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File 148779961827.jpg - (746.86KB , 3264x2448 , 20170205_162642.jpg )
108836 No. 108836 ID: 4fbdeb
>Be me a couple weeks ago
>Boss wants me to take a look at his wife's car
>Yeah OK.
>It's a 2010 Dodge Caliber
>Water pump is weeping
>Radiator cap is puking all over the place
>Oh and he wants an oil change too
>Look it over
>Engine has a timing chain, not a belt
>Water pump is run by the serpentine belt
>It's way better than '90s Chryslers
>The Germans actually improved Chrysler

>Drive it over to my house
>Wow it shifts smoothly
>Get to work on this thing
>Oil change was done in 15 minutes
>Time to do cooling system maintenance
>Where the fuck is the radiator drain
>Where the fuck is the block drain
>There is neither a rad drain or block drain on this car
>YUP there's the German influence.
>Have to pull lower rad hose to drain everything
>Have to take out battery box to get to lower rad hose
>Lower rad hose is ~4" above bottom of radiator
>Oh, and there's the Chrysler heritage, too.
>Ok, the rad is getting pulled.
>There's no way to pull the rad without disconnecting A/C lines
>Do water pump change
>Went surprisingly OK after the plastic mudguard came off

>Can't figure out how the serpentine belt goes back on
>There's no diagram under the hood
>Gargle it and find diagram
>Turns out I missed a pulley when I drew my own diagram
>Get belt on properly
>Draw a the diagram on the inside of the mudguard and slap it back together
>Fill cooling system up with water
>Stick the battery in the hole where the battery box is supposed to be
>Run it a few minutes
>Drain water
>Fill with antifreeze
>It is what it is.

>Give everything else a look over
>brake juice is good, rad juice full, steering juice full, engine slippy juice full, tranny juice...
>There's no transmission dipstick
>There's writing on the cap that I can't quite make out
>Highlight it with paint pen
>pic related
>oh goddammit

Overall I give it a 4/10. Not terribad but not so good either
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>> No. 109286 ID: c9fe43
How have you not burned the building down by now? I couldn't deal with that.
>> No. 109307 ID: aadd02
Another meeting with the aforementioned gentleman today. A newborn baby was killed last night in a gang related shooting. Metro is expecting retaliation ("We can pretty much guarantee it" -Metro Police Captain), and those gangs involved are entrenched in our properties, so we've been told to keep eyes open.

Our Koran reading friend remarked "I have not heard one word on this from Black Lives Matter. I'm about to call [prominent local BLM activist] and tell him that he is a hypocrite."
>> No. 109311 ID: a05e48
Because NASA is the contractor, and the business is a hard one to enter. I'm pretty young and somehow stumbled into where I am and have a stable opportunity, just the beuracracy is nuts.
>> No. 109312 ID: a05e48
*NASA contracted us* rather
>> No. 109322 ID: aadd02
I really need to get my head in the game. I've already mentally checked out of my current job. I can waste an entire day doing very little quite easily. While I am working on something else, it is far from a given, and I need to start taking things seriously, but I am having a very hard time giving a shit.

4th time in a rolling month that I've called roadside assistance for my car. Hit a curb on a turn and blew out a tire.
>"And what appears to be the problem?"
>"A witch has put a hex on my car."
The tow truck driver was an Iraqi fellow. We had an amusing conversation badmouthing Saudi Arabia and wishing ill health upon its king.
>> No. 109383 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186582490.jpg - (87.12KB , 800x526 , 8ff6548abb9dadd20a8a089798cf6038_large.jpg )
> repair of turbine engine
> help repair team pull the ass end off the engine
> get to see things in real life instead of through borescope
> borescope kinda like a microscope
> GIGANTIC MASSIVE DAMAGE actually only 4 mm in size


Like the opposite of pic related.
>> No. 109384 ID: 303669
File 149186639915.jpg - (401.73KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 1.jpg )
Careful around those engines.
>> No. 109385 ID: 303669
File 14918666163.jpg - (281.40KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 2.jpg )
Back in 2006, a mechanic standing next to a Boeing 737 at El Paso Airport in Texas was sucked into the engine of it and killed, it has been confirmed.

