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Server Moneys Needed!

No. 105321 ID: 9dcda2
  > be at work
> doing annual maintenance
> nothing exciting happened
> come home and make new work talk thread


I really wanted to make a thread with this song.
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>> No. 107858 ID: 9ce3e0

Nigga, interpret that shit as "it'll get better." Or interpret realistically and realize it's trash in a cookie.

Take it from someone who was depressed in a seemingly impossible situation for years, it gets better. You have to work to make it better, it doesn't just go away. But the moment you start working toward it, you will feel positive and a lot of stress will be gone.

Seriously, man, I'm going to be furious if I hear you killed yourself. If I didn't kill my family, set the house ablaze, and shoot myself after all those insane years, you can quit your job, get into a healthier line of work and give your daughter a happy childhood. You may think I'm joking, but that's where I thought my future was for a long time and I'm glad I held it out.

For the first time ever, I feel like I have a chance at happiness. Not only that, for the first time I feel like I deserve happiness. The "pursuit of happiness" actually has meaning in my life now.

Seriously, it's the stupidest thing you could do and worse yet, you have more reason not to kill yourself than I do. Don't ruin your daughter's childhood with this shit.
>> No. 107860 ID: 4008e1

Don't be a fucking wuss.
>> No. 107869 ID: cdc490
File 148198534258.jpg - (138.48KB , 361x469 , 2014-08-18-Gallows-Humor.jpg )
God damn! I was kinda just expecting a "lol".
Um... thanks for caring.
>> No. 108074 ID: 9ce3e0
Life is getting much more gooder, but much more weirder.

Been getting close with this cutie at work and getting to know her and her boyfriend. Now I'm finding myself in a weird 3 way thing with them. Don't exactly know where this is going, but I'm certainly enjoying it.

I'm a real hippie when it comes to free love shit, so I have no hang ups about this whatsoever.

Nigga, I care.

You were super cool in my venting threads when I was still in that situation with my family.
>> No. 108077 ID: 22c903
advice: back away slowly and then RUN
>> No. 108080 ID: c9fe43
dont fuck up your current life trajectory.

Run nigger, run.
>> No. 108081 ID: b430d1
File 148324867280.jpg - (32.28KB , 450x559 , gay.jpg )
enjoy giving them "no homo" blowjays.
ain't nothing u liek as good as a 100% hetrosexual mouthful of jizzum, is there?
>> No. 108082 ID: 9ce3e0
Shitty day. Worked a double shift, on 3 hours of sleep after a double shift yesterday.

Shitty tables left and right, just assholes. Every 3rd table seemed to be really chill though and tipped okay. However, my second to last table was the worst I've had. These cunts rolled their eyes and shook their heads every time I came around to refill their drinks or check on them to get anything they needed, treated me like a dipshit and ran me around for stupid shit. I bent over backwards for these cunts for 2 hours, which a table turn for a party that size is usually an hour, gave them excellent service with a great attitude despite theirs, and they didn't leave a tip. And with their bill of $104 and 3 of their party drinking mixed drinks and beers, their average PPA was around $3.40. Meaning I paid to serve them. Bad night.

Oh, also couldn't get into my apartment complex after work because police shooting. The body was just in the middle of the road.

lol knew I'd be told this.

Nothing wrong with a little casual sex and friends with benefits. After years of being isolated from people and sexual hang ups caused by trauma, I'm glad I've been able to get myself to a point where this shit is possible and I'm able to do things my socially stunted ass couldn't do even 2 months ago. All without a single therapy session, I think I'm making great mental strides all things considered.

Rest assured, this is a good thing. This move was the best thing to happen to me, it's like the change was enough to shift my mindset. I mean, my sex life went from dormant to active. Who cares if it's with a bisexual couple FWB that are actually really cool people?

Also I don't know what happened. A few months ago in Florida, I couldn't even get a chick to look at me that way. Out here, they're hitting on me left and right. Feel weird.

Who doesn't like a feminine penis?
>> No. 108083 ID: c9fe43
>Rest assured, this is a good thing. This move was the best thing to happen to me, it's like the change was enough to shift my mindset. I mean, my sex life went from dormant to active. Who cares if it's with a bisexual couple FWB that are actually really cool people?

Go have fun fam.

>Also I don't know what happened. A few months ago in Florida, I couldn't even get a chick to look at me that way. Out here, they're hitting on me left and right. Feel weird.

It's a mentality / energy shift famalam
>> No. 108084 ID: 22c903
>lol knew I'd be told this.

