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Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 148779961827.jpg - (746.86KB , 3264x2448 , 20170205_162642.jpg )
108836 No. 108836 ID: 4fbdeb
>Be me a couple weeks ago
>Boss wants me to take a look at his wife's car
>Yeah OK.
>It's a 2010 Dodge Caliber
>Water pump is weeping
>Radiator cap is puking all over the place
>Oh and he wants an oil change too
>Look it over
>Engine has a timing chain, not a belt
>Water pump is run by the serpentine belt
>It's way better than '90s Chryslers
>The Germans actually improved Chrysler

>Drive it over to my house
>Wow it shifts smoothly
>Get to work on this thing
>Oil change was done in 15 minutes
>Time to do cooling system maintenance
>Where the fuck is the radiator drain
>Where the fuck is the block drain
>There is neither a rad drain or block drain on this car
>YUP there's the German influence.
>Have to pull lower rad hose to drain everything
>Have to take out battery box to get to lower rad hose
>Lower rad hose is ~4" above bottom of radiator
>Oh, and there's the Chrysler heritage, too.
>Ok, the rad is getting pulled.
>There's no way to pull the rad without disconnecting A/C lines
>Do water pump change
>Went surprisingly OK after the plastic mudguard came off

>Can't figure out how the serpentine belt goes back on
>There's no diagram under the hood
>Gargle it and find diagram
>Turns out I missed a pulley when I drew my own diagram
>Get belt on properly
>Draw a the diagram on the inside of the mudguard and slap it back together
>Fill cooling system up with water
>Stick the battery in the hole where the battery box is supposed to be
>Run it a few minutes
>Drain water
>Fill with antifreeze
>It is what it is.

>Give everything else a look over
>brake juice is good, rad juice full, steering juice full, engine slippy juice full, tranny juice...
>There's no transmission dipstick
>There's writing on the cap that I can't quite make out
>Highlight it with paint pen
>pic related
>oh goddammit

Overall I give it a 4/10. Not terribad but not so good either
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>> No. 110751 ID: 9dcda2
File 150430363080.jpg - (52.47KB , 630x440 , software-premios-reconocimientos-a-empleados.jpg )
> regional meeting
> 25 techs + supervisors, managers, office staff, engineers
> death by powerpoint for 3 days
> actually turns out to be pretty hilarious because everyone is joking around
> I end up getting an annoying amount of recognition throughout the whole meeting

> get 5 years with company award and lapel pin (Hecho en China)

> review employee opinion survey
> our group is reasonably happy
> bosses decide what we need is more recognition
> Supervisor: And Avgas here, when he joined our group, did 3 projects at the same time, all by himself, uphill both ways...
(I split it with another guy and had a decent amount of help)
> Supervisor: Or the time he was working with the engineers, using two computers and two keyboards at the same time!
(1 computer, 3 monitors... c'mon childs play. That legend gets bigger very time someone tells it.)

> a little later
> other techs complaining they don't get enough cross training
> Other tech: We need more training, we can't all be as good at programming as Avgas...

> engineer guy gets up to give a talk
> Engineer: So I was just at this job with Avgas, and I've got to say, what a guy. Who's worked with Avgas? Hands up....
(Getting embarrassing... He kept going on about it too.)

> dinner with work friends
> cw: Are you going to apply for that engineer position? >>/arch/10816
> Me: I got rejected for it, I don't have a degree
> cw: What?!? I thought you were an engineer? You're so smart you could knock it out....
(Math sucks)

> mid-year performance appraisal with supervisor
> Sup: Yeah you're doing great, here's what I expect of you, blah blah blah
> Metal Gear Solid codec sound (my ringtone)
> coworker calling... look at boss...
> Sup: Go ahead and answer...
> Coworker: Hey man, can you help me with [technical issue]?
> Me: Sure, I'm doing my PA, let me get back to you in 30 minutes.
> Sup: How often do you get calls from your coworkers?
> Me: Occasionally. I help out a couple of guys regarding [bunch of topics]
> Sup: That's awesome, make note of that in your next evaluation

> lunch time, go to burger joint with supervisor, manager, and a couple of other techs
> carrying my laptop into the restaurant
> booting up, waiting for OK button during login
> bosses were watching me walk in
> Manager: I know we have a no texting and walking policy, but I guess we never covered laptops

> Manager: This is the second time we've had lunch and you were helping someone on your laptop
> Me: What can I say, I'm in demand.
> my legend grows
> I really just skate and play Elite Dangerous as much as I can
>> No. 110752 ID: 19518e
File 150430469651.jpg - (617.22KB , 1358x1582 , I WILL KILL EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ONE SMALL BITE AT .jpg )
Feelsgood to get recognition.

