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File 147746162112.png - (92.66KB , 1580x834 , Meme1.png )
107361 No. 107361 ID: a28495 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For those of you familiar with the page Counter-Signal Memes for Fashy Goys, I made a spin-off that's exclusively about gun control and gun-related tropes. All shitposting is done with MS Paint.

>> No. 107362 ID: a28495
I'm trying to grow this page as I think it has a lot of potential to poke fun at a treasure trove of tropes found in the gun community. I'm open to suggestions and submissions for original content if you're willing to contribute.
>> No. 107363 ID: a28495
I'm trying to grow this page as I think it has a lot of potential to poke fun at a treasure trove of tropes found in the gun community. I'm open to suggestions and submissions for original content if you're willing to contribute.
>> No. 107401 ID: 22c903
you done good son
>> No. 107403 ID: 0664f5
>> No. 107430 ID: 7212e0
I'll plug you through the pbe fb page

File 147726314635.jpg - (44.41KB , 780x438 , 150708130239-03-illegal-immigration-file-exlarge-1.jpg )
107339 No. 107339 ID: 791f24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
the mexican border wall is a very large and expensive monument to the fact that any average ignorant mexican wetback can probably do your job just as well as you can and they're willing to do it for a lot less money.
its like a 1500 mile long union contract.

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>> No. 107397 ID: f41511
yup because the military is a bunch of mindless automatons...

>> No. 107400 ID: 7014c6
File 147781305324.gif - (10.87KB , 600x450 , story23b.gif )
>tfw people can't tell when you're joking around
>> No. 107402 ID: 22c903
File 14778590527.png - (402.45KB , 498x504 , FACTS.png )
But they are.

They do what they are told.
React to the information given to them.
Dress how they are told to dress.
Most are uneducated.


As long as the press or whoever controls the information going to the military they will commit whatever atrocities the people in power desire.

its happened relatively recently in history.
>> No. 107427 ID: 396316
File 147810410577.jpg - (147.94KB , 500x417 , graduating-sucks-kickout1.jpg )
>the fact that any average ignorant mexican wetback can probably do your job just as well as you can and they're willing to do it for a lot less money
The problem is that they're doing this guys job.
>> No. 107428 ID: 396316
File 147810413183.jpg - (14.90KB , 240x240 , mexican_lawn_mower.jpg )
Um... nuke mexico?

File 14778517545.jpg - (95.16KB , 750x375 , Cretaceous earth continents.jpg )
107404 No. 107404 ID: feb036 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The south pole is such a huge an beautiful continent.

So much wasted clay ;_;
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>> No. 107411 ID: 43f860
File 147796194289.jpg - (192.78KB , 1200x1221 , money Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen.jpg )
Norwegian Antarctic 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen (2007).
>> No. 107412 ID: 43f860
File 147796200039.jpg - (188.76KB , 1200x1204 , money Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen.jpg )
Antarctica 1 & 3 dollar polymer specimen featuring King Haakon VII of Norway (2007).
>> No. 107413 ID: 43f860
File 147796232247.jpg - (310.39KB , 1200x1480 , Antarctica map.jpg )
>> No. 107414 ID: 454a4b

It always struck me as weird that Marie Byrd Land went unclaimed and now the the treaty is in effect it can't be claimed by anyone afaik.

So it's probably the only truly free piece of land left on earth.
>> No. 107422 ID: b86cd3
Probably because of the sea ice. The Ross Sea and Palmer Land both look to offer easier landing spots.

No. 107399 ID: 33cb6b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Schizos and Satan
Russia's Defense Ministry-run Zvezda TV network announced last week: "Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow." Amid growing international tensions, the Russian government has launched a nationwide civil defense training exercise to ensure the country is properly prepared in the event of a nuclear, chemical and biological attack from the West. Lasting three days, the exercise being run by the Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) will involve 200,000 emergency personnel and the co-operation of 40 million civilians. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-nuclear-weapon-training-attack-radiation-moscow-vladimir-putin-a7345461.html

And on top of this, Russian media is touting their new RS-28 Sarmat super-heavy nuclear missile nicknamed the Satan 2. A Russian missile design company has unveiled the first image of a new weapon in Russia's arsenal: the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed "Satan 2." https://youtu.be/kqd2emeVuPQ

The Satan name is the NATO reporting name of the weapon (the name NATO countries give to Soviet and Russian weapons). The 1974 SS-18 (R-36M) ICBM was designated the Satan by NATO and this new RS-28 Sarmat has the NATO reporting name of SS-X-30 Satan 2. The Satan-2's maximum reported throw-weight is up to 10,000 kg (10 metric tons) and the missile could deliver a 50 megaton charge with 10 to 15 MIRV warheads carried giving it the ability to wipe out a country like France or a large state like Texas with one missile. Contemporary U.S. missiles, such as the Minuteman III, carried up to three warheads at most. The larger US LGM-118 Peacekeeper ICBM carried ten 300 to 475 kiloton MIRV warheads.

