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File 146930758478.jpg - (28.83KB , 634x374 , article-2516641-19C51F7D00000578-0_634x374.jpg )
106316 No. 106316 ID: 302fcb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
vice presidents

>mfw already forgot who they were
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>> No. 106340 ID: f2112f
File 14695378228.jpg - (193.15KB , 600x739 , Strongly advocating nuclear holocaust.jpg )

Patton and LeMay were totally down to keep the war going. Woulda been interesting.
>> No. 106341 ID: 385f49
>Woulda been interesting.
Well, if you forgot, USSR still has enough power to destroy Japanese occupational forces in the other part of the continent after that (talk about shit nobody cares about). Both sides knew well that they wouldn't gain much more than general population distrust out of that conflict, and the situation would have remained unchanged in the end.
>> No. 106343 ID: 30f399
File 146956013965.jpg - (1.01MB , 1491x1847 , US General Leslie Groves of the Manhattan Project .jpg )
Waging an aggressive nuclear war against a former ally because you don't like their economic system? No, thanks. Soviet communism collapsed on its own without the military superpowers needing to wage total war against each other.
>> No. 106344 ID: 51896a

I think you mean "tool" or "vassal"
>> No. 106345 ID: 30f399
File 146960162962.jpg - (459.11KB , 1688x1208 , Russian P WW2 'Victory in Berlin!' 7.jpg )
No, a very important ally, at least in their effectiveness in fighting Nazi Germany and the Axis powers. Something like 80% of Germany's casualties in WW2 were inflicted by the Soviets.
And if the Soviets were our tools or vassals we would not have had such trouble with them in the post-war period.

File 146332258141.jpg - (136.08KB , 1200x800 , Lenovo+AIO+700+press+shot.jpg )
105402 No. 105402 ID: a273fd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sorry if this is the wrong spot, but STEM didn't seem like the ideal location.

I've been looking for a new computer. I don't do anything beyond normal computing, aside from do some video editing for fun. I wanted a laptop because I worked 24 hour shifts, go to school etc, so it seemed like the easiest way to keep all of my stuff together. After looking at how much space I would need, and on the advice that I should try to get an SSD, I would need a 512gb SSD. Which often pushed me into the premium lines of most makers, and prices north of $1k (which I'm willing to pay if necessary).

But recently I started looking at All-In-One (AIO) computers. Yes, they are not portable (although there are some models that do side duty as huge tablets). However it seems like I can get similar performance for a lot less money (although most have traditional HDDs). If I went this route, I would have to get with the times and figure out how to do cloud computing so I can access necessary things on the go. And then I would of course still need a laptop...

So in conclusion I guess, has anyone gone either way on this? High end laptop vs standardish desktop and laptop?
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>> No. 106258 ID: fb3bdd
>Matching the colors took hours and I'm still not perfectly satisfied.
You realise they make software and hardware for colour calibration right?
>> No. 106259 ID: 98c1a2
yeah I know they make doodads to calibrate the monitors but I'm not going to spend money on a thing I'll use like once
>> No. 106304 ID: 4ed3bd
> PassMark score

Rant(-ish) time.

I'm always a bit hesitant when using passmark (for GPUs at least - I haven't looked much in to their CPU charts), their scoring is a bit weird imo, and they do some weird groupings of cards, especially with AMD cards (nvidia bias maybe?). A prime example of this is that they've lumped the R9 Fury and Fury X together as if they were the same card with the same performance, which they definitely are not (not to mention they've completely missed the R9 Nano, which is effectively and air cooled Fury X and should be lumped with it instead). It would be like lumping the GTX 980 and GTX 980Ti together. I do understand the grouping of cards that are effectively just refreshes though, that makes a bit more sense(although they aren't even consistent with that).


That aside, what I'm getting at is that I highly recommend using more than one source for GPU and CPU performance numbers. There are loads of youtube channels that do reviews these days.
>> No. 106305 ID: 6057a8
Indeed. I just used that to get an idea of what cards to aim at.

I researched more thoroughly the card I wanted to get, comparing power requirement and other benchmarks with the competing cards and also my budget. I'm happy with the GTX960, I've been using it since I got it and it has been fantastic. Very quiet, my computer runs cooler, it has CUDA and has proven more than capable for what I need and even what I might need in the future. Even with two monitors, it has more than enough horsepower for me from what I can tell.
>> No. 106342 ID: 79b400
  Terry Crews became interested in PCs after playing Battlefield 1 and decided to take a crack at building one.

