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File 148779961827.jpg - (746.86KB , 3264x2448 , 20170205_162642.jpg )
108836 No. 108836 ID: 4fbdeb
>Be me a couple weeks ago
>Boss wants me to take a look at his wife's car
>Yeah OK.
>It's a 2010 Dodge Caliber
>Water pump is weeping
>Radiator cap is puking all over the place
>Oh and he wants an oil change too
>Look it over
>Engine has a timing chain, not a belt
>Water pump is run by the serpentine belt
>It's way better than '90s Chryslers
>The Germans actually improved Chrysler

>Drive it over to my house
>Wow it shifts smoothly
>Get to work on this thing
>Oil change was done in 15 minutes
>Time to do cooling system maintenance
>Where the fuck is the radiator drain
>Where the fuck is the block drain
>There is neither a rad drain or block drain on this car
>YUP there's the German influence.
>Have to pull lower rad hose to drain everything
>Have to take out battery box to get to lower rad hose
>Lower rad hose is ~4" above bottom of radiator
>Oh, and there's the Chrysler heritage, too.
>Ok, the rad is getting pulled.
>There's no way to pull the rad without disconnecting A/C lines
>Do water pump change
>Went surprisingly OK after the plastic mudguard came off

>Can't figure out how the serpentine belt goes back on
>There's no diagram under the hood
>Gargle it and find diagram
>Turns out I missed a pulley when I drew my own diagram
>Get belt on properly
>Draw a the diagram on the inside of the mudguard and slap it back together
>Fill cooling system up with water
>Stick the battery in the hole where the battery box is supposed to be
>Run it a few minutes
>Drain water
>Fill with antifreeze
>It is what it is.

>Give everything else a look over
>brake juice is good, rad juice full, steering juice full, engine slippy juice full, tranny juice...
>There's no transmission dipstick
>There's writing on the cap that I can't quite make out
>Highlight it with paint pen
>pic related
>oh goddammit

Overall I give it a 4/10. Not terribad but not so good either
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>> No. 108841 ID: 22c903
File 148781478140.gif - (842.01KB , 180x240 , 1484833517378.gif )
>this is mee while annontating your person4l life story for futore refarence



>> No. 108844 ID: 6057a8
It's like we got our own Penguin of Doom, I feel all fuzzy inside.

>Where the fuck is the radiator drain
>Where the fuck is the block drain
>There is neither a rad drain or block drain on this car
>YUP there's the German influence.

Feels a bit like how all the CNCs at work are generally the same thing. One machine might be twenty years older or younger, but it's still pretty much the same layout. Buttons might have a different name or little diagram, or it might be on a screen menu, or to the left of the controller rather than the bottom, but even machines from companies that want to do their snowflake thing are very similar with a different coat of paint. They're basically like an Asian housewife, they'll do everything you tell them on the letter but sometimes flip a shit over a typo that doesn't jive with their traditions, like missing an end-of-block or something went and insulted their ancestors. Some machines come with more trimmings, like the well-off Japonski and her wardrobe of hand-woven kimonos or the Chinese princess and her heirloom vases, but again, same general theme, once you spend a few minutes getting through one machine's particular accent, you're good to go.

But then there's the Mikron UPC 600 Vario. German, fancy, but fuck it isn't like one housewife with more-or-less trimmings, it's three exchange students. They're all German, they're better than you, they don't care if you don't speak the language, it's up to you to learn it and not the other way around. If you piss off one of those three girls, doesn't matter if it's the milling girl, the pallet changer girl, or the tool magazine girl, they'll ALL get super sour at you until you make it up to all three of them. Sure, they'll make you a nice lunch with some good beer, but shit you basically have to learn the black magics just to say hello.

Must be a cultural thing fuck.
>> No. 108845 ID: 22c903
File 148782374174.jpg - (158.22KB , 594x439 , 1485736385567.jpg )
>just f4 you beebs

*slurp noising*
>> No. 108847 ID: 957e9b
File 148787111457.jpg - (15.17KB , 300x272 , $_35_JPG.jpg )
I don't think I've ever owned a vehicle with a transimission dipstick.

Always took off the fill plug, then the drain plug, refilled with the widest range 75w-whatever gear oil I could find (current truck calls for ATF+4 but that is new manuals for you), and then kept filling until it started to weep out the fill plug.

CVTs can be picky as fuck about oil and they are designed with the average consumer not taking care of them. They are sadly disposable. If you can source the exact fluid it needs then go for it but even then it could grenade on them in a few thousand miles.

Kinda sad since CVTs are really the best transmission for a daily grocery getter.

Pic related. G238 is the transmission in my Ram 1500. It and the 3.7l V6 caught a lot of shit from the press for being shit designs when they came out. Nowadays I'm seeing people with 400k+ miles on them without any major happenings. Auto-"journalists" suck
>> No. 108849 ID: 9dcda2
File 148790295477.jpg - (156.28KB , 703x903 , i never asked for this.jpg )
Picture unrelated, I recently finished DXHR and unlocked INAFT difficulty. (That game is really gud.)

> I just wanna read comfy stories about turbine maintenance and shit.

I'm glad someone enjoys them.

This post strikes again... >>/arch/10840

> show up to customer site tuesday morning
> different site... actually this place again >>/arch/10669
> customer: What are you doing here? We rescheduled for next week.
> my face drops, not again...
> cust: Ah we're just fucking with you
> me: You dicks, you don't know how much that actually happens to me.

There's probably more story to tell, but I've been working too many 14 hour days to think right now. I got a new rifle, so that's pretty coo..... zzz.....
>> No. 108905 ID: aadd02
Rewind to two weeks ago. The first day of the new job, and my boss has me go to this community meeting for the Safe Village Initiative. She briefly runs through a list of people working on this initiative, and an unrelated but overlapping community group, D Street strong. Included among the usual cops, probation officers, religious leaders, local residents, she mentioned the Fruit of Islam. That caught my attention and put me off. So I get to this meeting and see it's run by the NOI motherfucker I mentioned previously. For the last two weeks, I've been wondering if I should approach my boss and get out of these meetings or just keep my mouth shut. I remember he struck me as kind of odd. He cooperates with police and talks to whites; their kind usually don't. So I do a little reading up on him this afternoon. He's very big in "The Community", he's consulted by local media on matters of race, he's the head of a business or two, and then I notice his mosque.

Dude's not NOI. He's just some Muslim. I saw an African American man with an Arabic name dressed sharply in a suit, and I made an incorrect assumption.
>> No. 108913 ID: ae1f02
>> No. 108924 ID: 77a59f
File 148844076787.jpg - (151.95KB , 900x1200 , CcGjz6fVAAEr7Zi.jpg )
So gamechanger, brothers.

In the quest for bigger tips and social experimentation, I decided to change things up and divert from years of looking like a bearded Dale Gribble. I got a haircut and trimmed stuff up. I just gave the barber this pic and he hooked me up.

Seriously, I never thought something so simple would change so much. Bigger tips and I'm getting hit on left and right.

I'm keeping it. Tank u Matt Best
>> No. 108971 ID: 19518e
File reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.webm - (2.93MB )
>how to move 16 cubic inches of 304 stainless in 59 seconds

I have a bit of fun sometimes at the job but I'm thinking of quitting, and moving to a city with a bit more in the way of machine shops.

Might be fun. The downside is that potentially, it could also rape my savings. I'm still not sure if it's worth the risks, even if the daily grind is becoming a lot more grind and a lot less slaaneshigans.
>> No. 108972 ID: 1d1f00
>I'm still not sure if it's worth the risks, even if the daily grind is becoming a lot more grind and a lot less slaaneshigans.

Do it. Moving to a city with more resources is the best thing I've ever done.

I'm actually learning the benefit of networking out here.

I'm focusing pretty heavily on metal working right now. Mostly welding and forging, but fabrication is also on my list.
>> No. 108976 ID: 1d521e

Our city is pretty dead when it comes to manufacturing jobs, compared even to somewhere like Toronto. The beauty is someone with your skills should be able to hunt for the kind of work you want to do elsewhere while still working and getting paid at your current job. I wouldn't be surprised if the right company offered relocation benefits and such for your skillset.
>> No. 108977 ID: 19518e
I'm going to look really closely at Mississauga. It's isn't a hellhole like Toronto, from what I can see. Rent is lower, and there's tons of machine shops, and it doesn't seem to give out that vibe of Toronto liberal elitism gun-hating and super urban concrete jungle. I'd love to find a quiet basement apartment in the outskirts close to a shop, maybe somewhere not too far from a range of some sort.

I'll fluff up my resume and send a few applications out. I still need to save up a bit more but at this point I want to be out of here within 2 months, give or take.
>> No. 108980 ID: aadd02
I've gone from one end of social services to the other. Welfare helps all of the poor people but only a little bit. The Housing Authority helps only a small fraction of the poor people, but it helps them a fucking lot! We've got 17,700 residents in the projects, scattered sites, and using section 8 vouchers. In comparison, Clark County has over 300,000 people living below the poverty line.

A former coworker of mine is a Chinese-Canadian chick who grew up in Toronto. That place makes San Francisco look downright affordable. Talking about where she wants to settle down, she mentioned "I can't move back to Toronto."
"What, you didn't like it?"
"No, I CAN'T move back!"

She'll probably be stateside for life. She's in love with the national parks of the American southwest, and she's hasguns.
>> No. 108981 ID: 9dcda2
> "No, I CAN'T move back!"

I'm having the same problem with Southern California. The house my parents bought for $80k in the late 70's is half a mil now. I make pretty good money now and couldn't afford a mortgage. So then you need two incomes and your kids get raised with English as a second language.

And then I'd have to get a permit to buy ammunition. I'd have to ditch all my magazines and neuter my rifles, until those modifications become illegal too... Fucking hell.
>> No. 108996 ID: 9dcda2
File 148892045140.jpg - (128.58KB , 640x576 , s-l640.jpg )

I took the m.best haircut challenge too. We'll see what happens. Can't quite do the beard or the action-figure wrestler arms, but whatever. Maybe I'll be a little less generic looking.

> meeting with customers at hotel conf room
> going to the bafroom
> hotel staffer lady starts talking to me as if resuming a conversation
> lady stops, looks closely at me
> "Wait, you're not Brian."

I wonder if I missed my calling in life as a secret squirrel or some shit.

Also, I just looked at my work schedule and somehow I got the highest utilization rate of our guys. How the fuck did that happen? I've told my boss I'm perfectly happy sitting at home getting payed base salary to play Battlefield.

> get email from boss
> "Sometimes it sucks to be reliable. I need a favor..."
>> No. 108999 ID: bc78c2
>be me today driving around town fixing boopbooters under warranty for our corporate customers
>case for a desktop failing to boot giving error beeps
>have trouble reaching him with 2 calls to voicemail over 2 days so decide to show up on site
>wait 15 minutes while they get the guy
>get down to IT dept
>machine's case already open, wires disconnected, heatsink off
>dis gon be good
>placing out needed tools and prepping provided new sysboard for install
>site's IT guy: "lemmie get that for you"
>snatches processor out of machine and sets it on counter, contacts down
>"OH SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING" yells in my mind but outwardly I maintain slight smile to hide my usual mudermood.
>before i can say anything he grabs Lysol wipes and uses it to clean the thermal paste off, processor sliding around on table as this is happening
>struggling to hide any signs of disgust
>put new board together and pray as I put processor back in.
>system comes up fine thankfully and I put serial# and other info back in.
>2 hours later get a callback that the Intel ME is giving a manufacturing mode error on boot, this rare but happens. whatevs
>go back and attempt to use our sekrit manufacturer usb tools
>hey can we get a copy of that? don't you need to go to the bathroom for a few minutes?
>system bluescreens as it tries to load up our win8 pe stick
>it's the goddamn processor because of course it is.
>smile as I say I'll be back tomorrow with a new proc
>> No. 109002 ID: 1d1f00
Dude knows what's up, man. Ever since I changed it up, I've been getting hit on by more than just old gay guys. Young, attractive women have been hitting on me now. Feels weird.

I can't pull off his beard or have the huge arms, but I am in shape. Guess that helps.

servs girlfriend and about half the population says I look like a 20 year old Billy Bob Thorton, it pisses me off.
>> No. 109003 ID: 6ca38e
File 148903355234.jpg - (85.81KB , 915x615 , 2015022173813409.jpg )
Had my review at work, got a raise. During my review, I pointed out that I'm doing the work of a Quality Inspector in addition to material handler, and because they NEED a Quality Inspector at night I said they need to give me the bid or put me back on days. They opted for the former. Got the bid, and the raise that comes with it retro'd to the first of the year. I'd have preferred, like...September, but I think I pushed that one as hard as I could. Chalking it up as a win.

Also, the electrician and millwright apprenticeships came up and I applied for electrician apprentice. Chances are pretty slim that I'll land it, but for as long as I work at that company, I'm going to chase that job. It's basically the whole reason I've stayed with this company as long as I have. As a journeyman electrician with an industrial focus, I could live and work pretty much wherever the hell I wanted, and make good money doing it. The downside is that if I get the apprenticeship, it fucks up my "Be in a swing state by next presidential election" plan, but it'd be a better long term move anyway.

Honestly I could probably do ok for myself right now anyway. I have a few years working in steel manufacturing as a material handler, with extensive use of gantry cranes and overhead bridge cranes (two bridges operated in tandem most of the time too) and I'm not too bad on a forklift. Plus the focus on quality and testing that the past six months have had (with a year prior to that being certified and doing the job on and off to give the other guys breaks from it for a week or two at a time)

If it sounds like I'm trying to talk myself into looking for other work, well...thought has crossed my mind.

Also, I'm on-call for jury duty this week so they had me work days instead of grave this week. Jesus fuck, I'd forgotten how obnoxious it is to have this supervisor micromanaging what you're doing all fucking day long. Exhausting in and of itself.
>> No. 109004 ID: aadd02
Well done! How are you going to spend your back pay?
>> No. 109005 ID: a073b8
Welp, lucked out and things are working out great besides my car having transmission problems (won't shift).

Worked part time as an armed guard for a small security company that does contracts throughout Los Angeles. For $20hr for a dude with only 3 years of military service (not even deployed), pretty decent gig despite the fact I was working in Inglewood and Compton. That and I should be picking up my service firearm for Paragon Systems very soon. Outside of tackling a fuckton of homeless people on federal property and a high standard, should be easy fucking bread on the table.

My only concern is finally fucking finishing my associates in computer technology while working full time. I was actually digging my campus despite it being liberal arts campus.
>> No. 109007 ID: f5c3ed
File 148910104040.jpg - (2.90KB , 83x90 , search.jpg )
I left my current job today (after a proper 2 week notice) and start a new one on Monday. I'll post more after I get drunk if I remember.
>> No. 109008 ID: 6ca38e
It didn't really amount to that much, especially post taxes, but that MKIV 22/45 Lite I picked up was largely a back-pay bonus.
>> No. 109009 ID: f5c3ed
File 148911780869.jpg - (2.94MB , 5312x2988 , 20170307_103132.jpg )
So here we go. Since September of 2015 I used to work in a medium sized airport for a concessions and retail company that had a contract with said airport. I genuinely liked my coworkers who are in the management level with me and most of the non-management people were ok. I never really talked about it here or on any chan because it was an airport job and hence security concerns. So my first boss left for a corporate job, my second was fired for running a scheme where he hired his brother and law's company to do refrigeration repairs exclusively and got cash back, my third boss was a bully douchebag and my fourth boss was never really my boss since the third one told him he "couldn't be due to seniority." This all happened within the past year. So my bully of a boss is basically a tard who inhabits the body of a normal person. He would give me and other people a list of things to do, but then forget about them and never follow up. Being IT I could differentiate between essential IT projects and dumpster fire projects that don't matter.

However my ex-boss would sometimes pick managers to hover over and criticise for extended periods of time, which is why people started to leave. Then out of nowhere he wanted to move my office to a storage room, think Milton from Office Space. He said it would be good since I would have "more room" (less) and have more "privacy" (he checked in on me constantly). So naturally what I do is apply to other jobs, use PTO to go to "appointments" (interviews) and end up getting a new job doing IT work that's a 10 min drive instead of a 45 min drive.

This asshole gets furious after I put in my 2 weeks and starts giving me nonsensical tasks like removing point of sale registers that "aren't used by anyone" (they are there for people covering cashier and bartender breaks). I straight up called our vice president and told him what shit I had to deal with, and all that ends up happening is I get a ceiling and lights in my office (PIC RELATED).

So yeah, I'm out of that place. I feel bad for my former coworkers that are still there. I hope they get out soon.
>> No. 109011 ID: 9dcda2
> my third boss was a bully douchebag
> He would give me and other people a list of things to do, but then forget about them and never follow up. Being IT I could differentiate between essential IT projects and dumpster fire projects that don't matter.

>> No. 109014 ID: 71ae68
I had a similar boss when I worked in private computer repair for a couple weeks for a friend. My buddy ran his own small computer repair business and had been getting majorly behind, like backlogged by a week and pushing into two. I needed some money so he gave me a temp job where I knew a hard drive from a hard on.

The manager of the store was a dumbfuck who liked to micromanage every goddamn thing but only to a point. He'd give a job to somebody and for a few hours constantly badger them until he decided to give them a new job with the previous one half done. He didn't know shit about computers himself, not even the tried and true "google shit" method of computer repair, but seemed to think he knew enough to constantly offer "advice" which consisted of saying that such and such component might be broken but being unable to actually name the component, just pointed at it like a fucking toddler.

Now before this my friend was whining about how he was behind on jobs, whining that he couldn't keep employees for very long, and after my two weeks I told him straight up it was his manager. The fucker was actually his brother in law his wife badgered him into giving a job because he totally knew computers and stuff. Strangely when he shitcan the cock his business improved, like magic or something.

Between the asshole manager and shitty customers it made me remember why I got out of private computer repair in the first place.

Why I'm so glad my current boss is relatively hands off. Gives me a job and so long as I do it I never really see her. Don't even see her during the normal workday because all my work orders come through the iPhones everyone is issued, the only time she is more hands on is when her own superior is onsite. Some days I don't see anybody the entire day. I may not love my job but I certainly wouldn't want most any other.
>> No. 109016 ID: aadd02
I think a fucking Piru at Marble Manor did it. Shady ass nigga was too god damned close to my Vic when I clocked out. Apparently, not even my white ass can wear blue.

Or my tires are just old. Don't know how often they were replaced in the 100,000 miles put on the car before I bought it.
>> No. 109017 ID: f5c3ed
>he couldn't keep employees for very long

Oh yea same here, before I left 2 managers resigned because of this asshole and another no-called no showed and got fired. I know one of them got an insurance related job and makes more money now. Theres also 4 managers who are definitely looking for new jobs and a few more I suspect are too but didn't tell me on my last day like the others did.

Leaving a job because of a shitty boss is sort of like the whole "vote with your wallet" or "if you pray, move your feet" ideas in a sense. And I get that some people can't find other jobs due to a number of reasons, but sucks to be them. If you aren't marketable in your field or in multiple fields then you aren't trying hard enough at life. If all you have is food and beverage management experience with no outside education then odds are you'll only work in that industry.
>> No. 109020 ID: cb6d3e
File 148925699245.jpg - (1.19MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20170311_111624.jpg )
There's a date code on tires, near the DOT number. They actually use the same system as microprocessors: WWYY. In pic related, this tire was made during the 6th week of 2016 (0616).

I think the climate is about the same between there and here, and down here you get about 4 years MAX before the sun burns out the plasticizers from the tires.

Oh, another thing to consider: NEVER put two different sized tires on a drive axle. That includes mixing a new tire with a worn one. What happens is, the tires rotate at different rates, and that causes the spider gears in the differential to spin constantly when they should only be rotating when the car turns.

So don't be a cheap bastard and only replace one tire. Do them in pairs if you're poor, or all four if you can.
>> No. 109027 ID: aadd02
I got four brand new yokohamas at Discount Tire. I feel confident I got the best I could for the climate. I let the salesman know I was prepared to spend more, and he said "honestly, this is your best option for the climate."
>> No. 109055 ID: 19518e
File snownanigans.webm - (0.97MB )
This was like ten minutes after the plow cleared the parking lot at work, we took off pretty quick because you'd clean off the back of the car and the front would get covered again.
>> No. 109057 ID: fd8a72
Is that the normal you or do you crank the Canadian all the way up when there's a camera nearby?
>> No. 109058 ID: 6057a8
These days I kinda just do it for giggles whenever the mood strikes.

If you can't laugh at yourself, what can you truly laugh at?

When I finally churn out a video or two so I can unpaid-shill for OPchan you guys will mostly get a less satirical warpierad.
>> No. 109059 ID: aadd02
File 148972582727.gif - (0.97MB , 500x267 , bab4d6dd64ce089a89b88d947e34dd4b.gif )
Fuck all this professional shit. I'm done. I'm fucking done. Filled out an application for a machinist apprenticeship with the local union. I'll drop it off Monday.
>> No. 109060 ID: 19518e
I just want to know if you understand that quite a bit of machinist stuff ends up being boring, tedious, often a little dirty/uncomfortable. The pay is "meh" to "okay", rarely does it get "good". You can end up making decent money, but it takes quite a while. My childhood friend as my age and we went through schooling around the same time, he's a smart dude and computer programming basically has him making almost double my salary.

Yes, this job has decent perks in many ways, especially if you're not huge into very socially active things, want to work nights, like machines, and so on. All things considered, it's not a bad gig. If you got any questions, feel free to ask anything you want, but keep in mind I've only worked at three shops and went to two trade schools; if there's one thing I learned it's that every shop is its world. Stuff you do every day in one could be unheard of in the other, even if you are making practically the same parts.
>> No. 109063 ID: aadd02
At least it's the kind of tediousness that produces something every second you're doing it. I don't even feel like I'm earning my check anymore.
>> No. 109064 ID: 19518e
File 148976702479.gif - (1.73MB , 450x337 , 1367092893841.gif )
Oh fuck I'm not half as useful as that renaissance handy-man bundle of japes, joy, and wonder. I don't really see myself as a homosexual but I'd let him give me just the tip, only the tip, for a quickie or for the full two minutes. Whatever he wants~NOTICE ME AVE SEMPAI.

True enough, even when I have days that are particularly boring monkey-work, at least I can see physical evidence of having been useful.
>> No. 109065 ID: b47bf6

Have you heard the good news of nondestructive testing?
>> No. 109066 ID: 9dcda2
  > water wash big ass turbine engine
> wait for cleaner-solvent to dissolve gunk from the capital wasteland
> reading wtt:csase thread

Damn man.

> rinse engine
> restore plumbing
> vacuum up water/oil/soap
> restart engine
> check for fuel and air leaks
> work on turbine colonoscopy report while engine heats up
> take running and vibration day-ter, and lube oil sample
> shutdown engine, beat feet

Even my routine work ain't bad. A lot of my "customers" are facility operators, who are absolutely the most lazy people I've ever met. I'm pretty sure they're only dimly aware that they're alive. They're like cows: They stand (sit) around all day, eat, get fatter, and occasionally look at you because something moved in their field of vision.

Even worse are the ones who work for the government. Holy fuck.

Back to RM. So what kind of talents do you have? Any specific aptitudes? We know about writing. Any mechanical, computer, wood working, art, webpage design, sales, marketing, fire fighting, logistics, card dealing, teaching, fighting, manipulating people?
>> No. 109067 ID: 13f512
I'm telling you, NDT is the thinking man's trade for working with metals and shit.
>> No. 109086 ID: aadd02
You know about writing as was said (even if I never finish shit. Fuck, I need to finish something). After three years of doing what I do, I can handle most anybody. I am not very handy. I attribute this to a lack of experience, not some natural inability... Made a 2 string cigar box guitar once.
>> No. 109087 ID: efeb68
Hands on training is how to learn. Having someone teach you how to do shit in the flesh is 1000X better than book learning. Fucking up and making mistakes is how you learn, having someone call you a retard and shame you for those mistakes ensures you won't make them again.

Experiential education > Theoretical education
>> No. 109095 ID: 334c17
>Experiential education
From experienced person, mind you. You can teach a bear to ride bicycle, of course, but on the other hand, theoretical education (if it's not too late to be delivered in full) will give you much more expertise in more general area. Without knowing the basic stuff you are going to make same mistakes over and over again until someone gets hurt, it is same principle for every area of knowledge.

Specifically, it can give you the words you need to explain things to other people, or memorize them yourself, which is a very useful skill. This is how I understand it - a lot of people ask me about simplest things you can just read everywhere, again and again after every considerable intermission. I'm getting surprised somebody can have trouble memorizing them once and for all - though I probably can have some trouble by myself, but just don't mind it too much.
>> No. 109096 ID: 8c968b
To give examples. I work in a big shop for a bigger company and it's union. Pay and benefits is pretty phenomenal. Starting is 19 bux but you max out in 6 years at 42 something bux as a normal machine operator. There's a lot of other places where you can't get to 20 bux no matter how many years you put in. Starting at a little above 10 bucks is not unusual.

Embrace the tedious days. Grab an educational book and learn something. I read a shitload when I was a mill operator making the same damn landing gear beam over and over again (24 hour run time for both sides to make one part!). The program and tool package was pretty reliable so it was just relaxing.
>> No. 109098 ID: 13f512
  Srsly tho. NDT.
>> No. 109099 ID: 8c968b
No! He's already ours.

>> No. 109101 ID: 92fb9d
>embrace the tedious days, grab a book
Hard to do when a boring day is ~6 machines, all running different parts. Cycle time all under 15 minutes, I memorize the dimensions on all of them within an hour or else I play catch up all night.

Less boring days are 4 to 9 machines, but with a setup for a new part with an unproven program (machining a fixture, gathering tools, taking zeros). Due to the nature of the parts we usually get, I often end up rewriting portions of the code by hand. If it's mostly sensible, I'll optimize feed/speeds and prove it out.

Tonight I'm running three completely different ITAR regulated parts, one is titanium, two other are 304SS, four odd aluminum parts, one copper part, and the evening isn't too boring because one of the day shift guys brought me a Winchester 22 pump to TLC.
>> No. 109102 ID: 3bccd4
Man. Kind of a shitty day.

Bossman and I spent the last two weeks framing 22' tall 6" stud walls. We had that down to a science, especially since I learned how to horsecock those fuckers around.
Then we ran out of shit to do (on Thursday) and were sent to work with another crew on another part of the site today. Building soffits in hotel rooms. Boss knows how to do that, I don't. So cue about 7 hours of me flopping around trying to learn, while Boss is hollering at me, and only one room getting done. For as much as went into that room, we should have been able to do 2 or 3 in a day.

Tomorrow will be better, especially now that I have an idea of what the fuck is going on.
>> No. 109103 ID: aadd02
So I'll be fully engaged by my productive job my entire shift? Awesome! No more sitting at a desktop, beating back the existential dread!

My exam is March 28th.
>> No. 109104 ID: 92fb9d
File 149006826996.png - (1.36MB , 1859x858 , 2017-03-20 23_44_32.png )
Pretty nice rifle, all things considered. The wood is pretty beat up, worst being the front grip that's cloven in twain, rest is a bit of rust. Mechanically, the functioning parts are in great shape, bore is dirty but pretty good. I cleaned most of it, rest is gonna be gentle rust removal, nothing drastic in any way. Just clean, oil, sight in.
>> No. 109105 ID: aadd02
Is that a technical term?
>> No. 109106 ID: 92fb9d
How is horsecock not a technical term?
>> No. 109107 ID: 224014
He's going to regret it the first time he drills through his hand or gets metal shavings behind his eyelid.
>> No. 109108 ID: 19518e
Most machine tools are a lot like guns. They have a dangerous end, keep trigger finger until target is confirmed, etc.

Most dangerous part of machining is not wearing safety glasses, loud compressed air whistling when blowing off parts with holes (wear earhole pluggers), some swarf can be a little sharp/pointy, and any hand tool. Seriously I've given myself retard skin signatures with hand tools and burrs more than any machine tool. None of those required stitches, so they're really not bad. If you're unlucky/dumb enough to get caught in a machine tool, regretting your career choice will be the least of your worries because a lot of mills/lathes can blender a person into spaghetti without slowing down. As long as you don't look down the barrel of a loaded gun, figuring out how not to become mixed-racer all over the walls is pretty damn easy.

RM if you can handle papercuts and one or two tweezer-removable metal needles, you'll be fine.
>> No. 109110 ID: 13f512

I'm well aware, but I spent a few years working with machinists (and inspecting their work)... it's easy to get complacent and injure yourself. I've seen some pretty gnarly shit, especially in tech school.

I just think our racemixing friend is jumping into a new trade thinking it will fulfill him, potentially without looking at the tradeoffs.
>> No. 109113 ID: 9dcda2
File 149011838672.jpg - (39.68KB , 720x556 , 35b96d4d5bb8b700aff1d90057acf835.jpg )
>>109105 >>109106

Horsecock is the technical term. >>/arch/9995

Along with monkey spunk and weasel piss, for thick or thin liquid products, respectively.
>> No. 109114 ID: 9dcda2
File 14901196928.png - (68.02KB , 918x618 , charsheet.png )
RaceMixer, check this shit out.


StrengthsFinder 2.0

And some format of the DISC assessment.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (for research into careers)

Meyers Briggs is the other assessment everyone does. I did the strengthsfinder thing a while ago and found it to be mostly accurate. I then went through the archetypes, read the descriptions, and picked out what I thought fit better. (Because I do what I want.)

My career/life advice is this:

1. Figure out what you've got, what your aptitudes and talents are.

2. Based on that, brainstorm what kind of work you'd be decent at.

3. Focus in on specific careers.
3a. What you would be good at.
3b. What you would be interested in.

4. Figure out how to get there. What kind of school or training you would need.

5. ???

6. Profit.

>> No. 109115 ID: f11f4d
Yeah, lathes are fucking impressive. I've got like three lathe accident webm/mp4's somewhere, two of which are fatal. I'm as wary of spinning things as much as the end of a gun, but I would say the most dangerous part of a machine shop is when someone else doesn't care. When your senior says "ah your don't need to bother with that", that's a sign from god that you do in fact need to bother with it. Most of the people I've worked with have been pretty good about that stuff, but you eventually find someone who's opinion on safety is equivalent to murder-suicide.

As long as you can handle peer pressure and tell a more experience guy to get fucked, then things are fine.
>> No. 109116 ID: 8c968b
Man. Your work sounds hard. For the most part. We just run one at a time. That's union for you I guess. There's talk of the higher ups wanting to get multiple machines per operator though.
>> No. 109117 ID: 6057a8
It's only hard sometimes really, lathes a bit challenging because I have less experience with them. Now I'm realizing that a lot of my troubles stemmed from management trying to push lower coolant concentrations because coolant is expensive. They tend to water it down to 2%, but on lathes that's a bucket of headaches. More than you can imagine.

Supervisor knows I'm just one fucking guy, but they try to get as much done as possible. Worse than all of that is I'm making less than you, a I'm making a LOT less after US/CAN currency conversion. Welcome to Canada, I hope you brought your lube, because you won't be able to afford the maple stuff and they'll go in dry.

15+HP spindle motors moving a foot+ in diameter chuck with chuck jaws bigger than a brick will do funny things to a guy ;)

Yeah I keep my hands to myself.
>> No. 109120 ID: aadd02
File 149015304087.jpg - (141.14KB , 362x434 , 803734.jpg )
AGAIN! Same fucking project! I could see the screw sticking out of my tire. It was in the tread though, not the sidewall, so it may just be a hell of a coincidence.

So, uh... Short sleeves then.
>> No. 109121 ID: d4c8ee
File 149015567149.png - (150.69KB , 675x704 , vPP5QaU.png )
Short sleeves, tucked in shirt, watch goes in the back pocket, any rings removed, hair trimmed short or in a bun, wraparound safety glasses at all times.
>> No. 109122 ID: aadd02
>tucked in shirt
I'll have to change holsters.

I'm gonna level with you, man. Your posts in these threads are usually full of jargon I don't understand, so I skip them. I'm now going back through archived work threads and reading all of your shit and watching the webms. I still don't understand much of what you say, but someday soon.
>> No. 109123 ID: 6057a8
If you want me to explain shit, just ask.

As long as the t-shirt isn't super baggy, I usually don't tuck. Tucking shit is a good way to have chips in places you'd rather not; in addition to that, keep the pants over the boots, don't tuck those in unless you want to fish out curly razor blades from your socks. I'd also recommend tall work boots, there's often shit around ankle height that can suck to bonk against, like a vise handle spigot poking out from a shelf. Obviously, shirt tucking should be at your discretion if you're on a machine that's got spinning/snagging things at waist height.

Wear nitriles when sanding shit or when lots of oil is around, none of that is good for the skin. Heavier gloves when lifting stuff that might have sharp bits (like a less-than-clean vise). Never wear gloves when operating a bench grinder or anything that could snag the glove. Having a grinder take a bite of skin isn't fun, but having a grinder inhale a couple fingers because you had work gloves is a whole other level of bad day.
>> No. 109124 ID: aadd02
Well, for instance

>she can fucking cold form tap a 6-48 at 4000RPM
4000RPM is the only thing I understand in that sentence.
>> No. 109125 ID: 6057a8
Cold-form tapping is making a thread in a part without cutting any material. You drill a hole that would be a little too large for a regular cutting tap, then you make the thread in the part with a strange-looking thing that's like a threaded rod with weird angles. That's a cold-form tap, and it forges the thread by pushing material out of the way. There are no chips to plug up in the hole, but the hole size and shape are important to the CFT itself, as a tapered/oval/undersized/bad finish in the hole will often break CFTs.

6-48 is a size of thread, thread pitch being 48, or 48 threads per inch. It's about the size of threads used on scope rings. A thread that relatively small is usually carefully done, to avoid breaking taps.

A machine that can rigid tap (perfectly synchronize feed and rotation of the spindle) that fast is pretty impressive. Most of the time a tapping head would be used, the tapping head allows for minor error between the spindle rotation and downward movement of the tap, but rigid tapping is done with a regular tool holder that's clamped to the spindle taper. There's no slack or give in any direction for any errors, but you can usually get a thread very close to the bottom of a hole without smashing into it because the rigid tool will always stop at the same depth, where a tapping head might engage a bit sooner or a bit later.
>> No. 109126 ID: efeb68
  This shit I why I only use hand tools, and the occasional power hammer. With hand tools the worst that will probably happen is you hit your hand with a hammer because you're a fucking retard DO NOT LEAVE CUTTING TOOLS IN YOUR HARDY, YOU WILL LOSE FINGERS Or you'll get the occasional steel chip if you bang hardened steel against hardened steel.

