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File 146639097739.jpg - (2.54MB , 3264x2448 , 1466390793872-395186902.jpg )
105920 No. 105920 ID: 18b57c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Recommend me the best ems, fire,and police scanner apps.
Free ones because lolpoor.
>> No. 105922 ID: 79b400
>> No. 105940 ID: 19a47b
An actual scanner
>> No. 105969 ID: 4b3eed
root your android and pirate scanner radio pro. you can get it off a thing called blackmart or maybe just torrents.

File 146638141431.jpg - (70.13KB , 745x497 , saltcellar-ginandtonic-ecarpenter.jpg )
105916 No. 105916 ID: 798a48 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Taking parents to Salt Cellar in a hour or so. Whatcha guys do?
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>> No. 105933 ID: 79b400
I feel like you told your kids you were sending them to summer camp in China, but just shipped them off to your cousin who runs a sweat shop for a little Christmas money.

Camp Textire Factory.
>> No. 105945 ID: ad8094
File 146643809260.jpg - (131.81KB , 960x720 , More Tumblr garbages.jpg )
LOL, grandma took kids to Taiwan/Singapore, also they just started "summer school" there to learn Chinese.

Picture of finished compose tumblers
>> No. 105949 ID: 6057a8

also isn't it "compost"
>> No. 105957 ID: ad8094
I don't spell too gud
>> No. 105960 ID: d5e5a4

File 146574903220.jpg - (427.06KB , 1400x1800 , pXfAbE3.jpg )
105847 No. 105847 ID: f49edb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Cabin porn.
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>> No. 105907 ID: fd0828
>> No. 105934 ID: 3a8d09
File 14664028116.png - (0.98MB , 900x600 , 1374993797136.png )
>> No. 105936 ID: 3a8d09
File 146640289574.jpg - (445.62KB , 1920x1080 , 1464987219660.jpg )
>> No. 105937 ID: 3a8d09
File 146640292920.jpg - (281.43KB , 1280x874 , 1375198118104.jpg )
>> No. 105939 ID: 3a8d09
File 146640297512.jpg - (240.98KB , 1382x921 , rBuoEQW.jpg )

File 146076572375.jpg - (182.87KB , 698x400 , 2e97ff8.jpg )
104977 No. 104977 ID: ae87b5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Carl von Clausewitz, the young Prussian strategist of the Napoleonic age, is a giant in the field of security studies. His seminal work, On War, is widely considered the definitive text in understanding the nature of war. His famous quote, “War is the continuation of politics by other means,” is generally considered the cardinal rule for war—it is often quoted and equally often ignored in practice. So, it is unsurprising that contemporary Western strategists and thinkers look towards Clausewitz for answers and insights, but is he the only choice?

In “What Would Clausewitz Do?,” Mark Perry explored how the Prussian strategist would tackle the challenge of the Islamic State (ISIS). Perry astutely emphasized the need for a clear, achievable political goal driving the war effort combined with a level-headed understanding of the war being fought. Clausewitz would be proud. However, Perry’s singular focus on the bare-fisted, no holds barred type of warfare is both mismatched to today’s socio-political climate and a woefully one-dimensional characterization of Clausewitz’s theory of war. Although frequently quoted, Clausewitz’s comprehensive theory of war is often misrepresented...or at least poorly understood in its entirety. Clausewitz provides the abstraction of absolute war as an intellectual baseline to highlight the utility and constraints of limited warfare in practice, as explained in Book One’s “Purpose and Means in War.” Contrary to popular representation, Clausewitz outlines a masterful theory of war where the grammar of warfare adapts and changes to the logic of politics—ranging from conventional warfare to counterinsurgency involving non-state actors. Thus, to reduce Clausewitz’s theory of war to a simplistic suggestion “to hit them, and relentlessly, before they hit us,” as Mark Perry suggests, is both inaccurate and provides a false strategic dichotomy.

That said, however, Perry’s characterization of Clausewitz highlights the need to incorporate both nuance and a wider range of voices in the crafting of strategy. Thus, modern strategists should not be limited to the 18th century Prussian strategist for answers, but also look to the 5th century BCE strategist, Sun Tzu.

Although historical sources disagree on the details of Sun Tzu’s life or even his existence, his work, The Art of War, is considered a masterpiece in the philosophy of war and strategy. For hundreds of years, The Art of War provided the foundations of military theory in China and continues to have tremendous influence today. Although separated by nearly 2,000 years, Clausewitz and Sun Tzu both stressed the importance of politics in warfare, the role of the commander, and t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 104978 ID: a19011
Well this is unusually intellectually stimulating.