No. 106227 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Donated $100.
>> No. 106336 ID: 1e7323
File 14694621871.png - (84.13KB , 610x556 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 106338 ID: 9dcda2
File 14694839243.jpg - (53.31KB , 250x250 , premium brofist small.jpg )

Mah man.


> The Freedom Challenge grassroots campaign was created by Rock Island Auction Company® to raise awareness and financial support for NRA-ILA, an organization that has stalwartly defended the Second Amendment for decades. 2016 is the most important year we’ve seen in a generation or more. The attack on the Second Amendment is clear; many politicians, government officials and members of the media look to destroy our Constitutional rights. The Supreme Court's greatest Second Amendment advocate — Justice Antonin Scalia — has passed away, leaving a vacancy on the Court that the next president will fill. Simply put, our firearm and other freedoms hang in the balance and it will take an army of us to take a stand.

File 146869468841.jpg - (39.06KB , 500x281 , 500px-Vlcsnap-2014-04-12-02h46m55s60_cr_JPG.jpg )
106239 No. 106239 ID: b57216 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
As we all know open carry is the law in Ohio that the location of this year's Republican national convention. Guns will not be allow in the private event, but the grounds outside are public territory and amongst the groups who have announced that they will be appearing at the convention fashionably well armed are a Bundy affiliated faction, #BLM, an NRA affiliated faction, an anti-NRA, pro-gun group, numerous Tea Party organizations and the New Black Panther Party. All this at the same time on less than 400 acres, yelling at each other with cops trying to keep it all under control.
It will be hot and humid out there too, just to add to the tension a little.

Even funnier, the GOP has banned pretty much anything which could possibly be used as a weapon other than those protected by the 2nd, so you can't bring a baseball to the convention cause you might throw it at someone, but those murderclips are just fine. Anyone wants to play baseball gonna have to make a ball out of spent casings & tape and use a nugget for a bat. Canned good are also banned at the convention, but there is an exception for cans 0.45 inches in diameter or smaller (0.5 inches with approved credit).
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>> No. 106298 ID: 86d09e

It appeared in Corsica now, imported by some Senegalese refugees.

Where's my fortress Europa? :P
>> No. 106309 ID: cce514
File 146922767362.jpg - (159.37KB , 1199x783 , iySyPTS.jpg )
>> No. 106311 ID: ac715d
He's facing the wrong way, thats why you didn't get doubles
>> No. 106318 ID: da34c8

>CLEVELAND — Brittany Atterberry was walking down East Fourth Street in her hometown when she encountered a visiting Trump supporter on his guitar. So she unsheathed her soprano sax, fixed a microphone on its bell, and jumped into the blues with him. Then Atterberry’s brother George Fossett, who was holding an END RACISM sign, started dancing with a bare-chested Biker for Trump.

>It was a tableau of can’t-we-all-just-get-along, mere blocks from the site of the fractious Republican National Convention, where each night politicians have done their best to make Americans afraid of each other.

>Said the guitarist, Kraig Moss, 57, of his fellow musician: “The Lord sent her right down here.”

>Said Atterberry, 25, a professional saxophonist who describes herself as anti-war: “Music is something that you feel. You can’t overthink it, like with voting.”

>Said Daryl Rembowski, the Biker for Trump: “The silent majority is showing you we can [get along]. We’ve seen it all week.”

>Said Fossett, his dance partner and fellow Cleveland resident: “Stop all the white against black, black against white. It’s all about love. This is what Cleveland is about. This is what the world should be about.”

>What happened to the tear gas? The cars on fire? The cops digging their knees into people’s necks? Wasn’t Cleveland supposed to explode right alongside the GOP and its volatile nominee?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 106321 ID: 302fcb
fukken boring, i wanted a thousand open carriers to have a free-for-all shootout with the last man standing getting the presidential nomination

File 14681321199.jpg - (261.14KB , 1280x1950 , 1.jpg )
106157 No. 106157 ID: 5e8be9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Ask a man who just dropped $400 so he could get MOST of the back issues for a comic series anything.

Still need to find issues:
50, 41, 38, 33, 30-28, 25-22, 20-14, 12-1(0)

I have the whole series downloaded but having grown up in my parents comic book shop I need the physical copy. Plus I like supporting artists I like.

If you can't tell I like the sexy "bad girls". You think this is a lot of $$$?
Nothing compared to what I've spent over at boundless.