Power hammers are actually pretty safe, at least the newer ones. They normally have a foot lever that you can depress activating the clutch. When your foot is off the hammer is idling, with a little bit of force the hammer will make very light taps, with more force you'll get very hard taps, and if you depress it all the way the hammer will slam down and rest against the anvil at least the ones I've used

Basically, everything in a workshop wants to kill you really really badly, and if you give a machine half a chance it will take it and maim you. DON'T RUN YOUR HANDS ON PIECES STUCK IN A LATHE. DON'T TRY TO JERK OFF THE CHUCK
>> No. 109128 ID: aadd02
Forgot to mention, the tow truck driver that picked me up apologized for the late arrival. "They knew I needed to get gas. They should've sent someone else." And then he finally came out with it; he didn't want to go into Marble Manor. Even said he feared for me seeing me leaning against my car in there.
>> No. 109129 ID: f11f4d
You may consider getting a few cameras for your car.
>> No. 109131 ID: e466da

Everything's dangerous - essentially my main concern is that racemixer is committing to a new career field based on a superficial understanding. In my experience, metalworking can be awesome and also incredibly shitty, especially at lower levels. When I say tech school I'm talking about the Air Force and our structural maintenance folks - many got there only to realize they didn't really like finagling machinery and metal all day, despite their love of the idea of working with metal. Now that warplanred mentions it, most of the actual injuries like people drilling through themselves were hand tools. But I also saw a guy, and this was in the operational force, crush his pinky just bending an aluminum tube... Shit was grisly.

NDT, for me, was a great fit because I love all this metalworking stuff, but if I had to do it all day or night I would be miserable. Doing inspections put me hands-on just enough to still enjoy it, while maintaining enough of a variety of activity to keep me from hating life, since from day to day you might be using any number of different inspection methods on tons of different projects.
>> No. 109134 ID: 8c968b
2%? And it's not rusting? If we get south of 4% it tends to rust wherever it can sit and collect. I admit I often like my coolant on the lower scale (but by that I mean 7-8%) since the higher end tends to get bubbly. You really need the cooling on ti as well.

Yeah, I don't tuck in either. But again, I don't wear super loose shirts. Not hipster tight or anything. The danger here is from the lead screw or the feed shafts on a lathe.

To expand, on the gloves shit, the general rule of thumb is, hands near spinny moving shit, no gloves. Or anything for that matter. Don't try and get smart and hold your lathe cutter in a rag as you grind it cause it gets hot. First of all, don't let it get that hot, and second of all, it can inhale the rag and your hand all in one go, rip off a finger or two, and knock your head again't the motor or guard all in one go.

Any self respecting school will teach you that safety stuff thoroughly, and if your shop is run by businessmen who know what they're doing, they won't tolerate unsafe behavior. Safety engineering is improving by the day as well, and some stuff can be retrofit into older machines as well. Instead of this: http://www.dieselduck.info/historical/01%20diesel%20engine/Doxford/works.htm

where dudes are all up in that shut most machinist/machine operators in a modern shop are standing outside the work area with a metal and bulletproof glass enclosed box completely sealing off the work envelope with a miniature firehose of coolant going off in there. Or if you are working at my shop, the dude is sitting with a book and his feet up.
>> No. 109135 ID: 6057a8
File 149022368383.jpg - (27.72KB , 450x600 , uXaBMIW.jpg )
>2% no rust
We use this weird Cimcool shit, it doesn't rust or smell, but it'll eat almost any plastic known to man. All the machine lights are covered in good thick hard plastic, they've all cracked to bits even if they've never been physically touched. We replaced them with glass, as new plastic ones crack in less than a month.

I worked in this small shop for a bit, the boss told me to wear gloves while I was grinding a 2" diameter HSS drill. I looked at him really funny because the grinder was the biggest I've seen/used, a bit bigger than pic related.

Also, general safety thing, a ballcap is great in the shop.
>> No. 109149 ID: aadd02
He truly is thick headed and insists on learning the hard way.
>> No. 109150 ID: a2ccc7

You should get in IRC and compare life goals and career plans with gerry
>> No. 109165 ID: aadd02
But nobody is ever on there anymore.
>> No. 109167 ID: 0a198a
In #/k/?

Ho, yeah, it's pretty lively. Just as active as i remember it being in 2012, if not more.

#operatorchan, however, hasn't had anything said in it for days.
>> No. 109169 ID: aadd02
Right...how do I get to /k/? I type in "#/k/" as the channel on mibbit and get nowhere, but when there's a link for it somewhere, it works fine.
>> No. 109170 ID: aadd02
never mind.
>> No. 109181 ID: 813f6b
>#operatorchan, however, hasn't had anything said in it for days.

Everyone that's in #operatorchan is also in #/k/, so not a lot of chatting going on in the smaller channel.
>> No. 109225 ID: 589a7d
Working an office job in operations (mfg eng) for a government contractor can seriously get painful sometimes.

>anon, customer won't give us blanket permission to use customer owned tools between programs, they want a list of individual tools.
>okay here ya go.

>2 months later, hey anon, can you give me that list again? Customer still won't give us blanket permission
>um. Okay.

>2 months later, hardware is stopped because no permissions to use customer owned tools.
>anon, customer still won't give blanket permission, please send that list again?
>suuuuuuuurrrreeee thhhiiiiinnnngggg

Seeing how gov. contracts work is like seeing sausage being made. I'm usually stunned any of our products work, and how rough government hardware can be compared to basic commercial goods.
>> No. 109232 ID: 13f512

It's a different world.
>> No. 109233 ID: aadd02
I think I got about a B. I'll know when my interview is in a couple weeks.
>> No. 109286 ID: c9fe43
How have you not burned the building down by now? I couldn't deal with that.
>> No. 109307 ID: aadd02
Another meeting with the aforementioned gentleman today. A newborn baby was killed last night in a gang related shooting. Metro is expecting retaliation ("We can pretty much guarantee it" -Metro Police Captain), and those gangs involved are entrenched in our properties, so we've been told to keep eyes open.

Our Koran reading friend remarked "I have not heard one word on this from Black Lives Matter. I'm about to call [prominent local BLM activist] and tell him that he is a hypocrite."
>> No. 109311 ID: a05e48
Because NASA is the contractor, and the business is a hard one to enter. I'm pretty young and somehow stumbled into where I am and have a stable opportunity, just the beuracracy is nuts.
>> No. 109312 ID: a05e48
*NASA contracted us* rather
>> No. 109322 ID: aadd02
I really need to get my head in the game. I've already mentally checked out of my current job. I can waste an entire day doing very little quite easily. While I am working on something else, it is far from a given, and I need to start taking things seriously, but I am having a very hard time giving a shit.

4th time in a rolling month that I've called roadside assistance for my car. Hit a curb on a turn and blew out a tire.
>"And what appears to be the problem?"
>"A witch has put a hex on my car."
The tow truck driver was an Iraqi fellow. We had an amusing conversation badmouthing Saudi Arabia and wishing ill health upon its king.
>> No. 109383 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186582490.jpg - (87.12KB , 800x526 , 8ff6548abb9dadd20a8a089798cf6038_large.jpg )
> repair of turbine engine
> help repair team pull the ass end off the engine
> get to see things in real life instead of through borescope
> borescope kinda like a microscope
> GIGANTIC MASSIVE DAMAGE actually only 4 mm in size


Like the opposite of pic related.
>> No. 109384 ID: 303669
File 149186639915.jpg - (401.73KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 1.jpg )
Careful around those engines.
>> No. 109385 ID: 303669
File 14918666163.jpg - (281.40KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 2.jpg )
Back in 2006, a mechanic standing next to a Boeing 737 at El Paso Airport in Texas was sucked into the engine of it and killed, it has been confirmed.

Roland Herwig, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority stated that ‘Continental Airlines Flight 1515 was preparing to take off for Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston when a maintenance-related engine run-up of the right-hand engine was carried out and someone on the ground was sucked into the engine.’ He also confirmed that this wasn’t the first time that something like this had happened, although it didn’t happen very often, which isn’t exactly that reassuring.

There were 114 passengers on the plane at the time and five crew members. I hope they managed to clean up all this mess before they got them to disembark (or deplane as they say in America) because I think I would be fairly traumatised if my flight got cancelled and I had to walk through see all this in the flesh. I mean it’s pretty traumatising just seeing it anyway and knowing that stuff like this happens in airports that are supposed to be safe and state of the art and developed, even if it doesn’t happen very often. http://www.sickchirpse.com/man-sucked-into-jet-plane-engine/
>> No. 109386 ID: 303669
File 149186672228.jpg - (423.70KB , 2592x1728 , US Boeing 737-500 ingests a mechanic 3.jpg )
Saved money on the casket. Probably just needed a shoe box.
>> No. 109387 ID: 303669
File 149186755464.jpg - (535.48KB , 880x700 , US UGV Air-Cobot aircraft inspection robot 1.jpg )
Now, there is a trend to use robots to inspect the fronts of running jet engines at the airport.
- Air-Cobot, one of several technologies integrated into the Hangar of the Future, is a collaborative robot that automates visual inspection procedures. During aircraft inspections, Air-Cobot performs a thorough diagnosis in any weather or light conditions.
>> No. 109388 ID: 303669
File 14918678131.png - (1.08MB , 1200x500 , US UGV aircraft inspection robot Inspection Roboti.png )
And use really small robots for closer inspections.
>> No. 109389 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186812288.jpg - (21.45KB , 750x542 , 77-2556KP.jpg )
Yeah, turns out turbine engines use A FUCKING SHITTON OF AIR.

Imagine like 50 big ass K&N filters...

> doin' inspections
> engine intake <--- silencer <--- air filters <--- duct <--- atmosphere
> 8ft square duct has a man-door
> the filters are solid so there's no possible way to get sucked in
> try the handle, vacuumed shut
> try harder, crack door open, negative pressure relieves and door opens
> hold door open and peek in
> air rushing past feels like driving on the freeway Ace Ventura style
> filters look gud
>> No. 109390 ID: 9dcda2
File 149186837157.png - (33.81KB , 991x543 , Picture1.png )
Danger zone!
>> No. 109392 ID: a6c95d
File 14918738417.jpg - (314.94KB , 720x496 , s-65-25.jpg )
I always thought how EAPS work was cool
>> No. 109394 ID: aadd02
Scored a 90%. Interview is in a couple weeks.
>> No. 109398 ID: d20d9d
We don't sing for birthdays at my restaurant, we scream them. The louder the better. And gentlemen, I stand the loudest. I make people jump on the other side on the restaurant. I sound like Ivan Moody was a drill instructor. I actually made a drill instructor think I was a former drill instructor, that made me feel proud.

I had a guy who was brought there because he didn't know what we did for birthdays. I screamed 4 birthdays while he was there.


By the time I brought the saddle over to him for his birthday, he looked so terrified. So I cranked it up to 11 for him, he didn't expect it.

I loved getting tipped more for embarassing the fuck out of people. And honestly, the way they do birthdays here has done wonders for my social anxiety.

By the way, black people live for this shit. Nobody enjoys hokey family restaurant shit more and they're the most interactive with everything we do, I fucking love my black patrons.
>> No. 109405 ID: d20d9d
So I may have an in into the film industry, quite a few different options.

This may be a huge opportunity because special make up FX and cinematography was my first serious career choice that I put a lot of time and effort studying and learning about. It may be worth picking back up.
>> No. 109408 ID: 649f2c
Do you know how to make those giant prosthetic niggercocks they use in porn?
>> No. 109419 ID: 6057a8
Lei, I have a question for you that might be a little OPSEC so email in the field.
>> No. 109425 ID: 8c968b
>> No. 109429 ID: aadd02
Met a Vietnam combat vet after work today. Fascinating guy. He showed me his cool Harley collection. He can't ride in his current condition sadly. He rides around on a little electric scooter. He told me about being in the army and the two or three other careers he's had. He had to stop talking every now and then when the pain in his neck would be too much. It's probably on account of me hitting him with my car. Told him to let me know what it'd cost to fix the scooter. I'll pick up the tab for any out-of-pocket medical costs as well if any.
>> No. 109432 ID: d20d9d
>> No. 109433 ID: 9dcda2
Well, that's one way to meet people.
>> No. 109469 ID: aadd02
He texted me and told me to come see him today. He'd apparently been very ill last night and this morning. I drop what I'm doing (fucking around on OPchan), and immediately head over. I get to his complex's clubhouse as he instructed me, and he has me take a seat. He's just ordered food. I think I'm whisking him away to fucking urgent care, and I find myself sitting and listening to him talk as he eats a burger. When I finally ask him "what am I doing here?" He tells me I'm "providing moral support."

I don't know about this guy, man. He very well could be what he claims, but for every soldier that is actually green beret, there's 10 guys that claim that's what they are. Other things too.

I am right the fuck out of vacation time. What little I've accrued, I've used. I'll take unpaid leave to get this fucker looked at, but I asked about arranging transportation for himself, a common service often covered by medical insurance. He said:
>"I'm 100% disabled due to combat in the Republic of Vietnam. I don't really have insurance. They're just supposed to take care of whatever I need, so the usual phone numbers for that sort of thing doesn't work."
>"Do you know who to call?"
>"I'm not sure. It'll come back to me."
Maybe that makes sense to one of you vets. It doesn't to me.

There's other little things. He's an Italian guy. Born in Rome in fact.
>His first and last name might as well be Waspy Nordicson.
He knows some mobsters in Chicago.
>He's from Buffalo.
He has "top secret crypto clearance", still current.
>Is that a thing?
>> No. 109471 ID: 13f512

Honestly sounds like he's enjoying having something over you that he can leverage for attention.

>can't get normal medical services because VA


>Italian with WASP name
>"I know the mob"
>western NY

He's channeling the dumb fucks who unironically live in Buffalo/Niagara Falls/other rusty bullshit town even though there are no jobs and the city is literally crumbling but they stay and reminisce about their early adulthood doing hood rat shit and getting beat by their psychotic italian grandmother and eating meatballs and garlic bread.

Good luck discerning what is true out of that yarn. From experience, WNY geriatrics realize their lives were disappointing and boring but still need you to pay attention to them so they will lie. After they successfully gain your sympathy they'll ask for a ride to the casino and some money.

>current security clearance

No, expiration is built into the system and hinges on a need to know for current work. Unless he was doing some consulting within the past 10 years he doesn't even have an inactive clearance.

Vid related probably his favorite song.
>> No. 109474 ID: aadd02
Another one that was mentioned offhand yesterday.
He was friends with casino mogul Sam Boyd back in the day. Locals here love Boyd Gaming; he innovated the so-called "locals' casino." When my guy moved into his current place, the HOA didn't allow trailers anywhere on the property. He parked it at nearby Sam's Town. His buddy Sam said he could keep it there as long as he wants. It's just a minor thing that came up in conversation. Real estate websites tell me that his house was built in 2007.

Wikipedia says Sam Boyd died in '93.

>Honestly sounds like he's enjoying having something over you
It's more than that. It's needier. I think he is a very lonely old man starved for attention. He made it difficult for me to leave yesterday. Kept tugging at my sleeve and saying "we're friends" and "my friend."
>> No. 109475 ID: 9dcda2
File 149252507663.jpg - (39.66KB , 508x408 , half-the-battle.jpg )
Fuck. You've got to be more careful about who you run over.

An oldie but goodie. I was at a customer site working with/for another contractor. He's a smooth talking player from New York. (Maybe, possibly, I don't know.)

> wrapping things up
> Contractor guy: Alright, do you guys need anything else?
> Me: Yeah, do you have any life advice?
> Contractor guy: What?
> Me: General life advice. Any tips you've got.
> he thinks for a second...
> Contractor guy: Never get married, never have kids, and tip the strippers five dollar bills.
>> No. 109477 ID: 5562a3

Right that's what I think he's happy about - he has something that obligates you to pay attention to him
>> No. 109479 ID: 6057a8
>lonely old men

RCR goes into it during this video here
>> No. 109494 ID: 9dcda2
File 14927844905.jpg - (96.42KB , 1154x1154 , 170189_ts.jpg )
A couple of weeks ago I was in my office (truck) doing paperwork when I got a call from one of my customers.

> Customer: Hey Avgas! Hey we just got this field tool shipped to site. It looks like a really complicated and expensive piece. I wonder if you know anything about it?
> Me: Oh hey, uh well, no I didn't order anything for the site. Any description on the box?
> Customer: Just the Tool Number 12345. It looks really expensive and complicated. Also, how do you like your eggs? Over easy? Scrambled?
> Me: What? Uh well, I'd have to look up the tool number. Can you send me a picture of the tool?

The customer is cracking up at this point. He sends me pic related. With a Igloo cooler, torch, and some other accessories in a wooden crate.

> Me: Oh jeez. Actually that stuff is for installing interference fit parts. Dry ice one thing and torch the other.
> Customer: Man, we could have gone down to tractor supply and got all of this.
> Me: Yeah, but we ship a lot of stuff to Africa and other BFE locations. I don't know why you guys got this... So yeah I'll bring the eggs and bacon next time.
>> No. 109496 ID: aadd02
File 149283303647.jpg - (12.93KB , 500x314 , Computer-Guy-Facepalm.jpg )
I confronted him today. Despite all of the extraordinary shit he's said, the only lie I can confirm is the Sam Boyd shit. As he was talking about his service as a Green Beret (He was on a secret op, an incursion into North Vietnam with the goal of assassinating Ho Chi Minh), and I mentioned off hand that being a draftee turned commissioned officer and all of the training he had and the numerous deployments, "You must have a hell of a DD214." A pause.
>"You know, civilians don't get that a DD214 isn't the end all of military records."
God fucking dammit.
>"It wouldn't mention secret ops you were on."
"Of course. That's expected. But it would say you were Army Special Forces."
>"You know, my form DA-[some number I can't remember] went into way more detail. I had it framed on my wall." He proceeded to tell me it was stolen years back when burglars cleaned out his house. Figures. I poked at the trailer story. Well, after he turned Sam's offer down, an aquaintance of his, a Korean war vet ("really, he was a desk clerk. Not a combat man," followed by a dismissive snort), let him keep it on his property which he thought safer than keeping it on the lot at Sam's Town. It ended up getting stolen anyway. "I bet you wish you'd taken up old Sam's offer."

At that point, I just let loose. I started with Sam Boyd dying two decades before his reported conversation with the man and went down the list from there. His claim to be personal friends with the number one American Kung Fu Grand Master, the recognized best sushi chef in the world, and Carroll Shelby who he was such good friends with, Shelby gifted him a limited run Ford Cobra. He remained placid, came up with answers, never showed he was upset, (though he did tell me I'd hurt him), and the longer it went on, the worse I felt. The fuck was I doing? I regretted calling him out. Don't get me wrong; he's full of shit. But it didn't fucking matter. He wasn't running for office or taking advantage of someone. He's a lonely old man who met me by coincidence, clung to me, and tried to impress me. I backpeddaled. "I don't know, man. I guess I'm not a trusting person. Just let me know when you get your appointment scheduled, okay? We have to get you taken care of."

He followed me out to my car. When he said "I think we can still be friends." I felt like I'd kicked a puppy.
"I think so, man. I think so."
>> No. 109500 ID: 61215b
File 149287459186.gif - (1.41MB , 280x210 , Bobby-Hill-Shakes-Head-Bikes-Away-King-of-the-Hill.gif )
>crushing an old man's spirit because he told you a few tall tales to make try to impress you
>> No. 109501 ID: 813f6b

Don't encourage liars.
>> No. 109502 ID: 3884dc
Don't pay heed to a shitpost.
>> No. 109506 ID: 3e843b
File 149290380040.jpg - (38.05KB , 400x400 , main-qimg-4926f387b24483f09f25ecc81603b4ef-c.jpg )
I've met a few shit talkers in my day but that guy takes the cake. Most shit talkers I've known talk about local people they know, how they know all the judges or got a buddy police officer or know so and so who owns such and such. Maybe spin a tale bout how they know someone famous or did something famous.

Be it small lies or big ones they are still lies. Someone who is willing to lie to you, who believes you are so vain that shit impresses you or so stupid you'd believe it. I mean for fucks sake I'm pretty goddamn dense at times but even I know someone is making up some shit when they say they met Elvis when they aren't even old enough to have been alive when Elvis was. You're a pretty smart dude I bet but even if you were flipping retard you'd know there is no way this dude could have met someone years after they died.

Yeah it sucks the guy is craving attention and I sympathize with that need being a no life loser with most of my interesting stories being of a scatological nature but if someone doesn't have the respect to tell you the truth or atleast a minorly embellished version then you really shouldn't give them the time.

Though I'll admit I'm a bit of a cunt when it comes to interpersonal interactions and don't objectively see the point of humoring someone spinning tall tales. You have a bit more of a heart then I so perhaps you will overlook his tendency to live in some Green Beret mob and business connected fantasy land and give him some company. Not really a bad thing as long as you aren't letting him take advantage of you but personally I wouldn't do it.

Pic somewhat related. If your guy ain't going around wearing a bunch of random ass medals on some random bits of uniform and claiming its all real (I have wore random ass medals on random bits of uniform personally but never claimed it was anything other then for my own enjoyment or to piss off people who get their bollocks in a vice over that shit) then he should atleast be tolerable. Nothing worse then some 400 pound fatty claiming to be special forces or some pimply faced teen claiming they fought in wars or battles they might have been in elementary school when they occurred.
>> No. 109507 ID: 9dcda2
> but even I know someone is making up some shit when they say they met Elvis...

I used to work with Elvis. The guy was the nicest shitshow you've ever met. Like no dexterity whatsoever, but hilarious to hang out with.

That is Elvis my coworker from Africa, not the entertainer. He was actually some kind of prince. Had an Audi R8 and shit. (Though no one actually saw any of his fancy cars...)

Is that more or less believable?
>> No. 109508 ID: 3e843b
File 149292021826.jpg - (93.92KB , 600x800 , my totally IRL gf ignore bottom banner guiz.jpg )
I'd actually believe he was Elvis the Entertainer given some reverse Micheal Jackson surgery then some African prince.

Seems like every African immigrant is some sort of prince or princess just like everyone from England is a part of the Royal family, every German's family fought against the Nazis during dubya dubya two, every Russian is a descendant of Catherine the Great (this one would be far more plausible if she was a dude considering how much of a whore she was) and every fatass neckbeard has a Canadian girlfriend who is a supermodel.

My thing was always to say I'm not from WV despite being born and mostly raised here. I could totally sell that shit too considering my accent is utterly fucking bonkers. I get someone atleast once a month asking where I'm from with some trying to guess and having such guess as California, New York, Massachusetts, Canada, and once even the UK (which to be fair was around the time I was super big into Doctor Who so some of the accent might have rubbed off on me subconsciously).

My favorite place to say I'm from? Africa. Confuses the fuck out of people being that I'm so pasty white and people are so dumb they think Africa is nothing but Redguards and yes I got the idea to say I'm from Africa from Mean Girls.
>> No. 109511 ID: aadd02
>as long as you aren't letting him take advantage of you
That's the tricky thing, man. If this was just some old geezer I'm keeping company, who cares? But it's some old geezer I hit with my fucking car. I want to fix his scooter and I'll cover any out of pocket medical costs (still hasn't seen a doctor) because that's the right thing to do, but the fucker could really stick it to me if he wanted to.

I know he's got some kind of military service because he's insistent on going to the VA clinic (which is why shit is taking so long). If I had to guess, he probably got drafted in the 60s, ended up in infantry or some shitty MOS, saw 'nam once or twice, had a rough time doing grunt shit, probably got shot at, might've shot back, then got back to the world feeling like what he'd done wasn't enough.

On a more job related note, the closer I get to my apprenticeship interview, the more unbearable my current job gets. I want to get the fuck out of there. It's to the point that my wife is fighting with me to not just quit outright.
>> No. 109515 ID: 13f512
File 149296032669.jpg - (35.24KB , 269x960 , 18109453_971815148191_1839487426_n.jpg )
Work talk.

There was a big reorganization, merging the program I support into a new beast along with a few other programs that used to be sort of independent but have roughly... and I mean very roughly related missions. In real terms their missions are completely unrelated but happen to touch on some of the same populations sometimes. It was a transparent move to create a new SES position. But whatever.

So, I'm responsible for our primary IT tool, a database/web interface that allows the entire staff to do their jobs, document it, and report on it. It's evolved from a recordkeeping application into something that sends automagic emails, performs validation, etc etc over basically a decade of feature creep. Now it is essential to daily operations, as in if the staff can't access it, no work can really be done. I'm sure if it disappeared they could find a new way forward, but there would be a lot of down time while new procedures were established.

Anyway, this database resides on servers belonging to Network A, which also provides all our desktop support, interwebs access, helpdesk services, general IT shit.

Now, there is an enterprise-wide push to put everyone on random networks onto Network B. Someone decided that this reorg was a perfect opportunity to force us to move to Network B at the same time as physically moving offices to sit with our new amalgamated program office.

Sounds great, right? Except they didn't tell Network B that they would need to host our database and website... when they found out they said they would need a few months to sort out all the requirements. But we need to move right now! Ok, well then we can't host your shit.

Now, Network A and B don't play nice with one another. You can't access resources on one from the other... so if our computers and interweb are coming from Network B, there is no chance of reaching our essential workflow tool on Network A servers, in their present configuration.

I brainstormed with the application developers and we came up with some options:

1. Don't move networks until we can move hosted resources? - rejected, move has to happen right now, no waiting.

2. Ask Network A if they can whitelist some connections from Network B so we can use our shit - rejected, muh security!

3. Make our resources on Network A public-facing so we can get to them from everywhere and hope our authentication is good enough to keep the chinese from hacking us - not rejected outright - possible!

Our new program leadership counter-proposed some ideas:

1. Each person will have two computers on their desk, one connected to Network A and one connected to Network B.... wtf

2. Set up some VPN scheme so you have a Network B computer but only use it to VPN into Network A to do all your work... wtf

3. Leave some users on Network A and everyone can just tell them what they need updated in the database via email... wtf

Needless to say, this was kicked around amongst higher ups with no idea wtf they were talking about for all of the time we had to prepare for the move, so all the work to implement our 3rd idea had to be done in the last 2 days. Let me tell you this was a giant clusterfuck. I am usually very diplomatic, but I think I hurt some feelings on this one and likely burned some bridges.

Network B tech monkeys are now working over the weekend to get all the shit wired up, we'll see if it worked on Monday.

Anyway, the first big shakeup of the administration was a total clusterfuck, but at least I get a cube with a window out of the deal.

pic unrelated.
>> No. 109544 ID: 9dcda2
File 14929908143.gif - (3.24MB , 400x247 , tree_beats_tractor_driver-53062.gif )
> 1. Each person will have two computers on their desk, one connected to Network A and one connected to Network B.... wtf

> 3. Leave some users on Network A and everyone can just tell them what they need updated in the database via email... wtf

I really like these ideas.
>> No. 109584 ID: 13f512

With a straight face I had to tell a guy whose job title includes the words "director" and "information technology" that those options likely would result in significant mission degradation.
>> No. 109585 ID: 813f6b
File 149305371779.jpg - (163.60KB , 1200x586 , dt120701.jpg )

I see you've met Mordac?
>> No. 109586 ID: 813f6b
File 14930538606.gif - (115.98KB , 900x280 , usefuldt100508.gif )
>> No. 109587 ID: 813f6b
File 149305435947.gif - (130.52KB , 900x281 , deaddt120903.gif )
>> No. 109594 ID: 9dcda2
Probably one of the best things about my company is a lack of that. It's pretty much a company entirely of engineers and skilled labor. (And the requisite admin and support people.)

We had a plant manager get sacked, suddenly, and rather quietly. We figured it was either he had some kind of business fuckup or he was doing the secretary. He was a pretty straight shooter, so we all ruled out the business fuckup. (It's too bad, he was a great manager.)

Within my business unit, my bosses, pretty much up the whole chain, used to do my job. People either go into management because they're good at it, or bad at technical work.

> big job this week, R&R (remove and replace) engine
> started Sunday (double time)
> got a pay raise!
> good crew + a trainee
> 90's resurrection weekend on the rock station
> fuck yeah

> turbine is on the 2nd floor the utility plant, like 50 feet up
> elevator broke (it's fucking scary anyway)
> carry all our shit up stairs
> tools, hydraulic high torque wrench with all the sockets and accessories
> spent all day breaking loose turbine to generator coupling bolts
> 1 3/8" shank bolts with self locking nuts, torqued to 1400 ft/lbs
> use hydraulic wrench thing to bust them loose
> rotates like 1/16 a turn each pump
> takes for fucking ever
> got like 8 out of 24 nuts done and the oil pump removed
> oil everywhere
> other guys get turbine mostly disconnected
> jet fuel everywhere

> monday
> remove oil pressure regulator and relief valve
> oil everywhere
> use a couple of adapters to use a 3/4" drive ratchet with the 2 3/16" socket
> break nuts loose with hydraulic wrench, use ratchet to remove nuts
> fighting the self locking nuts the whole way
> up and down the stairs, bathroom on the 1st floor
> waste oil container in the dungeon
> Afghani food for lunch (fuck yeah)
> get all the nuts removed (pretty solid where it is)
> wrap up for the day
> fucking beat

Our pastime is arguing about pointless shit. One guys suggested making a work out gym where you torque bolts and carry shit up and down stairs all day. Then you can have the turbine tech body: Beefy legs, a ripped back, rock hard triceps, and a beer gut. You too can look like Ahnold... from behind...
>> No. 109595 ID: 9dcda2
  The hydraulic wrench is pretty badass. They're kinda dangerous since they will crush the fuck of your hand if you leave it between the wrench and the reaction area.
>> No. 109604 ID: aadd02
File 149318252864.jpg - (118.54KB , 1000x1200 , rw02234_0514.jpg )
Your company sounds pretty well put together. How do you feel at the end of a shift? Obviously tired, but where's your head?


Interview was today. They have no idea how long it will take me to get picked up, they cannot tell me my number on the list, and they say explicitly not to call them. To make it even better, once my name does get pulled, I've got 48 hours to quit my job and be ready to roll. So there goes the light at the end of the tunnel. Got a pair of good work boots, partly so I can be ready but mostly wishful thinking. I went back to the office afterward and did nothing. Not a god damn thing. I want very, very deeply to quit my job. I am under great pressure to stay because of the wife and child and everything.

I almost checked myself in today. I might give my sister-in-law my guns to hold onto for awhile.
>> No. 109608 ID: f11f4d
File 149325539455.png - (2.94MB , 1920x1454 , planter.png )
>Time to calibrate various insecticide granules being put through the small seed attachment on a planter, for some trial work.
>Expecting hours of humping a wheel, as that's what often drives the machinery.
>Planter actually has an attachment point for a calibration lever. (See arrow in picture)
>Even better, experienced guy who has worked with these particular planters before brings along a hydraulic drive that fits said point and connects right to the tractor.

Aside from having to deal with insecticide, it was actually a lovely day. I will alway appreciate how effortless hydraulics can makes things. This also includes horrific injury.
>> No. 109609 ID: 2c73e2
>Getting some gas-powered air compressors and generators going for Boss to sell off
>Gennys run fine
>all compressors run great after some minor dicking
>2/4 develop pinhole leaks in the tanks when I'm standing right next to them

On the way out this morning the scrapper guy I work with sometimes stops in front of me when I'm pulling out the gate:
>"Hey I got this air compressor I want you to take a look at."
"Electric or gas?"
>"Gas. Honda engine. It don't idle down when it's done pumping"
Just like all the others I been working on.

What happens is, the unloader valve (also called a genie valve) gets a little sticky after sitting for a while. When the tanks get to 120psi or whatever the cutoff pressure is, it opens a valve in the compressor head so's it isn't pumping air into the tank.
It also puts pressure on a tiny air piston that operates a cable or rod, which is hooked to the engine's governor rod. That lets the engine drop down to ~1500rpm or so, using less fuel while letting everything cool off.

Oh and then on Saturday I ran into an old friend. He sent me along with a chinky-dinky winch controller with an blown chinky-dinky relay box (it's getting Ford starter relays) and wants me to tear into an air-cooled VW engine on Friday.

werk werk
>> No. 109622 ID: 9dcda2
  Excavator fail / win compilation unrelated...

> today
> working on the back of the engine
> turk-bro working in middle
> other guys up front

> front guy 1 yells to get my attention
> front guy 2 talks to him quietly for a bit
> me: What? You talkin' shit up there? (joking)
> turk-bro: Yeah what the fuck? If you're talking shit, fuck you! If not, don't worry about it.
> me: Yeah fuck you guys!
> turk-bro's phone rings, supervisor
> apparently he butt-dialed the sup
> turk-bro: Hey [boss], oh shit did you hear me cussing at [the front guys]?
> ....
> turk-bro: Nothing nothing, we're just bored and talking shit
> turk-bro and boss talk about butt-dialing people and mis-texting for a bit

> front guy 1 later remembers what he was going to ask me
> FG1: Hey, do your knees ever just start hurting randomly?
> me: Yeah when we have to climb up and down so fucking much.

> later

> Me: Wait, are you calling me old, you fucker?
> FG2: Damn that took you long enough to realize that.

> somehow being old enough to have used DOS makes you old...

> How do you feel at the end of a shift? Obviously tired, but where's your head?

Generally, breddy gud. I'm kind of the opposite of an anxious person; I don't really stress about shit. (Or really have strong emotions, actually.) Traffic is usually pretty shitty so I listen to podcasts about science or whatever from the BBC. I pretty much check out mentally after work, unless I've got some planning to do. My customers are, for the most part decent and our jobs are pretty routine. This week/month in particular is just super heavy. For our Fall 2015 maintenance season I worked a shitton and kinda melted down, which I discussed in a prev Work Talk thread. That was also my first year in the field, which had a lot to do with it.

> spaces out and picks at new-skin glue covering 3 inch long but shallow cut on arm for 5 mins...

I would have responded sooner, but we've been working a shitload. We started Sunday and I worked a 40 hour week by Wednesday at lunch time. Currently at 73.5 hours and I'm still working tomorrow, then flying out Sunday to Tex-ass for training.

The previous week, my job canceled so I worked like 5 hours and sat at home and played Battlefield and Fallout.

The previous week to that was like 50-60 hours. Spring and Fall are my busy seasons, since all the customers want heat and power during the Winter and Summer.

> pick pick pick

I've been zombie tired all this week by about 5pm. Which really sucks when you're using the hydraulic torque wrench I previously mentioned. We've had to yell at one guy twice for trying to talk to us while we're concentrating on not getting our fingers smashed.

> I really need a shower...