I got some thumbs up for a tool I made to punch dimples in 1/8th thick stainless steel tubes, meanwhile I'm just happy nobody lost any fingers or died from a 50 ton hate machine just going "fuck everything you put under my jaws", breaking stuff, and sending the bits flying in soft fleshy operators nearby.

Fucking thing is a goddamn death trap.
>> No. 110756 ID: 865269
Got into that a few months ago. I do enjoy it, I just wish it wasn't such a grind. What are you flying?
>> No. 110758 ID: eb2308
Look up road to riches, it'll cut your grind down to nothing if you're ok with doing some exploring.
>> No. 110759 ID: 9315da
File 150453147738.jpg - (293.63KB , 1280x960 , FC3-16.jpg )
I'd post my trip but I haven't done so in so long I've literally forgotten how.

Anyway, we lost 4 senior engineers, 2 associate engineers, and one principal engineer that was basically forced to retire by asshat management (which arguably started the exodus of other engineers). All in about 3 months. In a group of ~55 engineers, this is bad.

nearly lost one of the IT guys as well, management is panicking and gave him a huge raise to stay.

This is what happens when your upper management declares there is no morale problem because no one is quitting. Well, when you wait till things are so bad they all start leaving at once, now you're fucked. There are more looking to leave as well.

pic distantly related
>> No. 110760 ID: 9315da
i mean post w/my trip
>> No. 110761 ID: 9dcda2
File 15045384288.jpg - (664.25KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_15_15_27_04_801.jpg )
Just type your name into the name field. Tripcode is optional. Add #code after the name.

>>110756 >>110758
Started a thread in VG. >>/vg/59130
>> No. 110812 ID: c01760
Just quit that job yesterday. Got the final offer for the government gig last week, long before I expected to have it, because I evidently got confused. Literally had the final offer the morning after I submitted my e-QIP for the clearance. Kept working at the Cincy job for another week, up until my two weeks notice would have to be, for a little more money. Of course, they had no reason to keep me around for two weeks, as they'd just be paying me to train to do things I'd never do for them. They didn't ask me to pay back my sign-on bonus, which I hadn't really spent, just in case.

A guy on the Glassdoor page for the place commented that calling the position a software engineer role was a lie, and from what I saw in the little time I was there, that's accurate. Was in a meeting yesterday where the leads were talking about training us up on some yet-undetermined tool in the big data analytics space. Main guy said they don't really do pure programming here, and if that's what you want to do, stick around and everyone else leave. Out of the seven new hires in the room, I was one of three to leave, and that was mainly because I was about to resign anyway. I can only imagine what he told those guys. They had very different expectations for what they'd be able to do at this company than what the reality was.

This group of people I was in had that morning been moved out of a group training up on enterprise resource planning software. We had given little presentations on what we had learned, in groups of four, just the day prior. Turns out they were using that to judge our ability to give presentations, as they're setting up the guys remaining there to train employees at client companies in how to use this software. "Software engineering."

This is why tools like Glassdoor are so important.

Gov job sounds like it's going to kick major ass. My confusion came from thinking that there would be more to getting an interim clearance than turning in the paperwork. The actual clearance process will be going on while I'm working there. So if I don't get it, I'm ultrascrewed. People tell me it isn't a big deal, though.
>> No. 110813 ID: c20b49
>People tell me it isn't a big deal, though.

it can become a big deal if they find out you're a moderator on an alt-right website and play backslappy with your RT buddies there. seems like counterintelligence people have started taking the threat of infiltration a lot more seriously this year.
>> No. 110815 ID: 5b0e03

Nigger please, half of what's left of this place is practically Marxist.
>> No. 110816 ID: c01760
Would you believe I put that on the resume I gave them? It doesn't look good to be unemployed for months on end and also accomplish jack shit of any value to anyone. And legitimately, I have learned a lot about hosting, server administration, and webdev.

Probably coming off of my resume once I've been in the workforce for awhile. Don't really see myself trying to leave this new gig any time soon, though.

