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File 160556114322.jpg - (165.02KB , 1140x1503 , McDaniel.jpg )
113636 No. 113636 ID: 8c55f8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
SoL is out of jail
>> No. 113641 ID: e11c74
Nah just postin' on ye ole butt-fone

File 160459824996.jpg - (747.25KB , 1400x2048 , merlin_157862556_10a895bc-cac9-4383-9c77-ff88db006.jpg )
113628 No. 113628 ID: 7066c1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Every president from 1952-1992 was a WWII veteran. But this year, yet another draft-dodger will win.


File 159533546817.jpg - (63.24KB , 526x474 , I tried to warn you_.jpg )
113483 No. 113483 ID: 793056 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
When did 'Grab SKS and go inna woods' turn into:

>lol kikes and nibbas amirite?
>RaCe WaR nOw!
>Ice the feds and grab the nods

The fuck has gone wrong in here? Have a word with youselves /k/inder.
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>> No. 113570 ID: b2b91c
yeah I basically stopped using this site in 2016 for that reason, all the /pol/ weirdos seemed to show up here (that, and the Russian bots), and it went from a cozy libertarian gunfag hangout to an angry alt-right white supremacist hovel

also this
>> No. 113572 ID: 978918
File 160004900442.gif - (2.98MB , 402x352 , Creepy-bathroom-rabbit.gif )
JD decided he'd rather shill for dollars than upgrade/migrate the site, throwing up his hands when it got too hard for him, and ignored sensible ideas to get the site more traffic.

If he's invested some of his coin in paying a competent developer to migrate all the old threads to Lynxchan, as well as actually implement some of the shit people have told him about years ago now (SSL!) that would make new traffic perhaps easier to come by, but

He hasn't. You know this. I know this. Everyone in the room knows this.

TL;DR JediDachshund happened. Am I wrong?

election years, bro
>> No. 113595 ID: 1ad934

I mean you're not really, otherwise something would have happened over the last 5 years. Like, anything. Honestly should have let serv run it into the ground and move on if this was the alternative.

We have a new influx of the angry alt right again, wonder where the place was advertised because no one is stumbling onto this place.
>> No. 113597 ID: 7a5d59
File 160322525717.jpg - (199.56KB , 757x500 , offa 10 feet deeper.jpg )
facebook page prolly shared into an Alt-Right group or summat.
>> No. 113603 ID: affce4
>the /pol/ weirdos seemed to show up here
SoL was par for the course and he was completely batshit, which is to say the he was completely sane, intelligent and redpilled, but all the soygoys here couldn't handle the truth. Obama really is a foreigner born in Kenya, SoL was completely correct about that and a lot of other stuff too. He hasn't been here since 2011, he was long gone in 2016 when/if the plebs from 4chan showed up. TBH this site has been dead so long, it was probably dead back in 2016 too, I don't remember much other than tumbleweeds around opchan for a long time, i'm not sure I believe you about any 2016 surge, but maybe i'll check page 4 or so of this board to see it it happened.

File 15957928733.png - (60.16KB , 809x472 , EghMvGnd.png )
113493 No. 113493 ID: b9e4a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
how well educated are you?
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>> No. 113504 ID: 3efc75
On a scale of "The Future is Bright" to "I want to suck start a 12 gauge", what do you think the economy is going to look like in the coming years?
>> No. 113538 ID: 167584
I only have my AA but I also am the designated devil worshipper (cant tell you our actual name since youd just Google it) for my band government and have been since ~2005. An example of my work, I recently figured out that race is actually the Mark of the Beast!
>> No. 113545 ID: a4ba10
By chance, have you read A Company of Tanks by William Henry Lowe Watson? Free .pdf available online. It may be of use to you. http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/44451
>> No. 113553 ID: 61e76a
Thanks chap.

It depends on what I write, current plan is to adapt it into 2 different books one academic and one more mass-market.

knowing my luck it'll end up getting published by Pen & Sword.
>> No. 113589 ID: 7a4235
That's a sharp question. Lets get to the point. I am keenly aware of the edge bestowed by such a well honed issue.