The good news got a raise and promotion (with another raise). My boss didn't even have any gripes. He is pushing me toward planning for future career moves. I dunno if cubical life is for me. How am I supposed to refer to a fuel strainer looking like a "Burnt asshole" when human resources is in the same building?
>> No. 109663 ID: aadd02
Friday is my last day. I have nothing lined up.
>> No. 109664 ID: 5e3448

Similar climate (except more rain)
A network of shitbirds (Cable, lolnoguns, soiv, caseless, me)
Cheapish housing
>> No. 109670 ID: 0a3952
Oh man. Something just dredged up this memory:

>Doing demo at pissican factory (>>>/arch/10479)
>Site is surrounded by plastic sheeting because customer doesn't want drywall dust everywhere
>GC requires spotless area at the end of the day
>Using a shopvac to pick up lines of dust the scoop shovel won't pick up
>Shopvac has no filter
>Big cloud of dust in this 20*10' plastic bubble
>lol whatever, I have a dust mask
>wtf is that, boss?
>I think that's the fire alarm, IHC
>Poke head out of bubble
>Everyone's leaving
>Yeah, that's the fire alarm, boss.
>Go outside and have a smoke while waiting for the FD to show up
>FD shows up and does their shit
>someone forgot to move the smoke detector in our little plastic bubble
>kek softly for the rest of the day
>> No. 109690 ID: 8215f4
File 149403462068.jpg - (27.60KB , 481x424 , warpcore.jpg )
> be in Texass for advanced electrical training
> disassembling a stack of diodes and transistors that handle thousands of amps
> a stack of these things looks like a warp core
> mfw

I heard about a new thing: Fidget spinners. Apparently they're being banned in schools. From CNN:

> A fidget spinner is considered to be a type of fidget toy; a low profile, handheld device that people can, well, fidget with without making a big scene.
> The little devices were originally designed to help students with attention disorders like ADD -- expert say having something to occupy their hands may help improve concentration. However, the spinners caught on with the general population, and now come in every color and finish imaginable, with add-ons and doo-hickeys galore.

> How does it help kids with ADHD?
> "Promoting fidgeting is a common method for managing attention regulation,"
> If you've ever watched people tap pencils, twist pieces of paper or even doodle in meetings, you've seen the power of fidgeting in action.

And that's when I realized my coworkers and I are just highly skilled special-needs children adults.

> Playing with coins in pocket: check
> Starting another sentence before finishing the first: check
> Daydreaming during meetings: check
> Squirrel!

I'm really thinking about buying enough for everyone and giving them out at the next company meeting.
>> No. 109694 ID: 3e843b
File 149405134021.jpg - (119.41KB , 640x480 , messy_library_by_noemy009.jpg )
I think some of the people saying ADHD or autism over people fidgeting is just board motherfuckers finding something to do with their hands. I mean its like the difference between a classroom where everyone is engaged and a classroom where everyone is bored. Of course the bored shits aren't going to be twiddling their thumbs and fucking around, sitting there staring off into space is not for everyone.

Anyway on topic, anybody ever get the feeling that your work/boss does shit sometimes just to fuck with you? I got that feeling recently.

Considering I'm a relatively strong strapping young lad most physical labor is done by me. Making some 60 year old granny cart in boxes of books probably not the best thing. So usually someone has some meeting in the library I'm the one setting shit up unless the fucks bring their own people. I don't mind though, at most its usually putting out chairs and setting up tables, maybe dragging some collapsible podium type deal. No big deal.

The recent meeting really pissed me right the fuck off. It was for some local youth group meeting of some shit with like parents and kids getting together to get some asshole to talk to them, for all I fucking know its an incest convention, don't know and don't really care.

What I do care about is I've got to set up in the extra big meeting room putting down around 50 chairs, several tables, the podium, plus put up posters and stands for I guess brochures. That on top of my normal duties.

Now what was SUPPOSED to happen was one of the other branches workers was supposed to come in and give a hand while one of the kids of the event organizers was too. The branch worker was a no show and the kid, some fucking teen, was glued in his iPad given to him by the school system and couldn't be arsed to follow simple directions.

Its fine, all fine. I'd just throw on my headphone and robot that shit, completely blank my mind and get the shit done even though it hurts like a bitch the next day. So its fine......or it would be if I could have gotten to work for more then a few minutes.

The fucktard organizer kept stopping me to go do this or go do that, all the while her fucking kid is sitting there in the one chair he sat up, plus I kept getting called to help with computer problems down in the main lobby because some moron downloaded some game from a website of ill repute and it was making the computer spaz out. Because apparently someone can't unplug a computer from the network and run a virus scan without me or just replace the bitch. Which I had to end up doing as I kept having to run off and somebody else fucked with the computer completely crashing it.

Its really hard to get in a work groove when you are pulled in several directions at once, its fucking hard to accomplish any fucking thing.

I got a little pissed and told my boss that this shit was bullshit (in much better words) and I ain't doing it again. I don't even know if its legal for me to be doing all that fucking backbreaking labor alone.

My boss promised me they will hire a part time library assistant to assist me. A library assistant's assistant. I ain't holding my breath though, another branch has had a similar vacancy for months. The last part timer that was on quit after a year because they kept fucking with his hours, really hard for him to do his college work because of that.

Still if it actually happens maybe I won't have to interact with ANYBODY during my day except the few co-workers who come to my dungeon for whatever. I'd be downright giddy not having anyone asking me any questions or anything. Maybe give them the literal shitjobs. Really abuse the little bit of power I'm given.

But whatever, tomorrow I gotta see what some idiot managed to scramble on the fucking computer. I'm only supposed to be doing basic computing according to my job description, not doing IT work. But again, don't mind.......just as long as fuckers let me do my damn job.

Also why the fuck are people still playing Runescape anyway? Motherfuckers were playing that shit back in the day well over a decade ago when I was going to the library as a patron and still today it seems like atleast a 3rd of the computers some asshole is playing that shit. I don't mind really except when they try to download a client from some random ass probably Russian scam site promising some special version of the game.
>> No. 109709 ID: f2172d
>Fidget spinners.
Learned about these today from a teacher friend.
She says she is allowing them for now as long as her students use them to help them focus on a task at hand. I also realized that a coworker 3d-printed one for his desk; never figured out what it was before.
>> No. 109712 ID: bd7820
>work 14 hour day in new boots
>lotsa bullshit, long day
>get home, shower, prop feet up and fire up the Youtubes
>hear Mexicans argue outside apartment
>casually point gun behind me while not taking eyes off screen
I'm ready to go, fuckers.

I move in 2 weeks, to a better neighborhood with a backyard and garage and good friends as roommates. I'll give you all an update soon.
>> No. 109720 ID: 13f512
File 149419769346.jpg - (41.41KB , 640x558 , cJxMVQc.jpg )
>> No. 109724 ID: 9dcda2

Once again. Only postponed till tomorrow though.

> drive home
> stop at gas station around 1000
> homeless guy passed out on the sidewalk
> don't see his chest moving
> whatevs
> decide he was just sleeping
> fuel up and leave
>> No. 109758 ID: 19518e
File 149439748170.jpg - (658.78KB , 1600x1200 , when_z_retract_doesnt_clear.jpg )
That probably made a bit of a snap I bet.

I remember the machine didn't even alarm out on this particular "oops", Okuma STRONK.
>> No. 109759 ID: 49e1e2
I recently had to quit my job working for a call center that handled blue cross blue shield of Arkansas.

After some dumb fucking choices by the company they decided to put me on a team with a dumb fucking hillbilly who threatened to knock me the fuck out a couple of times. Shit was reported to my OM, to HR, and to the site manager. I told said supervisor if he wanted to we could go outside and settle it like men.

Instead he decided that trying to write me up for every little thing was a better approach. It would not have bugged me if he only treated me this way. Instead he was threatening physical violence on little old 50+ year old ladies. Who have all gone to the appropriate channels to file formal complaints. Nothing got done.

They didnt pay me enough to do all the work he gave me (his work), deal with his shit, and keep up with my normal work load. So I basically chunked the deuce and left. I then posted on our employee voice (kind of like a facebook thing) and that post goes straight to the CEO of the company.

I also sent that email explaining how he is a piece of shit, and keeping him around is making people quit/want to quit to blue cross blue shield as well.

And since I quit last week another three or four agents have quit and another three or four are about to. Mind you my line of business only has like 15 people. So they are fucked, especially without me because I was the only one left who know anything about the product. But good riddance.

However I saved up enough money to spend the next 3 months stay at home dadding and working out so I can enlist and ship to basic by october at the latest.

So to those of you I owe money, I do apologize you havent been paid in a timely manner. However I will be repaying yall with interest in the very near future.

How has everyone been?
>> No. 109769 ID: 9dcda2
  The engines I work on can either run on natural gas or a liquid fuel like diesel or kerosene. Natural gas works fucking great, burns clean, and makes good power. Liquid fuel is used as a standby and can be... difficult.

> finishing up maintenance
> start at 0700, friday, water wash engine
> button everything back up by 1100
> gonna start and go to lunch
> only 1 facility gas compressor working, running other turbine
> time to start on liquid
> failed start, temperature high
Lets try that again...
> failed start, no ignition
> check spark plug, new one failed after one shot, put old plug back in
> failed start, temperature high
Ok, cut back on fuel.
> failed start, temperature high
Cut back more?
> failed start, temperature high
More atomizing air?
> failed start, temperature high
Even less fuel?
> failed start, no ignition
Increase fuel? Less atomizing air?

Then coworker remembers that we've never successfully started this unit on liquid. Those two painful nights the previous 2 winters were on this unit. >>/arch/10229

> send coworker out to get lunch
> eat lunch while troubleshooting
> call engineering for halp
> start digging through control system logic
> should be cutting back on fuel but it doesnt
> six hours later and a dozen starts later
> discover a semi-related software value that was dicked up by previous tech
> minimum fuel value set higher than starting fuel value
> couldn't go any lower
Well that explains why were getting too much fuel...
> copy values from other unit
> fires right up
> rockets a shitload of water wash out the exhaust
> hmm interesting
> throw my shit in the truck and leave at 2000
>> No. 109785 ID: e266a3
How's your family?
>> No. 109786 ID: 2ded50
Are you guys using your own temp probes or just the ToT?
>> No. 109787 ID: 596517
Industrial gas turbines, so we've got 12 TCs between the 2nd and 3rd turbine stages. What's that, Inter Turbine Temp for aero engines? I've got another unit that's "special" and has some 27 TCs and RTDs.
>> No. 109789 ID: 2ded50
File 149506842953.gif - (1.17MB , 200x118 , 45 GAP.gif )
Way over my head lol.
>> No. 109793 ID: 56190f
File 14950981564.jpg - (254.44KB , 1480x1080 , Bugs Bunny in drag Rabbit Seasoning 2.jpg )
I thought the propeller pasties were adequately concealing.
>> No. 109794 ID: 56190f
File 149509915843.jpg - (4.73MB , 5601x4233 , US WW2 B-25 Mitchell bomber 2.jpg )
B-25 Mitchell flying over Inglewood, California, circa 1941. Big enough to read the gunner’s baseball cap, and in true color to boot.
>> No. 109796 ID: e9aed2
File 149511277536.jpg - (65.35KB , 525x700 , 149508052080.jpg )
TCs... titty cranks?
>> No. 109797 ID: e9aed2
IDK I pinged JD in the IRC, he hasn't responded, so I'll just put it back up and see if anyone bitches.
>> No. 109799 ID: 9dcda2
File 149511489831.jpg - (11.72KB , 602x333 , thermocouple.jpg )
TC = Thermocouple
RTD = Resistance Temperature Detector

Thermocouples work by having two dissimilar metals meet at the point you want to measure. Any kind of heat will generate a very small voltage in the circuit, which can be read by a sensitive meter. (41 µV/°C according to Wiki)

The most common is "Type K" which is chromel–alumel. Works well for exhaust kind of temperatures (below 2000'F), but can't stand combustion temperatures (3000'F +).

RTDs (RTD100) use platinum wire which increases in resistance as temperature increases. They will read 100 ohms resistance at 0'C, and about 118 ohms at room temperature.

>> No. 109800 ID: 49e1e2
We are alright. Had to move out of my other address in about 2 days into this new place (which is bigger, nicer, and cheaper) because my landlord refused to fix anything (including the fact that my other place was filled with black mold due to constant flooding). He texted me a day or two after I moved out all "I cant believe you would jet without telling me, karma is gonna get you, hope your happy" etc. This guy beats his women and treats his tenants like scum. I actively overheard him say we deserved to live in scum because my little family unit was scummy. Currently looking for a lawyer to take him to court for damages, med bills, etc. His former assistant and my neighbor is joining, as is his most recent girlfriend (who was smokin hot) as a character witness and a few other of his tenants.

On the family news I married my lady I have been seeing for the past 4 years.

Pecpocalypse yesterday blew donkey balls but im not too sore today, and its probably legaggedon today. weee.
>> No. 109801 ID: 9dcda2
A turbine "stage" is a stationary section and a moving section. The combustor produces hot gas, lots of it. The stationary blades (nozzle) sets up the airflow onto the moving blades (just blades) causing them to spin.

This animation is has two different "spools". The combustor is to the left, exhaust to the right. The left (inner) turbine stage would be for the inner compressor/turbine spool, probably called N2 or high pressure compressor/turbine. The right (outer) turbine stage would be for the N1, or low pressure compressor/turbine and probably the big fan on the front of the engine. The energy comes from combustion and then it's all downhill from there out to the exhaust.
>> No. 109802 ID: 9dcda2
> On the family news I married my lady I have been seeing for the past 4 years.

Congrats dude!
>> No. 109809 ID: 13f512
propeller nips are fine
>> No. 109811 ID: 9dcda2
File 14952464729.jpg - (113.30KB , 674x1200 , alarm silence.jpg )
Warning: Blog post.

Hell of a week. The picture is of another piece of equipment that kept alarming for no reason. I "fixed" it.

Sunday, got paid 2.5 hrs of double time to drive somewhere.

Monday, at a landfill with 2 turbines. Spent 12 hours finishing up maintenance then drove 3 hours. Landfills fucking stink, but at least the site guys were pretty cool. By noon we were ready to go, just waiting on the site guys to finish work on another piece of equipment. "We're just a few minutes away" he says. Ok cool, we'll wait till after lunch. 2 hours later they get their shit together and we work another 2 hours after that. It was 1600 before we finally broke for lunch. I think we finished around 1800.

Tuesday, I helped a coworker make some software changes. The customer wants a few things added to the software, but coworker wants to rewrite the whole program. He's been telling me about it for a few days saying we would need to get special permission from engineering and all kinds of shit. I tell him to chill out and, as simply as possible, do what the customer wants, without changing anything critical in our software. A new problem pops up, when we give a "turbine shutdown" status indication, customer sends us a shutdown command. Can't clear our shutdown because we're getting a shutdown. Customer's engineers cannot understand this concept and fuck around for 5 hours until I talk to the guy directly for 5 minutes. They get the shit worked out and finally get started. I then drive 3 hours and get a ultrasonic flow meter from coworker in a gas station parking lot. Another 15 hour day.

Wednesday, I try to figure out how ultrasonic flow meter thing works. Read manual, set settings, apply lube, clamp meter on to pipe. Reads some random number. Check settings and relube. Reads 2x the first number. Fuck around some more, come up with a seemingly consistent 85 gallons per minute. Been on site for 2 hours, customer boss calls my office asking where I am. Apparently I was supposed to find him and let him know I was there, not just talk to the operator on duty. What the fuck ever. By the middle of the afternoon, he sends out an email to my bosses saying he is waiting for my report, even though I haven't left the site yet, and have spoken to him twice on the phone. Fucking dickhead. I think that was a 13 hour day.

Thursday, home and off. Do paperwork then go shoot shotguns. A different coworker calls me, "Hey man, how would you like to be my best friend?" To which I reply "Aw fuck." He sets me up to go fix some shit at my least favorite site in my area. He's been there all day trying to get the engines running and it's his last day on the job. I guess moving out with his family is some kind of priority.

Friday, I went to my least favorite site... in fucking Baltimore. The engine is down, the customer is stressing, it's hot and humid, it smells like sewage, and I have to rewire the fucking thermocouple box >>109787 because of some random and unrepeatable problem. What do you do when you don't know what else to do? Shoot the parts cannon at it. I also replaced an air regulator which coworker stole to get the other turbine running and a liquid fuel flow meter which just decided to die.

Coming up tomorrow I'll be helping to run a 3 gun shoot, then another rifle shoot on Sunday.
>> No. 109814 ID: 19518e
>The picture is of another piece of equipment that kept alarming for no reason. I "fixed" it.

>15 hour day
>15 hour day
>13 hour day

Fucking harsh dude, seems like work is getting ridiculous for everyone.

I got dumped 12+ machines to run for the 10 hour shift, I get home at the usual 2am on Tuesday from the Monday shift, and get 2 hours of sleep then have to get up for an interview Tuesday morning. The interview takes a while, I get home from it and basically just get food ready for the Tuesday shift, another 10 hours of a dozen machines. I ask boss what's priority, he highlights like 9 machines out of the 12 and says "do what you can". Worst part was the heat, we got a bit of a wave up here, it was 80 to 90 degrees Freedoms in the shop.

So Thursday I get a call, new potential job asks me to come in for an orientation/testing to see if I'm worth my salt, because they said they'd had more than one yahoo spouting all sorts of stuff during the interview and once they're hired they'd suddenly find out that "oh this machine isn't like the one I'm used to" and whatnot. I get off Thursday night, another 2 hours of sleep, and nail the tests they had ready. The weather was much nicer being in the 65 range, that helped quite a bit.

New job has me all sorts of giddy, it might take a dollar off the pay to start but I don't mind, at least I'll be doing what I should be doing instead of being a glorified part-swapping-button-pusher monkey. The new potential job boss said he had one guy to interview but I'd know by Thursday next week.

btw avgas, you gonna post pics/webms of your 3 gun and rifle match coming up?
>> No. 109817 ID: 813f6b

I hope you're getting paid enough to put up with that kind of shit and work hours.


Hope it works out for you.
>> No. 109819 ID: 6e292d
File 149531264393.png - (942.50KB , 898x674 , sad cat.png )
>got a good deal on 10g plate
>2'x6' for $10
>decide to make a more portable forge
>mark a 6" square
>get out my square and draw lines from corner to corner
>cut the right triangles out and clean them up
>cut the 1st inch off so I can weld a pipe on later
>fit them together so I can weld them
>they won't fit
>fuck with it for 20 minutes
>welding magnets should be 90 degrees
>confused as fuck
>keep jigglin around the plates hoping it will just work.
>it dawns on me
>should have cut the plate into isosceles triangles
>tfw retarded as fuck
>> No. 109820 ID: 9dcda2
> btw avgas, you gonna post pics/webms of your 3 gun and rifle match coming up?

You got it, fam. >>109818

> I hope you're getting paid enough...

I get paid pretty well, but that's with overtime. It kinda burns my ass that the worthless ass plant operators get paid more than I do, but I get other benefits like a new company truck every 2-3 years and free gas for personal use. And really my bosses and coworkers are cool and I get to do high-level shit despite being what other companies would consider a noob. And I get enough random time off to go shooting.

> that kind of shit
Eh, usually it's fine. This week was just a lot of work. Not even that bad.

> and work hours.
That's what usually gets our guys. My department has a pretty high turnover rate, like 5 out of 25 per year. Not because they dislike it, but because it fucking kills your personal life. My buddy who's leaving had a kid a few months ago and the wife already got him to take a desk job back in California. That's where they're from, so they can be with family and everything. I totally understand, but that's how it goes.

Thanks to the high attrition rate, I'm like half way up on seniority after 3 years. I'm starting to get more and more calls from my guys asking how to do something, which I don't mind, makes me feel important.

I've had a couple of quick answers that I'm pretty proud of. One, we were starting up a new site and working out the serial communication between the turbine and the plant control system. He'd send us a number and it would come in all fucked up. Big number turned into a small number. We're sitting there scratching our heads when it hit me, "Are you sending the number as 'most significant digit first' or 'least first?'". Coworker looks at me like I've got a dick growing out of my forehead and plant control guy goes "Oh yeah!". That brand of PLC sends it the other way. Flip some configuration bits and it was good to go. Good luck figuring that one out fuckers.

The second was more recently, a plant I started up 2 years ago just decided to do some "black start" testing without telling any of us. This is where the plant is completely without power, and they use batteries to start a small generator to power the starter for the next bigger generator, and bigger, and so on. When a turbine start motor takes a megawatt of power, you can't really start it off batteries, it has to be from a CAT diesel or something.

> diesel generator starts on batteries
> energizes ancillary bus for turbine, have power for oil pumps, fans, fuel pumps, and start motor
> turbine starts, synchronizes to diesel generator
> lots of power available now
> start and synch other two turbines
> shutdown diesel generator
> turbines run facility (and themselves)
> later, synch to power grid once it's back

Generators can operate in two modes, Island or Grid. Island mode assumes you're the only one there, and you have to generate enough power to support whatever motors, battery chargers, computers, ice makers, disco balls, etc that needs power. Oh and the voltage and frequency have to be right, otherwise you get "brown outs". An example of an "island" would be like an oil rig, where there's no utility at all.

My city based engines run mostly in Grid mode. The power grid is like a tandem bicycle, everyone pedals and contributes as much or as little as you want. This tandem bicycle is infinitely long, and it's going 60 hertz (hz), so all you can do is put effort into it or take effort out of it.

So back to the story: Customer's engineering consultant guy calls me, cool dude, haven't heard from him in a while. "It synched, but then went down on under-frequency" he tells me. Well that's not right, it should carry the load and maintain 60 hz.... thinking... thinking... coworkers and boss are buying gourmet cupcakes and meeting up with other coworkers for lunch... thinking... send address for lunch place to coworkers to meet up... thinking... order me some cashew chicken I'll be late...

Fuck! "Hey man check the generator screen, tell me if it's ISLAND or GRID mode." I tell consultant guy. "It says GRID mode". "Well shit that's your problem, the turbine doesn't know it's supposed to do all the work. Hold on..." So I pull up the drawings on my laptop (on the armrest of my truck, in the cupcake store parking lot), "Hey put the electrician on the phone. Hey, get your drawings and turn to page 50, go to the control console and remove relay 1234."

And then it worked. starwarsreybypassedthecompressor.jpg
>> No. 109822 ID: 5e787d
Dude dropped a sandrail off at my place yesterday to figure out why it runs like shit.

>Huh, it doesn't really want to idle well
>I bet the carb's dirty.
>Better test the midrange and high speed, too.
>huh, thing does good brodies
>Yep. carb's dirty
>better make sure
>yep, carb's still dirty.

Now I get to clean it up and, uh, 'test' it some more.
>> No. 109827 ID: 454b25
File 149539466530.jpg - (287.15KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20170521_121329.jpg )
Oh look at that there's sand in the carburetor.

Not exactly the dried gas and dust goobers I was expecting (thank fuck) but still enough to clog the shit out of a jet or two.
>> No. 109828 ID: 454b25
File 149539483079.jpg - (280.21KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20170521_121514.jpg )
Just a little sand, nothing to worry about.

Change your god dang fuel filters, people!
>> No. 109830 ID: 454b25
File 149539686085.jpg - (439.24KB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20170521_125551.jpg )
Oh and here's a tip for you classic car masochists enthusiasts:

Gas-axe tip cleaners are a handy dandy thing to keep around.
>> No. 109903 ID: 19518e
File 149630704267.jpg - (358.63KB , 995x1516 , 1.jpg )
I think I'll start picking up more chinese absurdly unapologetic shit tools.


Simply put, I am getting a kick out of finding out just how terrible these things are. I expect it to be bad, but the surprise at HOW FUCKING BAD these are makes me laugh more than it should. Today's item? A 0-1 micrometer from no-name China I got for a couple bucks at work. Wanted a mic to go with the equally cheap chinese lathe at home, what could go wrong?


Everything is wrong. What you expect cannot be wrong is also wrong.

Just about the only correct thing this mic does is the brake. The lever is molded over a brass nut and screw that locks the thimble, and it works fine.
>> No. 109904 ID: 19518e
File 149630762534.jpg - (324.57KB , 1333x911 , 2.jpg )
So lets go down the list of what is wrong with this thing.

>krusty kunt flaskes dirty
Par for course, they went all out on this. I was cleaning it for a good five minutes with solvents, compressed air, small brushes, etc. Dropped a bit of Starrett light oil and ran the thimble a few times, it bled even more gunk. After a while it was ok, nothing too surprising here.
>rough fit/finish
Expected, but the thread is particularly horrible. Technically still within what I expected.
>parallelism of the faces
They didn't even bother. The faces contact on possibly 5%, both faces are very far from parallel. Okay, this is getting pretty bad. At the far corner when the mic is closed, I can sneak in a corner of 0.0005" shim. Ouch. Oh and the faces are kinda cracked on the edges, not that it matters at that point.
This part really threw me for a wild ride. I was not expecting this.


I was expecting it to not read right, but this doesn't read correctly, on top of that it FUCKS UP INCORRECTLY. It's like an inception fuck-up. It fucks up while fucking up.

See here on the body reading? It should be 0.600, but we can clearly see it's between 0.600 and 0.601, so eyeballing it we can assume it should be reading somewhere around 0.6005" when we look at the tenth scale.
>> No. 109905 ID: 19518e
File 149630790570.jpg - (326.72KB , 1353x841 , 3.jpg )
But then we look at the tenth scale, and it's like "nah I'm bang on lol".

And that's when it lines up at all. Those "???" entries in the gauge block checking are when the tenth scale doesn't line up with anything. Like none of the lines are anywhere near anything, making the tenth scale basically useless on top of being useless (since the faces are so far off kilter and the thread itself is out to lunch).

This shit is hilarious I should sneak it in QA to see how loud they notice.
>> No. 109906 ID: 19518e
File 149630857025.jpg - (722.10KB , 2514x1072 , 4-opsec.jpg )
So just to be clear, the column of "body reading" is just the eyeballing like in >>109904. By comparison, obviously my personal 0-1 Mitutoyo mic is exactly on the line on the body, then on the 0 line in the tenth scale AND on the 0 line on the top of the tenth scale. Went without saying but I just had to fondle the Mit for to clear my head of the chingchong five dolla me measure you long time.
>> No. 109907 ID: 19518e
File 149630940795.jpg - (1.97MB , 4128x2322 , 20140429_155112_LLS.jpg )
With all that shenanigans out of the way, I finished my last shift at the current job. Moving on to another shop, I gotta celebrate my four days of NEEThood. Maybe tomorrow I'll be in the alcohol thread.

It was a fun last shift, I even had to turn a milling machine into a lathe for like ten minutes, been a while since I've had to do that.

Picture unrelated.
>> No. 109911 ID: 813f6b

Godspeed, friendo.
May this be a last taste of the chinsiest chinesium.
>> No. 109923 ID: 13f512
File 149650477889.jpg - (55.17KB , 558x578 , 18920511_10156406295406164_6376214596455654185_n.jpg )
Moving to a new position in my company, less acquisition/paper pushing, more interaction with customers. New office in a certain polygonal building, way easier commute, more moneys.

Things are good.
>> No. 109934 ID: bc78c2
>New office in a certain polygonal building,
Madison Square Garden, you say?
>> No. 109946 ID: 9dcda2
File 149658690848.jpg - (83.87KB , 1600x1273 , db4cf790a4b5a53ae6fba9bfb4b357d4-imagejpeg.jpg )
> doing maintenance
> job takes 10 man-days if nothing fucks up
> working on the special-needs engines, something always fucks up
> 5 days x 3 guys = 15 mandays
> I get pulled off for 1.5 days (-1.5)
> other guy get pulled off for 2 days (-2)
> exhaust gasket needs replacement (only 86 bolts...) like a 2 guy x 1 day job (-2)

Little short...

> working 12+ hr days to catch up
> morning of day 5, everyone is grumpy
> why the fuck are these bolts so tight? fuck!
> who safety wired this shit (not exactly the way I like it), asshole!
> where's my fucking 91/6 wrench!
> decide it's best if we take an early lunch
> everyone doing much better afterward

> last step is to wash engine
> coworker is using a hand pump to transfer cleaning solution from 55 gallon drum into a bucket
> something happens to the pump, coworker's pants get covered in engine cleaner concentrate
> it's a kind of harsh chemical, really don't know the severity
> check barrel label
> every chemical from table salt to shit that dissolves bodies reads exactly the same, doesn't really help
> coworker lives about 45 mins away, send him home to shower and change
> right after he leaves, I start worrying that we should have hosed him off right then and there
> again, really don't know how severe it is
> start thinking about all the nasty chemical exposure stories... >>\arch\10003
> decide that if he gets fucked up from this, I'm quitting
> like 2 hours later coworker returns, saying he's alright with very minor irritation
> he seems ok for the rest of the day
> finish up maintenance, 16 hour day

> today
> text coworker "Your junk ok?"
> "Yep haha thanks for asking"
>> No. 109971 ID: 19518e
>get hired at new job
>tidy up the current running job (spot drill tap cycle)
>couple scrap parts from the previous machinist
>"drill broke then tap broke"
>.200" drill doing 3k feeding at 40 inches per minute
>I wonder why it broke
>"oh yeah previous machinist kept breaking taps so he set it to tap only a few threads and does the rest by hand"
>fix that bullshit
>parts run just fine now, tapped to depth and all

Supervisor then shows up
>manual lathe job
>316 stainless seamless tube stock material
>8mm outside diameter, 5mm inside
>finished part is 7.7 outside, 6.4 inside, 2mm long
>little fucking bushings
>grab carbide parting tool
>chuck jaws on clapped out lathe so sloppy even with 0.4" stick-out, the tube is supported 2" away, far into the chuck
>carbide touches part
>tube instantly bends and fucks off, busting insert
>aight fuck this
>throw on collet chuck
>grind HSS parting tool
>spin 400 rippums (fuck yeah 316 HSS sfm of like 35)
>face part, set zero, skim OD with parting tool, part to finished diameter
>run drill through so it cuts the part off from the inside
>doing the opposite leaves a huge burr that's impossible to remove without warping the tiny fucking bushing
>"parts must be free of sharp edges"
>have you ever tried deburring a tiny ring of 316
>throw bar stock in spindle
>cut a shoulder a thou under inside diameter, 0.03" long
>hacksaw a groove down the center of bar stock
>pry open with screwdriver
>I now have a tiny, tiny part vise that holds the rings from the inside, letting me deburr the inside and outside edges
>see plan
>"material must be 316 stainless or 6061 aluminum"

I just about laughed myself silly, that's like saying you're fine with your house being made entirely out of Inconel, or drinking straws. You know, both those materials are fine.
>> No. 109972 ID: fb3bdd
Wait, aluminium for a fucking bushing? What the fuck are these niggers smoking?
>> No. 109975 ID: 19518e
I got no fucking clue man. Drawing just says "spacer bushing" in part name/description field. Length and ID are unilateral 0.002" tolerance, except OD that's +.004/-0.008".

What made me laugh more is who the customer is.

It's fucking Canada Post lmao

Christ I hope we're charging an arm and a dick for this shit.
>> No. 109976 ID: 8c968b
So did you make the rest out of 6061?
>> No. 109977 ID: 19518e
Nah, I had to make the order of 100 pieces with the provided material.

Once I had it all set up I was rolling them out one every forty five seconds or so, same for deburring.
>> No. 109978 ID: 56a253
>Get a phonecall from a pissed off sounding gentleman
>He's a police chief from a city a couple hours away
>Apparently he called one of the stores in our company looking to buy some gear for his department and some newfag employee blew him off


>Talk it out with him and smooth things over
>Rather than transfer him around the company, offer to handle his order request personally on the spot
>He's looking for body armor
>High end shit, several units
>Look it up
>I can get it. MSRP $1400 apiece, yowza
>He needs an official quote, but no problemo
>Get it all set up
>I know we're gonna be competing with my nemesis - a giant police supply co from down south who sticks their dick in my eye all the time
>Say fuck it, it's free money since its a prepaid contract
>Make a quote with a $20 per unit markup
>Gotta get final approval because loadsa company money
>Run it by the head-head honchos
>They're happy I'm handling it, but won't go lower than 10%
>Know my nemesis regularly goes 3 or 4% just to keep the market cornered
>Submit the bid at 10%, because gotta
>No reply after all that work

Blueballed by them again. I hate GT Distributors so fucking much. I'm gonna eat their lunch some day if it's the last thing I ever do.
>> No. 109981 ID: 9dcda2
File 149689241729.jpg - (200.83KB , 1200x671 , scarry bathroom.jpg )
>"material must be 316 stainless or 6061 aluminum"

Lawl. Maybe it just needed to be corrosion resistant?

> I'm gonna eat their lunch some day if it's the last thing I ever do.

That's fucking funny.

Pic is of an old job. Definitely the scariest bathroom I've been in.

> job this week: borescope two engines, check for product update notices
> Mon and Tue, scope the engines, no problem
> customer is a old A&P mechanic, we get along just fine
> he wants me to check our equivalent of "Airworthness Directives" to see if the engines need anything
> product has been around for 30+ years
> whole FUCKTON of notices
> 230 since 2009... everything from "this shit explodes" to "new USB cable available"
> gotta figure out if it's N/A, applicable, and then if it's a "watch" item or "fix right now" item
> working from home today, so I can have a big monitor and a decent internet connection
> get through about 80 by lunch time
> fucked up and bought non-caffeinated soda
> fucking fall asleep
> wake up, eat some leftovers and watch InRange TV
> get through another 80 ish
> practice some dry fires and reloads with the rifle and pistol
> get to #200
> get some dinner

Fuck. Turning wrenches is the easy part of my job. Unless it's an engine exchange, then it's back breaking labor for 12 hours a day for a for 11 days.
>> No. 109982 ID: 4eccba
File 149689982038.jpg - (165.28KB , 720x547 , 1496515060509.jpg )
They're probably decorative and they just wanted the silver shiny.
>> No. 109999 ID: 19518e
File wobble.webm - (2.92MB )
>get speakers for work
>turn them on at home to see what's what
>sound isn't perfect, highs a little thin, but overall passable
>look at the fucking sides wew

Webm related, took it in 30, 240, 480, and 1000 frames per second.

Bathrooms at new job are the best, cleanest, and most functional I've ever had. I think I'd still take your spooky bathroom before my old job, at least the toilet might flush in yours. At some point in old job I'd just bring a bucket of water because the fucking cunt toilet would clog on piss. I'd do my business, and dump the water in the toilet so it would all flush properly.
>> No. 110042 ID: 162423
Funny thing about being a server. People will pay for you to cover their shift.

Somebody just offered me $50 to cover their night shift on father's day. So now I'm working a double shift on a busy day with a guaranteed good payout and I'm already $50 ahead.

I'll never understand people paying to not work. But I'll take it.
>> No. 110043 ID: 813f6b

What is there not to understand?

Most people work because they have to, not because they want to.
They want to get out of work for reason X, but the company needs the shift covered. So they offer someone an incentive to take over shift Y, not realizing that you'd have done it anyway because you're wired different than they are. They offer what they believe is necessary to guarantee they can have time off?
>> No. 110044 ID: a8dbe2
Because it's incredibly simple to get a shift covered. There's always the servers with low PPAs that don't get scheduled a lot, so someone is always looking for a shift. And this is a holiday night, people want this shift.