I used to not "get" Sun Tzu, but after rereading the Art of War I think he's cracking.
>> No. 104982 ID: 254d85
One thing I've found interesting is that Antoine-Henri Jomini never seems to get much of a mention. Up until 1860 his works formed the cornerstone of American military thinking, but he seems to be relatively unknown these days.
>> No. 104985 ID: 385f49
Absolutely pointless wall of text which has no connection to any reality whatsoever. There is absolutely no challenge in "tackling" any "ISIS" organization in whatever matter, given that there are international organizations out there that were able to keep international stability for 70 years straight.

Only reason ISIS still exists is that NATO - as a largest and most powerful military and political block - refuses to cooperate with the rest of the world. On the surface it might seem that it is simply a near-sightedness, or arrogance, or any other human-like flaw. In the hindsight, it is a deception strategy. What such insolent as this Mark Perry considers theoretical possibility, for the rest of the nations that fought ISIS face to face, is a harsh reality.

Obama recently admitted that Libya operation was a failure. When it all started, almost nobody even heard about "Islamic State" in the first place, it was just one of those terrorists insurrection groups, which occasionally receive status of "freedom fighters".

On the other hand, after successful bombing operation in Syria, as you may notice, when government managed to hold it's ground, but the areal support from strategical geniuses of the west has fallen from miserable to imperceptible - with ISIS occupying large portions of country.

The importance of these events may seem to be shrouded for people who have no idea of history (thanks to state of destruction of modern historical science), but to anyone who has any recollection of the past, might not miss comparison with situation which led to the beginning of the last world war. On a strategic level, that is.


>That was his last active service. In 1829, he settled in Brussels, which served as his main place of residence for the next thirty years. In 1853, after trying without success to bring about a political understanding between France and Russia, Jomini was called to St Petersburg to act as a military adviser to the Tsar during the Crimean War.
Probably for political reasons, since he served the "wrong" side for the most of his life (disregarding the historical context).
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 105901 ID: d4c8ee
It's a simple enough answer. Before the civil war the US didn't have much military experience, the Revolution was mainly guerrilla actions by militias and the Continental army was trained by either Americans who had experience in the British army in the French and Indian war, or by European military experts such as Baron von Steuben. Between then and the civil war most of what we got involved with was either stomping the natives/pirates/Mexicans, or getting stomped by the British/helping them stomp Canadian rebels.

After the civil war, the first modern war which was pretty much ignored by European military thinkers because "hoh hoh those brutish Americans don't know how to fight war properly", the US ended up with a large number of experienced commanders to draw on for developing our own modern theories. Napoleonic model "meatgrinder" warfare would have been discredited through actual combat experience and factors unique to the terrain of the North American battlefield. And while Napoleonic France had been seen as one of the world's centers of military thinking, the disastrous Franco-Prussian war and then WWI destroyed that reputation.

Additionally the main reason Jomini was taught at West Point is because Henry Halleck had translated and "adapted" Jomini's writings to English for the school. Effectively it was a "buy the teacher's textbook" situation. (Halleck himself was not overly competent or aggressive and Lincoln described him as "little more than a clerk")

tl;dr Jomini's formulas and principals could not be applied to the changing face of war, and were thus discarded.
>> No. 105902 ID: d4c8ee

>The only field commander who seemed to learn from his mistakes and aggressively pursued the enemy in the Napoleonic style was Ulysses Grant – a soldier who accepted the strategy of annihilation espoused by Clausewitz as the prescription for victory in a war of popular nationalism.[43] Grant's actions as head of the army are seen as non-Jominian because they ran counter to the strategies that had been enacted by General Halleck. Halleck's orders to his field commanders were, "Wherever the enemy concentrates we must concentrate to oppose him. We must act with caution and keep our troops well in hand, so as to prevent him from catching us by surprise."[44] However, Grant favored the Jominian idea of concentration of forces to be used in mass attacks – not as a defensive tactic. In fact, his strategic plan was a simple one calling for the concentration of all available forces to be thrown against the Confederate Army in the field.[45] Grant's plan designed to prevent the Confederate Army from concentrating its forces in a strong defense was the same type of plan Jomini proposed to defeat Frederick the Great during the Seven Years' War – one that combined the strategies of attrition and exhaustion.[46]