File 147156412693.jpg - (78.08KB , 638x800 , 1470550156083.jpg )
106594 No. 106594 ID: 649f2c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Reminder that the official term for the Berlin Wall was the "Anti-Fascist Protective Wall."

>Soviets literally thought a physical wall will stop ideology from hurting their fee-fees
>Denazification consists of blaming the West Germans
>German fascist movements now get the majority of their support from the East German states, especially the "valleys of the clueless", areas that had limited TV/radio reception from the west
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>> No. 107355 ID: 70d38f
>implying terrorists don't use US supplied weapons
>NATO dindu nuffin
Here's the video of ISIL Bosniaks driving a stolen US Hummvee.
Your argument is invalid.
>> No. 107356 ID: d4c8ee
>"the US is supplying ISIS!"

Holy shit you're a fucking idiot. Why do you even keep posting? Is this actually Slavic Thunder?
>> No. 107357 ID: 33cb6b
Well, the USA supplies failures, frauds, cowards and incompetents with weapons and equipment. ISIS/ISIL/Whatever picked up a LOT of expensive US military equipment given to the Iraqi Army when they invaded Iraq in 2014 and the Iraqis abandoned their equipment and fled. And then there is the problem with supplying and training people in Syria who then sell their equipment and disappear.

FULL METAL JACKET- Boom Boom long time ( HD STEREO ) https://youtu.be/R0Ttsu6CwOs
"Be willing to trade you for some ARVN rifles; never been fired and only dropped once."
>> No. 107386 ID: 9dc901
File 147758606733.jpg - (110.51KB , 1199x656 , Cs0BjCEW8AMYcVJ.jpg )

There's always that plausible deniabilty thing going on isn't there. The "stolen" should be in quotation marks.

Like with those Croatian VHS rifles that somehow made it to Nusra, then IS.
>It was totally stolen from Iraqi forces

Or that pickup with the plumber's name still on it.
>It was totally legit sold to a Turkish car dealer
>> No. 107398 ID: 52ed6e
They also get stuff from the Saudis, who get stuff from us.

File 147598278254.png - (12.09KB , 400x360 , PBE_NSR_SOP_Final_Flag_small-_400w.png )
107178 No. 107178 ID: bf2165 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Oh wise sages of the internet I come to you seeking counsel. I recently got back my first SBR stamp and took my gun to get my trust info laser engraved onto it. When I was there the guy was explaining how the whole process worked and showed me that I could get pictures engraved on it as well. This has me thinking, what silly thing can I get engraved onto my AR? Post some pictures you would like to see engraved on an AR, heck your stupid suggestion may wind up on one of my rifles! inb4 goatse.
25 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107206 ID: bf6179
File 147606105650.png - (259.64KB , 1064x751 , Outland Con-Am 27 logo 1.png )
>> No. 107207 ID: bc78c2
File 147606145116.png - (55.64KB , 500x500 , 133011009747.png )
>> No. 107209 ID: 86d09e
File 147608521791.jpg - (26.21KB , 360x268 , CYBERDYNE-LOGO.jpg )
>> No. 107287 ID: bf2165
File 147641133158.jpg - (60.83KB , 600x600 , 600_laughing-skull-ink-64881.jpg )
>> No. 107344 ID: d094dd
File 147729196164.jpg - (52.62KB , 380x380 , IMG_20160816_190936__45940_1471392687_380_380.jpg )
Any of the myriad Gadsen parodies is fine, if perhaps better suited to being scribbled on a banana mag.

File 147693630339.jpg - (187.94KB , 1024x715 , internet crime.jpg )
107316 No. 107316 ID: c5d518 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I shut my desktop down and now it won't start, is it a bad power supply? The russians? Hackers on steriods? I have been getting the occasional BSOD and it has occasionally been touchy.

Bless me with divine tech support, mighty chinese ice elephant.
>> No. 107317 ID: 1b9ff7
step by step

what happens when you turn on the power switch?
>> No. 107318 ID: c5d518
Absolutely nothing, everything is plugged in correctly, but when I push the power button nothing happens. There aren't even any lights or fan noises, nothing.
>> No. 107321 ID: de0bec
File 147694420513.jpg - (768.41KB , 1935x2591 , -tech- follow instructions before you computer.jpg )

1. Are you just pressing the power button on the front, or do you have a switch on the PSU as well (not all do). Unplug your computer, then plug it back in. It's sometimes possible for (hybrid)hibernation or sleep modes to fuck up and not allow the computer to wake again for a variety of causes. Disconnecting the power physically will typically fix this. Also, hold the power button for 15 seconds, then press it again.