Roland Herwig, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority stated that ‘Continental Airlines Flight 1515 was preparing to take off for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when a maintenance-related engine run-up of the right-hand engine was carried out and someone on the ground was sucked into the engine.’ He also confirmed that this wasn’t the first time that something like this had happened, although it didn’t happen very often, which isn’t exactly that reassuring.

There were 114 passengers on the plane at the time and five crew members. I hope they managed to clean up all this mess before they got them to disembark (or deplane as they say in America) because I think I would be fairly traumatised if my flight got cancelled and I had to walk through see all this in the flesh. I mean it’s pretty traumatising just seeing it anyway and knowing that stuff like this happens in airports that are supposed to be safe and state of the art and developed, even if it doesn’t happen very often. http://www.sickchirpse.com/man-sucked-into-jet-plane-engine/
>> No. 109386 ID: 303669
File 149186672228.jpg - (423.70KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 3.jpg )
Saved money on the casket. Probably just needed a shoe box.
>> No. 109387 ID: 303669
File 149186755464.jpg - (535.48KB , 880x700 , US UGV Air-Cobot aircraft inspection robot 1.jpg )
Now, there is a trend to use robots to inspect the fronts of running jet engines at the airport.
- Air-Cobot, one of several technologies integrated into the Hangar of the Future, is a collaborative robot that automates visual inspection procedures. During aircraft inspections, Air-Cobot performs a thorough diagnosis in any weather or light conditions.
>> No. 109388 ID: 303669
File 14918678131.png - (1.08MB , 1200x500 , US UGV aircraft inspection robot Inspection Roboti.png )
And use really small robots for closer inspections.
>> No. 109389 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186812288.jpg - (21.45KB , 750x542 , 77-2556KP.jpg )
Yeah, turns out turbine engines use A FUCKING SHITTON OF AIR.

Imagine like 50 big ass K&N filters...

> doin' inspections
> engine intake <--- silencer <--- air filters <--- duct <--- atmosphere
> 8ft square duct has a man-door
> the filters are solid so there's no possible way to get sucked in
> try the handle, vacuumed shut
> try harder, crack door open, negative pressure relieves and door opens
> hold door open and peek in
> air rushing past feels like driving on the freeway Ace Ventura style
> filters look gud
>> No. 109390 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186837157.png - (33.81KB , 991x543 , Picture1.png )
Danger zone!
>> No. 109392 ID: a6c95d
File 14918738417.jpg - (314.94KB , 720x496 , s-65-25.jpg )
I always thought how EAPS work was cool
>> No. 109394 ID: aadd02
Scored a 90%. Interview is in a couple weeks.
>> No. 109398 ID: d20d9d
We don't sing for birthdays at my restaurant, we scream them. The louder the better. And gentlemen, I stand the loudest. I make people jump on the other side on the restaurant. I sound like Ivan Moody was a drill instructor. I actually made a drill instructor think I was a former drill instructor, that made me feel proud.

I had a guy who was brought there because he didn't know what we did for birthdays. I screamed 4 birthdays while he was there.


By the time I brought the saddle over to him for his birthday, he looked so terrified. So I cranked it up to 11 for him, he didn't expect it.

I loved getting tipped more for embarassing the fuck out of people. And honestly, the way they do birthdays here has done wonders for my social anxiety.

By the way, black people live for this shit. Nobody enjoys hokey family restaurant shit more and they're the most interactive with everything we do, I fucking love my black patrons.
>> No. 109405 ID: d20d9d
So I may have an in into the film industry, quite a few different options.

