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File 147268383984.png - (1.52MB , 1400x525 , dragonconstuff.png )
106779 No. 106779 ID: 1b3997 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Packing up and heading to Atlanta again, to drink too much, gawk at costumes, hang with fellow professionals, and promote my work. Convention is from the 2nd to the 5th, and from what I'm hearing should have around 81k people attending this (number might be a little bit low).

Anyone else going (besides Mammoth and his kid, probably)?
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>> No. 106880 ID: fe32b3
File 147347241423.jpg - (4.62MB , 3120x4160 , The Shining.jpg )
And they never broke character
>> No. 106881 ID: fe32b3
File 147347259750.jpg - (2.76MB , 4160x3120 , Hedwig.jpg )
Wife and I thought this was an awesome Hedwig costume.
>> No. 106883 ID: fe32b3
File 147347289116.jpg - (218.07KB , 623x1000 , Dr_Roxo reasonably sized.jpg )
I'm Dr. Roxo, the Rock and Roll Clown, and I do COCAINE!!!!1!
>> No. 106885 ID: fe32b3
File 147347351636.jpg - (339.58KB , 750x1000 , Ogra reasonably sized.jpg )
We went to the museum for puppetry arts on Tuesday before heading back home (which was way more awesome than I was expecting). Leaving you with the actual Ogra puppet from the Dark Crystal.
>> No. 106915 ID: 8277b5
Oh yeah I saw him there and I yelled that I had cocaine. He smiled. That was crazy weekend. Shit was turnt yo.

File 147349309467.jpg - (118.62KB , 800x886 , 1467584666_60961024.jpg )
106888 No. 106888 ID: 731c84 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>democrats to take over congress in two months

The smell of fresh paint greeted lawmakers reacquainting themselves with their workplace after their seven-week break.

The scaffolding was coming down, revealing a gleaming dome and, underneath it, restored friezes, oil paintings and statues. The Capitol has been returned to its former glory.

If only they could do the same to Congress.

After their seven-week recess, which included both party conventions and was the longest break since at least 1960, the people’s representatives in the House are back for just four weeks before recessing again until the election — and there has been talk of cutting those four weeks of work to three or even two.

They might as well go home, because the House to-do list could end up looking something like this: Impeach the IRS commissioner. Punish the Democrats. Sue the Saudis.

This is how Donald Trump happened.

Americans are worried and angry about the big issues: stagnant wages, immigration, trade deals, health care, entitlement programs, the tax code, the Zika virus, tainted drinking water. Yet the best Congress can do for the moment is to keep the government running on autopilot for a few more months, and even this isn’t guaranteed.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 106889 ID: c5ecc5
>democrats to take over congress in two months
>trump wins the presidency
>continuing deadlock forever
>> No. 106910 ID: f87148

>implying that's a bad thing
>implying anyone in his right mind wants government to be an efficient, effective force (except in time of war, of course)

File 147320972290.jpg - (27.61KB , 560x420 , b8aa2b2a-e9d9-4e35-81db-9c3137a39ad6_560_420.jpg )
106836 No. 106836 ID: 028b36 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I was ordering some ammonium nitrate for upcoming GA Operator Range meet and someone said "That's how you get on a list"

BTW This a really good deal

Too many times I heard that and I started to recall what I've done so far that would put me on some "list"
- Immigrated to USA when I was 14 so my finger prints are on a list
- Got more finger prints for CCW in GA so I am on a list
- Bought ammo and guns online so that's on some list
- Has multiple NFA items so on a list for sure
- Imported inherited firearms from Canada which is more ATF dealings
- Became a citizen when I was 19 so probably some kind of list too

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 106865 ID: 028b36
> 4-8 months
Gees they really don't want you to own pistol in NY

See video
>> No. 106866 ID: 8c573b
Bear in mind that I live in the most rural part of the state. Fucking colleges make everyone vote blue.
>> No. 106867 ID: 1519ac
Ha, my buddy in Erie county has been waiting over a year. Meanwhile I got denied because I was depressed in high school and don't currently have a PCP to tell them I'm not crazy.
>> No. 106890 ID: 09412f
Post on here and numerous other sites which means I am on a list.
Went through a cop school which means I am on a list (fingerprints, in depth background investigation).
Almost got hired on to a mid size agency, which means I am on a list (Polygraphed, psych test, fingerprints).
Have bought a metric fuckton of guns which means I am on a list.
Have an interesting google search history, which probably means I am on a list.
>> No. 106909 ID: f87148
If it were as easy to get on any list of tinfoil consequence as some of you boys seem to think, said lists would be too bloated with bycatch to be of any use.