I figure the worst thing I could do would be to try to hide anything or lie to the investigators.
>> No. 110817 ID: 13f512
unless you personally have called for the violent overthrow of the US government on the internet, it's not an issue what sites you work on or visit.
>> No. 110818 ID: 2e52bb

According to current US law, it's very important.
>> No. 110824 ID: 13f512

any sites on the top level of the interwebs are not really a concern, your conduct and posting on said sites of course can be looked at but again... if you aren't posting shit about unironically starting a coup, you're fine.
>> No. 110869 ID: 9315da

$0.02 has been deposited into your account

Picking up from there

So we nearly lost another engineer, but management promised to make several changes and he said he'll stick around for a while. I doubt they'll really do anything.

Gotta start looking around myself. Or finally plan that year of travel I've always wanted to do, which is still probably totally impossible due to a relative needing frequent assistance but a guy can dream, right?
>> No. 110875 ID: 8075d6
I was going to quote the anti communist laws still on the books.

Sage for off topic, but commies have no rights.
>> No. 110878 ID: 19518e
File 150544595048.jpg - (3.25MB , 6564x2180 , ffffffffffff.jpg )
Fuck this thing is rough, I am struggling, my lathe skills aren't that hot to begin with.

DRO for cross slide is FUBAR. For longitudinal, it "kinda" works but likes to jump a bit if you look at it wrong.

1600 RPM max, 6061 aluminum all under 0.25", over 4" long.

Everything is 0.005" so it stacks in length when flipping it around, unless you're within 0.001" it can often push the other dimension out. What isn't 0.005" is 0.002", but at least diameter is a little easier to manage.

All of this I could deal with, but the lathe is like 2ft too short for me so I'm bent over like fucking smeagol popping robaxacet and caffeine so I don't get woozy over a human blender. Next time something like this shows up I'm quoting it like it's on fire.

Pic is basically the thing, OPSEC'd because work.
>> No. 110879 ID: d64ad6
File 150544776765.jpg - (83.17KB , 613x610 , US P Communist Party US campaign buttons.jpg )
Actually communists do have rights and it is nice to see that people in the USA still have fundamental freedoms that the majority of people cannot legislate away without a constitutional amendment.

It has been 50 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Washington state law barring members of the Communist Party from voting or holding public-sector jobs is unconstitutional. Evidently, that is not enough time to remove it from the books. Washington is one of a handful of states with similar laws still in existence despite their having been declared unconstitutional decades ago. With few exceptions — most notably Georgia, where an anti-communist oath was administered to incoming Dunwoody City Councilmembers as recently as last year — the laws are treated as part of a bygone era, not unlike state statutes prohibiting interracial marriage, the last of which was removed from Alabama's books in 2001 even though the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional in 1967. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/02/23/anti-communist-oaths-persist-despite-court-rulings/1940865/
>> No. 110880 ID: d64ad6
File 150544783395.jpg - (46.69KB , 500x643 , US P Communist Party way to progress.jpg )
This reminds me of a case where a law banning offensive words on garments (a "fuck the draft" T-shirt) was ruled unconstitutional as an abridgment to the freedom of speech. Georgia had a law forbidding it and was told to strike it from their books, but the moron legislature kept it. Later, a police officer was having lunch in his car and reading up on the Georgia criminal code and saw this law banning obscene words on garments and them immediately saw a person walking down the street with a T-shirt with the word "fuck" written on it. The cop arrested the person and was later in trouble for making an unlawful arrest even though it was a good faith act assuming that the law was valid. The US Supreme Court subsequently had to order the Georgia legislature to strike all overturned laws from their books.
>> No. 110888 ID: c01760
Do you think I'm a communist?
>> No. 110893 ID: d64ad6
File 150558618649.jpg - (522.48KB , 1920x1378 , US P Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954 1.jpg )
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States, Senseless?
>> No. 110895 ID: c01760
No, but I did peek into a Communist Party meeting hall in Italy once. They had a lot of red furniture. "Oh, yeah. Real original. A+ interior design."
>> No. 110896 ID: d64ad6
If you want to work with fabrics and interior design, then don't bother with Eye-tie commies, you want to join the Durham Light Infantry.
Monty Python Sketch - Episode 30 https://youtu.be/JEJuGEFAYLU
>> No. 110899 ID: 5bf26c
File 150595143075.jpg - (362.02KB , 1067x600 , 20170920_181148.jpg )
> day 1 of WV job
> drive 6 hours from DC area to damn near Kentucky