You are a cut above the rest OP.

File 159777541087.jpg - (80.31KB , 680x577 , 1578131436226.jpg )
113546 No. 113546 ID: 61fa4d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Yesterday the thermometer at my home said that the high temperature was 85ºF, but the government weather service in my town said it was 94ºF. The day before that my house was 88ºF and the government weather service said it was 97ºF
Can science explain this or is it reasonable to believe that the government is exaggerating high temperatures to forward the soience extremist global warming mythology?
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>> No. 113558 ID: 1ad934

I honestly wonder if the people that push conspiracies about the academic elite have ever actually spent time with them. They couldn't organize and agree on anything to the extent of pushing a climate agenda. If they did, they'd be in the private sector making millions.

It is not nearly as far fetched to believe that multinationals - with a proven track record of subversion for the pure benefit of the bottom line - might have been engaging all the levers of power they can access.


I'm getting real sick of this bug.
>> No. 113561 ID: 132e8e

Climate change: because scientology didn't get to you first (tm)
>> No. 113574 ID: 336722
File 160012040960.jpg - (202.88KB , 1125x1896 , pgFy68VD.jpg )
>I ignorantly wonder if the people that push conspiracies about the academic elite have ever actually spent time with them.

Spending years working at NASA is how I learned that those conspiracy theories are all true
>> No. 113576 ID: 1ad934

Come on now...


The only common thread is media exploiting language for attention. Not exactly a new concept.
>> No. 113577 ID: d57ef8

No. 113568 ID: 132e8e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 113569 ID: 0d01d8
>> No. 113573 ID: 58727a

No. 113511 ID: 11149e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Obama birth certificate proven to be a forgery. Who was telling you this a decade ago? SoL was, thats who. Thats why they framed him for murder

(bottom text)
>> No. 113513 ID: 61e76a
That video is from 2016...
>> No. 113515 ID: 924b1c
I wonder what SoL's reaction is gonna be when he finds out that Michelle Obama is a dude
>> No. 113520 ID: f966f2
literally nobody here cares
>> No. 113521 ID: 336722
you seem upset
>> No. 113523 ID: f966f2
half the stuff on /t/ is SoLposting.
Actually, it's all from the same guy.
This guy in fact. I am getting a little tired of Sol this, Sol that.
Might have to do a SoL containment thread.

File 15962579628.png - (212.14KB , 726x461 , PKwBVYrZ.png )
113506 No. 113506 ID: 7b2f1c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Cali now grabs guns because posting wrongthink on teh internets. All you fæcebookers an social media junkies better start watching out what memes you post.
>> No. 113522 ID: 58727a
Or just don't have social media like a smart person.

No. 113481 ID: 125061 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 158488719482.jpg - (590.40KB , 1407x706 , 18160_llcrop.jpg )
113293 No. 113293 ID: 5b5379 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Because even Freud recognized that a person with artistic skill can create art, and channel nervous energy into art instead of becoming symptomatic of neurosis.

Post art. Shitty first drafts welcome and encouraged!
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>> No. 113342 ID: 61e76a
Why do I get the feeling that's some vore comic?
>> No. 113343 ID: 132e8e
File 15881448635.png - (229.72KB , 462x583 , 1586717234430.png )

Now that you mention it, I can see that; but I have no idea myself, having merely picked it up at random on some other *chan.
>> No. 113351 ID: 0e55f9
Stoplossed that's bad-ass
>> No. 113367 ID: 0be07f
Worked out today. Romanian Barski cleans for triples and military press for fives. Despite not regularly training since beginning of Spring I'm as strong as I've ever been. Gonna be testing PRs soon.
>> No. 113480 ID: 2f3e2d
File 15951049691.jpg - (74.86KB , 680x680 , EQI3TXeVUAAkZhW_jpg:small.jpg )
I posted a new thread in /n/.

Art is accomplishment.

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