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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

No. 108628 ID: b70387

VICE's Wilbert L. Cooper meets the Black Women's Defense League, a Dallas-based womanist organization notable for its pro-gun stance. As he follows them from their political education classes to their firearms training, he sees how they fight against white supremacy and patriarchal violence.
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>> No. 108629 ID: ae1f02
I'm sure upper-middle class black women have to face so much racism and misogyny from us white devils
>> No. 108630 ID: 9723b1
I bet they're going to miss and shoot innocent bystanders.
>> No. 108631 ID: 71ae68
File 148665647175.jpg - (55.87KB , 534x810 , Here+have+some+trigger+discipline.jpg )
Clearly they are going to go out into the ghetto and defend black women who need actual defense. You know all the woman who are actually negatively impacted by racist policies in between being very negatively impacted by their boyfriends fists.

I'm sure thats waht they are totally doing, totally.

Really though, I'm all for anyone getting guns and wanting to defend themselves, even moronic "womyn" but these ladies really don't have it so bad from white supremacy and the patriarchy that they need to be packing Uzis.

I will admit I do find some of them boneable and the fact they aren't finger fucking the triggers likes its their girlfriends hairy snatch makes them even more attractive. I'd be more then willing to fight white supremacy by letting them be on top, I'm real progressive that way.
>> No. 108632 ID: 56a253
On the one hand, yay for more women getting into shooting, especially tactical shooting.

On the other, god damned batshit insane feminist ideological cancer strikes again. Why is this craziness everywhere in the last few years?
>> No. 108633 ID: 86aa0d
Mo' guns mo' betta.

Getting regressives interested in guns is the first step to red pilling them. Once they see how much misinformation and outright lies is put out by their side on just guns, they'll naturally start questioning the other things.
>> No. 108637 ID: e188a9
So how long before the right starts agitating for gun control and Brietbart/Fox start running articles about how Beyonce is training black women to kill police officers?

Middle/upper class people are racist in different ways, it's more institutional and "i'm not racist but you're one of the 'good ones'" style racism. (There is NOTHING rich white people hate more than poor whites btw, because they show whites are susceptible to the same problems as the "inferiors")

And of course middle class won't save you from being murdered by the cops or shot at church by some alt-right weenie with a bowl cut.
>> No. 108642 ID: 0cba3c
File 14867018308.png - (247.23KB , 760x572 , Chew you have.png )

>Middle/upper class people are racist in different ways, it's more institutional and "i'm not racist but you're one of the 'good ones'" style racism. (There is NOTHING rich white people hate more than poor whites btw, because they show whites are susceptible to the same problems as the "inferiors"

Any proof for either of these points?

>Middle/upper class people are racist...
>There is NOTHING rich white people hate more than poor whites
>> No. 108643 ID: 8a2fe4
The Right used to be totally pro gun control. But back then, the bible thumpers, social conservatives, and anti-unionists were called "Democrats" and the commie, nigger lovin', liberals were called "Republicans." When the parties switched platforms post civil rights era, gun control is one of the issues the Democratic Party hung onto.
>> No. 108644 ID: 0cba3c

Notice how it seems to be flipping again? Now its liberal college kids, soccer moms, and the Democrats trying to shut down freedom of speech and ideas, while Republicans are becoming the edgy, "its a free country!" party under Trump.
>> No. 108646 ID: f9b63c
Gun control has always been a bipartisan issue, it always meant as a means to disarm a portion of the population for the greater good.

History of arms control in the industrial age in America goes something like
- disarming the indentured workers (so they cant fight back)
- disarming the poor (for their own good)
- disarming minorities like blacks (so they cant fight back)
- disarming inner cities (for their own good)
- disarming majority whites (because duh ebulz rwds).
First by leftists, second and third by rightists, fourth and fifth by leftists.

ALL bad decisions, because doing anything for the greater good is ultimately retarded in the long term.
>> No. 108648 ID: b430d1
Nobody gives a fuck about your blidyoblames.
>> No. 108650 ID: eb2308
Direct result of the left gaining a lot of power both politically and socially, and not knowing how to use it. That, and turning a blind eye to the infiltration and takeover of their movements by crazy fucks and hysterical children.

The older crowd is waking up, is pissed at them, and it's incredibly fun to watch.

