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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 148779961827.jpg - (746.86KB , 3264x2448 , 20170205_162642.jpg )
108836 No. 108836 ID: 4fbdeb
>Be me a couple weeks ago
>Boss wants me to take a look at his wife's car
>Yeah OK.
>It's a 2010 Dodge Caliber
>Water pump is weeping
>Radiator cap is puking all over the place
>Oh and he wants an oil change too
>Look it over
>Engine has a timing chain, not a belt
>Water pump is run by the serpentine belt
>It's way better than '90s Chryslers
>The Germans actually improved Chrysler

>Drive it over to my house
>Wow it shifts smoothly
>Get to work on this thing
>Oil change was done in 15 minutes
>Time to do cooling system maintenance
>Where the fuck is the radiator drain
>Where the fuck is the block drain
>There is neither a rad drain or block drain on this car
>YUP there's the German influence.
>Have to pull lower rad hose to drain everything
>Have to take out battery box to get to lower rad hose
>Lower rad hose is ~4" above bottom of radiator
>Oh, and there's the Chrysler heritage, too.
>Ok, the rad is getting pulled.
>There's no way to pull the rad without disconnecting A/C lines
>Do water pump change
>Went surprisingly OK after the plastic mudguard came off

>Can't figure out how the serpentine belt goes back on
>There's no diagram under the hood
>Gargle it and find diagram
>Turns out I missed a pulley when I drew my own diagram
>Get belt on properly
>Draw a the diagram on the inside of the mudguard and slap it back together
>Fill cooling system up with water
>Stick the battery in the hole where the battery box is supposed to be
>Run it a few minutes
>Drain water
>Fill with antifreeze
>It is what it is.

>Give everything else a look over
>brake juice is good, rad juice full, steering juice full, engine slippy juice full, tranny juice...
>There's no transmission dipstick
>There's writing on the cap that I can't quite make out
>Highlight it with paint pen
>pic related
>oh goddammit

Overall I give it a 4/10. Not terribad but not so good either
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>> No. 111895 ID: 22ba7a
Marlin has been clipazines for ages, it rustles me to no end because I quite like a lot of their guns.
>> No. 111896 ID: 39b75e

Savage, actually. Specifically a Rascal kids .22. A single shot, lol. I guess they use generic boxes.
>> No. 111899 ID: 22ba7a
File 151987020150.gif - (91.60KB , 500x377 , 1434668972813.gif )
>savage is doing it too
>> No. 111902 ID: a083c4
>client asks for all the raw data from the database for 2015
>developer responds before I can reply
>dev: here you go here's all the raw data
>client: what is this I can't read this
>dev: it's the raw data from 2015
>client: this is just a giant excel sheet, and I need 2015 to now not just 2015
>*angry developer noises*
>client: I don't see what the problem is why do you have an attitude
>me: "Hello, what information are you looking for specifically perhaps we can prepare a report?"

Never let your code monkeys talk to clients
>> No. 111905 ID: 9dcda2
File 152004764725.jpg - (117.53KB , 768x1008 , swing-clipart-social-development-8.jpg )
>> No. 111924 ID: 896b72
The new guy at work bought his BMW by slinging dope, does coke, and works for an illegal bookie, and I know all this because he told me. "I can tell you're cool though, bro. I can tell with people." While his antics started out as amusing (getting drunk at work, being socially oblivious to the irritation he causes others, going on a bender and losing his car. Like literally lost. He couldn't find it), things took a darker turn tonight. He's mentioned earlier that he doesn't like snitches. I assumed he just meant tattling to the store manager about store shit. But tonight I saw him handling his "business" in the store, soliciting customers, having bettors visit him at work, threatening people over the phone that owe. His oft stated opinion on snitches was reiterated several times tonight. I stiffened when drunkenly threw an arm around my shoulder and again reassured me "but you're cool, man. I can tell with people."
I want my fucking guns back.
>> No. 111925 ID: 9dcda2
Well fuck. So much for that job.
>> No. 111929 ID: ed977a
Interview for Teaching Assistant on Thursday.
>> No. 112057 ID: 9dcda2
File 152279896175.jpg - (35.25KB , 336x700 , 084.jpg )
New job yet?

>>111430 >>111095
The West Virginia job strikes back. Shot a 3-gun a few weeks ago and my knees went to shit. Probably all the standing and running around after sitting on my ass for a month with no jobs. Shot a rifle class on Saturday where I had to sit down any time I wasn't doing rifle things. I figured if it didn't get any better I'd go see a doctor, which would most likely result in surgery and my ass being down for months.

