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File 150612539237.jpg - (71.85KB , 552x857 , How-to-defeat-the-US.jpg )
110903 No. 110903 ID: d7e6b8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So on the potential cusp of a global conflict involving the Russians, China, North Korean, Japan, UK, Germany and Australia.

I pose to you this question.

Do you think it will break into a true global conflict between factions like Russia/China interfering or will it be another one of these scenarios while everyone dog piles DPKR?

I sure hope DPKR does not read these instructions
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>> No. 110922 ID: 056a4a
>North Korea’s missile programme has made astounding strides over the past two years. An arsenal that had been based on short- and medium-range missiles along with an intermediate-range Musudan that repeatedly failed flight tests, has suddenly been supplemented by two new missiles: the intermediate-range Hwasong-12 and the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Hwasong-14. No other country has transitioned from a medium-range capability to an ICBM in such a short time. What explains this rapid progression? The answer is simple. North Korea has acquired a high-performance liquid-propellant engine (LPE) from a foreign source.

>Available evidence clearly indicates that the LPE is based on the Soviet RD-250 family of engines, and has been modified to operate as the boosting force for the Hwasong-12 and -14. An unknown number of these engines were probably acquired though illicit channels operating in Russia and/or Ukraine. North Korea’s need for an alternative to the failing Musudan and the recent appearance of the RD-250 engine along with other evidence, suggests the transfers occurred within the past two years.
>> No. 110932 ID: 898a8c
>thinking the chinese wouldn't hesitate to make those refugees disappear in the Gobi desert
>> No. 110984 ID: c6a94d
  How To Stop A North Korean Nuclear Missile https://youtu.be/4xbFVdoRzLQ
During 2017, North Korea performed multiple ICBM tests. This video will explain, how to stop a nuclear missile, how to stop a ballistic missile, how to stop an ICBM, and explain how THAAD works, how aegis works, and in general North Korea vs USA. Kim Jong Un recently tested a hydrogen bomb, meaning North Korea nukes are a real threat. So how will the US stop an ICBM?
>> No. 110987 ID: 278cbe
  Just another day in a happy new world. Move along, citizen.
>> No. 112915 ID: 483b92
File 155666532050.jpg - (77.83KB , 900x585 , maracaibo-3820225869-L.jpg )

What are the chances of a nice, big multi-decade clusterfuck in Venezuela? Smoking cigars and drinking rum in occupied Maracaibo when?

No. 112828 ID: 1b12fb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Cholesterol bombs and the most unhealthy cooking you have encountered?
Watching some videos on chef Gordon Ramsay showing people how to make fish and chips and fish fingers (fish sticks), he... "complimented" the fish with a chip butty, a French fry sandwich?? I have seen people put potato chips (crisps in the UK) in their sandwiches, but fries?

A chip booteh is a butter sandwich filled with fries (i.e., French fried potatoes, or chips as the British would have it) on buttered white bread or a bread roll, often with an added condiment, such as brown sauce, mayonnaise, or malt vinegar. The chip butty can be found in fish and chip shops and other casual dining establishments in the United Kingdom. It is also less commonly known as a chip sandwich, chip batch, chip roll, chip muffin, piece and chips, chip piece, or chip sarnie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_butty
Homemade Fish Fingers With a Chip Butty Recipe https://youtu.be/8afuAuyljZQ
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>> No. 112897 ID: 67cd4b
  How to Do Korean Barbecue! https://youtu.be/08z5TjqtmCM
>> No. 112911 ID: 8b4895
File 155650250988.jpg - (159.07KB , 1200x1200 , ramen Samyang buldak hack extremely spicy & ca.jpg )
Continuing the Korean food theme, a favorite is Samyang's Buldalk Bokkeummyeon spicy chicken ramen (aka Korean fire noodles), but I was wondering if they would just sell the spicy demon blood sauce. Well, they are selling bottles of it now. Regular, carbo-style and the hack (nuclear) extremely spicy sauce. So now you can boil up your favorite pasta or make a pot of mac-and-cheese or bake up some chicken wings and pour this sauce on it. Find 'em on Amazon or eBay.