>Grant is credited with fighting in the Clausewitzian style based on his appreciation for the annihilation of the enemy as the means to victory. To defeat Lee, Grant realized that he had to think like Lee. Grant also did not ignore the Jominian idea of territorial gains in war. He realized that it was the threats against the political and logistic centers in Richmond and Atlanta that had forced Lee and his other generals to fight in the past.[47] With a Napoleonic decisive victory in battle no longer possible to end the war, Grant embarked on his strategy of annihilation. His plan followed the dictum of Clausewitz who wrote, "If you want to overcome your enemy, you must match your effort against his power of resistance."[48] To accomplish his plan, he appointed two Union Corps Commanders, Generals William Sherman in charge of the Union Army in the Carolinas, and Phillip Sheridan in charge of the army in the Shenandoah Valley. He ordered both generals, "To strike against [the enemy] and break it up, get into the interior of the enemy's country as far as you can, inflicting all the damage you can upon their war resources."[49] Declaring war on the civilian private property was not a new idea. It had been practiced in counter-insurgency warfare in Europe earlier in the century, but Americans were not used to
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 141780644428.jpg - (25.21KB , 400x169 , gunconfiscation3.jpg )
92163 No. 92163 ID: 1278b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Those of you who were paying attention back in November during the I594/I591 battle will remember that Bloomberg had Nevada, Arizona, Maine, and others for their next grab attempts.


The AzCDL has started up a new site specifically in anticipation of this, off their Legislative Action Center. AZ and Nevada are expecting ballot measures, while Oregon can probably expect to see a more traditional bill put up since they brought back John Kitzhaber and elected more hoplophobes.

This is a reminder to contact your legislators and at least get on your local rights organization's mailing list if not joining or donating.

81 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105885 ID: 7d1c98


Am I supposed to be surprised?
>> No. 105892 ID: 798a48
File 146612139549.jpg - (60.13KB , 540x960 , 13419160_10156950810260307_7604571926996376379_n.jpg )

Daniel Defense Terminates Relationship with Academy Sports

Letter to all Daniel Defense Distributors:

“As you know we take our partnership with our stocking retailers very seriously. We are committed to serving and supplying them at the highest level and expect our retailers to have that same level of commitment to our brand and our industry. Unfortunately, Academy Sports has made a corporate decision, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, to remove all MSRs from their website and in-store displays. Academy Sports has communicated that they intend to continue to sell the MSR category of firearms without displaying or advertising them publicly. As a prominent MSR brand, Daniel Defense cannot support decisions that are completely contrary to the values of our company and industry. Therefore, as of today, June 16th, I request that you place Academy Sports on a Do Not Sell list for all Daniel Defense products and terminate any shipments to their stores or distribution centers. It is unfortunate that we have to make this decision, but it is clearly the right thing to do for our brand, our industry and our constitutional right. Thank you for your support.”

Bill Robinson, VP of Sales

“Academy’s decision clearly segregates firearms by their appearance, which sends a dangerous message to our politicians that it’s acceptable to do so. We as an industry must stand and fight, together.”

Marty Daniel, President and CEO
>> No. 105895 ID: 798a48
  Chris Cox of the NRA-ILA's made his position clear despite Trump and/or his aides wanting to meet with them. It's a modification of the GOP amendment to the original 'no-fly, no-buy' proposal on the where a judge would intervene to determine the final outcome of a sale, whereas the Dems wanted to leave it to the DoJ. Still bullshit either way due to no due process for getting on the list in the first place.

I've said on other channels and in real life that they'd better qualify that shit to sufficiently make an arrest if they're going to play this game. I've got mixed feelings on it now that the NRA's saying the same thing.
>> No. 105896 ID: 812827
If they can make an arrest then why not just do so and be done with it? Then the suspect gets his due process and is also prevented from buying the gun. It just seems that law enforcement has either failed to take the options they already have. Or this guy was sufficiently on the down low enough that there would have been no way to determine if he was an actual danger or not.
>> No. 105898 ID: 798a48
  Nov 23, 2015

File 146539199861.jpg - (79.91KB , 539x673 , 296m6mc.jpg )
105746 No. 105746 ID: 0dc27c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
>go on holiday
>meet cute 19 year old Ukrainian girl
>marry her after 3 weeks, right there
>now I have to spend my evenings reading about visa applications and other bullshit

everyone told me this was a bad idea, but I actually think this was a good idea
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>> No. 105866 ID: ad8094
File 146584968691.jpg - (74.97KB , 360x348 , real_world_logo.jpg )
"This is the true story... of two strangers... decide to live together... and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...The Real Relationship....
>> No. 105869 ID: 037541
>tl;dr im sorry for playing you for my own gain opchan

oh_ok, real talk my respect for you just shot up 10 points.

10/10 well played.