Also happen to like dark and twisted stuff (the last rendition of House of Mystery was my favorite series ever) but it seems to be rare nowadays. Marvel and DC are SJW circle jerks of such intensity that even Clio couldn't handle it, Dark Horse seems to have lost it's funk (they go through funk cycles though), and Image is SJW's trying to actually create something original for a change (which is nice but I haven't liked anything they've done).

Speaking of SJW's and the ilk I find it odd that feminists who shouldn't approve of the erotic bad girl genre (Belladonna, Lady Death, Hellina, Tarot, Pandora, Ember, etc.) are silent about it. Maybe they just don't know yet...

Not sure if the pic is ok but it is SFW (barely) and not anime and it is on topic.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 106291 ID: 0c0931
Body pillows?
>> No. 106292 ID: bf2165
My girlfriend calls her truck Xenia.
>> No. 106293 ID: 6057a8
Nope, body pillows usually cheaper than most good figurines.

Also, that many dakimakuras would pretty much be a waifu harem, and that's heretical. I mean fuck, I don't even have a waifu, so shit just doesn't make sense from the get-go.
>> No. 106302 ID: 5e8be9
Package is confirmed stolen...it was insured but IDK if any of you have dealt with a USPS claim...it will be A LONG time before I get my money back.

Until then I'm going to reorder once I finish moving next month and watch Craigslist/backpage/ebay like a hawk to see if the thief tries to sell them.

Love that USPS leaves the big heavy package on the doorstep but the small package they could have put in my mail box I had to go pickup today...fuckers...
>> No. 106303 ID: d4c8ee
I'd suggest calling the comic book/RPG/boardgame shops in your area and asking the owners to keep a eye out.

File 146873897753.jpg - (86.92KB , 574x516 , hostonpost_0331811.jpg )
106249 No. 106249 ID: 649f2c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How come nobody ever spins conspiracy theories about the Reagan Assassination attempt?
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>> No. 106254 ID: 649f2c
File 146874036620.jpg - (49.25KB , 619x404 , MTM2NjQzODAxNDg4MzAzNzEx.jpg )
Look this fucker with his popgun isn't even unholstered, but uzi dude is ready to kill a dozen enemies in half a second.

and then if you remember the republican primaries in 1980, they were a lot like this year's primaries. George Bush was the party insider pick and considered a mortal lock, but then along comes Reagan and Reagan stole the show. That had to have George a little pissed off.
>> No. 106255 ID: 649f2c
File 146874055670.jpg - (79.75KB , 553x369 , RV-AB954_REAGAN_G_20110310225756.jpg )
they still used revolvers back in those days. ancient history.

george bush is 92 years old, he will take a lot of secrets to the grave with him.
used to be CIA boss before he was vice president
>> No. 106256 ID: 649f2c
File 146874064414.jpg - (142.92KB , 980x552 , 130715162255-04-crimes-of-the-century-reagan-horiz.jpg )
>gtfo nigger

you tell 'em uzi dude!
>> No. 106257 ID: 649f2c
File 146874111714.png - (329.99KB , 595x391 , Picture+5.png )
anyway it always seemed really strange to me that no media organization even attempted to seriously investigate the issue. they worked on watergate for years before they figured it out and iran contra even more so.
family friends of the VP try to assassinate the president? probably nothing there right?
if there is i guess you can blame bradyshit on george bush, but we'll never know.
its slightly frustrating.
>> No. 106290 ID: 98c1a2
Dat TD.

File 146812333173.jpg - (60.91KB , 488x263 , Screen-Shot-2016-07-09-at-11_24_39.jpg )
106155 No. 106155 ID: aab36d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
…after all they don't vote Republican.

After a Minnesota police officer fatally shot a black man on Wednesday, gun control advocates weren’t the only ones criticizing the National Rifle Association. Some of the blowback was coming from within the organization.

The NRA is facing internal division as its members argue that the group did not do enough to defend gun owners’ rights by speaking out on behalf of Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minn., who was shot to death during a traffic stop.

Castile had a valid permit to carry a gun. He also reportedly informed the officer who shot him that he was armed in an attempt to head off a misunderstanding.

Still, Castile was killed by police, prompting outrage that following the rules was not enough to save him from a violent death.

The NRA appeared to drag its feet on the Falcon Heights shooting, taking more than a day and a half to address it publicly. When a statement was posted on the NRA Facebook page, the group obliquely referred to “reports from Minnesota.” It neither named Castile directly nor took a position on the shooting.

“It is important for the NRA not to comment while the investigation is ongoing,” the organization said. “Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known.”