A little patience and posting once or twice on the group FB page is enough, you don't need to pay to get out unless something JUST came up and you're trying to cover it now. $50 to cover a shift that is almost a lifetime away on the schedule and on a night everyone wants is just funny.

I'm not saying no to $50, though.
>> No. 110099 ID: aadd02
File 149776322635.jpg - (168.42KB , 640x427 , web1_dotty-s-robbery-may16-16bt_web_4.jpg )
Had an interview today. Got an offer on the spot. Any advice for a brand new bartender?

I'll be working at several locations, plugging holes in schedules for swing and graveyard.
>> No. 110100 ID: a8dbe2
Hoo boy. Have you ever worked bar or service industry at all?

Best advice I can give you is to run your patrons, don't let your patrons run you. You're only one man, you'll get to it when you can get to it. Don't let your patrons dictate your next move. If you develop a system and consolidate tasks, it's a pretty easy job.

Easy, but stressful and fast paced depending on the bar that you work at.

As for actual bar advice? MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE. Overpouring is the biggest issue of any bar.
>> No. 110103 ID: ff7c80
I'm leaving my current job at a non-profit and going back to the university I used to work at. Except this time its a full time, union position. I'll be a unified communications systems technician. It's not that I want to leave my current job, but I don't see myself retiring from a non-profit organization.
>> No. 110104 ID: 22c903
File 149796923476.jpg - (21.92KB , 320x241 , 1497878458503.jpg )
drink as much as you can at the start of your shift. Trust me, it increases business and tips.
>> No. 110105 ID: bd9907
File 149797589226.jpg - (97.99KB , 458x649 , alcohol enemy.jpg )
Hell of a job for a guy with an alcohol problem.
>> No. 110107 ID: aadd02
File 149798000220.jpg - (64.72KB , 729x900 , ziegfeld-follies-red-skelton-1946-everett.jpg )
Got it.

Concerns have been expressed, but they've generally been silenced by a household wide desire for me to not be unemployed anymore.
>> No. 110110 ID: 49e1e2
>As for actual bar advice? MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE. Overpouring is the biggest issue of any bar.
Amateur. I free pour. Then again I spent hours and hours and hours developing the ability to free pour and making it look like Im pouring a lot of extra in your drink without ever going over by even a drop.

Study up on popular drinks. Make flash cards if you have to.

Will you be tending bar at a food place or a club? Because at food places you can generally take your time because the patron isnt sitting there staring at you. If its at a club, 100% study popular drinks. You dont want to look like an idiot when someone asks for a dirty martini and you have to ask what that is (I had a waiter who constantly told me he could do my job ask me what a dirty martini was)
>> No. 110114 ID: 268d3e
Yeah, it's good advice for him. Some bars are super strict about overpouring.

Free pouring is a good skill and I should save up some bottles and practice.
>> No. 110122 ID: aadd02
File 149810887665.jpg - (179.26KB , 500x393 , 6089839-0-4.jpg )
Here's the thing.

Las Vegas is a hard place to be a brand new bartender. Most places expect experience. The only place I could find to hire me with no experience is Dotty's. It's a chain of seedy little slot machine casinos that has spread across the valley like a biblical plague. Most of the common mixed drinks are served canned. Most patrons come to gamble, not drink. Those drinks that are ordered will be beer and an occasional Jack & Coke. I won't get much in the way of tips, but it's something to put on a resume. A skilled bartender can make a great living in this town, but before you're raking in $500 a night in tips at a high end club or lounge on the strip, you gotta pay your dues.

Pic is the inside of every Dotty's. Somehow, these dimly lit, sad looking gambling halls running Plain Jane video poker and slots are blowing the fuck up right now at a time when the huge, flashy casinos are worried about their profits.
>> No. 110137 ID: 13f512
File 149831798228.jpg - (43.73KB , 406x465 , JSSIPlL.jpg )
I dunno how much this applies to the walmart of casinos, but I honestly value how interactive and attentive bartenders are over their technical prowess. Anyone can fetch me a beer, I want someone who can convincingly pretend they are happy to fetch me a beer.

Now of course this has limits. If I ask for a drink and you don't know how to make it, that's fine - I'll tell you and you can maintain the experience by working with me. If you say you know how to do it and fuck it up royally without saying anything... we're going to have issues. If you just flat out refuse to engage with stuff you don't know, we're also going to have issues. I'm going to belittle you and leave you a shitty tip.
>> No. 110138 ID: 13f512
File 149831822888.jpg - (42.98KB , 500x662 , 18920359_10207012620114364_4646569638823214332_n.jpg )
I'll give you an anecdote. The bar right near my building here was kind of shitty. Poor selection generally, middle of the road prices and lackluster food. The bar staff was great though, even the guy who was about to go to county jail for like a month. Right up until the night before he had to go, he was serving drinks with a smile and chatting everyone up. I actually stopped in to visit him while he was there for moral support. That's the kind of bartender you need to be to succeed.

Ya know, since you don't have tits.
>> No. 110139 ID: 9dcda2
File 149833879477.jpg - (31.55KB , 348x400 , f6b6f167bd3c6aa7c9c1ca8c841c41a5.jpg )
Being a hot female was going to be my suggestion.
>> No. 110140 ID: a8dbe2
This is good advice for serving in general. Attitude is everything, this is why I have so many regulars.

My menu knowledge helps too. Unlike most of the serving staff there, I have time in the kitchen. I know the product very well and I have a decent enough vocabulary to describe it seductively.

"It's a grilled chicken breast topped with avocado, pico de gallo and melted jack cheese, all while marinaded in our new honey lime sauce. The sauce makes this stand out as it has granulated sugar, honey and crushed red chili pepper in it making it really sweet with a spicy kick. Perfect for chicken, but I honestly mix it with anything that we marinade with a lemon pepper butter."

I'm #4 in sales percentages at work, out of 80 people.
>> No. 110141 ID: aadd02
At about a quarter to five this morning, as I was cock blocking a patron receiving a handjob from a big breasted transgender prostitute (true addict that he was, he was still playing his machine during the act) it dawned on me that I have never really held a "normal" job. The elderly guy openly groping the barely contained tits of two hard drinking young Latinas seemed cheeky and tame in comparison; their reaction was giggling, not outrage. I suspect they were milking him for a few bucks to keep gambling. The number of people present in this place in the wee hours of the morning kind of depresses me.

Thanks for the advice. I doubt I'll be making anything complicated, and acting interested isn't going to be a problem. This crowd is nothing if not interesting.

Flattering older women (and there's plenty) also works.

Our food is shit. It's rarely ordered, pre-packaged schlock, and half the items on the menu are actually stocked at any given time. The food merely exists so that Dotty's can operate under a tavern license instead of a casino license. It's actually causing them legal trouble.
>> No. 110152 ID: 49e1e2
Ask if you can take some empty bottles home after your shift. Buy some pour spouts from your local booze store. Fill the bottles with water and get a jig and practice that way. Youll get good enough with enough practice that one or two more drops would cause it to spill.

One of the teachers at the bartending school I went to traveled the world bartending. He was telling us that if you end up in a night club in vegas be prepared to work your ass off and make brain damage level kinds of money. He was in vegas from like 2000-2005ish and he was saying his slow nights were close to $1000 a night in tips. Granted he was a really talented flair bartender, so that explains the dosh. Flair video related. I got decent at it in my spare time. Never got to use it for realzies.

I enjoyed the fuck out of bartending. Im a night person, and I enjoy doing the bartender psychiatrist thing (even more so actually having a psych degree). I also get a lot of satisfaction out of customer service for some weird reason.
>> No. 110157 ID: 49e1e2
Well that level of flair is only ever seen in competitions or specific bars where the flair bartending is part of the party feel or whatever. Id agree with ya, I just enjoy the craft of it.
>> No. 110163 ID: aadd02
File 14985842219.png - (70.24KB , 275x224 , Screen_Shot_2012-09-13_at_9_39_39_AM.png )
This place is so motherfucking depressing. These aren't tourists or weekenders having fun. These are addicts. All of them. The looks on some faces, you can just tell they lost their rent money. And I go around comping drinks, keeping them at their machine, providing "service", all to keep them feeding us cash they can't afford to lose. A coworker told me the busiest time is the first of the month, right at midnight when their disbursements drop. I am an anti-social worker. I sell vice and misery.

>MFW I am the moral equivalent of a crack dealer.
>> No. 110164 ID: bd9907
Better keep looking for other work.
>> No. 110180 ID: 19518e
>be at new job
>cutting tool drawers are a mess
>get a bit of time to sort through stuff
>first shelf is cutting taps
>metrique taps mixed in with imperial taps
>STI taps thrown in the mix (just to keep me on my toes, I assume)
>cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria, etc
>boxes for the taps are dirty inside of a closed drawer
>brand new taps (never used) are dirty inside of cases that are dirty inside of closed drawer
>I'm not even angry I'm just impressed
>two hours later, around 500 taps total from 0-80 to 1"-8 sorted and organized
>find another bin
>75 taps imperial and metrique all under 1/4-20/5mm just in a pile

The ride never ends.

If he isn't there to do it, someone else will. He isn't forcing alcohol down their throats.

Yes, it's "distasteful" work, it's probably not the kind of work any of us would like to have, and it definitely isn't the right employment for our RM. The question now is what are his options; if he has none then I'd say it's a bad deal but it's a better deal than being homeless.
>> No. 110181 ID: aadd02
File 149877356497.jpg - (307.70KB , 750x1000 , Game-King.jpg )
Oh, no. You misunderstand. I'd like to work at your friendly, neighborhood bar or the bar of some local steak house. Hell, even Chilis or Buffalo Wild Wings would be cool. It's this fucking thing I'm railing against. Remember that scene in The Dark Crystal where the skeksis suck out the life essence of some poor creature to rejuvenate themselves? Slots and video poker are like that in super slow motion.
>> No. 110182 ID: bd9907
I'm not disagreeing, but being a social worker drove him nearly to suicide, it was so depressing. Now he's managed to find a job dealing with people of largely the same quality: self-destructive.

I really hope there are better options open to him.
>> No. 110183 ID: 19518e
I fucking love The Dark Crystal.

Indeed, perhaps RM needs a job with healthy social contact even if it isn't super glamorous.
>> No. 110184 ID: bd9907
I worked for another branch of this company for a couple of years. It gave me the positive social contact I was missing elsewhere in my life. Good deal of camaraderie with other employees.
The nature of the work means the schedule is irregular, and it might be only a part-time thing even in Las Vegas, but there ya go.
My branch would hire just about anyone who walked through the door. Show up when you say you will, and do what you're asked to do, and you'll be fine.
>> No. 110185 ID: aadd02
I will start looking for same. And yes, great film. I'd say it's tied with Wizards for greatest non-live action fantasy film.

And I feel so fucking stupid for jumping into this without seeing this coming. Unemployment wasn't doing wonders for my depression.
>> No. 110186 ID: 19518e
Man that movie got me good at the end. Movie was all hippie peace and love, the whole time they're like "guns/technology is bad", good wizard is meeting his evil brother at the end, I'm expecting good wizard to be all "let's just hug it out" or "I got this spell to make you see the joy in life/nature" but FUCK NO HE JUST SHOOTS HIS EVIL BRO DEAD WITH A FUCKING GUN. Stone cold, like five shots COM. Absolutely /k/, holy shit.

What options are you considering? Retail? Are there any jobs or other ways to use your experience as a social worker?

Good luck out there...
>> No. 110188 ID: bd9907
>ways to use your experience as a social worker
I wanted to suggest being a cop, but then he's dealing with these same fucking people again.
>> No. 110190 ID: aadd02
I wouldn't wanna be a cop for the same reason the Army doesn't want me. A history of heart problems isn't a good fit for a career known for cutting years off one's life span. Thanks for your suggestions though.

RIGHT!? That was the exact moment that made a really good film great. It was just so fucking jarring! Seriously, if any of you haven't seen Wizards, DO NOT read that spoiler text. Just go find it and watch it right now.
>> No. 110191 ID: 13f512
File 149882639153.jpg - (82.24KB , 837x498 , Expressway-Free-2.jpg )
You got into social work for a reason, right? You want to help people maybe?

I would recommend the assistive technology world, but it's kind of niche. Like extremely niche, especially finding jobs that aren't relating to education, but rather employment. Because fuck working on educational AT, that's a hassle and a half. At least in the employment realm you're dealing with people who are motivated to overcome obstacles, and of course people with recently acquired disabilities like returning vets.

There are occasionally jobs at my company, and with your social work background you could game the interview easily by talking about working with people with intellectual disabilities. But then you'd need to live near DC and it doesn't pay very well to start.

Oh well.
>> No. 110192 ID: aadd02
I think I could maybe stomach Alexandria. I'd hate to cross the bridge though, man. The wife definitely doesn't want to live in Dixie. West Coast blacks have this impression that the south is all racism, all the time. Intellectually, she knows that can't be the case, but it's a hard impression to shake.
>> No. 110194 ID: 758a23
File 149885696712.png - (72.15KB , 800x495 , Dixie_states_map_svg.png )
> The wife definitely doesn't want to live in Dixie.... impression that the south is all racism, all the time

The urban sprawl surrounding DC liberal/urban as fuck. I would describe the black culture as more "inner city" than "southern". Once you get out of that urban sprawl, yeah, it starts getting racist. I had a white pipeliner guy telling me about his buddy's airplane, "White Lightning", who then told me a story using the kind of language I don't repeat.

I think part of your problem is Vegas itself. It's a town built on gambling and drinking, and preys on addiction. Unless you get into a happy drinking and gambling establishment that deals with tourists, you will be dealing with addicts.

Did you ever look into those job assessment links I posted? >>109114

I'm thinking you should figure out some field you'd be decent at, then find a job to get you the fuck out of NV.
>> No. 110195 ID: 758a23
And if you just need a job, go work at Home Depot or some shit. With any degree you can be an assistant manager at a retail store. Not that it's a great career, but at least you're only dealing with people trying to return items without a receipt that they stole.
>> No. 110196 ID: 730f0e
I'd like to just throw Floyd County VA out there.

I live here now. Rural, low racism (it exists but it is definitely NOT socially acceptable in theses parts), and cost of living is dirt cheap.

My house is 1560 square feet and my mortgage payment is $560 (including insurance and taxes and such) a month, electric $60, and internet is $80 (for the top of the line package). Work any full time job and you can afford a house here. Food is cheap too as the farms and such are right here.

Work is easy to find. People are super nice around here and if you are willing they will throw jobs at you.
>> No. 110197 ID: 13f512

That's honestly not a bad idea either, even Target is pretty good to its employees esp if you rise through the ranks, I have a cousin who went from entry level to "store team leader" (store manager) and he makes a pretty decent living.
>> No. 110221 ID: aadd02
Yesterday I signed the paperwork to withdraw my pension contributions. Symbolically, it felt like I was turning my back on state service. Going in, I was trepidation. Coming out, I felt nothing but relief. Going forward, whatever job I hold, good or bad, I promise myself that I will never again be a bureaucrat.

Oh, and a suddenly getting $19K is pretty cool too.
>> No. 110222 ID: 758a23
File 149919875626.png - (8.15KB , 800x600 , 7-9FcJ9zK.png )
Ha, welcome to the working world.
>> No. 110229 ID: 19518e
File 149929054793.png - (263.97KB , 824x947 , average_tool_chart.png )
316 is tough as fuck, tool life was OK with this 3/4" diameter YG V7 Inox solid carbide endmill until I tried pushing SFM over 500. At 480 SFM, a new endmill would remove well over 30 cubic inches of 316 before being chowdered up. At 600 SFM, tool life dropped to 4 cubic inches...

By comparison, I've machined 4150 (barrel steel) at easily 900 SFM with tool life exceeding 200 cubic inches. Ran the whole job without even changing the tool, I'm planning on pushing it more next time but for 316 stainless, I'm not sure what to do for increasing material removal rate without busting through these. Maybe staying with the same SFM but increasing chip load per tooth? Current feed is 0.006" per tooth, adjusted for radial chip thinning factor, that's very close to endmill manufacturer spec.

That's all with a solid machine, solid part holding, everything very rigid, excellent chip evacuation.

>SFM = surface feet per minute, or (RPM of the tool) x (tool diameter) x (pi/12)
>tool manufacturers provide a "base" SFM for a line of tools and the material to be machined, normally you'll just look up the chart in the tool catalog, use their SFM and solve for RPM. With RPM, you then use chip load per tooth to get your feed
>this chart is basically the one to use for the endmill I have
>> No. 110230 ID: 19518e
File 149929061165.jpg - (412.69KB , 1332x1488 , borked.jpg )
Pic is used endmill, recommendations for better performance in 316 would be welcomed.
>> No. 110290 ID: 9dcda2
File 150006390811.gif - (278.75KB , 220x123 , airplane sweating.gif )
> mfw working this week
> in PA
> doing engine colonoscopy and electrical work (light physical activity)
> have to climb over trump's border wall of piping to get to the engine
> 92-97 degrees outside, plenty of humidity
> building with running engine, hotter inside, no air flow
> wearing fire retardant uniform (littler thicker than normal)
> sweat fucking pouring down my legs
> drank probably a gallon of water and gatorade

> talk to my buddy who was in VA
> around 105
> doing heavy work
> started feeling heat stress and had to stop
> he drank around 2 gallons of water

Fun times.
>> No. 110292 ID: bf333d

Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink!

The geniuses at work decided to have a hardware install room in a large store room where there is no air conditioning.
So you have maybe a dozen setups each containing servers, NASes, UPSes, switches and firewalls running in a barely ventilated space. Last week a battery blew in an APC UPS.

I checked the logging on some machines, they reported air intake temp of up to 60°C (42-45°C is the thermal throttling threshold for most systems). I guess management takes "burn in"-testing quite literally.

Luckily not my problem. I'm responsible for the datacenters, not the remote sites where that hardware is going.
>> No. 110318 ID: 9dcda2
File 150014006536.jpg - (216.21KB , 1200x671 , getting those daters.jpg )
Holy shit that's hot. My buddy doing the heavy work was using a laser alignment tool and it's working temp range is 0-60'C. Normally computer shit and electrical shit in general is kept in a climate controlled room... which is a great place for me to drop my table and laptop.

> two years ago today, performance testing on some engines
> hot as balls
> switchgear room is air conditioned
> has a network switch for the plant control network
> can connect to all of the engines at the same time

> grab some tables and chairs
> bring a monitor from home and steal another one
> have my laptop run the programming software, two data collection programs, and the engine display
> run the engines up, down, left, right
> oh yeah we're sitting next to the generator breakers
> collect lots of date-r, engineers happy
>> No. 110327 ID: 19518e
File 150015528134.jpg - (31.82KB , 700x541 , 1492761481433.jpg )
So I've been thinking about work and where it'll go. I know I'm not terrible at my job and I have experience in a few things like cutting metal and guns. I have some plans that I know work in practice, but getting them to work in theory is harder, and by extension, if I don't know something works in practice, I don't have much of a way to even consider making it work in theory.

Long story short, I've started brushing up on my math. I'm wondering if it's not a crazy idea to save money and go to university for some sort of engineering, possibly mechanical engineering, that would make me useful with material sciences, physics of moving part assemblies, basic thermodynamics, that sort of thing. Maybe working as an engineer could also help me get a career that pays more than the slightly above minimum wage money I make now. I know mech-e is going to be more office-work stuff, more math, I think I'll be okay with that.

I know I'll need to get gud at math, but is there anything else I should try to learn a little before taking the plunge?
>> No. 110328 ID: 9dcda2
File 150016427564.gif - (102.60KB , 720x278 , 2010-06-29-634loud.gif )
> mechanical engineering

A good call.

> anything else

Just math.
>> No. 110330 ID: 19518e
File 150016648154.png - (435.16KB , 667x592 , mechatronics.png )
So after a few minutes of looking around, mechatronics seems to catch my attention.

This does look up my alley.
>> No. 110331 ID: 7a03d6
File 150026358141.jpg - (30.66KB , 388x499 , 41E+NFWO3lL__SX386_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg )
Hi, recent engineering graduate here (specifically metallurgical/materials engineering); starting my masters degree in the fall. I know I'm not a Mech. Eng. which some may argue limits the validity of my standpoint, but lots of my friends (and even a sibling) are Mech. Eng., and my department works closely with the Mech. department, so I've seen my fair share. I know I'm just a stranger on the internet, but having lurked around these parts for many years, I've developed respect for you.
You don't want to get an engineering degree if you want to work in a job that is based on that degree *and* you still want work with/on machines designing and building things.
Yes, engineers design things, a lot of what we do and what we are taught is based on theory. Yes, we learn practical stuff when we enter the workforce, but the schooling part is 99.9% theory. When it comes time to do the manufacturing and building of the parts, that gets handed off to machinists and technicians to build to our plans.
From what I've seen over the years on this site of your machining shenanigans (which I am slightly envious of at times) and what you've mentioned here recently, pure engineering doesn't strike me as what you want. What you should checkout instead is the path of an engineering technician or an engineering technologist.
I highly recommend reading the "Nature of work" section on both those pages. I'm not saying don't become an engineer; I'm just saying consider related fields that may be more your style.
And maybe I'm a little sad and tired of seeing people I know drop out because they got discouraged by the whole endeavour becasue it wasn't what they thought it would be, and disappear off the face of the earth.
I wish I was posting this on a saturday night, b/c then I wouldn't have work tomorrow and I could drink more. :\
>> No. 110333 ID: 19518e
>You don't want to get an engineering degree if you want to work in a job that is based on that degree *and* you still want work with/on machines designing and building things.
One of my main gripes with my current level of jobs is that despite how I sometimes get to make my own parts with nice machines, I have little chance to do so and no money to get my own (remotely) nice machines. I would accept working only in an office if the pay was higher so I could afford my own machines to play with on my own time, even if all the work I did during the 9 to 5 was all on computer/paper/theoretical.

>What you should checkout instead is the path of an engineering technician or an engineering technologist.
I'll give those a hard look, but what I'm trying to say right now is that I've had a few days/months of work that was not exactly glamorous so I'm used to the real life thing stinking up dreams. I can take that if I'm compensated enough to make my off-work time fruitful as my proclivities in cutting metal on my own time are not exactly inexpensive.

Plus an office job probably means I can slow the abuse on my back and shit, I'm not even 30 and I feel shit starting to wear out.

Again, this is still in the planning phases. I've allocated about a year just to doing some math after work; if I feel confident about my number-crunching after that and if I'm not sick of theory work by then, it'll be at that point that I'll make the decision to go to University or whatever is required.

>I wish I was posting this on a saturday night, b/c then I wouldn't have work tomorrow and I could drink more. :\
Me too man.

The other decent option if the enginerding doesn't really look promising is that I get a storage unit, cram all my shit in it, and head out somewhere that pays a bit more than the somewhat insulting excuse for remuneration available in this area.
>> No. 110334 ID: 12e219
If you really want to get a good head start on the math pounding, checkout this guys channel: www.youtube.com/user/patrickJMT
He was probably the main reason I was able to pass the earlier math portions of my degree.
More specifically, look in to his Calculus First/Second/Third Semester playlists, they followed pretty closely to what I encountered over the course of my first two years (names are different though, my "calculus third semester" was called "applied vector calculus", but everywhere is a little different). His videos are pretty top notch stuff as far as I'm concerned.
>> No. 110336 ID: 19518e
Thanks, I also have the Khan Academy playlists going.
>> No. 110346 ID: 9dcda2
  > was scheduled for job, pushed out two weeks
> chillin' at home
> watch videos of jet engines

I have a sickness.

FF to 7:29 for afterburner action. Watch the exhaust nozzle. At low power it opens to unload the engine. From idle to full power it closes to increase the velocity of the gas and provide thrust. From full "military" power to after burner it opens to allow more flow.

Then at 7:50 watch the variable stators. They close off to reduce airflow (unload the engine) and open to increase to make more hot gas.
>> No. 110358 ID: 19518e
> chillin' at home
> watch videos of jet engines
>I have a sickness.

I watch machining videos, they're like a comfortable background noise when I'm doing whatever.

I'm not exactly disagreeing with the sickness thing.
>> No. 110430 ID: 114cdd
After all these years, I finally got my first smartphone, so now I can shitpost from work! Turned in my resignation for Dotty's, and I'm on my second to last shift. Going to work full time for a popular local chain of liquor stores.
>> No. 110431 ID: f50974
...where there will also be self-destructive people. lol Hopefully a smaller proportion of them.
>> No. 110432 ID: 270a50
Go dig ditches or run a jackhammer or something.


It's actually kind of fun and you get a lot of time to think, all the while building up muscle. Practical muscle. Besides, you can look at your ditch that you dug, or pile of broken concrete that you broke up and know you did something today.

It'll tire the fuck out of you but it's a good feeling in the end.
>> No. 110433 ID: aadd02
So, put in with the Laborer's Union and sit on another wait list for an apprenticeship, or just be a scab?
>> No. 110438 ID: 9dcda2
File 150151532752.jpg - (203.60KB , 1024x683 , 53947-full.jpg )
How's your Spanish? Pic related. Joking
>> No. 110441 ID: 9dcda2
File 150152674322.jpg - (55.92KB , 480x360 , IPE_Shot-Gun_Grip-All_Stick.jpg )
> be Avgas
> work for turbine company
> turbine company also does generators and motors
> wants to train up some people to work on 15,000 volt shit
> sends me and some guys to medium voltage training
> crazy ass instructor
> dude literally helped write the national electrical code
> quoting paragraphs and numbers
> no powerpoint presentation, just the electrical code
> has class read sections aloud, like elementary school
> starts a sentence then stops mid way, "and what?" to try to get us to finish his sentences
> asks questions about material before teaching it
> starts video, pauses it to talk about random shit, restarts, pauses...
> 5 minute video takes 30
> pisses away 1st day talking about writing training procedures
> 2nd day watch gory videos of electrical burns and arc flash
> teaches during lunch time and runs late each day
> 3rd day, actual practical exercises on dead equipment
> Task: Make a "480v" box electrically safe
> Procedure: press stop button, open disconnect, check with meter (2 minutes)
> Safe Procedure: create risk assessment, pre-job briefing, PPE inspection, put up barricades, follow make safe procedure (4.5 hours for the first group)
> we were the second pair to do the task and it took us 2 hours through lunch
> start talking through safety brief, instructor interrupts, "What about barricades? Are you going to put up barricades?" literally just explained how we are going to put up barricades
> inspect PPE, every step, no shortcuts for the class
> get on arc rated clothes, balaclava, hard hat, face shield, gloves, ear plugs
> coworker reads me the step by step instructions

> instructions written by a moron

> 1. Disconnect source of power
> but before you do that... do this

> 2. Check with meter for dead
> but before and after you do that, check the meter on a live source

> much much later
> 8 hours into an 8 hour day
> ok now we're going to learn about medium voltage stuff
> watch some videos and learn about the 40 cal bomb suit
> put on bomb suit
> use non-contact meter to check for voltage
> use fiberglass pole with hook to pickup clamps and hang on bus bars
> super thick gloves on suit, hands and forearms burning
> install clamps, remove clamps
> 12 hours into 8 hour day
> done, get signed off by safety guy, adios mother fucker

>> No. 110442 ID: 9dcda2
File 150152723382.jpg - (126.02KB , 1500x1403 , css is awesome.jpg )
> be Avgas
> also used to do webpage design
> webpage customer tracks me down for some work while I'm in town for training
> gives me some vague designs
> have to remember how to HTML and CSS
> CSS3 has dramatically changed
> everything is "Responsive Web Design" now
> I work on it a bit, he wants to meet up to watch me code
> no problem, that's what we used to do
> customer captivated by me writing HTML and CSS in notepad++
> doing tweaks and trying things on the fly
> customer actually picked up the general idea and made edits to the previously done pages (cool!)
> really enjoy webpage and software design

If I got fired from the turbine company I'd just go back to doing webpage shit. Having job skills pays. (Literally and figuratively.)
>> No. 110443 ID: 278cbe
>wants to train up some people to work on 15,000 volt shit
Lord saved me from going above 1000 volts and I feel pretty happy with that.

>dude literally helped write the national electrical code
>quoting paragraphs and numbers
>no powerpoint presentation, just the electrical code
Praise those people, they are your last hope in our last days.
>> No. 110446 ID: d57e64
File 150158337527.jpg - (313.47KB , 1280x1920 , 1BisQQgyDKSLkdOAfwFiR8GeUod.jpg )
For you bureaucrats out there, I recommend you watch an old 1952 Japanese film I recently saw called Ikiru (To Live), directed and co-written by Akira Kurosawa. The film examines the struggles of a terminally ill Tokyo bureaucrat and his final quest for meaning. The screenplay was partly inspired by Leo Tolstoy's 1886 novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich.

Kanji Watanabe is a middle-aged man who has worked in the same monotonous bureaucratic position for thirty years where he sees constant bureaucratic inaction. In one case, a group of parents are seemingly endlessly referred to one department after another when they want a cesspool cleared out and replaced by a playground. After learning he has stomach cancer and less than a year to live, Watanabe attempts to come to terms with his impending death. He tries to find escape in the pleasures of Tokyo's nightlife, guided by an eccentric novelist whom he just met, but that produced no deeper happiness and was not the solution. Later, a former female coworker in the bureau said she quit and found happiness in her new job making toys, which makes her feel like she is playing with all the children of Japan and that he should find a purpose in his own life. Inspired by her, Watanabe realizes that it is not too late for him to do something significant and he wants to make something, but is unsure what he can do within the city bureaucracy until he remembers the lobbying for a playground. He surprises everyone by returning to work after a long absence, and begins pushing for a playground despite concerns he is intruding on the jurisdiction of other departments. Watanabe dies, and at his wake, his former co-workers gather, after the opening of the playground, and try to figure out what caused such a dramatic change in his behavior. His transformation from listless bureaucrat to passionate advocate puzzles them. The bureaucrats vow to live their lives with the same dedication and passion as he did. But back at work, they lack the courage of their newfound conviction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikiru
>> No. 110448 ID: 278cbe
Actually remembered another event.
>couple of month ago
>factory subdivision where I'm working (being engineer and such)
>decides to take people to some sort of instruction lecture, it happens from time to time anyway
>needless to say, our place is in a little disarray after recent changes in structure
>somebody tells us this afternoon we need to go somewhere to listen to some lecture for about 1-2 hours
>okay, there's the time, there's the place
>the "lecture hall" is actually a pretty old room with podium, tables and chairs and such
>old USSR posters everywhere, big map of the country, slogans and a so on
>yeah it seems like this place has been a lecture hall since the beginning
>there are some other people waiting too
>lecturer says "are you sure you people are hero for this exact lecture?"
>"yeah pretty sure, we don't really know any other place other then this, why would we go there in any case"
>lecture starts, and it is a very boring one, as every single one of them are
>30 minutes in I'm sleeping already (this is a habit I couldn't rid of since university)
>somebody made another call since some of the bosses checked their timetable
>ok people, false alarm
>this is a wrong lecture, and in a wrong time, see you back later anyway
>everybody goes back to work
>and nothing of value was lost
>> No. 110451 ID: f50974
Looks like I finally got a job.

Software engineer position at a company with a pretty crappy score on their Glassdoor page, which could decide to move me anywhere around the country after I complete training, assuming they have a project for me right away. And if they don't, I'd be "benched," i.e. getting paid to do nothing, until they do. Sounds great, right? Except for I'd need to gain experience doing real things to move on to another company later. Reviewers basically said it was an okay-to-good place to start your career, but that "raises" just kept up with inflation.

If nothing else, way to make money while I go through the months-long process to get a security clearance for the job that I want more.

Anybody around Cincinnati want a roommate for an indeterminate amount of time? Don't think signing a lease would make a whole hell of a lot of sense.
>> No. 110563 ID: 11ef0e
Halfway into my first shift. I'm in a little liquor store on the strip. Chill boss. Coworkers seem cool. Best of all, my schedule is stable. A mindless little job to do while I think good and hard about some shut.
>> No. 110564 ID: 11ef0e
Ducking phone
>> No. 110593 ID: 9dcda2
File 150271499449.png - (282.08KB , 1105x617 , elite power management.png )
> playing Elite Dangerous
> reactor undersized for ship
> prioritize systems so that when weapons deploy, non-essentials are cut

> go to customer site to assist with load shed testing
> turbine undersized for facility
> prioritize systems so that when utility (grid) breaker trips, non-essentials are cut

It's actually a pretty cool system the site engineers came up with. The facility is connected to the grid, like usual, but also has the turbine for about 40% of the load then some Detroit Diesel recip generators for another 40% of the load. When the grid breaker trips, the load shed system activates and trips the breakers to stuff in the facility, in order of priority. This should bring the load down to a manageable level for the turbine and allow time for the recip generators to start. As the recips come online, they start closing breakers back in and powering up the facility.

We put in a secondary system to try to keep the turbine online. If the turbine sees 125% load or a temperature too high, it trips the building breaker, but still powers itself and stays running.
>> No. 110613 ID: 11db97
File 150293522156.jpg - (302.29KB , 1800x889 , pompa.jpg )
> working on VFD controlled 4000 hp motor hooked to centrifugal pump
> not doing any medium voltage stuff, just getting it running
> first run
> pump immediately shuts down on high discharge pressure
> come back next day when there's more room to pump

> second run
> motor starts and ramps up to minimum speed of 50%
> pretty close to max discharge pressure
> speed signal all fucked up
> 50, 0, 50, 0, 50, 0, 50, 0...
> figure out the software was fucked up, reading the speed signal then instead of copying it somewhere, it was copying the somewhere (0) over it
> fix speed signal
> 20 seconds later, unit starts to accelerate
> wtf, I didn't change the set point
> hit normal stop button
> unit keeps accelerating
> high discharge pressure shutdown registers
> unit keeps accelerating
> over max pressure
> mash emergency stop button
> unit shuts down

> investigate software
> after the 20 second timer it changes the minimum speed from 50% to 70%
> way too high for current conditions

> go to reset the variable frequency drive after the e-stop
> it's just chillin, no e-stop
> wtf
> figure out the e-stop board malfunctioned
> it just normal stopped like everything was cool
> we tested it probably 10 times prior and it worked fine

Holy shit, glad it shut down.
>> No. 110626 ID: c01760
This job started on Monday. I found a good room to rent on craigslist on the 10th and have been living in it since the 12th. Have been taking Ubers back and forth to work, which would require a quarter of my take-home pay if I were to do it indefinitely. There's nothing in place to help people find nearby employees to carpool with, but the company has its own internal social network thing that might be useful in that regard.