Also great decision I wish you the best of luck man, you got this shit =)
>> No. 105873 ID: 0dc27c

I completely agree. The only thing stopping us doing it sooner is our own work and education obligations, otherwise we would do it immediately. But you gotta work with what you got

My ex girl was great when we saw each other 2x a week, but I had a similar experience to you sneaky - lazy, bitchy and just a general killjoy to be around

Haha im glad someone appreciates my overwhelming narcissism and completely self serving approach. Thank you though my friend
>> No. 105897 ID: 9723b1
>walk by
>ask for a slap
>they actually do it
>pull out my problem solver and put them in the ground
Self defense.
>> No. 105899 ID: 757bc2
enjoy your murder charge.

File 146579280316.png - (71.66KB , 1920x1080 , hRLkiG2.png )
105859 No. 105859 ID: 5e8be9 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey I know you all have discussed Bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, etc before.

I just read about Blackcoin and the whole Proof of Stake concept. Not sure I 100% understand it and most of the stuff on it is by people who WANT you to buy into it so what I do know now is biased. The idea is interesting though.

Was wondering what you all felt about it.
>> No. 105867 ID: 52ed6e
It's probably a pump and dump scheme like 99% of other e-coin systems in the past.
>> No. 105891 ID: 5e8be9
been around too long for that
>> No. 105893 ID: 5a0b76
how long has it been around? cuz I've never heard of it and I've wasted all the good years of my life on the tubes
>> No. 105904 ID: cc91ac

File 146536492918.jpg - (16.30KB , 240x300 , $T2eC16F,!zEE9s3!(H9pBRNS1JwFGQ~~60_35_JPG.jpg )
105743 No. 105743 ID: b430d1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I realized just a few moments ago that prisoner 5o1 logically must have been the victim of planted evidence. How did the dog search miss the torso? If that isn't already ridiculous enough - a police dog failing to notice a decaying human torso in June in Georgia - then there was that old "OMG I discovered it by accident luckily" bullshit act that the pigs always pull when they're discovering planted evidence. Cops are too fucking stupid to come up with something believable, so every single one of the dimbulb motherfuckers makes up the same exact same lie.
So how do we get him out and I don't even really care all that much anyway, cause he was already a prisoner of the world of warcraft before he got in the GA state pen.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105798 ID: 7d1c98

He admitted to it though.

Even if for some reason he admitted to it due to pressure/duress/whatever, once you admit to something, it's sticking like strong nuclear force.

Let's say he didn't do it, for stupid argument's sake, at this point it would still require admittance of guilt from most or all of the officers involved in this elaborate conspiracy you are proposing...or for someone to somehow uncover evidence of it and dig extremely deep. That's never going to happen because, even if it were true, anyone involved in an evidence plant and framing isn't going to say shit at this point, the case is over.

Also he was a crazy from a broken home, he was an alcoholic and had next to no friends, dude was a time bomb anyway and both he and society are safer with him in prison.
>> No. 105819 ID: 2df361
theres all sorts off people who got out of death row & life sentences recently, just hook him up to some young, naive do-gooder ALCU volunteer type lawyer from some ivy league school - the type that wants to make a rep for themselves as a fighter for justice - and he'll be out soon enough.
>> No. 105830 ID: 0d5d47
But he's not black.
>> No. 105842 ID: 604010
hes got to be some kinda minority hes so freaky lookin
>> No. 105844 ID: f9b63c
Plenty of people who admitted their crimes were acquitted years later through additional evidence (DNA etc), people will do anything to make the pressure stop.

>once you admit to something, it's sticking like strong nuclear force.
That's not how the court system works. If the torso is found in some psychos fridge, it doesn't matter what he admitted.

>Let's say he didn't do it, for stupid argument's sake, at this point it would still require admittance of guilt from most or all of the officers involved in this elaborate conspiracy you are proposing...or for someone to somehow uncover evidence of it and dig extremely deep. That's never going to happen because, even if it were true, anyone involved in an evidence plant and framing isn't going to say shit at this point, the case is over.
Doesn't this fucking scare you if this apparatus should be turned on you or someone you love?

>Also he was a crazy from a broken home, he was an alcoholic and had next to no friends, dude was a time bomb anyway and both he and society are safer with him in prison.

I feel bad for your friends.

File 146554708740.jpg - (140.87KB , 600x386 , frontlinesmain.jpg )
105886 No. 105886 ID: 7188a3 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just made one of them instagram things and it recommended I follow @operatorgram, i.e. opchan's page. It had one photo.

Aside from confirming that tracking cookies work, this shows another possible outreach venue underutilized. None of us are Drake, true, but perhaps we can get the best of the Guns of Opchan posts on there just to have a presence.

Of course, this assumes whoever made it is still in contact.
>> No. 105887 ID: f49edb

I made the account, just haven't done anything with it yet.