My knees started feeling better Sunday, and have been doing ok this week at work, even doing maintenance with a good amount of climbing up and down. If it gets worse, I'll go see a doc.

Other than that, last week was pretty sweet.
Mon, drive 5 hours
Tue, defensive driving class
Wed, first aid class and performance review (with better than average raise)
Thu, job canceled, chilling at home
Fri, trouble call, had it fixed in 5 minutes, talked about guns for 4 hours
Sat, rifle class

For the defensive driving class, we got to learn from racing drivers how to hustle some crown vics around a race track, how to brake, drift, and avoid plastic children. Lulz were had. Apparently they had some cops in one of the previous classes and recorded video of them doing one of the events.

> instructor, 2 officers, 1 chief in the car
> chief is driving
> chief is not a wheel man
> object is to speed into a section of cones at 55 mph, swerve to avoid a plastic child, then come to a stop in the box after the cones.

They played the audio for us:

> *engine revving*
> *tires screeching*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers laughing*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers break into raucous laughter*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers positively losing their shit*

The rifle class was not work related. The guy who runs events for our club was career Army and did some high speed stuff, and this was the "advanced" class. Did a lot of transitioning between pistol and rifle, shooting from cover, shooting weak side, and communicating with others. Nothing too crazy, but definitely good stuff.

My shirt smells like jet fuel... I probably should take a shower...
>> No. 112063 ID: fd7f7d
File 152307088551.jpg - (33.63KB , 400x600 , tmp_10347-135981272111855534602.jpg )
I want to take a titanium (jewelry) ring and make two cuts, effectively removing a portion of the loop. I'd like the line distance between the two cuts to be 5.5mm. Tolerance for this dimension is "the closer the better" as I'm going to adhere magnets to the cut edges and want to maximize pull force between them. not sure yet the wiggle room because I don't have the magnets here. would prefer a clean cut if possible without deforming the ring.

the thickness of ring is 1.2 mm. bonus I only have a bench vise, a hand micrometer, some cash, and social skills to work with i.e. I can find stuff. figured one of you might be able to chime in with something inexpensive and effective.

pic unrelated
>> No. 112064 ID: 4be1c0
You can get pretty damn close with a hacksaw and a file. oh, and dial calipers are your friend.
Actually, make that two files; one coarse-pitch for hogging out materiel, and a fine-pitch for getting to final dimension.

The hacksaw won't make a very clean cut, but that's what the files are for.
Cut your gap as close to the 5.5mm as you're comfortable with (and remember the saw will cut wider than the thickness of the blade!) then file it the rest of the way.

>Tolerance for this dimension is "the closer the better"
Dial calipers are accurate to within ±.001" (that's 0.0254mm)

I'm sure there's somebody smarter'n me that'll come up with a better method (like milling it on a clapped out Bridgeport) but hey, this will work if you're careful and patient.
>> No. 112066 ID: 1519ac
You should mill it on a clapped out bridgeport.
>> No. 112067 ID: 22ba7a
I'll second a little hacksaw and files. You have one single thing to do, not a huge amount of material to remove, and you're on a budget. Make sure your vise setup is very solid, it'll make everything easy and painless. Use a fine tooth metal cutting blade, don't bother with a super magic carbide fantastic expensive shit, you don't have much material to cut. Just stroke slowly and you'll never burn the teeth on regular saw blade. Titanium isn't magic, it can be cut by HSS or even hardened high carbon steel just fine.

Paint over the target area with a sharpie and scratch an approximate 5.5mm so you can stay between the lines. You can use a file to make a score on the ring at the spot you want to start the saw cut so the saw doesn't wander when you're starting the cut.

One thing though, when you cut the ring through with the saw, remove it from the vise. It may have some internal stress and spring in some direction or another, so make sure it can move around before cutting the approximate gap and filing it to size. It might not move at all but it's better to check than cut it all nice and then undo the vise for the part to suddenly banana in some way.
>> No. 112092 ID: b66126
Ever since this was pointed out to me, I get self conscious everytime a black customer asks me "where you from?" It happens a lot. Three times just tonight.
>> No. 112095 ID: f5c3ed
My year contract isn't getting renewed with the university I work at. Reason being a "business decision" probably means they're on a stricter budget now. I either have 3 or 6 months left depending on when they give me a final notice. Shit sucks because I was a week away from moving out finally and now I can't afford to. The apartment hasn't given me an answer on getting my security deposit back but knows I'm canceling my lease.
>> No. 112096 ID: 9dcda2
File 152486733454.jpg - (35.17KB , 320x219 , 320px-Kentucky_schild.jpg )
Damn dude.