This may be a huge opportunity because special make up FX and cinematography was my first serious career choice that I put a lot of time and effort studying and learning about. It may be worth picking back up.
>> No. 109408 ID: 649f2c
Do you know how to make those giant prosthetic niggercocks they use in porn?
>> No. 109419 ID: 6057a8
Lei, I have a question for you that might be a little OPSEC so email in the field.
>> No. 109425 ID: 8c968b
>> No. 109429 ID: aadd02
Met a Vietnam combat vet after work today. Fascinating guy. He showed me his cool Harley collection. He can't ride in his current condition sadly. He rides around on a little electric scooter. He told me about being in the army and the two or three other careers he's had. He had to stop talking every now and then when the pain in his neck would be too much. It's probably on account of me hitting him with my car. Told him to let me know what it'd cost to fix the scooter. I'll pick up the tab for any out-of-pocket medical costs as well if any.
>> No. 109432 ID: d20d9d
>> No. 109433 ID: 9dcda2
Well, that's one way to meet people.
>> No. 109469 ID: aadd02
He texted me and told me to come see him today. He'd apparently been very ill last night and this morning. I drop what I'm doing (fucking around on OPchan), and immediately head over. I get to his complex's clubhouse as he instructed me, and he has me take a seat. He's just ordered food. I think I'm whisking him away to fucking urgent care, and I find myself sitting and listening to him talk as he eats a burger. When I finally ask him "what am I doing here?" He tells me I'm "providing moral support."

I don't know about this guy, man. He very well could be what he claims, but for every soldier that is actually green beret, there's 10 guys that claim that's what they are. Other things too.

I am right the fuck out of vacation time. What little I've accrued, I've used. I'll take unpaid leave to get this fucker looked at, but I asked about arranging transportation for himself, a common service often covered by medical insurance. He said:
>"I'm 100% disabled due to combat in the Republic of Vietnam. I don't really have insurance. They're just supposed to take care of whatever I need, so the usual phone numbers for that sort of thing doesn't work."
>"Do you know who to call?"
>"I'm not sure. It'll come back to me."
Maybe that makes sense to one of you vets. It doesn't to me.

There's other little things. He's an Italian guy. Born in Rome in fact.
>His first and last name might as well be Waspy Nordicson.
He knows some mobsters in Chicago.
>He's from Buffalo.
He has "top secret crypto clearance", still current.
>Is that a thing?
>> No. 109471 ID: 13f512

Honestly sounds like he's enjoying having something over you that he can leverage for attention.

>can't get normal medical services because VA


>Italian with WASP name
>"I know the mob"
>western NY

He's channeling the dumb fucks who unironically live in Buffalo/Niagara Falls/other rusty bullshit town even though there are no jobs and the city is literally crumbling but they stay and reminisce about their early adulthood doing hood rat shit and getting beat by their psychotic italian grandmother and eating meatballs and garlic bread.

Good luck discerning what is true out of that yarn. From experience, WNY geriatrics realize their lives were disappointing and boring but still need you to pay attention to them so they will lie. After they successfully gain your sympathy they'll ask for a ride to the casino and some money.

>current security clearance

No, expiration is built into the system and hinges on a need to know for current work. Unless he was doing some consulting within the past 10 years he doesn't even have an inactive clearance.

Vid related probably his favorite song.
>> No. 109474 ID: aadd02
Another one that was mentioned offhand yesterday.
He was friends with casino mogul Sam Boyd back in the day. Locals here love Boyd Gaming; he innovated the so-called "locals' casino." When my guy moved into his current place, the HOA didn't allow trailers anywhere on the property. He parked it at nearby Sam's Town. His buddy Sam said he could keep it there as long as he wants. It's just a minor thing that came up in conversation. Real estate websites tell me that his house was built in 2007.

Wikipedia says Sam Boyd died in '93.

>Honestly sounds like he's enjoying having something over you
It's more than that. It's needier. I think he is a very lonely old man starved for attention. He made it difficult for me to leave yesterday. Kept tugging at my sleeve and saying "we're friends" and "my friend."
>> No. 109475 ID: 9dcda2
File 149252507663.jpg - (39.66KB , 508x408 , half-the-battle.jpg )
Fuck. You've got to be more careful about who you run over.

An oldie but goodie. I was at a customer site working with/for another contractor. He's a smooth talking player from New York. (Maybe, possibly, I don't know.)