>> No. 112912 ID: 8b4895
File 155650256251.jpg - (92.01KB , 1000x756 , ramen Samyang buldak hack extremely spicy & ca.jpg )
>> No. 112913 ID: 8b4895
File 15565025805.jpg - (47.88KB , 1040x1000 , ramen Samyang Buldak (roast chicken) hot sauce 2.jpg )
>> No. 112914 ID: 8b4895
File 155650262491.jpg - (236.41KB , 908x1080 , ramen Samyang Buldak (roast chicken) hot sauce 1.jpg )

No. 112804 ID: 66d4e9 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Triple Frontier, a Netflix original film.
Things fall apart when soft-hearted sentimentalists raid a drug baron's house.
This movie is about an operator's dream scenario: military buddies discovering the location of a coke lord's hideout that's packed full of money. But watching how these operators soft-touch this raid will drive many people nuts. This is one of the few movies where if the main protagonists were more vicious, homicidal and ruthless, things would have probably worked out better for them.

Worried about the drug lord's family returning from church so you have to leave mounds of money back at the house? Nah, just capture or kill them and use their vans to get more of that money out or leave the cash behind that you can't take out for the gang's subordinates to fight over and leave you alone.
The helicopter carrying a ton of money crashes in a remote coca-farming village and the natives are hostile? Gun them down and take their mules to hump the money out.
Nearly at the coast where your escape boat is, but there is a gang of armed teenagers there looking for you? Blast 'em.
One of your crew gets killed and the other surviving members donate their share to his family? Tell them to join the Salvation Army if they want to part of a charity and not a crew of killers and robbers on a high-stakes home invasion against a cartel of criminals.

The movie sort of reminded me of The Wild Bunch (1969) where a group of old bandits get together for one last big score before the "wild west" disappears forever in 1913, but this movie turns into an ultra-violent blast-fest. I was hoping that desperation would have driven the robbers in Triple Frontier to go all-out, heedless of the bodycount and blood spilled needed to get their prize out and safe. But how would I have played it? I wouldn't have had anything to do with the raid as I am not that desirous for money and I certainly would not do the Big M to get it (and live ever after with guilt and paranoia), but I would be more interested in seeing a movie where these robbers discover that ruthlessness is the key to success.
Triple Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix https://youtu.be/Fo3yRLLrXQA
>> No. 112827 ID: f68375
But the soft touch approach made the movie more interesting and different than the generic action flick.

I liked the direction they chose.

File 155329942819.jpg - (649.96KB , 1600x1200 , 1221258037449.jpg )
112813 No. 112813 ID: d23a14 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Just an old /k/omrade coming back to check on old friends. Guess who am I? yes/no questions only. let the games begin.
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>> No. 112820 ID: 2eb86c
File 155331458264.jpg - (159.67KB , 1200x900 , pistol German WW1 C96 'Broomhandle' Maus.jpg )
Glad to see you're still around and doing well.
I'll let the rest of OpChan describe our slide into obscurity as I have to go to work.
>> No. 112822 ID: d2655f
Oh, fuck! You're fucking alive! Holy shit!
>> No. 112823 ID: d99509
I can answer a few.
>Holy shit based on how many years I've been absent I wonder,
It's been since what, 2011?

>is HM still alive and out of rehab maybe?
I think so. Last I remember, he knocked up some Asian chick and had a daughter.
>Is Balci planning for the military take over and bringing back the Kalmar Union?
Haven't seen Balci in a long time. Some of the others might remember what happened to him.
>Wonder where's spitfire...
Little bit before my time I think.
>is OP still a faggot?
OP is never not a faggot.
>Is pervasive vagrant still vagrant?
I seem to remember seeing him post not that long ago, probably on 4chan.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 112824 ID: e56201
Holy cow. You won't remember me since I've always been just a lurker, but it's good to see you're still around.

>It's been since what, 2011?
Holy fuck I've been on this site too damn long.
>> No. 112825 ID: d23a14
File 15535076823.jpg - (27.94KB , 791x212 , 1230729601882.jpg )

>Max had a kid?

Yeap and damn the kid is now 11.

>I think so. Last I remember, he knocked up some Asian chick and had a daughter.

Shiiiieeet... The genepool won't recover from that one.


Good to see old lurkers still around.