Have been going through training with another 51 people, though only about half of that will be doing the five months of training that I'll be. So far, they've been covering administrative things and communication skills. Fun fact: the company owns anything technical I do, whether at work for money or in my free time. Not even if what I do is open source and/or literally for free. Straight up, I'm not allowed to do it. The guy explaining the policy used writing a poem that becomes popular as an example. If the poem is about technology, it's the property of the company.

Utterly asinine. Guess I'll be keeping what I do in my free time to myself. Definitely hoping for this other opportunity to come through.

Guy was already looking to pull a few guys out of the five-month training to work on a project with Splunk. Kind of interesting, but wouldn't want to actually dedicate myself to a project before I know how the clearance works out. Honestly, it's not really fair to use the company for paid training if I'm just going to leave before the training's over, and I assume they'll be contacted as part of the security clearance process, so that might not endear me to them all that well.
>> No. 110627 ID: c01760
herp derp
>> No. 110628 ID: 66c32a

>Fun fact: the company owns anything technical I do, whether at work for money or in my free time. Not even if what I do is open source and/or literally for free. Straight up, I'm not allowed to do it.

This is actually quite common among companies partly or entirely dependent upon IP for their bread and butter; in fact, one occasionally finds it in places where that's not even the case. No one seems to notice, though, possibly because nobody actually reads his fucking contract in any great detail.
>> No. 110629 ID: c01760
The guy did say everyone in the industry does this. I thought I read that part of the employee handbook, though. It just says you have to ask permission to work a second job, and someone in HR would determine if that work would be detrimental to the company's interests, which I'm perfectly fine with. Could ask someone in HR to point out the relevant language. Unless it's under a subheading that sounds completely unrelated, it isn't there.

The other opportunity would be working directly for the government, so I hopefully wouldn't run into that issue there. I shouldn't make that assumption, though; I'll ask.
>> No. 110638 ID: 13f512

Fedgov has a similar policy for moonlighting, you run it past HR and they sign off on your second job. The IP part is a bit different - the gov't can claim they own anything you used gov't resources to produce, so don't moonlight and ALSO use your work laptop, etc.
>> No. 110639 ID: 13f512
File 150320752134.jpg - (106.59KB , 720x960 , 20914500_10214093713880867_1771734482643869168_n.jpg )
Not mine, but a colleague in the field I used to work in.
>> No. 110648 ID: b174f6
Hey IHC can you help me with my brothers car? It's a 2013 Ford Focus i murdered myself recovering because he's a dipshit and the modem finally gave out after being drug on the street for 9 months and i'm an asshole who does things when my mother asks me to do them. When i turn the key with the battery charger applied it makes an (absolutely fucking nothing) sound. Can i swap out the lower front air dams and the modem without taking it to a dealership (the frame is fucked to bejeezus and back and no sane person will put it on a lift) and just bungee strap the hood closed?

Sincerely, white trash in chattaboogee.
>> No. 110649 ID: 61874e
Gimme a few minutes to parse that
>> No. 110650 ID: 61874e
File 150337874543.jpg - (72.02KB , 640x631 , 1499599123232.jpg )
Think I got the trip right this time. Pic unrelated.

Okay, what do you mean by 'modem'? Post a pic if you can.

>Can i swap out the lower front air dams
Yeah, the stupid tree nuts will be a bitch though. You'll need a couple of small (slightly larger than eyeglass size) flatblade screwdrivers or a couple of knives with dull points to pop the center sections of the heads out to remove them.
After that it's a matter of looking with your special eyes to make sure you got all of them and pulling the airdams off.

>and the modem
Again, gonna need to know what you're talking about.
>> No. 110651 ID: b174f6

It's too dark out for a good picture right now, it's the little computorial wingding that hangs out slightly inboard of the drivers side front tire with a cannon plug coming in. I do not know the part number or if it is serialized to the car.
>> No. 110653 ID: 61874e
Ah, electronic module. Only advice I can really give you there is to get another from a junkyard and try replacing it.

>When i turn the key with the battery charger applied it makes an (absolutely fucking nothing) sound.
Break out the multimeter and see what kind of voltage you're getting at the starter. That includes both the battery cable and the solenoid wire.

>just bungee strap the hood closed?
You can, but that's a shitty thing to do. See if you can't find the parts at the junkyard.
>> No. 110714 ID: fbfadf
Over the fight weekend, we got a boatload of Irish tourists here in support of MacGreggor. What do you think the Irish drank? Answer: four loko. In half a shift, they bought out ALL of our fucking four loko. Apparently, it can't be had in Ireland. They were perplexed by our Yankee perception of the drink as immature and strictly for frat boys and teenagers. The stragglers that found that all of our four loko was gone begrudgingly purchased cheap vodka.
>> No. 110735 ID: ecc658
Cheap though it may be, it was at least proper potato vodka, right? Not that grain fraudka shit?

I mean, Irish...
>> No. 110738 ID: fbfadf
File 150420831569.jpg - (30.81KB , 331x600 , 0088076161860_WB_hyvee_default_large_jpeg.jpg )
I've never understood why people give a shit. All vodka starts as a neutral spirit. Once something has been distilled to above 95% alcohol, very little of the original ingredients' character is evident, and that's before it gets charcoal filtered. You could make vodka from leftover moldy bread (and people do), or make it from "fine French grapes" a la Ciroc, and if you run it through the same distillery, you will get the same product. The difference in vodka quality comes almost entirely from the distillation process, not the fermentables.

Pic related. It's a label full of who gives a shit.
>> No. 110751 ID: 9dcda2
File 150430363080.jpg - (52.47KB , 630x440 , software-premios-reconocimientos-a-empleados.jpg )
> regional meeting
> 25 techs + supervisors, managers, office staff, engineers
> death by powerpoint for 3 days
> actually turns out to be pretty hilarious because everyone is joking around
> I end up getting an annoying amount of recognition throughout the whole meeting

> get 5 years with company award and lapel pin (Hecho en China)

> review employee opinion survey
> our group is reasonably happy
> bosses decide what we need is more recognition
> Supervisor: And Avgas here, when he joined our group, did 3 projects at the same time, all by himself, uphill both ways...
(I split it with another guy and had a decent amount of help)
> Supervisor: Or the time he was working with the engineers, using two computers and two keyboards at the same time!
(1 computer, 3 monitors... c'mon childs play. That legend gets bigger very time someone tells it.)

> a little later
> other techs complaining they don't get enough cross training
> Other tech: We need more training, we can't all be as good at programming as Avgas...

> engineer guy gets up to give a talk
> Engineer: So I was just at this job with Avgas, and I've got to say, what a guy. Who's worked with Avgas? Hands up....
(Getting embarrassing... He kept going on about it too.)

> dinner with work friends
> cw: Are you going to apply for that engineer position? >>/arch/10816
> Me: I got rejected for it, I don't have a degree
> cw: What?!? I thought you were an engineer? You're so smart you could knock it out....
(Math sucks)

> mid-year performance appraisal with supervisor
> Sup: Yeah you're doing great, here's what I expect of you, blah blah blah
> Metal Gear Solid codec sound (my ringtone)
> coworker calling... look at boss...
> Sup: Go ahead and answer...
> Coworker: Hey man, can you help me with [technical issue]?
> Me: Sure, I'm doing my PA, let me get back to you in 30 minutes.
> Sup: How often do you get calls from your coworkers?
> Me: Occasionally. I help out a couple of guys regarding [bunch of topics]
> Sup: That's awesome, make note of that in your next evaluation

> lunch time, go to burger joint with supervisor, manager, and a couple of other techs
> carrying my laptop into the restaurant
> booting up, waiting for OK button during login
> bosses were watching me walk in
> Manager: I know we have a no texting and walking policy, but I guess we never covered laptops

> Manager: This is the second time we've had lunch and you were helping someone on your laptop
> Me: What can I say, I'm in demand.
> my legend grows
> I really just skate and play Elite Dangerous as much as I can
>> No. 110752 ID: 19518e
File 150430469651.jpg - (617.22KB , 1358x1582 , I WILL KILL EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ONE SMALL BITE AT .jpg )
Feelsgood to get recognition.

I got some thumbs up for a tool I made to punch dimples in 1/8th thick stainless steel tubes, meanwhile I'm just happy nobody lost any fingers or died from a 50 ton hate machine just going "fuck everything you put under my jaws", breaking stuff, and sending the bits flying in soft fleshy operators nearby.

Fucking thing is a goddamn death trap.
>> No. 110756 ID: 865269
Got into that a few months ago. I do enjoy it, I just wish it wasn't such a grind. What are you flying?
>> No. 110758 ID: eb2308
Look up road to riches, it'll cut your grind down to nothing if you're ok with doing some exploring.
>> No. 110759 ID: 9315da
File 150453147738.jpg - (293.63KB , 1280x960 , FC3-16.jpg )
I'd post my trip but I haven't done so in so long I've literally forgotten how.

Anyway, we lost 4 senior engineers, 2 associate engineers, and one principal engineer that was basically forced to retire by asshat management (which arguably started the exodus of other engineers). All in about 3 months. In a group of ~55 engineers, this is bad.

nearly lost one of the IT guys as well, management is panicking and gave him a huge raise to stay.

This is what happens when your upper management declares there is no morale problem because no one is quitting. Well, when you wait till things are so bad they all start leaving at once, now you're fucked. There are more looking to leave as well.

pic distantly related
>> No. 110760 ID: 9315da
i mean post w/my trip
>> No. 110761 ID: 9dcda2
File 15045384288.jpg - (664.25KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_15_15_27_04_801.jpg )
Just type your name into the name field. Tripcode is optional. Add #code after the name.

>>110756 >>110758
Started a thread in VG. >>/vg/59130
>> No. 110812 ID: c01760
Just quit that job yesterday. Got the final offer for the government gig last week, long before I expected to have it, because I evidently got confused. Literally had the final offer the morning after I submitted my e-QIP for the clearance. Kept working at the Cincy job for another week, up until my two weeks notice would have to be, for a little more money. Of course, they had no reason to keep me around for two weeks, as they'd just be paying me to train to do things I'd never do for them. They didn't ask me to pay back my sign-on bonus, which I hadn't really spent, just in case.

A guy on the Glassdoor page for the place commented that calling the position a software engineer role was a lie, and from what I saw in the little time I was there, that's accurate. Was in a meeting yesterday where the leads were talking about training us up on some yet-undetermined tool in the big data analytics space. Main guy said they don't really do pure programming here, and if that's what you want to do, stick around and everyone else leave. Out of the seven new hires in the room, I was one of three to leave, and that was mainly because I was about to resign anyway. I can only imagine what he told those guys. They had very different expectations for what they'd be able to do at this company than what the reality was.

This group of people I was in had that morning been moved out of a group training up on enterprise resource planning software. We had given little presentations on what we had learned, in groups of four, just the day prior. Turns out they were using that to judge our ability to give presentations, as they're setting up the guys remaining there to train employees at client companies in how to use this software. "Software engineering."

This is why tools like Glassdoor are so important.

Gov job sounds like it's going to kick major ass. My confusion came from thinking that there would be more to getting an interim clearance than turning in the paperwork. The actual clearance process will be going on while I'm working there. So if I don't get it, I'm ultrascrewed. People tell me it isn't a big deal, though.
>> No. 110813 ID: c20b49
>People tell me it isn't a big deal, though.

it can become a big deal if they find out you're a moderator on an alt-right website and play backslappy with your RT buddies there. seems like counterintelligence people have started taking the threat of infiltration a lot more seriously this year.
>> No. 110815 ID: 5b0e03

Nigger please, half of what's left of this place is practically Marxist.
>> No. 110816 ID: c01760
Would you believe I put that on the resume I gave them? It doesn't look good to be unemployed for months on end and also accomplish jack shit of any value to anyone. And legitimately, I have learned a lot about hosting, server administration, and webdev.

Probably coming off of my resume once I've been in the workforce for awhile. Don't really see myself trying to leave this new gig any time soon, though.

I figure the worst thing I could do would be to try to hide anything or lie to the investigators.
>> No. 110817 ID: 13f512
unless you personally have called for the violent overthrow of the US government on the internet, it's not an issue what sites you work on or visit.
>> No. 110818 ID: 2e52bb

According to current US law, it's very important.
>> No. 110824 ID: 13f512

any sites on the top level of the interwebs are not really a concern, your conduct and posting on said sites of course can be looked at but again... if you aren't posting shit about unironically starting a coup, you're fine.
>> No. 110869 ID: 9315da

$0.02 has been deposited into your account

Picking up from there

So we nearly lost another engineer, but management promised to make several changes and he said he'll stick around for a while. I doubt they'll really do anything.

Gotta start looking around myself. Or finally plan that year of travel I've always wanted to do, which is still probably totally impossible due to a relative needing frequent assistance but a guy can dream, right?
>> No. 110875 ID: 8075d6
I was going to quote the anti communist laws still on the books.

Sage for off topic, but commies have no rights.
>> No. 110878 ID: 19518e
File 150544595048.jpg - (3.25MB , 6564x2180 , ffffffffffff.jpg )
Fuck this thing is rough, I am struggling, my lathe skills aren't that hot to begin with.

DRO for cross slide is FUBAR. For longitudinal, it "kinda" works but likes to jump a bit if you look at it wrong.

1600 RPM max, 6061 aluminum all under 0.25", over 4" long.

Everything is 0.005" so it stacks in length when flipping it around, unless you're within 0.001" it can often push the other dimension out. What isn't 0.005" is 0.002", but at least diameter is a little easier to manage.

All of this I could deal with, but the lathe is like 2ft too short for me so I'm bent over like fucking smeagol popping robaxacet and caffeine so I don't get woozy over a human blender. Next time something like this shows up I'm quoting it like it's on fire.

Pic is basically the thing, OPSEC'd because work.
>> No. 110879 ID: d64ad6
File 150544776765.jpg - (83.17KB , 613x610 , US P Communist Party US campaign buttons.jpg )
Actually communists do have rights and it is nice to see that people in the USA still have fundamental freedoms that the majority of people cannot legislate away without a constitutional amendment.

It has been 50 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Washington state law barring members of the Communist Party from voting or holding public-sector jobs is unconstitutional. Evidently, that is not enough time to remove it from the books. Washington is one of a handful of states with similar laws still in existence despite their having been declared unconstitutional decades ago. With few exceptions — most notably Georgia, where an anti-communist oath was administered to incoming Dunwoody City Councilmembers as recently as last year — the laws are treated as part of a bygone era, not unlike state statutes prohibiting interracial marriage, the last of which was removed from Alabama's books in 2001 even though the Supreme Court ruled them unconstitutional in 1967. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/02/23/anti-communist-oaths-persist-despite-court-rulings/1940865/
>> No. 110880 ID: d64ad6
File 150544783395.jpg - (46.69KB , 500x643 , US P Communist Party way to progress.jpg )
This reminds me of a case where a law banning offensive words on garments (a "fuck the draft" T-shirt) was ruled unconstitutional as an abridgment to the freedom of speech. Georgia had a law forbidding it and was told to strike it from their books, but the moron legislature kept it. Later, a police officer was having lunch in his car and reading up on the Georgia criminal code and saw this law banning obscene words on garments and them immediately saw a person walking down the street with a T-shirt with the word "fuck" written on it. The cop arrested the person and was later in trouble for making an unlawful arrest even though it was a good faith act assuming that the law was valid. The US Supreme Court subsequently had to order the Georgia legislature to strike all overturned laws from their books.
>> No. 110888 ID: c01760
Do you think I'm a communist?
>> No. 110893 ID: d64ad6
File 150558618649.jpg - (522.48KB , 1920x1378 , US P Senator Joe McCarthy in 1954 1.jpg )
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party of the United States, Senseless?
>> No. 110895 ID: c01760
No, but I did peek into a Communist Party meeting hall in Italy once. They had a lot of red furniture. "Oh, yeah. Real original. A+ interior design."
>> No. 110896 ID: d64ad6
If you want to work with fabrics and interior design, then don't bother with Eye-tie commies, you want to join the Durham Light Infantry.
Monty Python Sketch - Episode 30 https://youtu.be/JEJuGEFAYLU
>> No. 110899 ID: 5bf26c
File 150595143075.jpg - (362.02KB , 1067x600 , 20170920_181148.jpg )
> day 1 of WV job
> drive 6 hours from DC area to damn near Kentucky

> day 2
> 0700 safety meeting for all personnel
> meet safety guy for site specific training
> meet environmental guy for training
> meet some other asshole for some other training
> called out to fix another site
> 1.5 away, arrive
> "Hey man I'm [name], we're ordering lunch, you want jalapenos your calzone?"
> I like this
> update some firmware
> bullshit with site guys (Good ol' West Virginia boys) for like 3 hours
> new best friends with "Woodsey"

> subsequent days meet "Yankee", "Cowboy", and "Junior" (or "June" for short)

> job going pretty well, doing 12+ hour days
> have trainee to deal with
> he's not bad, but still a drag when you have to answer questions constantly, and can't let him work unsupervised, else he fucks something up
> construction guy asks, "Hey, y'all hiring?"

> day 7 (?)
> noob starting to piss me off
> fucking raining
> standing in rain for safety meeting
> "Now.... what's... the.... purpose... of.... safety?" (People in West Virginia talk SLOW.)
> FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK are you fucking kidding me???
> fuck everybody and this fucking place
> raining like fuck
> 3-4 inches of mud everywhere
> mud getting tracked into turbine building
> I've got mud on the headliner of my truck
> all of my tools and bags are muddy

> get through that shit, things start to go ok
> going ok
> day...?
> working hard, good progress
> using laser alignment tool to align turbine to driven equipment
> yelling at each other to pull, push, stop, go, and shut the fuck up
> "Hey, y'all hiring?"

> site bosses provide lunch so we don't have to drive 45 minutes to get something
> catered sandwiches and chili (good!)
> make your own sandwich, white bread, deli meat, and miracle whip (bad)
> chili dogs (heartburn city)
> fucking mc donalds double cheese burgers (fuck)
> next day, blow up the toilet in the construction trailer
> politely complain about lunch
> coworkers never want to eat site lunch again, I assure them things will be good for a bit now that we've complained
> fried chicken (ugh)
> lasagna from the local Italian place (good!)
> another thing that was decent
> subway (blah)
> fried chicken again
> antacids for dessert

> eating shit every lunch, try to get something good for dinner
> gone through whole panera and texas roadhouse salad menu
> tried all the protein bars at the gas station
> most taste like peanut butter horse cum

> send noob to go work with some lesser techs so he can have some perspective about how great we are

> meetings
> they insist on us going to all their meetings
> between the 0700 safety meeting, the 0715 toolbox meeting, and 1200 construction meeting, we're at like an hour of just meetings
> in addition to our own company shit like daily reports and daily safety paperwork
> losing 10% of our day to bullshit

> site boss (think Boss Hog from Dukes of Hazard) summons all his peasants to his grand table to hear status updates
> he's fat and has little dog that's fat
> he's at the head of the table, dog jumps on his lap to attend meeting too
> meeting of 15+ people devolves into 2 people arguing and pointing fingers about strobe light locations
> meeting runs long, dog lays head on table and starts to go to sleep
> the only part of the meeting that applies to us is what we tell them

> mon-sun was 87 hours
> today, day 15 straight
> going ok, getting tired and testy at this point
> salad last night and horse cum bar this morning, still hungry
> site boss asks us to come to the 1700 production meeting too
> triggered
> rant and bitch all morning
> poor coworker endures my shitty mood
> he's bitching too
> chili dogs for lunch
> mood improves some now that I'm not hangry
> have genius idea: do bullshit company paperwork and emails during bullshit site meetings
> coworker: "Nice dude. You just turned a shit sandwich into a Sriracha shit sandwich."
> eat some more Tums to suppress chili dog riot in stomach

We've been asked 4 times if we were hiring or how to get a job with our company. With construction guys all around, toiling away quietly, you tend to forget they're there. Then there's all these California kids working on the cool shit in the middle of the room, we must be their main source of entertainment.

And then my webpage customer has been asking me for some work.

> working from shitty hotel internet connection
> remote desktop to dev server
> around 2000 every cousin fucker in the in hotel is trying to download animal porn
> connection drops
> pull out phone, set to mobile hot spot
> connection drastically improves

> get gaming laptop as payment for doing webpage work
> latest model was out of stock, order one with prev gen Intel processor
> shows up yesterday
> unbox, hit power button
> nothing
> let charge, nothing
> call tech support, hard reset, nothing
> Dead On Arrival
> webpage customer sets up return and orders new laptop
> current version laptop with current gen intel processor is available, customer orders that one for me
> should arrive friday

> taking the weekend off, that's for damn sure

And that's not the half of it. Doesn't even mention the cable falling out of the cable tray, the snake, the hub cap, Scruffy, or the bolt-morons.

> on way home today
> stop at Chipotle
> cute girl behind counter
> order quickly and proficiently
> middle food scooper guy impressed
> say "See? I got this."
> cutie: "Quick: What's your favorite animal?"
> me: "Cats obviously. They're nature's perfect killing machines. We're lucky that they're only 10 pounds."
> cutie draws cat and heart on my order while I pay
> not so bad
>> No. 110900 ID: 19518e
> make your own sandwich, white bread, deli meat, and miracle whip (bad)
Why miracle whip tho

Best animal.
>> No. 110902 ID: f91a22
God dammit. Where the fuck did all that money go? I'm giving the rest to the landlord. It'll pay rent until February and be someplace I can't fuck with it.
>> No. 110924 ID: 6ef9f1
I'm going in to give my two weeks to one of the bars I work at.
For close to three weeks they've had me only work sunday and monday.

There's an upstairs bar there that I used to get shifts at. Last saturday I ended up covering for someone, was upstairs for the first time in three weeks.

No one had cleaned anything. Removed over a gallon of water from one of the fridges. wiped some kind of black mold out of another. Wiped white mold off the shelves that glasses go rim down on. took glasses that had lipstick on them out of the clean glasswear area.
>> No. 110930 ID: 6ef9f1
Measured tonight. Came out to almost exactly a gallon and a half.
>> No. 110931 ID: 276182
Disgraceful. Good on you.
>> No. 110933 ID: 5bf26c
File 150638409195.jpg - (277.13KB , 1920x1080 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_24_19_08_20_875.jpg )
> Removed over a gallon of water from one of the fridges.

I don't quite understand this one. Like bottles? Condensation on the bottom?

> some kind of black mold out of another. Wiped white mold off the shelves that glasses go rim down on.


> work 17 days in a row, 12+ hour days
> tell site mini-boss we're taking the weekend off
> SMB: "Who said you could have a day off?"
> Me: "I did. I'm gonna start stabbing motherfuckers pretty soon."
> SMB nods in understanding

> take weekend off
> new gaming laptop
> i7 kaby lake, 1060 video card, 120hz g-sync panel
> uninstall anti-virus and bloat ware
> install new drivers
> let windows update for a while
> pull 500gb SSD out of old laptop, put in HDD caddy in place of optical drive
> configure windows firewall to block outgoing, except for certain programs
> use veracrypt to encrypt all disks
> copy over old 1TB drive to new 1TB drive
> get Steam and Origin going
> get battlefield 1 and elite dangerous working
> go 56-2 in the attack plane on the new russian maps
> gather some meta-alloys and upgrade my frame shift drive
> eat some chipotle

Fucking good weekend.
>> No. 110957 ID: 785a00
File 150649127316.jpg - (21.20KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
>be me
>operating car crusher all day (pic related)
>hook up dodge caravan
>these things fucking suck to crush
>crush a-pillars forward, pull car forward with winch
>start to crush above the front doors
>roof is separating from the body, thats why the caravan fucking sucks to crush, roof gets jammed up on the sides of the plates that come down
>continue anyway, nothing I can do until its all the way through and I can flatten it more with the loader
>pull it through more with the winch
>start to crush above the sliding doors
>hits me in the face, big cut on cheek.
>my favorite safety glasses are fucked
At least I had my safety glasses on, or I'd probably have lost my left eye
>> No. 110960 ID: 6ef9f1
Not sure where it comes from. Could be condensation.

You end up with a swamp in the bottom of the fridge.
>> No. 110981 ID: 475f8e
Well, my supervisor has move me into a semi-permanent post at a Social Security administration office. For the most part, I was doing duties at a federal office building and with a shitton of other people.

Not sure how I should feel. The office itself is in a great neighborhood, but at the same time, it's still a Social Security office.
>> No. 110982 ID: 19518e
>be at work
>old lathe up in storage brought down because suddenly busy
>we clean it up a little bit, plug it in and see if it works
>not kidding it sounded like a brick in a drying machine holy fuck
>pull skirt off gearbox
>belt pulley is loose on shaft
>holy fuck it's a 20mm hole belt pulley on a 3/4" shaft
>[sad unsurprised sigh]
>3/16th key chowdered up both keyways, obviously
>put belt pulley in bigger lathe, bore it out to 1.125"
>put bored out pulley aside
>put bar stock in lathe, turn outside to 1.126"
>turn inside to 0.751"
>oh good we have a broach and guide, pleasant surprise for once!
>let's find a press
>all presses set up running jobs
>no arbor presses
>[prayers to machine spirit intensify]
>put part in lathe chuck
>broach it on the lathe by pushing on the broach with tailstock quill

It all worked out but it was weird.

Glad it didn't fuck you up, crushing is one of those things that's way more dangerous than it can seem at first blush.
>> No. 110985 ID: 19518e
>0.003 over six inches
That's not so bad honestly, you might be able jack the bed around to tweak it out. This old tony has a vid on it IIRC, bed leveling or something.
>> No. 110989 ID: 19518e
Probably means you're stuck sanding them in. Bad feel, man.

Sometimes shit like this makes me want to bring an old/chinese lathe just because it can turn straight.
>> No. 110992 ID: 85023b
It is going to be a slow shift.
>> No. 111022 ID: 6ef9f1
Over a thousand people coming to work tomorrow for an event.
>> No. 111038 ID: 6ef9f1
One of the temps at the event: I ended up in LA hitchhiking on my way to pick peyote in AZ and never left.
>> No. 111044 ID: 1e38a7
Yesterday, as I'm dealing with a group of customers, the store manager slapped me on the back of the head. "Don't be an ass." I have no idea what she's talking about. Later, as we're in the back, she demands to know "why do you use that accent!?" Again, no idea what she means, and I tell her so. "You have an accent you only use with black people."
>> No. 111048 ID: 8c18eb
Many people take on the accents and mannerisms of those around us. When we see politicians do this, we often denounce them as phony poseurs, but this may not be intentional, as it was with Kurt Russel in the 1980 movie Used Cars when trying to sell to certain ethnic types.

Zelig - Woody Allen (1983) https://youtu.be/NCqjCQdYgRk
Zelig is a 1983 mockumentary film written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Allen and Mia Farrow. Allen plays Leonard Zelig, a nondescript enigma who, out of his desire to fit in and be liked, takes on the characteristics of strong personalities around him. The film, presented as a documentary, recounts his intense period of celebrity in the 1920s and includes analyses from contemporary intellectuals.
>> No. 111052 ID: 241b9d
It is indeed quite normal to start copying someone's accent. It does various things, like increasing empathy etc.

Of course, you should be careful that you don't take it too far, because then it'll be seen as if you're making fun of them.
>> No. 111076 ID: 5bf26c
The BBC had a pretty good podcast about Identity. For part of it, they talked to an actress who felt American, British, Irish or Caribbean depending on who she was talking to.

Podcast (MP3)

They have a video clip for the part I was thinking of, but I can't view because I don't have Flash Player installed.

I've been working in West "By the Grace of God" Virginia for the last 6 weeks and I've noticed my vocabulary slipping a little. No accent or anything, but saying stuff like "We was..." instead of "We were...". I haven't inadvertently used "Y'all" yet, so there's still hope.
>> No. 111077 ID: 5bf26c
Dude, glad you're ok. I'm gay for safety when it comes to glasses, gloves, pants, and shoes. Hard hats can fuck off, though I'd have at least one gash in the top of my dome-piece if I didn't have my hat on. Type 2 hard hats are even worse. They're "side impact" hats, so basically you take the normal hardhat, make it Dark-Helmet large, then put an Igloo cooler worth of foam inside. Hot, heavy, the suspension digs into my head on the sides.
>> No. 111079 ID: 5bf26c
File 150776888559.jpg - (11.77KB , 375x127 , 11-081-other.jpg )
> just finished day 36
> had 4 days off
> one because I had a fucking mental breakdown

> day 24-29
> mechanical contractor installed a couple tons of pipes onto our centrifugal pumps without us being there
> no idea if they moved or misaligned critical components
> we're pissed
> contractor is like "lol idk"
> Mon - Thu 14.5 hour days
> site bosses are pissed because shit is behind schedule
> a week of hate and discontent
> tired, frustrated, pissed off, Subway and Taco Bell for lunch
> coworker and I are installing a shaft, heavy, awkward, standing with legs 3' apart on 2 different surfaces
> making mistakes, forget to put the gaskets in
> have to take shaft out
> gasket compound from hell
> step down, scrape my ass on a pipe
> lose my shit
> go out to truck
> fucking break down
> go back and finish up
> maximum frustration
> lose shit again
> coworker: Seriously dude, do you need a day off?
> me: .... .... .... yeah....

> take day off, don't even think about the job, play fallout

> regain shit enough to go back to work

Things have gotten better since. We've had a pretty pleasant and productive couple of days.

> today
> bringing natural gas into station
> should not be in our building
> working like everything is cool
> hear rapid fluttering noise like someone blowing across a piece of paper
> building gas detection goes off
> don't smell anything (natural gas doesn't actually smell, the smell is added)
> gas sensors read 10% Low Explosive Limit (LEL)
> 15% LEL
> 20% LEL
> construction workers shuffle out, annoyed
> go around to back, site guys dicking with valves that weren't sealing properly
> bumped valve open to adjust "close" stop
> that quick burp dumped gas into the building from the unhooked piping from one of the units
> thanks for letting us know, jackasses

> stop, take time out, come up with a plan
> clear people out of the building
> put up danger tape across entrances
> go out back while they dick with valves
> go back inside to check pressures
> construction workers just carrying on, using pipe threading machine
> Me: GET OUT!

> go back outside for a bit
> come back in
> engineer douche just blows through the red danger tape
> was about to take the tape down, so I firmly explain what the point of danger tape

> previously
> energizing high voltage shit
> danger taped building
> have to physically grab people to prevent them from going in

Fucking dumbasses.

Other than that, the job is going pretty well. I'll be very glad when it's over.
>> No. 111091 ID: 85023b
> construction workers shuffle out, annoyed
I am sprinting at that point. FFS we've all had fire drills since elementary school. Why isn't this ingrained?
Back in college, I remember a fire alarm going off one class. As conditioned, I immediately get up, leave my shit at my desk, and calmly but quickly move to the door. I make it to the door way when I realize every other person has remained at their seat. I look at them. They look at me.
They finally stand up. I didn't stay to see who started collecting their belongings like a dumbass. I can imagine how much more urgently one should respond to the man running and screaming "Fucking gas you dumb fucks!"
>> No. 111093 ID: 63e44c

>I am drifting at that point.
>> No. 111095 ID: 5bf26c
File 150785250430.jpg - (85.38KB , 640x640 , strongasfuk.jpg )
I love you guys.

> today, day 37
> tell mechanical contractor to unbolt the fucked up piping
> 30 inch diameter pipe held in with 20 studs on each side
> they can't pull the bolts out, they're bound up
> 20 lb sledge hammer, alignment tools, all kinds of shit
> I go work on other shit
> go to lunch
> come back to see a mobile truck crane thing hooked to strap on pipe, trying to pull it into alignment
> reach the point in my life where I need a word stronger than fuck
> pull out phone, take pictures, walk out, let coworker handle it

Oh, couple more nicknames to add. "Trash bear", "Big Chew", "Tiny", "Sweaty Ball Breath", "Bon Jovi" and "Peckerhead". (Pecker = dick)

From across the room, "HEY PECKERHEAD!". I laugh every time.

> this morning
> my boss's boss (B2) calls a mandatory safety stand down after lunch (call in meeting)
> submit a safety incident report for the snake we found in the pit around the package
> BB sends out a group email 13 minutes later with my snakey pictures calling it halloween themed
> submit second safety report for getting gassed yesterday
> B2 replies and copies his boss, B3
> later, call in to the meeting
> bunch of accidents across the company, cranes breaking and dropping engines, people douching themselves in chemicals, two guys who got into a fist fight, the usual stuff, a motorcyclist rear ending my coworker because the biker was texting
> go down the roster, talk about safety events that happened to us
> they specifically ask us to talk about getting gassed
> wrapping up meeting, have B3 call in to talk to us
> he's at the corporate HQ of the customer we're working for
> he saw our safety incident report, turned his laptop around and showed it to the customer's big bosses
> the first they'd heard of it
> they called down to our site to grill the site guys
> oh fuck they're going to be pissed
> get back to site, the site guys tell us all about the shit storm we started
> talk to boss hog, he says what they were doing was normal operation, and was no danger
> I'm about fly off the chain about it being really fucking serious
> he takes a phone call, I decide it's better not to murder the old man
> roll out
>> No. 111096 ID: df12a0
Applied to DHS.
In-processing seems to be going well.
>> No. 111116 ID: 278cbe
>reach the point in my life where I need a word stronger than fuck
Ur welcome.
>> No. 111146 ID: c60044
Started the government job on the 2nd.

Found another place to rent a room on Craigslist. The brothers I moved in with are easy-going, but I swear I don't think they have any dishes. I've mostly been grabbing sandwiches from the Blimpie in the nearby Sunoco, so not like I'm much better than that. I did end up signing a lease when renting a room in Cincinnati, and that guy hasn't found a new tenant to take my place, so I could be paying two rents through December. Not going to tell Cincy guy to shove it, because the guy I'm renting from now wanted contact info for the last two landlords I've had, which might be a common practice. Also listed his contact info on the security clearance form. And I'm mostly a nice guy, so whatever.

I really like the group of people I'm working with. However, government is as government does, and I just got my access card last Tuesday. And then the process for getting me an account and a networked computer was able to begin. All development work is conducted on separate desktops with no internet access, which allows us to install whatever programs we want, but obviously is a massive hindrance otherwise. And the networked machines will wipe the hard drive if you put a flash drive in them. Trying to set up my development machine to dual boot Debian with 14 DVDs has so far not gone well.

During my work in and after school, I came up with what I think is a neat new graph theory algorithm, and if I can find a way to connect it to the work being conducted in my group, I can pursue it further as a 10% project, and hopefully get help on putting a paper together from someone who knows what they're doing. Once I'm set up with an account, I'll be able to start looking up papers without spending $25 a pop, which will definitely help.

