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File 147119277458.jpg - (1.09MB , 2688x1520 , Mo2bfD7.jpg )
106515 No. 106515 ID: f49edb
Paging CC. Many years ago I bought some pipes off you and completely forgot everything about their make/model. I try to talk pipes with people and don't know what I have.

The longer stemmed one was made by Bjarne, who is dead now sadly.

The shorter one has a treble clef marking but I can't remember for the life of me who made it.

plz respond.
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>> No. 110715 ID: fbfadf
File 150404253763.gif - (3.37MB , 500x372 , tumblr_ot0bmf9lHH1s2wio8o1_500.gif )
Took up cigars a couple weeks ago. How many of these things do I have to smoke before I detect "subtle notes of cocoa powder and nutmeg underlying leather and the essence of an evergreen forest after a heavy rain" out of what is clearly just black pepper and campfire smoke? Are cigar reviewers full of shit? Enjoying the nicotine high in the meantime.

Jedi Dachshund, did you find out who made it?
>> No. 110716 ID: af8ea3
Dropped the unfiltered Camels for snus a few years ago, and more recently picked up one of those Blu thingies for use while drinking. Being an unadulterated badass was killing me rather more quickly than would permit me to achieve my objectives.
>> No. 110717 ID: af8ea3

Nearly all product reviews containing olfactory characterizations are, so far as I can tell, composed entirely of horseshit.

Or is that dogshit...? I can never tell...
>> No. 110721 ID: 13f512
It's a progression - at its most basic it's "I like this" vs "I don't like this", then you start figuring out what it is you like about certain blends and it becomes easier to identify certain aspects you want to seek out. The horseshit is that a lot of those "flavor notes" are completely subjective and can't be quantified in any way except for some of the more obvious ones like "this smells and tastes like cherries".

Honestly though, for choosing tobacco I just sniff it and if I likes what I sniff, I'll smoke it.

No, I did not identify the pipe unfortunately.
>> No. 110732 ID: cce514
My pipe of choice for over a quarter of a century: https://www.originaltobaccomaster.com
>> No. 110733 ID: 8b7d9d
And what, pray tell, is your preferred blend?
>> No. 110737 ID: e266a3
I'll reupload a picture of the other Bjarne I bought from Bjarne himself when he was visiting a long-gone shop in Paradise Valley Mall of all random places. Also an Erik Nording if I can find it.

It's been such a long time so I can't exactly recall either. If you say it's got a treble clef marking my first guess is a Don Carlos by Bruto Sordini.


I vaguely recall it looked something like one of the Three-Notes.
>> No. 110762 ID: 1303ac
You know you want some Dunhill Nightcap.
>> No. 110820 ID: 13f512
File 150501190644.jpg - (3.95MB , 4048x3036 , IMG_20170909_222545.jpg )
Here we are, the pipe I was talking about is at the rear. The one in front I've had for about 10 years. It's seen some shit.
>> No. 110821 ID: 13f512
File 150501197426.jpg - (3.86MB , 3036x4048 , IMG_20170909_222609.jpg )
>> No. 110998 ID: 85023b
File 150705905340.jpg - (62.14KB , 500x500 , cs-j2h.jpg )
These are awesome. Like a good, smoky campfire in the best possible way. Drawback is you will smell like this thing for awhile. While it was pleasant enough paired with the aged rum I have on hand, it made me wish for a bourbon old fashioned.
>> No. 111000 ID: 19518e
File 1504909096829.webm - (1.12MB )
My only experience with the smokes are some Captain Blacks, I have quite enjoyed them.

I wouldn't mind some actual cigars that are similar to it, any suggestions?
>> No. 111002 ID: 85023b
I am finding the best way to go about it is to try all kinds of things willy nilly. Find a good cigar shop or lounge and go nuts.
>> No. 111003 ID: 19518e
Ah, for how much I smoke I think I'll just stick with the 1 to 2 packs per year of Captain Blacks I tend to go through. I was just wondering if there was a common alternative or something.

Thanks anyway.
>> No. 111004 ID: 85023b
Having never tried Captain Blacks, I would have no idea what to compare them to.
>> No. 111005 ID: d80b05
I smoke Macanudo Crystal Café's a few times a year. Tried a few others here and there but always come back to the Macanudos. My birthday, NYE sometimes, or in a rare friday at the end of a particularly stressful week at work.