> get email from boss
> fw: kentucky
> watch out for food borne and sexually transmitted disease outbreak
> Hep A

> Symptoms
> Hepatitis A signs and symptoms typically don't appear until you've had the virus for a few weeks. But not everyone with hepatitis A develops them. If you do, hepatitis signs and symptoms can include:

> Fatigue, Sudden nausea and vomiting, Abdominal pain or discomfort, especially on the upper right side beneath your lower ribs (by your liver), Clay-colored bowel movements, Loss of appetite, Low-grade fever, Dark urine, Joint pain, Yellowing of the skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice), Intense itching

Emperor damn it.
>> No. 112097 ID: 2c575b
Four days off. Flying back to Oklahoma to see my mom and brother. Everytime I go home, it hurts.

Where've you been looking?
>> No. 112098 ID: f5c3ed
I applied to one local here in NY but I applied to a few in PA, OH, one in TX and one in NC. I'm going to try to use this to get out of NY for good. But if no one wants me out of state in the next 3-6 months I'll only stick to local applications. I look about every day on indeed and linkedin.
>> No. 112108 ID: 9c13a0
I'm getting sick of this shit.
>> No. 112110 ID: 5b5379
File 152606772050.jpg - (3.40MB , 2592x1944 , stuff.jpg )

So because it would be rude if I were not to share after receiving solid advice, here's what I was going to do with it:

The ring is/was made of surgical titanium and also involved in the project, had it progressed to the actual making, were really, really tiny neodymium magnets.

>> No. 112111 ID: 5b5379
File 152606777080.jpg - (10.05KB , 300x150 , smallestfriend.jpg )
Seriously these things are the smallest things


>> No. 112112 ID: 5b5379
File 152606785235.jpg - (385.64KB , 1446x2345 , hoo.jpg )
So I was going to adhere the magnets to the ring to make basically a homebrew magentic earring. Why? 'Cause shit would have been cash, to put it succinctly. For reasons, I was going to roll down my right ear and secure with two attracting magnets to resist the force of the ear wanting to unroll.

I was actually going to get a legit piercing, had the dosh, and went around asking piercers what they thought. I In my mind, the force from the ear-in-a-blanket wanting to unroll would have been negligible; every piercer I asked said, no, that's a terribad idea because the force against the thin piercing surface will probably tear through your cartilage. Hmm.

>> No. 112113 ID: 5b5379
File 152606799458.jpg - (331.53KB , 1487x2086 , doo.jpg )
And pic is what I ended up doing because not only was it easier but I just so happened to have this thin-gauge copper lying around the garage. And no I abandoned the ear-in-a-blanket idea but wear the earring pictured at my forward-most helix.

>> No. 112118 ID: 11855e
File 152627525752.jpg - (148.14KB , 1600x1040 , 9b60a-fifthelement_346pyxurz.jpg )
>> No. 112126 ID: 9dcda2
File 152668714494.jpg - (79.03KB , 602x452 , very exciting.jpg )
> last night
> boss calls: Hey can you go to Baldymore tomorrow and fix their display computer?
> sure thing boss
> today
> probably fix computer, bullshitting with customer
> boss calls: Hey, can you go down to Southern Maryland, their generator dun work
> sure thing boss
> raining like hell
> traffic sucks
> go through security
> view data log
> normal procedure: unit starts, has some voltage from residual magnetism as generator speeds up , hits 80% speed, energizes field, voltage quickly ramps to 14,000 volts
> log data: start, some voltage, 80% speed, still same voltage
> no excitation
> check fuse, blown
> replace fuse, starts unit successfully

One of the site guys was troubleshooting it earlier. And by troubleshooting, I mean just guessing and replacing parts randomly. He replaced the relay and had the original in his pocket. I think he was pretty embarrassed that I fixed it in 5 minutes.