File 147183134836.jpg - (46.07KB , 468x700 , 943c47b02c62ddd4550577b59cbf7ba8.jpg )
106644 No. 106644 ID: 8c573b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Since you're thinking of learning the completely hetrosexual arts of blacksmithing, I was wondering about your set-up. Do you have any tools, a place to work, experience? Or do you just have theoretical knowledge?
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>> No. 106780 ID: 8c573b
File 147268804571.jpg - (382.45KB , 1383x1032 , DSCF1135.jpg )
>Nice stand!
It's not that impressive when you get a good look at it. I had a few pine 4x4s but not enough to construct all of it so I got some pressure treated ones. Turns out the ones at LOWES are actually 3.75" or some shit. But it is sturdy as fuck and that's all that matters
>Jelly of your anvil.
It's quite nice, it's also slightly magnetic near the pritchel hole. I noticed it when I was forging some curtain tiebacks for a friend. It also came with a hot-cut tool, pic related
>your anvil and safety equipment
I can see that you favor more Romanesque anvils. I also personally eschew wearing gloves and an apron, the gloves are more of a hindrance in my opinion.
>> No. 106783 ID: 1e7323
File 147274219782.jpg - (74.31KB , 700x700 , NOVA_SOVS_RicFurrer_t700.jpg )
I agree about the gloves. The picture is old and I've since ditched them. The apron is nice though because more than once I've glanced myself with a hot piece and best case I'd have ruined my shirt (worst case burned myself). Also it keeps my pants from becoming a filthy mess.

If you don't know already, holy shit don't wear synthetics. Shit will melt to your skin from stray embers.

P.S. watch Secrets of the Viking Sword. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/secrets-viking-sword.html
>> No. 106784 ID: 82a3e8
  Do any of you amateur smiths or wannabe smiths (like myself) watch the show called "Forged in Fire"?

Its hosted by a bunch of cool dudes, two of which are two of my favorite dudes, Will Willis (Ranger, PJ, etc), and Doug Marcaida (knife fightan dude). The other guys are cool. And watching some random smiths turning pieces of scrap metal into cool weapons in a time crunch is fun.

If you are bored and wanna watch knife making shit. Check it out. Season 3 just started recently.
>> No. 106785 ID: 22504e
All dimensional lumber is smaller than it's nominal size. A 2x4 is not 2" by 4" either. The nominal dimensions is what the lumber was cut to at the mill, BEFORE it was seasoned and planed. At least, that was how it was done back in the day. But the naming scheme survives.
>> No. 106799 ID: 1ac0a9
I don't like gloves either. Some mechanix gloves I tried, but they're also synthetic, and I *like* having my hands so I can jack off. So there's that.

Jeans and a cotton T shirt are what I wear when smithing, because, fuck synthetics, and it keeps you really cool if you're wet.

File 147208416531.jpg - (223.36KB , 1548x2048 , acceptance_letter.jpg )
106693 No. 106693 ID: f49edb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
based college
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>> No. 106708 ID: 649f2c
These people right here are the definition of "hayseed."

Calm down Jaylen, maybe learn to defend yourself before whining about how you need more gun control.
>> No. 106710 ID: a569d7
Did you see the part where the guy really wasn't harassing them at all and Jaelyn was so very intimidated he stuck his head out of their Subway sandwich shop refuge to confront a homeless guy for some reason? And said homeless guy not only punched him but clung to the "fake uber" as they drove off?

And then--then!--this encounter with a homeless guy and a "fake uber" was so traumatic that they could not possibly stay in their apartment. Which is why they have to explain to their youtube channel why they are back in Phoenix so fast.