Racemixer, get in here and tell me why blacks love fucking uzis and uzi knockoffs so much.
>> No. 108651 ID: 0cba3c
File 148678803949.jpg - (52.37KB , 500x361 , 6a00e0099229e888330120a7d23891970b.jpg )

>Direct result of the left gaining a lot of power both politically and socially, and not knowing how to use it.

Very well put. When you're the underdog guerrilla in the fight against established powers, you can get away with certain over-the-top behaviour and rhetoric that you can't do once you become the establishment yourself.

I think the liberal Dems became the establishment years ago, but kept acting like they were the revolutionaries instead of settling in to apply themselves more generally and moderately. The people gradually realized this, and it makes the Left look like zealots when you contrast them today. Sort of a mirror-universe Westboro Baptist Church in extreme cases. Combine this with the "big tent, open doors" policy they carried over from their underdog days and you have the influx of fruits and nuts to top it off.


Go be triggered somewhere else.
>> No. 108652 ID: 8a2fe4
File 148679256260.jpg - (57.98KB , 666x475 , uLpv1tY.jpg )
Fuck if I know. The ones I know either don't have guns or don't show or talk about the ones they got.

There are other strange happenings too, like Trump's growing popularity among labor unions.

That over-the-top behavior and rhetoric is extremely popular with younger liberals, college kids, yuppies, and hipsters. For this crowd, life is generally good. They can focus their anger and energy on cool, hip issues like trans rights, green energy, and growing sustainable kale; they're important issues in need of attention, but they (and the party) lost sight of issue number one: People gotta eat. The unemployed industrial workers and blue collar folks across the rust belt and the upper midwest have faithfully voted democrat for years and got little but lip service in return. Meanwhile, their brick lined downtown blocks continue to shutter and crumble, jobs continue to leave, and Hope & Change still haven't showed up. One day a few months ago, they all stood up and said "REMEMBER US, ASSHOLES!?"

I give a fuck.
>> No. 108653 ID: b430d1
File 148679453377.jpg - (24.53KB , 579x302 , C21hNrBXAAEPBY5.jpg )
>calling somebody "triggered" after spending years of your life on a chimpout and becoming a FBI informant because a woman made a couple videos about blidyoblames
>> No. 108655 ID: 56a253
File 148682967356.jpg - (28.48KB , 400x500 , MUS-FAPC2020_500.jpg )

Does this look like a #GG thread? Nein?

Stop trying to push it off topic. Go make a thread in /vg/ if you want to talk about it. I'll be happy to BTFO you there.
>> No. 108656 ID: 71ae68
File 148683496878.jpg - (187.43KB , 1200x800 , not my house thankfully.jpg )
Shit my n-word, you pretty much hit the nail on the head so hard some Chinese dude got jabbed in the foot.

I've been going on and on and on about that shit on a more liberal website I occasionally frequent, though less and less as they are turning into a circle jerk hugbox big time, about why Trump won.

They keep saying they understand why he won and it doesn't matter anyway because it was a fluke, just some fuck up by outdated electoral college. They keep going back to "herp derp racism" to explain why blue collar workers went for Trump if they even acknowledge out of work people got the "Trumpolini" elected.

You are 100 percent right on why people voted for Trump, not hate but fear, fear of not being able to feed their families, fear of not being able to pay for their house, fear pure and simple. Trump is no more a supporter for those people then the Dems but he atleast gave lip service, he actually acknowledged they exist, the plight every out of work steel, factory, and coal worker is experiencing. Hillary just stoked their fears the few times she bothered to even remember they existed.

Shit like what bathrooms some ladyboy gets to use and how many Syriastan terrorist rapefugees are allowed in to either suck down our benefits or do some blowing that doesn't involve a Republican politician or a ladyboy seem far more important then somebody's job, their ability to provide and care for themselves and their family. And like you said, that shit is important too, even rednecks around these here parts you can occasionally find okay with transgender people getting bathroom rights and helping Syrians looking for a place to live that isn't be gangbanged in a international bombing fuckfest. But they want to eat, they want to work, they want to live more.

I mean it seems so goddamn stupid Democrats are harping on the fear the LGBTWTFBBQ community fears under Trump or the fear Muslims have, they understand there is fear but can't for the life of them understand the fear of "flyover" state, blue collar workers, and rural people.