> wrapping things up
> Contractor guy: Alright, do you guys need anything else?
> Me: Yeah, do you have any life advice?
> Contractor guy: What?
> Me: General life advice. Any tips you've got.
> he thinks for a second...
> Contractor guy: Never get married, never have kids, and tip the strippers five dollar bills.
>> No. 109477 ID: 5562a3

Right that's what I think he's happy about - he has something that obligates you to pay attention to him
>> No. 109479 ID: 6057a8
>lonely old men

RCR goes into it during this video here
>> No. 109494 ID: 9dcda2
File 14927844905.jpg - (96.42KB , 1154x1154 , 170189_ts.jpg )
A couple of weeks ago I was in my office (truck) doing paperwork when I got a call from one of my customers.

> Customer: Hey Avgas! Hey we just got this field tool shipped to site. It looks like a really complicated and expensive piece. I wonder if you know anything about it?
> Me: Oh hey, uh well, no I didn't order anything for the site. Any description on the box?
> Customer: Just the Tool Number 12345. It looks really expensive and complicated. Also, how do you like your eggs? Over easy? Scrambled?
> Me: What? Uh well, I'd have to look up the tool number. Can you send me a picture of the tool?

The customer is cracking up at this point. He sends me pic related. With a Igloo cooler, torch, and some other accessories in a wooden crate.

> Me: Oh jeez. Actually that stuff is for installing interference fit parts. Dry ice one thing and torch the other.
> Customer: Man, we could have gone down to tractor supply and got all of this.
> Me: Yeah, but we ship a lot of stuff to Africa and other BFE locations. I don't know why you guys got this... So yeah I'll bring the eggs and bacon next time.
>> No. 109496 ID: aadd02
File 149283303647.jpg - (12.93KB , 500x314 , Computer-Guy-Facepalm.jpg )
I confronted him today. Despite all of the extraordinary shit he's said, the only lie I can confirm is the Sam Boyd shit. As he was talking about his service as a Green Beret (He was on a secret op, an incursion into North Vietnam with the goal of assassinating Ho Chi Minh), and I mentioned off hand that being a draftee turned commissioned officer and all of the training he had and the numerous deployments, "You must have a hell of a DD214." A pause.
>"You know, civilians don't get that a DD214 isn't the end all of military records."
God fucking dammit.
>"It wouldn't mention secret ops you were on."
"Of course. That's expected. But it would say you were Army Special Forces."
>"You know, my form DA-[some number I can't remember] went into way more detail. I had it framed on my wall." He proceeded to tell me it was stolen years back when burglars cleaned out his house. Figures. I poked at the trailer story. Well, after he turned Sam's offer down, an aquaintance of his, a Korean war vet ("really, he was a desk clerk. Not a combat man," followed by a dismissive snort), let him keep it on his property which he thought safer than keeping it on the lot at Sam's Town. It ended up getting stolen anyway. "I bet you wish you'd taken up old Sam's offer."

At that point, I just let loose. I started with Sam Boyd dying two decades before his reported conversation with the man and went down the list from there. His claim to be personal friends with the number one American Kung Fu Grand Master, the recognized best sushi chef in the world, and Carroll Shelby who he was such good friends with, Shelby gifted him a limited run Ford Cobra. He remained placid, came up with answers, never showed he was upset, (though he did tell me I'd hurt him), and the longer it went on, the worse I felt. The fuck was I doing? I regretted calling him out. Don't get me wrong; he's full of shit. But it didn't fucking matter. He wasn't running for office or taking advantage of someone. He's a lonely old man who met me by coincidence, clung to me, and tried to impress me. I backpeddaled. "I don't know, man. I guess I'm not a trusting person. Just let me know when you get your appointment scheduled, okay? We have to get you taken care of."