From the NRA’s Facebook page:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 106191 ID: 09c7e0
You know the whole gun control movement started in America as a southern technique to keep firearms out of the hands of niggers & poor whites. This all happened during the post civil-war era south, so the police (AKA the government) calling for gun control these days is nothing new, but southern blacks seem to be on the wrong side of the issue if you ask me. They had gun control in Texas back in the day to make sure that the guy getting lynched (& his fam) wouldn't be shooting back.
>> No. 106193 ID: d4c8ee
File 146836160333.jpg - (279.28KB , 1139x1600 , LOUIS FARRAKHAN - I'M THE NRA.jpg )
Likewise back in the 60s-70s there were anti-civil rights groups running stuff like this. Ooga Booga the NRA is giving M16s to Farrakhan and Malcolm X! Vote Thurmond!

>But make no mistake: (Micah) Johnson was acting on one of the central beliefs that animates the gun rights movement. It’s been called the ‘insurgency theory’ of the Second Amendment, and it holds that Americans must have the right to own military-style weapons because a heavily armed populace is the last bulwark against a tyrannical government running amok. The NRA is quite explicit about this.
>> No. 106194 ID: 1057d5
>the whole gun control movement started in America

>> No. 106197 ID: 0c0931
  Wait. That's his real name?

I don't think he's trying to say that America was the first country to try to control it's citizens'/subjects' access to firearms.
>> No. 106199 ID: 0c0931
>That's his real name?

File 146759640522.jpg - (36.81KB , 540x405 , 636029233375303636-150620-M-BN069-005.jpg )
106110 No. 106110 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

> The Marine Corps' new fitness rules are out, and they include some revolutionary changes to the way the service measures strength and body fat.

> Starting in 2017, Marines will be given the option to replace pullups with pushups when taking the annual Physical Fitness Test. Marines who earn 285 points on the now-tougher physical and combat fitness tests will no longer be subject to weight and body fat limits. Body fat standards will also be loosened for those who score between 250 and 284 points on the tests.

I read through the article and it seems like the standards are high... but reasonable? And there's not a glaring difference between males and females. Then again, I know nothing about exercise, or military standards for it, just that I read on Terminal Lance.

For those who do, what's your opinion of it?
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106182 ID: 82a3e8
I had the opposite problem. I almost couldnt enlist because I was at the bottom end of height/weight because I was a short scrawny mother fucker. I got a 240ish on a pt test before enlisting to prove I could to the recruiter or some shit.

However I did see a lot of guys like you get tape tested and threatened with various punishments because they were just bigger dudes (who could smash pt test).

Im probably the most fit now I have ever been in my life and I probably wouldnt meet height/weight. (Just looked it up, Im over the maximum weight for my height). Thanks muscles.
>> No. 106183 ID: 84faa4

It matters if the paralegal is in an airborne unit.

The bigger issue with a buffet pt test is that scores get lumped together. Promotion scores are buffed or dropped by pt scores in part, as part of the general task in the military as a whole is to remain physically fit. All jobs benefit from it, it's just a significantly more inherent task for infantry, or other direct combat jobs.

But, having looked at it, if you can't do the pullups portion and subsequently transition to pushups, you can't max the test. That, is intelligent. It gives incentive to be able to accomplish the tougher exercise.

I guess we'll all see how it pans out. I know all my Force friends are stoked hearing about everyone being H&W limitation free now.
>> No. 106184 ID: 5e8be9
I like it but I also feel until women are subject to the EXACT same fitness standards as men they need to compete with different cutting scores for promotion.

As it stands right now a woman with a 300 PFT may not necessarily be able to even pass a male PFT but she will get more points towards promotion than a male with a 2nd class PFT. It is fucking bull shit.

Also actual job ability needs to be tested before promotion. Too many "meritorious" Sergeants running around who have no fucking idea how to even do the most basic parts of their MOS.
>> No. 106189 ID: 9dcda2
File 146833061436.gif - (55.99KB , 700x355 , 2012-07-26-Strip_214_Chongo_web.gif )
> Also actual job ability needs to be tested before promotion.
>> No. 106195 ID: 5e8be9
The promotion system doesn't even work for the Marines really. Right now things are held together with Billet over Rank but it only works sometimes and causes a lot of unnecessary friction/uncertainty.

>be PFC Fuck-Face
>SSgt Unqualified who just got back to the fleet from MSG tells you to do XYZ
>Cpl Salty who has all of the qualifications he can get at this point (there are no more rank waivers possible) catches you doing XYZ.
>Cpl Salty tells you SSgt Unqualified is a dumbfuck
>Cpl Salty tells you to stop doing XYZ
>What should PFC Fuck-Face do? How does he avoid NJP paperwork and avoid Cpl Salty from dragging him into a dark quadcon and fucking him up?