No. 111789 ID: 5c87e8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Here is something you can't understand: How I could just kill a man
>> No. 112821 ID: d23a14
  You can't get the best of me
Can't get the best of me

File 151198467859.jpg - (49.54KB , 928x523 , gettyimages-822840404_-_h_2017.jpg )
111357 No. 111357 ID: 7326e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Opchan is global warming real or fake?

also check it out, al gore is chinese now
44 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112351 ID: 6e9258
File 153572016835.png - (174.14KB , 799x810 , this-is-not-fine-008-5052a1.png )
>gazprom says climate change is a fake jew hoax!
I can't wait Czech Republic to demand billions of dollars of compensation for this grievous act of providing them with cheap and reliable supply of gas (which they use to irrigate their lands, btw).

>The low water levels in the river that begins in the Czech Republic then crosses Germany into the North Sea has exposed stones on the river bed whose appearances in history used to warn people that hard times were coming.
Hey, I thought, the global warming is supposed to rise the water level world-wide.Just kidding,
you retards.

This just in: a climate is threatened by some stones in the rivers.

>Burning huge amounts of electricity isn’t incidental to bitcoin: instead, it’s embedded into the innermost core of the currency, as the operation known as “mining”. In simplified terms, bitcoin mining is a competition to waste the most electricity possible by doing pointless arithmetic quintillions of times a second.
>Credit Suisse estimate that a bitcoin price of $50,000 – five times its level as I write – would increase the electricity consumption tenfold. And at a bitcoin price of $1.1m, it would be profitable to use almost all the electricity currently generated in the world for mining.
I wonder how much of the world's electricity demand is spend to power the needs of world's financial management, billionaires empires and invisible hand of the marked. Because we definitely pay them too much to manage the same "pointless arithmetic" that can be preformed on 80s scientific calculator.
>> No. 112401 ID: 88ab42
File 153973219760.jpg - (37.02KB , 604x483 , vatnikbuttrage.jpg )
>> No. 112786 ID: 05abd5
  Guy Macpherson says (and has been reporting, based on seemingly overwhelming amounts of pretty objective evidence and for a long time) that humans will be extinct in the very near term.
>> No. 112788 ID: 45fa50
alarmist nonsense.
he said we'd all be dead by 2020 due to warming.

>> No. 112789 ID: 7a4235
File 155174668840.png - (29.17KB , 247x372 , temperature-rise-247x372.png )
>alarmist nonsense
Not impossible, but there is ALOT of data.




File 155044834460.png - (85.09KB , 700x326 , shotguns in video games.png )
112775 No. 112775 ID: da2a4a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have that old HM thread shitstorm "The Shotgun. An often misunderstood weapon" archived?

File 154116753034.png - (34.36KB , 331x386 , 1414437205094.png )
112423 No. 112423 ID: 037fbb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
hi what's up
10 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112748 ID: 398cd5
$300?1 I bought my polish m-44 for maybe half that.
>> No. 112749 ID: fe0cf7
File 154742759725.jpg - (1.15MB , 2529x1146 , 149929334766.jpg )
The really sweet, mint-condition, blonde stock Polish M44 carbines are expensive.
WarPlanRed has one: http://www.operatorchan.org/k/src/149929334766.jpg
I have seen these go for $1300, like this one: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/791594918
>> No. 112750 ID: fe0cf7
File 154742858050.jpg - (1.35MB , 3215x1108 , Polish WW2 M44 Mosin-Nagant blonde stock made in 1.jpg )
Another Polish blonde stock M44 Mosin-Nagant, made in 1952.
Not in the happier year of 1953, the year Stalin died, as with WarPlanRed's Polish M44.
>> No. 112751 ID: fe0cf7
File 154742860351.jpg - (202.62KB , 1800x547 , Polish WW2 M44 Mosin-Nagant blonde stock made in 1.jpg )
>> No. 112753 ID: fe0cf7
File 154742956558.jpg - (868.30KB , 2048x1536 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant M44 by PW Arms 1.jpg )
Although there are really good examples of M44 Mosin-Nagants that can be found, but the majority of these carbines are mediocre examples of WW2 rifles. The clunky operation and terrible safety of the Mosin-Nagant can leave a lot to be desired, compared to WW2 Mausers, Springfields and Enfields, as far as I have seen.