Just remember that we warned you when the drama starts.
>> No. 108085 ID: 90a126
Just be careful dude. You are more appealing to the ladies (and apparently the men) because you are in a better place mentally and when that happens someone tends to be in a better place physically. You are projecting happiness, confidence, and are just far more appealing then your former depressed mopey self.

I know I was actually somewhat popular with the opposite sex for a time when I was content with life, when through the miracle of a drug actually working for a time and a decent living situation I was confident, happy, and outgoing. I'm nothing great to look at even then but the senoritas were practically lining up.

Of course my ass started to feel too different and worried the drugs and shit were changing me into a different person so I stopped and returned to my eternal emo douchebag self. I mean I was actually blatantly hitting on women, FLIRTING!!!! Acting like a normal human being rather then an android who doesn't into emotions. Clearly I was correct to fear that.

You really don't want to overdue yourself, go past your limits and risk regression. I'm sure you better then anyone know your tolerances in regards to social interactions so try to be aware of them. Push your limits, don't exceed them. Atleast not at first.

Overall do what makes you happy or atleast content.
>> No. 108088 ID: 9ce3e0
>I'm sure you better then anyone know your tolerances in regards to social interactions so try to be aware of them

Trust me, I am and I do everything I can to protect myself emotionally. I already overdue myself socially at work, I hate talking to strangers and it's incredibly stressful to do so, I need to be alone for a while after work.

So far my new friends have been really understanding about this and give me a little time to myself before we hang out after work.

And the couple has been really fucking cool and understanding after hanging out and explaining some of my social hang ups and have been gently pushing me with baby steps. They're a lot like me in the sense that they want no drama, just to chill and not stress over bullshit. It's much easier to laugh than to stress over stupid shit.

BTW, Mammoth, thank you for the condoms lol.
>> No. 108089 ID: 06a889
File 148332414859.jpg - (3.46MB , 1836x3264 , 2017-01-01_19_22_13.jpg )
Also, I don't think I'm a looker by any means.

But, it's like rednecks are exotic or something.
>> No. 108091 ID: 90a126
File 148335852744.jpg - (14.55KB , 214x317 , add about a hundred pounds and you got me.jpg )
Thats every good then. I know one of the great many things that fucked me long ago was having friends who weren't exactly understanding to my social retardation. Thats not blaming them really, its just I wished they have been more down with letting me take things slow once I started coming out of my shell.

I really do need to try again one of these days to try to open back up. I've long had plans to go to some local nerd shop or one of the few local conventions to try to meet my own kind but pussy out every time.

Man I'm no looker either. Even when I looked my best I looked quite a bit like Corey Feldman. Now I look like a fatter version of current day Feldman.

But when I moved to Ohio for a time as a teen I could have been pulling some serious pussy as if I wanted to. Yeah they thought redneck was exotic. Technically not a redneck, don't even sound like one despite living in WV nearly my entire life (I got a theory that I didn't develop a local accent because I pretty much grew up watching tv more then interacting with people), but wear enough camo to pass myself off as one for people who don't know the difference between military camo, fashion camo and heretical pig dog ugly as sin redneck realtree camo.

I was more goth or punk then anything else though not even really that, probably some version of a hipster sad as it is to say. Either way I was different and different in a new area is cool.
>> No. 108092 ID: 9dcda2
  >>108089 >>108091
Bitches just think your tractor is sexy.

I think I have the curse of being too normal. I was working with a guy last week who is... a bit robotic. Like he processes emotions and social situations in a separate thread... and people love him. We'll call him Mr. Data.

> meeting
> talking about methane gas being released into the atmosphere
> Boss: I bet Mr. Data could figure out how many cows that is!
> some minutes later
> Data: So I calculated the methane released, and based on the average cow output, and it would be about 16.3 cow-months worth.
> whole room lols

> travel across the district to help Mr. Data with some mechanical work
> on holiday, triple, time
> the turbine equivalent of retorquing the head bolts on a car engine
> climbing, leaning, odd angles... two days of torquing bolts
> shoulder and back muscles you didn't know you had about now hurt
> at lunch at the only diner in area, at the intersection of some farm roads
> very skinny, reasonably attractive waitress working
> Waitress: So what are you guys up to?
> Data: We're uh... uh... retorquing the bolts where... uh... the power turbine and the gas producer meet...
> 1) full cooked spaghetti release
> 2) he's really struggling to explain something technical to a lay-person
> waitress starts to smile and crack up

> me and Data in the city having dinner
> I looked through the menu and decided what I was going to get
> minute later, he grabs my menu and puts it with his, as if to give to the waitress
> another minute later, he asks "Was that rude for me to grab your menu?"