I mean this story is about as solid as Ryan Lochte's.
>> No. 106731 ID: ad2b13
File 147238884463.gif - (1.97MB , 360x246 , indiana-jones.gif )
>learn to defend yourself
What, with fists? Hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahaaaa!

>> No. 106754 ID: 85e30a
>16 minutes
fuck you, post a summary.
>> No. 106790 ID: c5ecc5

>After years of tolerating dissenters who shouted down unpopular speakers on campus, the school is now considering a policy of meting out suspensions, expulsions or other punishment for those it sees as violating free speech rights.
>"We're not opposed to protest. We're opposed to disruption," said Randal Picker, a law professor. "These are university campuses; there should be a lot of activity on them."
>Some students blasted the creation of the committee, calling it an attempt to discourage left-leaning causes.
>"It comes from a place of reputation management, of wanting to preserve the university's image to alumni, to parents, and to try to control the issues that are on the university's agenda," said Cosmo Albrecht, a member of student government and a junior from San Antonio, Texas.
Leftist admits that disruption is his only possible response when faced with opposing points of view.

>In August the dean of students, Jay Ellison, sent a letter to incoming students saying that such "trigger warnings" were strictly optional.
The actual text of the letter clearly states that they are not supported.

>"If you disagree with somebody, bring them in and ask them tough questions," Obama told Rutgers University's commencement in May. He said students should not "shut your ears off because you're too fragile."
Even President Obama does not support SJWs.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 147260962928.jpg - (78.50KB , 1000x600 , ycIAk.jpg )
106750 No. 106750 ID: 444beb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Closing on a house tomorrow. Closing costs about 2k lower than what I had planed for. VA appraiser appraised the house at a little over 130k...I'm only paying 98.5k for it as the owners are in an unbelievable amount of debt and they NEED the property gone. Me buying barely dents their debt. Not sure how they haven't been foreclosed on but oh well good for me.

Home inspection only found minor stuff. The one thing they couldn't afford to fix is well within my budget and skill level (skirting of the crawlspace is rotted in places). Going to have the crawlspace encapsulated this coming spring and strip/paint the exterior over the summer. Thinking about adding functional shutters too.

I will now have a porch to yell at children to "get off my lawn" from...I'm so happy.

Best part is that the mortgage with all the taxes and insurance and such included is lower than what I pay for rent now. With my current money flow from disability, GI Bill, and a little ebay business I've got going I don't actually need a real job. Going to keep the one I have now so I don't have gaps in my work history and for hobby money. Plan on renting out a room to a frat bro as well so all my bills will be split even. Life is good right now.

Pic unrelated
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>> No. 106757 ID: 8c573b
Well they did strip out a *few* pipes in the couple weeks before I moved in. Turning the water on in my barn for the first time was a little surprising. They also just cut all the copper out of the barn as well, even ripped the junction box out of the wall
>> No. 106758 ID: c5ecc5
>Home inspection only found minor stuff.
Just helped move my mother into a new home last month. The home inspector managed to miss that the A/C unit had no Freon in it at all. We only managed to not burn up the motor because one of the people helping us move noticed the A/C had never turned off in like 12 hours and connected the dots. Anyway, it could pay to get individual things looked at by specialists.
>> No. 106759 ID: 028b36
Home Inspector can miss a LOT of stuff, the one we had on the first home missed rotting floor board on the back sliding door and house is on septic instead of sewer like it is listed in the listing.

A lot of the stuff you won't find out till you've lived in it and really explore the house.

Congrats on being a home owner

>> No. 106761 ID: 613537
I spent at least a good month hunting for a shoulder strapped US-made tool bag with individual pockets and maybe or two parts box compartments. Most of the tool bags on the market anywhere close to that description are Chinese imports with thin material and are mostly fold-open doctor-style bags with not nearly enough side pockets, and I hate having to dig around 'em.

