere with 1500' & 50' obstacle at both ends, less if there is wind down the runway. If you can get a long prop & big wheels cub you can really start practicing some bush technique.
Landing before the displaced threshold, exiting the runway over the grass, because you didn't want to waste time rolling out all the way to A1. Flying into the commercial airport when they ain't busy and asking the tower for "multiple touch and goes" on their 10,000' strip and then doing 10 of them in one circuit (more power to you if they were all to a full stop). If you think that these kind of things could make you happy then you might be barking up the right tree.
When I started at it I really wanted to be dropping fire retardant, but you can't get that job if you're not ex-mil. My daydream was to work in America during our fire season and then south of the equator during the Aussie/NZ season.
>> No. 104835 ID: 5e1aab
My understanding is that in applications where instrument flying may not be preferred or even possible, the rating is preferable to have for the sake of uh ohs and whoopsy daisies.
Would you say that's true or they really don't care?
>> No. 104836 ID: 09ed0e

Alaska flying is not a seasonal job.
>> No. 104846 ID: 79b400
What's the demand for A&P mechanics in Alaska?

It seems like a fun state.
>> No. 104851 ID: e6d1ea
File 145978299938.jpg - (1.13MB , 2688x1520 , IMAG1434.jpg )
First, in answer to the question. I would agree a minimum of Commercial Single Engine Instrument, complex endorsement, and probably 200-300 hours of flight experience, and that's depending on who you know and if you have someone on the "inside". It wouldn't hurt to add single-engine sea onto your commercial as well and wouldn't break the bank (depending on where you do it, 2 days and 2000 bucks would get it done). As far as training goes >>104834
Part 61 training would be the best route for bush flying, and try to buy a share of a training aircraft to build your time in. I'd avoid the academies or the university route since those schools are streamlined for getting teenagers into jets (and debt). Personally I took the University route and didn't regret it. I might be swimming in debt, but money doesn't mean much to me when I get to fly planes for a living. The plus side is having a degree on top of your certificates looks good on the resume and could be useful in getting your foot in the door, especially at a company that you have no prior ties to.
When i was in Alaska in 2009 I tried to get a job in Fairbanks with a small bush company as a baggage handler, but didn't get anywhere (probably my lack of overall work experience). However now, 1000 flight hours later, and Commercial Multi Instrument, CFII, and soon Single-engine sea i would have a much easier time getting a job up there. Make some contacts in the industry where you want to work and they can help you get your resume to the top of the list as well.

File 145956122457.jpg - (41.12KB , 480x480 , 12938364_10153507229223994_2924621247501985734_n.jpg )
104759 No. 104759 ID: ae87b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Prokhorenko : They have spotted me, there are shooting everywhere, I am pinned, requesting immediate extraction.

Command: Extraction request acknowledged.

Prokhorenko : Please hurry I am low on ammo, they seem to [be]everywhere, I can’t hold them for too long please hurry.

Command: Confirmed, hold them off, continue returning fire, retreat to a safe position, air support is monitoring, state your coordinates

Prokhorenko : [gives coordinates which are blurred in the transcript]
Command: [command repeats coordinates which are blurred.]Confirm

Prokhorenko : Confirmed, please hurry I am low on ammo, they are surroundig me, bastards!

Command: ETA on evacuation 12 minutes, return to the green line, I repeat return to the green line.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 104819 ID: 06a0fb
>I've never thought anything differently

Most of us ehre didn't. I was talking about Joe Schmoe all "rah, rah, Putin bad, commyoonists Russkies die, Crimea, Georgia, Russia BAD!" kind of general public before this, and now that we have a guy sacrifice himself fighting ISIS people are all praising Russia like no tomorrow.

Putin's a dick; but that's not the Russian peoples' fault. Just like Obama being a fucktard isn't all of America's fault. Just Chicago and Illinois'.
>> No. 104820 ID: 90a126
File 145966686592.jpg - (241.51KB , 1100x732 , this picture is just awesome.jpg )
Mind you, I do hate Putin and think the actions in Georgia (you know, the time Russia invaded Atlanta? It was on the news) and Crimeariver were unjustified and illegal but its a bit like the invasions of Iraqistan by America and Bush and Obungler leading it. I don't really blame the people for it.

Like in America, there is very little the average person has control of when it comes to those actions, the soldiers cannot choose to not fight, the people cannot say they don't want to invade some shithole. Hell the Russian soldiers have it worse then ours, we are an all volunteer force while they still have conscription. They literally cannot even choose to fight at all, they have no choice.