> day 2
> 0700 safety meeting for all personnel
> meet safety guy for site specific training
> meet environmental guy for training
> meet some other asshole for some other training
> called out to fix another site
> 1.5 away, arrive
> "Hey man I'm [name], we're ordering lunch, you want jalapenos your calzone?"
> I like this
> update some firmware
> bullshit with site guys (Good ol' West Virginia boys) for like 3 hours
> new best friends with "Woodsey"

> subsequent days meet "Yankee", "Cowboy", and "Junior" (or "June" for short)

> job going pretty well, doing 12+ hour days
> have trainee to deal with
> he's not bad, but still a drag when you have to answer questions constantly, and can't let him work unsupervised, else he fucks something up
> construction guy asks, "Hey, y'all hiring?"

> day 7 (?)
> noob starting to piss me off
> fucking raining
> standing in rain for safety meeting
> "Now.... what's... the.... purpose... of.... safety?" (People in West Virginia talk SLOW.)
> FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK are you fucking kidding me???
> fuck everybody and this fucking place
> raining like fuck
> 3-4 inches of mud everywhere
> mud getting tracked into turbine building
> I've got mud on the headliner of my truck
> all of my tools and bags are muddy

> get through that shit, things start to go ok
> going ok
> day...?
> working hard, good progress
> using laser alignment tool to align turbine to driven equipment
> yelling at each other to pull, push, stop, go, and shut the fuck up
> "Hey, y'all hiring?"

> site bosses provide lunch so we don't have to drive 45 minutes to get something
> catered sandwiches and chili (good!)
> make your own sandwich, white bread, deli meat, and miracle whip (bad)
> chili dogs (heartburn city)
> fucking mc donalds double cheese burgers (fuck)
> next day, blow up the toilet in the construction trailer
> politely complain about lunch
> coworkers never want to eat site lunch again, I assure them things will be good for a bit now that we've complained
> fried chicken (ugh)
> lasagna from the local Italian place (good!)
> another thing that was decent
> subway (blah)
> fried chicken again
> antacids for dessert

> eating shit every lunch, try to get something good for dinner
> gone through whole panera and texas roadhouse salad menu
> tried all the protein bars at the gas station
> most taste like peanut butter horse cum

> send noob to go work with some lesser techs so he can have some perspective about how great we are

> meetings
> they insist on us going to all their meetings
> between the 0700 safety meeting, the 0715 toolbox meeting, and 1200 construction meeting, we're at like an hour of just meetings
> in addition to our own company shit like daily reports and daily safety paperwork
> losing 10% of our day to bullshit

> site boss (think Boss Hog from Dukes of Hazard) summons all his peasants to his grand table to hear status updates
> he's fat and has little dog that's fat
> he's at the head of the table, dog jumps on his lap to attend meeting too
> meeting of 15+ people devolves into 2 people arguing and pointing fingers about strobe light locations
> meeting runs long, dog lays head on table and starts to go to sleep
> the only part of the meeting that applies to us is what we tell them

> mon-sun was 87 hours
> today, day 15 straight
> going ok, getting tired and testy at this point
> salad last night and horse cum bar this morning, still hungry
> site boss asks us to come to the 1700 production meeting too
> triggered
> rant and bitch all morning
> poor coworker endures my shitty mood
> he's bitching too
> chili dogs for lunch
> mood improves some now that I'm not hangry
> have genius idea: do bullshit company paperwork and emails during bullshit site meetings
> coworker: "Nice dude. You just turned a shit sandwich into a Sriracha shit sandwich."
> eat some more Tums to suppress chili dog riot in stomach

We've been asked 4 times if we were hiring or how to get a job with our company. With construction guys all around, toiling away quietly, you tend to forget they're there. Then there's all these California kids working on the cool shit in the middle of the room, we must be their main source of entertainment.

And then my webpage customer has been asking me for some work.

> working from shitty hotel internet connection
> remote desktop to dev server
> around 2000 every cousin fucker in the in hotel is trying to download animal porn
> connection drops
> pull out phone, set to mobile hot spot
> connection drastically improves

> get gaming laptop as payment for doing webpage work
> latest model was out of stock, order one with prev gen Intel processor
> shows up yesterday
> unbox, hit power button
> nothing
> let charge, nothing
> call tech support, hard reset, nothing
> Dead On Arrival
> webpage customer sets up return and orders new laptop
> current version laptop with current gen intel processor is available, customer orders that one for me
> should arrive friday

> taking the weekend off, that's for damn sure

And that's not the half of it. Doesn't even mention the cable falling out of the cable tray, the snake, the hub cap, Scruffy, or the bolt-morons.

