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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 111447 ID: 3e9aae hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  On December 17th at approximately 2 in the morning a unknown number of persons wearing DGCIM patches (Venezuelan military intelligence) approached a Venezuelan National Guard headquarters outside Caracas. They told the soldiers on duty that they were there to carry out a search warrant so the soldiers let them in.

Once inside, they tied up everybody in the building and stole a bunch of rifles and ammunition along with a couple pistols. They spray painted references to Article 350 in the Venezuelan constitution that states that Venezuelans have a duty to oppose tyrannical rule, and harangued the soldiers about how they're dishonoring their uniforms by supporting a government of exploiters and drug dealers and so on. It also turns out the raid was led by Oscar Perez, the police officer who commandeered a helicopter earlier in the year and threw grenades at government buildings in Caracas from it. And of course, he posted video of it on his YouTube channel.
>> No. 111454 ID: cf0272
Cool, now reference that with this recently released CIA manual on Psychological Warfare in Guerilla Warfare:


File 151385625466.jpg - (23.80KB , 300x300 , contact_dvd_1_1024x1024.jpg )
111434 No. 111434 ID: ba5c2b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 113255 ID: 785220
Hahaha disregard this I suck cocks


File 151251680960.png - (387.56KB , 960x960 , 17841899_10211900296564180_561441318_n.png )
111399 No. 111399 ID: f24378 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I've been reading about the PKK and Syria a lot, and a name that keeps coming up is Murray Bookchin. Apparently the PKK's leader adopted Bookchin's philosophy, and it forms the basis for the PKK's current political strategy. Even BBC filmmaker Adam Curtis is speculating that his ideas might have a significant presence over the coming decades. Thoughts?
Seems to be the book everyone is reading of him: https://libcom.org/library/next-revolution-popular-assemblies-promise-direct-democracy

File 151175689350.jpg - (161.35KB , 1920x1200 , meme-thinking-face-wide.jpg )
111340 No. 111340 ID: ae72b1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
OPERATORchan what do you think about people who use their affinity for purchasing and handling weapons as a substitute for developing any genuinely masculine characteristics?
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>> No. 111349 ID: 18ae0a
yes, lets talk paul bunyan versus people who pose for fb pictures with their ar and hope nobody can tell that they're frightened and confused by the gun because they spend their time watching girl animes instead of actually going out and shooting niggers like god intended.
>> No. 111351 ID: 299635
Masculinity and femininity are both poor substitutes for adult responsibility.

That's what being a man/woman is about. Being a responsible. Being able to be trusted.

Without that, masculinity and femininity just seem like juvenile distinctions between two types of people I'd nothing to do with (the distinction being one is a bit hairier than the other?)
>> No. 111356 ID: b430d1
>able to be trusted

go back to reddit you retard
>> No. 111395 ID: 7143f3
Someone's insecurities poking through a little bit there.

>Masculine man who spends all his time pounding booze, strange women, and other faces with his fists.
>Able to be trusted
Confining people to stereotypes is great.
>> No. 111398 ID: 90be61
As long as they actually shoot said firearms and are not a danger to anyone else I don't see the issue.
>is the same as a woman

File 151238856674.jpg - (35.98KB , 700x525 , 14592649934558_700.jpg )
111394 No. 111394 ID: 80dc83 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i hadn't thought about this in a long time, but i'd pay to have myself photo'd with lyndie england pointing at my cock.
she could make a lot of money taking pics like this, it could even be part of a civilian "what to do in case you're being tortured" training class

No. 111387 ID: 22f3cc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  no more talking niggers

its time for some singin & dancin
>> No. 111388 ID: 3e9aae
>> No. 111390 ID: 6877b7
>vocal version
>video version
>> No. 111391 ID: 6877b7
But hey thanks for reminding me about James Brown is Dead. Good track.

Anyways, we need to go DEEPER.
>> No. 111392 ID: 6877b7
>> No. 111393 ID: 6877b7
  I think we're about as deep as we can go and have it listenable here.

File 151192603423.jpg - (1.21MB , 2448x2448 , IVkTUmh.jpg )
111343 No. 111343 ID: d7e6b8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So apparently we effectively own the airspace of the globe if we so choose.

Thanks for playing guys.

It could get even more awesome when everyone else gets them too. Gun level dog fighting will be a serious thing again!
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>> No. 111370 ID: d7e6b8
File 151205560472.png - (423.23KB , 1024x768 , deathstar.png )
So the 2009 lasers are out. That was the game changer, no more chemicals.

These are solid-state lasers, which run on electricity only.