In terms of the work I was actually hired to do, I was given a massive slide show in a pdf to read through, which I've barely covered a third of so far. Hopefully, I'll be able to stream music through my networked machine, once I've got that, which should hopefully keep me from being distracted by every conversation that happens around me. I have been warned that streaming media can be throttled, though, so maybe I'm doomed.
>> No. 111152 ID: 881523
> I'll be able to start looking up papers without spending $25 a pop
https://sci-hub.io/ is your friend in this regard. It uses various institutional proxies to gain access to papers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sci-Hub
>> No. 111153 ID: 35802d
File 150893552437.png - (128.51KB , 724x611 , 1408557541184.png )
>finally got confirmation that I got the fucking job
>starting in a little over 2 weeks
>started a crash diet today in conjunction with exercise
>tfw there is no record of my health problems

First thing I'm going to do is probably get my eyes checked right after the probationary period is over, then get lasik. Going to hyperjew everything I can out of the state.
>> No. 111207 ID: 9315da
File 150967793746.jpg - (676.16KB , 1280x720 , BP8I1206-kopia.jpg )

Now if I can find where I wrote down the code somewhere :)

meanwhile at my fucked up company

>new engineer running numerous [R] scripts
>runs out of ram
>IT puts more ram in her PC: from 4 to 8GB!!! woo!!!
>weeks go by, project is done
>IT comes back

I'm starting to think staying here would be a good idea just to see how fucked up it can get.
>> No. 111208 ID: 9315da
and just so there is no confusion, the company is profitable, it's just run like a circus.
>> No. 111226 ID: c60044
I asked the IT lady about my account on Monday, 10/23, and she found that the ticket she had created for me to get an account had been closed without her being emailed. Someone in whatever department evidently thought that creating accounts wasn't their job. Thankfully, I had an account and a networked computer on 10/25, and my computer actually on the network the next day.

It turns out that the local technical library has direct access to full articles from only a rather limited number of publications, and a librarian had to put in an interlibrary loan request -- for a pdf document -- last Tuesday. And that has yet to bear fruit. By contrast, https://sci-hub.io/ gave me what I was looking for, immediately. So, thank you, THWG. >>111152 Doing it any other way was still going to be an incredible pain in the ass.

Having network access has also enabled me to go through some online training and start dealing with health insurance, retirement plans, and whatnot else. And so, the giant slideshow sits neglected.

By turning down the quality of YouTube videos as low as it would go, I have so far successfully streamed music through my networked machine while working. Even with it set up that way, I'm just on the edge of being throttled. If I'm listening to music and open a Wikipedia article or something, the music will often crack up as the webpage loads. I've been looking at switching to a cell phone carrier with better service where I work, so I could hopefully stream music that way. I'm waffling between getting a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active or waiting to get my hands on an LG V30, though.
>> No. 111227 ID: 241b9d
File 150988147220.jpg - (72.15KB , 988x688 , k at work.jpg )
My boss' boss asked me to become the company's lead IT Infrastructure Architect.
Hierarchically, it's a promotion which would put me on the level of my current team lead, but the job description is rather vague. In essence, I'm already doing most of what the job would entail, but would likely pull me away from the operational tasks. While it means less repetitive work, I'd also loose touch with some of the technical aspects.

I've always viewed my career path as rather simplistic:
Option 1: deep specialization. And this is the path I've taken so far. I started as an IT Infrastructure guy, but grew into being a data center guy with strong specialization in virtualization technologies. I've been doing it for over a decade now & I'm clearly good at it.
Option 2: management. This is the path I've avoided so far, since it tends to distance you from the technical aspects which still interest me. In the long term, it probably can't be avoided. But even in a technical team, planning and people management is a whole different ballgame than what I've been doing so far.

My plan was to specialize until I'm older and then migrate into management. Seems like there's now a different path to consider. Not sure where that would put me in my career path.
Choices, choices, choices,...


It seems highly likely that in such an environment, streaming would be against the company policy. So bring an MP3 player or smartphone, you schmuck.


That policy probably was put in place because people would use temporary projects to get permanent upgrades. Sounds retarded, but there's some logic to it.
It's highly likely that the engineer's manager could've asked for a permanent upgrade but didn't because it would have come out of his budget instead of IT's.
>> No. 111228 ID: 8c968b
I'm surprised that someone doing real computer work has been issued only 4 gigs in 2017 to begin with. I haven't used a computer with less than 8 gigs since 2010 I think.
>> No. 111232 ID: df12a0
>it would have come out of his budget instead of IT's
While logical/reasonable, I hate that shit because generally the requesting department doesn't have the budget for any sort of upgrades, but IT can't just let it go because they're in the same boat, and it'd make no sense to upgrade everyone else's shit when your own techs can't get the same upgrades in order to facilitate assistance when the need arises.
>> No. 111235 ID: c60044
File 150993638416.gif - (76.35KB , 900x266 , dilbert_storage.gif )
Let's not forget that 4 gigs of RAM will run you right around $40, about what an employee in this position makes in a little over an hour. So, if keeping the RAM indefinitely saves this employee two hours of time at any point, the company is already ahead.
>> No. 111251 ID: 672e4e
Got another raise this week. Foreman has been quietly unhappy with what the suits gave me after my review, considering the work I do. Well, there was a little shake in the department last month and we have a new general supervisor for the department. Well...Foreman wasted no time going to work on him and got me another, bigger, bump starting this month. I'm going to end the year $3.75 over where I started, about a 20 percent raise. Not too bad for a guy with no education and no serious vocational skills.

I think they're desperate to keep me. Department is having a hard time holding onto employees and a harder time finding people who both are willing to do the work here for what they pay and also are smart enough to do the job and have the work ethic to do it. Fuckin millenials.
>> No. 111262 ID: 8acbb3
File 15104574599.png - (97.39KB , 500x357 , see-you-space-cowboy-3959116.png )
See you guys in a few months.
>> No. 111263 ID: 8c968b
>> No. 111264 ID: 22bdbb
>> No. 111265 ID: 8c968b
It should take only like a week to recover from LASIK.
>> No. 111266 ID: f2172d

I was able to drive to work the morning after Lasik without issues.
>> No. 111291 ID: 514b87
It's better than I thought. I'm bunking with a retired marine sergeant and we both love the food. The pt is really sucks but in a good way. It's mostly boring as fucking he'll but we both have a lot to laugh about.

In our class of 100, 35 have already quit. A guy in his 40s stood up during morning pt and yelled "I'm too old for this shit" and walked out. Everyone thought it was hilarious, the DI thought it was funny too and made the rest of us do monkeyfuckers

All in all a preddy good time.
>> No. 111327 ID: ab097e
  My employer gives all their employees a turkey for thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I only learned this the day before turkey day; The in-laws had already purchased a turkey. So my bird has just been sitting in our walk-in. I'm going to take it home today, carve the whole thing raw, toss it in the slow cooker, and make some pulled turkey. Any advice?
>> No. 111336 ID: 3c3076
Only managed to fit the breast in my slow cooker. Legs and wings are in the fridge. I mixed it with apple cider vinegar, tomato sauce, molasses, salt, cayenne powder, and chili powder. Turned out pretty good.
>> No. 111362 ID: 19518e
File weeee.webm - (4.79MB )
Today was fun, sadly this was my only endmill and it had a bit of a chunk off one of the flutes so I couldn't go fast.
>> No. 111376 ID: ab48a1
The marine shot a 99 on the ar15 at 100 yards and 50/50 shots with the glock17 At the 25 yard course and he got 22/50 shots in the center ring.

Its been a super fun week. Next we get gassed and I'll get to use the gas gun
>> No. 111426 ID: 24e8f7
File 151350462810.jpg - (3.95MB , 4160x3120 , 20171217_015026.jpg )
Gonna be a long night...
>> No. 111429 ID: c60044
It ended up being nearly two weeks from when I originally made the interlibrary loan request to when I had a "legit" copy of the paper. As a part of the paper I want to write, I wanted to write a couple of really simple algorithm implementations and make them open-source, and the government evidently won't play ball, so that's now a personal project. I'll still probably try to use the technical library to help find some useful papers.

I stopped reading through the giant slideshow a bit past the halfway point. It was getting pretty pointless. I've actually started coding, though, so hooray.

The standard network configuration for the computers that can get on the internet blocks a lot of sites, such as Amazon. Believe it or not, there are legitimately work-related things a government employee might want to do on Amazon. As such, a coworker of mine managed to get some settings changed on her machine to allow her to go to such places. She helped me to make the same changes to my machine. I have yet to see if YouTube streams will now be less throttled. Fingers crossed, though some sites were loading quite slowly today. I have yet to change cellphone carriers.

Last week, I got in a discussion with this same coworker that was basically me trying to remember how acceleration works when making a turn, i.e. travelling in a circle. I eventually remembered that the acceleration vector always points to the center of rotation. She basically tried to argue that the direction of the acceleration vector made step changes, for some reason. This coworker's job title is "Physicist," and she has a physics degree. Today, I hear from my first line manager that I should have been more political than saying, "I think you're wrong. I'm going to look that up." I think I prefer autism.

>> No. 111430 ID: 9dcda2
File 151380006896.jpg - (10.07KB , 220x200 , arrow to the knee.jpg )
Fuck! I haven't posted in a while.

> working on new startup project
> 30 mins from home
> they were going to put a guy from PA on the job instead, had to request to this job
> doing alignment between big fucking turbine and big fucking centrifugal compressor
> has a 60.360 inch shaft
> realize I need an inside micrometer that's 5+ feet long
> grainger, fastenal, MSC, McMaster-Carr, Starrett, etc out of stock
> available Feb of next year
> customer's other location has one
> they overnight it Monday
> doesn't arrive Tuesday
> arrives today (Wed)
> 60 inches
> "That's a cruel joke."
> call office, they call other offices around the US
> found one, getting it overnighted to my house

So this job finished up late Oct. I told my boss that I was going to be unavailable for a few days afterward. My legs fucking hurt by the end of that job. Now if I sit too long my knee gets stiff until I'm able to pop it. I think I aged like 2 years in 2 months. On my last day, I said my goodbyes to the operations guys and drove right past the construction trailer. Fuck em.

Then I had a few BS jobs and then back to >>110613 to finish up. Mon-Wed I was finishing up, Thursday my vacation started. Everything went pretty well, with some issues to work through, no big. I actually ended up working 18 hours on Wednesday trying to get everything finished. I got a really awesome email from the customer (with my boss on copy) thanking me for my hard work and dedication. Fucking awesome. Basically the best thing you can do for a service guy. Then my boss forwards it to his boss, and his boss, saying that I kill it on every job. Shit yeah.
>> No. 111431 ID: c60044
At a meeting for developmental employees, today, a news clip was played discussing strategies for fostering an innovative culture. The presenter mentioned the strong response an earlier broadcast in the series had received, in particular mentioning the large numbers of people who had ordered a copy of it on video cassette. I want to see how well it would go over if I brought a bunch of Nerf guns to work, now. "You guys want to innovate, don't you?"
>> No. 111433 ID: 1519ac
Did you get some 6'0" to 6'1" outside mics to check the insides too? The worst I have to deal with is 10' calipers.
>> No. 111435 ID: 9dcda2
File 151386466279.jpg - (49.40KB , 960x555 , gun-cloud.jpg )
At that point, it's as the Machine God wills.

> I want to see how well it would go over if I brought a bunch of Nerf guns to work, now.

Great, until someone gets triggered.
>> No. 111436 ID: c60044
Brought up the acceleration in a turn thing again today. Think we might have just had a bit of a disconnect? Not sure what originally happened, honestly, but I guess my coworker isn't a moron. She had been more annoyed that I basically said I'd look it up later and just dropped the whole thing right then than anything about what I said being too blunt. So glad I pressed the issue.
>> No. 111460 ID: e266a3
Hired last week at a shop one of my classmates works at. I start the beginning of next year. 15 an hour, 40 a week with sometimes 5 hours OT on Saturdays.

Won't get in the way of my other job. Will be picking 10 hours today and 8 tomorrow for that sweet holiday overtime.
>> No. 111485 ID: bf2165
>graduate with Business admin degree after using up GI bill
>working for a concrete company after college as an intern
>things are going really well and I am finishing projects ahead of schedule
>begin picking up extra work to help out around the shop on top of regular duties
>3 month internship coming to an end
>ask to stay
>"we don't have it in the budget to keep you on staff, but we will keep you for another month.
>who knows what will happen. Maybe you can start fixing equipment with the mechanics!"
>take the extra month but tell them I don't want manual labor, Iwenttocollege.jpg
>Get told I'm starting next week out in the shop with the shipping and receiving crew
>fuck that I quit (stupidly at the beginning of November)
>still unemployed because no company will hire at the end of the year
>only had 2 interviews and a few phone calls promising hiring at the starts of the new year

Never quit a job at the end of the year, you'll be unemployed till the new year... at least I hope so. I am also waiting to hear if the folks from VOC rehab will be able to help me with my small business.
>> No. 111488 ID: 9dcda2
File 151464805688.jpg - (46.81KB , 540x540 , CPnpyFUU8AAyiDX.jpg )

>take the extra month but tell them I don't want manual labor, Iwenttocollege.jpg
>Get told I'm starting next week out in the shop with the shipping and receiving crew
>fuck that I quit (stupidly at the beginning of November)
>still unemployed because no company will hire at the end of the year

Grade A millennial shit right there.
>> No. 111489 ID: bf2165
Eh I make enough from my retirement that I'm not too concerned with finding a job or keeping that one. I was hired to do business analysis and given the choice between working in a shop or being at home I'm going to chose doing what I want at home. I've done my share of manual labor and chose to get out of it. Why would I go to college and get a degree just to go back to what I was doing before? I'm just surprised that I haven't had any interviews or calls given the amount of positions I've applied to. But that's because I didn't put any thought towards the fact that companies wouldn't be hiring at the end of the year.
>> No. 111490 ID: a083c4

I mean yeah manual shit sucks, but it's still a thing. Especially if you want to start a small business.

My job title is "Senior Management Analyst" and I still find myself packing and shipping shit or installing/tearing down things with regularity because it needs doing. If I waited to pawn it off on a noob, it wouldn't get done in time.

From a business perspective, there is a line you have to draw when it comes to tasks, but be extremely wary of deeming things beneath you due to your education, experience, or self image.
>> No. 111491 ID: bf2165
I get that there will always be manual labor associated with things and as this was a concrete company I didn't mind helping them out. Its when they tried to transition me to doing only manual labor that I left. I'm all for helping out or doing my fair share I just didn't like that they hired me for one thing and then tried to get me to do another.
>> No. 111493 ID: e266a3
I used my GI bill specifically so I could do manual labor.

One of the reasons I quit one of my previous jobs doing maintenance at the cardboard plant earlier this year was because they stuck me with the operators when I thought I was cross-training to be a better mechanic. They'd tried to pull that on their forklift drivers too. I wasn't the only one who left -- I'd only been there 9 months but when you've got your 10+ year folks taking a pay cut to go somewhere else, the writing's kind of on the wall.

When I was doing a walk through at the company that hired me at the end of this year, I saw the owner in the metering one of their products for a customer visit and the operations manager interviewing me was in the middle of testing something else when I came in, which I think is a good sign.

Probably the key to finding work at the end of the year is to not be not working. After I left the plant I'd picked up one-off contracts every couple weeks doing stuff from installing wifi antennas at ice cream factories to cleaning bathrooms in luxury apartments, while still going to school. Most importantly, I also never quit my part-time job at the call center when I was at the plant, and I'm still keeping it once I start work at the shop. Their shift scheduling is too flexible not to. Otherwise I'd have done something like pick up the seasonal jobs retailers usually offer from Thanksgiving to New Year's, which is a lot less chill.

The only things I'd actually refuse to do would any restaurant work with the one exception of dishwashing. The tips may certainly be good but I have too much emotional baggage with that industry compared to anything else I've ever done.
>> No. 111494 ID: 9fa8d9
Law says no glass on the vegas strip tonight. So we are breaking other laws and pouring everyone's liquor into big plastic coca cola cups. Expensive bottles of champagne, entire 750s of hard liquor, one motherfucker bought a bottle of remy xo. I wanted to yell at him.
>> No. 111559 ID: c9fe43
>From a business perspective, there is a line you have to draw when it comes to tasks, but be extremely wary of deeming things beneath you due to your education, experience, or self image.

This times 100%. Having managers that will bust their balls with you doing shit work that needs to get done, goes very very far in getting loyalty.

I've had CFO's making packets with me before. Shit goes good.
>> No. 111563 ID: 9dcda2
File 15152074292.jpg - (209.86KB , 768x1024 , tech priest slash bank robber.jpg )
> not scheduled to work
> text message from boss
> B: Hey want to go to X site to help coworker?
> Me: Can do.
> check phone for weather, 10'F with 17 mph wind. "Feels like" -6.


> coworker: Well we've shit to do outside and inside... and oh by the way, I didn't bring any warm clothes.

Fuck. I guess I'll handle the outside unit.

> cold weather selfie
> photoshop out opsec

> failed 0-15 inches of water pressure transmitter
> none in stock
> someone incorrectly ordered 0-1 psi transmitters
> 1 psi = 27.7 inches of water
> rescale it in the software
> close enuf

> intermittently failed exhaust thermocouple
> try to remove
> completely fucking seized


> penetrating oil everything
> put closed end wrench on it
> hammer the wrench gently
> breaks free
> doesnt fuck up the threads
> have all the replacement parts and fittings

Thank the Omnissiah.

All in all, not too bad. I totally saved coworker's ass though.
>> No. 111564 ID: a083c4
File 15152487601.jpg - (280.58KB , 2937x1427 , 25627166_10155094092861892_950066961528719222_o.jpg )

>I don't have warm clothes

That's ok bro, I have lots of spares here ya go

pic unrelated
>> No. 111566 ID: 128ea0
>This times 100%.

So times one?
>> No. 111567 ID: c9fe43
File 151533753529.jpg - (30.51KB , 509x358 , 0c7ff478712c364057074948708a3f5e--wtf-face-alex-tu.jpg )

Yes? No? Maybe?
>> No. 111583 ID: e79e4a
>live 40 minutes from work
>work the first day of ojt 730-400
>get told I need to come in at 1130 tonight
>can't fall asleep
Kill me now
>> No. 111601 ID: a46f01
My third boss since I started this job is a returning manager. This guy was transferred right before I came on, and I have not stopped hearing about him. He's the boogeyman. Everyone who has worked for him hates him. Especially one socially inept, neurotic middle aged man he likes to pick on. After three years in social work, there ain't shit some petty retail tyrant can do to me. I don't give a fuck. But they way he treats my coworker really sticks in my craw. So boss is talking to me and another new employee he hadn't met yet laying out expectations, new boss shit, he asks for questions.
"Why'd you fuck Bob's schedule the minute you walked in the door?" I was so beyond giving a fuck. He said Bob knows why, and it doesn't concern me. That's a lie. Bob was not given reason. Asked him the day before.

Today I decided to count my drawer before running it. He shorted me $26.
>> No. 111627 ID: e79e4a
I spent 1 hour leading convicts to the Messhall, 15 minutes looking at nuts and butts, and 6 hours and 45 minutes sitting around doing nothing while we waited for a late inmate.

Boredom is the greatest enemy
>> No. 111631 ID: 9dcda2
  > this music plays when I pull up to site

> new startup project
> lots of delays, finally gets going
> got new guy for training, he's doing well, get him configuring the display computer
> got a site guy for help and training, he's sharp, got him taking shit apart for borescope inspection
> talking to electrical contractor about status and termination points
> talking to commissioning electricians about point-to-point checks and reassigning RTD's in software
> talk to mechanical contractor about missing instrument air connections
> borescope engine, like flying a X-Wing down a trench
> teaching site guys turbine theory and while scoping

> goin' to lunch
> site inspector guy bought a new truck
> window sticker still on it
> sit in back seat, carefully remove sticker

And then the most interesting part of my day:

> I'm totally fucking captivated by peeling the sticker residue off the window for 30 minute round trip
> pick pick pick

Just a mental break I guess.

> talking to mechanical contractor guy
> walk by our display computer
> MC 1: Hey man, the time's wrong on here
> Me: (Dismissive) Yeah I haven't set it yet.
> on to whatever I was doing
> come back
> MC 1 talking to MC 2: .... no reaction...
> ?
> MC 1: I was just telling him, I thought we'd get some kind of reaction out of you
> Me: Bah, you guys haven't even tried to kill me yet. Let me tell you the incidents I've had to run away from.
>> No. 111635 ID: 19518e
File workholding.webm - (1.79MB )
Around clamps, practice avoidance.
>> No. 111636 ID: 1aaf2a
>She helped me to make the same changes to my machine. I have yet to see if YouTube streams will now be less throttled.
YouTube streams still pretty throttled. However, I have gained access to https://www.radioparadise.com where I didn't have it, earlier. Audio from there is throttle-free. Looks like I've got access to Spotify, too. I think I'm saved.

So many meetings and administrative things to deal with here. I hate looking at the clock and realizing it's time to leave and I haven't accomplished what I set out to do today. So I got in the habit of staying late to do so. Which more than doubles my commute home by bicycle. I've stayed at work late enough to make it basically impossible to get to work on time the next day and be well-rested enough to be useful. And being late is fine except when it isn't. Maybe I'm still doomed.
>> No. 111640 ID: 1519ac
I love those little toe clamps. Unfortunately all ours are bent because idiots don't know when to stop tightening things.
>> No. 111641 ID: 19518e
My clamps were mostly OK but the bolts and screws and threaded rod weren't. Had to run a die over pretty much everything and a tap through the T-nuts.

All in all compared to some of the stuff I had to deal with from the previous """""machinist""""" that was working at the shop I'm at, it wasn't so bad. Don't get me started, my blood pressure rises just thinking about it.
>> No. 111645 ID: 9dcda2
File 151632037496.jpg - (23.96KB , 400x320 , perseverance.jpg )
I love your videos but never have any idea of what's happening.

>>111640 >>111641

I kinda get it.

Follow up to >>111631. My new guy leaves to go have a baby or some lame excuse, and senior guy shows up to help. I kinda need his help for a few things, but most of the startup I'm fine with. While I try to do a thorough job and take advantage of our time on site, he just wants to fuck off and smoke in his truck. "Hey man, lets go smoke." "Nah, we got plenty of time." "Don't worry about that shit."

So electrical powerup is my olympic sport. He's more of a mechanical guy, but has like 10+ years of doing this. Working with him was like taking 3 steps back, and then wrapping an anchor chain around my waist. I basically have wait for him to fuck around trying to troubleshoot until I can get by him and actually figure out what's going on.

Then it's off for more second hand smoke.

My biggest problem with this guy is that I can't trust what he says. We joke he's 110% sure about things. 100% confident and 10% correct. And he's not lying, because he believes what he's saying. He just mis-remembers, or didn't understand, or connected two things that don't actually connect. Maybe too many drugs when he was younger?

There's some shit that I flat out ignore him on...

> previously
> doing procedure to make sure exhaust bolts/nuts don't seize
> remove nut
> apply ANTI-SEIZE compound
> install nut
> retorque

"Nah, we don't have to do that shit. It's gonna cause it to seize."

He'll have some bullshit idea, then credit it to someone else. That someone "told him". Either the supervisor, or the site boss, or an engineer in the company.

And if you call him on his bullshit, he'll just deflect it, or say that it applied in some specific scenario.
>> No. 111646 ID: 19518e
File 151632254667.jpg - (1.43MB , 2976x1674 , dumb_whatever.jpg )
Big customer sent us a drawing of a part. Supervisor sends it to the laser, looking at what the part is for, that was the correct call.

Part needs a few threads so I get it after it's lasered. I look at the drawing and see ridiculous shit like "holes [true position] 0.002 A, B", long story short they tolerance'd it pretty much 15 times too tight as the part would require. It's basically a plate that would hold a thing with regular bolts, it could be off 1/16th and it wouldn't make a fucking difference but blueprint is a blueprint.

So they chuck the lasered parts in the scrap bin and ask me what do. I say the drawing is dumb but if they want it to print, laser it out with extra material so I can just clean up the lasered surfaces so dimensions, locations, surface finish and other GD&T will be bang on.

What you see is a little re-pass just to adjust cutter compensation after running the first part. The lasered "blank" thing is held down with a few bolts undersized from final hole size, the outside is machined, the clamps are installed and then the screws are removed so the holes and threads can be machined to match the other features. Yes I deburred the plate that the part is sitting on after taking it off.

tl;dr that particular webm was what happens when a big company with lazy engineers throw money at stuff.
>> No. 111651 ID: a083c4
Work should be fun tomorrow :D
>> No. 111654 ID: 180c9a
How'd it go?
>> No. 111655 ID: a083c4

Incredibly uneventful.
>> No. 111661 ID: 9dcda2
File 151676329619.jpg - (61.39KB , 600x600 , guy-yelling-at-phone.jpg )

Friday was a heavy mechanical day, and warmer, so coworker actually hauled ass and we got a lot of work done.

Today, the electrical inspector comes up to me...

> E-Insp: Hey, did you hear about [Customer Startup Specialist]?
> Me: No. What happened?
> E-Insp: He had a minor heart attack. He's at the hospital. He's doing ok. But they keep calling him like he's still on the job.
> Me: Oh fuck. That dude needs to be out on medical. No part time anything.
> E-Insp: Yeah, fuck.

This particular CSS was on a previous, super high stress job, that coworker was on. Apparently it involved millions and millions of dollars of possible late penalties. Their VPs were talking to our VPs, kind of serious. I'm told there was plenty of yelling involved, including the CSS yelling at this electrical inspector, and coworker telling this guy "You don't talk to human beings like that."

So for this CSS to go from running that job, to having some personal life issues, I can imagine he was under a lot of stress. He showed up to our job promising it would be different and that we'd be in no hurry. And everything seemed ok. Now that I think about it, he looked kind of bad last time I saw him. Like his damn eyes were bulging out.

I figured out that I'm never going to take a job with that much stress. It's not worth any kind of money to have a fucking heart attack.

Come to think of it, another plant manager had two strokes. He's alright now, but I think he gave up on working and just smokes weed erry day.
>> No. 111667 ID: 19518e
File 151683912131.jpg - (505.19KB , 1168x1239 , side_rear.jpg )
>engineer asks me to do a thing
>look the part model
>pretty simple save for a part feature that's kinda "difficult"
>ask him if he needs the feature
>he replies yes

So I made the thing, 0.5" diameter at the large end, part a hair under 1.125" long.

But then it gets interesting.

Please note that the little hole is 0.095" in diameter, and goes completely through the part.
>> No. 111668 ID: 19518e
File 151683951046.jpg - (316.32KB , 1122x800 , internal_counterbore.jpg )
Baffled the old tool&die maker when I showed him this, guy didn't know about setting the lathe in metric and imperial at the same time to move 90 degrees in the 4th dimensional space so you can cut a feature by going "above" the part walls.

jk, if someone here figures what I did, I'll send them a cookie
>> No. 111673 ID: 9dcda2
File 15169274302.jpg - (13.82KB , 488x325 , counterboregrouppic.jpg )
Some kind of detachable counterbore tool, with the shaft going through the 0.095" hole?
>> No. 111674 ID: 19518e
File 151693165578.jpg - (31.80KB , 800x450 , cookie.jpg )
Yep! Grabbed an old #8 drill (the internal counterbore is 0.200" in diameter), turned it down until I basically had a tiny stem with two little cutting flutes. Used a dremel with a zip wheel to grind something like cutting edges on the two tiny flutes. Slipped the stem down through the pocket, put the part in a drill chuck, used a second drill chuck to grab the stem.

Spun the part in a drill (in CCW rotation, because it's backwards cutting because of the drill flutes), and pulled on the second drill chuck gently until it cut the internal counterbore.

If it had been a longer distance between the face of the part and the pocket, I would have needed to make a two-part tool with probably a little threaded hole where the cutting flutes could be placed above the 0.095 hole in the pocket, and threaded onto the "shank". Of course, it would also need to cut in CCW so it wouldn't loosen off the threads.

Sure enough, all these shenanigans were so that the engineer could glue in a little wire crimp into the internal counterbore. As much as I suggested to simply do it like five other different and simpler ways, he's the smart one and he wanted his counterbore on the inside so he got his counerbore on the inside.
>> No. 111675 ID: 9dcda2
It's funny, using DMLS, this would have been trivial. I've got some homies that do all kinds of additive manufacturing, plastic and metal, and parts like this are completely normal for them. I walked in one time and mentioned something about a Wankel rotary engine rotor. The guy starts laughing, and pulls out a failed print of a rotor made of cobalt-chrome. It weighed a fuckton.

They do all kinds of materials including Titanium. I guess with a 400 watt laser you can melt whatever the fuck you want.

However, it's not always easy. Last time I was there he was showing me some of the mutant parts the machine made. There's a lot of skill and knowledge that goes into making a part, even with additive.
>> No. 111676 ID: 19518e
Yep, additive manufacturing is awesome... Until it isn't, or the settings aren't right. Engineer showed me his prints from his home 3D gluegun, and I immediately understood why he wanted me to machine his things. It wasn't a mess of melted wire, but the part was simply bad enough I was impressed it had even printed completely. Still, I wish I could get something additive, the advantages are clear and measurable when you have really weird geometry and want to just prototype something before you order like 12k monies of custom shape extruded aluminum. I have high hopes for the technique in the future but there are still many massive hurdles to overcome before it could even get close to a lot of old fashioned swarfmaking.

>400 watt laser
Cute! I wish our laser could add material. It's pretty much only 2D contour stuff but at least it's 8000 watts. It's from a while back when additive was but a budding flower and problems were solved with MOAR POWAR.

Still gives me the willies when it's running blazing through half-inch thick steel like it's a hot wire in foam, the windows are clear and it makes me think it'll fry my eyeballs right out of my head just from a reflection of a refraction of a refraction. Not sure how that all works, some guy has been using it for like ten years and he can still see. I'll have a gander at the manual tomorrow or something...
>> No. 111677 ID: b2299c
Young man, ratty hair, tatted up, gauged ears with soda tab earings, cigarette hole in his jeans, came into the store and said to me "call 911. Medical." He went from lucid and mobile to curled up on the floor drooling in about 30 seconds.
>> No. 111680 ID: 9dcda2
File 151700730520.jpg - (502.31KB , 1200x900 , badprint01.jpg )
> home 3D gluegun

Heh, yeah the home 3d printers take A LOT of tweaking to get usable. Pic is my bro's Rep Rap and an Elite Dangerous space ship that seems to have pulled out of hyperspace violently...

Probably an undercover cop.

Also, that sucks dude.
>> No. 111681 ID: c3b8cf

looks like a Babylon 5 Shadow vessel.
>> No. 111699 ID: 1aaf2a
My coworker, the physicist, got a job offer working for a government contractor outside of DC, making more than twice what she's been making here. There was an attempt to get her hired on with a contractor that does a lot of work on base, with similar pay, so she could justify continuing to do what she's been doing, but I found out today that that fell through. She hadn't even been looking for another position. This company found her info on Indeed, brought her in, and basically said, "You are what we want to hire. What would it take for you to leave what you're doing, come here, and work for us?" She gave them what she thought was an insane number, and they went for it. So she basically had no choice but to take the job, at that point.

We've also lost a more recent hire in our group to private industry elsewhere.

The skills the government needs for what we are doing are worth a lot in industry, and the government pay system just isn't set up to account for that. My boss has been trying to make the case that he should be able to get his employees paid more, but he has to show that we've already lost people to industry. It doesn't sound like there's a way to act preemptively. And now we're losing someone that was doing a lot of important stuff, one of the two people who've been working in the labs day to day for this group for more than six months.
>> No. 111700 ID: 9dcda2
File 151728092463.jpg - (70.83KB , 1024x391 , 448.jpg )
But, but, women get paid less than men do! Wage gap!

Sorta related:

> coworker calls me
> CW: Hey man, you'll never guess who just called me?
> Me: Santa Claus?
> CW not phased: It was our old coworker who's now the plant manager at the hospital. He's asking if I knew anyone who'd be interested in a job as their turbine / general maintenance guy.

This coworker is not someone who's well connected...

> Me: Hah! He was asking if YOU wanted the job.
> CW: Yeah what's what I thought!

A few hours later...

> Plant Manager guy calls me
> PM: Hey Avgas, how's it going? What have you been up to?
> Me: Hey PM, I heard you've been doing some poaching.
> PM: What? Naw. Who told you that?
> Me: I heard you were trying to get CW.
> PM: Who told you that, was it John?
> Me: What? No, CW told me.
> PM: I was just seeing if anyone was interested, and just lettin' you know there was a job opening.

Right. I've heard our customers, as part of the standard terms and conditions, have to agree not to try to steal our employees.

Also, I hate that fucking place. I previously told him "Not for all the tea in China."
>> No. 111710 ID: 1dec8f
File 151735454624.jpg - (81.11KB , 720x960 , FB_IMG_1497825616068.jpg )
Alright, I got one for you IHC.

>get nail in tire
>oh fuck whatever I can just put the spare on
>pull back into garage because at this point I'm gonna plug the shit anyway
>set the jack at the position marked under the car and in the manual
>start jacking the car up, jack is almost maxed out
>turns out Dodge/Chrysler just fucking hands out the same goddamned jacks regardless of make/model
>UrbanProne(TM) beside the car
>watch the jack fucking flex and go sailing past my head at Mach 5
>dent in drywall from impact

And that's when I found out my fucking car is literally 50lbs short of a Dodge Ram Quadcab with the same engine and they supplied the same fucking jack I had for the neon. (which back in the day mind you, didn't fucking fit underneath it when it was fully compressed)

And I keep a goddamned three ton in the fucking thing because of it.

Another one?
Another one.

>6 months after acquisition of new vehicle
>keep getting calls from dealership
>"Hi, we're just calling to notify you that it might be time to change your oil."
>well okay, I can do that myself but alright it's free so fuck it
>take car to dealership
>20 minutes later they come back out
>not bad
>3 months later it's fucking leaking from the filter
>go back and ask them why they fucked up putting an oil filter on the car

I'm not even fucking joking
Dude looks me square in the face and says
>well it's supposed to leak when you have to change it, that's how it notifies you that it's time to change it
>we can take the keys from you and replace it for fort-
>Go fuck yourselves.

Fuck Dodge.
I love my car even though it's absolutely a psychotic tank of a car and relatively bullet resistant.
Which leads me to a local story

>some urban dude's wife decided to sell his car without him knowing
>dude walking up the main road in town sees his car with some random broad driving it
>tries to flag her down
>she turns into the nearest chicken joint
>dude decides an easy way to get the weird bitch out of the car is to just draw his motherfucking hipoint and start laying rounds into it
>5/10 rounds connect with vehicle
>three were deflected by the rear windshield
>one got stuck in the backseat through the trunk
>one punched through the windshield area (this was roughly 20-30m mind you
>bullet stopped in drivers seat headrest

Pretty sure it's just the US going into rampancy because I swear to god there's gunfights everyday in neighboring cities, we're getting a bit more firearms related goofy shit happening.