What's really hilarious is to get a couple beers in him then talk to him about new nuclear reactor designs.

I'm guessing it might be some kind of autism, but I'm don't know much about that, except for all the kids online I deal with in battlefield.

Oh, side story from the diner.
> pull up and park
> see a gray cat hanging out nearby
> get out of truck and call to cat
> cat runs up meowing
> cat assaults me with love
> cat is too excited and starts trying to bite my hand
> good luck asshole, you're getting petted

I hope one day to be a male crazy cat lady.
>> No. 108093 ID: cdc490
Mr. Data is aspie as fuck. I should know.
>> No. 108096 ID: 4a5f25
Can confirm. Love data. Am aspie as fuck
>> No. 108099 ID: a073b8
File 148358780836.gif - (464.33KB , 500x338 , cafe spongebob.gif )
Fuck, I'm anxious as fuck to start working. A recruiter for a federal protection contractor contacted me a little after Christmas after receiving my resume from my security instructor. My prospects of getting selected are high but the interviews don't start supposedly until the end of this month. My instructor sent in another email to recruiter to keep me in mind just yesterday, but I want to hear it directly and soon to see if I need to start sending out more applications.
>> No. 108101 ID: f11f4d
File 148360233059.jpg - (43.24KB , 427x640 , Rule 63 Data star trek cosplay.jpg )
>> No. 108102 ID: c01ca7
I've never felt this way before...
>> No. 108103 ID: ad8094
>> No. 108111 ID: cdc490
File 148391367615.png - (209.48KB , 800x450 , fguuklcotj3r87uny72p.png )
My job has gotten to the point where I need to quit soon or I'm going to be fired. I'm scraping the bottom of my barrel of fucks and find that I have few left to give. I just can't go on. I've put in an application with the local injuns, and I'm faxing an application to the housing authority tomorrow. If I have to, I'll take a fucking pay cut and work one of the homeless shelters for $12.50 an hour.
>> No. 108112 ID: 437d86
My penis is so confused
>> No. 108113 ID: b430d1
quit before you get fired.
nobody will hire you for anything if they see that you have a history of being fired. even once is 9000x too many times.
also but triples are not doubles
>> No. 108114 ID: 1b9ff7
+1 for quiting now
you'll be doing yourself a favor
>> No. 108115 ID: 855e91
>> No. 108116 ID: 9ce3e0
>> No. 108122 ID: cdc490
File 148411204822.jpg - (37.99KB , 550x413 , ISynsdf3x79cwt1000000000.jpg )
I've always thought Prescott was beautiful. Flagstaff has god like weather. But FUCK! Those home prices in south AZ!

Check this shit. 4 bed, 2 bath, sitting on nearly a half acre for $168,000. Nogales ain't THAT bad, right?
>> No. 108124 ID: bbc22a
If you want to look at southern AZ, look at Ajo.
Small (900sqft) 3 bedroom houses go for ~$40k
If you're just looking to rent, well, I know a couple places that are going to be available in a couple months.

Lots of Border Patrol down there, one combination Ace Hardware/IGA. The closest Walmart is ~90 miles away in Maricopa though.
>> No. 108125 ID: bbc22a
File 148412699619.jpg - (463.98KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20150820_105426_2.jpg )
Welcome to fuckin' Ajo.

It actually is a nice little town.
>> No. 108127 ID: cad48c
> Be NLA, working for a chronically mismanaged company.
> All internal systems are cobbled together shit made by Indian yes men who understand what is being requested maybe 15% of the time, but always deliver _something_. Just never anything that works.
> Upper management manages via spreadsheet, can't even visually ID anyone at the top these days due to regular turnover. Middle management exists literally to massage numbers to meet whatever goal upper management has set for the month/week/day/picosecond. Lower management is a polar mix of "THE WORD FROM ABOVE IS HOLY" pains in the asses and "I don't give a fuck, just, you know, fix the customer's problem" pragmatists that actually keep the place semi-working.
> Pull literally hundreds of hours of unsupervised OT mostly watching netflix because I stopped caring much over a year ago and figured out that once the knob-slobbers think you're a hard worker they don't do anything more than look at a couple numbers on a spreadsheet before passing it up the chain.
> Got bumped to a self-supervised position because I'm so proactive. Downside is that I don't get to see much of the handful of full coworkers I used to work with.
> Most of them quit within a few months anyway because the company is shit, so NBD.
> Do shit that shouldn't exist in the first place because proper organization and the right scripts in the right place could handle 98% of it, but it's easy and fast.
> Do a day's "work" in about 45 minutes almost every single day. Get annoyed when actual customers show up, but that's my actual job so I do that bit right.

