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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

No. 112173 ID: 41441c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 112179 ID: 9dcda2
I bet this guy's from Florida.
>> No. 112186 ID: 49da9b
I remember as a kid being taught about how FBI agents were these superhuman geniuses who were completely devoted to protecting the public from the most dangerous criminals. Seeing that guy shoot a civilian by accident and then try and walk away like nothing happened might made me doubt what I was taught a little if I didn't see him dancing first. That guy was wriggling & jiggling all over the place like his legs were made of jello or something, he really is superhuman! He is way above the rest of us for sure

File 152729354469.jpg - (83.95KB , 1200x705 , US F-16IN Super Viper for India 2.jpg )
112139 No. 112139 ID: e84516 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What is the difference between the F-16 Block 70 offered to India and the F-16 that the Pakistani Air Force has?
The Pakistan Air Force have the F-16C/D Block 50/52 jets while Lockheed Martin offered the latest F-16V Block 70 models. These are far more advance models over the Block 50/52. The Pakistan F-16 have the APG-68(V)9 radar, JHMCS, Conformal Fuel Tanks, Link-16 Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume Terminals, Embedded GPS/Inertial Navigation Systems, APX-113 Advanced Identification Friend or Foe Systems, advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suites: ALQ-211 AIDEW without Digital Radio Frequency Memory (picked); or AN/ALQ-184 Electronic Counter Measures pod without DRFM; or AN/ALQ-131 Electronic Counter Measures pod.

For the Indian proposed Block 70 jets, what is above also add to the following which includes advanced APG-83 AESA radar with a new avionics architecture, and structural upgrades to extend the structural life. Enhanced through an advanced datalink, targeting pod and weapons; precision GPS navigation and the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS). The APG-83 provides F-16s with 5th Generation fighter radar capabilities by leveraging hardware and software commonality with F-22 and F-35 AESA radars. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-the-F-16-Block-70-offered-to-India-and-the-F-16-that-PAF-has-If-there-is-a-difference-which-one-is-superior

- The F-16V Block 70. The most advanced F-16 in the world was offered to India but lost the bid against Dassault Rafale. Key decision by India was one area where the US couldn't provide, the provision of the aircraft carrying nuclear bombs and missiles. The French even provided the source codes which ups the ante against the F-16.
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>> No. 112178 ID: b93da1
File 152807362254.jpg - (284.46KB , 1200x812 , German Tornado IDS (Panavia) of the Royal Saudi Ar.jpg )
Here's a Panavia Tornado IDS of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force.
The IDS is a swing-wing two-engine fighter/bomber that can be mistaken for an F-15 Eagle. Bummer that the Eagle apparently lost her perfect no combat loss record, but that's what happens when you sell stuff to the Saudis.
>> No. 112181 ID: 278cbe
>In service with all nations the F-15 has an air-to-air combat record of 104 kills to 0 losses as of February 2008.
Of course, no losses, only "technical difficulties".

>cheap jewish photoshoop
History channel at it's finest.
>> No. 112182 ID: 41441c
File 152812611150.jpg - (751.95KB , 3300x2550 , 151102772835.jpg )
I see the russian piloted target drone defense force has arrived.
>> No. 112183 ID: b93da1
No shit.
The best testament to how the F-15 is a flying brick was when one lost a wing in a mid-air collision and the pilot was able to stabilize her, fly her and land her by going fast on afterburner. Proving the old adage that a brick will fly if you put enough thrust behind it.

Or perhaps this only shows McDonnell Douglas has been selling all their F-15 customers something they didn't need - an extra wing. The second wing should be an option on the deluxe models.

F-15 lands with one wing https://youtu.be/M359poNjvVA
>> No. 112184 ID: 6e9258
File 152819515315.jpg - (129.61KB , 955x689 , p.jpg )
>the right wing of the Eagle was sheared off roughly two feet (60 cm)
Doesn't look anything like 60 cm to me, actually it is closer to two meters. Even if we assume nothing was broken off during stress of colliding with airstrip at full speed, it looks like only 30 % of wing area was lost.

>fly her and land her by going fast on afterburner
Even a schoolboy knows very well that it does not matter how fast the aircraft is flying, what is necessary is aerial stability, so that one side of the aircraft is providing as much lift as the other. Planes do not fly on one wing, no matter how well they are designed.

>>112177 clearly displays a footage of normal two-wing aircraft with one wing crudely painted over on film. A brainless American consumer would see the plane with one wing flying level on the TV screen and therefore will think this is how it happened in real life.