I don't really care though, I'm just glad it was an easy fix.
>> No. 112185 ID: 059470
I had an interview for a company in PA over a week ago. Drove down after 2 phone interviews. They seemed to like me and it was more of a getting to know my personality type interview instead of hard-line technical questions. I really hope I get it. But as for my current job, our second most experienced analyst in my group resigned overnight, so with him gone I might not lose my current job. However I'd take the one in PA in a heartbeat since they seem like a great place to work.
>> No. 112205 ID: 9dcda2
File 152850874727.jpg - (231.04KB , 898x1600 , double shower.jpg )
I was booking a hotel in Manasses VA and everything was full except for the King Whirlpool Suite, so got that. To my surprise, this also included two showers... that faced each other. I'm not sure what the intention was putting two shower heads in one shower, but I feel this is something few people really get to experience. Naturally I set one to cold and the other to hot, and turned around after like two minutes on a side.

Achievement Unlocked: Took two showers at once.

So these guys called back.

> Customer: Hey our shit broke what are you going to do about it you didnt fix it
> Me: ... hmmm, well what else was going on?
> Cust: Oh, we lost the whole plant and generator tripped on reverse power
> Me: Send me a picture of your fault log.
> literally nothing wrong with the generator, an oil pump was getting weak so a switch didn't transfer
> talk site guys through adjusting the switch, and ordering replacement pump for later
> unit fires right up

> finish up easy maintenance, go help other guys
> back breaking work through Memorial Day weekend
> shoot 3-gun on Monday, Memorial Day, did pretty well, rifle worked this time

> tuesday back to easy maintenance
> trouble call tuesday night at 2030
> customer pissed, unit doesn't accelerate in hot weather
> another guy was there recently working on it
> get there, different problem all together
> unit hot shutdown and physically locked up
> 3 hours later when I arrived, it'd cooled down enough to turn over with a ratchet
> roll out and get home at 0100
> backing into driveway, rear view camera looking down
> ???
> oh fuck, left the tail gate open for the 1.5 hour drive home
> and didn't lose anything!

> more maintenance
> friday, same customer, unit doesn't accelerate
> call engineer for help, gives pointers
> roll over there, turn some turbine shit
> unit fires right up in even hotter temperatures
> get home at 2200

> saturday
> scheduled replacement of lube oil regulator block
> it's never the regulator block
> it's always the air-to-oil cooler
> but we pay for the block, they customer pays for the cooler
> do it anyway

> sunday
> pass the fuck out

> monday
> tuning giant fucking engine
> software is bugged
> in automatic horsepower control, the unit can decrease speed to match the setpoint, but it wont increase
> have to increase manually
> wtf mate
> user interface screens are confusing as shit
> second shift calls me at 1904, 4 minutes into their shift asking what the hell to do

> tuesday
> rewrite horsepower control software and redo the screens
> no calls
> no news is good news

> wednesday
> new startup project
> unit sitting on jacking bolts on a concrete cube in the middle of an open area
> standard practice to pour the foundation, drop the unit on it, then build the building around it
> level the units to within 0.005" per foot

> thursday
> me and another guy use the sweet ass laser alignment tools to position the equipment to within 0.002" of bore and face of rotating shafts
> guy running a excavator with a jackhammer attachment about 30 ft away from us
> can see our alignment numbers changing as he hammers
> uh, hey man, can you go hammer somewhere else for a little while? thx
> finish alignments
> 1700, boss calls
> hey can you head up to the middle of PA to fix some computer shit, if you don't fix it the customer is going to call the Director of our company
> sure thing boss

> friday
> more driving
> really confusing ass software
> toggling a fan on and off 30 times a second
> event log entirely filled with FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF...
> event log so full the display computer grinds to a halt
> put deadband on fan activation
> turns on at 5% command, off at 1% command
> the valve control screen for unit 2 doesn't work
> turns out it's controlling unit 1
> whoopsie
> fix dem pointers

People make careers out of single things I do.
>> No. 112206 ID: e5e764
File 152851794324.jpg - (5.29KB , 480x325 , tmg-article_default_mobile.jpg )
Did you have a shower beer while in it?
>> No. 112225 ID: 059470
Place I interviewed for in PA called saying they filled the position with someone internal. I'm not too bummed since it wasn't another external applicant who got it seeing that companies generally like to promote internal people. Anyone happen to know of any networking/VOIP related jobs in the Pittsburgh area or western PA in general paying $56k/year? The reason I'm looking there is I already know the area pretty well from visiting a friend for a few years when he was living there.
>> No. 112232 ID: 6ca38e
So, been a spell since I posted here. Got trained and certified as a heat treater for our facility. I don't ever do the job but to cover for the night shift heat treater when he's on vacation or out sick or something, which is to say, twice in the last five months, but it's something. I'm actually in a really good position right now because both of our bid-holding heat treaters are nearing retirement, and there's only me and one other guy who is on day shift who have the certification (who aren't also supervisors). So...I'm very likely to get into that bid here in the next couple years if nothing goes awry....or unless I get lucky, because...