For those who have finished an enlistment it doesn't seem like a big issue but for the boot it is. All of this could be avoided if promotions required a recommendation, the successful passing of a closed book test about your actual MOS, and standing a no shit actual board relating to your job (just like you have to do to get most qualifications).

File 146723933224.jpg - (37.96KB , 420x315 , dog_laughing_with_assburger_who_didnt_get_the_joke.jpg )
106023 No. 106023 ID: b430d1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
If you're being attacked by a dog and under fire from a hail of rubber bullets, definitely don't try to pull your pocketknife to defend yourself, cause then the cops will really start murdering you.

Officer Mike Parcells has been through this before.

Earlier this week, a man suspected in a 2014 shooting and a K-9 police dog were both killed in California when a standoff between the suspect and law enforcement ended in gunfire, authorities said.

The dog was handled by Parcells, a 23-year veteran of the department; it was the second dog that the officer had “lost in the line of duty,” the Long Beach Police Department wrote on Facebook.

After the death, other officers mourned 4-year-old Credo, who had been working with the department for two years and was involved in more than 30 apprehensions, according to the post.

Parcells also worked with Ranger, a Belgian Malinois that was shot during a 2005 SWAT call, according to the post on social media. Credo, another Belgian Malinois, died after officers were called to assist in the pursuit of the suspect Tuesday.

KNBC, a local NBC affiliate, reported:

Long Beach police officers stood in formation for a farewell to Credo outside the veterinarian’s office Tuesday afternoon. Parcells appeared inconsolable, breaking down in tears as Credo was loaded into the K-9 cruiser.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
42 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106163 ID: 5e8be9
File 146816324310.jpg - (131.03KB , 600x449 , clerks-ii-movie-review-donkey-show-kinky-kelly-zak.jpg )
Just because I enjoy furry porn doesn't mean I want to participate in inter-species erotica
>> No. 106164 ID: 98c1a2
It was bait-tier reply of the same quality as your original comment on a post that was meant to illustrate how police dogs are misused and often end up hurting more than doing any good whatsoever.

How you thought that was "edgy" is a leap of logic that I found to be farfetched, so I made one in the same style to mirror the sentiment.
>> No. 106165 ID: 5e8be9
>At this point if I see a K9 running at me for any reason I'm shooting my own damn self in the fucking head. It'll save everyone the trouble and I'll end up less mutilated. I should probably put some notes explaining why in my pockets because the cops on scene most likely wouldn't understand my actions regardless of the painfully sound logic obviously present.

That is what I was poking fun at. No he wouldn't. Seriously I call "no fucking balls".

You're taking shit WAY to seriously. This is the internet man.
>> No. 106166 ID: 98c1a2

>You're taking shit WAY to seriously. This is the internet man.
The hilarious thing is that "no u" is actually what's happening here
>> No. 106168 ID: f87148
Yeah, they're loads faster than you, but doggos can't jump or climb for shit.

File 146556183717.jpg - (36.55KB , 480x960 , Pumped_39ccb5_5428156.jpg )
105801 No. 105801 ID: f49edb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are everyone's weekend plans?

Personally, I have a lot of classwork to get done but I'm hoping to finish all that shit tonight so I can perhaps go hiking tomorrow, then buy some meat and fucking grill that shit. Sunday I'm thinking the range and some pistol drills.
19 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105994 ID: 98c1a2
Nugget revolver at 15~ yards?
>> No. 105995 ID: f49edb
File 146682441989.jpg - (892.70KB , 2688x1520 , 73tFOt7.jpg )

Nope. Hand nugget ammo is a bit smaller.
>> No. 106001 ID: 98c1a2
The holes make it look like bullets with a flat and fat meplat, not full wadcutter but some 40S&Ws have such tips... I'm not even sure if you have any fohtees.
>> No. 106007 ID: f49edb
File 146687077116.jpg - (3.47MB , 4352x2448 , IMG_3123[2].jpg )
>> No. 106153 ID: fd6fc5
File 14681177395.png - (118.16KB , 800x800 , cartoon boner.png )
I finally tracked down that cute GM I met last year, after the coffee shop she worked at got shut down I lost track of her, turns out she was working for a friend of mine this whole time and I never showed up when she was on her shift.
She is has a slight muffin top and pudge in all the right places including motherly hips

So I'm going to see if I can't get her to agree to a date

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