Tendency to exaggerate air superiority by adding improbable, inflated and otherwise falsified data to statistic is common and well-known propaganda tactic since the rise of flight (and especially since WW2), yet every western propagandist will completely deny any falsification and manipulation, no matter how unrealistic it is, how many factors involved, or what other people tell. A lie repeated a million times becomes truth.


>This is a list of World War II flying aces. Fighter aces in World War II had tremendously varying kill scores, affected as they were by many factors

File 15278160596.jpg - (51.83KB , 750x422 , cow-.jpg )
112167 No. 112167 ID: 98d50c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
lmao if you think modern society is "sexually degenerate"
>> No. 112168 ID: b93da1
File 152781970818.jpg - (236.41KB , 818x976 , spongebob_blowingbubbles_final_by_shermcohen.jpg )
No, modern society is sexually repressed, run by uptight prudes and sanctimonious hypocrite perverts.
But this guy in 1852, who "has been accustomed to amuse himself by distending the bladder with air blown through a tube, and then allowing it to escape, and irritating the genitals by various means" and then moved to stuffing a cut off bull penis into his own urethra (after many painful attempts and with commendable perseverance), wherein it became stuck and he went to a horrified doctor to remove it. He then stuck a foot-long lead medical trachea probe into his dick. It pierced his bladder and "He satisfied himself of this fact by blowing through a tube introduced into the urethra, as formerly, when he could feel the air pass through the rent in the bladder into the abdomen." An operation was performed to remove the probe, but the patient died (quite justifiably) later of an infection.
Chalk this up to "another novel instance of the singular instruments which inveterate onanists sometimes resort to, to accomplish titillation."
>> No. 112169 ID: 41441c
  >stuffing a cut off bull penis into his own urethra
>> No. 112170 ID: 11855e
>inveterate onanist

I feel like I should add that to my resume.

File 152449838733.jpg - (43.26KB , 401x640 , received_10160258458235635.jpg )
112089 No. 112089 ID: b49c4a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Time to gas some Jews and throw live babies into furnaces!
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112099 ID: a083c4
even if this was historically used as such, there's just about no chance Trump actually knew that.
>> No. 112100 ID: 9c59b4
>the president requires that all racial slur lists be no more than one page of 24 point text limited to five bullet points with definitions no greater than 10 words in simple english

also lets see what that liberal rag snopes says:
>WHAT'S TRUE: White nationalists and Nazis have included "sleepy eyes" in documents they claim list Jews' "identifying" physical traits.
>WHAT'S FALSE: The descriptor "sleepy eyes" in and of itself is not a slur, according to a senior researcher with a Jewish human rights advocacy group.
>> No. 112125 ID: 751d6a

I've actually used that one. Gotta keep it alive.

Sleepy eyes though? The fuck?
>> No. 112129 ID: 2e699b
>> No. 112136 ID: a58aa6
They are dying out because they were overused

No. 112130 ID: e84516 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  How many rounds fired does it take to melt the barrel on an M16?
Recently, New Mexico Democratic congressional candidate Pat Davis (a former cop) bluntly declares "Fuck the NRA" in a new campaign ad, knowing that political ads on Arizona TV can't be censored that gave him the opportunity to legally drop the F-bomb on air. Fox News host Tucker Carlson (patrician pundit and heir to the Swanson frozen-food fortune) invited him on his show and completely lost his mind during this interview while he was screeching that a bump-stock equipped AR-15 can't possibly fire at 150 rounds in 15 seconds because it "would instantly melt the barrel" so it's impossible.

150 rounds in 15 seconds is 600 rounds per minute. The M16 assault rifle (the military rifle that the civilian semi-auto AR-15 is based upon) has a rate of fire of 700 to 950 rounds per minute (cyclic sustained fire). So this bump-stock equipped AR-15 fires at a much lower rate than the M16. And yes, there are 150-round magazines for the AR-15 (they cost a fortune, though; around $450).
Tucker Carlson FREAKS OUT On Anti-NRA Candidate https://youtu.be/KUvaAjotBQY
>> No. 112131 ID: e84516
  ULTIMATE AR-15 MELTDOWN! https://youtu.be/BSizVpfqFtw
In this video we attempt to burn out an AR-15 upper on an M16 lower. We are testing the durability of not only the upper receiver assembly but few specific products as well including the SRC Relia-Bolt BCG, Geissele Super Gas Block, and one of the most affordable AR barrels on the market from Faxon Firearms.

The results may surprise you.

830 rounds until the barrel fried and erupted out the side.
>> No. 112132 ID: e84516
  Cheap AR-15 Meltdown! https://youtu.be/7cr9e3N6HEw
Special thanks to our friends at Quiet Riot Firearms in McDonough, GA for providing the M16 lower for this video. In this Meltdown, we take an entry level upper from Palmetto State Armory and shoot it full auto until failure. It's very interesting to see how various levels of quality in the components really make a difference in these tests. Stay Tuned, much more on the way.