Like gyms getting shot the fuck up and cops not giving weapons charges to the shooter because of how lulzy the whole situation was.

Oh and to get all four fucking tires off the ground, the car has to be three feet off the goddamned ground.

Suspension is like a weird fucking monster truck.
Though hitting a ramp at 70 in it is comfortable as shit, fuck working on the thing.

Let me tell you about my girlfriends car though, it's a mashup of 6, no shit, 6 different vehicles.
It's the frankencar.

And there's no drain plug for the oil.
There are 5 of these things aside from hers we interact with, like friends cars.

So like, her's is the only one that's got this particular problem.
It's so fucked up, Ford is a shit.
>> No. 111723 ID: c70ed7
Dude, change your damn garage, those guys sound like a liability.

My turn:

>Driving my diesel Alfa
>Taking then GF for meal out
>Engine suddenly sounds like it's eaten 4 spanners with no grease
>almost no power
>Pull over pop bonnet
>nothing lose or leaking
>ok. home time.
>Stop outside house, kill engine, as doing so think I should pull this to the local garage
>local garage is 500m from front door
>turn key
>HAHAHA Alfa says no.


>get car into garage.
>"3 things it's most likely to be"
>timing sensor
>dead piston

Knowing my luck...

>Timing sensor is a no go. FMAL
>"Head off time AB"
>"I'm hoping to see a twisted lug on the cams, easy fix"
>"Engine is like new, (88 thou) no scoring on the piston, piston is fine, everything is fine just no compression..."

Just my luck

>Choice is new (read salvaged) lump or he chases it round the engine (£££)
>Lump swap it is
>most places want ~£1500 for a shagged pos lump.


>find breaker with a 40k Lump for 900 with guarantee,
>fucking buy it.
>lump delivered
>My garage tries to turn it over with a bar before fitting.

My motor is on the ramp with no engine and some Northern Money has sold me a duff engine.

Apparently he sent the wrong lump by 'mistake' sending the other one now.

Bloody Hell. >:(
>> No. 111737 ID: d609af
At work. First time I've ever been unable to watch the super bowl.
>> No. 111742 ID: addd7a
Count yourself lucky. I regularly miss 6 Nations games.
>> No. 111803 ID: 19518e
File 15188130014.jpg - (199.27KB , 772x860 , djkhfgfk.jpg )
Welp I only have a few days of work left. New job, will be moving to another province, so shit will be weird for a while.

Last little workpost for the foreseeable near future, I assume.

>get to work
>old guy that used to own the shop wants me to make these things
>says they NEED this tiny little slot that's super deep and has a radius at the bottom
>long story short, tool required is over 12 times long as it is wide
>in steel
>order tools
>put them in collet tool holder
>check concentricity
>0.0012 TIR
>that's fucking TERRIBLE
>fiddle with the obvious fixes
>get it down to 0.0007
>still terrible
>actual solution is order a few precision collets
>no time since I'm gone next week
>index spindle
>put a sharpie marker dot on the "high spot" (most eccentric part of the rotation)
>disassemble tool
>paint sharpie marker on the inside surfaces of the tool, collet, and holder in the "eccentric" spots
>reassemble tool
>0.00005 TIR concentric
>bad but acceptable

thickness of sharpie ink ftw

Still chipped the flutes but the part is acceptable.
>> No. 111804 ID: 1519ac
Huh. Never would have thought of that. Of course around here our machines are so beat .0015" TIR is considered good. I had a tool running out .005" because the taper is fucked that I got down to .0017" by yanking on the holder. Yay rigidity.
>> No. 111805 ID: 19518e
The smaller the tool, the more concentricity matters. Some operations might be a little more forgiving, but when the tool is both long and skinny, best = no measurable runout.

I've done some really crazy shit to reduce runout. SOP at another shop that was better equipped in cutting tools, but still old machines/old tool holders was to say "hold my beer" and ATC to previous tool, ATC to current tool, dial it, mark the high spot. This ensured the tool would be seated exactly as it would be when the program ran. Then you actually tap the tool itself with a hammer, ATC to previous and ATC back to the tool you're working on. Dial it and see if it changed. If it didn't, tap it harder. If it did and it moved the correct way, you're getting warmer. There's a definite art to this, you usually hold the tool in your fingers with the left hand to dampen the vibrations while also holding a little brass punch against the tool body to prevent damage to cutting edges, then give it a little tap.

You can dial shit perfectly and consistently like this. I've actually only broken one solid carbide 0.125" reamer this way out of dialing tools probably a hundred times. At one job they couldn't get their 0.125 +/-0.0001 hole in (ran oversized), only had on-size spares, and no undersized. After the one broken reamer I had it spinning with no measurable runout with about five minutes of ATC swaps and hammertime.

I did give it a go with the tools I mentioned (10 to 12x extended sub-0.060" diameter shit) but I quickly gave up. I may have a decent bit of experience in precision percussive calibration, but fuck I don't have spares and those things are tiny.

Then there was that time I woke up an old tape-drive CNC Matsuura vertical milling machine for another job. It would chatter on any tool in any feed/speed, I scratched my head for a while before putting a bit of layout dye on a tool holder taper. Ran the tool for a few seconds, when I pulled it out of the spindle, there was clear rubbing around the taper, getting really bad at the larger diameter of the taper. Machine spindle taper was wallered right out (it's why that machine hadn't been turned on in years, the guys that knew this were long gone). Hotdog down a hallway.

Now the correct course of action is to get a spindle regrind. However, they declined this request and so I asked them to hold my beer. Then I used six small squares of masking tape on the tool holder taper to provide points of contact (three points at the bottom of the taper and three points at the top of the taper) and we were able to mill over 2000 feet of slots (slotting with an endmill) without a single whimper of chatter.

I actually don't know how concentric the tape was but it wasn't a super precision job and the tool wasn't very small so I guess it was gud 'nuf.
>> No. 111806 ID: 1519ac
Oh I'm no stranger to fixing runout with a hammer. I've used stainless shim stock between the holder and the spindle taper too. I'm lucky in that it's very rare I need to use a tool under 3/16 diameter, and if I do it's usually just for engraving.
>> No. 111807 ID: 19518e
Good to know I'm not completely mad and that this kind of thing has been done before. I've gotten so many funny rooms hitting shit with hammers, I was starting to question stuff.
>> No. 111811 ID: 9dcda2
  Working with this guy again. >>111645 (the Master of Disaster aka MOD)

So for the last 2 weeks I've been troubleshooting our start motor VFD. VFD = Variable Frequency Drive. (aka "the drive") VFDs work on a combination of PWM and PFM. Pulse width modulation and pure fucking magic. Nobody really understands them, and as such the drives get blamed for everything.

> gone for a week
> MOD: Hey man, we removed that jumper from the drive. It's the one you have to remove to enable the station communication card.
> Me: Ok....

> power up drive
> Inverter communication fault
> check manual
> says to check fiber optic cable
> shine flashlight through, no kinks or damage
> looks gud...
> pull out fiber interface card and transceivers
> go with Nintendo method of troubleshooting
> pull the card out, blow on it, put it back in
> Inverter communication fault
> electrical inspector has been bored out of his mind for this whole job
> he elbows his way into start ripping stuff apart and replacing station wiring
> mess with it for a while
> Inverter communication fault + Safety board fault
> fuck
>> No. 111812 ID: 9dcda2
  Continued from >>111811

FF to 2:37 for drive internals.

> replace the entirely too thicc station wiring with actually flexible stranded wire
> dig more into the drive, getting to know it pretty well
> wait a week for parts
> install new fiber optic cable and transceivers
> Inverter communication fault + Safety board fault
> fuck

> MOD: Hey man lets trying moving the Input Output card to a different slot, it doesn't matter if it's in 4 or 5.
> Me: k whatevs
> I/O card in 4, move to 5
> doesn't help

> pull up every manual and spec sheet
> trying to figure out Safety Board fault
> check settings and dip switches, set correctly
> manual says switch 1 on, switch 2 off, install enable jumper

> Me: What was that jumper you guys removed?
> MOD: This one here.
> removed
> install "ENABLE" jumper
> Safety board fault
> fuck, it didn't fix the safety board fault
> Me: Wait, did the inverter comm fault go away?
> MOD: Nah, I don't think that has anything to do with it.
> call mfg tech support
> TS: Yah I think yer safety board is fried
> Me: By the way, with [this configuration] does that enable jumper matter?
> TS: Oh yeah, that'll cause your inverter comm fault.
What kind of fucked up error is that?

> last friday
> 1 of 2 safety boards arrive
> install
> no change

> today
> 2 of 2 safety boards arrive
> suspect the old one got fucked up from the electrical inspector being rough with it and every random asshole picking it up and playing with it
> really careful to prevent static electricity by grounding myself on the drive
> MOD: I don't think this is going to work.
> it works
> now only a configuration error

> MOD: I think we better get a replacement drive on order.
> 6 week lead time and $20,000+
> Me: What the fuck? Dude we just got the hardware issues worked out. The drive is happy, this is just our configuration.
> MOD: I don't think so man.

> working through our configurating software
> slot 4 configuration error, slot 6 error...
> slot 4...
> didn't we move the I/O card?
> MOD: That shouldn't matter. You can move those cards around.
> move I/O card back to slot 4
> works

> configure drive
> test crank engine
> vvvvvrrrrrrrrr
> stop crank

Oh shit it worked. (And didn't blow up!)

> check for rotation, actually correct
> crank engine up to normal test crank speed


> tell site boss
> every asshole on site shows up to see the thing crank
> hit the button
> Inverter over-temp fault

> check motor control center
> warm as fuck because someone turned up the heater
> open doors, let ventilate
> fault clears

> test crank engine
> vvvvvvrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRR
> yay
> kill it before the thing over-temp's again

> check drive
> only 1 of 4 cooling fans are actually running
> fuck
> tomorrow's project

Man, I've never had a tenth as many problems with one of these. Normally you turn the damn thing on, hit configure, hit start, and don't worry about it until the roof leaks directly on to the drive 5 years from now...
>> No. 111817 ID: 278cbe
File 15191188596.jpg - (589.12KB , 3120x2205 , DSC_0471.jpg )
Those high-power drives and soft starters are touchy things, it seems. We just blew one recently, while testing our switchboard on our final inspection before shipping out.

Apparently Schneider Electric has some assembling facilities in China as well. This engine soft starter is different from others we used to install before - it is not enclosed completely for better ventilation and the circuit board is exposed to the elements (on the photo the front cover is removed).

I'm not responsible for the testing itself at any part, and I'm not on the test site when everything happens. But I'm part of designing subdivision, but I still have to correct minor errors in schematics, if they find one.

>final inspection team is testing the starters after they finished with the rest of the installation
>our schematics for this includes separate microprocessor command and control unit
>and also some relays to transmit external signals
>yet this time the program is not loaded, so they do it in the manual mode
>click on relay test button and watch the starter work out
>the soft starter is supposed to have internal safeguards anyway, including protection and control

>test team programmed the starters for low-power, and used testing engine from the facility
>test team starts clicking in tests with first unit, starting the engine
>received some errors, cleared them
>on third attempt they hear loud "pop" and see a single spark flying out of the unit
>the unit "blew up"
>luckily, in low power mode you practically can not burn anything seriously

They called out to us. After an hour of investigating we found no fault on our side, so we assume it is a manufacturer error. We really hope that no one did something wrong during assembly and testing because we are doing those same units for years already with no problem.

>starting to test second engine
>cleared more warnings and errors again
>who knows wtf really they are doing
>engine starts normally
>rest of the engines start normally
>testing is over and we can not wait any longer before shipping out
>we dismount the burned unit and send the rest of the switchboard off
>other people should figure it out between our supplier and our client from now on

This thing costs more than my year worth of earnings anyway, and there's no way we are fiddling with it trying to fix anything. And, I suppose, it is a good thing it blew up on us, not on site under 100+ kW load.
>> No. 111889 ID: 39b75e
File 15195931127.jpg - (1.25MB , 1560x2080 , 0224181739.jpg )
Sometimes I have the coolest job in the world.
>> No. 111890 ID: 39b75e
File 151959316276.jpg - (1.07MB , 2496x1872 , 0224181409_Burst01.jpg )

And other times I wonder why the gods have forsaken us so.
>> No. 111891 ID: 967c89
Caught four counterfeit $10s today. Matching serial numbers. Got in a yelling match after keeping the bills, and yelled loud enough to make them leave. LVMPD took info and directed me to call secret service.
>> No. 111892 ID: 39b75e

Seriously, good catch though. I've never been lucky enough to get passed fakes, but a friend of mine who owns a business downtown caught some fake hundreds a year or two back.
>> No. 111894 ID: 6c6ee1
Marlin I think?
>> No. 111895 ID: 22ba7a
Marlin has been clipazines for ages, it rustles me to no end because I quite like a lot of their guns.
>> No. 111896 ID: 39b75e

Savage, actually. Specifically a Rascal kids .22. A single shot, lol. I guess they use generic boxes.
>> No. 111899 ID: 22ba7a
File 151987020150.gif - (91.60KB , 500x377 , 1434668972813.gif )
>savage is doing it too
>> No. 111902 ID: a083c4
>client asks for all the raw data from the database for 2015
>developer responds before I can reply
>dev: here you go here's all the raw data
>client: what is this I can't read this
>dev: it's the raw data from 2015
>client: this is just a giant excel sheet, and I need 2015 to now not just 2015
>*angry developer noises*
>client: I don't see what the problem is why do you have an attitude
>me: "Hello, what information are you looking for specifically perhaps we can prepare a report?"

Never let your code monkeys talk to clients
>> No. 111905 ID: 9dcda2
File 152004764725.jpg - (117.53KB , 768x1008 , swing-clipart-social-development-8.jpg )
>> No. 111924 ID: 896b72
The new guy at work bought his BMW by slinging dope, does coke, and works for an illegal bookie, and I know all this because he told me. "I can tell you're cool though, bro. I can tell with people." While his antics started out as amusing (getting drunk at work, being socially oblivious to the irritation he causes others, going on a bender and losing his car. Like literally lost. He couldn't find it), things took a darker turn tonight. He's mentioned earlier that he doesn't like snitches. I assumed he just meant tattling to the store manager about store shit. But tonight I saw him handling his "business" in the store, soliciting customers, having bettors visit him at work, threatening people over the phone that owe. His oft stated opinion on snitches was reiterated several times tonight. I stiffened when drunkenly threw an arm around my shoulder and again reassured me "but you're cool, man. I can tell with people."
I want my fucking guns back.
>> No. 111925 ID: 9dcda2
Well fuck. So much for that job.
>> No. 111929 ID: ed977a
Interview for Teaching Assistant on Thursday.
>> No. 112057 ID: 9dcda2
File 152279896175.jpg - (35.25KB , 336x700 , 084.jpg )
New job yet?

>>111430 >>111095
The West Virginia job strikes back. Shot a 3-gun a few weeks ago and my knees went to shit. Probably all the standing and running around after sitting on my ass for a month with no jobs. Shot a rifle class on Saturday where I had to sit down any time I wasn't doing rifle things. I figured if it didn't get any better I'd go see a doctor, which would most likely result in surgery and my ass being down for months.

My knees started feeling better Sunday, and have been doing ok this week at work, even doing maintenance with a good amount of climbing up and down. If it gets worse, I'll go see a doc.

Other than that, last week was pretty sweet.
Mon, drive 5 hours
Tue, defensive driving class
Wed, first aid class and performance review (with better than average raise)
Thu, job canceled, chilling at home
Fri, trouble call, had it fixed in 5 minutes, talked about guns for 4 hours
Sat, rifle class

For the defensive driving class, we got to learn from racing drivers how to hustle some crown vics around a race track, how to brake, drift, and avoid plastic children. Lulz were had. Apparently they had some cops in one of the previous classes and recorded video of them doing one of the events.

> instructor, 2 officers, 1 chief in the car
> chief is driving
> chief is not a wheel man
> object is to speed into a section of cones at 55 mph, swerve to avoid a plastic child, then come to a stop in the box after the cones.

They played the audio for us:

> *engine revving*
> *tires screeching*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers laughing*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers break into raucous laughter*
> *thump thump thump*
> *officers positively losing their shit*

The rifle class was not work related. The guy who runs events for our club was career Army and did some high speed stuff, and this was the "advanced" class. Did a lot of transitioning between pistol and rifle, shooting from cover, shooting weak side, and communicating with others. Nothing too crazy, but definitely good stuff.

My shirt smells like jet fuel... I probably should take a shower...
>> No. 112063 ID: fd7f7d
File 152307088551.jpg - (33.63KB , 400x600 , tmp_10347-135981272111855534602.jpg )
I want to take a titanium (jewelry) ring and make two cuts, effectively removing a portion of the loop. I'd like the line distance between the two cuts to be 5.5mm. Tolerance for this dimension is "the closer the better" as I'm going to adhere magnets to the cut edges and want to maximize pull force between them. not sure yet the wiggle room because I don't have the magnets here. would prefer a clean cut if possible without deforming the ring.

the thickness of ring is 1.2 mm. bonus I only have a bench vise, a hand micrometer, some cash, and social skills to work with i.e. I can find stuff. figured one of you might be able to chime in with something inexpensive and effective.

pic unrelated
>> No. 112064 ID: 4be1c0
You can get pretty damn close with a hacksaw and a file. oh, and dial calipers are your friend.
Actually, make that two files; one coarse-pitch for hogging out materiel, and a fine-pitch for getting to final dimension.

The hacksaw won't make a very clean cut, but that's what the files are for.
Cut your gap as close to the 5.5mm as you're comfortable with (and remember the saw will cut wider than the thickness of the blade!) then file it the rest of the way.

>Tolerance for this dimension is "the closer the better"
Dial calipers are accurate to within ±.001" (that's 0.0254mm)

I'm sure there's somebody smarter'n me that'll come up with a better method (like milling it on a clapped out Bridgeport) but hey, this will work if you're careful and patient.
>> No. 112066 ID: 1519ac
You should mill it on a clapped out bridgeport.
>> No. 112067 ID: 22ba7a
I'll second a little hacksaw and files. You have one single thing to do, not a huge amount of material to remove, and you're on a budget. Make sure your vise setup is very solid, it'll make everything easy and painless. Use a fine tooth metal cutting blade, don't bother with a super magic carbide fantastic expensive shit, you don't have much material to cut. Just stroke slowly and you'll never burn the teeth on regular saw blade. Titanium isn't magic, it can be cut by HSS or even hardened high carbon steel just fine.

Paint over the target area with a sharpie and scratch an approximate 5.5mm so you can stay between the lines. You can use a file to make a score on the ring at the spot you want to start the saw cut so the saw doesn't wander when you're starting the cut.

One thing though, when you cut the ring through with the saw, remove it from the vise. It may have some internal stress and spring in some direction or another, so make sure it can move around before cutting the approximate gap and filing it to size. It might not move at all but it's better to check than cut it all nice and then undo the vise for the part to suddenly banana in some way.
>> No. 112092 ID: b66126
Ever since this was pointed out to me, I get self conscious everytime a black customer asks me "where you from?" It happens a lot. Three times just tonight.
>> No. 112095 ID: f5c3ed
My year contract isn't getting renewed with the university I work at. Reason being a "business decision" probably means they're on a stricter budget now. I either have 3 or 6 months left depending on when they give me a final notice. Shit sucks because I was a week away from moving out finally and now I can't afford to. The apartment hasn't given me an answer on getting my security deposit back but knows I'm canceling my lease.
>> No. 112096 ID: 9dcda2
File 152486733454.jpg - (35.17KB , 320x219 , 320px-Kentucky_schild.jpg )
Damn dude.

> get email from boss
> fw: kentucky
> watch out for food borne and sexually transmitted disease outbreak
> Hep A

> Symptoms
> Hepatitis A signs and symptoms typically don't appear until you've had the virus for a few weeks. But not everyone with hepatitis A develops them. If you do, hepatitis signs and symptoms can include:

> Fatigue, Sudden nausea and vomiting, Abdominal pain or discomfort, especially on the upper right side beneath your lower ribs (by your liver), Clay-colored bowel movements, Loss of appetite, Low-grade fever, Dark urine, Joint pain, Yellowing of the skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice), Intense itching

Emperor damn it.
>> No. 112097 ID: 2c575b
Four days off. Flying back to Oklahoma to see my mom and brother. Everytime I go home, it hurts.

Where've you been looking?
>> No. 112098 ID: f5c3ed
I applied to one local here in NY but I applied to a few in PA, OH, one in TX and one in NC. I'm going to try to use this to get out of NY for good. But if no one wants me out of state in the next 3-6 months I'll only stick to local applications. I look about every day on indeed and linkedin.
>> No. 112108 ID: 9c13a0
I'm getting sick of this shit.
>> No. 112110 ID: 5b5379
File 152606772050.jpg - (3.40MB , 2592x1944 , stuff.jpg )

So because it would be rude if I were not to share after receiving solid advice, here's what I was going to do with it:

The ring is/was made of surgical titanium and also involved in the project, had it progressed to the actual making, were really, really tiny neodymium magnets.

>> No. 112111 ID: 5b5379
File 152606777080.jpg - (10.05KB , 300x150 , smallestfriend.jpg )
Seriously these things are the smallest things


>> No. 112112 ID: 5b5379
File 152606785235.jpg - (385.64KB , 1446x2345 , hoo.jpg )
So I was going to adhere the magnets to the ring to make basically a homebrew magentic earring. Why? 'Cause shit would have been cash, to put it succinctly. For reasons, I was going to roll down my right ear and secure with two attracting magnets to resist the force of the ear wanting to unroll.

I was actually going to get a legit piercing, had the dosh, and went around asking piercers what they thought. I In my mind, the force from the ear-in-a-blanket wanting to unroll would have been negligible; every piercer I asked said, no, that's a terribad idea because the force against the thin piercing surface will probably tear through your cartilage. Hmm.

>> No. 112113 ID: 5b5379
File 152606799458.jpg - (331.53KB , 1487x2086 , doo.jpg )
And pic is what I ended up doing because not only was it easier but I just so happened to have this thin-gauge copper lying around the garage. And no I abandoned the ear-in-a-blanket idea but wear the earring pictured at my forward-most helix.

>> No. 112118 ID: 11855e
File 152627525752.jpg - (148.14KB , 1600x1040 , 9b60a-fifthelement_346pyxurz.jpg )
>> No. 112126 ID: 9dcda2
File 152668714494.jpg - (79.03KB , 602x452 , very exciting.jpg )
> last night
> boss calls: Hey can you go to Baldymore tomorrow and fix their display computer?
> sure thing boss
> today
> probably fix computer, bullshitting with customer
> boss calls: Hey, can you go down to Southern Maryland, their generator dun work
> sure thing boss
> raining like hell
> traffic sucks
> go through security
> view data log
> normal procedure: unit starts, has some voltage from residual magnetism as generator speeds up , hits 80% speed, energizes field, voltage quickly ramps to 14,000 volts
> log data: start, some voltage, 80% speed, still same voltage
> no excitation
> check fuse, blown
> replace fuse, starts unit successfully

One of the site guys was troubleshooting it earlier. And by troubleshooting, I mean just guessing and replacing parts randomly. He replaced the relay and had the original in his pocket. I think he was pretty embarrassed that I fixed it in 5 minutes.

I don't really care though, I'm just glad it was an easy fix.
>> No. 112185 ID: 059470
I had an interview for a company in PA over a week ago. Drove down after 2 phone interviews. They seemed to like me and it was more of a getting to know my personality type interview instead of hard-line technical questions. I really hope I get it. But as for my current job, our second most experienced analyst in my group resigned overnight, so with him gone I might not lose my current job. However I'd take the one in PA in a heartbeat since they seem like a great place to work.
>> No. 112205 ID: 9dcda2
File 152850874727.jpg - (231.04KB , 898x1600 , double shower.jpg )
I was booking a hotel in Manasses VA and everything was full except for the King Whirlpool Suite, so got that. To my surprise, this also included two showers... that faced each other. I'm not sure what the intention was putting two shower heads in one shower, but I feel this is something few people really get to experience. Naturally I set one to cold and the other to hot, and turned around after like two minutes on a side.

Achievement Unlocked: Took two showers at once.

So these guys called back.

> Customer: Hey our shit broke what are you going to do about it you didnt fix it
> Me: ... hmmm, well what else was going on?
> Cust: Oh, we lost the whole plant and generator tripped on reverse power
> Me: Send me a picture of your fault log.
> literally nothing wrong with the generator, an oil pump was getting weak so a switch didn't transfer
> talk site guys through adjusting the switch, and ordering replacement pump for later
> unit fires right up

> finish up easy maintenance, go help other guys
> back breaking work through Memorial Day weekend
> shoot 3-gun on Monday, Memorial Day, did pretty well, rifle worked this time

> tuesday back to easy maintenance
> trouble call tuesday night at 2030
> customer pissed, unit doesn't accelerate in hot weather
> another guy was there recently working on it
> get there, different problem all together
> unit hot shutdown and physically locked up
> 3 hours later when I arrived, it'd cooled down enough to turn over with a ratchet
> roll out and get home at 0100
> backing into driveway, rear view camera looking down
> ???
> oh fuck, left the tail gate open for the 1.5 hour drive home
> and didn't lose anything!

> more maintenance
> friday, same customer, unit doesn't accelerate
> call engineer for help, gives pointers
> roll over there, turn some turbine shit
> unit fires right up in even hotter temperatures
> get home at 2200

> saturday
> scheduled replacement of lube oil regulator block
> it's never the regulator block
> it's always the air-to-oil cooler
> but we pay for the block, they customer pays for the cooler
> do it anyway

> sunday
> pass the fuck out

> monday
> tuning giant fucking engine
> software is bugged
> in automatic horsepower control, the unit can decrease speed to match the setpoint, but it wont increase
> have to increase manually
> wtf mate
> user interface screens are confusing as shit
> second shift calls me at 1904, 4 minutes into their shift asking what the hell to do

> tuesday
> rewrite horsepower control software and redo the screens
> no calls
> no news is good news

> wednesday
> new startup project
> unit sitting on jacking bolts on a concrete cube in the middle of an open area
> standard practice to pour the foundation, drop the unit on it, then build the building around it
> level the units to within 0.005" per foot

> thursday
> me and another guy use the sweet ass laser alignment tools to position the equipment to within 0.002" of bore and face of rotating shafts
> guy running a excavator with a jackhammer attachment about 30 ft away from us
> can see our alignment numbers changing as he hammers
> uh, hey man, can you go hammer somewhere else for a little while? thx
> finish alignments
> 1700, boss calls
> hey can you head up to the middle of PA to fix some computer shit, if you don't fix it the customer is going to call the Director of our company
> sure thing boss

> friday
> more driving
> really confusing ass software
> toggling a fan on and off 30 times a second
> event log entirely filled with FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF - FAN ON - FAN OFF...
> event log so full the display computer grinds to a halt
> put deadband on fan activation
> turns on at 5% command, off at 1% command
> the valve control screen for unit 2 doesn't work
> turns out it's controlling unit 1
> whoopsie
> fix dem pointers

People make careers out of single things I do.
>> No. 112206 ID: e5e764
File 152851794324.jpg - (5.29KB , 480x325 , tmg-article_default_mobile.jpg )
Did you have a shower beer while in it?
>> No. 112225 ID: 059470
Place I interviewed for in PA called saying they filled the position with someone internal. I'm not too bummed since it wasn't another external applicant who got it seeing that companies generally like to promote internal people. Anyone happen to know of any networking/VOIP related jobs in the Pittsburgh area or western PA in general paying $56k/year? The reason I'm looking there is I already know the area pretty well from visiting a friend for a few years when he was living there.
>> No. 112232 ID: 6ca38e
So, been a spell since I posted here. Got trained and certified as a heat treater for our facility. I don't ever do the job but to cover for the night shift heat treater when he's on vacation or out sick or something, which is to say, twice in the last five months, but it's something. I'm actually in a really good position right now because both of our bid-holding heat treaters are nearing retirement, and there's only me and one other guy who is on day shift who have the certification (who aren't also supervisors). So...I'm very likely to get into that bid here in the next couple years if nothing goes awry....or unless I get lucky, because...

I'm in the early stages of selection for our electrician apprenticeship program. I have a spacial awareness test later this week, and a math test the next day. The math test has me a bit worried since I haven't studied math since high school and have never really studied it at the level I'm seeing on some of my study guides. But, studying I am and hoping I can at least get a score that doesn't immediately disqualify me. And if I dont' get it this year, there's always next year, and I will have a better idea on the algebra they're looking to have me know and I can study more effectively.

On an unrelated note, I shot a pistol competition on Saturday and had a blast. No scores yet, and there were some serious team shooters and very accomplished SWAT cops and what not in the mix. I know I didn't win by a long shot, but I'm hoping to be in the top 20% or so. 150 shooters, spread across Limited, Open, and PCC categories.
>> No. 112234 ID: 0f80d4
I sold beer and vodka to a guy I think may have been on coke. Maybe it was the sniffing, or the sweating, or the way he said "Damn! That's good fucking coke!"
>> No. 112250 ID: b7cdc0
Ironically, I am the only motherfucker here that works sober. Pack of fuckin' degenerates.
>> No. 112251 ID: 758a23
Man, you really need to get out of Vegas. Any word on the military thing?
>> No. 112252 ID: 41441c
I've been going around dropping off resumes at local places that do manufacturing. Last week I went to one place in a industrial park that makes greenhouses while trying to find a aquarium supply place that had posted a assembly job, and wandered around their building like 10 minutes trying to find somebody to see if they knew where the aquarium place is. Then I finally found two guys smoking weed on a loading dock while watching another guy, also smoking weed, unload stuff from a truck with a forklift. They directed me to the actual manned part of the building, which reeked of marijuana. I finally found two secretaries working in what I could only describe as a jury rigged clean room with multiple air purifiers running. On the way out I also saw somebody smoking a bong in a kitchenette.
>> No. 112254 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153066664879.gif - (1.90MB , 420x236 , 1342453016915.gif )
>fairly well settled in at new job across the country
>new part, fairly complicated
>program is shoehorned from a similar part by previous employee that left yesterday
>the similar part was itself shoehorned-programmed off a previously similar part from a previous-previous employee
>programmed got multiple levels of shoehorning by at least three different machinists
>literally everything and the kitchen sink is happening in this program
>spend hours untangling mess of toolpaths
>shop has mastercam X7
>it's old
>kinda buggy
>will spit out a wrong tool height number for no fucking reason
>catch wrong-tool-heigh-number bug before any accidents happen
>cut a good 15 minutes of machining time from stupid shit out of program
>run test part
>looks good, needs minor tweaks here and there
>tweak shit to be better
>check for usual bug bullshit in code
>keep in mind there's 1.7 megabytes of G-code here
>looks ok
>run test part
>middle of finishing tool path
>spindle buries itself into part at full ramming speed out of fucking nowhere
>keep in mind this is a machine with 2000 inch per minute rapid axes
>in the middle of thousands of lines of code, mastercam decided to slip in a G43H0
>since our tools are measured with a renishaw probe, our tool lengths are positive
>H0 = zero tool height = spindle going down as if tool was of zero length


Thankfully it only broke the tool and splattered the tool holder with molten aluminum, it could have been worse. Still, this is a new machine, crashing it is a fucking tragedy. brb gonna drink on an empty stomach and pray to machine spirit.
>> No. 112255 ID: a067fa
File 153067442556.jpg - (58.47KB , 520x773 , e14da4b6c9f15c0be0735ce61c446890--warhammer-k-joke.jpg )
>fairly well settled in at new job across the country

Did you go east or west?
>> No. 112256 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153067629114.jpg - (79.41KB , 600x530 , 1299472658992.jpg )
I moved away from humidity, because fuck rust.
>> No. 112258 ID: 6fe1bd
>everything good now
>tuning roughing cycle in 7075 aluminum
>spindle at 110% load
>material removal rate only 0.75 cubic inches per second

damn I really wanted to break 1 cubic inch per second but she just don't got tha powar.
>> No. 112259 ID: a067fa
What condition is the 7075 in? If it hasn't been so already, you might be able to squeeze some more removal volume/second out if you re-solutionize and quench with no aging (i.e. 7075-O).
>> No. 112260 ID: 5ec9bd
Billet 7075-T6, and we're really not set up to do any kind of heat treatments on over a hundred blocks of 6"x8"x2".

I know I could get 1 inch^3 by getting a corn cob endmill, but all I have is a generic 1" diameter 4 flute HSS endmill.
>> No. 112311 ID: 004544
As I type, a coworker is fucking some dude on the roof of the building.
>> No. 112313 ID: 9dcda2
> a coworker is fucking some dude on the roof of the building

Is the coworker male or female? In either case it sounds gross. But different kinds of gross.
>> No. 112314 ID: e4838d
Female. Short, about 80 pounds, long brown hair, crazy eyes, perky b cups.
>> No. 112315 ID: bd9939
File 153305032711.jpg - (163.88KB , 600x336 , starship-troopers-1997-movie-review-federation-sol.jpg )
Left my big box retail gun counter job last week after four and a half years. Completely soul crushing working at a place like that at this point and it was getting much worse. I know every version of retail has it's horror stories, but gun people are absolute fucking garbage. That fun "hey I'm a normal dude or lady looking for a gun to carry in the woods for self protection" is about one in twenty if you're very, very lucky. Technically I was in charge of ATF compliance and shipments, but being shitty corporate retail with no hours meant I had to race through that to deal with the butthurt baby boomers. I was the only guy of 4 to not be fired from the job and we were one of the best stores.

From the crusty old fucks that have all the time in the world, but not 5 seconds for you to figure out which .22 mag ammo is on sale in two weeks that you have to honor early (therefor pissing off the other old fucks that come in sale day) to the tactical Timmy sheepdawgin with his Canik in a bulldog holster that need to look at every gun in the case that he won't buy and has to be right about everything. Or maybe the new age of 1,000 yard 6.5 creedmoor elk slayers (you would not believe how ballistically retarded these people are) because they saw some Kuiu covered dudebro clip one on a hunting show. FUCK.

Don't get me wrong, I worked with mostly amazing people that understood. I met my wife working there, I met my best friends working there. I will always have extra patience and respect for retail workers (within reason), but I am never going back unless I really fuck up.

Anyway, finally enlisted in the army after being a moron for the last like 8 years. Flirted with Cavalry Scout stuff, but no slots available so infantry it is. Obviously anything can happen, but I'm planning on at least 20 years. This is what I always wanted to do, and I settled. I know it's a shit show in it's own way, but at least it serves some kind of purpose and has some cool moments.