He followed me out to my car. When he said "I think we can still be friends." I felt like I'd kicked a puppy.
"I think so, man. I think so."
>> No. 109500 ID: 61215b
File 149287459186.gif - (1.41MB , 280x210 , Bobby-Hill-Shakes-Head-Bikes-Away-King-of-the-Hill.gif )
>crushing an old man's spirit because he told you a few tall tales to make try to impress you
>> No. 109501 ID: 813f6b

Don't encourage liars.
>> No. 109502 ID: 3884dc
Don't pay heed to a shitpost.
>> No. 109506 ID: 3e843b
File 149290380040.jpg - (38.05KB , 400x400 , main-qimg-4926f387b24483f09f25ecc81603b4ef-c.jpg )
I've met a few shit talkers in my day but that guy takes the cake. Most shit talkers I've known talk about local people they know, how they know all the judges or got a buddy police officer or know so and so who owns such and such. Maybe spin a tale bout how they know someone famous or did something famous.

Be it small lies or big ones they are still lies. Someone who is willing to lie to you, who believes you are so vain that shit impresses you or so stupid you'd believe it. I mean for fucks sake I'm pretty goddamn dense at times but even I know someone is making up some shit when they say they met Elvis when they aren't even old enough to have been alive when Elvis was. You're a pretty smart dude I bet but even if you were flipping retard you'd know there is no way this dude could have met someone years after they died.

Yeah it sucks the guy is craving attention and I sympathize with that need being a no life loser with most of my interesting stories being of a scatological nature but if someone doesn't have the respect to tell you the truth or atleast a minorly embellished version then you really shouldn't give them the time.

Though I'll admit I'm a bit of a cunt when it comes to interpersonal interactions and don't objectively see the point of humoring someone spinning tall tales. You have a bit more of a heart then I so perhaps you will overlook his tendency to live in some Green Beret mob and business connected fantasy land and give him some company. Not really a bad thing as long as you aren't letting him take advantage of you but personally I wouldn't do it.

Pic somewhat related. If your guy ain't going around wearing a bunch of random ass medals on some random bits of uniform and claiming its all real (I have wore random ass medals on random bits of uniform personally but never claimed it was anything other then for my own enjoyment or to piss off people who get their bollocks in a vice over that shit) then he should atleast be tolerable. Nothing worse then some 400 pound fatty claiming to be special forces or some pimply faced teen claiming they fought in wars or battles they might have been in elementary school when they occurred.
>> No. 109507 ID: 9dcda2
> but even I know someone is making up some shit when they say they met Elvis...

I used to work with Elvis. The guy was the nicest shitshow you've ever met. Like no dexterity whatsoever, but hilarious to hang out with.

That is Elvis my coworker from Africa, not the entertainer. He was actually some kind of prince. Had an Audi R8 and shit. (Though no one actually saw any of his fancy cars...)

Is that more or less believable?
>> No. 109508 ID: 3e843b
File 149292021826.jpg - (93.92KB , 600x800 , my totally IRL gf ignore bottom banner guiz.jpg )
I'd actually believe he was Elvis the Entertainer given some reverse Micheal Jackson surgery then some African prince.

Seems like every African immigrant is some sort of prince or princess just like everyone from England is a part of the Royal family, every German's family fought against the Nazis during dubya dubya two, every Russian is a descendant of Catherine the Great (this one would be far more plausible if she was a dude considering how much of a whore she was) and every fatass neckbeard has a Canadian girlfriend who is a supermodel.

My thing was always to say I'm not from WV despite being born and mostly raised here. I could totally sell that shit too considering my accent is utterly fucking bonkers. I get someone atleast once a month asking where I'm from with some trying to guess and having such guess as California, New York, Massachusetts, Canada, and once even the UK (which to be fair was around the time I was super big into Doctor Who so some of the accent might have rubbed off on me subconsciously).

My favorite place to say I'm from? Africa. Confuses the fuck out of people being that I'm so pasty white and people are so dumb they think Africa is nothing but Redguards and yes I got the idea to say I'm from Africa from Mean Girls.
>> No. 109511 ID: aadd02
>as long as you aren't letting him take advantage of you
That's the tricky thing, man. If this was just some old geezer I'm keeping company, who cares? But it's some old geezer I hit with my fucking car. I want to fix his scooter and I'll cover any out of pocket medical costs (still hasn't seen a doctor) because that's the right thing to do, but the fucker could really stick it to me if he wanted to.