Sounds like a plan, would you like to handle it?
>> No. 105888 ID: 7188a3
If nobody else with instagram experience wants to, sure. Like I said, I just made my own account and don't quite know all about these filters and tags and whatever else.

In my mind, the real issue is obtaining permission from everyone posting guns here to publish on a social platform. I don't know how to go about that without either annoyingly spamming the threads or just assuming everyone has implied consent simply by posting.

Also, putting an openly hoersfcking guy in charge of anything is liable to rustle jimmies. :DDD
>> No. 105889 ID: f49edb
Meh as long as you don't post pony shit.

Filters are easy just scroll through the shit until something looks good, or don't use one at all.

I could also move this to /t/ and open it up to see if anyone else would like to assist, it doesn't have to be just one person.

I also need people to help with twitter and facebook.
>> No. 105890 ID: f49edb
as far as permission I wouldn't worry about it too much... you already posted it on the interwebs. If someone sees it and wants photocredit or for it to be taken down just oblige them.

File 146172357053.jpg - (21.77KB , 600x315 , 1461705197443.jpg )
105114 No. 105114 ID: 1aea9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst set a new high for hysteria Monday night at an event featuring Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopulous, and Steven Crowder.

The event was intended to be a forum and discussion about the use of political correctness on campus, but degenerated into a shouting match as protesters sought to drown out the speakers with cries of “hate speech” and, less imaginatively, “fuck you.”

One of the protesters took it upon herself to pass out literature expressing her concern for the “triggering” event, claiming the speakers “all demonstrate either that you don’t give a shit about people’s trauma and pain and think it’s funny to thrust people into states of panic and distress OR that you fundamentally do not understand what a trigger is, what it means to be triggered, and what a trigger warning is meant to prevent.”

When Campus Reform asked the activist to elaborate on the flyers, she refused to provide her name or comment because, as she put it, “Campus Reform causes death and death threats due to its extreme language.”

As the speakers walked onto the stage they were greeted with boos and middle fingers from many audience members, to which Steven Crowder graciously responded with a middle finger of his own.

The speakers were constantly interrupted throughout the event by shouts from the audience to “go home” or that “we don’t want you here,” with some of the most enthusiastic hollering coming from the very protester Campus Reform had attempted to speak with before the event.

When the protester attempts to interrupt Yiannopoulos at the beginning of the video, Hoff Sommers tells her to “calm down, young lady.” Paying no heed, the protester responds with an impassioned “Fuck you! Fuck you!”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
134 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 105732 ID: 037541
  I'll get to your posts Clio for a proper reply in the next coming days (finals week right now) but more importantly.

Milo at UCSD stream!!! He starts at 8pm pacific.
>> No. 105733 ID: a569d7
Good luck with finals!
>> No. 105770 ID: 1807a4
Damn clio you used to be cool... why do you want to hang out with those social justice losers?

I'm just smh over here fam.
>> No. 105771 ID: 1807a4
XOXO hugs
>> No. 105790 ID: 037541
Much appreciated!

I guess what I want to say is that I find his speeches quite fun, always something ridiculous happens that always makes me realize he is fighting the good fight. But yes you are not completely incapable on talking about Milo but please do separate his stage and video self from his writings for from the few that I have read they come off pretty differently then his stage sell. Whether him on tv shows, talk shows, youtube videos or during this tour of his.

>the dude's a bit of a bigot
Oh dont get me wrong I know he is a bit of a bigot, his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience proves exactly that but he has his wroth that someone as awesome as Sommers is doesn't have. Which is an entertainment value. Sommers is amazing and I love her stuff but she is not as shareable as Milo is. Milo is inflammatory, hilarious and a very entertaining character to watch. His debate skills also make him that much better to watch. He answers questions like no other. So the reason I spend so much time watching and sharing Milo is because he is both entertaining and informative and shareable. It is more palatable to share a video of Milo's where during his speech crazies start yelling and obstructing then event then it is to share a calm and relaxed speech of Sommers. People want conflict in their entertainment and there is always conflict when Milo hits the stage and the cameras are rolling.

>If you want a discourse, this is discourse. A discourse isn't the other person just agreeing with you. Come on, now.
That was more pointed at the you saying you are not in the wrong quote. Basically me saying there is no right or wrong. It's never that black and white.
I was wrong for ignoring the worth of his written works entirely. I only discovered the man through videos of Milo destroying feminists so I never really cared to read his articles for I honestly didn't put much weight to them for I didn't know they were really a big thing. And it takes more mental effort for me to read an article then to watch a video of someone so I just watched their videos and thought well the articles will only be supplemental to what is being said in their videos.

I hope that clears up why I share Milo over other people who do similar things.

>I apologize if I'm coming off as angry or something.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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