Anyone know of good deals on 7.62x54r ammo?
Those 55-pound crates of 880 rounds of nugget fodder in two spam cans were so cheap and plentiful in the early '90s...

File 154213722080.jpg - (75.81KB , 670x377 , aolye4.jpg )
112673 No. 112673 ID: b7b038 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi there all.

Its been quite a while , one car crash, various encounters with law and here I am. On night shift in a business/pleasure hotel with a shitty bistro attached to it.

Things are difficult although I'm a nubile 34 year old guy, I never remember easy times. Happens when you always vote cronyism and political islam.

Theres a trend of change though.Good or bad? Too early to tell. Atheism and Deism is sky rocketing, so in a few years, there might be a significant amount of population.

Also enrolled in a Truck licence course. Planning to drive about half , maybe one full year in Turkey , then moving to either Nederlands or Germany on a worker visa.Trying to build a life upon rubble is hard but pleasant work.

So , how about you? How all of you doing?
13 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112705 ID: 20f3d2
File 154259142231.jpg - (0.99MB , 2048x1152 , engine Caterpillar 3516 V16 3500 Series 793 haul t.jpg )
Aren't metal frames obsolete now? Except for the big super-magnums, all the contemporary automatics use plastic frames. Probably easier to make than filing, grinding and polishing from a hunk of steel.

- Caterpillar 3516 V16 3500 Series 793 haul truck mining diesel engine.
Here’s a picture of a Caterpillar 3500 series diesel engine. This engine is a 3516 which came out of a 793 haul truck. The 3516 means it is a V16 cylinder engine. That’s eight big cylinders down each side of the engine. This engine was just removed from the dump truck and replaced with another engine. This engine will be going in for a complete freshen and rebuild to the authorized Caterpillar CRC (component rebuild center).
>> No. 112706 ID: 6fe1bd
For a robot that hoards images and articles as much as you do, I'm always surprised when you display that your understanding of firearms and politics is as superficial as it is.

Still I can't disapprove of your willingness to learn and discuss. Keep it up bats.

Plastic frames are quite complex in chemistry and in the joining of the metal frame rails and other critical steel parts that actually accept the slide and barrel. It would be possible to buy chunks of plastic and cut out the features required to make a firearm, but the plastics available that could be used are often not fiber-filled. Fiber filled anything eats tooling much worse than even the most unfriendly of steels. Furthermore, plastics that aren't fiber filled are kinda shit, speaking in mechanical properties, so it wouldn't last very long. Steel and other alloy frames are quite common in a variety of handguns of all shapes and sizes, and they still offer benefits over plastic frames. Again, benefits are relative and all things in firearms are compromises.

If I was making a pistol from basic tools, I would use aluminum. Even weaker grades of aluminum are as strong or stronger than the best plastics, it's incredibly easy to machine even with rudimentary tools, plentiful, and relatively cheap.
>> No. 112707 ID: 7dd459

Its all about cost effectiveness, at least here. There are polymer knock offs , most of them are excellent quality, but You can find a east german or bulgarian lathe and mill for peanuts compared to injection molding set up.

I do use aluminum for frames. Easy to work with and lets me save on drill bits , boring and rifling small pistol barrels quite taxing on a ghetto chink drill lathe.
>> No. 112708 ID: 20f3d2
The plastic you are referring sounds more like plastic resin reinforced and infused with fiberglass. Some plastics have been reinforced with wood fibers and even cotton and asbestos (an East German car called the Trabant that had body panels from plastic mixed with recycled cotton from old Soviet coveralls that was truly horrible). I remember a Bakelite compound for experimental Armalites were infused with a fine mesh of steel wires, but I have not read that fiber-reinforced polymers are used with contemporary pistols.

The actual composition of polymers used in pistol parts and frames are proprietary and closely-guarded trade secrets of the manufacturers, so it is difficult to discuss the merits and deficiencies of one polymer over another. I remember reading about Heckler and Koch introduced the polymer framed VP-70 pistol in the mid-1970s, but the real revolution began with the Glock G17 of 1983. Not only did Glock use plastic material for the frame, it was used for a number of the smaller parts, as well. It seemed to have exceeded the skeptics' expectations as many range Glocks are reported to have had hundreds of thousands of rounds shot by them without incident.