> on way home today
> stop at Chipotle
> cute girl behind counter
> order quickly and proficiently
> middle food scooper guy impressed
> say "See? I got this."
> cutie: "Quick: What's your favorite animal?"
> me: "Cats obviously. They're nature's perfect killing machines. We're lucky that they're only 10 pounds."
> cutie draws cat and heart on my order while I pay
> not so bad
>> No. 110900 ID: 19518e
> make your own sandwich, white bread, deli meat, and miracle whip (bad)
Why miracle whip tho

Best animal.
>> No. 110902 ID: f91a22
God dammit. Where the fuck did all that money go? I'm giving the rest to the landlord. It'll pay rent until February and be someplace I can't fuck with it.
>> No. 110924 ID: 6ef9f1
I'm going in to give my two weeks to one of the bars I work at.
For close to three weeks they've had me only work sunday and monday.

There's an upstairs bar there that I used to get shifts at. Last saturday I ended up covering for someone, was upstairs for the first time in three weeks.

No one had cleaned anything. Removed over a gallon of water from one of the fridges. wiped some kind of black mold out of another. Wiped white mold off the shelves that glasses go rim down on. took glasses that had lipstick on them out of the clean glasswear area.
>> No. 110930 ID: 6ef9f1
Measured tonight. Came out to almost exactly a gallon and a half.
>> No. 110931 ID: 276182
Disgraceful. Good on you.
>> No. 110933 ID: 5bf26c
File 150638409195.jpg - (277.13KB , 1920x1080 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_24_19_08_20_875.jpg )
> Removed over a gallon of water from one of the fridges.

I don't quite understand this one. Like bottles? Condensation on the bottom?

> some kind of black mold out of another. Wiped white mold off the shelves that glasses go rim down on.


> work 17 days in a row, 12+ hour days
> tell site mini-boss we're taking the weekend off
> SMB: "Who said you could have a day off?"
> Me: "I did. I'm gonna start stabbing motherfuckers pretty soon."
> SMB nods in understanding

> take weekend off
> new gaming laptop
> i7 kaby lake, 1060 video card, 120hz g-sync panel
> uninstall anti-virus and bloat ware
> install new drivers
> let windows update for a while
> pull 500gb SSD out of old laptop, put in HDD caddy in place of optical drive
> configure windows firewall to block outgoing, except for certain programs
> use veracrypt to encrypt all disks
> copy over old 1TB drive to new 1TB drive
> get Steam and Origin going
> get battlefield 1 and elite dangerous working
> go 56-2 in the attack plane on the new russian maps
> gather some meta-alloys and upgrade my frame shift drive
> eat some chipotle

Fucking good weekend.
>> No. 110957 ID: 785a00
File 150649127316.jpg - (21.20KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
>be me
>operating car crusher all day (pic related)
>hook up dodge caravan
>these things fucking suck to crush
>crush a-pillars forward, pull car forward with winch
>start to crush above the front doors
>roof is separating from the body, thats why the caravan fucking sucks to crush, roof gets jammed up on the sides of the plates that come down
>continue anyway, nothing I can do until its all the way through and I can flatten it more with the loader
>pull it through more with the winch
>start to crush above the sliding doors
>hits me in the face, big cut on cheek.
>my favorite safety glasses are fucked
At least I had my safety glasses on, or I'd probably have lost my left eye
>> No. 110960 ID: 6ef9f1
Not sure where it comes from. Could be condensation.

You end up with a swamp in the bottom of the fridge.
>> No. 110981 ID: 475f8e
Well, my supervisor has move me into a semi-permanent post at a Social Security administration office. For the most part, I was doing duties at a federal office building and with a shitton of other people.

Not sure how I should feel. The office itself is in a great neighborhood, but at the same time, it's still a Social Security office.
>> No. 110982 ID: 19518e
>be at work
>old lathe up in storage brought down because suddenly busy
>we clean it up a little bit, plug it in and see if it works
>not kidding it sounded like a brick in a drying machine holy fuck
>pull skirt off gearbox
>belt pulley is loose on shaft
>holy fuck it's a 20mm hole belt pulley on a 3/4" shaft
>[sad unsurprised sigh]
>3/16th key chowdered up both keyways, obviously
>put belt pulley in bigger lathe, bore it out to 1.125"
>put bored out pulley aside
>put bar stock in lathe, turn outside to 1.126"
>turn inside to 0.751"
>oh good we have a broach and guide, pleasant surprise for once!
>let's find a press
>all presses set up running jobs
>no arbor presses
>[prayers to machine spirit intensify]
>put part in lathe chuck
>broach it on the lathe by pushing on the broach with tailstock quill

It all worked out but it was weird.