Trump is the result of Democrats own failings, their own biases. Blame racism, sexism, and whatever else all they want but the people most to blame are Clinton and company.
>> No. 108657 ID: b70387
  Gun Control's Racist History - Colion Noir

Today's gun control advocates tend to paint themselves as concerned with the plight of minorities in America. What they don't want you to know is that their movement originated as an initiative to deprive African-Americans of the means to defend themselves. In this episode of The DL, Dana Loesch is joined by NRA personalities and gun-rights advocates to delve into the deeply racist history of gun control and to explain how it continues to disproportionately affect minority communities.
>> No. 108658 ID: 0cba3c

I'm going to disagree with "fear" necessarily being the motivating factor. While it might have been one for some people, everyone I personally know who voted for him did it for one of three various reasons.

1: Illegals. Ordinary folks have been bitching about our border security for DECADES and been ignored, ignored, ignored. For most of them its less about "takin ar jerbs" (though some do feel this way) and more on the principle that the damned law needs to be enforced. When the government is ignoring enforcement of our own laws, and political parties and big businesses benefitting from this, that sticks in a lot of normal folks' craws. We've been promised again and again that someone would be done about it, and lied to every time.

2: Spite. This is where I fell in originally. Our government sucks. Its the biggest pack of lying faggots to ever exist in the history of mankind, and the double standards in play would take lifetimes to count. After 8 years of having "progressive" politics (corruption) rubbed in our faces, far more blatantly than ever before, and with the media playing lapdog to it all even as the lies got harsher and more obvious (I liked my plan and didn't get to keep it) a lot of people just said fuck it all. The establishment hates Trumps guts, so what better way to troll them right back than by making him their boss for half a decade? My initial reason was, verbatim "If he doesn't accomplish a single thing but sitting in that chair for four years and making everybody in the beltway mad as fuck, he was worth my vote."

3: Lack of bullshitting. This is where I fell in later as I started to respect him more as the races went on, and where most people I know wound up. He just refused to buckle. He acted and talked like an ordinary person, suffered the consequences from the PC media and other politicians, took the hits and kept right on going. The brass balls on the orange asshole are absolutely impressive. He didn't wear the colors of the beltway tribe. He didn't act like them. He didn't talk like them. He didn't toe their line or peddle their shit to the public. He talked to the American public and told the other politicos to go fuck themselves on a regular basis. I swear to God I think "because you'd be in jail" was the turning point in the entire election. NOBODY would say it. NOBODY would call it out. Trump was the fucker who told the Emperor he had no clothes. He pointed at the government, in front of the whole world, and said what I've been dying to hear said to them for my entire voting life: "Ya'll are a bunch of faggots!"
>> No. 108659 ID: 71ae68
File 148687326465.png - (134.27KB , 500x610 , trump-s-17-cabinet-level-picks-have-more-money-tha.png )
I'm sure for some it was those reasons but for factory workers and miners and the like fear was definitely it. Oh sure immigration probably played a part, takin ur jerbs, and government fuckery screwing their lives over did too but for them the fear of the future was a big thing.

When those people say "Make America Great Again" its not just a slogan, it resonates for them. For them America is no longer great. Not because of what color it is or what gender it is but because America of The Current Year is broke, out of work, starving, and homeless. America was Grrrrreat when anyone could get a job, buy a house, have a car, be able to afford to have kids, and to be able to have a future.

There was also fear of the Democrats and normal Republicans that put us in this mess where small towns have shrunk considerably, the main streets of America are rotting with buildings missing from being torn down like the teeth of a meth addict, when the pain is so bad meth and pills are horribly rampant, when once thriving communities have turned into ghettos but nobody cares. Fear comes from the fact they don't understand what "MAGA" means to people, they make snide remarks and stupid twitter posts about how America is already great, how its the best its been.

To a degree they are right, certainly the fact faggots can know the joys of marriage and trannies are for some reason lauded as heroes (I'm pretty fracking liberal when it comes to social issues and am totally fine with transgender people, would even date a transgender woman if I liked her, but don't think they are heroes for transitioning, at best they are fixing a medical condition) show for some people America IS great. But for all the millions of others who can't find work America is not so great.

When someone is so afraid of tomorrow they take any hope they can get and Trump was it. Like I said in the previous post, Trump actually gave lip service, acknowledged they existed, showed even a modicum of respect. What has the Dems done? Nothing but ridicule them, call them racists and the source of all the problems of society. Republicans did little better, gave the bare minimum of lip service while cutting benefits and some of the only help they have after helping ship away jobs.