I know he's got some kind of military service because he's insistent on going to the VA clinic (which is why shit is taking so long). If I had to guess, he probably got drafted in the 60s, ended up in infantry or some shitty MOS, saw 'nam once or twice, had a rough time doing grunt shit, probably got shot at, might've shot back, then got back to the world feeling like what he'd done wasn't enough.

On a more job related note, the closer I get to my apprenticeship interview, the more unbearable my current job gets. I want to get the fuck out of there. It's to the point that my wife is fighting with me to not just quit outright.
>> No. 109515 ID: 13f512
File 149296032669.jpg - (35.24KB , 269x960 , 18109453_971815148191_1839487426_n.jpg )
Work talk.

There was a big reorganization, merging the program I support into a new beast along with a few other programs that used to be sort of independent but have roughly... and I mean very roughly related missions. In real terms their missions are completely unrelated but happen to touch on some of the same populations sometimes. It was a transparent move to create a new SES position. But whatever.

So, I'm responsible for our primary IT tool, a database/web interface that allows the entire staff to do their jobs, document it, and report on it. It's evolved from a recordkeeping application into something that sends automagic emails, performs validation, etc etc over basically a decade of feature creep. Now it is essential to daily operations, as in if the staff can't access it, no work can really be done. I'm sure if it disappeared they could find a new way forward, but there would be a lot of down time while new procedures were established.

Anyway, this database resides on servers belonging to Network A, which also provides all our desktop support, interwebs access, helpdesk services, general IT shit.

Now, there is an enterprise-wide push to put everyone on random networks onto Network B. Someone decided that this reorg was a perfect opportunity to force us to move to Network B at the same time as physically moving offices to sit with our new amalgamated program office.

Sounds great, right? Except they didn't tell Network B that they would need to host our database and website... when they found out they said they would need a few months to sort out all the requirements. But we need to move right now! Ok, well then we can't host your shit.

Now, Network A and B don't play nice with one another. You can't access resources on one from the other... so if our computers and interweb are coming from Network B, there is no chance of reaching our essential workflow tool on Network A servers, in their present configuration.

I brainstormed with the application developers and we came up with some options:

1. Don't move networks until we can move hosted resources? - rejected, move has to happen right now, no waiting.

2. Ask Network A if they can whitelist some connections from Network B so we can use our shit - rejected, muh security!

3. Make our resources on Network A public-facing so we can get to them from everywhere and hope our authentication is good enough to keep the chinese from hacking us - not rejected outright - possible!

Our new program leadership counter-proposed some ideas:

1. Each person will have two computers on their desk, one connected to Network A and one connected to Network B.... wtf

2. Set up some VPN scheme so you have a Network B computer but only use it to VPN into Network A to do all your work... wtf

3. Leave some users on Network A and everyone can just tell them what they need updated in the database via email... wtf

Needless to say, this was kicked around amongst higher ups with no idea wtf they were talking about for all of the time we had to prepare for the move, so all the work to implement our 3rd idea had to be done in the last 2 days. Let me tell you this was a giant clusterfuck. I am usually very diplomatic, but I think I hurt some feelings on this one and likely burned some bridges.

Network B tech monkeys are now working over the weekend to get all the shit wired up, we'll see if it worked on Monday.

Anyway, the first big shakeup of the administration was a total clusterfuck, but at least I get a cube with a window out of the deal.

pic unrelated.
>> No. 109544 ID: 9dcda2
File 14929908143.gif - (3.24MB , 400x247 , tree_beats_tractor_driver-53062.gif )
> 1. Each person will have two computers on their desk, one connected to Network A and one connected to Network B.... wtf

> 3. Leave some users on Network A and everyone can just tell them what they need updated in the database via email... wtf

I really like these ideas.
>> No. 109584 ID: 13f512

With a straight face I had to tell a guy whose job title includes the words "director" and "information technology" that those options likely would result in significant mission degradation.
>> No. 109585 ID: 813f6b
File 149305371779.jpg - (163.60KB , 1200x586 , dt120701.jpg )

I see you've met Mordac?
>> No. 109586 ID: 813f6b
File 14930538606.gif - (115.98KB , 900x280 , usefuldt100508.gif )
>> No. 109587 ID: 813f6b
File 149305435947.gif - (130.52KB , 900x281 , deaddt120903.gif )
>> No. 109594 ID: 9dcda2
Probably one of the best things about my company is a lack of that. It's pretty much a company entirely of engineers and skilled labor. (And the requisite admin and support people.)