Pretty much the only time I ever drink red wine, and even then I prefer cognac...also only ever consumed while smoking.
>> No. 111006 ID: c6a94d
File 150715217741.jpg - (1.13MB , 3400x2376 , cigar Macanudo cigar box 1.jpg )
I used to smoke cigars, back in 1986, with Macanudo and a Honduran brand beginning with B mentioned above (it apparently is a blacklisted thing on this site and posting a picture of these cigars here got me an auto-ban) being my main brands, but I gave them up after only 9 months after my first coughing fit. Plus, smoking makes your clothes stink. Along with the problems of heart disease, cancer and emphysema.
Looking at the prices of these cigars now, they can cost more than $125 a box (with some unremarkable brands costing hundreds of dollars per box) or $5+ a piece.
>> No. 111007 ID: c6a94d
File 150715238686.jpg - (376.82KB , 1920x1080 , cigar Macanudo Ascots (10 per tin) 1.jpg )
Even the cheap Macanudo tin boxes of 10 cigarillos cost $20+.
>> No. 111008 ID: c6a94d
File 150715273139.jpg - (142.64KB , 2000x1131 , cigar Macanudo Maduro 1.jpg )
With premium cigars like the Macanudo Maduro can cost $200 for a box of 25.
>> No. 111009 ID: 13f512

>a blacklisted thing on this site and posting a picture of these cigars here got me an auto-ban

I'll check it out, we got a lot of blacklisted shit to deal with spam
>> No. 111010 ID: c6a94d
File 15071534493.jpg - (39.04KB , 670x411 , Top-ten-most-expensive-cigars-in-the-world-00004.jpg )
I have seen cigars that cost $50+ each (my brother knew a member of the College Republicans who bought Cuban cigars from Canadian tourists and smuggled them back into the USA and sold them for $100 a piece to total scumbags), but there are stogies that are insanely expensive, such as...
Gurkha Black Dragon – $23,000/box
These cigars are rarely available and a box will cost you $23,000, being a very limited edition that comes in a hand carved camel bone chest. The cigars are made of Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with Cameroon binder and Dominican filler that were aged for five years.
They are individually packaged in frosted tubes and placed in leather boxes with layers of orange velvet. The ring size measures 52 inch and they have a length of 8.5 inches with a very complex flavor that ranges from sour to sweet throughout the length. https://luxatic.com/top-ten-most-expensive-cigars-in-the-world/
>> No. 111011 ID: c6a94d
File 150715349858.jpg - (1.43MB , 3264x2448 , cigar Gurkha Black Dragon - $23,000 per box 1.jpg )
Gurkha Black Dragon – Cigar Review http://straightupcigars.com/gurkha-black-dragon-cigar-review/
>> No. 111012 ID: c6a94d
  Gurkha His Majestys Reserve $750 Churchill HMR Cigar Review [Worlds Most Expensive Cigar] - https://youtu.be/FlOg9a9Gbmw
This $750 7.5x52 stick features a dark tan wrapper with slight stretch marks, minimal veins, tight invisible seams, large double cap soft even pack and rich sweet cocoa aroma much like Patron XO. First light reveals a great draw with plentiful mild-medium artificially sweet cocoa notes and a short smooth creamy finish. The first third shows much the same profile just turning down the sweetness. The smoke is definitely soft, mild and creamy on the draw while the finish gets longer. The 2nd third transitions slowly keeping the same core but adding a mild salty roasted nut to the draw although it was fleeting for just 15 minutes. The finish stays very smooth with an additional oily spice lingering on the lips. Burn is perfect and it hits the band point around the hour mark. Ending at 1:05 the last bit turned very warm, dropping all the infused flavors just leaving the zingy nuttiness through the draw and finish.

Gurkha is a perfect example of Satan's marketing experts filling the world with lies and garbage. Excellent marketing for an average cigar amounting to a complete waste of money. Bill Hicks had some reasonable views on advertisers and marketers. https://youtu.be/tHEOGrkhDp0
>> No. 111013 ID: c6a94d
  Tim & Bradley Smoke The World's CHEAPEST Cigars! https://youtu.be/HiMK9-zPucU
>> No. 111014 ID: 5b8e64
File 150715567834.png - (1.78KB , 183x75 , baccarat.png )
It wasn't the picture, it was a certain word.
Coulda been the filename, though. Lemme test that theory real quick.
If it happens again bitch about it to @operator in the Discord. Or just wait the 1-hour ban out.
>> No. 111015 ID: c6a94d
  Tim & Bradley smoke GAS STATION CIGARS https://youtu.be/krVJdX0gbeg
>> No. 111016 ID: c6a94d
Smoking the WORLD'S NO. 1 CIGAR (f. Andalusian Bull) https://youtu.be/p1djm71IFwc
#1 according to Cigar Aficionado https://www.cigaraficionado.com/ratings/detail/source/sitesearch/note_id/19447
>> No. 111017 ID: c6a94d
  Top 6 Cigars Under $6.00 in 2016 https://youtu.be/ArdNjoo9ItA
True cigar aficionados are always looking for a good deal. So we're looking at 6 high quality cigars that are under $6.00.
What's your favorite cigar priced under $6? Post yours in the comments! Thanks for watching.
The King's Anniversary
Oliva Cameroon Churchill
El Coloso
Brickhouse Toro
AJ Fernandez New World
CAO Brazilia Amazon
Coupon Code: amazononthecheaps
>> No. 111018 ID: c6a94d
  6 Best Beginner Cigars https://youtu.be/kUfNJCiTXMs
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