Plastic offers far less tensile strength, making it more susceptible to catastrophic failure than either steel or aluminum. While over-pressure cartridges can damage steel or aluminum framed pistols, there are many more reports of polymer-framed pistols suffering explosive destruction, due to the material itself failing. These instances are relatively rare, considering the sheer number of polymer pistols sold, but the numbers are still significant. https://www.chuckhawks.com/pistol_construction_materials.htm

For many, plastic is the way to go as it offers corrosion proof construction, light weight, durability and lower manufacture cost. But there have been notable failures of polymers that have dissolved when electric tape has been applied to them, or those that split or crumble under firing pressure. And some people just hate the sharper recoil felt from lightweight polymer firearms.
Polymer or Metal frame: Which is Better at Recoil and Controllability? https://youtu.be/9HOa_Ah_Rn0
>> No. 112709 ID: 20f3d2
Yeah, I would probably prefer to use aluminum especially if I was more familiar with metalworking.

Casting A 9mm Toy Gun Into Solid Aluminum Not Lost Foam https://youtu.be/3PKlgFls4Pw

File 153929564665.jpg - (77.52KB , 615x480 , FrankLuke.jpg )
112390 No. 112390 ID: 09c7e0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What are you planning to do to celebrate the 101st Armistice Day?
I just realized that the 100th anniversary of Frank Luke's glorious berserker death had passed without me noticing. The whole 100th anniversary of WW1 has really been somewhat of a non event, kind of disappointing.
15 years ago I read a script for a Frank Luke movie that was going to be called September Rampage, but I guess it never got made. Too bad.
230 posts and 227 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 112693 ID: 20f3d2
File 154229468194.jpg - (321.94KB , 1280x906 , UK WW1 9_2-inch howitzer, Battle of Arras, april-m.jpg )
Least of our bond-slaves or greatest, grudge ye the burden?
Hard, is this service of ours which has only our service for guerdon:
Grow the limbs lax, and unsteady the hands, which aforetime we trusted;
Dominant ones,
Are we not tried serfs and proven - true to our guns?

Ye are the guns! Are we worthy? Shall not these speak for us,
Out of the wood where the tree-trunks are slashed with the vain bolts that seek for us,
Thunder of batteries firing in unison, swish of shell flighting,
Hissing that rushes to silence and breaks to the thud of alighting;
Death that outruns
Horseman and foot? Are we justified? Answer, O guns!

- The Battle of Arras, April 1917. A 9.2 inch howitzer of the Royal Garrison Artillery in action in the ruins of Tilloy-les-Mofflaines.
>> No. 112694 ID: 20f3d2
File 154229477940.jpg - (212.90KB , 1280x958 , UK WW1 9_2-inch (234mm) BL howitzer on display at .jpg )
Yea! by your works are ye justified -- toil unrelievéd;
Manifold labours, co-ordinate each to the sending achievéd;
Discipline, not of the feet but the soul, unremitting, unfeignéd;
Tortures unholy by flame and by maiming, known, faced, and distainéd;
Courage that shuns
Only foolhardiness; even by these, are ye worthy your guns.

- A BL 9.2-inch howitzer on display outside the Australian War Memorial.
>> No. 112695 ID: 20f3d2
File 154229488641.jpg - (453.49KB , 2048x1447 , UK WW1 9_2-inch (234mm) BL howitzer on display at .jpg )
Wherefore, - and unto ye only - power hath been given;
Yea! beyond man, over men, over desolate cities and riven;
Yea! beyond space, over earth and the seas and the sky's high dominions;
Yea! beyond time, over Hell and the fiends and the Death-Angel's pinions.
Vigilant ones,
Loose them, and shatter, and spare not. We are the guns!

- Photograph from breech end of BL 9.2 inch howitzer at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.
>> No. 112696 ID: 20f3d2
File 154229560679.jpg - (78.85KB , 952x745 , UK WW1 8-inch (204mm) heavy guns in battery on the.jpg )
We are the guns!

- UK WW1 8-inch (204mm) heavy guns in battery on the Somme in 1916.
>> No. 112697 ID: 20f3d2
File 15422957838.jpg - (267.10KB , 1100x790 , German WW1 210mm M1916 Lange Morser 4.jpg )
What appears to be a German 210mm M1916 Lange Morser.

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