We had a plant manager get sacked, suddenly, and rather quietly. We figured it was either he had some kind of business fuckup or he was doing the secretary. He was a pretty straight shooter, so we all ruled out the business fuckup. (It's too bad, he was a great manager.)

Within my business unit, my bosses, pretty much up the whole chain, used to do my job. People either go into management because they're good at it, or bad at technical work.

> big job this week, R&R (remove and replace) engine
> started Sunday (double time)
> got a pay raise!
> good crew + a trainee
> 90's resurrection weekend on the rock station
> fuck yeah

> turbine is on the 2nd floor the utility plant, like 50 feet up
> elevator broke (it's fucking scary anyway)
> carry all our shit up stairs
> tools, hydraulic high torque wrench with all the sockets and accessories
> spent all day breaking loose turbine to generator coupling bolts
> 1 3/8" shank bolts with self locking nuts, torqued to 1400 ft/lbs
> use hydraulic wrench thing to bust them loose
> rotates like 1/16 a turn each pump
> takes for fucking ever
> got like 8 out of 24 nuts done and the oil pump removed
> oil everywhere
> other guys get turbine mostly disconnected
> jet fuel everywhere

> monday
> remove oil pressure regulator and relief valve
> oil everywhere
> use a couple of adapters to use a 3/4" drive ratchet with the 2 3/16" socket
> break nuts loose with hydraulic wrench, use ratchet to remove nuts
> fighting the self locking nuts the whole way
> up and down the stairs, bathroom on the 1st floor
> waste oil container in the dungeon
> Afghani food for lunch (fuck yeah)
> get all the nuts removed (pretty solid where it is)
> wrap up for the day
> fucking beat

Our pastime is arguing about pointless shit. One guys suggested making a work out gym where you torque bolts and carry shit up and down stairs all day. Then you can have the turbine tech body: Beefy legs, a ripped back, rock hard triceps, and a beer gut. You too can look like Ahnold... from behind...
>> No. 109595 ID: 9dcda2
  The hydraulic wrench is pretty badass. They're kinda dangerous since they will crush the fuck of your hand if you leave it between the wrench and the reaction area.
>> No. 109604 ID: aadd02
File 149318252864.jpg - (118.54KB , 1000x1200 , rw02234_0514.jpg )
Your company sounds pretty well put together. How do you feel at the end of a shift? Obviously tired, but where's your head?


Interview was today. They have no idea how long it will take me to get picked up, they cannot tell me my number on the list, and they say explicitly not to call them. To make it even better, once my name does get pulled, I've got 48 hours to quit my job and be ready to roll. So there goes the light at the end of the tunnel. Got a pair of good work boots, partly so I can be ready but mostly wishful thinking. I went back to the office afterward and did nothing. Not a god damn thing. I want very, very deeply to quit my job. I am under great pressure to stay because of the wife and child and everything.

I almost checked myself in today. I might give my sister-in-law my guns to hold onto for awhile.
>> No. 109608 ID: f11f4d
File 149325539455.png - (2.94MB , 1920x1454 , planter.png )
>Time to calibrate various insecticide granules being put through the small seed attachment on a planter, for some trial work.
>Expecting hours of humping a wheel, as that's what often drives the machinery.
>Planter actually has an attachment point for a calibration lever. (See arrow in picture)
>Even better, experienced guy who has worked with these particular planters before brings along a hydraulic drive that fits said point and connects right to the tractor.