Glad it didn't fuck you up, crushing is one of those things that's way more dangerous than it can seem at first blush.
>> No. 110985 ID: 19518e
>0.003 over six inches
That's not so bad honestly, you might be able jack the bed around to tweak it out. This old tony has a vid on it IIRC, bed leveling or something.
>> No. 110989 ID: 19518e
Probably means you're stuck sanding them in. Bad feel, man.

Sometimes shit like this makes me want to bring an old/chinese lathe just because it can turn straight.
>> No. 110992 ID: 85023b
It is going to be a slow shift.
>> No. 111022 ID: 6ef9f1
Over a thousand people coming to work tomorrow for an event.
>> No. 111038 ID: 6ef9f1
One of the temps at the event: I ended up in LA hitchhiking on my way to pick peyote in AZ and never left.
>> No. 111044 ID: 1e38a7
Yesterday, as I'm dealing with a group of customers, the store manager slapped me on the back of the head. "Don't be an ass." I have no idea what she's talking about. Later, as we're in the back, she demands to know "why do you use that accent!?" Again, no idea what she means, and I tell her so. "You have an accent you only use with black people."
>> No. 111048 ID: 8c18eb
Many people take on the accents and mannerisms of those around us. When we see politicians do this, we often denounce them as phony poseurs, but this may not be intentional, as it was with Kurt Russel in the 1980 movie Used Cars when trying to sell to certain ethnic types.

Zelig - Woody Allen (1983) https://youtu.be/NCqjCQdYgRk
Zelig is a 1983 mockumentary film written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Allen and Mia Farrow. Allen plays Leonard Zelig, a nondescript enigma who, out of his desire to fit in and be liked, takes on the characteristics of strong personalities around him. The film, presented as a documentary, recounts his intense period of celebrity in the 1920s and includes analyses from contemporary intellectuals.
>> No. 111052 ID: 241b9d
It is indeed quite normal to start copying someone's accent. It does various things, like increasing empathy etc.

Of course, you should be careful that you don't take it too far, because then it'll be seen as if you're making fun of them.
>> No. 111076 ID: 5bf26c
The BBC had a pretty good podcast about Identity. For part of it, they talked to an actress who felt American, British, Irish or Caribbean depending on who she was talking to.

Podcast (MP3)

They have a video clip for the part I was thinking of, but I can't view because I don't have Flash Player installed.

I've been working in West "By the Grace of God" Virginia for the last 6 weeks and I've noticed my vocabulary slipping a little. No accent or anything, but saying stuff like "We was..." instead of "We were...". I haven't inadvertently used "Y'all" yet, so there's still hope.
>> No. 111077 ID: 5bf26c
Dude, glad you're ok. I'm gay for safety when it comes to glasses, gloves, pants, and shoes. Hard hats can fuck off, though I'd have at least one gash in the top of my dome-piece if I didn't have my hat on. Type 2 hard hats are even worse. They're "side impact" hats, so basically you take the normal hardhat, make it Dark-Helmet large, then put an Igloo cooler worth of foam inside. Hot, heavy, the suspension digs into my head on the sides.
>> No. 111079 ID: 5bf26c
File 150776888559.jpg - (11.77KB , 375x127 , 11-081-other.jpg )
> just finished day 36
> had 4 days off
> one because I had a fucking mental breakdown

> day 24-29
> mechanical contractor installed a couple tons of pipes onto our centrifugal pumps without us being there
> no idea if they moved or misaligned critical components
> we're pissed
> contractor is like "lol idk"
> Mon - Thu 14.5 hour days
> site bosses are pissed because shit is behind schedule
> a week of hate and discontent
> tired, frustrated, pissed off, Subway and Taco Bell for lunch
> coworker and I are installing a shaft, heavy, awkward, standing with legs 3' apart on 2 different surfaces
> making mistakes, forget to put the gaskets in
> have to take shaft out
> gasket compound from hell
> step down, scrape my ass on a pipe
> lose my shit
> go out to truck
> fucking break down
> go back and finish up
> maximum frustration
> lose shit again
> coworker: Seriously dude, do you need a day off?
> me: .... .... .... yeah....