Fast forward to recent history:
> Management: So we've just taken on double the workload because we want Americans screening the customers from the other companies we work with that outsourced shit years ago. You don't have access to any new tools and can't really do anything but call the same fuckups that the customer would have been calling previously. Oh, by the way, we're at 4/5 staff and we're not hiring.
> Management proceeds to cut a couple of the best people for stupid reasons. Doesn't backfill those positions either.
> Watch shit pile up further, but don't give a fuck because I'm technically meeting the requirements of my job.
> Long term relationship dies hard out of the blue. Other things in personal life go to shit at the same time. Now I'm sitting on a stack of cash I'd earmarked for things that aren't relevant and truly have no fucks at all. Can't even be bothered to show up on time, but nobody's there to notice.
> Management decides that now's a good time to implement policies where everything has to be tracked 3 different ways so there's a ton more pointless work. Sends mail about what should be high priority now, means a ton more actual work for me.
> Lolnope. Can't be fucked, got enough money to be unemployed for years, zero motivation to do anything for myself -- let alone these assholes. Job is just handy for making a paycheck and the schedule works for me as long as I don't have to do actual work.

P. sure I'm gonna be unemployed in a couple months, but I don't care anymore. Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed, and the rest of the day is another struggle not to toss my pack, rifle, and a few cans of ammo in my truck and just drive until the wheels fall off.
>> No. 108128 ID: 19518e
Not to be captain obvious, but is there no way to look for another job?
>> No. 108129 ID: cdc490
If I had years of cash to live on and a job I fucking hated (I currently only have one of these things) I'd spend the money and time retraining in something that interests me. Learn to work on motors. Or apprentice as a carpenter. Or get fit and be a personal trainer. Or do a community college course in small business. The door is wide the fuck open, man!
>> No. 108130 ID: cad48c
There is, sure, but realistically jobs on my preferred schedule are pretty damned rare, and any "better" job I find would almost certainly require me waking up at around the time I normally want to go to sleep.

I'm back in college working on something as of this quarter. I just don't have any real fucks to give on account of shit falling apart at the end of last year.

If this job gets in the way of school and I find I actually give a rat's ass about school later on, I'm not going to break a sweat about quitting. For now I can read/do homework on the clock, so w/e.

It'd actually be a really sweet gig if the entire upper structure of the company didn't have their heads so far up their asses that you have to stare at their navel if you want to look them in the eye.

At the end of the day nothing here would be much more than an annoyance given my lack of direct management. I'm just in a spot where I have precious little reason to give a fuck about anything at all, and even less patience. All of the people getting micromanaged are about to boil over though.
>> No. 108131 ID: 9dcda2
File 148418416748.jpg - (143.89KB , 800x959 , sweating guy hard hat.jpg )
> be a Tech Priest (level 2 of 4)
> probably make level 3 this year... hopefully
> couple of days ago, boss sends out email for job opening for High Tech Priest
> I disregard as I don't really have the xp's for it
> HTP is comparable to a level 6, xp wise
> buddy texts me and says he's putting in for it because yolo
> ...I'm a hell of a lot better than he is...

High Tech Priest is the guy I call when I'm stumped... at 2 in the morning, after I've been trying to get an engine to start for 12 hours. So I'm sweating it, should I apply for the job? I don't feel like I could take those some of those calls, or face down the angry customer, or be the guy that says yay or nay on something. Maybe in a couple of years...

(Though I already do those things... just at a slightly lower level.)

The qualifications on the job are hilarious: Engineering degree or equivalent experience. It doesn't even say how much xp.

I'm thinking I'll apply and let fate decide.
>> No. 108132 ID: cdc490
What could it hurt?
>> No. 108133 ID: a073b8
File 148419328148.png - (27.13KB , 229x200 , oh god.png )
Company recruiter's assistant just called today and we scheduled my interview next Thursday. Went from nervous about when they would call for a scheduled interview to be nervous about the interview itself.

>tfw virtually no civilian security experience
>entirely reliant on military experience to save the day
>military experience is pretty limited itself
>$35/hr on the line for a brand new fucking buck like myself

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
>> No. 108134 ID: 9dcda2
File 14841938054.jpg - (59.14KB , 680x679 , 1bd.jpg )

I have three main concerns if I were to get the job. 1) Being inexperienced and failing horribly. 2) Getting overworked and burnt out. 3) Working to the exclusion of anything else in life, like shooting or getting a waifu.