I like Russia, its a great country and alot more like the US then we are different. Probably why we were such strong enemies. And for the same reason we could be strong friends. Right now Russian and American planes should be flying side by side over Syriastan and Iraqistan bombing the every loving fuck out of ISIS, turning those backwards barbarians into BBQs.

And I'm not even blaming all the unfriendly shit on Russia, not even close. Russia has done some hinky shit but its not like the US hasn't done the same. I mean for fuck sake, the situation in Ukraine was atleast partially caused by Western groups stirring up shit. It was also caused by Russian groups doing the same and the backlash that caused among the people but the West certainly help fan the flames.

Yeah its wrong they invaded Ukraine but partially I cannot blame them, imagine if Russia was working to get anti-America groups in power in Mexico? We'd throw a shitfit, we'd probably wind up invading Mexico overtly or, as the Russians are doing, under the radar.

While we shouldn't be being walked all over by Russia, we should be doing far more to be friends with them, to work out peaceful solutions rather then more Cold War chest beating bullshit. Except peaceful solutions when it comes to ISIS, Russica and America can do all the chest beating they want as long as its directed at those cunts.
>> No. 104821 ID: 71cd0c
File 145967322198.jpg - (25.38KB , 466x300 , 1222800886336.jpg )
Read "One Soldier's War" by Arkady Babchenko if you want to completely destroy your view of the russian army. It's about the first & second chechen wars.

It's far far worse than you ever held possible.
>> No. 104822 ID: 7188a3
  War drives the wind of horror
Ashes of centuries and days past
The fate of things, like the crows
Circles above this head of mine
Time, like a snake, twists around itself
In the Book of Death lies my head

My spirit left the flesh, but rests not
I want to preserve my last light
I am the Guardian of Candles on the border of Darkness
My light forged my sword for its war

Towards me shall not the crows
At my soul peck
On their way, on all four sides
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 104838 ID: bec165
File 145973126916.jpg - (190.60KB , 1024x1024 , ISET_WHITE_1024x1024.jpg )

File 145948879597.jpg - (122.34KB , 849x566 , woman-questions.jpg )
104701 No. 104701 ID: f43db9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is global warming real or is it fake?
23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104782 ID: e9c0bd
sure my bath tub faucet leaks and i cant un-plug the drain, but it will take forever untell it over flows and my whole house is fucked.
>> No. 104792 ID: 396316
>> No. 104797 ID: 9ae0c2
Climate change is a real thing. But global warming as portrayed by the media is bullshit.
>> No. 104799 ID: 8f35bf

>Climate change is a real thing

it sure is. the only constant and guarantee is change.
>> No. 104810 ID: 2ed649
Global warming as presented by the media (Al Gore too) is bullshit, but we are going thorough global warming. Climate change is the effect of rising CO2 and other greenhouse gasses, and no it isn't good.

Don't call it catastrophic. Call it catastrophically expensive, because that's what it will become. Think expensive food, fuel, and all kinds of commodities.

Climate change as in anthropogenic climate change is what he's referring to, which I'm guessing you do not believe in.

No. 104535 ID: e9c0bd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  im going to put this in talk instead of media just found this guy


im only two videos in but i find myself agreeing with his logic and opinions thus far, seems to be a good listen thus far.
34 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104622 ID: 82a3e8
>could be
They could be, but they arent. Even those very few very isolated groups of people are not even close to wild type humans as you put it. They still carry a metric fuck ton of mutations.

The best way for us to find legit wild type humans is if the show Stargate is real, and there are planets with humans who were taken from earth (a slave breeding colony) and left on another planet somewhere for thousands of years to mutate on their own. Even then, those wouldnt be wild type humans.

It would be cool though.
>> No. 104627 ID: 06a0fb
>They could be, but they arent. Even those very few very isolated groups of people are not even close to wild type humans as you put it. They still carry a metric fuck ton of mutations.

They do carry mutations, yes. That's why they are representative. The only way to get real experimental and observational data on wild type homo sapiens would be to travel back to before the last ice age, ~35-40,000 years ago, to early diasporic populations of emergent homo sapiens before environmental influences and inter-tribal genetic drift began to drastically alter them.

However, those populations I listed are small, isolated, not prone to inter-tribal relations, and are as close as we can get to analogous populations in the modern world. Most of them have been in the same environment long enough that most environmentally selected genetic transcription has already occurred; inter-ethnic drift will be a non-factor; due to tight genetic pools there will be higher correspondence of pure dominant or recessive alleles of the chosen populations' dominant ethnic genetic markers in their phenotypes, and really, that's as much as any anthropological study or evolutionary biologist can hope to find.