I doubt Trump will actually help bring back manufacturing or mining jobs but that small hope is all some people have.

Now yes for other people they voted for Trump for other reasons. I personally voted for him because I'd like to afford some guns without selling some of my organs and there is no way in hell I'm going to vote for Hillary ever even if you get right down to it the choice was an illusion.

Others voted for him as a sort of fuck the system let the world burn.

Still others voted for him because they actually think he'd do a good job, honestly think he's going to be a good President like Ronnie Raygun 2.0 (wonder if we'll sell more weapons to weapon to Iran?).

I'm sure more then a couple of Trump voters were Bernie or Busters who wanted to help sabotage Hitlery's chances because the bitch stole the election so might as well steal it back.
>> No. 108660 ID: eb2308
>They keep going back to "herp derp racism" to explain why blue collar workers went for Trump
I fucking love that one. I, unlike most of you niggers, like facebook. People REALLY don't like when I respond to the stupid "muh racism" memes with 'I've fucked more black women than you've ever met and voted for obama, what now?'
>> No. 108661 ID: cce514
>i'm not racist! some of my friends with benefits are black!
>> No. 108663 ID: fd1c69

I've never understood this. If I hate mint chocolate chip ice cream, I'm probably not going to go out of my way to eat it, am I?

If I openly associate with overtly racist humans, would others not find this to be sufficient evidence that I am at least tacitly accepting of racism and racists?
>> No. 108665 ID: b70387
There you go again.
>> No. 108668 ID: 72f05e

Got anything cogent to contribute, or...?
>> No. 108669 ID: 0cba3c

A big part of dealing with racism is splitting the hair between "feeling that there are general differences and specializations between the races" and "discriminating based on a feeling of general differences between the races."

There's a fair bit of science that reflects differences in aptitude between the races. The real racism problem happens when someone is asshole enough to use those differences to discriminate against an individual. Because of this happening so often in history, its generated a stigma that tries to shame the mere acknowledgement of any racial differences as bad, even the positive ones. When I get philosophical, its frustrating that you could solve the whole problem with two sentences: "Be proud of who you are and what you got, because everybody got something from their DNA." and "Don't judge a book by its cover."
>> No. 108673 ID: 71ae68
File 148695862795.jpg - (31.11KB , 460x457 , No+mixing+allowed_9ab1e0_6175042.jpg )
Yeah I think people who say the former is a racism is a bunch of dildos.

Acknowledging biological facts, not calling one race superior or inferior but acknowledging evolutionary adaptions is not racism.

Black people may have an easier time dealing with the sun because their skin is adapted to do so, their hair is different from Eurocommies's hair because of a different environment. White people are supposed to be able to handle cold better, are adapted to an area that gets less direct sunlight and more cold weather. Eskimos laugh at anyone who says they are cold.

None of that means any race is superior, just uniquely adapted for the environment their race evolved in.

Of course some might consider it racism just acknowledging any differences exist, even just skin color. Of course some people are complete idiots.
>> No. 108674 ID: d4c8ee
For younger voters maybe, but racism is certainly a motivation for the boomers.
>> No. 108675 ID: 0cba3c

Most of the bigwigs in the Democrat establishment are Boomers.

In other words, do you have anything to back your statement up with?
>> No. 108685 ID: 9723b1
Baby boomers are the most hippie generation in history, they started socialism and degeneracy in america.

I find it ironic that you blame everything on baby boomers now, considering you and your ilk are basically brainwashed puppets of baby boomer professors.

>> No. 108979 ID: 368912
Nearly all the under 30s I know would support an anti-immigration pro-white candidate if there was one in Canada. All the boomers I've ever met think anything but full globalist multiculturalism with mandatory racemixing is bigoted and wrong. The former grew up in a majority arab-somali area with prayer rooms and drive by whootings while the latter grew up in exclusively white neighbourhoods. Growing up in a multiracial area breeds racism. Even the boomers who are 100% "whites will be gone in 100 years, beige power!" admit that there seems to be less trust today than in the past.

I think the group described in the OP has a dumb attitude (muh oppression! muh victim status!), but people have to take responsibility for their own safety. Also guns are fun.
>> No. 108985 ID: 482fe2
>All the boomers I've ever met think anything but full globalist multiculturalism with mandatory racemixing is bigoted and wrong.
>grew up in exclusively white neighbourhoods.
>muh oppression! muh victim status!
>t. u
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