Power plant is up, lasers up.
>> No. 111371 ID: b24c6b
File 151205657044.jpg - (138.38KB , 1000x1511 , US Boeing 747 ABL YAL-1A beam director turret 1.jpg )
I see you.
>> No. 111372 ID: b24c6b
File 151205670149.jpg - (138.08KB , 1170x819 , US Boeing 747 ABL YAL-1A Turret Ball Conformal Win.jpg )
There is no sanctuary in the void, only death.
>> No. 111374 ID: 649f2c
File 151207863875.gif - (59.16KB , 504x533 , 20100130.gif )
oh, defense contractors are telling us it's going to be a great deal for the taxpayer, that changes everything. its funny/pathetic to see how easily fooled some dreamy eyed retard who thinks hes smart is.
>it worth it cause i saw it in star wars and it's neat-o
>> No. 111375 ID: 649f2c
File 151207885996.jpg - (33.90KB , 400x400 , 31914460.jpg )
eaaa the missile gap the missile gap won't somebody please think of it

File 151125678812.jpg - (2.86KB , 126x126 , images.jpg )
111298 No. 111298 ID: 4ce89f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Id always known that the Opchan mail account I got years back was a liability. That sooner or later, whether it was Serv it someone else, will try to access these linked accounts.

Got a failed sign in attempt a little while back from Covington, KY, on an old account havent used in years. I know its one of you. I know it is because no one would otherwise even know that account existed. Only someone who had a list of accounts linked to opchan would have seen that account.

Its too late, ive burnt it to the ground fucker; theres nothing left to see.
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>> No. 111313 ID: 7326e1
opchan died years ago dude
this board is only kept alive to serve as a backup for gamergate in case /pol/ or 8ch both go down
>> No. 111338 ID: d712ee
I guess this is as good of a place as any:

My opchan account got disabled last month, looks like it got compromised and used to send spam. I actually do use it still for GB and stuff, so having it work would be nice, but google requires the admin to reenable it.

Jedi halp?
>> No. 111339 ID: a083c4

email me an alternate email address so I can send you a recovery link
>> No. 111367 ID: 0adccc
File 151201948079.jpg - (88.43KB , 640x455 , imageproxy.jpg )
Sent you an email on the 27th, should contain "tactikool" in title, not sure if you've seen it. Thanks 4 help.
>> No. 111373 ID: a083c4

Sent you a reset link. I see your account has like 17GB of shit in it so... probably got pumped full of hot steamy spam.

File 151114136830.jpg - (132.49KB , 800x640 , 6258657401_27b4333a1b_o.jpg )
111295 No. 111295 ID: 5f39e8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone here mine crypto-coins?

Got started last month. Figured I would give it a try as I never turn off my gaming rig (well...piss poor gaming rig...see specs at end) and with classes I find myself not really gaming.

Electricity in my neck of the woods is ~$0.10 a kwhr. If the price of the coin I am mining doesn't go up I can net maybe $40-70 profit over a year. Probably closer to $40 as my DSL connection is shit and there is no other option besides satellite in my neck of the woods (That might even go away. The phone company here has a county government protected monopoly that they insist is not a monopoly but a CoOp...). I don't know if I care if I make a real profit though. Hell I'm thinking of building a dedicated GPU mining rig at, most likely, a net loss, sometime next year.

I'm not going to shill what I am mining but would like to know if any of you all are mining as well. If you would like to shill your coin feel free.

AMD X4 880k (FM2+)
mini-itx mobo
16gb DDR3
Zotac 1060 3gb "mini" w/memory overclock

Getting ~550h/s
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Marked for deletion (old)
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>> No. 111306 ID: 3e1d99
He claims no server money went into that particular bit of dumbassery. Instead he said he took out an unsecured loan to fund it.

Iirc he barely broke even after selling off the hardware.
>> No. 111307 ID: b85820
File 151133379999.jpg - (282.53KB , 1280x871 , 1280px-Yttrium_sublimed_dendritic_and_1cm3_cube.jpg )
Bah! Why not mine for something useful? Like molybdenum (used in the production of high-strength superalloys) or rare earths like yttrium (used in superconductors and atomic batteries). The mining of rare-earth minerals was at one time dominated by the United States, but the People's Republic of China has since come to dominate the market. China's rare earth industry makes up 97 percent of rare mineral trade worldwide and if they force an embargo, the industrial nations would be burdened by the great needs of these minerals.
>> No. 111309 ID: da39fa
He did not break even after selling the hardware. He lost at least several hundred dollars in the venture. It's been so long I don't remember the exact figures but I believe his net losses were at least a grand.
>> No. 111310 ID: f3d226
According to google you can buy 1oz bars of it. Actually you can get 1oz bars of nearly the entire, mostly stable, periodic table...that might just be something cool to do!

>Hey what did your great uncle leave you?
>A trunk full of random hunks of metal...

He would have been better off stealing server money. No interest payments that way.

Was it a bitcoin miner?
>> No. 111312 ID: 85023b
File 151137996837.png - (682.09KB , 1003x558 , dogecarrear.png )
If you're really doing this shit, I unironically recommend dogecoin.

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