Without having any true wild type data to compare too, there's not much of benefit for psychological study unless you're doing really focused and generally useless research on stuff like" How does the brain activate when someone who has never experienced electricity first encounters a cell phone,"or other topics with very limited generalizability to the wider world population.
>> No. 104629 ID: 9723b1
>There are cultures everywhere on the globe that have/had third or more genders.
You're proving my point here, these things are constant for a reason.

>I personally dont give a fuck one way or the other
Then why the fuck are you so mad? She's not going to let you fuck her you pathetic dweeb, her vagina is glued shut with feminist hate juices.

Thanks man.

Wild type doesn't mean perfectly wild type, the closest realistic representation is just fine for most purposes. For example we don't need to go back in time to see the wild type of a domesticated plant, there are enough representative variants about in the present day.
>> No. 104642 ID: 82a3e8
>Then why the fuck are you so mad? She's not going to let you fuck her you pathetic dweeb, her vagina is glued shut with feminist hate juices.
Oh.. You are one of those. Carry on.
>> No. 104740 ID: 6a0fc5

File 145883298583.jpg - (76.33KB , 850x478 , ThingsTheyCarried.jpg )
104602 No. 104602 ID: 40732c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
About 3200 years ago, two armies clashed at a river crossing near the Baltic Sea. The confrontation can’t be found in any history books—the written word didn’t become common in these parts for another 2000 years—but this was no skirmish between local clans. Thousands of warriors came together in a brutal struggle, perhaps fought on a single day, using weapons crafted from wood, flint, and bronze, a metal that was then the height of military technology.

Struggling to find solid footing on the banks of the Tollense River, a narrow ribbon of water that flows through the marshes of northern Germany toward the Baltic Sea, the armies fought hand-to-hand, maiming and killing with war clubs, spears, swords, and knives. Bronze- and flint-tipped arrows were loosed at close range, piercing skulls and lodging deep into the bones of young men. Horses belonging to high-ranking warriors crumpled into the muck, fatally speared. Not everyone stood their ground in the melee: Some warriors broke and ran, and were struck down from behind.

When the fighting was through, hundreds lay dead, littering the swampy valley. Some bodies were stripped of their valuables and left bobbing in shallow ponds; others sank to the bottom, protected from plundering by a meter or two of water. Peat slowly settled over the bones. Within centuries, the entire battle was forgotten.

How warriors were equipped for battle: Select a number to find out more.

In 1996, an amateur archaeologist found a single upper arm bone sticking out of the steep riverbank—the first clue that the Tollense Valley, about 120 kilometers north of Berlin, concealed a gruesome secret. A flint arrowhead was firmly embedded in one end of the bone, prompting archaeologists to dig a small test excavation that yielded more bones, a bashed-in skull, and a 73-centimeter club resembling a baseball bat. The artifacts all were radiocarbon-dated to about 1250 B.C.E., suggesting they stemmed from a single episode during Europe’s Bronze Age.

Now, after a series of excavations between 2009 and 2015, researchers have begun to understand the battle and its startling implications for Bronze Age society. Along a 3-kilometer stretch of the Tollense River, archaeologists from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Department of Historic Preservation (MVDHP) and the University of Greifswald (UG) have unearthed wooden clubs, bronze spearheads, and flint and bronze arrowheads. They have also found bones in extraordinary numbers: the remains of at least five horses and more than 100 men. Bones from hundreds more may remain unexcavated, and thousands of others may have fought but survived.

“If our hypothesis is correct that all of the finds belong to the same event, we’re dealing with a conflict of a scale hitherto completely unknown north of the Alps,” says dig co-director Thomas Terberger, an archaeologist at the Lower Saxony State Service for Cultural H
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 104681 ID: 83d63c
File 145943974532.jpg - (45.52KB , 993x485 , CC atlatl throwing arrow.jpg )
Those are throwing-sticks for giving an extra strong push for throwing light javelins (more like heavy, long arrows). And Mayan at that, although similar things were used by various primitive peoples. Some javelins had short cords or leather strips tied to the middle of javelins that helped in throwing. And finding such delicate things buried in a swamp 3200 years ago would be amazing.
>> No. 104682 ID: 83d63c
File 145943976678.jpg - (59.47KB , 800x656 , CC atlatl throwing technique.jpg )
>> No. 104683 ID: 83d63c
File 145943979766.gif - (42.25KB , 485x549 , CC atlatl, Mayan.gif )
>> No. 104686 ID: 79b400
They'd be horribly ineffective throwing sticks. Too lightweight, all it'd do is annoy the animal, wouldn't even stun it.