2. Test the outlet and any surge protectors/extension cords that you are using by plugging in a lamp or something.

3. Re-seat the various power connections. They could have developed a poor connection somewhere due to thermal cycling, and were barely making contact when the computer was warm, but have contracted now that the computer is cool.

At that point I would use my spare power supply I have leftover to check if that works. If it didn't work, they it could be a motherboard problem. Often PSU and motherboard failures are the result of a capacitor popping and making "magic smoke" which is typically very noticeable, but not always. You should look over the components for anything that seems damaged/warped/out of place. Unfortunately there are plenty of components that can also die silently for a variety of reasons.
>> No. 107322 ID: 575788
Stop turning your monitor on and off. The monitor is not the computer.

>> No. 107343 ID: d094dd
File 147729150582.jpg - (18.09KB , 576x120 , relationshit_advice.jpg )
Slap the tower around a bit ideally with a large trout first and see if it finally starts working. Some PCs are like women in that way.

File 147121315745.png - (69.37KB , 816x530 , 1471210053118-1.png )
106523 No. 106523 ID: de0bec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is interesting

>DNAinfo: How does ShotSpotter detect a gunshot? How does it work and what technology and equipment is involved in the system?
>Ralph A. Clark, ShotSpotter: The first thing starts with the sensors — it’s essentially a computer with microphones on it and a lot of software. It has a chip on it and what it’s designed to do is basically to ignore ambient noise and trigger and timestamp on impulsive noises — booms or bangs. And when we deploy the system, we’ll build an array out — a network of sensors — and there will typically be 15 to 20 sensors per square mile, although in the case of New York City, because of the acoustic environment with buildings and noise, I think we’re [at] more like 20 or as many as 25 sensors per square mile in certain locations.
>We try to space the sensors out in a way that at least three sensors will be able to hear that boom or bang noise. It ignores everything else, but when it hears a boom or bang, it will timestamp. It will say “Yup, I heard a boom or bang” and it’ll timestamp it down to the millisecond.
>The most important piece of technology we have in the sensor is a GPS chip [that] gives us a precise location and precise time so when these sensors detect the boom or bang and timestamp it, they’re sending that little bit of metadata … back to the software in the cloud [that triangulates the location]. It’s like solving a puzzle, right? It says “OK, the location of that boom or bang sound had to be here.”
>Then it will send the alert to our [California] headquarters location where we do our 24/7 monitoring review service where we have trained acoustic experts make the final determination.
>[We] will have a three or more sensors worth of audio and that’s what our acoustic experts are listening to — that snippet of audio that the sensor heard.

Hadn't heard of this before.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106545 ID: 0cc1d8
This is what I thought the Shotspotter thing was.

I last heard about them in '08, I had thought they'd gotten better since then.
>> No. 106687 ID: 1ac0a9
Ditto. I thought the shot spotter was the commercial version of the boomerang.
>> No. 107313 ID: b111c0
In 2014 the new goverment of puerto rico went and bought this garbage.
It cost a few million dollars a year per square mile or km.

They require a special cop car with their software/laptop so you can see where the gunshot was made from.

We only had 2 succesffull arrest which where because the cop car was 3 minutes nearby.

Every other activation the police arrive around 15 minutes after the incident which sometimes turns out to be a car with a broken engine.

IRC one of them was a location where a bunch of reports of "shootings" where made over a few months and turns out a person with a really shitty car/backfires on engine lived at that address and their microphones detected it as gunfire...

Waste of money
>> No. 107314 ID: 0adaa6
had them never turned the fucker on
>> No. 107315 ID: 9723b1
File 147692522241.jpg - (29.78KB , 640x360 , DeusEx0287.jpg )
Wasn't this a key plotline in Deus Ex? The main reason Triads used swords is not to attract police attention.

With the NSA leaks, thought policing crap SJWs put out, and the corrupt politician (ie clinton) shenanigans, world is looking more and more like Deus Ex.