440 rounds until the gas tube melted.
>> No. 112133 ID: e84516
  Ultimate AK Meltdown: Reloaded! https://youtu.be/EwSJiAwoMpY
In this video we meltdown a *REAL* AK-47, a Russian VEPR. The results are simply astonishing.
895 rounds until it seized up.
- 630 more than the WASR-10 and 65 more than the AR-15.
>> No. 112134 ID: e84516
  AK-74 Meltdown! https://youtu.be/bAQ8l22Ge8U
Moving along in the Meltdown series we take a VEPR 5.45x39mm rifle converted by Definitive Arms to the breaking point. Lets see what happens...
Primer lacquer from Wolf ammo built up on the bolt face.
>> No. 112135 ID: e84516
  AK-74 Meltdown! Revisited https://youtu.be/vDP5qi2fHSY
Take two...let's see what happens to the old 5.45x39mm VEPR from the first video with some fresh ammo.
692 rounds until a bullet blew out the side of the barrel, behind the gas block. It fired 799 rounds in the previous video.

File 15219741049.jpg - (96.02KB , 768x432 , 2s1.jpg )
112016 No. 112016 ID: 0b865f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
OPchan, do you know of any active PMCs or non-government forces (accepting volunteers) with their organic arty except the obvious russian Vagner? Muslim-only factions are out of the question.

Also, if you were a merc, contractor or volunteer in a foreign country, was it worth?
>> No. 112018 ID: 738b31
you think way to highly of the anon base here
>> No. 112106 ID: 197bc6
Up it goes.
>> No. 112127 ID: 06b660
bruh, the only "real" merc we've had here hasn't been heard from in ages and is probably dead from an opiate overdose.. the rest of us are just dudes who love guns, and occasionally larp as mercs, except Clio, that guy's a faggot.

File 152624180285.jpg - (106.63KB , 720x960 , 32560296_10100178243061971_4197030698642571264_n.jpg )
112114 No. 112114 ID: 415c05 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Do they make Monster differently in Poland?
>> No. 112115 ID: 301082
File 152626773415.jpg - (175.03KB , 1000x1333 , img_0531_76116516.jpg )
I hope you weren't buying Monster energy drinks for Mother's Day.
As I have stated many times, no matter what the occasion, booze satisfies!

Alcoholic Parent Easy To Shop For
SIESTA KEY, FL—Saying that it was simple and straightforward to locate a gift that their mother would enjoy, the children of alcoholic Alison Cassidy confirmed Friday that she was pretty easy to shop for. “It’s cool that we don’t have to get stressed out running around to a bunch of different shops when we can just duck into the liquor store and arrive at her house with the perfect present,” said Lance Cassidy, 24, telling reporters that he knew his mother would love anything he picked out with an ABV of 20 percent or higher. “Of course, all of us kids try and find some special booze that she has an emotional connection to, but at the end of the day, I know she’d be just as happy with a huge plastic bottle of Popov as some finely aged small-batch bourbon as long as it came from us and will get her absolutely shitfaced.” Cassidy added that he and his siblings faced significantly greater challenges shopping for their father who almost always exchanged whatever they gave him for cash to feed his gambling addiction. https://www.theonion.com/alcoholic-parent-easy-to-shop-for-1825963285
>> No. 112116 ID: 301082
  For house or beach parties, my friends and I made cheap "jungle juice" and here's a typical recipe:
Booze on a Budget - The $40 Jungle Juice - Tipsy Bartender https://youtu.be/W404U8I4a10
3 (1.75L) Vodka
1 Gal. Hawaiian Punch
1 (2L) Lemonade
1 (2L) Pink Lemonade
1 Gal. Citrus Punch
4 Oranges
>> No. 112117 ID: 301082
Maybe the Polish Monster energy drink has more Satan in it?
Woman says why she believes Monster Energy drinks are from Satan - Daily Mail https://youtu.be/TjB3dO6hVwc
A BMX champion has dropped Monster Energy as his sponsors because, he says, their logo and advertising are unchristian. Two-time X-Games gold medalist and newly minted Mormon Colton Satterfield (pictured left and right) announced last week that he was ditching Monster Energy drink. 'The decision was not a light one by any means,' he said in a statement. 'I regret something seemingly so small, to some, as logos and various marketing, has to divide us; but I know it is the correct decision for me.' It's unclear what disturbed him about the logo (inset), but some Christian conspiracy theorists say that the claw mark symbol represents the Hebrew letter 'vav' three times. Since 'vav' means six, the logo theoretically spells '666' - the number of Satan.
>> No. 112119 ID: 6e9258
File 15262795571.jpg - (114.44KB , 800x800 , 80778.jpg )
Shouldn't be any more different than one White Spirit from another. The licensed products are produced by same standard, plus there's a different package for every region of distribution.