The carpenter case by Occidental Leather came close, but I ended up with VetoProPac because while they're made in China, they pretty much satisfied most of the details I was looking for. However, their newer designs include neoprene and their three models that have a laptop compartment are such a high price that I'd only consider for an American made product.
>> No. 106778 ID: 444beb
I'll make an announcement when/if I get set up

I used to make stuff exactly like that in the Corps. Thick canvas, webbing reinforcements, pull-dot snaps, and such.

Problem with making stuff like that is people don't actually understand how much those materials cost and how much labor can really go into just one well made tool pouch.

That's why I want to do the one off custom stuff. Person is already willing to pay, will treat the product well, and will likely come back to me for any repairs. Plus making new patterns and the whole problem solving involved with prototyping is actually kind of fun.

File 147231282129.jpg - (838.28KB , 1793x2241 , H37kxPH.jpg )
106720 No. 106720 ID: f49edb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106723 ID: f49edb
File 14723171577.jpg - (1.65MB , 2238x2000 , tDLC65K.jpg )
>> No. 106724 ID: 71e32c
Needs doggles.
>> No. 106725 ID: f49edb
File 147233705543.jpg - (198.79KB , 1440x900 , SYY5svd.jpg )
it spreads
>> No. 106726 ID: f49edb
File 147233807973.jpg - (113.20KB , 559x500 , b2gq1gw.jpg )
>> No. 106733 ID: f49edb
File 14724303548.png - (0.96MB , 610x762 , JJMjyCy.png )

File 146681345996.jpg - (59.32KB , 878x585 , DBYEA5A.jpg )
105992 No. 105992 ID: d4c8ee hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hot off the heels of the Winter Olympics being hosted in a shoddily-built third-world potempkin town populated by packs of wild dogs, this summer's Olympics will be repeating the trend by being hosted in a another third-world shithole populated by starving people and currently undergoing a constitutional crisis and outbreak of a retard babby virus.

So get your bingo cards ready! Will we get a selfie of a Olympic athlete with the gangsters who kidnapped them? Will they get electrocuted by electric showerheads or have to break down the doors to their room? Will Russia manage to find some athletes not suspended for doping that they can field? Will a white person test positive for zika or some horrible flesh-eating disease? Will there be a military coup? Will event venues actually be completed on time?

So far:

A Brazilian soldier shot and killed a jaguar being used as a mascot for a torch ceremony.

They opened a new $12 million dollar elevated bike path along the coast, people were immediately mugged and then it collapsed into the ocean and killed 2+ people.

A Australian gold-medalist had her bicycle stolen by two armed men.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106695 ID: cce514
Criticizing the Russian doping program is transphobia.
>> No. 106698 ID: 9723b1
>the IOC is angry that Russia and Brazil have damaged their fine reputation.
I'm sure it had nothing to do with treating WELFARE MIGRANTS as a fucking nation.

Or allowing men with two functioning testicles producing testosterone to compete with women, but banning those same women if they use synthetic testosterone.

Or the fact that it's not nation vs nation anymore, the point of olympics being a chance to showcase your culture, instead everyone is simply importing mutants from other countries.
>> No. 106700 ID: 7188a3
>the point of olympics being a chance to showcase your culture
It's not.
>> No. 106716 ID: d4c8ee
File 147226823714.jpg - (57.35KB , 660x371 , _90916047_composite_twetts.jpg )
>Kenyan athletes have expressed anger after being stranded in a Rio shanty town where gunshots could be heard, after the Olympic village closed.

>Officials delayed their return home as they looked for a "cheap flight", complained Wesley Korir, team captain, marathon runner and independent MP.

>After the team finally left for home, he tweeted he had "never felt so much happiness leaving a place".
>> No. 106727 ID: 85e30a
It literally always has been.