File 147637435252.jpg - (4.22KB , 173x200 , 139594542057s.jpg )
107231 No. 107231 ID: aae52f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Recreating various crisis outside situations or not results in invisibility and speed,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.They're hungrily pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,thirstily turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people .Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,suffocations,draining energy.Being pulled towards the future or the past along with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with and surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked,getting into accidents or sending messages.People are travelling to the future and to the past.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world,which worlds and times are they from?They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning,growing and using the clones.The souls of the dead and others are travelling into other peoples bodies to be young and healthy.The things in the spectrums that have the opposite affect of the things in the spectrums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc and there's the others in the middle.Some people know other peoples thoughts and are communicating telepathically,interuptions,influencing,scolding,interference,torturing and controlling peoples minds.People are communicating with other people through nightmares.People are using other people to say their thoughts.They're turning people into traitorous sex fiends or idiots by getting them to look at and/or sniff something or by injecting them with something,preparing them for what´s happening now and after(animalism),your suspicious,nature's,etc examples,stuck in this nest.They're waking people up again and again and people are waking up in this place and they're causing other sleeping problems and deaths,picking,poking,prodding,digging people with medical instruments.The TV creeps and others are accusing people of being criminals and others in a past life,threatening,insulting and bothering people about what they are doing,saying and their thoughts,maybe they'll reach through the screen and your reality show from this world,concluding the experiments and cleaning the cages.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107246 ID: 936038
File 147640548418.png - (41.22KB , 838x983 , image.png )
How high is OP right now
>> No. 107301 ID: 52ed6e
tl;dr the guy with schizophrenia is back.
>> No. 107309 ID: 818452
>> No. 107310 ID: 90a126
Don't blame being schizo on that. Most people with schizo aren't anywhere crazy enough to make such a grammatically unsound paragraph.

No this reads more like some whiny 14 year old emo fuck thinking he's shitting out deep and meaningful garbage because it has smart sounding words and shit that sounds macabre like they think they are fucking Edgar Allen Poe (or more likely these days Anne Rice).

They are about as smart sounding as Star Trek technobabble and about as macabre as fucking Monster High.

That or its all some stupid copypasta that we don't get.
>> No. 107312 ID: 818452
If it started as a 14 year old, they'll be 19 now.
Someone has been sporadically posting variations on the text to obscure imageboards for the past five years at least, accompanied by an unrelated image. Generally the same image is used for each posting spree.

There are a number of variations on the text, most of which saying the same things but sometimes they seem to re-use the exact same text as was posted years apart. Given that some of the chans where it's posted are younger than the oldest posts, I assume it's a person rather than a bot, who's finding the new sites to post on as they appear.

The poster does not reply to their own threads.

They're posted from a Canadian IP, most recently it was but appears to be a dynamic IP in the 99.254. range.

Here's the most recent one:

(I'm posting about this on 420/tinfoil and 4ch/x/ so you might see some of my text about it copied and pasted about between them).

File 147636957057.jpg - (126.00KB , 800x520 , ML232001b.jpg )
107228 No. 107228 ID: ad8094 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am posting this on behalf of Maxy, he contacted me and ask if I bought the batch of Lancer L5 mags from him back in 2011, memory is a tricky thing and I only bought the SAW pouch and links off him back then. So Maxy is trying to track down who ever bought the Lancer L5 mags because Maxy shorted him one mag (he found the last one while going through his stuff). Maxy want to make it right and send the last mag to the OPERATOR who paid for it. Better late than never right?

INB4 – gib bak muh mony

Maxy says he was in a bad place in his life in 2011 and there was more going on than what Maxy had shared. OpChan is pretty forgiving ie – serv, Sato and even Broseph

TLDR: Who bought Lancer L5 mag off Maxy back in 2011?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 107245 ID: 936038
How is ol' Maxy doing?

I miss having him around and also I wonder if he has old copypasta of shooting girl scouts, Peter Cottontail, and other such classics that I just can't seem to fucking find.
>> No. 107247 ID: 82a3e8
I also owe money to a few opchanners that I intend to pay back (and havent yet).

That $2500 I was going to use to pay them back is being held by my school because the VA is to busy standing on its own dick to pay for a semester of school I did like 2.5 years ago. They paid semesters after but not that one for some reason.

Im currently working a new job and have been saving a hundred or two hundred bucks a pay check even though I cant really afford it thanks to car troubles and housing issues (my landlord is a slum lord I am about to take to court for many reasons, got neighbors who also got fucked by landlord in on the lawsuit).

Thankfully one of my VA reps is hooking me up with a lady that puts vets with degrees in high paying jobs, see how long that fucking takes.

The upside is I have been hitting the gym hard and have made a lot of progress in the fitness to re-enlist department. Also dem gainz bruh

I do still feel really really bad about not paying you guys back yet. The Sicilian in me feels like I deserve concrete shoes if you know what I mean.
>> No. 107296 ID: 9a9e53
If I'm ever in Houston I'll take care of it.

But since it's Houston, and I'm lazy, I'll probably just plant you in the front yard and wait for the floodwaters to take care of the rest.
>> No. 107297 ID: 8ad109
VocRehab or something different?
>> No. 107298 ID: 82a3e8
Yep Voc Rehab fuckary.

By the time you got here, Trump probably started WW3.

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