I'm in the early stages of selection for our electrician apprenticeship program. I have a spacial awareness test later this week, and a math test the next day. The math test has me a bit worried since I haven't studied math since high school and have never really studied it at the level I'm seeing on some of my study guides. But, studying I am and hoping I can at least get a score that doesn't immediately disqualify me. And if I dont' get it this year, there's always next year, and I will have a better idea on the algebra they're looking to have me know and I can study more effectively.

On an unrelated note, I shot a pistol competition on Saturday and had a blast. No scores yet, and there were some serious team shooters and very accomplished SWAT cops and what not in the mix. I know I didn't win by a long shot, but I'm hoping to be in the top 20% or so. 150 shooters, spread across Limited, Open, and PCC categories.
>> No. 112234 ID: 0f80d4
I sold beer and vodka to a guy I think may have been on coke. Maybe it was the sniffing, or the sweating, or the way he said "Damn! That's good fucking coke!"
>> No. 112250 ID: b7cdc0
Ironically, I am the only motherfucker here that works sober. Pack of fuckin' degenerates.
>> No. 112251 ID: 758a23
Man, you really need to get out of Vegas. Any word on the military thing?
>> No. 112252 ID: 41441c
I've been going around dropping off resumes at local places that do manufacturing. Last week I went to one place in a industrial park that makes greenhouses while trying to find a aquarium supply place that had posted a assembly job, and wandered around their building like 10 minutes trying to find somebody to see if they knew where the aquarium place is. Then I finally found two guys smoking weed on a loading dock while watching another guy, also smoking weed, unload stuff from a truck with a forklift. They directed me to the actual manned part of the building, which reeked of marijuana. I finally found two secretaries working in what I could only describe as a jury rigged clean room with multiple air purifiers running. On the way out I also saw somebody smoking a bong in a kitchenette.
>> No. 112254 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153066664879.gif - (1.90MB , 420x236 , 1342453016915.gif )
>fairly well settled in at new job across the country
>new part, fairly complicated
>program is shoehorned from a similar part by previous employee that left yesterday
>the similar part was itself shoehorned-programmed off a previously similar part from a previous-previous employee
>programmed got multiple levels of shoehorning by at least three different machinists
>literally everything and the kitchen sink is happening in this program
>spend hours untangling mess of toolpaths
>shop has mastercam X7
>it's old
>kinda buggy
>will spit out a wrong tool height number for no fucking reason
>catch wrong-tool-heigh-number bug before any accidents happen
>cut a good 15 minutes of machining time from stupid shit out of program
>run test part
>looks good, needs minor tweaks here and there
>tweak shit to be better
>check for usual bug bullshit in code
>keep in mind there's 1.7 megabytes of G-code here
>looks ok
>run test part
>middle of finishing tool path
>spindle buries itself into part at full ramming speed out of fucking nowhere
>keep in mind this is a machine with 2000 inch per minute rapid axes
>in the middle of thousands of lines of code, mastercam decided to slip in a G43H0
>since our tools are measured with a renishaw probe, our tool lengths are positive
>H0 = zero tool height = spindle going down as if tool was of zero length


Thankfully it only broke the tool and splattered the tool holder with molten aluminum, it could have been worse. Still, this is a new machine, crashing it is a fucking tragedy. brb gonna drink on an empty stomach and pray to machine spirit.
>> No. 112255 ID: a067fa
File 153067442556.jpg - (58.47KB , 520x773 , e14da4b6c9f15c0be0735ce61c446890--warhammer-k-joke.jpg )
>fairly well settled in at new job across the country

Did you go east or west?
>> No. 112256 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153067629114.jpg - (79.41KB , 600x530 , 1299472658992.jpg )
I moved away from humidity, because fuck rust.
>> No. 112258 ID: 6fe1bd
>everything good now
>tuning roughing cycle in 7075 aluminum
>spindle at 110% load
>material removal rate only 0.75 cubic inches per second

damn I really wanted to break 1 cubic inch per second but she just don't got tha powar.
>> No. 112259 ID: a067fa
What condition is the 7075 in? If it hasn't been so already, you might be able to squeeze some more removal volume/second out if you re-solutionize and quench with no aging (i.e. 7075-O).
>> No. 112260 ID: 5ec9bd
Billet 7075-T6, and we're really not set up to do any kind of heat treatments on over a hundred blocks of 6"x8"x2".