They're just levers used to increase the velocity of lightweight, arrow-like spears. When I learned how to use one, the guy teaching me said "I know they say treat anything like an extension of your arm, but I mean it literally with this. Treat it as part of your anatomy, using your wrist as a connecting joint."

Though, I don't think I should have answered just atlatl, because bronze age used a different variation of it. I mean, it does the same exact thing, but the design is different. The atlatl is a solid device made of wood or bone, where the thong is a essentially a leather strap, either loose or there are some hardened variants that are more akin to atlatls in technique, but they tend to flex more and it adds a bit more velocity.

It's the oldest weapon system on the planet, there are countless variations because they're all hand made by the user and the design was up to the user's fancy and skill.
>> No. 104737 ID: 6a0fc5

File 145779528813.jpg - (85.17KB , 960x720 , FB_IMG_1457794412116.jpg )
104242 No. 104242 ID: 54180e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
"However, 19-year-old Rusty Shackleford of Lombard, in line to attend the Trump rally, said he was there to "support the man who wants to make America great again."
>19-year-old Rusty Shackleford
>Rusty Shackleford
Which one of you fucks was at the Chicago Trump rally?
78 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104544 ID: 88c84e
File 145833415715.jpg - (234.72KB , 640x705 , 18zmzsgja02ibjpg.jpg )
Teddy was a complicated guy. An absolute warmonger if you read his articles on how the US should enter the fray in WW1, mostly for the glory and to prove America's might and industry to the Europeans. Also a radical reformer in health, workplace safety and product safety. Big business hated his trust-busting and regulations, but those who were not magnates of industry felt that Teddy had their interests at heart.

And the public outcry of the gridiron deaths every year in football almost banned the sport. A record year had 26 deaths (1909) with hundreds of serious injuries. Players were given boiled leather helmets and some shoulder pads and they smashed each other to bits in gigantic brawls on the field until rules were enacted against really rough behavior along with rules for downs and forward passing.

Nineteen young men died playing football in 1905. Another 137 were seriously injured. Football has always been a violent sport, but calls to make the game less brutal were widely mocked at the turn of the 20th century. Satirical magazines of the time warned that the football players of the future would become effeminate dudes, bowing to each other on the field. The new rules would include, "No pinching, no slapping, and hug easy..." Sound familiar?

The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United States (IAAUS) was formed in early 1906 with the stated mission of reforming the rules of college sports. Its first mission was making football safer. The IUAA would take the name National Collegiate Athletic Association (better known as the NCAA) in 1910.

President Roosevelt himself encouraged the revision of football's rules after his son was injured playing for Harvard. And despite warnings that dialing back the brutality of the game would somehow make America's men soft, people were getting sick and tired of people dying for a game. But the alternative to making it less brutal could very well have been doing away with the sport altogether. Instead, football got the forward pass. http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/19-football-players-died-in-1905-but-calls-for-reform-1277528900
>> No. 104556 ID: 037541
  Interesting first hand account from a non-Trump supporter checking out a Trump rally for his first time in Tucson, AZ.
>> No. 104631 ID: 7c621a
Is this guy's depiction of this election cycle accurate?

>> No. 104699 ID: b86cd3
Guess what, it actually was a trump supporter.

>"Nazi salute woman at Chicago rally wasn't Bernie supporter Portia Boulger — was someone else. Got bad info. My apologies," Donald Trump Jr. wrote, clarifying his support of someone else's tweet about Boulger from two weeks earlier. His apology tweet was retweeted more than 350 times and got more than 1,000 likes.

>The woman in the photo taken by a Chicago Tribune photographer outside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion on March 11 is shown wearing a Trump shirt and was identified as Birgitt Peterson, 69, of Yorkville, as reported in a Tribune story the next day. Peterson said she emigrated from West Berlin and has been a U.S. citizen since 1982.

>The Ohio woman Trump Jr. called out on Twitter gave her own response on social media.

>"Why did it take two weeks for you to apologize? What was your goal (in) all this? Did you think about me or my family?" Boulger tweeted.

>"Do you understand the ramifications of your actions? Do you ... understand how you caused me a horrible two weeks?" she said in another tweet.
>> No. 104736 ID: 6a0fc5

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