>Initially had 20k quick ship bonus back in May
>doc found benign lump in balls at MEPS, verified fine by consult where other fat old doc squirts ultrasound gel on my balls
>requires waiver on top of overprotective mom childhood asthma waiver
>waiver paperwork gets screwed up with new system, sent back 3 weeks later untouched
>finally comes back approved a month and a half after meps
>original contract and bonus lost, Ash and Dallas dead, cargo and ship destroyed
Just means more bugs for us to kill.
>> No. 112317 ID: 8e2adc
Cool shit, dude. Good luck. You trying to do a full 20 in the infantry?
>> No. 112322 ID: bd9939
I'd like to try to get a little fancier some day, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.

Flying to Georgia this week. Never been on a plane befo...
>> No. 112327 ID: 675892
File 153385691022.gif - (1.10MB , 500x364 , GEIgAz7.gif )
Good luck.
>> No. 112331 ID: 5ec9bd
File 153421843148.jpg - (1.40MB , 1740x1700 , ad_mech.jpg )
Slow day at work, I honed a carbide engraving tool with a fine diamond file to a very sharp point and engraved pic related on a firearm receiver. The whole thing is 1.125" in diameter, took me a bit to program the engraving toolpaths just right to have the various "shapes" at certain depths for more or less texture.

Then I hit it with just a tiny bit of sandblast and almost erased fucking everything. What did I expect, I'm an idiot. I'll re-run it just before sending it out for anodizing, hopefully it'll be okay.

If not I can run it again after the anodizing and just give it the lightest and most diluted dab of a deep red-colored paint...
>> No. 112336 ID: 6eecf3
How'd it come out?
>> No. 112337 ID: 6fe1bd
Haven't rerun it yet, I got like 50 guns to make before the end of September so the little cosmetic side projects are taking a back seat for a bit.
>> No. 112372 ID: 4d8dbf
Walked into two coworkers kvetching. Don't know why, but I told them how amused I was hearing them bitch to each other when yesterday they spent all shift bitching ABOUT each other and expecting me to pick a side. "But jokes on you fuckers. I hate you all." I hope I'm not here much longer.
>> No. 112375 ID: 6b7cc9
File 153800323651.gif - (663.49KB , 480x360 , tumblr_okpla2Oecy1vaqoiqo1_500.gif )
> racemixer post
> have to google search some term
> <3

I've been busy, as is pretty normal for this time of year. All of our customer do maintenance in the spring and fall when energy demand is lower and they can shut down the turbines. But then fall is when construction is finishing up and the commissioning starts. So maintenance and commissioning.

> random job
> customer's exhaust system cracked and broke
> customer wants us there when the exhaust is bolted back in to verify the turbine doesnt get fucked up
> talking with welders about how turbines work, dude doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed
> welder is really impressed with the turbines
> "Wow that's cool. You seem like a pretty intelligent human being."
> the ruse is working

> few days into the job of me sitting around watching them install exhaust ducting
> all the welding is done, they're bolting shit back in
> some of the bolt holes don't line up
> see genius welder dragging Argon bottle over
> Me: "Hey man, you gonna weld something?"
> Welder: "Yeah, this fuckin' stupid ass duct looks like it was drilled by a fuckin' teenager. A few of the bolts don't line up, so we're gonna fuckin' weld a bracket to it then use a come-along to bend the duct so the bolts line up."
> Me: "Hold on, lets do something different... How about using a grinder and just oval'ing out that hole a little bit."

I guess when you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
>> No. 112376 ID: e56201
Don't know many jews, huh?
>> No. 112378 ID: 6b7cc9
File 153809671820.png - (5.48KB , 200x200 , dysentery-died-of.png )
I probably have heard more Jewish terms from TV than IRL. That said, I have been to a couple of bar mitzvahs and taught a rabbi how to shoot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> work talk
Today's objective was to not shit my pants.

I mean, that's on my list every day, but today it was my top priority. For reference, the Holiday Inn on Balls Ford Rd in Manasses VA fucking sucks. My key card didn't work and so the manager had to come fix it. My plan was to take a shower then get dinner because I was so dirty from work that I couldn't go anywhere for fear of leaving a muddy ass print on anything I touched. After waiting for an hour and a half I was starting to get pissed and got up to go to the front desk. Right then the front desk guy comes over to tell me it was straightened out. Alright whatever. I showered then got some shitty azn food and watched The Great War on youtube for a while. Went to work the next day.

Last night after work it was raining like fuck, so I hit the hotel restaurant and got a burger. The meat tasted like it had been in the freezer a year too long, but whatever. At 05:38 this morning I rocket out of bed and straight to the toilet. On the ride to work, the bubble guts hits me and I pull over to another Holiday Inn near by, and destroy the toilet by the dining area.

Work was going fine but by lunch time my colon started to remind me of the war crimes brewing in my intestines. I go to a nearby restaurant and give my waitress my order without sitting down and then proceed to blow up their bathroom. There were a few more close calls throughout the day, but I made it back to the hotel to once again unload the brown bounty.

So achievement unlocked, another day without shitting myself or having to shit in a porta-potty.

On a side note, my greatest fear in life is being pushed down a hill in a porta potty. If a turbine explodes or you get zapped by 13,800 volts, at least you die from it. With the potty, you may survive, but there's no hope of living after be deluged in trabajador diarrhea and blue juice.

> text my buddy with the short version
> he pooed a little while trying not to slip off a ladder
> cut off his underwear, wrapped it in paper towels and a cardboard box
> left it in neighborhood dog poop clean up box to confuse them

Fucking savage.
>> No. 112380 ID: 3a91ea
Why do baby boomers talk to me like I'm retarded?
>"Do you have corkscrews? For wine bottles? Corkscrews?"
>Whilst making corkscrew motions with her hands, lest her technical jargon lose me.
>> No. 112381 ID: faf462
File 153844046112.jpg - (48.65KB , 768x963 , Korkenzieher_01_KMJ.jpg )
Oooooohhhhh those things.


Update. >>112378

I've moved to a Marriott hotel. It's probably the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at. It has fast internet and there's a mall across the parking lot with lots of awesome food, so I'm set. The manager was personally greeting all of the guests as I was checking in...

> So will you be staying with us for a while?
> Yeah, all month.
> What really?!?

All of the other people in the lobby looked like business professionals, while I looked like I had spent the day wrestling livestock, so maybe he was trying to figure out if I stole the credit card or something? (Joking. The manager was very pleasant.)

Marriott seems to offer a long term stay rate that's pretty good. Normal nights are like $190+, while the long term was $130. I think I (the company) was paying more at that shitty holiday inn.

So far the only downsides are that my optical mouse doesn't read on the shiny white table, and I haven't figured a way to rearrange the furniture to use the room TV as a second monitor. I wonder if they would notice if I grabbed the 4ft long folding table from my truck and put it in the room.

I also realized today was my 14th work day straight, and 7th of this job. No wonder I've been tired as fuck.
>> No. 112383 ID: 6fe1bd
File 153858320635.jpg - (1.41MB , 1920x1789 , IMG_20181003_100919.jpg )
Turned out okay. There are black oxide solutions for touching up aluminum, but are there dark red/rust color options out there? I think paint would really cover up all the details.
>> No. 112384 ID: 6fe1bd
File 153858343536.jpg - (907.98KB , 1920x1278 , IMG_20181003_101622.jpg )
This phone is shit for macro pics... I'll have to take some at home with the DSLR.
>> No. 112385 ID: bbee29
File 15386240642.jpg - (360.03KB , 1104x1184 , skulz.jpg )
Welp that's what I get for not buying a macro lens. It's hard to show the various features like how the gear is embossed on one side and recessed on the other. The whole thing is 1.2" in diameter so you can easily cover the whole skull with a thumb.

I'm wondering now if I could send it out for anodizing in another color only on the engraved portion, so it would be black and the adeptus mechanicus engraving would be rust red.
>> No. 112387 ID: faf462
Fuckin' sweet dood.
>> No. 112388 ID: d0cd47
Sure is purdy.
>> No. 112406 ID: faf462
File 153982380995.jpg - (623.82KB , 900x1600 , now were cooking with gas.jpg )
Now we're cooking with gas.

> working on new startup project
> all of our customers have the same "drop dead" date of nov 1
> a million dollars of penalties, per day, if they're not online

> week 4 of job, worked a full week prior
> had 2 days off in 5 weeks, 70-80 hour weeks
> (For reference, my longest week was that hellish job last year, 92.5 hours)
> going pretty well otherwise, good contractors
> working in northern VA, nice hotel, good food

> sunday, manager sends out a "Great Teamwork" email
> coworker A was having a meltdown from overwork
> coworker B spoke to mgmt about the meltdown
> coworker A got a bit of time off
> we had to acknowledge the group email that we can have days off if we're melting down

> last week
> boss A calls: Hey man, are you available for maintenance next week?
> haha no
> next day, boss B calls: Hey man, you working Saturday?
> uh yeah
> today, boss A calls
> B-A: Hey, I've got you scheduled for an engine exchange starting the end of the month, are you going to be done by then?
> me: Maybe? I don't know if we'll be done by then. I'd rather not go from working solid into an engine exchange...

> yesterday
> get into argument with paint morons
> they started disassembling shit that was VERY PRECISELY installed and aligned to slather some paint on it
> "But we never had a problem befo"
> normally I'd shrug it off, but my fuse is short to the point where I'm getting mad at fire trucks
> I explain that there's a chance we're already fucked, so paint away
> ride home, getting more and more pissed about it

> had enough of this shit
> working on my escape plan
> have the company buy me a 9oz filet mignon for dinner
> really damn good

> still pissed about argument
> sleep like shit

> today was "Fuck off Wednesday"
> did site report and expenses all morning
> took a long lunch, back to hotel, watched some The Great War
> rolled back to site, did a few small things
> go back to hotel, do some more paperwork and call the IT help desk for computer shit

> life of a field tech
>> No. 112407 ID: faf462
File 153990643575.jpg - (111.87KB , 1000x562 , o.jpg )
One of my coworkers just called. He often calls me for technical help, and being 19:30 at night, it might be bad.

> CW: Hey man, I fucking love Mission BBQ. I just tried it for the first time like 2 weeks ago and I just get the ribs and the fries, and the pie is so good....
> goes on 5 minutes about smoke meat
> CW: Oh yeah, sorry I got side tracked. Can I get that laser alignment tool off you?
>> No. 112413 ID: f5c3ed
I've accepted a position with a real estate management company contracted to a financial firm for data center work. Slightly farther drive than my current position but not too bad. Still in NY though but it pays $2 more hourly equivalent with chances for OT. I'm even considering moving 20 min closer after the first month there. Very high risk data, but I now have a chance to learn a lot of facilities things I never had the opportunity to before.
>> No. 112415 ID: 386d1c
I got a desk job on the admin side of a construction contractor.

I haven't had a desk job before, it was highschool - infantry - trades. How the fuck do these people live?
>> No. 112416 ID: f5c3ed
My jobs were usually 50/50 desk/on feet. Drink plenty of water so you have an excuse to always get more water and take frequent bathroom breaks. I'm serious.
>> No. 112419 ID: 2f4bd2
Need to figure out what I'm doing when I come back from OSUT. I put in notice for my current employer. By law, I could make them hold my job, but fuck it. Enough cashiering. Time to make a move.

It's hell. Why do you think I promised myself I'd never do that shit again?
>> No. 112426 ID: 9dcda2
File 154134835868.jpg - (145.67KB , 1300x956 , emergency-stop-button-on-heavy-machinery-in-utah-v.jpg )
> 02:00, asleep
> coworker calls
> CW: Hey man, sorry to call you at night. I can't get this emergency stop to clear. The customer had to e-stop it and now it says the button is still pushed in.
> Me: Alright, you might have to check terminal block 1, 1-4 to figure out which button it is, do you have your meter with you? Ah well lets start from the top. Twist and pull out the button on the door. Then press both reset buttons.
> CW: Oh fuck it cleared! Why did it clear? Why did it clear? Why did it clear? Why did it clear? Why did it clear? Why did it clear?
> Customer in background: Alright already! Lets start it up.
> CW: Fuck man, thanks for your help.

God dammit. I'm really getting tired of field service.
>> No. 112720 ID: 9dcda2
File 15445769299.png - (2.18MB , 1241x1495 , 2najhsya62u01.png )
Pic unrelated.

So I've had 2 run ins with Human Resources lately. Not for anything I did, but I just happened to be there. Just a protip, don't say any stupid shit in a work environment or outside of work with coworkers. We live in a world of hurt feelings reports and social justice.

> phone rings, some unknown number
> Hello this is Avgas
> customer's company HR lady
> HR: We're doing an investigation, did any of our employees say anything weird around you?
> *thinks through all the hilarious shit we talk about*
> Me: No, nothing that I recall.
> HR: What about on Tuesday the 1st, did John mention anything about masturbation?
> *thinks through all the masturbation jokes in the last 2 months*
> (and this is where I fucked up)
> Me: Oh yeah I guess he did. I didn't take any offense to it. He's a veteran with a goofy sense of humor.
> goes on for a bit, asks me to call if I remember anything else

Fuck. Caught me unprepared. For future reference, I was busy working on something and I don't remember anything.

> last week, working with [replaced ethnicity] Irish coworker, we call senior coworker
> both of us asking about some technical issues, Senior apparently forgets Irish is sitting next to me
> Senior: Well, you know, Irish guy was there last week and he didn't listen to me and he didn't get the right data. You know if he would have listened to me you wouldn't have had to go back there today. Irish is a smart guy but he doesn't have the experience you do... [And some other stuff about Irish people in general]
> Irish-bro is getting visibly pissed
> Me: You know Irish is sitting right next to me right?
> Senior: Yeah of course. I'm just joking with you guys.
> Irish storms off in a rage, says he's done for the night
> Irish comes back after a few minutes to help me finish up
> Irish: Do you think Senior forgot I was there or do you think he was really was joking?
> Me: Doesn't matter. The only thing that matters how you react to it. Do you want to be pissed off or do you want to shrug it off?
> he mopes around for a while and helps me carry out my tools

> today, senior calls me
> Senior: Hey who is this?
> Me: Uh, it's Avgas, you called me?
> Senior: Well let me tell you man. You remember when you and Irish called me last week? Well the manager came by my office and told me that someone overheard me talking about Irish people and was offended. Offended! He said I could lose my job for that! After XX years with the company! I told him that's a fuckin' lawsuit waiting to happen. Can you believe that shit?
> Me: Yeah man, it's a Human Resources world we live in. I don't think anyone should have to worry about being harassed at work, but when joking can cost you a job, that sucks.
> Senior then goes on to tell me about something he saw on faux news about an illegal immigrant shooting at some cops...

To be fair, he's deaf as shit and was probably yelling into his phone. It's likely the whole office could hear, but I think it's more likely Irish-bro bitched to the manager about him. Irish-bro is easily agitated and has lashed out at some of our redneck coworkers for them saying racist shit, but going to the manager is a bitch move.

I try to stay out of this shit as much as possible, since Irish-bro is taking my on-call holiday so I can go home for Christmas and Senior is working over the manager to try to get me a job in engineering.

I think Switzerland has the right idea, when everyone is at war, stay neutral... and armed to the teeth.
>> No. 112721 ID: 7ba92e
In this world of finks, delicate thin-skinned snowflakes and reactionary ding-a-lings, it's usually best to just say you know nothing and keep your mouth shut. You know, doing the Schultz. https://youtu.be/UmzsWxPLIOo
>> No. 112725 ID: 9315da

it's stories like this that are making me reconsider leaving my defense industry job. I work with a lot of veterans and they can take some bants. Having to deal with sensitive safe space loonies would drive me up the wall.
>> No. 112726 ID: 7b08d9
the irish are a bunch of easily offended, short-tempered alcoholic morons with no sense of humor. they're practically women, everyone knows that.
>> No. 112734 ID: 61e76a
File 154602713174.jpg - (39.50KB , 696x817 , FB_IMG_1521281184153.jpg )
>> No. 112736 ID: 85598a
File 154629139936.gif - (57.97KB , 640x279 , 28659_strip_sunday.gif )
>> No. 112737 ID: 758a23

Coworker is not Irish. I subbed in Irish to anonymize the story.

> last week, working with [replaced ethnicity] Irish coworker

Senior coworker from the same post keeps sending me random texts about inflammatory shit he reads on faux news. I must be his favorite young person or something.

On my vacation I only got 2 calls for help from my coworkers. Originally I was going to be on-call for New Years, but Not-Irish-Bro was nice enough to cover my on-call so I could eat more mexican food in CA. Today the on-call answering service called me and I told them to call Not-Irish-Bro instead. Ha suckers.
>> No. 112740 ID: 1d6c2c
shart the fuck off u irish loving son o'bitch
this is AMERICA not ireland
if you love irish folk so much then go move there
>> No. 112743 ID: f5c3ed
I get along with my coworkers and they get along with me, but they all seem to dislike each other behind each others backs... makes me sad people can't get along.
>> No. 112745 ID: e56201
They dislike you behind your back too.
>> No. 112746 ID: 9dcda2
I wonder what kind of shit my coworkers talk about me. Probably that I'm a know-it-all asshole.
>> No. 112756 ID: 9dcda2
File 154760555342.jpg - (232.94KB , 1200x621 , really strong IPA.jpg )
Like strong IPA's? This one's 198 proof.

When we wash engines in cold weather, we use a 50/50 ratio of water to isopropyl alcohol to lower the freezing point of water. Washing an axial compressor with ice isn't the best idea.
>> No. 112760 ID: 6811f1
File 154855174345.jpg - (41.04KB , 450x320 , stock-photo-group-of-multi-ethnic-business-people-.jpg )
> last week, boss calls
> hey man, do you want to go to West Virginia to help out coworker with a commissioning (startup) project?
> sure thing boss
> Monday, travel 5 hours
> Tuesday, get to site, they still have a lot of work to do
> looking around, figure out what's missing
> 14:00 meeting
> probably about 15 people, mechanical and electrical contractor superintendents, project managers, engineers, and other lackeys
> Project Engineer: So we're here to figure out the plan for commissioning. So... Avgas, what's the plan?
> everyone looks at me (pic related)
> my favorite part of day 1 at a commissioning project
> explain the general order of operations and timeline for the startup, like a boss

> later, electrical super comes up to me
> ES: Man, it really sounds like you know what you're doing.
> Me: Ha, I just talk a good game.

> sit around for a couple of days waiting on the oil flush guys to get their equipment and get started
> fucking freezing cold, was 6'F when we arrived the first day
> construction site on a ridge in West, by God, Virginia
> 30 minutes from town, not too bad
> Friday night, get dinner at Panera Bread, salad that has blue cheese crumbs
> blue cheese was extra funky
> 02:00 wake up with stomach cramps
> get to bathroom, comes out both ends

> Saturday, get up and get to site, watching contractors bolt up some piping
> feel shitty but stable
> plenty of Mt. Dew
> get some chicken noodle soup for lunch, goes ok
> saltine and goldfish crackers for dinner

So jobs like this are basically the reason I want to get out of field service. The jobs runs into the weekend due because people can't get their shit together, 5 hours from home (and 2500 miles from real home) in freezing ass weather with occasionally shitty food. The actual work is fine, turning wrenches, telling contractors what to do, but I could have been shooting and playing vidya games today.
>> No. 112772 ID: e56201
The high point of my day (night) at work is seeing that the mouse took the offerings I left it.
>> No. 112773 ID: 9dcda2
File 15501015885.png - (41.85KB , 500x500 , I-Got-Crabs-In-Maryland-Circle-Sticker.png )
> driving in MD on a highway, heading to VA for a job
> signs for right lane closed 1500 ft ahead
> see minivan cruising in right lane
> signs for right lane closed 1000 ft ahead
> minivan still cruising, BMW merges on, tailgating minivan
> signs for right lane closed 500 ft ahead
> minivan still cruising, BMW tailgating
> minivan still cruising
> minivan oh fuck emergency brakes hits a barrel
> BMW lightly rear ends minivan
> I pointed and laughed

Maryland drivers are fucking morons.
>> No. 112777 ID: 61e76a
So I've just finished writing my PhD proposal. Probably gonna get accepted as I know the department and they know me. I've cut down days working for the family firm to reduce the pay roll and also because working for family is a pain in the arse.

What do?
>> No. 112778 ID: 5435b6
File 155045149365.jpg - (459.89KB , 577x729 , 1721_PhD_Ceremony_at_Leiden_University.jpg )
What to do? For people working on PhD thesis or dissertation, their time is typically consumed with reading more books or data on their subject.

What is your PhD subject, Armed Britfag?
"Where'd All The Fuckin' Ammo Go? Man's Struggle To Locate .455 Webley On This Sceptred Isle That Made The Goddamn Stuff And Don't Get Me Started On .476 Eley."

Pic: Doctoral ceremony at Leiden University (7 July 1721).
>> No. 112779 ID: a067fa
>What do?

Look for bursaries, grants, etc.

What is your area/topic of research?
>> No. 112796 ID: 9dcda2
File 155242680836.jpg - (88.39KB , 570x760 , il_570xN_1365237610_4j0s.jpg )
We had a safety stand down last week. There was the usual amount of death by powerpoint, but most of it was from our peer safety teams. The funny part about that is that like 4 coworkers out of 26 seemed to be up there the whole time. I was once again volunteered to talk about my run-in with the worlds angriest battery charger.

> 120vdc battery system
> 2 big ass racks of telecom grade batteries
> *angry humming noises*
> adjust float / high rate potentiometers
> charger switches to high rate - dumping 110 amps into the batteries
> *angry noises intensify*
> a mere 14 kilowatts
> adjustment pots right next to 480vac input
> shorting that would have caused an arc-flash
> explained the danger to coworkers

But the real topic of meeting was gender neutrality. Not officially, but our supervisor made up some humorous "Atta-Boy" and "Atta-Girl" awards.

> One Atta-Boy
> Avgas
> For your display of professionalism and commitment to customer service while responding to the trouble call at [REDACTED] you are awarded "One Atta-boy". Your performance was recognized by the customer as 'Going the extra mile'. One thousand "Atta-Boys" qualifies you to be a leader of men, work overtime with a smile, explain assorted problems to management and be looked upon as a local hero, all without a raise in pay.
> Supervisor
> Note: One "Aww Shit" wipes the slate clean and you have to start all over again.

Which we all thought were hilarious and a little light hearted recognition. But then someone, sitting at the mgmt table at dinner that night, brought up some kind of gender issues. Supervisor realized that this could be a potential problem and shit canned the "Atta-boy" to be renamed at some point in the future. (And to his credit, issued himself an "Aww Shit" which he framed.)

So then gender neutral language was the running joke of the rest of the meeting, and how it's quite the wet blanket in any professional setting.
>> No. 112797 ID: 9dcda2
File 155242961170.jpg - (78.56KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I had a mostly event free year. The only safety issue I ran in to, besides the battery charger, was when were gassing up the unit for the first time. Every fucking fitting on the pipe leaked. Then somehow the filter drains got pressurized with gas, and of course were leaking into the building. Natural gas is unscented normally. The odor added when it goes out to residential customers. One of the pipe fittings was just pissing out gas and everyone is standing around looking at it. As the building is filling up with gas I go e-stop the other unit and everyone looks at me like "Why you do dat?"

Gas you morons!

They eventually figured out that another drain line was open to pressure, and the vent was closed off.

But all of that was nothing compared to one of my coworkers who presented at the safety stand down.

> shows pictures of manlift... personlift... stuck in mud being pulled out by a dozer with a guy in it
> lists safety incidents
> 40" diameter pipe dropped from the top of the hill, rolled down, crashed into site
> lost control of another pipe that smashed into a building
> piece of equipment struck a charged gas pipeline
> dropped something onto high voltage lines
> hill washed out, almost washed out supports for cable tray
> manlift operating on wooden planks, but the road underneath almost washed out
> huge mud pit underneath pipeline valves, guys walking around on the pipes like no big deal
> laborers hired from local McDonalds to build gas pipeline
> contractors smoking in the middle of the yard
> contractors deliberately lied about pressurizing the gas pipeline so our rep "Wouldn't freak out"

And the best part of all this is that the gas companies talk all this shit about safety. Like that you can't have hoods on your jacket, because it obstructs your vision. And that you need 6" boots, but not 6" from the ground like manufacturers measure, but 6" from the top of the sole, so they're really 8" boots. But nothing about morons trying to kill you.
>> No. 112807 ID: b98a4a
File 155327238577.jpg - (10.60KB , 300x300 , A311.jpg )
Just graduated.
>> No. 112808 ID: 9093b3
File 155329229685.jpg - (537.36KB , 2048x1382 , pistol US Colt SAA celebratory gunfire 1.jpg )
Congrats, RaceMixer!
>> No. 112809 ID: 9093b3
File 155329232512.jpg - (229.67KB , 1234x675 , Arab celebratory gunfire 1 AK.jpg )
>> No. 112810 ID: 9093b3
File 155329236518.jpg - (87.73KB , 1200x707 , Arab celebratory gunfire 2 AK.jpg )
>> No. 112811 ID: 9093b3
File 15532923808.jpg - (148.94KB , 1920x1080 , Arab celebratory gunfire 3 AK.jpg )
>> No. 112812 ID: 9093b3
File 15532924412.jpg - (447.12KB , 1200x707 , Arab Libyan celebratory gunfire AK 1.jpg )
Again, good job, RaceMixer.
>> No. 112851 ID: 358d2e
Meet with some s'arnts tomorrow for in-processing into my reserve unit. My questions will be:
What training can you send me to?
What vehicles can you train me on?
Can the Army get me my CDL?
Can I get any other technical certs?
Where do most of my comrades work, and how do I get those jobs?
Are we deploying?
Any deployment slots with other units I can fill? Like now? I'll go to Syria. I don't give a fuck.
>> No. 112865 ID: f91a22
File 155389834388.gif - (1.48MB , 400x225 , 1368113726727.gif )
>mfw looking forward to blowing down walls with a bunch of badass sappers.
>mfw we're route clearance.
>> No. 112907 ID: d444b9
File 155521066167.gif - (1.09MB , 828x828 , b49.gif )
Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! We're a fucking ready force unit as of now. First fucking drill weekend with my reserve unit and it's with the news that we are NEVER FUCKING DEPLOYING!
>> No. 112921 ID: 6cb5e6
>"hey, dad. What's up?"
>"I'm sitting in a bar with an old friend of mine. He's got a job for you. You start Monday."
>"I didn't tell you? I found one. I got a job with a moving company. I started on-"
>"fifty-five dollars an hour."
>"I-I... Say again?"

So for the last ten days, I've been driving all over Northern California in a rented infiniti SUV, armed with a list of lat/long coordinates taking pictures of telephone poles for a contractor under a major utility company and getting paid stupid money to do it.
>> No. 112922 ID: 9dcda2

Well done. My buddy told me that he once had a job being the confined space entry safety guy. They were painting some type of liquid tank and he was the one to stand outside of the tank in case anything happened. So there he stood, watching paint dry, for a buck a minute.

I've been looking for jobs back in California. On Tuesday I had an interview for my same job but for the west coast. Crushed it. It was a mix of human resources psychoanalysis questions and ones the supervisors made up.

> Tell us about a time when you had to make someone trust you.
> Well at this job, I worked closely with the construction superintendents. I did my best to communicate clearly on what I needed and when...

> You're on a trouble call, the engine won't start. What do you do?
> Check this, that, start data logging, and go for a start.

I'm also looking at one other job, engineering liaison. Which sounds made up, but one of my old coworkers calls me out of the blue and asks if I want his job. It sounds like the liaison is there to be the first level of tech support for engine problems, rather than burdening the actual engineers who have better shit to do.

It pays well and you get to learn from the biggest brains in the company, so shit why not.
>> No. 112923 ID: 281ee5
File 155808057438.jpg - (128.54KB , 736x984 , 8qrmCCI.jpg )
you sure are eager to openly share your unit deployment information
>> No. 112925 ID: 51b0a9
I work on forklifts.
People are fuckwits.
My misanthropy grows.
>> No. 112926 ID: e9dc13
File 155831272444.jpg - (366.06KB , 1600x1280 , Russian WW2 trooper junior political officer w To.jpg )

- A Soviet junior political officer armed with a Tokarev TT-33 Service Pistol urges Soviet troops forward against German positions during World War II. The picture is allegedly of political officer Alexey Gordeevich Yeremenko, who is said to have been killed within minutes of this photograph being taken.
>> No. 112931 ID: 480d26
Went on my first FTX with my unit. We pointed a weapon at civilians, almost started a brush fire, it was a good time. Got back to California and picked up where I started. Two days ago, I learned the hard way how terrible a non 4wd pickup is in snow. I got stuck up a mountain with no cell coverage. After attempting to unfuck myself for an hour, I decided to hoof it back to town. Made it half a mile before I found the road blocked by two fucking bears. Now, I realize I probably smelled less like prey and more like "the fuck is that!?", and you can probably run a black bear off by yelling "Fuck you, bears!" but I felt less confident in that knowledge when actually faced with them. I backed up slowly until they were out of sight and walked back to the truck looking over my shoulder. Finally freed the truck by cutting pine boughs and shoving them under the back tires.
>> No. 112932 ID: f46323
File 155890215446.jpg - (667.45KB , 1616x661 , car, Ford Tuscany FTX F-250 truck 1.jpg )
Congrats, RaceMixer!
Reminds me of a friend in the Marines who was sent out on an exercise to the middle of nowhere in the wilderness of Montana or somewhere like that and he had to make a bunker in the woods and guard his area during the night. He radioed his sergeant and told him that a gigantic bear as big as a Winnebago was approaching his bunker and what should he do. His sarge said no unauthorized intruders were allowed through his area, including bears and that he must go out and defeat this infiltration. Luckily, the bear wandered off in the opposite direction.
>> No. 112933 ID: 1daec1
File 155890265966.jpg - (1.46MB , 3452x2302 , US troops Army cadets terrain map briefing field t.jpg )
Army cadets receive a terrain map briefing by a soldier assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division’s 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, before their field training exercise on Camp Buckner at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., July 10, 2013.
>> No. 112935 ID: 17d786
File 155905750356.jpg - (1.19MB , 1440x1440 , troost trail 2.jpg )
I grew up in Oklahoma, the reddest red state. Guns and rednecks abound, but driving in the sticks, I didn't see bullet holes in every road sign. I live in Nevada, motto: Battle Born. The desert is riddled with shooting pits, but I never find torched, shot up cars on the side of the road. Whatever breed of redneck they got up here in Northern California, they are some fucking savages.
>> No. 112966 ID: 70f5c2
Tab ate my long ass whiny rant because I'm phone posting. With less swear words, here is my situation: I have been inadequately trained and outfitted for this job. The client company now knows me because I showed up asking for a fish key; my lacking one was crippling my productivity. It became very clear to the employee that met me that I don't know shit, and things snowballed from there. They are now auditing my work at my boss's expense. With that on my mind, I've been driving around some of the roughest terrain in the state in a 2wd Dodge S"""U"""V. It is now stuck in a saddle on a ridge line with the slopes fore and aft of it too steep to pass. I mean stuck. When I say I hit those hills, I was their pimp, and they owed me money. A lovely older couple in a side-by-side sat me on their spare tire where I clung to the roll bars for dear life while they drove me out of their. The ranger was impressed, nay, in awe at the determination and stupidity it took to get my car where I did. If the company can't extract it, the forestry service is going to drag it out with a bulldozer. I've been assured it's not a bill we want.
>> No. 112967 ID: efcfb2
A colleague and I attempted to get to it with his bucket truck. A big badass dodge 5500. It is now high centered ass to snout in a ditch. We lost breaks or something when we bottomed out. I am leaning against an oak tree swatting flies as I type.
>> No. 112976 ID: 9dcda2
  Y'know how some military vets are triggered by fireworks? Well it's pressure cookers for me.

I was at a site with a gas turbine in the basement with the exhaust feeding a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). They also have a couple of other boilers and a steam turbine hooked up to a generator. The turbine was shut down when I arrived so I do my inspection while the operator is off messing with something over by the steam turbine. I complete my visual inspection and the operator says he's ready to start the gas turbine. Cool, I can check for leaks and get some running data.

The usual procedure is to start the gas turbine and just run it at idle for a little while to let the HRSG heat up. The HRSG is a boiler that uses the turbine exhaust as the heat source. Sometimes they will also have a "duct burner" which is like an afterburner on a jet, but its job is to make more heat (and steam) not thrust.

The operator starts it up, idles for a while, looking good, then commands the turbine to load up. Once you start putting on load the turbine, that's when the exhaust temperature and volume really starts. After a few minutes the steam pressure is starting to rise, and rise, and rise. The operator was off messing with the steam turbine and taking boilers offline, ok cool he's running the show.

I'm in the control room looking over some stuff on my computer when I hear "POP HIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS" coming from the plant. After a couple of seconds the building fire alarm goes off telling everyone to evacuate. I look out of the control room window expecting to see a burnt and scalded man appearing from a cloud of steam, but there was no visible steam and the operator was fine.

> pressure cooker venting sound, loud as fuck

The operator hauls ass back to the control room and tells me he wants to shut down the turbine. I initiate a normal stop from the control computer then go out to the turbine and hit the e-stop. For the next 20 minutes the fire alarm is going off, people are calling the control room phone asking what the fuck, and the operator going in every direction. The facility fire and safety people show up, wearing no protective gear at all, and look around a bit. Supervisors and managers start to appear.

After the steam whistling stopped, I went over to the steam turbine to find the offending pressure relief valve puking water everywhere. I figured this was a good of a time as any to get the oil sample from the gas turbine, so that's what I did, then packed my shit and left.

I was chatting with the operator and answering questions before we started. He was experienced with boilers and chillers, but new to gas turbines and this plant specifically. He works 2 operator jobs. Last night was a double because his replacement called off. He said he got 4-5 hours of sleep while the other guys covered for him. On this job, his partner was on vacation, so they were short handed while trying to start and stop all this shit. He was also telling me that the previous crew was having some kind of problem with the steam system and the whole floor was covered in water when he came in. So once I put the pieces together, I realized this was a disaster waiting to happen, and it's a good thing it wasn't worse. Mechanical and human factors.

When the shit popped off (literally), I didn't freak out in the slightest. As soon as I heard the pop-hiss I knew it was a steam pressure relief valve. I don't know if I'm just getting desensitized because of shit happening like >>/k/108804 and the other events in this thread, but I just put on my ear muffs and (1) Tried to determine if it was safe to leave the control room (2) Was wondering if the operator was ded (3) Was working on a plan to shut down the turbine to kill the steam. (Mostly point #1)

Now when my roommate is using the pressure cooker on the stove at home, that's when a little poo comes out. >>112909
>> No. 112977 ID: 9dcda2

>> No. 112978 ID: 77808c
We got the fucking vehicles out. A regional tow service does off road work. I have since traded in that dodge for a Nissan Frontier 4wd.

How many people could that have killed?
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