Which, now that I look at it, are the exact same concerns I had about my current job.... which is working out pretty good, but I think I would be much busier than I am now.

The upshot is, it would be challenging and interesting, and an amazing career move. I would jump 5 pay grades for huge raise. I'm currently in with the "best of the best" kind of people. The real rockstars and motivators that get customers back online at 3am while ass deep in snow. I feel that I'm about mid-level compared to my coworkers.

The position I'm considering is who we call for help. We're already the badasses within the company, and these guys are the legends. Like when I call the IT help desk to get my password un-fucked, they thank us for the work we do.

I'm thinking that I'll apply because you only yolo once.
>> No. 108135 ID: 19518e
At this point it feels like it's up to you to examine your priorities.

Also, you don't need to quit your current thing to look for another, a bit of job-hunting before/after work can't hurt.

>going for enginseer early
Stay honest but put a good spin on it. Be clear that you're quick to learn and you got a good head on you, but you just don't have quite the years of experience. That way, if they do end up throwing you in the deep end, you might get a few pointers.

It isn't any fun to get crushed when they think you're a super expert and you end up costing a lot of people a lot of money. In any case, go for it, if you approach it the right way, you don't have much to lose.
>> No. 108137 ID: cdc490
A crazy ass thought occurred to me as far as new career field: Process server. I dunno, it just seems like fun. Anybody here have any experience?
>> No. 108143 ID: 9dcda2
File 148434209056.jpg - (205.32KB , 1600x900 , 2014-01-13_17_55_10_jpeg.jpg )

I had to look this one up. It looks like you would have some solid coworkers....

> Process servers deliver, or serve, legal papers to people who are required to appear in civil court, usually for personal injury or divorce cases.


That's random.
>> No. 108144 ID: eb15e9
Do it, then get yourself a James Franco.
>> No. 108147 ID: ae1f02
File 148443200272.jpg - (30.16KB , 344x267 , doomguyripandtear_2140.jpg )
>do state test in april
>wait 6 months
>get a letter saying "YOU WON! 2000 people are a head of you so you didn't actually win shit
>wait 4 months
>will probably have to wait another 4 months
I wish New York state would stop being so tsundere AND JUST FUCKING GIVE ME THE INTERVIEW
>> No. 108148 ID: 90a126
File 148443984496.jpg - (175.30KB , 700x906 , l-277.jpg )
That shit pisses me roight the fuck off. Never happened to me thankfully but had several friends who dealt with it. The hurry up and wait bullshit. The job harps on the person to hurry up and send in something, to apply, whatever. Then takes weeks, months, to get back to them like they are trying to time out people for the job.

I had one pal who had a job tell him they wanted him to move for the job but here's the kicker, they wanted him to move for the job because they wanted him local but the job was not guaranteed, it'd would take 3 months for them to let him know whether or not he had the job but they needed him to move asap. Pretty much they'd only give him a serious shot but nothing locked down if he'd uproot his life to go to another location.

Its like you need a job to fucking look for another job.

One of the reasons I am so gosh darn glad I've only really had one official job and got that very soon out of HS.
>> No. 108149 ID: ae1f02
It probably is to weed out morons. I scored a 90 on the exam and there are 2100 people ahead of me which means there are thousands who did much worse. They've cut standards a bit because 'certain' ethnic groups are underrepresented and most of them are functionally illiterate. Having them write out an envelope properly to return the slip to the proper address probably weeds out a good 30% of the pool.

But I'm probably giving New York too much credit, some fucking bureaucrat was more likely sitting on it until he was forced.
>> No. 108164 ID: cdc490
I don't know which is worse. Trying to work with a tension headache, or trying to work on muscle relaxers.
>> No. 108172 ID: eb15e9
Try working on weed.

I feel like most government workers are when I talk to them on the phone.
>> No. 108173 ID: 279c1d
Nice try at the 'weed makes you stupid' fallacy :^)
>> No. 108194 ID: eb15e9
I try. :)

You know my thoughts on the matter.
>> No. 108255 ID: eb15e9
I constantly hear servers say black people are the worst tippers or don't tip.

I feel like that's a self fulfilling prophecy, because my experience is they're my best tippers. I take care of them, make them laugh, give them an entertaining night out and they take care of me. I love my black tables, they're usually some of the few I'm genuinely having fun with. Black people are very family oriented, they really go for that family night out shit. If you seriously show that you're looking to take care of them and give them a good time (because I'm a fucking professional), they genuinely appreciate it.

Plus I danced with an entire basketball team, it was pretty awesome. It was hilarious to see a bunch of black people line dancing to "Chicken With the Train."
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