I wonder if there's any Christian energy drinks out there, except for traditional ones.

>Hebrew letter
As if it wasn't enough of a hint in the slogan.
>> No. 112120 ID: 301082
File 152632035883.png - (351.29KB , 796x455 , caffeine Monster Energy Defibrillator.png )
New Monster Energy Defibrillator Touts 1,200 Volts Delivered Straight To Heart
CORONA, CA—Boasting that their edgy new product was intended “solely for hardcore adrenaline junkies who want to grab life by the balls,” Monster Energy unveiled Friday their new defibrillator, a black-and-acid-green portable recreational unit they claim is capable of delivering 1,200 volts straight to the heart. “This is a product meant for the active consumer who starts their workday, their night out, and their weekend like goddamn Frankenstein,” Monster CEO Rodney Sacks said in an introductory video, which also claimed that each 50-amp serving packs enough current to “unleash the beast” and permanently damage the central nervous systems of poseurs. “Slap our Monster-brand saline electrode gel on the pads, slap the pads on your chest, and slap your heart across its bitch face. Whether you’re at work, the gym, or the club, the Monster Defibrillator only needs 10 milliseconds to make you feel like Genghis Khan fucking a yeti. For that extra kick, mix with vodka.” At press time, specialists at Corona Medical Center said Sacks was expected to recover completely from the extensive arc burns to his organs and spinal column. https://www.theonion.com/new-monster-energy-defibrillator-touts-1-200-volts-deli-1825951753

No. 112102 ID: 20d3db hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Behold the master race, defeated by dastardly antifa foam board.
>> No. 112104 ID: c3fd79
File 152527903861.jpg - (64.05KB , 616x835 , DcMYtNhUwAA7NFo.jpg )
>> No. 112105 ID: c3fd79
File 152527912484.jpg - (52.37KB , 518x498 , DcLZKlOVAAAOkbV.jpg )
>i'm not mad! i'm not mad!
>> No. 112107 ID: 09c7e0
>This video contains content from VICE YouTube Network, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Behold the antifa race, defeated by media theft protection rules (this is way, way weaker than being defeated in the physical world because of the intangibility of digital media).

No. 112093 ID: 4eee9d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Getting dysentery to own the state!

>Untreated, unfiltered “raw water” is apparently the hot new fad around Silicon Valley, or so says a recent New York Times trend piece.

>People are eschewing tap and bottled water in favor of an icy cold glass of untreated spring water — so-called “raw” or “unprocessed” water — which proponents say has beneficial minerals that are removed from treated or filtered water, and doesn’t include chemicals in tap water, such as fluoride, or move through infrastructure such as lead pipes.

>Some are paying a lot more for the luxury of drinking water that might not have fluoride but could still have chemicals from pesticides and dangerous bacteria. Also animal poop.

>The “raw water” trend — such as it is — fits into a larger movement that, first, embraces everything “natural” as healthy, and second, creates savvy entrepreneurs who find ways to make a lot of money from it. The Times article doesn’t offer much detail on how many people are embracing this fad and actually buying and drinking overpriced, untreated spring water. But unproven, unscientific “cures” are a growth market — and debunkings often have little effect.

File 148705778968.jpg - (248.04KB , 650x657 , tmp_17572-14870577279061837159661.jpg )
108695 No. 108695 ID: d24f45 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

(You can only hope that the truemirror judges you worthy to be its caretaker.)
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 108723 ID: dbcd33
File 148727435530.jpg - (328.04KB , 706x722 , tmp_7018-1487274254207-1051881778.jpg )
Then quit being scared and buy one. Putting two mirrors at a right angle isn't the same thing. For one you have a giant seam down your face. The pointing finger isn't the moon: the experience is not the mirror itself but you can't have the experience a Truemirror provides by "looking it up".
>> No. 108724 ID: ad8094
File 148728297048.jpg - (77.61KB , 1000x899 , True Mirror.jpg )
> $200


Beside the "Woah cool mirror" any other use for them?
>> No. 108791 ID: 10f4c8
I just want to point out that you get the same effect by turning on your webcam and opening a view window to it: Your un-flipped face.
>> No. 108792 ID: b70387
True, though you can't make eye contact with yourself doing that.
>> No. 112088 ID: 7e96bb
File 152448343326.jpg - (676.96KB , 896x1100 , tmp_16457-obscura15244830934561993632714.jpg )

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