I know I could get 1 inch^3 by getting a corn cob endmill, but all I have is a generic 1" diameter 4 flute HSS endmill.
>> No. 112311 ID: 004544
As I type, a coworker is fucking some dude on the roof of the building.
>> No. 112313 ID: 9dcda2
> a coworker is fucking some dude on the roof of the building

Is the coworker male or female? In either case it sounds gross. But different kinds of gross.
>> No. 112314 ID: e4838d
Female. Short, about 80 pounds, long brown hair, crazy eyes, perky b cups.
>> No. 112315 ID: bd9939
File 153305032711.jpg - (163.88KB , 600x336 , starship-troopers-1997-movie-review-federation-sol.jpg )
Left my big box retail gun counter job last week after four and a half years. Completely soul crushing working at a place like that at this point and it was getting much worse. I know every version of retail has it's horror stories, but gun people are absolute fucking garbage. That fun "hey I'm a normal dude or lady looking for a gun to carry in the woods for self protection" is about one in twenty if you're very, very lucky. Technically I was in charge of ATF compliance and shipments, but being shitty corporate retail with no hours meant I had to race through that to deal with the butthurt baby boomers. I was the only guy of 4 to not be fired from the job and we were one of the best stores.

From the crusty old fucks that have all the time in the world, but not 5 seconds for you to figure out which .22 mag ammo is on sale in two weeks that you have to honor early (therefor pissing off the other old fucks that come in sale day) to the tactical Timmy sheepdawgin with his Canik in a bulldog holster that need to look at every gun in the case that he won't buy and has to be right about everything. Or maybe the new age of 1,000 yard 6.5 creedmoor elk slayers (you would not believe how ballistically retarded these people are) because they saw some Kuiu covered dudebro clip one on a hunting show. FUCK.

Don't get me wrong, I worked with mostly amazing people that understood. I met my wife working there, I met my best friends working there. I will always have extra patience and respect for retail workers (within reason), but I am never going back unless I really fuck up.

Anyway, finally enlisted in the army after being a moron for the last like 8 years. Flirted with Cavalry Scout stuff, but no slots available so infantry it is. Obviously anything can happen, but I'm planning on at least 20 years. This is what I always wanted to do, and I settled. I know it's a shit show in it's own way, but at least it serves some kind of purpose and has some cool moments.

>Initially had 20k quick ship bonus back in May
>doc found benign lump in balls at MEPS, verified fine by consult where other fat old doc squirts ultrasound gel on my balls
>requires waiver on top of overprotective mom childhood asthma waiver
>waiver paperwork gets screwed up with new system, sent back 3 weeks later untouched
>finally comes back approved a month and a half after meps
>original contract and bonus lost, Ash and Dallas dead, cargo and ship destroyed
Just means more bugs for us to kill.
>> No. 112317 ID: 8e2adc
Cool shit, dude. Good luck. You trying to do a full 20 in the infantry?
>> No. 112322 ID: bd9939
I'd like to try to get a little fancier some day, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

Flying to Georgia this week. Never been on a plane befo...
>> No. 112327 ID: 675892
File 153385691022.gif - (1.10MB , 500x364 , GEIgAz7.gif )
Good luck.
>> No. 112331 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153421843148.jpg - (1.40MB , 1740x1700 , ad_mech.jpg )
Slow day at work, I honed a carbide engraving tool with a fine diamond file to a very sharp point and engraved pic related on a firearm receiver. The whole thing is 1.125" in diameter, took me a bit to program the engraving toolpaths just right to have the various "shapes" at certain depths for more or less texture.

Then I hit it with just a tiny bit of sandblast and almost erased fucking everything. What did I expect, I'm an idiot. I'll re-run it just before sending it out for anodizing, hopefully it'll be okay.

If not I can run it again after the anodizing and just give it the lightest and most diluted dab of a deep red-colored paint...
>> No. 112336 ID: 6eecf3
How'd it come out?
>> No. 112337 ID: 6fe1bd
Haven't rerun it yet, I got like 50 guns to make before the end of September so the little cosmetic side projects are taking a back seat for a bit.
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