Aside from having to deal with insecticide, it was actually a lovely day. I will alway appreciate how effortless hydraulics can makes things. This also includes horrific injury.
>> No. 109609 ID: 2c73e2
>Getting some gas-powered air compressors and generators going for Boss to sell off
>Gennys run fine
>all compressors run great after some minor dicking
>2/4 develop pinhole leaks in the tanks when I'm standing right next to them

On the way out this morning the scrapper guy I work with sometimes stops in front of me when I'm pulling out the gate:
>"Hey I got this air compressor I want you to take a look at."
"Electric or gas?"
>"Gas. Honda engine. It don't idle down when it's done pumping"
Just like all the others I been working on.

What happens is, the unloader valve (also called a genie valve) gets a little sticky after sitting for a while. When the tanks get to 120psi or whatever the cutoff pressure is, it opens a valve in the compressor head so's it isn't pumping air into the tank.
It also puts pressure on a tiny air piston that operates a cable or rod, which is hooked to the engine's governor rod. That lets the engine drop down to ~1500rpm or so, using less fuel while letting everything cool off.

Oh and then on Saturday I ran into an old friend. He sent me along with a chinky-dinky winch controller with an blown chinky-dinky relay box (it's getting Ford starter relays) and wants me to tear into an air-cooled VW engine on Friday.

werk werk
>> No. 109622 ID: 9dcda2
  Excavator fail / win compilation unrelated...

> today
> working on the back of the engine
> turk-bro working in middle
> other guys up front

> front guy 1 yells to get my attention
> front guy 2 talks to him quietly for a bit
> me: What? You talkin' shit up there? (joking)
> turk-bro: Yeah what the fuck? If you're talking shit, fuck you! If not, don't worry about it.
> me: Yeah fuck you guys!
> turk-bro's phone rings, supervisor
> apparently he butt-dialed the sup
> turk-bro: Hey [boss], oh shit did you hear me cussing at [the front guys]?
> ....
> turk-bro: Nothing nothing, we're just bored and talking shit
> turk-bro and boss talk about butt-dialing people and mis-texting for a bit

> front guy 1 later remembers what he was going to ask me
> FG1: Hey, do your knees ever just start hurting randomly?
> me: Yeah when we have to climb up and down so fucking much.

> later

> Me: Wait, are you calling me old, you fucker?
> FG2: Damn that took you long enough to realize that.

> somehow being old enough to have used DOS makes you old...

> How do you feel at the end of a shift? Obviously tired, but where's your head?

Generally, breddy gud. I'm kind of the opposite of an anxious person; I don't really stress about shit. (Or really have strong emotions, actually.) Traffic is usually pretty shitty so I listen to podcasts about science or whatever from the BBC. I pretty much check out mentally after work, unless I've got some planning to do. My customers are, for the most part decent and our jobs are pretty routine. This week/month in particular is just super heavy. For our Fall 2015 maintenance season I worked a shitton and kinda melted down, which I discussed in a prev Work Talk thread. That was also my first year in the field, which had a lot to do with it.

> spaces out and picks at new-skin glue covering 3 inch long but shallow cut on arm for 5 mins...

I would have responded sooner, but we've been working a shitload. We started Sunday and I worked a 40 hour week by Wednesday at lunch time. Currently at 73.5 hours and I'm still working tomorrow, then flying out Sunday to Tex-ass for training.

The previous week, my job canceled so I worked like 5 hours and sat at home and played Battlefield and Fallout.

The previous week to that was like 50-60 hours. Spring and Fall are my busy seasons, since all the customers want heat and power during the Winter and Summer.

> pick pick pick

I've been zombie tired all this week by about 5pm. Which really sucks when you're using the hydraulic torque wrench I previously mentioned. We've had to yell at one guy twice for trying to talk to us while we're concentrating on not getting our fingers smashed.

> I really need a shower...

The good news got a raise and promotion (with another raise). My boss didn't even have any gripes. He is pushing me toward planning for future career moves. I dunno if cubical life is for me. How am I supposed to refer to a fuel strainer looking like a "Burnt asshole" when human resources is in the same building?
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