> take day off, don't even think about the job, play fallout

> regain shit enough to go back to work

Things have gotten better since. We've had a pretty pleasant and productive couple of days.

> today
> bringing natural gas into station
> should not be in our building
> working like everything is cool
> hear rapid fluttering noise like someone blowing across a piece of paper
> building gas detection goes off
> don't smell anything (natural gas doesn't actually smell, the smell is added)
> gas sensors read 10% Low Explosive Limit (LEL)
> 15% LEL
> 20% LEL
> construction workers shuffle out, annoyed
> go around to back, site guys dicking with valves that weren't sealing properly
> bumped valve open to adjust "close" stop
> that quick burp dumped gas into the building from the unhooked piping from one of the units
> thanks for letting us know, jackasses

> stop, take time out, come up with a plan
> clear people out of the building
> put up danger tape across entrances
> go out back while they dick with valves
> go back inside to check pressures
> construction workers just carrying on, using pipe threading machine
> Me: GET OUT!

> go back outside for a bit
> come back in
> engineer douche just blows through the red danger tape
> was about to take the tape down, so I firmly explain what the point of danger tape

> previously
> energizing high voltage shit
> danger taped building
> have to physically grab people to prevent them from going in

Fucking dumbasses.

Other than that, the job is going pretty well. I'll be very glad when it's over.
>> No. 111091 ID: 85023b
> construction workers shuffle out, annoyed
I am sprinting at that point. FFS we've all had fire drills since elementary school. Why isn't this ingrained?
Back in college, I remember a fire alarm going off one class. As conditioned, I immediately get up, leave my shit at my desk, and calmly but quickly move to the door. I make it to the door way when I realize every other person has remained at their seat. I look at them. They look at me.
They finally stand up. I didn't stay to see who started collecting their belongings like a dumbass. I can imagine how much more urgently one should respond to the man running and screaming "Fucking gas you dumb fucks!"
>> No. 111093 ID: 63e44c

>I am drifting at that point.
>> No. 111095 ID: 5bf26c
File 150785250430.jpg - (85.38KB , 640x640 , strongasfuk.jpg )
I love you guys.

> today, day 37
> tell mechanical contractor to unbolt the fucked up piping
> 30 inch diameter pipe held in with 20 studs on each side
> they can't pull the bolts out, they're bound up
> 20 lb sledge hammer, alignment tools, all kinds of shit
> I go work on other shit
> go to lunch
> come back to see a mobile truck crane thing hooked to strap on pipe, trying to pull it into alignment
> reach the point in my life where I need a word stronger than fuck
> pull out phone, take pictures, walk out, let coworker handle it

Oh, couple more nicknames to add. "Trash bear", "Big Chew", "Tiny", "Sweaty Ball Breath", "Bon Jovi" and "Peckerhead". (Pecker = dick)

From across the room, "HEY PECKERHEAD!". I laugh every time.

> this morning
> my boss's boss (B2) calls a mandatory safety stand down after lunch (call in meeting)
> submit a safety incident report for the snake we found in the pit around the package
> BB sends out a group email 13 minutes later with my snakey pictures calling it halloween themed
> submit second safety report for getting gassed yesterday
> B2 replies and copies his boss, B3
> later, call in to the meeting
> bunch of accidents across the company, cranes breaking and dropping engines, people douching themselves in chemicals, two guys who got into a fist fight, the usual stuff, a motorcyclist rear ending my coworker because the biker was texting
> go down the roster, talk about safety events that happened to us
> they specifically ask us to talk about getting gassed
> wrapping up meeting, have B3 call in to talk to us
> he's at the corporate HQ of the customer we're working for
> he saw our safety incident report, turned his laptop around and showed it to the customer's big bosses
> the first they'd heard of it
> they called down to our site to grill the site guys
> oh fuck they're going to be pissed
> get back to site, the site guys tell us all about the shit storm we started
> talk to boss hog, he says what they were doing was normal operation, and was no danger
> I'm about fly off the chain about it being really fucking serious
> he takes a phone call, I decide it's better not to murder the old man
> roll out
>> No. 111096 ID: df12a0
Applied to DHS.
In-processing seems to be going well.
>> No. 111116 ID: 278cbe
>reach the point in my life where I need a word stronger than fuck
Ur welcome.
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