File 147128542828.jpg - (118.80KB , 853x1280 , t218428_sex rifles.jpg )
106536 No. 106536 ID: 4b3eed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
gun feels thread.

since that troubled pussy wussy shot all those gay kids in orlando ive noticed im starting to lose my fondness for haz gunz. it's probably been my defining hobby for the past decade and most of my friends are the same way; if i see them for more than a couple minutes we have to TALK ABOUT GUNZ, and im starting to feel like its a stigma. i guess it would be if i lived in nerdy new york or wherever. and i dont wear camo or any mall ninja shit, so there are people way worse than me. but most people dont even know what noveske is, much less care if its better than a bushmaster or del-ton

ugh what an ugly block of text. if someone wants to delete this go ahead
19 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106663 ID: 050b51
File 147189614514.jpg - (54.54KB , 1280x694 , Terminator 1 1984 leg 3.jpg )
Thanks! I started doing barbell arm exercises as physical therapy in order to maneuver in crutches better.
>> No. 106664 ID: 52ed6e
You're getting old. Soon you'll need a LifeAlert.
>> No. 106718 ID: 86d09e

Planned obsolescence
>> No. 106719 ID: 1ac0a9
File 147229952233.jpg - (32.16KB , 329x450 , 090555001.jpg )
Not even trolling, get one of these.

Google and learn the PT exercises.
>> No. 106722 ID: 82a3e8
Can confirm that pool PT will fuck you the fuck up. I did pool pt a few times in the army when I was in the best shape I had ever been in. Felt like I was dying 2 minutes in.

File 147147826311.jpg - (1.73MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_1778.jpg )
106575 No. 106575 ID: 764560 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So we're 2 1/2 month out from November and Hillary is, apparently, favored in electoral votes. The next pres is going to be able to seat four SCOTUS judges and the House may change hands during the next 4-8 years. Furthermore, Trump is really playing at being a conservative in the opinion of many.

How likely do you operators think a new AWB is on the horizon? Would it have a sunset clause this time around? What are you doing/buying to prepare?

Not attempting to say the sky is falling, just interested in the real opinions of operators.

Pic unrelated
23 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 106627 ID: 050b51
File 147173729651.jpg - (651.71KB , 1738x2220 , US P President Jefferson Davis Senator from Missis.jpg )
Jefferson Davis, Senator from Mississippi, was actually Secretary of War in 1853-1857 before he became President of the Confederate States of America in 1861.
>> No. 106628 ID: 050b51
File 147173772052.jpg - (632.41KB , 2050x2755 , US P Secretary of War John C_ Breckinridge Senator.jpg )
Breckinridge, Hon. John C. Senator from Ky. General in CSA, Sec of War Confederate Cabinet.
There were five secretaries of war in the CSA during the Civil War. John C. Breckinridge was the last, in 1865.
>> No. 106629 ID: 050b51
File 147173809138.jpg - (287.12KB , 1850x2669 , US P Secretary of War Henry Stimson 45th & 54t.jpg )
Henry Stimson was 45th and 54th War Secretary under Republican and Democratic Presidents.
Henry Lewis Stimson (September 21, 1867 – October 20, 1950) was an American statesman, lawyer and Republican Party politician and spokesman on foreign policy. He served as Secretary of War (1911–1913) under Republican William Howard Taft, and as Governor-General of the Philippines (1927–1929). As Secretary of State (1929–1933) under Republican President Herbert Hoover, he articulated the Stimson Doctrine which announced American opposition to Japanese expansion in Asia. He again served as Secretary of War (1940–1945) under Democrats Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman, and was a leading hawk calling for war against Germany. During World War II he took charge of raising and training 13 million soldiers and airmen, supervised the spending of a third of the nation's GDP on the Army and the Air Forces, helped formulate military strategy, and oversaw the building and use of the atomic bomb.

- Henry L. Stimson, former Secretary of War and State, in 1929.
>> No. 106630 ID: 050b51
File 147173878544.jpg - (1.02MB , 2000x1338 , US P Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara .jpg )
US Secretary of Defense, Robert Strange McNamara.
Recommended to President Lyndon Johnson that the US should pull out of Vietnam (war would become a long, expensive quagmire because of the determination of the North Vietnamese and the incompetence and corruption of the South Vietnamese government not inspiring popular support) and LBJ forced him into retirement.
>> No. 106631 ID: 050b51
File 147173927146.jpg - (1.22MB , 1711x2442 , US P Secretary of War John C_ Calhoun and Vice Pre.jpg )
John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War and Vice President (1782-1850)

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